CU Ep 1 - Change and Memories PT.1

CrimZon Universe

Season 1 - Rebirth

Episode 1 – Change and Memories Pt.1





Some say dreams can describe a person’s personality; one’s deepest, darkest secrets fully open to view by any prying eyes; perhaps revealing one’s flaws, weaknesses. A select and wild few would interpret their dreams as predictions of the near or far off future; prophetic messages or ominous omens. And then, there are those who simply dismiss it as nothing more but what it really is; meaningless by-products of the brain’s countless synapses firing off with no rhythm, no constants, as they always have since the day they formed.


Sitting catatonically in one corner lies a young man, 20 years of age, with his back against adjacent walls, staring aimlessly at his white canvas surrounding, yet in contrast to his setting, his vision was plagued by blurred images fading in and out, each holding an undecipherable scene of unknown origin. Time seemed endless to the young man since memories of his arrival to this very room elude him. Yet, he was at peace.


He had no intention of moving from his spot, know what was outside of his little abode, or doing anything for that matter. He was never hungry, restless, or bored. The only thing his eyes were set on viewing whether he wanted to or not, was his only source of entertainment and distracted his mind from any other worldly desires.


Each new vision was different, never the same, and before he could ever understand their theme, he is forced to forget what he saw and move on to the next.


Suddenly, his eyes felt heavy, as though someone was forcing them to close. This was the first time he had ever faced such a predicament since closing his eyes would mean ending his little game. But how did he know for sure? He couldn’t recall the last time he shut his eyes, took a nap. So why was he afraid? Why resist? He struggled to keep them open, however, he couldn’t do anything - he was powerless.


Inevitably, he found himself in total darkness, devoid of sound; no more riddles to solve. But a gentle call of a heavenly maiden - an angel’s hymn – uttered to him in a language he recognized.


“It’s time…you are ready now. You must wake up. Wake up Erb.”



Mysterious Shop…….


Gently opening his eyes, a young man no older than 20 years, was welcomed by what he thought to be the sun in board daylight. He winced in pain and gave himself a few seconds to adjust to the light before looking again. The first thing he could make out from his glance was a circular light bulb above encased by metal bars from 4 sides.


The young man is known as Erb, grunts as he rubs his eyes to clarity. Apart from the light bulb, he finds himself encased in a room – it was spacious but the ascetics were mundane.


A small short table on one side, a half-open closet on the other, and a sliding doorway in front of him.


“Where…where am I?” he thought.


Suddenly he began coughing uncontrollably; he throat was as dry and rough as sandpaper. He looked around desperately for anything to quench his thirst.


To his right was a metal tray and on top of it, a glass jug full of water with a glass cup beside it.


He ignores the cup, grabs the jug, throws the lid away and chugs the entire content in seconds. His satisfaction was symbolized by his delightful sigh and blissful smile. Upon cleaning his face dry of any droplets with his hands, he inspected himself starting from his arms.


His skin color was a light shade of red – nearly pink – and as he massages himself he noticed his skin was somewhat rough and felt bits of hair as well. Then out of a hunch, he goes and pats his head. He had hair though they were strangely prickly and a little stiff. With a blanket covering his lower half he took it off, revealing two legs covered by a pair of white loose pants. Then he looks over his shoulder to find a tail stretched out, rooting themselves above his rear. Suddenly his eyes contact a being with red unruly hair, wearing a white shirt and an expressing the most skeptic look.




But it took him a short while to realize the stranger before him was but a reflection of himself.




Getting up, he walks over to the full body mirror and upon closer observation, he had a muscular frame contained in an average size body with large dark red scales mostly running down from the nape of his back to the tip of his tail. There was a separate pair on his face, one on each side of his cheek. He seemed no taller than 6 feet with the length of his hair excluded. However, despite his careful examination, he was still clueless as to what he was.


He looks away and surveys the room instead, taking note of what he laid on top of to be a tatami mat. But now a new question emerged for him to solve; how did he know what the objects were called and what purpose had? He understood what scales were, what a tail does, what hair is, even his name; he knew all of this yet this made him wonder where he learned all of this.


Suddenly, his attention was caught by the doors sliding open and his sights shift downward to a little green frog-like creature. It peered inside with its wide pink reddish eyes, standing on its two hind legs, with what seems to be an inert flower bud on its back. On the top of its head looked to be ears shaped as triangles but having curved sides and in the middle of its forehead lays a sage color heart mark accompanied by similar color but smaller disfigured ovals.


Erb was further dumbfounded by his new discovery, but before he knew it, the creature’s facial expression changed from mildly surprised to what he could describe to be shocked. It then screamed, matching that of a child in fright, and in a language, the red man can interpret.




Now gone, he wanted to follow it. But soon found out simply standing and walking was proving to be exhausting, causing him to stagger as he pursues the creature. But as he was about to poke his head out the door, his face impacts onto something firm yet soft and gets knocked down on his rear end.


“Ow!” He growled.


“That looked like it hurt.”


The voice of a woman made Erb look up. Before him, stood a tall pale woman with long black hair trailing down to her knees, gowned in a black gothic themed kimono with the top portion of her abundant chest partially exposed. From the boy’s perspective, she was gorgeous; her mystic appearance shrouded by a mysterious silence accompanied by her glaring cool red eyes - a foil to his own dark red pair – left him unwilling to get back up. That is until he heard her shrewd sense of humor.


“You’re finally awake, and here I thought a raccoon had snuck in.”


Erb remained where he fell, thinking of a raccoon in his head and imagining what a rodent would have done to him while asleep.


“Well anyway, we can finally get things started. Though, you must be feeling as stiff as a dry wood board; you’ve been asleep, oh I don’t know…” She started counting with her fingers, genuinely figuring out the duration of his slumber.


But the young man had other questions he needed to get off his chest.


He cleared his dry throat and beckons his first set of words, making use of his tongue and lips to pronounce things that felt as naturally to him as walking; though his earlier attempts were nothing to be proud of.


“Who…..who are you? Where am I?”


The lady stops counting and gave her answer. “Asking questions already huh. My name is Yuuko Ichihara – but you may call me Yuuko. And this is my home.”


“Yuuko…” he repeated back, recording her name in his own mental list of things to remember from now on. “How…how long have I been here?”


“By my count…a year at most.”


Her answer left a bad sensation in his gut but for what reason alluded him; he didn’t understand why a year was so terrible to him.


“Tell me, do you know what a year is?” Yuuko questioned him.




“A year? How many weeks are in a year? Days? Hours? Minutes?”


“I um…I don’t-“


Before he finished his own sentence, he found out what the words meant and relayed the information to her.


“I know there are 52 weeks in a year…and 365 days in a year! As for hours and minutes, you do the math! did I know all of that?”


“I see…do you know, what you are?”


This time he hadn’t the faintest idea. “Uh…no. Other than my name.”


“Ah good! Then it’s a success!”


“What?” he blurted.


“You’ll know in due time; now follow me.” She suddenly starts power walking away, leaving him struggling back on his feet and stay at her pace.


“Come now, pump those legs.”


“Hold on!” From out the door and through the hallway, all his muscles painfully tensed up, making him limp pathetically. But what irritated him more than his ailment was the woman’s ignorance of his pleading and questions.


“Who…am I? What did you to me!?”


“Like I said before, in due time! I promise, your questions will be answered.”


“Then can you slow down a bit! You’re walking too fast!”


“No need.” She gradually slows down and then comes to a complete halt in front of another doorway.


Erb finally had a chance to rest despite only having walked but mere meters. But before he could get a breath, a sense of caution takes over his nerves. He quickly looks around for what was setting him on edge, but there was no one besides himself and Yuuko. He couldn’t explain the strange occurrence his body was undergoing, yet he wasn’t afraid of it – just anxious. A small part of him welcomes it.


Yuuko opens the door and they both enter inside. From there, the young man’s eyes moved over to a legless but highly decorated chair with a small table next to it and a smoke pipe laying on top.


The woman made herself comfortable on the chair while the young man veered his eyes to the source of his uneasiness.


To his left, behind the door, he makes eye contact with another young man. This one had smooth short light purple hair, laying his back against the wall with his arms crossed. The stranger is slightly taller than himself but wore a purple long jacket with a logo having the letter “C” sewed accompanied with black pants and yellow boots. He then spots a weapon beside his leg; a broadsword from what he could tell – which left the red man wondering how exactly he knew what it was, much like earlier.


Yuuko picks up the smoke pipe with its content already sparked and breathes out puffs of white smoke.


“Ok, on to business. You said you knew your name?”


“Yes?” Erb answered back with his own question. “It’s Erb. But that’s all I can remember.”


“That’s good.”


He cocked an eyebrow up out of discontent. “Again, how exactly is that good?”


“It means you don’t remember your past.”


“How did you!? What did you do to me!?” He angrily got up, nearly fed up with her cryptic words.


Yuuko, on the other hand, paused to take another puff from her pipe, breathes it out as a stream of white clouds, and tells him, “The answer to that question…requires a bit of time to explain. Would you mind sitting down? You seemed a bit winded.”


Reluctantly, he did as she said, plotting his butt down on the floor.


After one long huff, Yuuko goes on. “You are in danger. Plain and simple.”


“I am?”


“Yes, and even as we speak. There’s a group of unsavory individuals who want you for what you are. A year before now they almost succeeded in capturing you. Luckily, they didn’t succeed, despite your circumstances.”


Erb, unconvinced by her words, expressed his concern. “Ok, so what am I then? What makes me so important to…whoever it is that’s out to get me? And who are these, ‘unsavory’ individuals? Also, why am I here, with my memories gone!?”


“Let me answer your questions with my own; do you understand the terms, ‘dragons’ and ‘saiyans’?”


Erb knew the first, but not the latter, and told her so without objection. “By dragon, you mean a giant fire-breathing lizard kind? Yes. But what’s a Saiyan?”


“Well, that’s what you are – a part of you that is. You, my red friend, are half-dragon and half-saiyan. A hybrid.”


He understood, but couldn’t grasp the purpose behind the fairy tale she was spouting out.


Yuuko saw his doubt written all over his face. “I take it you don’t believe me, do you?”


“It’s pretty hard for me to trust your word since we just met.”


