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Hold Me

By: Desperate Despair

Created: June 17, 2014 | Updated: November 15, 2017

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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Unknowingly, I kissed your hands, held your eyes, and told you the truth

Then you, in return, held my hands, closed my eyes, and kissed away the tears

Yet, I still cried, and blubbering lips allowed incoherent words to fall through


How I hate, I would like to say, and would like to tell you through stinging words

But I can’t, and I hate all the more, for your beautiful smiles and waning dreams

It haunts me, I tell you, but it haunts me not, for bringing me bittersweet fantasies


Shining veils hang before our eyes, telling us of our ugly lies just on the other side

I want to know, I’d say, and try to reach out to the wall that blocks me from the truths

Always, and always still, you’d gently touch my hand, shake your head silently, and prevent me from touching that which would shatter our paradise


I smile at you, I laugh with you, I speak to you, and I love you with all my being

Yet, you’d never return any such sentiments, though you'd try to show me comfort

And it hurts; hurts in such a way that it becomes surreal, making me fear you, and fear that your existence is but a delusion full of grandeur


When I’d tell you so, you’d smile, and it's a quiet smile, I’d note, and then your hand reaches out and caresses my face, salty tracks of tears clinging to your palm as if they were never mine

Then you’d bring me to your bosom, holding me in place, and sing a requiem for the dead- not for the living, never for the living

Because you don’t exist for such, and because it is so, I hate you a little more. I hate because I can’t reach the dead. I hate because I can’t reach that side of the line.


I yearn a lot, I tell myself, I yearn a lot, you tell me. But you don’t yearn, I’d tell you in return.

But even so, I can’t find an ounce of strength inside myself to stop wanting

And you’d never prevent me from seeking you out, my bitter and sweet dream.


Goodnight Love, Sweet Dreams




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