Washington D. Thomas; The Navy Appears

On the farthest island from the Grand Lane, Oklalos Island. There is an orphanage that holds kids that the World Government think are troublesome to the world. Including a man named Washington D. Thomas. He is currently 17 years old and is the current holder of the Kami-Kami no Mi. It is known as one of many Super Fruits in the world. At a meeting inside of the Castle in the Capital of Oklalos, the King of Oklalos said, “Hm, what’s the matter, Robert?”

Robert, a merchant from outer seas answered, “You need to keep those people in the orphanage on a leash. They just stole another shipment of important ingredients from the Grand Lane.”

The King heard that and said, “I see. Let me guess, only one person did it.”

Robert said, “Nope. It was a group of people this time. Your infamous one wasn’t there. I believe that he learned his lesson.”

The King said, “I see. I might just have to do it then.”

Robert asked, “Do what?”

The Princess looked at him and the King answered, “Call the Navy. Something I never wanted to do. But, they are getting out of hand. I’m surprised though. Are you sure that he wasn’t a part of the operation?”

Robert answered, “Yes I am James. I know what he looks like.”

The Princess said, “That is true. Robert would know him if he was there.”

The King of Oklalos, Oklas James sighed and said, “Sam, call the Navy now.”

The Princess of Oklalos, Oklas Sam said, “Sure thing, father.”

While that was happening in the Castle, the owner of the orphanage looked at the ingredients and said, “Grand Lane. They really got the best ingredients, don’t you think so everyone?”

Everyone started agreeing and then the owner smiled and said, “Well, I’ll start cooking. Did you guys get caught while getting this?”

One of them answered with a smile on her face, “Yes.”

Thomas sighed and punched the top of her head and she said, “That hurt big brother.”

Thomas said, “You aren’t supposed to smile about getting caught dammit. At least I didn’t participate this time, right Georgia?”

Georgia punched Thomas’ head over and over again and Thomas was laying on the ground with 5 bumps on his head and she yelled, “Don’t hit a woman.”

Thomas laid there and said, “Sorry.”

Everyone started laughing and Georgia started cooking for them. Georgia said, “I’m making your favorite today everyone. Ovalanche Meat Souffle.” 

Thomas looked at everyone and saw them jump up in joy and said to himself, “It’s nice to see them happy. But you know, that happiness is only going to get them so far. Plus, I have a bad feeling about this.”

The girl that Thomas hit grabbed Thomas’ hand and said, “Come on, show some joy.”

Thomas sat up immediately and said, “I love food. So it really doesn’t matter to me.”

Georgia sighed and looked at him asking, “What are you planning on doing after this, Thomas? Join the Navy, become a Bounty Hunter, become a Mercenary, or become a Pirate?”

Thomas answered, “Unknown. But something that’ll last a very long time. And that could be enjoyable.”

They smiled and Georgia said, “I see. Then come help me. We need to talk.”

Thomas heard that and walked over to her slowly and asked, “What are we going to talk about?”

Georgia answered, “Something for you to do. And it’s very enjoyable. I guarantee it.”

Thomas said while stirring the sauce for the meat, “I’m listening.”

Georgia said, “I used to be a Pirate myself. If you want an enjoyable time, become a Pirate to become the Pirate King. Well, your brother, Orlando went out to be a Pirate. So join him. Well, not with his crew of course. With your own crew. Also, don’t forget to wreak havoc on the World Government. That is the best way to do things as a Pirate. The Navy will put bounties on your head. Pirates would love to hunt you. Along with Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries for your head. It’s so much fun. Plus, you get to travel all over the world. But if you do become a Pirate, you might never meet me again.”

Thomas lifted the ladle up and Georgia looked at him and Thomas asked, “What makes you think that we’ll never see each other again, huh? We’re a family. I won’t abandon my family even if you abandon me.”

Georgia said, “Even your real family.”

Thomas said, “Don’t know them. But I know you.”

An hour later, at 5 p.m., a voice appeared saying, “Members of the Oklalos Orphanage, surrender now or we will open fire.”

Thomas heard that and Georgia said, “They are a lot faster than I anticipated. Get in the kitchen everyone. We’ll be safe inside of the kitchen.”

Everyone got into the kitchen and then a marine saw one of them and shot him before he got into the kitchen and the others screamed yelling, “Charles. What did he do to deserve that?”

Georgia looked outside and dealt them their food and the marines started to enter the orphanage and Georgia saw a Vice Admiral walking forward and her eyes widened saying, “Shit. What’s a Vice Admiral doing here?”

