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'A Damnable Addiction'

By: Niles Flynn

Created: June 10, 2015 | Updated: December 1, 2016

Genre : Biography

Language : English

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I’ve said it before,
I’m an addict,
but it’s not just to writing.
Maybe you can tell
from the things I write,
Is there a difference
between masochism
and being addicted to pain?
I’m addicted to pain,
but it’s not sexual.
I’m addicted to blood,
the way it flows,
keeping us alive,
until it becomes still
or drips from our veins.
I’m addicted to the peace
and silence
when the slide guitar plays
and I can watch my own blood
drip down from my fingertips
like it did hers.
I’m addicted to music
for the same reason,
for the peace
and quiet,
but it’s not the same...
I'm addicted to mythology,
religion, demonology, 
and all things macabre;
'a deadly fascination'
my mother calls it,
'a damnable offense'.
She doesn't get it,
it scares her
and that's all that matters,
but to me,
the things that make my blood run cold,
are the things I can't avoid,
the things that make me feel alive.

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