Chapter 1

I had decided if I ever kissed Nathan (or vice versa) I wanted it to be natural. Natural, spontaneous and not forced, like some scene in a movie behind the scenes.


Like many other things it happened on an ordinary day when Nathan and I were talking about ordinary things in the middle of one of my favorite coffee shops. The weather was turning, not snowing but cold; the perfect temperature for hot chocolate.


All of the sudden I realized Nathan was just staring at me, which I rarely caught him doing. (At least not in a romantic way).


I frowned.




Nathan chuckled under his breath and his eyes twinkled in a way that gave me butterflies.


"You have chocolate all of your face!" He said, laughing, he tapped the tip of his nose, "and whipped cream right there!"


I flushed, biting my lip.


"So what do you want me to do about it?" I asked, "I'm out of napkins…" I paused, "unless you want to lick my face."


Now Nathan looked embarrassed.


"Well… I wouldn't do that." He mumbled under his breath.


For another beat we stared at each other then Nathan slowly picked up another napkin and slowly began to wipe off my face. First my nose, then the sides of my mouth. I licked my lips, catching my lower lip between my teeth. We were still staring at each other and I couldn't quite read Nathan's expression or what might be going on in his head.


As his hand slid along the side of my face I tentatively leaned forward, unaware he was leaning forward too. Our eyes still hadn't left each other as if we were trying to gauge the other person's move.


I felt his unsteady breath as I closed the distance between us.


My brain felt jammed. I was kissing my best friend! My best friend was kissing me, and neither of us were moving-yet.


His lips were soft and warm and he tasted like chocolate. He seemed to be moving as slowly and carefully as I was, this was new to both of us and neither of us knew where it would lead-if anywhere.


When we finally pulled apart we just stared at each other.


"You taste like chocolate." I whispered.


Nathan laughed softly.


"So do you. I like chocolate." He replied his blue eyes crinkling in amusement.


We finished our hot chocolate and didn't mention the kiss again. I didn't know this was the beginning of something new or just something that happened by chance. Part of me desperately wanted to know if Nathan had felt what I felt, and outlet for the chemistry we had and the tension that had always been between us. Needless to say I would never look at hot chocolate the same way again.