Thomas answered, “We are beings that the World Government thinks that are dangerous to the world after all. We must have angered the King somehow.”

Georgia looked at Charles and asked, “Are you ok, Charles?”

Charles didn’t budge and Thomas said, “He’s dead. Shot right where his heart is.”

Georgia heard that and looked at the wound and said, “Shit.”

The Vice Admiral said, “Surrender now, or we will open fire.”

Everyone continued to eat and the marines stared at them and said, “They are ignoring us.”

2: The Barrier; Georgia's Attack and the Escape Plan
The Barrier; Georgia's Attack and the Escape Plan

The Vice Admiral said, “Surrender now. Or we will kill you.”

Georgia looked at them and said, “The Navy sure responds fast.”

A girl said, “They must have been nearby.”

Thomas said, “Well, we did get a report of a prisoner ship passing by.”

Georgia said, “A prisoner ship. To Hell’s Gate.”

Thomas answered, “Yes. Led by Vice Admiral Gorpoe. That man over there in the gray cloak.”

Georgia said, “Shit. Level 7 guard. He’s got a Super Fruit ability. He’s a dangerous one. We need to find a way out of here.”

Thomas said, “There isn’t another way out of here.”

A girl said, “You blocked it off because Thomas used to run away from here a lot when he was younger.”

Thomas said, “Hey, the Princess was hot at the time. Couldn’t help myself.”

Georgia laughed and said, “Just like your father. So sad.”

Gorpoe looked at them and said, “Fire.”

The marines started shooting at them, but the bullets were stopped by a barrier that was put up to protect everyone when the Navy came to attack. Gorpoe said, “A barrier, huh? You ate the Bari-Bari no Mi, didn’t you?”

Georgia answered, “Nope. I didn’t eat that Super Fruit. I’m just a normal Human being trying to raise these children from the ground up.”

Gorpoe said, “Robbing a merchant is what you call raising them, ‘Red Tiger’ Georgia.”

Georgia sighed and said, “Georgia is fine with me, ‘Death Bringer’ Gorpoe.”

Gorpoe smiled and said, “Oh, so you know of me from past battles against me. Then you might already know that this barrier is nothing to me.”

Georgia heard that and a Captain asked, “What do we do about the kids?”

Gorpoe answered, “The World Government wants Washington D. Thomas alive for some reason. They think that he’s a worthy man to become a superhuman soldier.”

Georgia heard that and her eyes widened and yelled, “Thomas will not become a superhuman soldier.”

Thomas heard that and looked at her and Georgia ran out there before Gorpoe could get to the barrier and the girl that Thomas hit asked, “What is a superhuman soldier?”

Thomas answered, “A soldier that gains supernatural abilities without eating a Super Fruit. It’s not a fun thing.”

Gorpoe saw that and Georgia swung at him, but he caught her fist and said, “Bounty of 850,000,000 Platinum. What will you do about it? You know that Thomas can’t escape from us.”

Georgia smiled and said, “Then you don’t know Thomas.”

Gorpoe heard that and the Captain stared at the kids and asked, “Which one is Thomas, by the way?”

Gorpoe answered, “The handsome one with a scar over his left eye.”

The Captain heard that and said, “Oh, you mean the one cooking, right now?”

Georgia kicked Gorpoe’s ribs with her right foot saying, “Siberian Flatliner.”

Gorpoe grunted and moved to the side and the marines started shooting at her, but Georgia was dodging the bullets and Thomas looked at the barrier and a girl asked, “How are we going to get out of here?”

Thomas answered, “Not so loud, Miya. I have a plan, but you are going to have to get me the ingredients. Think that you can handle that, guys?”

Miya asked, “What do you need?”

Thomas wrote down a list of items and answered, “I need all of this stuff.”

Miya grabbed the list and said, “Let’s go get him the stuff that he needs.”

Thomas turned toward Georgia and they took off cheering and the Captain said, “Sir, they are planning something.”

Gorpoe said, “That little....”

Georgia stared at the Captain and said, “He’s new into the outfit, huh? You must die.”

Georgia ran toward him and Gorpoe saw a took a tomahawk out and tossed it at her, but Georgia stopped before it hit her head. Gorpoe saw that and said, “Your Observation Haki, huh? Well, of course you have it. You are a legendary pirate yourself. But you gave that up to raise these criminals. Especially him.”