Then a thought hit Erb. “Speaking of which, how do I know you’re not working for this ‘group’ and just leading me around like an idiot?”


“Because you have no choice but to trust my word.”


“You’re leaving little reason for me to do so.”


Yuuko discounted his remark and elaborated further on the previous subject. “As I was saying. Saiyans – no pun intended – appear as humans, but have distinct characteristics which make them special, such as the presence of a monkey tail and abnormal physical capabilities. As for dragons, they're harder to explain – they do not all look the same but like you said their large, riddled with scales, fangs, and claws, and can breathe fire – well, some anyway. But most importantly, they are nearly immortal – unfortunately for you, you are not due to your other part.”


Now she was making sense to the young man, filling in some holes he had about his looks. “That explains why I have scales.”




“So, is my skin color the way it is because of the...’dragon’ part?”




“Then what about the monkey tail?”


“You have one. But instead of fur, you have scales.”


“Are there others like me? Dragon...people?”


“None that I am aware of; other than the normal variety.”


“What do you mean ‘normal’?” Erb coaxed.


“That’s not important.”


“It sounds pretty important to me.” He wasn’t going to let her change the subject.


“It’s really not.”


“Try me then.”


Yuuko tilts her head back as she growls at the air out of annoyance, and yet she complied with his pestering. “There are certain individuals who are hosts to other entities and most of the time it’s either a demon or a dragon – or sometimes other humans. These types of symbiotic relationships allow the host to wield the same powers as the entities residing in them. Your situation is pretty much the same, but with major differences. One: your external appearance. Most hosts retain their original form. But for you, you share characteristics with the ones inside you. Now two: you can’t use their powers – not even a fraction of it from what I’ve been told-”


Erb suddenly stops her as a new question pops up. “Wait wait wait wait! ‘Ones’ as in plural?”


“And that’s three: you have 2…separate beings inside you. Which makes you a unique case. Lucky you.”


“…huh,” Erb exclaimed in both surprise and uncertainty. “I don’t feel lucky.”


“I know. I was being sarcastic to set up what I’m about to say next.”


After inhaling and then exhaling out the pipe's contents, she resumed. “This group…the people who want you, are still a mystery even to me. I don’t have a concrete idea of how they've been able to keep their activities under the radar for so long. But being able to accomplish that much suggests they are resourceful and dangerous.”


“Soooo…you know next to nothing about them?”


“I never said that,” Yuuko testified, yet she partially admitted he was right. “I only said their…unnecessarily, harder to track.”


Erb saw a single bead of sweat running on the side of her head.


“I still know a thing or two about them. For instance, they call themselves Epoch. They’ve been around for many decades, amassing lost technology and magical arts, most likely to gain strength, and I’m guessing they’ve acquired some form of concealment to hide their movements. But I know for sure, judging from the great lengths they went for your capture, you revolve around their plans.”


“Hmm...ok, then how was I almost captured?”


“That…I can’t tell you.”


In an instant, Erb’s anger spiked up again. “Why not!?”


She takes a long deep breath and continued in a grim tone. “Because I would have to reveal your past, which is something I cannot do thanks to our contract.” She finally puts down her pipe with one last puff escaping her lips.


“What contract!?” Erb was becoming impatient by her lax attitude and began to lash out. “You tell me I’m in danger, yet here you are, smoking a pipe and telling me I lost my memories and I can’t even know what I lost. Stop with the bullshit, screw your contract, and just tell me everything!”


In a frightening twist, Yuuko’s once complacent stare becomes stern, cold, and uncomfortable. Just one look turned Erb’s fiery temper to that of a dead bonfire frozen over by an unforeseen blizzard.


“If you calm down, I’ll tell you. But if you insist on acting like a child then I will treat you as one. Is that understood?”


The defeated young man did as she ordered, bringing himself back in a kneeling position, allowing her to say her piece. “Do you know what this shop is for?"


Erb murmured, "a gift shop?"


"Wrong. What I do here, is grant wishes. I can grant almost any type of wish, but for a price - a contract. Our contract, however, consists of 3 wishes; firstly, to provide a haven for you while you slumber, to help you understand your situation upon awakening, and to take away the memories of your past life. The payments for all 3 have already been received so you have nothing to worry about. Unless…you want me to grant a wish of your own.”


He dismisses her suggestion and tentatively queried, “…how did I pay you for those wishes?”


“You misunderstand. You didn't pay for anything. The beings residing inside did. In fact, they were the who made the wish."


Her explanation almost triggered Erb to let out a verbal retaliation, over the idea that someone else he didn't know was hiding something from him. But he knew better than to antagonize Yuuko again, thus a long silence filled the room, giving time for him to ponder on his situation that cried out crazy. Regardless of what he thought, Yuuko went on as normal.


“I understand you feel as though your being cheated but they only did it for your own good. And honestly, I have to agree with their action."


"...what exactly did I do?"


"I am not at liberty to say."


Despair filled Erb's heart, and all other attempts to know any more of himself was out of his hands. However, he accepted his situation because Yuuko was willing to help him, and deep down, he found it in himself to trust her.


Yuuko spots a hint of resolve from seeing his red eyes still full of life and chose to move the conversation forward. "Now, concerning your own abilities; even though you can't tap into your hidden powers, you're still strong enough to even handle a low-class dragon...and maybe an entire world or 2.”


After hearing her say so, he blurted back in disbelief, “I can destroy planets?”


“Yes,” she casually told him. “If you really tried. Even the young man patiently standing behind you can perform similar feats.”


He glanced a quick look at him, while Yuuko went off tangent.


“But even if you can bust a planet, ideally it wouldn’t be wise. Sure, you may survive the planet’s explosion; but you won’t be able to breathe in the vacuum of space.”


It was then, Erb came up with a daunting realization. “If I’m capable of that much, then does Epoch have people- “


“Who are equally as capable? More or less. But speaking of power and such, have you been…sensing anything? Anything, unexplainable?”


The question brings the boy back to before entering the room. “Now that you mention it...” Without pointing a finger, the purple hair boy noticed his direction.


“Is that so?” Yuuko said. “Wait for one second.”


She then raised her voice while yelling out, “Watanuki!”


But there was no reply.




Then out of nowhere, she loudly shouts the same name as some housewife irrationally beckoning her husband. “WATANUKI!”


Her sudden change in behavior left both men in the room unnerved, cringing over the sight of her screaming out in an unsettling manner.


The door behind Erb slams open with a much skinner young man, wearing an apron over what seems to be a school uniform, rushing in and shouting furiously while bearing his teeth at Yuuko.




 “Finally,” she sighed. “I just need you here for a second.”


“What for!? I was in the middle of cleaning.”


“Just stay here!”


“Augh fine I’ll – “


Watanuki stops himself short when he sets his widening eyes on the demi saiyan. “Oh..ah…haha, he’s awake. That explains the loud noise earlier.”


“Why yes, he is,” She jested. “Thank you for clarifying that. Erb this is Watanuki. Watanuki, Erb!”


The two boys greeted one another in response.


“So Erb, can you sense anything from him?” Yuuko asked. “From Watanuki?”


Erb takes a few seconds to examine him from head to toe but detected no visible significance from him. But his instincts knew otherwise due to the same sensation he felt before – something deep inside the boy made him wary, but it wasn’t as strong as the swordsman.


“I can barely tell compared to him, but it’s there.” He points back at the other boy again and this time, he spoke.


“You’re sensing his life energy.”


All eyes aim at the purple haired man’s response and then shifts back to Yuuko as she explains for him. “He’s right. That hint of wariness you’re mind and body are telling you is his life force. All living beings including each of us here has this force - a universal constant you can say which we all require. This constant goes by many names - chi, energy, magic, life force, willpower – but for me, I rather go with energy. It’s more modern and simple. Erb: you and my young friend here, Trunks, can sense energy - or ki in his case - as though it were part of your main senses - a sixth sense to be specific. By the way, his name is Trunks.”


“About time you introduced me,” Trunks commented.


Erb then chimed in. “That’s great to know, but what does that have to do with anything.”


“It has to do with everything on your progression. It helps you evaluate just how powerful someone else is compared to yourself. For example, you were, in fact, stronger than Trunks here before you slumbered. And like you, he is a Saiyan hybrid too; half saiyan and half human.”


Erb showed his surprise again by paying full attention to the man while he hears her talking.


“I’m going to say this again. You are in danger, and you need to get stronger to survive - to protect yourself.”


“Ok, but how?”


“That’s something you have to figure out. Train if you must. Find a master. Or perhaps find comrades.”


“I take it you’re not gonna train me, or find a master who’ll do that, or even have allies lined up who’ll help me?”


“Of course not. I’m not a charity.” In seconds Yuuko thought of an idea with a joyful grin on her pale face. “But perhaps you should spar with Trunks to get yourself back into the game.”


“What!?” Both boys spoke up.


“From what I know saiyans get stronger after experiencing near-death battles. But for your case having a light sparring match should help get your blood pumping, if not, lumber you up a bit.”


“You can’t be serious?” Trunks then finally joined in but in objection. “He just woke up. He’s in no condition to be fighting, let alone spar.”


“My dear Trunks you underestimate him. If he wasn’t ready then how could he have possibly walked from the room he slept in, to here, without my assistance?”


“He did?”


Erb wondered why that had any significance in their discussion and goes to ask, “Wait why is that ‘surprising’?”


But his questions were replaced by Watanuki. “Can I go back now?”


“Yes, you may but can you please be so kind to bring us some tea.”


The thin boy muttered his reluctance under his breath but accepted her request and left the room with a fuss.


Yuuko ignores Erb’s earlier question and continued to speak to Trunks. “Remember he isn’t human, he has the toughness of a saiyan with the dexterity of a dragon coursing through his body. Muscle atrophy and other physical illnesses aren’t as damaging to him as to you.”


Erb, knowing full well of the lady dismissed him, tried to bring them back to the original topic with a rather loud and obnoxious cough and his own words. “Don’t I have a say in this. Because if I’m being honest, I don’t think I’m up to have a fight right off the bat. I don’t even know how to fight!”


“You’ll get the hang of it quickly,” she nonchalantly waved. “You’ll be fine.”


“I am seriously doubting your sincerity right now.”


