Fan Entertainment

In Santa Monica, California, there is a building known as Fan Entertainment is there. Inside of the CO’s Office was a man sitting at his desk waiting for time to pass by. The reason he’s waiting for time to pass by is because he uploaded a video of the announcement of his new company. The next day after he announced his company to the world, he opened it up and saw that there weren’t that many views and smiled saying, “As I expected.”

Thomas opened it up and looked at the comments and said, “It’s fake. Thomas is an idiot. There is no way in hell that they could have anything for a new company. Well nothing more than one game, I mean.”

Thomas looked at them and then a voice appeared saying, “Very harsh things to say, don’t you think?”

Thomas smiled and then uploaded the second video and then said, “Let’s see what they say about the second video.”

Thomas watched the first video and then it appeared in his office and then he said, “Hello everyone. I am Thomas Boyle. Founder, CEO, and President of a new entertainment company known as Fan Entertainment. Our job is to focus on what you all want in a video game, movie, anime, comic book, cartoon, etc. We have been around for 5 years, but never announced ourselves till today. I bet that some of you don’t believe my words. If that’s the case, then tomorrow, watch the second video that I will post at 6 a.m. in Pacific Time Zone. We are based in Santa Monica, California. We’re close to Activision. I wanted to announce an event that starts on April 8, 2030. If you wish to come, we have a lot to announce. Mostly games, but few everything else. We have a franchise that you’ll definitely love. And it went to shit when one of our favorite characters died on for Microsoft. That’s all that I can say about that. See you on April 8th. Goodbye.”

The video ended and then Thomas said, “As I thought. They didn’t think it was true. So the second video is necessary. Good.”

The AI said, “Still, in the end, we got the results that were expected.”

Thomas said, “Yep. What do you think they’ll do in the second video?”

The AI answered, “We’re going to get a better response than the first one.”

Thomas smiled and then said, “Of course we are. I already wrote my predictions. We’ll just wait for tomorrow to see the true results of our work. Good results are to come from this. And the guessing game starts.”

The AI said, “And if we’re wrong.”

Thomas answered, “Then we’ll need to move to Plan C. And that’s where you come in. Because I’m out of ideas.”

She said, “You are always out of ideas.”

Thomas said, “I came up with both ideas. So shut up.”

She said, “True.”

The next morning, Thomas walked into his office and then sat down in his seat and hit refresh and then Thomas smiled and said, “Alright, let’s see what the comments are.”

Thomas looked around and then said, “Oh, I was mistaken. They actually have loads of work. I didn’t expect this. Yo, what was the game from the 5th image. That world looked so beautiful. It had wild life. It was like we were getting Halo Reach all over again. This is amazing. All of the content looks incredible. You guys are going above and beyond this. The 25th image was definitely a Sangheili holding a Carbine. No, it wasn’t a Sangheili, that was a Kig-Yar. Bro, that thing is too big to be a Kig-Yar. It’s a Sangheili.”

The AI said, “As you predicted.”

Thomas said, “Yes. As I predicted. They started the guessing game. And the comments just keep coming in. These guys are enjoying this video. Like I said, they’ll enjoy it.”

The AI said, “Sir, the mailman is here.”

Thomas said, “Have it delivered to my office. I’m busy reading the comments on the video.”

The AI said, “Yessir. Wait, isn’t it always delivered to you?”

Thomas laughed and then said, “Now that you mention it, that is true.”

The door opened and then the mailman said, “Hello, sir. You have mail.”

Thomas said, “Put it on the desk.”

He did and then asked, “What are you reading?”

Thomas answered, “The comments of the video. The second video that is.”

He smiled and then asked, “Are they any good?”

Thomas answered, “Yes. As expected.”

Thomas looked at his mail and then said, “You expect the videos to do bad, Will?”

The mailman, William Jacobson answered, “No sir. Well, the first one, yes.”

Thomas said, “I see. Well, Azuba and I agree with you.”

He looked at the comments still and said, “Halo is back everyone. In a bigger way than ever imagined. This is big news. Red vs. Blue I saw in there as well. I don’t believe my eyes. This is all amazing stuff. There are even games that I never saw before. Yo, I can’t wait for the next video they send out. I hope that the event is as good as the video depicts.”

