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What am I?

By: Yin Harmony

Created: April 11, 2016 | Updated: April 11, 2016

Genre : Mystery

Language : English

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Where am I?

What is this place?

Why is it so quiet?

Why do I like it?

Why am I alone?

Why do I like that I'm alone?

Wait...What is this thing around my neck?

What's that sound?

What am I wearing?

...Is that water?

Why can I see my breath?

Is it cold?

Why don't I feel cold?

What is that circle in the sky?

Why is it glowing?

Are those...holes...in it?

What are these small lights in the sky?

What's that smell?

...Is something decaying?

What's that noise? 

Is someone dying?

Or is it..something?

What am I?...

Am I a girl or boy?

Am I alive or dead?

Adult or child? 

Am I weak or strong?

Male or Female?

Woman or Man?

Do i even have a sex?

Do I even have a life?




A light?

What is that light?


Should I move towards it?

What would happen if I do?




Why is it getting smaller?

Is my darkness growing?...

Or is the light shrinking?

Am I pushing it away?...


Am I too dark?

If I am, then why do I have this spot of light on me?

So...I can't be all dark...?

Can I?

...Why am I here?

Why am I alone?

What am I suppose to do?

What is my purpose of being here?





Reviews (1)

  • Leaf Soto

    A lovely poem indeed. I enjoyed its artistic ability so much, that I have read this twice now. Wonderful, wonderful work.

    April 13, 2016 Flag

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