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Hello, I'm Joakim and you can call me whatever you like as long as you're polite about it.

My favorite genres are alternative or anything having to do with history, war, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. You can also read my stuff of, and I go under the name "Jochern" at these sites. Feel free to send a pm and ask me about anything about my stories or something else. I'm happy to answer whatever concerns you. I am also on Deviantart. I was there several years ago, before I started going as "Jochern' so I'm "General-Wallenburg there.


My current work, the story "Forgotten World" is the first book in a line of several books concerning the world of Atheros and its people as darkness and light fight, as Godlike beings use the common folk as pawns in a war on another plain of existence.


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