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By: Kain Delo

Created: November 30, 2014 | Updated: November 30, 2014

Genre : Comedy

Language : English

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There was once a place called Ilong-Ilong,
I know, it does sound like a song.
Ilong-Ilong stopped existing a long time ago,
I'm pretty and sure you didn't know.

There were schools there, like Ateneo de Ilong-Ilong,
Yes, I think it does sound a little wrong.
Ilong in this dialect means nose,
but unlike our nose, in another name the place grows.

They names the place Ilong-Ilong, I bet you don't know why,
but that's alright, neither do I.
What I do know is why they changed it!
Why would anyone live in a place called Nose-Nose?

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