“Hmm, in that case.” She digs her hand into the table’s drawer and takes out a scroll. “This here contains the last recording of yourself. If you make Trunks admit defeat, then you can take it.


The thought of his past in the palm of her hands just arms reach away from him was more than enough of an incentive to take the challenge. Nevertheless, Erb suspected some sort of trick was at play. “You’re not yanking my chain here are you?”




“You’ll really gonna hand that over to me if I beat him.”


Trunks objects, “This has to be a joke.” His words ran on deaf ears.


“You’re putting an awful lot of confidence in me losing to him after saying I was stronger.”


“You were stronger,” Yuuko corrected Erb. “Before you slept for a year. Now, it anyone’s game.”


“Guess you got a point. Why give them back still? I thought you were tasked to not do that.”


“Because it’s just a recording. A recording which you yourself left.”


“A message?”


“Yes. So, will you kindly spar with Trunks, or not?”


“What if I refuse?”


“Then you don’t get the see the message.”


“Fine, I’ll do it,” he quickly accepted. “When do we start?”




With a flick of her hand, both Erb and Trunks were swept by a gust of wind from out of nowhere and find themselves trapped inside the eye of a tornado. Covering their faces for fear of getting anything in their eyes while keeping themselves firmly on the ground, they soon felt the wind dying down, and by the time they opened their eyes, they find themselves in a barren rock land stretching all around them; not a single sign of civilization whatsoever. But in the air, a circular shape mirror floats and out resonated Yuuko’s voice.


“This is a separate space big enough for you two to fight so don’t have to worry about any collateral damage or bystanders for that matter. By the way, Trunks, if you forfeit half-heartedly, I’m going to leave you in there for a whole day as punishment. Have fun.”


After she fell silent to their ears, the sound of the wind filled the void, and Trunk’s disgruntled acceptance of his circumstance.


“Her idea of fun is screwed up,” Trunks spoke out, and then looked to Erb. “So how do you want to do this? If you want to learn some of the basics of fighting or ki control I can teach you. But if you want to spar, then you better prepare yourself.”


But once more, Erb didn’t pay much attention to his advice. Staring at the ground for no reason, he was deep in thought, processing the first thing to pop in his head concerning to combat - punching, kicking, grabbing, dodging, blocking, etc. He grasps there meaning in seconds and attempts one of them - a simple kick.


With his right leg, he lifts his knee up to his waist level; pivots his planted left foot and turns his body 90 degrees left; rotates his right leg by 90 degrees counter-clock-wise while still hinged; and then flicks the lower part of his leg out. He retracts his leg back behind him, and performed it again, but faster. The force behind it blew up dust and sand into the air, leaving a faint clear trail. He was both surprised and satisfied by the result, thus he went to execute a punch with the same amount of effort. Taking a stance with his left leg forward with his right leg slightly bent, he rears his right arm beside him and kept his left arm leveled up to his shoulder. He thrusts his arm out, rotating his fist 180 degrees counter-clock-wise at the same time, forcing the air in front of him to jettison forward.


Suddenly, an urge overtakes him; his body began operating on intuition, displaying a variety of different kicks and punches with fluid motions and accuracy. He even put Trunks in awe from his masterful forms.


“He knows his stuff alright; with moves like those,” Trunks thought. “He must have been a martial artist before. Just like the others.”


The red hybrid finishes his new routine with a resounding stomp, sending a small shockwave through the ground. He expected to feel pain or fatigue from his rapid movements, and having done all that barefoot over jagged rocks; none of it was bothering him the slightest. Definitively, he knew he could fight if he wanted to, and the idea of winning and obtaining the answers he might find in Yuuko’s so-called message seemed more obtainable.


Out of the blue, however, he felt a thick membrane under his foot, and soon after all over his body. A somewhat transparent white flame encases him, blazing wildly, striking the air around him. He retained his composure and noticed the strange substance to be acting more tamed. When he agitated it for a moment by stressing himself just slightly, the white flame around him spiked strongly and uncontrollably. But just as before, he leveled it back down in no time. This new revelation caused him to evaluate his own state of mind; he was confident, powerful, full of life, and hungry to test himself – he made up his mind.


Trunks caught his stare, filled with the same confidence he had himself when he first tasted true strength.


“So much for warm-ups. Guess I got no choice.”


Without a second thought, he took up a fighting stance, knowing full well he wouldn’t be able to sway the red saiyan otherwise, not after seeing him discover how to harness his inner strength.


Erb initiated the battle by lunging forward, only to disappear for a split second, and then reappear right above Trunks, descending downward with a dropkick.


The human/saiyan hybrid swiftly leaped back, avoiding the blow entirely.


Erb pursued him before he could touch back down. He quickly reached him, lowers his body closer to the ground only to spring up with an uppercut. His opponent blocks with both arms crossed over his chest and roar out with a kick straight into his abdomen. Regardless, he rushes in again, ignoring the pain and hurdles a punch strong enough to even violently cause the air to vibrate around them.


This time, Trunks stop his blow with just his bare hand, keeping both himself and Erb locked in place. In that moment, they each gave an acknowledging grin to one another’s strength and resumed their sparring match in earnest.


They began exchanging earth-shattering blows, colliding one another’s limbs with no care, unknowingly shifting the landscape around them inch by inch each time their feet dug into the ground. In seconds, their little sparring match explodes into an all-out brawl within dust clouds dominated by the sound of thunderbolts relentlessly crashing against the sound barriers with as much ease as walking.



Canon Characters:

1)    Yuuko – xxholic

2)    Watanuki – xxholic

3)    Trunks Brief(Future Trunks) – Dragon Ball z


OC characters:

1)    Erb


Note: I'm planning on revising the rest of the chapters so I'm going to have to remove them for now.

2: Ep 2 - Change and Memories Pt.2
Ep 2 - Change and Memories Pt.2

CrimZon Universe

Season 1 - Rebirth

Episode 2 – Change and Memories Pt.2



Yuuko’s Shop…


Alone in the room where Erb and Trunks last stood, Yuuko happily enjoyed sipping her cup of tea alongside munching on table snacks left behind by Watanuki shortly before - rice cookies – and was equally enjoying the earth-shattering bout within her crystal ball without a care in the world. To her, it was like watching a boxing match, but dramatically more entertaining and watching each blow for blow sent shivers down her spine. She was even beginning to cheer them on, though she never stuck to one opposition.


Yuuko expected Erb to have difficulty keeping up with a spry fighter such as Trunks due to his year-long absence. Yet, judging from the flow of the battle, the new awakened fighter was pushing him back – on the offensive.


“He’s faring better than I imagined,” she commented.


“Who is?”


The voice of an infant boy pulled her away from the glass ball and by the doorway, she greets her guest. “Welcome back Bulb. I was afraid you’d run off again.”


Bulb, the little green being whom Erb briefly meet previously, stands on his hind leg, imitating as a human, but then walks towards Yuuko on all fours.


“Cut me some slack. That kid just caught me by surprise.”


“So, you running around screaming like you’d seen a ghost, is being surprised?” She lets out a sudden short chuckle in response. “I can’t imagine how you act under duress.”


The sight of her small grins drawn the slanted eyes of her little friend. “Wouldn’t you have screamed if you walked into a room, expecting a comatose patient but instead, a wide-awake 6 feet tall red dude!?”




“Sure.” Bulb frowned out of suspicion of her distrust. “At least him being awake now saves me the trouble of fixing his bed sheet. Now my schedule is more open. Meaning more time to mingle with the ladies.”


“Even though you look like that,” She thought with slant eyes.


“Oh, who am I kidding. This world is BORING! Like come on, how can there be so many plain looking folks. I still don’t get why you choose to set up shop here. I know at least a dozen planets better than this one; even those artificial space colonies are livelier…no, wait, nevermind, you’d have a bigger chance of finding yourself raided by space pirates, or even worse, meeting those two mouths, acid bleeding superbugs – ew! Did you know I almost became a host to those things? I saw one come out of a man’s stomach – thank god it wasn’t a woman or else I might have -”


Yuuko was no longer enjoying her free time no thanks to Bulb’s constant ranting. “I don’t believe I need to hear any more of that.”


“Oh yeah hehe.” Sadly, he didn’t stop, and Yuuko calmly face-palms herself over his next sentences.


“But seriously though, he’s suddenly up on his feet! Didn’t you say he’s been sleeping in that room for what…a year? By the way where is-“


His sights are then glued onto the orb after spotting Erb fighting in a brutal matchup. Drawing a blank face, he turns his face to Yuuko. “Is he-“


“He is fighting.” She answered before he could get the chance to finish.


He looks back at the orb for a short while and then faces her again. “…why is he-“


And she does it again. “Because of this.”


“Is it-“


“It is safe.”


“Ahuh…” After seeing him dodge and weave around as if he was a seasoned warrior, Bulb remarks, “Well uh….he can sure move.”


“My thoughts exactly.”


“So where are they? I doubt there in the next block over.”


“In here of course.” She points at the orb lying in front of them and Bulb only battered his eyes once.


“Oh...wait what?” Imagining the tall young men fighting in such a confined space - a space that’s about as big as his own entire body – made himself feel taller in comparison. Though, as to how they became so small intrigued him even more. “How’d you manage that?”


“A pinch of magic here and there…and some help with this.” Yuuko points down at the orb. “My very own pocket dimension – separated from our space and time; small enough to fit the palm of…well, my hand.”


Bulbs stare at his own tiny paws, making a note to her sudden pause. “Neat.”


“Quite so.”


The two quietly look towards the ball with the images panning in and out in order to follow the two boys. “Who’s winning anyway?” Bulb asked


“Hard to say. I just sent them in seconds ago so it’ll be a while until either of them show signs of fatigue.”


“Seconds? They look like they’ve been fighting for hours!”


“Time perceives differently inside the separate space. Normally you wouldn’t be able to see them at all with your eyes. But this orb allows us to witness them as though they were fighting at normal speed.”


“Neat!” Bulb brought up both of his arms with one of his fingers up, making a thumbs-up sign. His adorable response to her mind-blowing mystical item caused her to crack up a small chuckle over his adorable response.


Then, within the orb they watched Erb leap out of a cloud of dust and smoke, appearing exhausted and battered. “That red kid is feisty,” Bulb noted.


