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Day and Night

By: Yin Harmony

Created: February 9, 2016 | Updated: February 9, 2016

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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The Story of Day and Night


The Day was bright and sad.

The Night was cold and alone.

He was mourning for the night for she was missing.

She was found by a villager and was given her name.

She was found like another child who was now well known for his strength.

She was raised in the small village of hunting.

The only thing left from her past was a blanket and a necklace.

She grew up in the village, learned their ways.

She became one of the best warriors, hunters, and leaders that the village had.  

She grew up as a normal girl who loves the night sky, the stars and the moon.

She always felt alone, even though she had tons of friends in the village.  

At the age of 14 she was betrothed to the prince of a neighboring village, which was more of a kingdom.  

The prince was a spoiled brat who always got what he wanted, and now he wanted her.  

When she heard she was betrothed, she wrote a letter to the prince and rejected it.

The prince got angry and ordered for her village to be burnt to the ground.  

She went on a mission to clear her mind and visit her forest friends.

While she was gone her village was attacked by the prince’s soldiers.

They burnt the village to the ground and killed her family.

She came back a day later, shocked to find everything she loved, gone and destroyed.

Full of vengeance she marched into the Forbidden Forest and waited for the trials to come.

With her mind full of revenge she couldn’t think right in combat.

She slashed and stabbed with all her might but couldn’t get free from the monster’s sticky web.

She hanged there for days, weeks maybe until her restraints were cut loose and she fell into the arms of a boy with blonde.

She doesn’t really remember what happened after that but when she woke up, she was in a tent laying on a cot.

She looked around the unfamiliar tent, confused, then she remembered, vaguely, the previous events and the boy with blonde.

She struggled to get up and noticed a new accessory to her wrist.

Fur wristbands with the symbol she was found with on her blanket.

She walked out the tent and found the boy with blonde and a girl with a ponytail.

She was asleep for two days.

“Blonde” and “Ponytail” said they’ll travel with her.

She allowed them.

They traveled through the Forbidden Forest and made it to the kingdom.

They walked straight to the castle.

The guards didn’t stop them.

She threw open the doors of the throne room.

Her fiance was waiting for her.

He didn’t call the guards but sat there petting a black cat.

She noticed that “Ponytail” was missing, but thought nothing of it.

She faced her fiance and he did nothing but smirk and put the black cat down.

She watched the cat and it smiled at her.

She diverted her attention back to her fiance and then got ready for an attack.

Suddenly “Ponytail” came out of nowhere and kicked him in the back of his head and knocked him out.

“Ponytail” looked different, she was fully black and her pupils were slits.

“Ponytail” smiled at her and she noticed that the cat was gone.

She was shocked by “Ponytail’s” new appearance, but carried on

She looked down at her beaten fiance, and back at “Ponytail” for explanations.

With her fiance knocked out and the guards not coming she sat down

“Ponytail” explained her powers to her and told her her name.

“Ponytail’s” name was Arson.

Arson was a neko, but kept her powers hidden.

”Blonde” soon joined and his hair turned white and bright as the sun.

He finally told her his name.

His name was Yang, a name forgotten in history

A name only remembered by her, Yin.

Yang explained their powers and how he searched for Yin for years.

Yang had found Yin.

Yin was now back with Yang.

Nothing can split them apart.

The Day was bright and radiant.

The Night was cold and pleased.

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  • Leaf Soto

    A beautiful and powerful poem. This could be the origin of a hero of an epic. Lovely and artistic work. One of my favourite for sure.

    February 18, 2016 Flag

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