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Deviantart profile: Mythologist611GL

I also go by my pen name, A.M.C. I am an inspiring cartoonist who dreams of showing my stories to the world. Here are my current stories here:

The Secret Life of Ming:

Long ago, the Jade Emperor of China defeated a evil entity that threatened the world. Two-thousand years later, that entity has returned. To protect his daughter, the Emperor sent her down to Earth while he stayed behind to fight the vengeful entity.

Follow the adventures of Ming, the dreamy but good-natured daughter of the Jade Emperor, as she explores the hidden secrets of the Mortal World and protect it from the evil entity's minions.

But she's not alone.

Also accompanying her are her advisors and teachers, the twelve animals of the Shēngxiào, the Chinese Zodiac, who were also sent down to Earth to guide and protect Ming.

If you love Fruits Basket, you'll definitely enjoy this hilarious yet heart-warming tale about an immortal girl trying to be mortal.

State Force:

In the fictional city of Spitontopolis, a group of good yet bumbling teenagers with superpowers are brought together to protect their city and the world from the forces of evil. Especially when the superbad Doctor Magenta is up to no good.

Yes, we're screwed, but there's nothing we can do.


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