Blood covers the darkened room, causing the smell of rotten flesh.

If one is to look closer, they might notice the charring, from the flames that had once licked the walls of the room, burning away the coats and clothing of the scientists in the laboratory, leaving nothing but charred skin and bone.

The girl looks around, touching her ragged, burned, silver hair as she remembers the deadly inferno that took place several months ago.

Looking around, she tries not to look too closely at the faces that had helped raise her, when her father was too busy with the experiment.

The experiment that had almost cost the lives of eight seemingly insignificant children, who, in reality, were probably more important than anyone else ever will ever be.

She pulls out a small data stick, plugging it into the almost primitive desktop, using a password that one of her superiors had given her to unlock the encrypted files on all of the subjects in the experiment.

~~Downloading 10 Files~~

Failing to ignore her surroundings, she begins a slow, painful circuit of the room, every object reminding her of the people she missed.

The documents contained information on nine failed experiments.

The government had wanted to cover up the experiment, because the second it went wrong, they were no longer able to protect the planet. The amount of power they had given the test subjects was stupid, and the girl had tried to warn them, but no one would listen to her.

The oldest test subjects had just turned fourteen when they managed to escape the facility, and yet they had caused more damage than an army.

The girl fidgeted slightly as she came back to the computer, and sees nine names she knows too well flash quickly across the screen, surrounded by old code she didn’t really understand.

It was the last name that she recognised that troubled her the most.

Anakin Crysty.

He was the nine-year-old who caused all of this death, his curious mind not standing being stuck in a cement block.

He had been reckless and impulsive.

Yet the girl had been willing to help him escape, help him get back to his father and sister.

She didn’t really know why, and, now she has time to think, she still doesn’t.

But that’s not her mission anymore. Her mission is to collect the data the boss wants, make sure it doesn’t fall into the hands of the enemy, who think they are the best chance of humanity’s survival, who think that they can control the universe without resistance.

~~Download Complete~~

She removes the data stick from the computer, sliding it closed, throwing it in her pocket, and zipping it up.

If she loses this information, she will be deader than the decomposing bodies around her.

Standing in the doorway, she takes one last look at the room.

I’m so sorry Anakin.

Only thirty seconds later does the entire building explode.