“You’re right about that. But he’s starting to lose steam,” Yuuko agreed. “He doesn’t know it but he’s being lead into a battle of attrition – his current conditions would be an advantage for the other Saiyan.”





Inside the crystal ball, the atmosphere of the red-brown wasteland was under siege from devastating shockwaves and meteoric impacts, all of which came from 2 warriors simply throwing normal punches and kicks.


During combat, Erb had quickly grown accustomed to matching up with Trunks in terms of speed and strength, but most of his offensive tactics proved fruitless from observing his opponent’s evasive skills. Each kick he lashed out, each punch he throws, his purple hair opponent anticipated them all with high precision, countering him with either his own or a throwing him over his shoulder, putting distance between themselves.


But Trunks suddenly rushes him. Erb throws a straight jab. He missed and got his arm trapped by one of Trunks’s own maneuvers, and then gets himself thrown over once more. He tumbles over, recovers back onto his feet but Trunks quickly deals an elbow strike to the center of his chest and then a back-fist strike to his face.


Trunks thrust his fist into Erb’s abdomen, making him gasp out all the air in his lungs and then kicks him into the air. At breakneck speed, he leaps past the red Saiyan in the air but stops himself with a hammer strike aim to send him straight down.


Erb detected his miraculous mid-air maneuver and he couldn’t dodge. But his body reacts before he could think. Just before Trunks could throw his fists down, he veers around him and connects a kick on his backside. The resulting blow sent him downward, and with some space to think, he grasped what he had just done.


“How did…how am I….?”


The sensation of his own body moving before he could think and feeling almost weightless unsettled him enough to make him stop moving entirely. However, like his discovery of his own inner energy, his body was extraordinarily relaxed. The beating of his chest pulsating his blood evenly throughout his body only wavered for a second. This left even more questions about himself; questions he may be able to answer once he retrieves the scroll from Yuuko.


On the ground, Trunks dust himself off and hops to his feet, but was much at a loss as his red friend.


“He can fly!? No one told me that...what am I thinking, of course, he could fly. He probably forgot that he could.”


Despite that, the child-like look Erb was expressing over his own gift led Trunks fully understood the boy’s muscle memories were awakening little by little as their fight continues.


“It’s amazing how quickly his body his getting used to combat; though he fights like some street thug, his speed, strength, endurance, and durability are something to envy.”


Their little spar reminded him of his time training with his own master when he was younger and could see a bit of his old self, reflect off his new comrade. But he also recalls the hardships of his own endeavors. The death of his friends and master, his travels across time, his victory over a space tyrant, and his life-threatening battles against androids who were as strong as he was. Each encounter built him up to who he was today, and he couldn’t have asked for a better outcome because now he could help someone who was also out of place with time. He had never met him a year prior to now, but he knew well enough of the ordeals he went through to be similar, if not, even greater than himself - if Yuuko was entirely truthful.


“If he continues to revive his powers at this rate, he might force me to transform. I think it’ll be better if I end this know before that could happen.”


Taking advantage of Erb’s absent mind Trunks spoke out. “It feels great doesn’t it!?”


He looks down at him perplexingly after being unable to catch his question. “Huh?”


“Flying I mean. It feels great flying in the air?”


“I guess.” Erb replied, “But strangely enough it feels more…liberating, for some reason.”


His voice sparked Trunks to take note of his current behavior. When they first started fighting he perceived the dragon hybrid to be more rash and bold from his full-on assault; but after some time, he was becoming less impulsive and resigning himself from any further risks.


Without any indications, Trunks ignited himself with the transparent white flame representing his aura, and rockets up to the dragon boy with a flurry of preemptive combos. He caught him off guard, quickly setting him on the defensive and could return the favor by sending him flying to the ground.


On his back, Erb begins to roll away hastily to avoid Trunks incoming foot stomp. He rolls away from his repeated attacks, and eventually got up to his feet.


Trunks hopped slightly higher with his feet dropping down and collides the bottom of his boot against the red Saiyan’s uppercut.


They both withstood each other’s attack but they swiftly retreated from one another, positioning themselves on opposite sides of the crater they just formed. Again, they rush in, leaving behind afterimages of themselves, all leading towards the sight of a large plateau.


Midway, Erb could recognize his attack patterns more easily and taught himself where to block, what to block with, and when to do it, all in one. In no time, he was automatically countering and dodging with little effort, getting used to his body moving on its own though only for seconds at a time. He throws a normal swift jab at Trunks’s face but this time, just before Trunks tries to dodge he instead pulls his attack back - a feint. Following through, he hurdles a blow as fast as he could, sacrificing power for speed. He connects, stuns his opponent for only a split second, giving himself enough time to land another, and another, and then several more until he lost count but felt he could go faster, push beyond his limit.


Shortly after, afterimages of his arms proceeded to bombard the Trunks relentlessly. At last, he reeled in one last punch with a much-added force applied to it and struck a finishing blow, pulverizing a large part of the rising plateau into crumbling boulders. He backs off, takes the time to control his breathing rhythm to keep himself calm. However, his fatigue finally catches up to him from the way he was taking longer and heavier breaths. When he pulls his arms closer to his chest as though his lungs might pop, he felt something tangled around him. He tore it off and saw the letter “C”.


Out of nowhere, the smokescreen gushes past him and golden strands of flames burst forth, revealing Trunks with a new appearance. His hair was as unruly as Erb’s, but instead of purple, they were solid gold. Even his eye and skin color changed, the first becoming emerald green and the latter to be pale gold. Empowered, he speeds forward and arrives at the dragon hybrid’s left side and rockets him into a somersault-like roll from a single arm swipe, over the brown terrain. Eventually, he lands on his side and Trunks stops to observe whether he would get back up like before. But this time he remained motionless.


“Damn…so much for that idea…” Trunks halt the outpour of his ki with but a single exhale and he reverts to his base state. “…I hope I didn’t overdo it.”


He could sense the young demi-humans life force to be active, yet using so much power and force against a rehabilitating individual in what was supposed to be a sparring match as Yuuko stated, was the definition of going overboard.


“He’ll probably walk it off…maybe.”


The Saiyan looks up in search of the floating and mirror, and when he locates it he shouts out, “Miss Yuuko we’re done!”




Yuuko’s Shop…


With the match over with, Yuuko heard Trunks request and brought them out and back to the room where his friend remained unconscious. That was short lived after a quick remedy done by Trunks. Sitting his red friend upright and holding onto his shoulders, the Saiyan hybrid then pulls his body back against his knee, snapping all the bones in his spine into alignment and causing the poor boy to let out a quick yelp.




After a much-needed stretching, he finds himself back in Yuuko’s room. Erb was still jogging his memory over what he last saw – the sight of Trunks and his golden form was the most recent scene.


“So how do you feel?” Yuuko asked. She sat behind him so he turns and faces her.


“Like an anvil hit my head.” He replied, rubbing his bruised cheek.


“Terrific!” She joked.


He didn’t take her sarcasm kindly. “I’m glad that amuses you.”


Still, with the sparring now done, depression begins to set in Erb’s mind. “So, I guess I lost huh?”


“Yes, you did.” She said so while puffing out a smoke from her pipe. “But here!”


She tosses the scroll to him, making him juggle it around for a second until he firmly had it in his hands and was baffled. “Wait wait wait wait what!?”


“That scroll was always meant for you to read.”


“What!?” Both boys said rather loudly.


“What’s there to get.”


“But What made you change your mind?” Trunks asked.


“I didn’t. I lied! Plus, I needed to see for myself how capable he was.”


The two Saiyans narrowed their eyebrows and once more shouted, “WHAT!?”


Her laughter and the cunning smile left the boys frustrated over nothing and she could sense their agitation rising from their intense glare. “Oh, come now, don’t be such sourpusses. My intentions were pure.”


“Enlighten us!” Erb urged her. “What part of your…elaborate intentions, was pure?”


“I would tell you, but wouldn’t you like to see what the message holds first, rather than try and scold me for a harmless lie?”


“Harmless….” Trunks thought.


Nonetheless, Erb, grumbling for a few seconds, takes her advice. “…you make a good point.”


“Fantastic! Trunks and I will give you the room. Come now Trunks.” Yuuko puts down her smoke pipe and walks out of the room with Trunks who was still willing to find some sort of punishment for her.


After they left, Erb stares at the scroll once more, hesitant to examine its contents.


“I wonder what the other me wanted to say…to me.”


Eventually, he mustered the courage to open it, only to be met by blank pages as he rolls it further out. But before he could say a word or 2 behind Yuuko’s back, the scroll shines brightly, almost blinding him. After the light disappeared, he finds another mirror hovering over his face. On the reflection, he sees himself, but wearing a black and gray light armored outfit and with slightly shorter hair. He appeared almost the same as when he looked at himself earlier after awakening. However, he caught glimpse of grief in his eyes, as well as lightly dark bags under his eyes, as though he hadn’t slept for a long time; overall expression spelled despair. Contradictory to what he sees, he hears himself speaking casually, trying his best to hide his true feelings.


“Hey…uh…me. Umm so if you’re seeing this for the first time then...I suppose you don’t remember…anything…other than breathing and stuff. But of course, you wouldn’t remember. Why else would you be watching this message?”


Though his attempts at comedy were weak, the act lightened Erb’s hope for himself, knowing he was a bit of an oddball.


“Ok um, what to say? Guess I’ll start off with my…your name. First name: it’s Erb. I can’t disclose your last name for whatever reason – Yuuko told me not to. By the way, have you met her? Pretty pale lady with black hair? Well anyway, uh what else, what else? Sometimes I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to bugs – hate them with a passion. I’m also easy going, though if a guy suddenly walks up to me wanting a high five I do get defensive – I mean why do people do that? I’m a good judge of character, seeing as how most of the people I meet are either nice aliens, delinquents, gods, demons or just cute girls. Speaking of which you’re into girls - so there’s no confusion with your sex life. Hmm…wow there really isn’t much I can say?”


“I think I’m an idiot.” He told himself, disappointed by how much time he wasted so far with so little amount of new details.


“I suppose I’ll just say this also…when you see this message you’re probably going to be confused, scared even, and quite possibly hungry-”


“You forgot in pain,” Erb added, still sore from his spar.