William heard that and then said, “As expected indeed. Some people still doubts us.”

Azusa said, “That’s ok.”

Thomas said, “I just thought up of another idea.”

Azusa heard that and asked, “What would that idea be exactly, sir?”

Thomas answered, “We make a website. Announce the website on our channels. And upload everything that we’re up to on the website.”

William said, “I’ll leave now. You are talking beyond my comprehension.”

Thomas laughed and then said, “I see.”

William said, “Well, I do think that it is a good idea though.”

Azusa said, “Agreed with Jacobson. Shall I tell our web team to handle it?”

Thomas answered, “Yes. Please do.”

Azusa said, “Freddy, tell the Web Team to create a website for our company.”

Head of the Web Team, Freddy Connors said, “We are already a step ahead of you, sir. We already have a website created. Just putting the finishing touches on it and then I’ll come to you with the address.”

Thomas said, “Sounds good enough, Freddy. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Azusa said, “Yes we will.”

After an hour, Freddy walked to Thomas’ Office and then knocked on it. Thomas said, “Come in.”

Freddy opened the door and said, “Just finished with the website, sir.”

Thomas said, “That’s good. Show it to me before we announce it to the world.”

Freddy typed the address down into the address bar and then hit enter and it loaded on to his screen. Freddy said, “The home page. It has all of the news that we send out. For now, we only got two videos. So it’s there.”

He clicked on the “Media tab” and said, “This is the Media tab. It’s where all of the videos and images are put when we update our games and websites. Images and videos that we released that is for the public.”

Thomas said, “I see.”

Freddy clicked on the “Contact Us tab” and then said, “This is the Contact Us tab. It’s how the people that buy our contents or wish to partner with us or question us can find us, call us, and email us.”

Thomas said, “I see. And the Product tab is where all of our products will go, correct?”

Freddy answered, “Exactly.”

Thomas smiled and said, “Good enough. Now, let’s announce it to the world.”

The floor started to open up and then a camera appeared and then Azusa said, “Begin.”

Thomas said, “Hello everyone. Fan Entertainment just made its own website. It’s The link is also in the description for you to get to the website only if you are slow in the head like myself.”

Thomas turned the monitor around and said, “This is the home page of the web page that the Web Team created. It holds all of the news that we announce starting from here on out. We have a Products tab. But nothing is in there because we didn’t announce anything yet. So that’ll be blank till we actually announce some products at the Fan Entertainment event on April 8th. We have the Media tab. It’s where all of the videos and images that we announced so far will be put for everyone to watch and look at. And the Contact Us tab. It’s where you can find us, find the number to call us, find the email addresses for those that you’ll be asking for what type of games, manga, tv shows, movies, anime, comics, cartoons, web shows that you want. Even toys for your kids and pets. Everything is here on the website that was created just today for you guys. This will be uploaded to the website as soon as the video is completed. Thank you for your time. And I hope to see you at the conference on the 8th of April.”

He saluted them and then the video ended as soon as he brought his hand down. Thomas said, “Upload that video please.”

Freddy said, “Sure thing.”

He connected the camera to his computer with a USB 3.0 cable and then Thomas got out of his seat and Freddy did his magic and put it on all of their channels that they have and said, “There we go, sir. Everything is set.”

Thomas said, “Good work, Freddy. Now I can get my sleep. I did my work for the day.”

Freddy walked away and said, “Talk to you later.”

Thomas said, “Yep.”

2: The First Meeting With Another Company
The First Meeting With Another Company

On March 28, 2030, Thomas was in his office sleeping in his chair and then Azusa said, “Sir, Mr. Potter is here to speak with you.”

Thomas heard that and opened his eyes and then said, “As in Kyle Potter, Eleanor Potter’s father.”

Azusa answered, “Yessir.”

Thomas sat up and then said, “Understood. I’ll go meet with him now.”

Azusa said, “He’s waiting at the main entrance.”

Thomas stood up and walked to the front desk and then said, “Mr. Potters, long time no see.”

Kyle heard that and said, “Boyle, you look well. It also seems that you got both arms back.”

Thomas said, “Well, they are mechanical by nature. They feel great.”

