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Unfair rating (stars) and achievements

It occured to me that both ratings and review achievements favor short stories. When I browsed for the stories, rated from the highest rating (which should suggest the quality of the story), I found only 2 stories with a wordcount of a publisheable book on first 16 pages. I came across some great stories in progess which beat some of the short ones and yet they don't receive any recognition at all. As for the achievements, here is the same problem. Only reviews to finished books are taken into consideration, so a person who once reviewed 1 story of a lenght of an average chapters is a more accomplished reviewer than a person who gives feedback on hundreds of chapters for unfinished stories.

by Malgorzata Wyrwas | Oct 18th 2013, 03:55

  • I've got to agree with this. I understand why you've made it so only finished works can be rated and reviewed, but why not in progress ones as well? I agree with Malgorzata here. Maybe make it so all works can be rated\reviewed?


    A . Nonymous | October 18, 2013

  • if you add in the ability to change ratings and whatnot then it should be fine I think?


    Omar Scriven | October 20, 2013

  • My suggestions would be: 1. Allow to rate unfinished stories, but perhaps set a word limit to avoid rating the stories based only on first chapters (for example unlocking the rating for stories in progress starting with 10K or more words). 2. Make comments count in achievements like reviews. Maybe the "points" for comments could be dependable on the wordcount of given reviews/comments. It could help weed out a thorough, constructive critique from dismissive comments: "Liked it, nice story."


    Malgorzata Wyrwas | October 20, 2013

  • Hello everyone, we've modified the review system to allow users to review 'In Progress' stories as well. As for comment achievements, they will be added in the future as well and do not worry all your old comments will count towards them as well. For more information visit the post HERE


    Administrator | October 31, 2013

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