“-But you faced worse…we faced worse…I know this is hard for you to understand and I get it, but don’t worry about your memories being take away; trust Yuuko – she is a friend…sort of. From what I’m told our memories will return to us in time after waking up – though they also said it might take a year or so, give or take a couple of months…weeks…days. Anyway, just don’t do crazy or life-threatening until then. You may be able to bust a planet or 2, but your powers are a double edge sword – if you’re not careful, you’ll hurt someone by accident.”


He knew full well what he meant with an agreeing nod.


“Which leads me to the most important thing about me; ahem, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you see someone in trouble whether it’s a friend or a stranger, and you feel like you can do something...JUST DO IT! Just do what you think is right. Even if that means losing a limb or something. Now I know this contradicted what I just said earlier – staying alive and such - but it’s what I…what you…are! You’re someone who has the power to bring change in others and show mercy and sympathy. You know what compassion is and what it feels to be helpless. So, trust me when I say this; you…are a good person at heart! So do some good.”


Hearing that much lifted Erb’s spirit to a point where the top of his chest felt lighter, as though the part that doubted who he thought he was, left his system. He was the hero of his own story, and he could sincerely go with that.


“Now some extra things to know about me…Ah, you like Twinkies! If you don’t know what Twinkies are then I suggest you to quickly google them….no wait that’s stupid you probably don’t even know what Google is. Ok moving on, you also like taking long walks, you know how to fight – martial arts and stuff –and you can use this red sword, which I don’t have on me to show you at the moment. But it looks cool!”


“Red sword?” Erb questioned himself, looking around the room for his weapon, only to look back in the mirror.


“Oh, and uh did I say you’re into chicks? Well if I didn’t, I’m going to say this again; you like girls! But you already have someone special waiting for you to come back alive and she’s literally one of a kind so don’t start acting like a playboy or get yourself a god damn harem.”


Erb noticed his old self-was looking past the mirror and was beginning to end his message. “My time is almost up, but before that does, just know, without a doubt, you will get your memories back! And whenever you can, start training. I don’t know if Yuuko or anyone has told you yet, but we’re being hunted down by some group. I don’t know who, but they want us because of our abilities. And because of that - man you’re not gonna like this; I don’t even like this idea – Yuuko is going to send you on a journey – an adventure she put it – to avoid our pursuers until we’, are ready.”


“You were right; I don’t like it.” he annoyingly judged.


Then, he was talking more confidently as he continued. “With that said, you won’t be able to get home anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always be on the run. The point of this journey is to get yourself stronger; both mentally and physically. You’ll be going to other worlds too, so that’s cool. I’ve done this before, myself, though it was by accident. I don’t know exactly how you’re going to get from world to world. But Yuuko said she has a way. So, again, trust her. My time is almost up, so…just be careful. And do what you think is right – help others. By the way, if you think this is some fabricated message to fool you, don’t! It’s 100% real!...What am I saying, if your still me after all of this then you’re probably gonna be paranoid as hell and me saying that wouldn’t have helped...sigh.”


A few seconds passed, and just like the last spark of ember from a candle dying out, the message concluded.


“Good luck, me.”


The mirror crumbles away into dissolving glass, leaving nothing behind as evidence.


Still, the young man was satisfied thanks to one important information he noted. Despite having learned only about who he was and not where he was born or what he did prior, he was beginning to like the idea of having his memories gone because he felt everything he told him was something he already knew. And to his delight, that thought alone was comforting.


“Least I know now I’m in safe hands - for the time being. And somehow, I feel like everything he said, is still a part of me, even the paranoia. Still, I’d wish he tell me more. He doesn’t explain why they, or Yuuko, or whoever, decided to give me amnesia. Wonder if Yuuko would tell me if I asked? She did lie about the scroll thing – maybe she will.”


“I doubt she would.”


He looks for the origin of the foreign voice and to his astonishment it was the same little toad he met before, sitting on its bottom, holding a bag of rice crackers that was about the same size as its entire body.


“Oh…hi.” He greeted him.


“Back at ya.” Bulb takes a bit of the rice cracker creating a loud crunch in his mouth. “It’s her policy to always stick to her contracts to the letter, so if she says no, she means it. The whole scroll thing, however, that was an exception because she was bored – her words, not mine.”


An awkward silence looms over their heads seeing as how Erb hadn’t noticed his presence earlier. “That’s…good to long have you been sitting there.”


“Since you came back…oh, and by the way, you owe me a bag of vanilla wafers!”




“Because I bet a bag of wafers on you against underwear dude.”


“Underwear?” His mind suddenly shifts between different types of underwear until he finally comes across a familiar name. “You mean Trunks?”


“Who did you think?!” He bitterly ate another one of the rice crackers with a remark. “I was planning on eating those wafers later too. But nooo, you just had to lose! Way to go loser!”


“…For a little fella who I just met, you’re rude.”


“And for an oversized chameleon with guns as big as my entire body, you lost.”


Any further arguing with the strange toad would only spell disaster on his pride. “…So who are you anyway?”


Bulb finished chewing the last of his crackers and replied. “The names Bulb. Nice to finally see ya…Erb.”


“Ah huh. Likewise,…I think.”


The sound of footsteps soon grew louder behind the door and barging out was Yuuko. “Bulb? There you are. I almost forgot about you.”


“Now that’s rude!” Bulb emphasized, reusing Erb’s remark. He stands on his two legs and slowly walks out the door, leaving Yuuko with Erb.


“So Erb have you finished seeing the message?”


“Yeah, I’m done.”


“And what are your thoughts?”


He has several paths to choose from; remain at his impasse forever, try to find his way back to wherever he came from and face this mysterious enemy head-on, or have faith in his own words and take the opportunity to prepare himself.


If he takes the first, he might remain the same and won’t get the chance to get back his old life. The second would most likely lead to his doom – not the preferable route. But the third will give him all he needs though not immediately.


Staying silent for a good few seconds gave him enough time to come up with an answer he would not regret.


“I’m going on a journey, right? Then I got a lot of catching up to do.”


Yuuko smiles in response, knowing beforehand he would choose the correct option. “That’s good. But before you do, dinner is prepared. You must be famished after all you did.”


Coincidentally, Erb’s stomach growled, filling the room with the idea of food to be the perfect remedy for him now. “That would be great.”




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OC characters:

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3: Ep 3 - Departure
Ep 3 - Departure

CrimZon Universe (Re)

Season 1 - Rebirth

Episode 3 – Departure


Yuuko’s shop, dining room(Half an Hour later)...


In the dimly lit dining room, Erb viciously devours every scrap of meat, wheat, and vegetable from every single plate, caring little for his proper etiquettes over the dinner table.


Yuuko and everyone else watched him in awe and disgust.


Bulb shields his meal for fear of it disappearing in an instant, while Trunks slightly lets his mouth hang open – Erb’s eating habits match that with someone he knew quite well. Watanuki is still preparing more dishes but was having a difficult time trying to keep up with his guest’s appetite.


Fortunately, after eating one last bowl of stacked up rice, the dragon boy finally felt content and lets out a satisfying sigh with a good soft slap to his belly, indicating his approval of his first meal for a long time.


Yuuko gets to say her mind. “Remind me to never starve and feed you ever again.”


Displaying no manners on the dinner table whatsoever, he let out a burp with a question following soon after. “Why’s that?”


“Because you just finished all of our rice, and you’re a slob!”


Erb burps again and replied, “Yeah from what I can recall, sleeping for a year and then waking up to fight someone tends to do that to a person.”


“But did you have to eat EVERYTHING!” yelled Bulb in a raging squeaking manner. “I met beings bigger than you, but they don’t eat as much!”


“I agree.” Watanuki gulped. “I’ve never seen anyone just chow down a full course meal…and not get fat!”


But Trunks interjects, “It’s a Saiyan thing,” and ate the remainder of his rice bowl.


“Well for the sake of our finances, I hope we don’t get another.” Watanuki gives a dissatisfying glare at the plates which once held his culinary delights - luckily, he had little to clean since there wasn’t even a single crumb or stain on any of them.


Now, feeling full and somewhat drowsy, Erb brought up a different topic. “I’ll be full for the next day or so; what time is it?”


Bulb rudely answers him, “It’s 8 at night fatty.”


“Thanks for the update.” He mumbled. “8 huh. As weird as this sounds, is there somewhere I can sleep off my food coma?”


“You shouldn’t go to sleep after eating!” Bulb teased but then retracts his statement. “Actually, don’t sleep! You slept enough!”


“Watanuki already prepared a room for you down the hall,” Yuuko mentioned. “Watanuki will you lead him?”


However, the Asian boy is discouraged by the additional chores. “But I’m washing dishes; can’t you do it?”


“I don’t wanna!”


Trunks soon intervened. “How about I clean them up for you?”


“Really?”  He exclaimed. “Thanks a lot!”


“No problem.” Trunks immediately went to work whereas the house servant did as he was told and led Erb to his temporary room, leaving the rest in the dining room.


After they were gone, Yuuko aims a question to Trunks. “So what do you think of him?”


Applying soup to one dish and then scrubbing it with a wet sponge, Trunks responds in an inquisitive manner. “He’s strong I’ll give him that much. His power level is definitely higher than most fighters I know.”


Taking out her smoke pipe once again, the witch opens up a door behind her which led outside and takes a long whiff. After exhaling, she brings up another query. “How about his character? His attitude? Do you think he’s up to travel in his current condition?”


Putting away one dish and then taking another, Trunks’s tone becomes darker. “To be honest. I don’t think he should even be traveling at all. I mean, he doesn’t seem all that stable; sure there were moments in our fight where I suppose he was focus and level-headed. But at the end he let his body’s instinct take over without any hesitation. He’s….”


“Bold?” Yuuko finished his sentence off.




“You’re not wrong there. For a moment I thought he might ascend to what you would call Super Saiyan-”


“He can!?” The mere mentioning of the legendary Saiyan transformation caused Trunks to crack a plate out of surprise over the news. “Oh…sorry.”


“No need to worry. I have several more of those in storage.”


“Ok.” He quickly gathers the broken pieces and throws them away in a nearby trash bin. “But are you serious? He can become a Super Saiyan?”