Kyle smiled and said, “You know, the 23rd Infantry Platoon isn’t the same without you man. You should come back once and awhile and check up on your old pals.”

Thomas heard that and then said, “If that’s the case, then I know something that’ll get us all together again.”

Kyle heard that and then Azusa said, “Whatever you are planning, stop.”

Thomas said, “How about you guys become the security for the event? I was actually planning on asking our CO, but you got here first. And you could tell her about it.”

Kyle said, “Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, Boyle. This event is on April 8th, correct?”

Thomas answered, “Yes.”

Kyle said, “Wait up here. I’ll call her up and see what she says.”

Thomas said, “Yeah, I’ll be right here.”

Kyle walked outside and then the receptionist said, “You two know each other.”

Thomas answered, “Yeah, the two of us are war buddies. We were in the 23rd Infantry Platoon along with a couple of others. Well, I had to retire early. But a lot of shit happened after that.”

She said, “I see.”

Kyle said, “Captain, it’s Second Lieutenant Potter.”

CO of the 23rd Infantry Platoon, Captain Marissa Baxter asked, “What is it Potter? I’m on my leave.”

Kyle answered, “I’m at Fan Entertainment right now. Where Sergeant Major Boyle is located.”

Marissa heard that and said, “Boyle, huh? How is he?”

Kyle answered, “He’s in good shape. He’s got his arms back. Oh yeah, he asked me to ask you if we could be his security detail for the event.”

Marissa said, “Put him on.”

Kyle said, “Sure thing.”

Kyle walked in and said, “She wants to speak with you.”

Thomas heard that and then walked to door and said, “Hello Captain.”

Marissa asked, “How you feelin, Boyle?”

Thomas answered, “Good. The announcement of my company did better than expected.”

Marissa said, “Oh, you created your own company, huh? What is it about?”

Thomas answered, “Entertainment.”

Marissa smiled and then said, “Well, that’s good. So, security detail for your event is when.”

Thomas answered, “April 8th to April 12th.”

Marissa said, “All day?”

Thomas said, “All day.”

Marissa said, “So, can I get back to my leave now?”

Thomas asked, “Are you in or not?”

Marissa answered, “I’ll give you a call on Monday.”

Thomas said, “April 1st?”

Marissa said, “Yes, I’ll call you. I’m trying to have sex with my husband and I keep getting interrupted.”

Thomas said, “Well, talk to you on Monday.”

Marissa said, “Yep. Talk to you on Monday.”

Thomas hung up and then Thomas said, “Hm, it seems that we interrupted her while she was having sex with her husband.”

Kyle said, “She’s definitely going to make me run laps tomorrow.”

Thomas laughed and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Eleanor works here.”

Kyle heard that and said, “Oh, my daughter works here.”

Thomas answered, “Yeah, in the web department.”

William appeared and then said, “You only have one piece of mail today, sir.”

Thomas said, “I’ll take it here.”

He handed him his mail and then Thomas looked at it and then Kyle said, “Well, my new girlfriend is waiting for me outside. Gotta go now.”

Thomas said, “You got divorced?”

Kyle answered, “Yeah, 2 years ago. She got sick of being married to a soldier that is never home.”

Thomas said, “I see. I am sorry to hear that.”

Kyle laughed and said, “She was a bitch, Boyle. I’m glad that I got divorced. She can tolerate the wait. Come, I’ll introduce you to her.”

Thomas heard that and then walked outside and then Kyle said, “Honey, I want you to meet a comrade of mine.”

She looked at him and then said, “Hello friend of Kyle’s.”

Thomas said, “Boyle. That’s what they call me. It’s also my last name.”

She said, “Like boiling water.”

Thomas looked at her and said, “She’s an ass.”

Kyle laughed and said, “Sorry about that honey, he hates it when people say that.”

She said, “I apologise.”

Thomas asked, “Where’d you find her?”

Kyle answered, “A strip club.”

Thomas smiled and said, “Nice. Maybe I could find a girlfriend there.”

Kyle laughed and then the CEO of Activision looked outside and then Thomas asked, “Are you a waitress or a bartender at the strip club?”

She answered, “A bartender.”

Kyle said, “One of the best in the joint. She’s the main reason I got there.”