Georgia grabbed the tomahawk and swung it at the Captain, but he moved his body back as soon as the blade part got a centimeter away from his head saying, “Woah, that was close.”

Thomas saw that and said, “Hm, I guess that she was right. It really would be fun being a Pirate.”

Georgia looked at them and she started swinging the tomahawk around and Gorpoe sighed saying, “I really need to stop her.”

Georgia tossed the tomahawk at the barrier and Gorpoe laughed and said, “You are an idiot. It’ll just evaporate like the bullets.”

Thomas appeared out there and caught the tomahawk and the Captain said, “And here comes our target.”

Thomas swung the tomahawk. Releasing it toward Gorpoe with immense speed. Gorpoe smiled and said, “He truly is a perfect candidate. I must turn you into a superhuman soldier.”

Thomas looked at him and Gorpoe caught the tomahawk just before it got to his eye and said, “Woah. I’m glad that I caught it."

Gorpoe took out another tomahawk and said, “Fight me, Thomas.”

Thomas stepped back into the barrier and Georgia said, “Smart move, Thomas. Do not fight him at your level. You aren’t strong enough.”

Thomas said, “I know.”

Georgia asked, “What are you planning, anyway?”

Thomas asked, “Why would I tell you? The Navy is here.”

Gorpoe looked at him and asked, “Have you ever heard of a Super Fruit, Thomas?”

Thomas answered, “Yes. That’s the reason why I’m here. I ate one.”

Gorpoe said, “So did I. I ate the Toma-Toma no Mi. Meaning that I’m capable of creating an unlimited amount of tomahawks. Which one did you eat?”

Thomas answered, “I don’t know. Never used it before.”

The Captain said, “What a waste of a Super Fruit if you ask me?”

Gorpoe said, “Calm down, Ryuuya. He might be an idiot, but that’s what we need.”

Captain Ryuuya grabbed his gun and aimed it at the barrier and said, “Holy Shot.”

Ryuuya pulled a trigger and Thomas looked at it without any expression and Gorpoe said, “Farewell barrier.”

The white bullet hit the barrier causing a massive explosion. Miya asked, “What was that? Is Georgia ok?”

Thomas answered, “Unknown. Smoke is everywhere.”

Georgia grunted and said, “You can’t possibly be a Captain.”

Ryuuya said, “Well, I’m working my way up to surpassing a Captain. But haven’t gotten strong enough yet.”

Gorpoe said, “Ryuuya is a specialist when it comes to guns. Give him any type of gun and he’ll be able to hit you from a mile away.”

Thomas said, “That seems troubling.”

Gorpoe said, “I guess that they can’t hide anymore.”

The smoke disappeared and Georgia chopped 6 marines down while the smoke was up and Thomas looked around and said, “17 more to go. 5 minutes before she runs out of gas and she dies. How much longer?”

They started to appear and handed him everything and Thomas smiled and started making explosives and Miya asked, “What are you making?”

Thomas answered, “That’s a surprise. Check if the barrier is still up for me.”

A kid asked, “How? I don’t want to get shot, Thomas.”

Thomas answered, “Grab something and toss it at it.”

Miya said, “Actually, that makes sense.”

A little boy tossed a salt shaker at the barrier and Ryuuya looked at it and the salt shaker flew right passed the kitchen and the kids yelled, “The barrier is gone.”

Thomas said, “OK. That’s not good.”

Georgia grunted and then Thomas looked at them and whispered, “Plan time. Just finished my preparations. Are you all ready?”

A little boy asked, “Why are we whispering?”

Thomas answered, “The Navy are here idiot. Now listen up. The only way we’re escaping this alive is if we make our own exit. Meaning we’re bombing the shit out of this place. All we need to do is plant the bombs in the back of the orphanage. And boom. We’re out.”

Miya said, “And if the Navy is at the other side.”

Thomas looked at Georgia and answered, “I’ll take care of the Navy. Just stay behind me at all times.”

They said, “Yessir.”

Thomas said, “After it blows up, we’ll run to the port. Then we’ll take a boat and sail out of here.”

Everyone said, “You mean steal a boat.”

Thomas said, “Yes. I mean steal. Let’s begin this operation, shall we?”

Everyone jumped up yelling, “Aye sir.”

3: The Escape Plan Is Put Into Action; Some of Thomas' Future Operations
The Escape Plan Is Put Into Action; Some of Thomas' Future Operations

After awhile, Georgia laughed saying, “You kids are too hyper about this.”