“Would I ever lie?”


“You did earlier.”


“Oh that was a one-time thing and that isn’t the point. You did well in stopping him before he ever realized he can transform. If he did then he might have even gone higher to the next level if push comes to shove.”


“Next level?” Trunks gasp in shock.


Trunks once believed the next level of a Super Saiyan was said to have been almost impossible to achieve but was proven wrong by the uproar of a single little boy, filled with rage and anguish over the loss of a friend. Super Saiyan 2; memories of that event took Trunks back to when he witnessed the amazing power for the first time, reliving the nostalgia of the android’s defeat by his would-be master.


“That guy is full of surprises.”


Yuuko continued on while her young friend was in thought. “That tacky name you and your friends came up with. Super Saiyan 2, correct? Well, Erb can certainly achieve it.”


She then remembers something else. “By the way, who was the one you knew to have achieved that level?”


“…his name is Gohan. I haven’t seen him for around 2 years, but from what you told me it must have been 7 years since I left. He must be a high schooler by now.”


After finishing the last of the dishes, Trunks continues with a hint of optimism. “Back then he was the strongest fighter I knew. He was stronger than even his own father. I haven’t ascended yet, but perhaps one day…I can also reach that frontier.”


Images begin to flash in his head of his world, his Earth, being torn apart by beings he couldn’t see, powers he didn’t understand nor believe to even be possessed by mortal men. “If it wasn’t for your intervention back then, I wouldn’t be standing here now, living and breathing.”


Hearing her exhale out rings of smoke was more of a response he could get from her, and a little part of him was glad she didn’t say anything. “I must get stronger, for the sake of saving the future – once more.”




Yuuko’s shop, hallway…


As Erb follows Watanuki back to the room of his new origin, he ponders on how the boy in front of him was ever employed by Yuuko, since each time he had seen them together, they would always butt heads over small chore. Seeing him discouraged yet compliant to her demands would have made Erb want to quit the job at a moment’s notice.


“Wata…nuki right?”


Yeah.” He turned back and answered


“I take it you and Yuuko don’t get along well?”


He lets out a laugh with a small smirk on his face. “That obvious huh? Well, it’s been that way since we first met. I hate working here and I hate her! She acts so high and mighty sometimes with her cryptic messages that it annoys me to the point of….oh I don’t know.”


“And yet you’re still here?”


Sigh, yeah, pretty much.”


His exasperating behavior left Erb to further wonder why he hadn’t left yet. “Why don’t you quit? There are probably better gigs out there than this.”


The boy carried on with gusto and at the same time, tried to make a point to his claim. “That’s the problem I can’t! I am, literally tied to this place no thanks to Yuuko’s interference. I never asked to be here in the first place either. That woman just plucks me out of the street and automatically put me to work with no benefits – I don’t even get paid for this. I’m basically her man servant….NO! MAN SLAVE!”


“Wait a second? She plucked you out of the streets?” Erb then rephrased the sentence in bewilderment. “She kidnapped you!?”


“More like the shop did. Don’t ask me why and how, because all I know is it has to do with my destiny or fate or whatever cosmic or fantasy logic.”


Watanuki slouches his head forward in a depressing manner, leaving the Saiyan to pity his situation – he was worse off than himself.


Suddenly, from the corners of a desk in the hallway, black furry object sprints out before Erb could react, and latches itself onto Watanuki’s face. He struggles to rid of it while Erb just watches, unable to help from the shock.


In a few quick twists and turns, the schoolboy freed himself of it but knew the furball well enough to call it by its first name. “Mokona! What was that for!?”


Shaped like an egg but covered in black fur with a pair of rabbit ears on top, the little critter happily grins over suffocating Watanuki and begins hopping away cheerfully.


“GET BACK HERE!” Watanuki quickly bid his red guest a few last words before doing after the creature.


“You’re room's down the hall to the left! There are also some spare blankets for you in the closet and some of your clothing is also in there!”


Watanuki runs off and Erb takes his instructions which he didn’t really need – he already knew where the room was.


He arrives back in no time, only to find the flatbed and blanket absent. To his left, there was a closet and he suspected they were in there. He approaches it, opens the doors, and sees them folded up neatly, courtesy of Watanuki. But beside them lay a pair of clothing – one matching with what he had on, fresh and clean, whereas the other was something he had seen before. He unfolds and places them on the floor, spreading them out completely. He recognizes the outfit to be what his other-self had worn from the recording. The outfit was a dark gray combat armor attached with a cloak extending down from the back side.


“It looks cool,” Erb commented, placing a hand over his chin. “But does it still fit me?”


He then looks at himself, realizing that all he had on were his torn and dirt-stained pants and t-shirt. “If anything, I’ll have someone refit it for me. And it’s better than what I got on. Which reminds me, I’d better take a bath first; I stink!”


Then his own words made him murmur, “I seem to know how to maintain my hygiene too.”


Firstly, he folds up the outfit the way he found it, puts them back and takes out his bed and blanket, placing them neatly on the floor, smoothing them out to erase any wrinkles. Then he walks back out with the extra pair of white pants and shirt in search of the bathroom.


He ends up quickly dowsing himself in a warm shower, washed from head to toe, and in no time, returned to his bed. Lying on the floor, he stares up at the ceiling and reminisces everything he had learned as a mental monologue.


“So I’m half Saiyan and dragon, huh…and that other guy was a half Saiyan too but half human.”


What stuck with him the most from that part of the discussion was the dragon bit and how it relates to him almost being captured.


“I can’t be the only person to have those traits? Am I? I wish I knew more about this group! Then maybe I’ll have an easier time getting ready when I decide to fight them.”


Finally, he decides to sleep it all off. Maybe I’ll have a better picture after a good night’s rest. He immediately shoves them away and roughly lies on his side, taking steady long breaths until he manages to shorten them to enter a dream-like state.


But before he felt the weight of his body become more weightless, a gentle warm presence brushes over his arm, as if someone invisible was breathing next to him.


He instinctively looks over his shoulder, believing someone was sleeping next to him. To his dismay, there was no one.


Waving his arms for a good few seconds, he concluded there was nothing. Upon that realization the presence disappears, setting him in an even more flustered state no thanks to his own delusion.


His distress over the issue translates over into his dreams, turning it into a nightmare.


Closing his eyes to rest his mind only for a moment, he opens them up to be welcomed by a new but grim environment, consisting of a war-torn battlefield, with skyscrapers in the far background, cropped up as tombstones of a long-forgotten civilization.


Under his feet was the hard-smooth surface of glassed soil, and around him were piles of burning corpses and blood splattered webbed roads leading to nowhere. Next, black shadows spread right beneath him, forming a lake big enough to envelop everything under, except for himself. Then, several figures sprout out, surrounding him; one is a girl but with pink hair; another girl with blonde hair; then a man with short spiky hair, and many such others coming out one after the other.


They were all facing away from him, stand as mannequins from his view; each and every one of them motionless. He attempts to look around them, see who they were, but the blackness under his feet had kept him in place, immobile and frightened. All of a sudden, one last figure swims up and was much closer to him compared to the rest.  It was another girl but with short blue hair, wearing an elegant light blue gown.


He takes one step towards her, drawn in by her mysterious presence, feeling a sense of longing towards her, as though it was a piece of himself – his memory perhaps. But he stayed immobile, unable to reach her. Then, he looks down to his feet only to watch himself sinking into the ground. Short after, everything around him starts to crumble and deteriorate. The buildings tore themselves down one at a time, and the figures melt away in a gory pool of melted flesh and blood – their skins peeling off, and bones turning into ash.


Now, he was at the mercy of his own nightmare as he started to scream in terror, powerless to do anything. His body is soon dragged down to the ground, causing him to struggle desperately. Just before his head would sink with him he spots the blue hair girl turn around but couldn’t make out her face; just the movements of her lips trying to form words but nothing came out. And then darkness.




The dragon boy sat up abruptly on his bed, gasping for air with his own sweat cooling his shaken fortitude. The room was dark and empty only to be illuminated swiftly by a single flip of a switch, easing his fear of the unknown darkness.


“It was all a dream.” He repeated to himself. “Oh thank god. But…what was that all about?”


The experience had a measure of clarity that almost made it as real as when he was awake. But now, as he struggles to remember the sequence of events in his head, he could only remember the buildings and destruction, but not the figures - they were obscured, no noticeable clues.


“I need to clear my head.”


He exits out to find a drink of water for himself, hoping it would do him some good. Though the dark hallway didn’t help, he pushes on for the kitchen.


As he steps inside the vacant room, he spots a clock reading a time either telling him it was 15 minutes past midnight, or it was simply 3 in the morning – it was too dark for him to tell. He didn’t pay much mind to it and retrieves a cup of water instead.


As he made his way back though, he stops by dimly lit up doorway, slightly cracked open. Looking through the tight space, he spots Yuuko reading a book covered in a black leather cover while taking a spoon full of what looks to be a piece of fudge from a cake on her table. Her intense glare into its contents made him assume it was something important.


“Peeking is bad.”


The union of two voices creeping up behind him made the poor red boy shift around and encounter two little girls who appear to have come straight out of a horror flick – one with light pink short hair with two buns on the side of her head, and another with long blue hair tied into ponytails. The darkness obscuring their presence but the light from the door illuminating their pale lifeless faces made him let out a terrifying yell and broke open the door on his way through. He lands on his rear and was once again hyperventilating his fear out but this time from a jump scare. He soon hears Yuuko nonchalantly speaking to them.


“Maru, Moro! You two shouldn’t be up at this hour. Go to sleep.”


The two girls let out yawns while complying with her and left, leaving only a confused young man sitting uncomfortably on the floor with his back faced towards his caretaker.


Yuuko focuses his attention on him. “As for you now…were you trying to take a quick peek at me?”


His tension gradually goes down upon hearing her words but was too embarrassed by her accusation to even make a comeback. His silence only fueled her perversion and her innocent act.


“Oh, my I didn’t know you were the daring type!”


Her jokes not only flipped the mood of the atmosphere around them but also Erb’s attitude from fearful to flat-out upset. “WHY WOULD I WANT TO PEEK AT YOU!?”


