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I truly love making my stories up, my mind is always on the go with new ideas.

I do have other sites with my plays/stories uploaded, so if you can't wait for me to get them all up on here, you can find them all on

Archive of our own

They are all under the same author.

I also have a load of video trailers of my plays/stories up on YouTube, If you want to see them now just go to YouTube and they are all under the same name.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, but remember I've only just learned to format my plays into stories, so there might be a few grammar mistakes, (I was never any good at that) but I hope this doesn't ruin the story for you.

Please remember to like my story if you think I deserve it. (I hope I do) Also let me know what you think by leaving your comments, I would so love to hear from you. The more people that like and comment my stories, the quicker it encourages me to update.

And last of all if you really like my stories don't forget to follow me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, now I ask you nicely to start reading my stories and letting me know what you think and then I will starting reading your stories in return.

So what are you waiting for???


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