Thomas said, “Just to get her drinks. And to get down her pants.”

Kyle laughed and said, “You really are funny.”

She said, “Yes. That is true.”

Thomas said, “And you still love him.”

She said, “He saved me from a drunk man. I fell in love directly after that.”

Thomas heard that and said, “For 2 years, huh?”

She said, “No, this happened 5 years ago.”

Thomas heard that and then said, “I’m going to keep my mouth shut.”

Kyle asked, “What are your plans for tonight, Boyle?”

Thomas answered, “Gonna get drunk. Get the bartender drunk. And have one hell of a night.”

Kyle said, “Sounds like you. Alright brother, talk to you later.”

Thomas said, “Yeah.”

Thomas looked at it and then opened it up saying, “Let’s see what Activision wants.”

The CEO of Activision saw that and then asked, “What will you do?”

Thomas read it to himself, “Dear CEO of Fan Entertainment, this is Carol Walters, the new CEO of Activision. I was wondering if we could talk business in my office across the street. Whenever you are available today would be nice.”

Thomas looked up and then saw the building and then turned his head asking, “How’d you get this, Will?”

William answered, “A member of Activision handed it to me just now, sir.”

Thomas heard that and then looked back down and said to himself, “If you aren’t available today, then any time would be great. Sincerely, Carol Walters.”

Thomas turned around and then asked, “Do I have any plans Azusa?”

Azusa answered, “Nope.”

Thomas heard that and then said, “If that’s the case, I’ll be at Activision. Take over for me. Don’t let anyone slack now.”

Azusa said, “Yessir.”

Thomas snapped his fingers and then put his hands over his face and then brought them down and then his pajamas disappeared and really luxurious clothes appeared on him and then everyone saw that and then asked, “How the hell did you do that? Your clothes just changed. You weren’t even wearing glasses.”

Thomas smiled and walked across the street and then answered, “Can’t tell you.”

He walked into the building and then the person at the desk was on the phone and said, “Huh, oh, he’s here now. Would you like me to take him to your office? Alright. Understood.”

Thomas appeared in front of the desk and then she said, “The boss is waiting for you in her office. Please follow me.”

Thomas said, “Sure thing.”

She took him to Walters’ Office and then she knocked on the door and then Carol said, “Please come in, Mr. Boyle.”

Thomas opened the door and then said, “Thank you for guiding me here.”

She said, “No problem.”

She walked away and then Thomas closed the door and then turned toward her and then saw that she had a great body and then said, “Nice to meet you.”

Carol said, “Thank you for coming. I didn’t expect you to come so soon.”

Thomas said, “Well, you said whenever I was available. So I’m available. How may I help you?”

Carol answered, “I watched both of the videos that you have put on the web. The second one was very fascinating.”

Thomas said, “The one that won everyone’s hearts, huh?”

Carol said, “Correct, the video with all of the images. Very intriguing indeed. I didn’t expect you to have Halo.”

Thomas said, “Oh, you love the guessing game as well.”

Carol said, “It’s no guessing game, Mr. Boyle. It’s a true fact that you have Halo. Especially those Sangheili.”

Thomas heard that and said, “I have no idea what you are talking about, Ms. Walters. But you will see what happens at the event on the 8th of April.”

Carol said, “You are hiding the fact that you have Halo.”

Thomas said, “Ms. Walters, stop trying to tell me that I have Halo. It makes me want to leave. But I won’t because Activision is one of my favorite companies. They got Crash Bandicoot and Call of Duty. But most of all, Destiny.”

Carol said, “Alright. Alright. I’ll find out at the event. I spoke with all of the leaders of Activision two days ago when the second video was announced. We would like you to create a Call of Duty game.”

Thomas heard that and then said, “If that’s the case, I’d like to make a Crash Bandicoot game as well. The games that have come out since the N. Sane Trilogy have been every other year. I think that it would be better if we had one every year.”

Carol heard that and said, “Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot. I’ll need to talk with Vicarious Visions.”

Thomas said, “I see. So Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games agreed with Fan Entertainment joining the fray?”

Carol answered, “Yes. They are the leaders that I was talking about.”

Thomas said, “I see.”

Carol contacted the CEO of Vicarious Visions and then he picked up and said, “Hello.”

