The Only Chapter


The Messenger app on my phone continued to ding with messages from my classmates.

I elected to ignore it as I was already fuming with the news that just arrived in the group chat.

A lot of our ever so sympathetic professors at the college decided that we needed a little bit more stress to add to the stress of studying for finals. One of them decided we needed to write a speech and post it online. Another one thought it was brilliant idea to make us recite a news story in class because it was the last week before semestral break. And of course, our amazing Political Theories professor decided that since we were stretched for time, the academic paper presentation that we were supposed to have in two weeks, would now fall on Saturday and Sunday following the final exams.

Oh Lord. Forgive these people for they do not know what they did.

The group chat was already filled with threats about how we were going to show these sympathetic teachers what the rights of a disabled person was since that was what they were going to be once we were done with them. Another being that we educated them on our rights and force them to allow us the right to rest and leisure.

I took a bite out of my Mars bar and shut my laptop down. I was pretty pissed since I had only slept 15 hours since last week just to finish all of the outputs the other subjects required us to subject.

You know, sometimes I wished that I chose a different major to pursue but from what I hear, everyone has the same struggle. Nursing students have rotations, Mass Communication students have their productions, Culinary students have their final presentations and we Political Science students have academic papers on political theorists. Same thing.

I finished my chocolate and grabbed another one, devouring it as fast as I could, neglecting the mess it made on my face afterwards.

As I was finishing that chocolate bar, I sent a text to Adam, ranting about the entire thing to him.

“Haha. I’m sleepy.” He replied.

Of course he was. I’m not going to get any sympathy from my boyfriend today since he’s all tuckered out from work and should probably go to sleep. There didn’t really seem like a huge need for him to be supportive of my rant anyway since he had adult problems to deal with. But that’s okay, I’ll get there too.

“AFTER I finish my goddamn academic paper of Nietzsche and graduate from college, that is.

“Chocolate…” I mumbled, getting up from my bed to throw my candy wrappers and grab a new box chocolate. This time a bar of White Chocolate Toblerone because fuck my diet.

I ate the silky smooth bar as I typed with one hand the answers to my Quizlet sets. Moaning in delight as I got the answers right.

If there is one thing about school that I hate, it’s the work they assign that you need to pass by the end of the semester. This wasn’t high school or elementary! This was college! They told me there wouldn’t be any project making anymore. I felt so lied to.

My phone buzzed to a message from Adam.

“Well, what are you going to do about it, babe?”

I snorted. Oh, I know what I’m going to do. A smirk crept up my face as I typed my message. A  Toblerone triangle was clipped between my teeth, waiting for a vacancy so it could pleasure my taste buds and control my hanger.

“I can’t take this anymore. Babe, I’m going to quit school so you better work hard and get promoted so I can live with you forever while you support me financially. :/”

I let out a small giggle as I pressed send on my phone. I wasn’t actually about to throw away my college education because I was stressed but that was what I felt like and anyway-

“Haha! I’m all for it! You can live with me and then we can have babies! We can be a family! <3”


That’s the plan. Adam and I have discussed it before and he’s one hundred percent serious about becoming a family with me and raising kids as soon as possible. It was only a matter of when. And also a matter of me finally telling my family that I am dating a guy seven years my senior. Haha. Fun.

A sigh came out of my mouth as I fumbled for another bar of Toblerone. After peeling off the foil wrapping, I took a bite and texted Adam back.

“Haha suuuureeeeee we are. Btw, stress eating with the chocolate. Might have an asthma attack. Might need a knight in shining account’s wear to save me.”

I instantly get a call ten seconds after I sent the message.

“Babe, you better stop eating that.” His voice sounded stern, much like a military general’s. Hmm, such a loving boyfriend.

I made a guttural sound. “But it’s so good! It’s phenomenal! And I miss you!” I whined back.

The chocolate wasn’t necessarily because I wanted attention from Adam, whose busy life has made sure I only got to see him once a week, but rather, it was because I had been craving chocolate the entire month and spending my allowance on so much of it in an attempt to sate my craving and finally become rid of the desire to eat chocolate all the time. So far, to no avail.

“Let’s not do this again please. Just stop.” He was pleading with me. But the urge for chocolate was a lot stronger.

“CHOCOLATE!” I screamed. I could sense that he was flinching on the other side.

“Babe you have exams in two days. You have to stop goofing off and actually study!”


“I’m going to end this call, right now and I expect you to start studying or else I’m not going to take you out after your exams.”


The call dropped and I was alone in the silence again. What do I do now?

“Study!” My brain whispered to me.

I contemplated on the idea for a second, putting my chocolate down on the desk.

Boyfriends are weird. Boyfriends seven years older than you are weirder. They act like your dad a lot of the time but they’re still down to make out with you and make sexual jokes.

“I might as well.” I told myself, re-wrapping my chocolate and then setting it aside so I could get to my next study set. 


Hi nerds! Guess what? I'm pretty hyper from the chocolate I ate because its exam week and my boyfriend has been nagging at me to study. Hahaha ;)

Basically, I was just typing things out as it happened in real time, adding little creative embellishments here and there to make it sound less boring. I don't really know why I wrote this but I was just really triggered by the amount of schoolwork I had and somehow found the strength, energy and effort to write a short story (that makes no sense) in under an hour. I know, crazy. HAHAHA. I hope you like it! I have to go and study now since my boyfriend is actually mad at me! BYEEEEEEE!!!

PS: Cover will be uploaded at the soonest possible moment as well as the editing of this story but for now, I really gotta go study!