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Formatting problems

I use Word 2009 to write. When I come to put my work on the sight I copy and paste it over. Unfortunately its not holding the formatting. I have had to alter a few things, which I don't mind. However, one thing I don't seem to be able to solve is the font size. It is mixed up between paragraphs and no matter what I do it doesn't seem to want to go all the same size! Unless I use the font size on the site, which starts at 22!!

by S.D Stevens | Nov 7th 2013, 13:22

  • I haven't had much trouble with the font sizes however the lack of retained formatting I have experienced. It's not really a problem as much as it is an irritation. I don't appreciate having to sift back through my already written [and occasionally quite long] chapters to reformat places where I might have used italics or something.


    Melody Hallows | November 9, 2013

  • thanks for the feedback everyone. It will be looked into


    Rick Sparkatale | November 20, 2013

  • Hi Suzi, have you tried using the 'Paste from Word' option when creating a chapter?


    Administrator | December 10, 2013

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