Gorpoe said, “They are planning something. Ryuuya, have your men deal with them. Go through the kitchen and see what’s going on.”

Georgia saw the salt shaker and lifted it up saying, “I see. Thank you little boy.”

She took the top of the lid off and swung it at them. And the salt went into their eyes and they started screaming. Ryuuya yelled, “My eyes. My eyes.”

Georgia smiled and said, “Bengal Neckbreaker.”

Gorpoe saw an image of the Bengal Tiger inside of her and said to himself, “She ate the Tora-Tora no Mi, Model: Bengal, didn’t you?”

Georgia heard that and answered, “Nope. I didn’t eat the Tora-Tora no Mi, Model: Bengal. I ate the Tora-Tora no Mi. Meaning that I could transform into any type of tiger that I wish.”

Her foot hit Ryuuya’s neck and Gorpoe grunted and Ryuuya flew into the wall causing an explosion and Thomas smiled saying, “Buy us 2 minutes, will ya, Georgia?”

Georgia asked, “Why?”

Thomas answered, “A surprise is never spoken out loud.”

Gorpoe grunted and yelled, “Get them.”

Georgia appeared before the entrance to the kitchen and said, “You’ll have to go through me to get to them.”

Thomas lifted up the explosives and wire and Georgia saw that and said to herself, “I see. I know what you are up to, Thomas. Go for it.”

While they were planting the charges, inside of the Castle of where the Oklas Family lives, James said, “Sam, I want you to help the kids escape from the Navy.”

Sam said, “But I’ll be helping fugitives.”

James smiled and said, “I have a plan to end their lives. So you won’t be helping them at all.”

Sam smiled and said, “And Thomas, what about him?”

James answered, “The World Government wants him alive. But I don’t care what they want. We’ll end their lives. Prepare a ship.”

Sam said, “Understood.”

Sam started running to the port and saw the prisoner ship and said, “Hell’s Gate staff members are here, huh? They won’t get away that easily, will they? But who cares? I cut all ties with them 5 years ago. Hahahahaha.”

She put her hand out saying, “Wooden Rowboat.” A rowboat appeared from her hand and then it appeared on the sand. Sam said, “The Boto-Boto no Mi is amazing, isn’t it? I can create any type of ship that I want with this fruit. Even a ship that Pirates use. But I doubt that any of them will survive my fathers plans. But I wonder why the World Government wants Thomas alive. What’s so special about him? He’s only a man that steals from the merchants from the Grand Lane. He’s nothing but a troublemaker for us. Well, who cares? I just have to do what father says and I’ll be alright.”

While Sam was running toward the orphanage, Georgia was fighting the marines so they wouldn’t interfere with Thomas’ plans. Thomas appeared by Georgia and said, “Get behind me.”

Everyone did and Georgia smiled and whispered, “Good luck, Thomas. I’m counting on you to keep them safe.”

Thomas said, “We’ll meet again, Georgia. Don’t you worry about that.”

Georgia heard that and Miya said, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Thomas heard that and hit the switch and the explosives that he created blew up causing the wall to explode and Gorpoe looked at Ryuuya and saw that he was unconscious saying, “Shit. All of Ryuuya’s men, head to the back of the orphanage. Take them alive. Or kill them all.”

Debris flew toward them and Miya screamed and Thomas put his arm out to stop the debris from hitting them and Georgia saw that and Thomas grunted saying, “Let’s go. We’re leaving.”

Georgia said, “See you on the other side.”

Thomas said, “See you on the other side.”

They started running away and Ryuuya’s men started chasing after the kids. Gorpoe said, “You are mine, Georgia.”

Georgia heard that and looked at him and Gorpoe started tossing his tomahawks at her. Georgia hopped to the side each time dodging his tomahawks. Gorpoe saw that and said to himself, “I keep missing. I have never had so much trouble fighting a Pirate before. Wait, she’s a legendary Pirate. That’s why. Hahahahaha.”

Georgia turned into a Siberian Tiger and she charged toward Gorpoe and Gorpoe saw that and Gorpoe said, “You know that the Royal Family will end up helping them, right?”

Georgia answered, “Yep. I already saw the future. They will be killed on the boat that the Princess created for them. Miya knew that from the get-go. But I think Thomas has his own plans.”

Gorpoe asked, “What do mean by that?”

Georgia answered, “Thomas always plans how he’ll strike the merchants ship. He always sets out his plans. Come, I’ll show you if you can survive for 2 minutes.”

Gorpoe heard that and said, “Wait, that’s the Siberian Tiger form. Your strongest form.”

