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Hello, all!  I am Allisha Shelly, and I have a FictionPress account under the same pseudonym.  If you would like to check out my FictionPress, here's the link:

A little bit about me:  I am a teenager, and about as "freelance" of a writer that a teenaged girl could possibly be.  I have passions for cooking, baking, classical music, singing, theater, and, of course, writing.  It's difficult to juggle all of the obligations that currently busy my life--from school studies to social demands to eight-hour shifts at my workplace--but I will vehemently try to update my stories as often as I can.  After all, I love to write, and I love doing what I love to do, so I suppose there must come some point when I feel the urge to sit down and type up a chapter or two.  

I like to write stories about adolescence, and how sometimes it's overwhelmingly nerve-wracking to have to weave through that crazy maze of self-discovery and peer pressure and utter, undisguised confusion.  Likewise, I like to translate my own personal experiences into these pieces of fiction, with fictional characters and fictional settings.  So, that's what you lovely people should expect from my writing.  

Anyway, happy reading!  All (constructive) criticism and feedback is genuinely appreciated!  


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