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Book Summaries

I think it would be nice, not to mention a lot more convenient, to be able to see part of the summary for a story without having to go to the story's main page. On other sites I use, when searching for a story you can see part of the summary without having to click on the book. It makes it easier to see if a story would interest you without having to just think if the title sounds interesting and having to open and close so many tabs and whatnot.
Perhaps under each title when browsing, and even on an author's profile page, just a short part of the summary could be visible. Or to be fancy or something, when you hover over a title, you could read the summary in a hover box thing (I'm not sure what the actual term is for the web element, sorry, but hopefully you know what I mean). They have it on mangafox. If you hover your mouse over a title, a hover box thing appears and you can read the entire summary of the manga, if that reference helps.
I just think this will make is easier and less time consuming when searching for a story that might interest you.

by RT 13 | Sep 8th 2013, 06:33

  • To add to RT13's comment, perhaps even just the genre? Sometimes I think knowing that the story is going to be a drama or an adventure, etc, makes it easier to find a title you like. Although I will say that not knowing has caused me to read a lot more things posted on here than I might have.


    D.M. Gergen | September 8, 2013

  • Hi, the browse, user profile and home pages have been updated to make reading the summaries for stories easier. Head over to the news forum for more info.


    Administrator | September 9, 2013

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