Carol said, “Hello, this is the CEO of Activision. I was wondering if I could have a word with the CEO.”

He said, “You’re speaking to him. How may I help you?”

Thomas looked at her and then Carol answered, “I am currently holding a meeting with the CEO of Fan Entertainment.”

He heard that and said, “He wants to take one of the game's correct?”

Thomas answered, “Nope, I’d like to make Crash Bandicoot into a yearly purchase instead of having one every other year.”

He said, “Oh, the fans love their Crash games. And you’re right, waiting 2 years might not be good for business. But it is worth the wait if you are waiting for a Crash game.”

Thomas said, “Yes it is. But you know that the anticipation could kill a person.”

He heard that and then said, “True that as well. How do you plan on making a Crash game?”

Thomas answered, “You’ll see when I start making shit happen. I’ll send you the video of it when it’s close to done.”

He laughed and said, “Damn, the anticipation truly does kill. I wonder how they do it.”

Thomas said, “They all wait patiently. Don’t forget, the 8th of April is going to be a fun ordeal.”

He said, “Agreed.”

Thomas said, “Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot, huh? This is going to be good.”

He said, “Can’t wait. Talk to you soon.”

Thomas said, “To contact us, go to It’s our website that we announced yesterday I believe.”

He said, “I see. I will. Well, I gotta go.”

Thomas said, “OK.”

He hung up and then Carol said, “It seems that you got what you wanted.”

Thomas smiled and said, “I wish that it was that easy.”

Carol heard that and then Thomas said, “Call of Duty for this year, next year, the year after that, or 4 years later?”

Carol answered, “Next year.”

Thomas said, “Plenty of time.”

Carol heard that and then Thomas said, “Azusa, get them ready for two new projects.”

Azusa said, “I’m listening.”

Thomas said, “We’re going to make a Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot game.”

Azusa said, “As you wanted.”

Thomas said, “A little earlier than expected. But this is great for us.”

Azusa said, “Understood.”

Thomas said, “I’ll be back soon.”

Azusa said, “OK.”

Thomas looked at her and then Carol said, “That was scary.”

Thomas said, “Magic.”

Carol heard that and then Thomas stood up and said, “Thank you for this little chat. I guess that I’ll tell you a little secret. Halo is making the biggest comeback since the ending of the series.”

Carol said, “I knew that you had it.”

Thomas walked away and said, “Can’t tell anyone else now. Talk to you later.”

Carol said, “Agreed. Talk to you later.”

Thomas walked away and then Carol walked to the door and saw that he was gone and then asked, “Did you see Thomas walk by?”

No one answered and then Carol said, “He’s a damn ghost.”

3: First Staff Meeting
First Staff Meeting

The very next day, on March 29th, Thomas was in his office saying to himself, “What should we do? We need to get started on these new projects. Fan Entertainment needs to please their fans. That is the reason why I built this company. To please the customers.”

Azusa asked, “Is something the matter?”

Thomas answered, “No, I need to do this right. Call a meeting. I want the heads of each division in the Conference Room.”

Azusa said, “All of them.”

Thomas said, “Except for the mailman. He needs to stay out.”

Azusa said, “I see. This must be important if you are calling a meeting.”

Thomas said, “It is important.”

Azusa said, “The heads of every team, please head to the Conference Room. There is an emergency meeting going on today. That is why it is so sudden. So hurry there and meet the boss there. William, please stay behind.”

Everyone started laughing and William asked, “Is it because I’m black, Thomas.”

Thomas answered, “No, it’s because you don’t work on the games. You are just the mailman. Well, that is what you signed up for, that is.”

William said, “Oh, you have a point. So put the mail on everyone’s desk.”

Thomas answered, “Yes. And that also means, don’t touch anything.”

William said, “Understood.”

Everyone walked to the Conference Room and then the head of the video art asked, “What do you think this is about?”

Freddy answered, “A promotion, Sally. We’re getting promoted.”

The head of the video art, Sally Freeman said, “Real funny man. I doubt that anyone’s getting promoted.”

Freddy said, “He’d probably yell at me if I’d ask again, right Connor.”

The head of the character art, Connor Gilliam answered, “Yes he will. And you getting fired would be the best thing for this company.”

