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Hello everybodiez!

I've been writing stories since before I could spell properly.

I know I'm not very good at it but I'm addicted and stuck in the world of writing and drawing.

Callie Cameron (my main character) has been my constant companion for about... twelve years now so i decided to share her with the world!


I do take suggestions and (nice) critiques. I need all the help i can get! So don't be afraid to let me know how i can improve!



Okay, I AM willing to read other people's stories on these conditions:

No profanity/ strong language. No massive violence. No Sci-fi (because i just DON"T understand it)

There can be romance as long as it's CLEAN. Also, nothing with Vampires, Warewolves, Witches, Sorcerers.... i think you get the gist :)

So, anyhoo...

I hope you enjoy my stories! I am the amateur of all amateurs, but i hope to improve!

If you're into Fanfiction, I am also on Same penname: Keelykelly :)


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  • Blood Trail

    Wow. I can't imagine my mother disappearing like that!

    VERY interesting start! You could really feel all the emotions she was going through.

    Sorry I'm not very good at writing comments/critiques :)


    Commented on: December 30, 2014