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C. M. Brighid Bachleda
Name's Crystal; I am new to this site and I cannot wait to see how my stories will take here. I am a bookworm and I am always writting. I am also apart if two other websites...FictionPress and Fanfiction.Net... I hope that if anyone likes my stories I might try looking for a publishing angency. But right now posting my work here is better!

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Bethany Hardy

Sheer Brilliance? More Like Caffeine Overload

Name: Jubalii, or Juju depending on personal preference

Occupation: Full-time college student, part-time shoe hefter

Residence: Alabama, USA, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe, Mortal Plane

Hobbies: procrastinating, whining, sneezing, making astute observations about obvious things

Other Links:

  • My Tumblr:
  • My Twitter: @BB_JJ




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Nicole Armas

Writing has been a hobby of mine for quite awhile now and I have written a few short stories focused mainly on historical settings (Canadian ones moreso) and some fantasy ones too. Those stories are on and my username is the same as it is on this site (Nicole Armas). I am on as well under the username Miss Voltara

I take inspiration from my own personal experiences as well as people and events in history and authors from the Victorian age like Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, and Edgar Allan Poe. Some of my most favourite books are: Moby Dick, The Fifth Mountain, Paco's Story, The Guns of Normandy, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (and all the other original stories), Three Day Road, Oliver Twist, The Great Gatsby, Peace Shall Destroy Many, and Dracula.

Complete Stories:

  • Have you News of my Boy Jack?
  • The Last Dragon
  • The Simple Beliefs of a Simple Man

In Progress

  •  Where Chaos Reigns

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for-the-first-time-in-never --

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Gracie Rose

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MissKatrina Lynne

Published author and poet, MFA in Creative Writing.

Coffee addict, chocoholic, and avid equestrian. 

MFA in Creative Writing. Published

I'm on Tumblr (misskatrinalynne) - come talk to me!

I mainly use AO3, and that will always be updated first with new chapters and content, so feel free to check me out there!

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Rae Gafford

Kinda shy, and not very good at talking about myself, but I look forward to meeting new authors. =) Most of what I post will be reposts of things from my FanFiction.Net and FictionPress.Com profiles (where I go by deathofaraven). I can also be found on Tablo and Ao3. Cheers! ^^

Due to lack of interest, I've removed A Marriage of Inconvenience. It's still available on FFN, Tablo, and Archives of Our Own, for those interested.




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Abandoned Account

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Leaf Soto

I like writing, anime, art, music, and videogames. Feel free to pick anything from my library. I don't mind being messaged about anything. If you wish to chat with me, go right ahead. I'll be more than happy to answer. If you leave a comment or review, I'll leave one on your work.

About me, well I can't say much. I'm just a British kid who's living in the United States.

I guess that's all. Thank you for your time.

~ LS

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Alexandria Francetic

I am announcing that as of today, all of my stories have been transferred to under the pen name manaphyseaangel101. I will no longer be posting stories on this account due to posting errors and technical difficulties. Thank you for your understanding. I apologize for this inconvenience.

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Ryan Nurse

Hi. My name is Ryan Nurse. I'm a 20-year-old university student from England. My main ambition is to become a video game developer, but I'm also a keen writer and have been writing stories ever since I was 9. Hopefully here I can bring my stories to a wider audience and gain some feedback on them.

My main interests, other than writing and video games, are anime, Formula One, music, and football.

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Robin Ward

Hi guys, welcome to my Spark A Tale profile! (INCOMPLETE; IN PROGRESS.)

I'm a girl. 18 yrs.old (about to be 19 in August.) and spend most of my time writing fanfictions and original stories.

This is where I write most of my stories (especially Metal Fight Beyblade and Smash Bros.)

I also read other fanfictions and other stories too.

Feel free to visit my Website :)

Favourite Book Series: Last Dragon Chronicles, Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Kingdom Hearts Manga

Favourite Games: Pokemon, Geomon, Beyblade, Kingdom Hearts, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade Chronicles, King of Fighters 99,2000,2001

Favourite Hobbies: Beyblading, writing stories, playing outdoors.

I am also available on these sites! (Active and Available)

Archive Of Our Own (Active and available)

Wattpad (Active and Available)

Taskey (Abandoned this site; stories are still available)

Worthy Of Publishing (Active and Available)

Teen Ink (Abandoned this site; stories are available)

Spark A Tale (Active and Available)

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Elliot Williams

I'm just your average guy who likes to draw creepy macabre and write. Don't be afraid to ask me questions or comments; I don't bite (usually).

Note: You may NOT use my characters or my art for your Roleplays. You also may not copy, steal, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in any way. Do not re-post/upload my artwork and writings anywhere without my DIRECT permission.
Please respect my creations, thank you!

Find me here:
Ghouletic @ dA
Ghouletic @ Tumblr
Ghouletic @ Weasyl
Oblivionkitten @ Sofurry
Oblivionkitten @ Furaffinity
Ghouletic @ Fictionpress
Ghouletic @ Twitter

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Yin Harmony

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Brooke Parker-Lyn

Love to read and write. I am obsessed with Teen Wolf!!!


I hope you enjoy the story, but understand...I need HELP!!! I love to write but stink at editing and grammar. If you can help let me know. I can send you chapters or an entire book. Your choice. If you help... I will add a special thanks to you in my book, and I will even add your name as a character in a future book.


PS: Want to buy one of my finished books? They are available on all the online booksites just search on me: Brooke Parker-Lyn


Wolfoni Clan Series

* Wolf Moon

* Blue Moon

* Blood Moon

* Dark Moon

* Lotus Moon - in progress....

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