Georgia said, “The reason why they call me ‘Red Tiger’. I love my blood.”

Gorpoe grunted and created to tomahawks and held them in his hands and as soon as Georgia got close to him, Gorpoe started swinging at her. But Georgia jumped up saying, “Aerial Siberian Clawface.”

Gorpoe said, “Twin Tomahawk Slash.”

Georgia appeared behind him and Gorpoe’s tomahawks were at the sides of his head. Sparks appeared only and Gorpoe moved back slowly saying, “Shit. She put a lot of pressure into that attack.”

She turned around and said, “Siberian Lowkick.”

She stayed in a low stance and kicked the calves of Gorpoe’s legs and Gorpoe collapsed on the ground. Gorpoe looked at the roof and Georgia jumped on top of him and held his arms and legs down and lowered her head and Gorpoe grunted and said, “I’m not going to survive.”

Georgia smiled and stopped before her head got to his head and said, “Hm, 2 minutes are up. As I promised, I’ll show you the plans. Follow me.”

Gorpoe heard that and said, “Huh? You were about to kill me.”

Georgia said, “Thomas wouldn’t want that. Plus, this was all a part of his plan. Me stopping in two minutes.”

They walked to the kitchen and opened the cupboard and he saw all of the maps and took one of them out. Gorpoe said, “Plan to save the people from the World Government. Wait, he’s got all of the info that he needs to break into Gorost. How did he get this info?”

Georgia answered, “I honestly don’t know. But one of the kids is capable of telling the future. From a very long time from now. So, I actually think that she ate the Mirai-Mirai no Mi.”

Gorpoe said, “They are capable of foreseeing the future. Whoever the kid is will be a troublesome opponent in the future.”

He took out another one and said, “Plans to save Wyoming D. Orlando. What the hell is with this stuff? Orlando is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. He hasn’t been caught yet.”

Georgia said, “Like I said before, the Mirai-Mirai no Mi is amazing. With all of the info that she gave Thomas, Thomas came up with all of these plans with ease.”

Gorpoe looked at another one saying, “Yote Island. A band of Pirates are attacking the citizens every month. They must be abolished from this world.”

Georgia said, “He’s been training himself how to fight without his Super Fruit for 2 years. When the girl with the Mirai-Mirai no Mi was able to speak 2 years ago. That was when she was 4 years old.”

Gorpoe said, “Thomas plans on challenging the World Government.”

Georgia said, “Who knows? Thomas wanted me to show the Navy this. But I didn’t trust you one damn bit in the beginning. But you survived 2 minutes of my strongest form. But were about to die, but she foresaw that as well. Here we go. What’s next?”

They continued to look through the plans that Thomas created.

4: Sam Leads the Kids to the Port
Sam Leads the Kids to the Port

While Georgia and Gorpoe were looking at Thomas’ plans for future battles, the kids were lost. Miya said, “Brother, we’re lost, aren’t we?”

Thomas started scratching his head and then answered, “I’m afraid so. I didn’t have enough time to plan this out, so I have no idea where we’re headed.”

The marines said, “There they are. Stop them.”

They started holding on to Thomas and Thomas looked at the signs and said, “Shit. Alright, follow me. Whatever you do, don’t lose sight of me. If you do, you’ll probably end up dead.”

The marines started firing and they started running on Oklamon Street. Miya asked, “What if we can’t escape the Navy, Thomas?”

Thomas looked at her and saw the tears in her eyes and said, “Miya, we’ll make it to wherever we’re headed. You just need to be....”

Before Thomas could finish his sentence, Sam appeared saying, “Thomas, follow me.”

Everyone heard that and asked, “Why should we listen to you? You were the one that called the Navy on us. We were trying to enjoy a meal with the family.”

Thomas asked, “Where do you plan on taking us, huh?”

Sam said, “Don’t be so mean to me, Thomas. I thought that we were friends.”

Thomas looked at Miya and Miya said, “I saw the future. And you used my brother. I will never let you help us.”

Thomas said, “We are lost, so don’t bother us. If you want to help out, fight the Navy for us.”

Sam yelled, “Are you trying to make me into a criminal?”

Thomas said, “Aiding us will make you a criminal. You should already know that, idiot.”

Sam looked at him and inside her head, she said, “This bastard is annoying as hell. I wish to kill him here and now. But dad wants him to go on a damn boat and blow them up from there.”

Miya tugged Thomas’ pants and Thomas lifted her up and asked, “What is it?”