“Don’t lie to yourself, I know boys at your age have a hard time containing themselves to a woman of my stature.”




“Boys will be boys hahaha!” Her laughter was beginning to annoy him and he wanted to change the subject quickly before things got out of hand. The book in her hands might prove to be his solution.


“How about you explain what that book you were reading was!? You seemed oddly engrossed with it.”


She pauses for a second and sheds a smile. “Something very important. Would you like to read it?”


Her sudden request left him mute to reply but he takes it off her hands regardless. He opens to the first page only to find it blank. “What is this!? There’s nothing written in here!”


Suddenly, he turns his tone from confusion to suspicion. “Don’t tell me this thing is also gonna turn into a mirror too?”


“Nope. Not this one.” She admitted, “And of course, there isn’t anything written. Not yet anyway.”


“Well, what is it supposed to be? I doubt you were just staring at these pages hoping to write a Pulitzer-winning novel or something…wait, what did I just say?”


Watching him ignore himself over a foreign comment allowed Yuuko to gain the upper hand in the questioning. “Do you remember what I said before regarding what I do for a living?”


“You’re a wish maker if I’m not mistaken.”


“A crude thing to say. But I can’t say you’re wrong either. Do you wish to know what one of your payments was?”


“Yes!” He answered in an instant. “Please! Tell me!”


“Alright then. Follow me outside.”


He follows her once again, this time he was lead outside in front of a small front lawn. There he could see the night starless sky and the shop to be just a 2-story home crowded with tall modern buildings.


Yuuko begins to reveal the one truth he had been waiting for. “Truthfully, back then, I didn’t know what payment would suffice for taking away your memories. They were the most important thing you valued the most. So, with that gone, I was left with a stump. For the past year, I was figuring out what suitable price would fit with your loss. That was…until today.”


Her eyes veer to the book in his hand and he knew. “….the book?”


“One of the prices is allowing me to record your story.”


“My story?”


“I wasn’t being generous when I said you have a special gift. In fact, I should say you have an extraordinary one; something anyone would kill for. That’s why you were being hunted down and why you need to grow. As I said, you are too weak to fully utilize your gifts; but in due time you will be able to wield it.”


“How do you know for certain that I will?”


“Because the souls inside you said so. They have confidence in you – well, one of them; the other is a bit of a grouch. And I believe you yourself knew it too.”


Knowing someone or something who he hasn’t met yet, believes in his ability did feel refreshing, but the one mystery he couldn’t wrap his head around from their decision on his life comes out in the open.


“I don’t understand? Why erase who I was before?”


Yuuko took a long pause as she looks up to the sky, appearing as though she was finally about to give him the hint he needed to come to terms with himself.


“To put it in layman’s terms, holding on to one's memories can be a double-edged blade; cherishing them is one thing – to retain whatever detail you had on a certain someone or something – but being fearful of them is entirely different matter. Say you experienced something traumatic and you cannot move on with your life because of the experience terrifies you. There are two ways to go about it; one, simply embrace that fact, or two, forget it. Simple. Now any sensible individual would perform the initial, but sometimes the latter is the best choice. The entities inside you have been with you since the day you were born, so they knew full well, you wouldn’t have been able to live with yourself if you retained your memories; because it would hinder your growth. But without that hindrance, you will probably reach the peak of your strength much faster than ever before. Of course, that all depends on your resolve.”


After her long-winded lecture, she takes a breather and starts over. “When you’re fully recovered, I will be sending you to another place where you might find comrades to assist you in your journey. After that, you are on your own.”


“I thought you said weren’t a charity?”


“This isn’t a charity – I said you ‘might’ find some help.”


“Whatever you say.” For once, Erb made a joke and made himself giggle, “I’m getting the hang of being sarcastic.”


“You’re still a long way from being a comedian,” she remarked.


“Yeah well, I’ll just add that to my to-do list. By the way, you said you were gonna teleport me; how does that work?”


“You’ll just have to see for yourself when I think you’re ready to leave.”


“Will it cost me anything?”


“You’re catching on quickly. But no, lucky for you, this one will be on the house.”


“I knew it, you are charitable.”


“Don’t push it.”


“Ok ok.”


Though cheery he may now be, the trauma from before still worries him, enough to warrant wanting advice from Yuuko. “I had a dream before…more of a nightmare actually.”


She gave her full attention to his plight, allowing him to continue.


“I was somewhere I’ve never been before, but it was horrible; it was the very definition of despair. And there were these people, coming out of nowhere and then just melted away. I’m still shaking from it.”


“People? Who exactly? Did you recognize them?”


“No. At first, I could but now…it’s all a fog.”


He looks to Yuuko for her answer but she was looking down and away from him, deep in thought. Eventually, she spoke to him. “I don’t have a concrete answer for you; something of that level of detail could mean any sort of things - usually spells of bad omens to come.”


“…Does it have to do with my past?”


“Perhaps; but honestly you are the only one who can make sense of it. So think long and hard – but not too long of course. Remember what I said earlier.”


Now that he thinks about it, pondering on it has brought nothing but grief for him, so for once, he’ll take her suggestion without question. “Yeah, your right. Ah whatever, it is what it is.”




“Now, about me going; can’t I just stay here and train a little longer? Do I really have to go so soon?”


“I had thought of that, but the longer you stay, the more likely your enemies will find this place.”


“Man, the more I hear about these guys the more annoying they sound.”


“You have no idea. Regardless, it’s best you recover as quickly as you can and go.”


“But what’ll stop them from finding me on other worlds?”


“Don’t fret about that. I’ve already prepared for you to continue traveling to different worlds without delay - they’re not the only ones with means to hide their trail. When the time comes, I will send you and Bulb to the first world and then send Trunks later to provide you your means. Thereafter the three of you will journey forward as planned.”


“Wait, Bulb and Trunks?” Trunks was one thing; he is a capable fighter and competent individual. But the rude little toad tagging along did not settle well with him since he has no idea who he really is. “Why are they coming along? Especially the little frog guy!?”


“As you might have already surmised, Trunks can hold his own in a fight and he has some experience when it comes to conducting himself in a foreign environment. As for the ‘little frog guy,’ he has knowledge of different cultures and even ancient civilizations which will prove vital to how you interact with different specifies – he’ll be your guide to say the least. Plus…I might have set a condition in a wish I granted him, where he must join you on your travels…and he might not know it yet.”


“…why!?” He asked hysterically. “Just why would you do that to him…and me!?”


She forced herself to smile in front of him but Erb knew she didn’t want to admit her mistake. “I thought he might make a great companion for you. You're both squirrelly and feisty – you’d make a great duo.”


Yuuko watched Erb crossed his arms with a dissatisfied look.


“Anyway, it’s late. How about we settle in and resume in the next…ohhh….12 hours!”


“Wouldn’t that mean you’ll wake up at 3 in the afternoon?...or 12 pm?” He remembered he didn’t have an exact idea of what time it was. “What time is it?”


“12 hours is still too little - I need my beauty sleep. But chop chop now! Tomorrow is going to be a big day for you!”


As she marches back inside like a child not knowing its bedtime, Erb slouches back out of her room, feeling both contents on what he was taught about himself, and burdened for whats to come.






Several days later….


For the next days, as Yuuko foretold, Erb began his rehabilitation with the help of Trunks acting as his sparring partner. He fought with him to better grasp his fighting abilities, and slowly he was getting stronger with each session – though, as of yet, he hasn’t been able to defeat Trunks.


Inside the crystal ball once more where they last fought, Erb, flies through a canyon in the gray combat armor with superior mobility from his first time, whereas Trunks in his super Saiyan form was right on his tail, firing off ki blasts non-stop. The volleys he threw held enough force and power to cause the cliff sides of the canyon to cave in and force Erb on the retreat.


After a few quick successions, one of the ki blasts impacts onto the red Saiyan, producing a smokescreen from the cliffside debris.


Above, Trunks waits for him to emerge, waiting to put him down. But instead, he meets Erb’s own barrage of energy balls, only to watch them all erupt prematurely. None of them came close to hitting him but they provided cover for their owner’s approach – and Trunks guessed as much.


“That trick won’t work!”


Trunks timed his counter perfectly to Erb’s kick from behind, grabbing hold of his leg and swung him around to later send him rocketing across the landscape.


“Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice-”


Gathering his ki into his hands and then extending his arms forward with his palms out, Trunks prepares to test just how powerful his opponent truly is. “-SHAME ON YOU!”


He fires off his signature move, Buster Cannon, which takes the form of a powerful golden energy beam, and it roars through the air and down to where Erb stands.


The dragon hybrid spots the inbound attack, but instead of dodging, he takes it head on, eager to test himself. He brings out his arms, intent on catching it, and upon the shock, he was pushed back. He struggles to position his legs further behind him while using his entire upper body to brace his posture. The scorching heat produced from the blast’s surface alone would have charred his skin off if his aura was not present to shield him. Unable to take the agony, he mustered whatever strength he had in hopes of rebounding it back at his opponent. But to no avail could he achieve such a task in time after he crashes against the side of a sand dune, pushing him further into the energy blast and soon, engulfs him.


He screams in pain as every pore in his body was being stung by thousands upon thousands of needles. But in return, a sensation of power overflows his mind, a need for strength drives him, and soon his instincts caused him to remember, what it felt like to break through his own limits.


His hair rose, his skin shines, and the light in his red eyes turn green, piercing through the golden vale around him. His inside burn as though melted metal was pouring into his stomach. His muscles were bulging uncontrollably and wildly, becoming extremely tense to the point of even causing greater torture. Goosebumps numbed his exterior momentarily but cracks of electricity through his nerves shock him to keep his eyes wide open. Unable to take the frustration any longer he lets out his rage and torment with a thundering battle cry, creating a shockwave so powerful everything around him has pushed away, including the Buster Cannon.


Trunks watch the blast from afar in awe and didn’t have time to flinch when his own attack flew right past him, detonating later over the horizon. He stares down at his friend, transformed. His hair, skin, and eye retain traits like his own; Erb was now a Super Saiyan.


“That’s it alright.” He muttered those words with the utmost astonishment. “No doubt about it. He finally achieved it.”


Still, what shocked him, even more, was the level of power he was exuding; the one comparison he could think of was when his young friend, Gohan, first achieved the newest form, Super Saiyan 2.