Freddy said, “Hey now, be nice to the man that created our website.”

Thomas walked in and then said, “Stop arguing will ya? I could hear you from outside the room.”

They said, “Sorry sir.”

Thomas said, “And if you ask me for a promotion, I will promote you.”

Freddy said, “Seriously?”

Thomas said, “To a mailman with William.”

Everyone said, “There you go, Freddy. That’s what you wanted. To be a mailman.”

Thomas smiled and said, “He was thinking of getting promoted again.”

Freddy said, “I take that back. Nah, I’m good man. Web is good enough for me.”

Thomas said, “Smart decision. Now, we’re here to talk about Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot. Did we start that at all?”

They answered, “Nope. We don’t know what to do yet.”

Thomas said, “I see. Alrighty then. Let’s begin this meeting then.”

Sally said, “So we’re only here to talk about those two games today.”

Thomas answered, “Yes. We need to figure out what to do. Let’s start with Call of Duty. James, I’d like you to write these ideas that we come up with down.”

The head story teller, James Sutton said, “Sure thing. But why?”

Thomas answered, “We’re going to make a poll on the website.”

Freddy said, “Oh, I love my job.”

Thomas looked at him and said, “Good. I actually am glad. Now, I don’t have to fire you.”

Everyone heard that and then Freddy said, “So, let’s begin with our own ideas.”

Thomas said, “Agreed. Any volunteers.”

Sally said, “Well now. This should be fun. How about we go to World War I instead of World War II?”

Thomas said, “Write that down. World War I.”

Connor said, “We take a Halo approach of things. But we can’t use UNSC.”

Thomas said, “HASC sounds good. Human Alliance Space Command. Write that down. Halo approach.”

James did and then said, “Hell, it’s all about the United States, so how about we put down how we got formed. The American Revolution.”

Thomas said, “Oh, that sounds nice. American Revolution. Put it down.”

James did and then Thomas said, “Anymore ideas.”

Freddy asked, “How about the American Civil War when Abraham Lincoln was the President?”

Thomas said, “Civil War, right it down.”

James said, “A war against supersoldiers.”

Thomas said, “Regular soldiers versing rogue supersoldiers.”

James said, “Exactly.”

Thomas said, “Put it down then.”

James did and then the Music Director said, “How about we create a World War III story?”

Thomas said, “World War III, huh? Sam, you are trying to kill us.”

The Music Director, Sam Willis said, “Not at all. I’m just coming up with an idea like you asked.”

Thomas said, “I know, I was just messing with you. Write it down.”

James did and then Thomas said, “When we colonize Mars. We face an unknown threat. I’m just coming up with shit now.”

James wrote it down and said, “Colonize Mars.”

Thomas said, “Yes.”

James said, “An Insurrectionist Party attacks the US.”

Thomas said, “Similar to the Insurrectionists in Halo.”

James said, “Yeah.”

Thomas said, “Write it down.”

James did and then Sally asked, “A second American Civil War.”

Thomas said, “Sounds good. Write it down.”

James did and then said, “So far, we have; 1. World War I, 2. Halo approach of things, 3. American Revolution, 4. American Civil War, 5. Regular soldiers vs. Supersoldiers, 6. World War III, 7. Colonize Mars, 8. Insurrectionist War, and 9. 2nd American Civil War. Anything else that you’d like to add.”

Freddy said, “How about the War in Afghanistan?”

Thomas said, “Write it down.”

James did and then Thomas said, “Iraq War. That would be nice to see.”

James wrote that down and then said, “So 11 ideas.”

Thomas said, “There might be more, but we’ll make another poll for that later.”

James said, “Understood.”

Thomas said, “Now, tear that out and hand it to Freddy.”

James did and then said, “Now for Crash Bandicoot, correct?”

Thomas answered, “Yep. I was thinking of one hell of a game similar to the first 3 games.”

James said, “25 missions.”

Thomas said, “No, I was thinking of making it longer and better than just 25 lovely levels. I was actually thinking of 50 levels. And each level will be probably 200 times bigger than the original 3 games.”

Sam said, “That’s actually pretty nice.”

Freddy said, “An open world game sounds nice.”