Miya whispered something into his ear and then Thomas nodded and the kids saw that and Thomas said, “Alright, Miya says that if we want to die, we stay here. And if we want to live, we go with Sam. We die, scream.”

No one did and Thomas said, “Well, you are lucky. Everyone has disagreed with you. So let’s get this over with.”

A kid looked at her and Thomas turned his head back and saw the marines right behind them and said, “Start running now.”

Thomas placed Miya down and they started running again. The marines yelled, “Surround them. Take Yelod Street to Ulatu Street to corner them.”

They said, “Yessir.”

They split up into two groups and Miya looked at Thomas and Thomas smiled and Sam said, “Follow me and we won’t have to deal with the Navy. I know this island like the back of my hand.”

Thomas said, “Well, normally, I’d say the same thing. But I haven’t left the orphanage in a long time.”

Sam heard that and said, “Stop lying. You were out there on the merchant's ship today.”

Thomas said, “No, I was actually inside of the orphanage.”

Miya said, “Yeah, we went and stole from them.”

Sam looked at them and saw the Navy soldiers catching up to them and said, “Hm, turned left here.”

Thomas heard that and looked at his side and Miya asked herself, “What will you do, Sam? You are our enemy.”

The marines appeared ahead of them and yelled, “Corner them.”

Sam growled and said, “Turn right now.”

They did and the marines collided into one another and Thomas saw that and Miya shook her head and Thomas nodded. Sam asked, “What are you planning on doing as soon as you get off of this island, eh?”

Thomas answered, “Not answering that.”

Miya said, “We’ll live till our time is up.”

Sam heard that and said, “I see.”

Thomas said, “Also, we don’t plan on dying here.”

The kids nodded and back at the orphanage, Gorpoe said, “These plans are too dangerous for the Navy to know about. But I think that the World Government should get them.”

Georgia said, “You thought so as well. But I don’t think that Thomas would want that. Knowing that they are after him for some reason. Thomas might want to tear the World Government a part.”

Gorpoe smiled and said, “We’ll see about....”

Georgia placed all of the plans back inside of the cupboard and Gorpoe asked, “What are you doing, Georgia? They need this info.”

Georgia said, “I guess that I can’t trust you with it, Gorpoe. The World Government is the enemy and you know that. And yet you still intend on helping them.”

She turned into a Fire Tiger and Gorpoe stepped back and said, “Impossible. What type of tiger is that?”

Georgia answered, “Fire Tiger. That is what it’s called. Ignition Flames.”

Fire flew into the cupboard. The plans started to burn to ashes and Gorpoe growled and yelled, “You little....”

Georgia said, “Hm, I think that I just angered a Vice Admiral. Oh no, what to do now?”

Gorpoe yelled, “Stop mocking me.”

Georgia said, “I’m not doing any such thing. You think that you are capable of catching up to them. They might be at the port already.”

Gorpoe said, “Thomas isn’t smart enough to head to the port. He doesn’t even know where he’s at right now.”

A marine said, “Sir, they are being helped by the Royal Family. What do we do?”

Georgia said, “Sam. Don’t trust her, Thomas. She betrayed you once before. Don’t let her betray you again.”

Gorpoe said, “Let them go. We’ll take them at sea. Head to the port now.”

Everyone said, “Yessir.”

Gorpoe said, “Let’s put our fight on hold for now, Georgia. But next time, you better fight seriously. You weren’t fighting seriously today.”

Georgia said, “That’s because the kids were here watching. I don’t want them to know how much of a monster that I am.” Gorpoe said, “I see. See you later.”

Georgia said, “Meet you in the Grand Sea. I hope to see you there as well.”

Gorpoe said, “I’ll be there. I work at Hell’s Gate after all.”

Georgia said, “I know.”

Gorpoe took off and Georgia smiled saying, “I guess that Thomas was right. Making copies for both me and him was a smart move. Gotta get them and burn the place up. Just as Thomas planned it.”

3 minutes ago, Georgia asked, “What are you planning on doing, Thomas?”

Thomas answered, “Escaping with the kids. I’ll take them to the port. And we’ll set sail from there. I made a copy of everything for both me and you. The fake plans are in the cupboard. Your copy is in your room. And mine is in my infinity pouch. As soon as you collect yours, burn the place so we never look back to this place where you fought. Good luck, and let’s meet each other on the other side.”

Georgia said, “Likewise. Let’s meet each other on the other side.”

End of flashback.