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Hello! ♥ Well, I'm a pretty uninteresting person! I feel a little weird trying to describe myself to strangers, but I'll basically go through it real quick. I'm a teenage writer who isn't social, has a couple friends, spends most of my time cooped up writing in my basement and enjoys Autumn to no end. The smells, the colors, the weather, the clothing. Beautiful!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. Getting a chance to be someone I'm not is so much fun. I've got five parakeets, a rabbit and a dog named Gambit (yes, like the hot marvel superhero). I'm obsessed with books, comics, manga, super heroes and the movie V for Vendetta. I've got curly hair . . . . blue eyes . . . loves Supernatural and writes fanficiton on FanFiction .net. Posts stuff on Fictionpress .com. Hangs out. Is allergic to kiwi. So yeah! Nice to meet you!! *waves like a madwoman* Now that that's out of the way, to occupy useless time, I'll write my mini journey on how I became a writer. Feel free to read or ignore. XD I've been writing since the sixth grade, mostly doing online RolePlays and just creating work with my friends! I never really did my own thing, but when I was twelve years old, I started my first original work. In fact, I don't even remember the title! It was about wolves, animals and whatever (because I was obsessed with the Warriors series), but it was the worst thing I have ever read or written. It sucked! And I only got three pages into it. I didn't know how to edit, when to separate paragraphs and do indentation. So I stopped and continued to do what I was comfortable with. RolePlays. I made so many friends, joined different groups with varying writing experience and had so much fun! About a year later, it got to a point where I was starting to write extremely literate posts using grammar, vocabulary, articulation, etc, etc. I just kept going and was bound and determined to get good at it! The second time I started writing a book was really different. I came in with a little bit more experience and confidence and really started chugging away. The first chapter of Feral, a science fiction animal/human DNA mutation novel about a girl named Adriane who is part panther and human, was SO big. It came out to be around eleven pages and I showed it to my parents who, as I expected (because they're my parents), loved it. But my father especially. Which meant everything. He majored in English and is the most literate person I know! He said he couldn't believe I had written something like that so young!! I was flabbergasted!! (Yes, I totally just used that word in a sentence). And as I continued in my work, I got pretty far and never had so much fun in my life. Creating characters, themes, ideas, dramas and adventures was incredible! I had never felt so on top of the world! Of course, I drove Feral into a bit of a rut and had to stop at about page sixty. It sort of flopped, but someday I might go back and revise it. I can't lie, though. I was a little crushed. A month went by without me writing and I felt terrible. That was before I got the idea for Blaze of Fire. Norse mythology has been a passion of mine since my father first read me stories when I was younger. In fact, when he was thirteen years old, he stole a book from his library. It was a beautiful Norse mythology book with illustrations and artwork and just amazing stories. I was reading it (possibly for the millionth time) one day and wondered what it would be like if I placed my hand on the cover and fell in! The Blaze of Fire story quickly manifested itself from there and I never turned back. One hundred pages was my major goal. I reached it twelve months ago. Three hundred was the next and I completed it nine months ago. I finished the book early January of 2013. With a whopping six hundred pages, over a kazillion words (not exact number XD) and forty nine chapters. I've been editing the chapters casually ever since, also starting the sequel (as the series will be a trilogy) and writing new work including: "Alice Insanity," "Chess Board," "Orange Slices" and "Tooth and Claw." All of which are in the beginning stages posted on FictionPress as ForeverSunshine80083. I don't RolePlay anymore, sadly, but I do write fanficitons on FanFiction .net. including some for Supernatural and the Walking Dead. Every day, I am writing and improving and just doing what I love all the time. Writing is my passion and I'm only fourteen years old! I'm a home schooled vegetarian and vegan atheist, who spends most of my time living in a dream world and writing about it every second of the way. So yeah. I guess this is the shortened story of my life. I have two younger sisters, listens to WAY too much music, has always wanted to play piano (self taught) and ended up playing flute. I also do photography and enjoy technology immensely. Feel free to check me out on FictionPress and FanFiction!! I'm ForeverSunshine80083! Also, I do twitter, Instagram and stuff, but they're not as important to me. XD If you're bored, drop me a PM! I also love to give out constructive criticism, so if you have work you would like me to read and review, PM me!

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