From thereafter, he had trained hard to one day bring himself to achieve the same feat. But in the 2 years he tried, not once has he been able to come close. Yet, his sparring partner, as a normal super saiyan, has already surpassed Trunks and even Gohan.


“She wasn’t kidding either, he is strong. Probably the strongest I’ve ever met. But it makes me shudder to think how powerful his enemies must be. I hope we don’t meet them on our journey soon.”


Meanwhile, Erb rapidly got used to the strains accompanied by his transformation, and as though he were a soda can shake to the point of the carbonated substance inside would overflow upon release, he naturally maintains himself and unconsciously regulated his energy output like tightening the faucet of an outpouring sink.


“This energy….it’s….tingly.”


As much as he loved the new power-up, the excess aura over his skin seems thicker than normal. Nevertheless, anywhere he directs it, his aura follows clearly.


But before he could do anything with it, Yuuko’s voice interrupts his train of thought. “Ok boys that’s enough for today!”


Out of the blue, both Erb and Trunks were enveloped by a hurricane and returned to the room where Yuuko was present. They both powered down to normal and lend their ears to Yuuko. “It seems you’re finally able to transform Erb…about time that happened.”


“Yeah, who knew?” Erb jested, aiming his sarcasm towards Trunks for his decision in aiming such a dangerous attack at him.


And he understood and nervously chuckles his way out of it. “Sorry about. I was caught in the moment.”


Erb accepts his apology and Yuuko could at last finish their deal fully. “Now that you managed to transform your strength will undoubtedly increase exponentially from more training – or fighting. So I think now is a perfect time, don’t you think Erb?”


“Clearly!” He boasted. “I feel like I can beat anyone now!”


“Don’t get over your head!” Yuuko snapped. With a flick of a finger onto Erb’s forehead, he falls back with a perplexed look.


“Thinking like that will cost you greatly in the upcoming battles you might face! And there are other forms of combat that can’t be solved using fists and sheer brute force alone! Take this seriously; there is more to winning a battle than having a much higher power level – there will come a time where having allies will benefit you greatly!”


“Ok MOM!” the red boy imitated. “I get your point.”


“Good! Now take a bath first! I’ll make some quick fixes with your gear so by the time you come out you should find them in the closet in peak condition. Also, eat this.”


From her pocket, she takes out a green bean and tosses it to Erb. He frantically catches it and inspects it curiously. “What is this?”


“A senzu bean?” Trunks exclaimed. "Where did you get that?”


“I have my own stash – they're quite useful.”


"So what's so good about it?" Erb wondered out loud, leading Trunks to explain.


“If you eat it, you’ll recover your strength and your wounds will heal. They're probably the best thing you could ever hope for in a quick recovery."


Hearing the bean’s benefits was more than enough for the dragon hybrid to take his chances and eat it. “Well, bon appétit!"


He chews it up and swallows it down with no problem. And immediately, the effects take place and his vitality improved immensely. “Now this is a superfood! I feel like a million bucks now!" he bubbled, "And I don't know what that means!"


While he was stretching his limbs with a new-found vigor, Yuuko's impatience starts to get the better of her. “Good, now hurry up and wash yourself Erb, and after you’re done, come meet us outside.”


“But, ain’t it raining right now?” he reminded her.


“That doesn’t matter! Now go!”


“Ok fine!”


Erb hastily went on with his chores without saying another word, and in a course of an hour, he stands before Yuuko outside, in the pouring rain, with Trunks standing beside her and Bulb holding a fit over the woman’s decision.




“For the hundredth time, you misread the contract. It stated that you are to take care of him…. indefinitely!”




“Well remember, it was either that or working for me for all eternity.”


With his eyes slanted and his mouth frowned upside down, he summarized his emotions to her in 3 words. “….I hate you!”


And she gave her retort with a delightful grin. “And I love you too!” She proceeds to pat his head as though he were a dog yet Bulb couldn’t help but feel his life was being led around by a leash with her hand on the other end of it.


His pouting look soon became what a puppy does after receiving no treats from its owner “Do I really have to go with him Yuuko?”


“Oh cheer up! Look on the bright side; you won’t be bored anymore, and you’ll get to meet different girls – prettier girls! I guarantee it!”


He then makes a hopeful smile and silently leaps up to Erb’s shoulder. The red Saiyan reluctantly allowed him to cling on, though he still wasn’t too happy about the arrangement.


“So Yuuko, what can I expect in the world I’m going?” Erb inquired.


“Don’t you mean we!?” Bulb interrupted.


“I don’t really know for sure, except there might be other humans residing on it. I can’t say they might treat you kindly, with the way you look. But who knows!”


As Erb contemplates on the infinite possible worlds he might land himself in, Bulb imagined the first reaction they would get from the natives would be a hand full of screaming and a mob of torches.


“There is something else that I want to give you Erb; Modoki, please bring his weapon.”


Erb and Bulb then sight the black rabbit Modoki hopping onto Yuuko’s hand and quickly jumps into the air, widening its mouth to a surprising degree. Modoki then spits out a long steel covered sheathed katana and it hovers down in front of the red saiyan, making him grab hold of it.


“This belongs to you; from your old life; it’s something of sentimental value.”


“Uh, sure…” Upon contact, he feels its weight to be quite heavy for its slender size. He examines the hilt of the sword with the utmost interest. “...but wow, this is mine!” He slowly slides the blade out and observes the bright red color iron within. He begins swinging it around, creating a swift and brief gale of wind around him.


“Can I see?” Trunks asked and Erb hands it over. He too begins swinging it around, taking notes of its balanced figure and its edge sharp, judging from how it sliced through the droplets of water with a clean precision. He then examines its sheath, discovers a cartridge slot and a trigger, both relating to the components of a gun. He gives the sword back and Erb fashions it back into its case neatly and swiftly as though he had performed this action many times.


“Fine sword is it not,” Yuuko chatted, also astonished by the blade’s craftsmanship. “To tell you the truth it seems much too good for someone like you to wield.”


“Thanks a lot!” said Erb depressingly.


As the rain continues to pour on without any sign of stopping, she was about to conclude their long-awaited farewell. “Now it’s about time I set you two off.”


Erb, recalling Yuuko having told him Trunks would be joining them later, says his goodbyes to his new time-traveling ally. "See ya later Trunks. Don't keep us waiting."


"It won't be long," he acknowledged with a nod.


Afterwards, he watches Yuuko raise her hand and chants inaudible words. Suddenly the ground beneath the two traveler’s feet warps, its space distorted, and in seconds rose up to gradually form a sphere around them. The sight was mesmerizing to Erb; it looked to be alive and if he were to be standing out of it, it would look as though he was being encased into an egg -  a dew maybe.


But before the process finished, Erb looks to Yuuko, with a face that spelled another question he wanted to get off his chest. Yuuko confronts him, “If you still have more questions then ask quickly?”


"Nope, not really! I just wanted to say… I’m grateful for what you did for me.”


This was something unexpected from him and of herself being wrong; Yuuko expressed her surprise with a small subtle gasp. “Oh!”


Erb mustered up his words with a soft smile. “I don’t know if it was by coincidence or some divine providence that made you want to help me. But…I want to thank you anyway.”


Yuuko then lets out a slight chuckle from the words “coincidence” and “divine providence” – she was a wise individual indeed but she believes more in destiny and fate than some God's will.


“There are no coincidences in life; only inevitability. Also, I am not the one who you should be thanking for all of this.”


Erb softly grins at her words. “I know. I just felt like saying it.”


In a flash, he and Bulb were sent off into the sky, disappearing in a mere instant.


Yuuko and Trunks look up just in time to spot rays of sunlight shining through the gray clouds, covering the path in which their allies set off to.


“Don’t be getting into trouble.”




Unknown location, forest area…


Sensing the time of their departure to have lasted only a momentarily, Erb and Bulb emerge out of the warped spatial encasing and into a forest area that was the very picture of a perfect spring season setting, with trees lush with green leaves and the sky colored in an orange and blue hue, indicating it was nearing sundown.


Erb watches his guide flips down and lands on his two hind legs in a gymnastics’ pose, with his arms, raised up in triumph.


“Welcome to a planet, that’s most likely thousands of light years away from where we were!”


“Good to know.” Erb then walks past his small friend and takes in a long whiff of the forest - damp yet calming.


"This is strangely soothing." Now more anxious and excited to explore, he then turns around and grabs Bulb by his bud – which he didn’t take so kindly.


“Hey! What’s the big idea!?”


“I just want a bird’s eye view of the area we’re in. Don’t you want to see too?”


“Oh…sure why not. Just don’t go flying off like a-“


Before he could finish his simile with the word “rocket,” Erb does just that, causing the frightful guide to yelp out in horror as his body was being dragged through the air current at extreme speeds. In seconds they were far above the tree line and Bulb both winded and upset to have his feet far from the ground.


“WHAT DID I SAY!?” He shouted at Erb.


“What!” The young man shrugged. From there new vantage point, they could quickly discern an ocean near the edge of the horizon from one side and what looks to be a large structure towering the trees directly opposite.


Abruptly, their moment of tranquility was interrupted by a large heavy explosion followed by a shockwave, almost causing Erb to lose his position in the air and making Bulb loosen his grip for a moment.


“The heck was that!?” Bulb barked.


Instinctively, Erb used his ability to track down energy signatures and in moments he found 3 distinctive presence not too far from where they were; two of them were almost at the same level as Watanuki’s, but the other was substantial greater. Still, what worried him the most was the murderous aura projected by the large power level, aimed at the fear induced individuals, both far too weak to pose any opposition.


"Ah man," He sighed.


Bulb took note of his behavior with great concern. "What's wrong?"


As his very being was screaming at him to go and intervene with haste Erb fully grasped the last words left behind by himself. And so, he gives in but first warns Bulb beforehand with a half-hearted response and a need to apologize right after.


"...I'm about to pick a fight with whoever made that explosion."




"Because it's in my nature to. Sorry."


"…This is going to happen a lot?"


"Most likely."


"...I regret everything."




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1)    Mokona – xxholic

2)    Maru and Moro – xxholic

3)    Gohan - Dragonballz


OC characters: