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Ehem. Hello. I am Casey. I mean no harm.

I love books, music, my dog Frankie, drawing, my glasses, my bedhead (actually more than my neat hair), animated movies/shorts/cartoons in general/ANYTHING, movies (preferrably and ironically either romcoms or horrors), creepypasta, don't hug me i'm scared, video games, anime, and my OCs.

I write poems, fanfics, and have a book called The Incandescents: Ciel and Krista on my tumblr and on here. I've been writing it for two years now and the plot became fuzzy and lost about six months ago and so I redid it. I'm currently only in the third chapter (YIKES!) but I think it's gonna go a long way.

I also have a new story in the brainstorming stage called--well heck I don't even know what to call it yet! But I'm super excited and so far proud of the idea.

It is set in a future San Francisco and is about grim reapers killing innocent humans to keep a generation of grim reapers going. My physically innocent yet lionhearted main protag Regan is a close childhood friend of one of these innocents and becomes hysterically inept in the field of death and afterlife. He investigates cases of death and, months later, his grandfather is reported to come in contact with the inevitable as well. On the predicted night of his death she is determined to witness a visual sign of afterlife. He sees my OTHER protag, the charming tsundere youngest and one of the most skilled of the elite Reapers, Darcie. Once he sees her he goes ballistic and follows her unknowingly into the whirling portal to the Underworld.

Aaaaaand I know not yet what to make of it after that. But, once again, it's still in the brainstorming process. I mean to post it on my FictionPress.

Most of my book covers will be of my own creation, so they will probably be up around the third or second chapter. Whoops.

Ah well. No big deal.

My tumblr (art blog): camilestones

My archiveofourown (totally inactive smh) : nutCasey

My Adventure Time OC ask and RP blog (also where I RP my fantrolls and non-fandom OCs, but my RP moment art and other concept arts go to my tumblr): megustagenderbends (dA)

My fictionpress: BloodFlo

My fanfiction: GryffindorkyNutcase

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