Thomas said, “The people hate those types of games, Freddy. But we could try it. We’ll use a poll to figure this out. So keep coming up with ideas for me.”

Sally said, “An MMORPG version of the game. It’ll be called Crash Bandicoot Online.”

Thomas said, “So far we have 3 ideas. You got them down, James.”

James answered, “Yep. 50 massive levels, open world game, and MMORPG.”

Thomas said, “Good boy. Now, a new racing game that has a wonderful storyline. That would be nice to see again in a Crash game. We haven’t had a racing game since Crash Tag Team Racing in 2005. And that game was ass.”

James laughed and said, “So true. I had no idea what I was doing in that game.”

Sam said, “It was a bitch to deal with.”

Thomas said, “Yes it was. I would also like to see Crash go back to the past and witness how his ancestors did things. That would be amazing.”

James wrote that down and then said, “See Crash go to the future.”

Thomas smiled and said, “Now we’re getting somewhere guys.”

Connor asked, “How about we have a game all about Coco Bandicoot instead of Crash being the main character.”

Thomas heard that and then said, “Write that down. I’d actually like to see that as well.”

Thomas looked at everyone and Sam said, “Crunch Bandicoot. We need to learn more about him. So a game about his past.”

Thomas said, “Write it down.”

Connor said, “A game where a new main Bandicoot has to save Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Aku Aku.”

Thomas smiled and said, “Nice thinking there, Connor. Write that down.”

James said, “How about we play as Aku Aku and find out more about him. That would be nice.”

Thomas said, “Write it down. But what I’d like to see is another game like Crash Bash. That was a good game to my standards.”

James wrote that down and then Thomas asked, “Anymore ideas?”

Freddy asked, “How about a fighting game between all of the Crash Bandicoot characters announced so far?”

Thomas said, “Write it down.”

James did and then asked, “Anything else to put in a Crash Bandicoot game?”

Sally answered, “I honestly don’t know anymore.”

Thomas said, “Alright, tell us what we’ve got so far, James.”

James said, “We have; 1. 50 massive levels, 2. Open world game, 3. MMORPG, 4. New racing game with amazing storyline, 5. Crash go back to the past, 6. Crash go to the future, 7. Play as Coco Bandicoot only, 8. Play as Crunch Bandicoot to learn more about him, 9. New main character to save Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Aku Aku, 10. Play as Aku Aku and learn more about him, 11. A game like Crash Bash, and 12. A fighting game.”

Thomas said, “Alright. We’ll probably have more ideas in the future. So we’ll use that in future polls as well. Hand that list to Freddy as well. Freddy, make the polls happen, brother.”

Freddy said, “Yessir. Uh, right now.”

Thomas answered, “Yes, right now.”

Freddy grabbed the papers and Thomas said, “Thank you for the meeting. We all get started on the project in about a week.”

Everyone said, “Yessir.”

Thomas said, “Get back to work.”

Everyone said, “Yessir.”

Thomas walked back to his office and then said, “Azusa, have the camera ready. Another video is going to get posted today.”

Azusa asked, “What of?”

Thomas answered, “The polls. I’m going to tell them about the polls.”

Azusa said, “Understood, sir.”

Thomas appeared in his seat and then said, “Here we go.”

Azusa said, “It’s ready.”

Thomas smiled and said, “Good afternoon everyone. This is Thomas Boyle again with another video. On our website, we just put up two polls that we wish for you to answer. It’s about what turn Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot should take. Each one has at least 10 ideas. We’ll give you a week to vote for the game that you wish for next year. Of course, we won’t be making it happen, we don’t have the rights to it. They asked us to make a poll for them. Well, I hope that you all enjoy what is to come next year. See you all next time.”

Thomas saluted at the camera and then lowered his arm and the video ended and then said, “Post it on all channels. Including our website for me.”

Azusa said, “Understood.”

Thomas smiled and then said, “Let’s see what happens next, huh?”

Azusa said, “Agreed. Shall I keep you in touch?”

Thomas answered, “Nope. It wouldn’t be fun that way. I’m going to take a little nap. If anyone disturbs my nap, electrocute them for me.”

Azusa said, “Sure thing.”

Thomas walked over to his bed and then went to sleep immediately after getting on.