The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic

Author's Disclaimer: Please Read First

Welcome to my *first* Planet of the Apes Fanfic; I am mixing two versions, the novel version and the 2001 Movie version. The first is a novel version called La Planète des Singes written by Pierre Boulle and published in 1963; the translation from French is Planet of the Apes.

The novel soon spawned a Planet of the Apes media franchise; the second version that I am using is the 2001 Movie remake. This is a slight Alternate Universe twist; I do not own the characters of Planet of the Apes, they belong to Pierre Boulle and the remake belongs to Tim Burton.

This is my first attempt at pairing a human and apes as a couple, and writing a interspecies romance. Thank you for reading this Author's Disclaimer and please enjoy this unique twist.

Stories that inspired this writing

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Surviving the Planet of the Apes by sisterawesomeness

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A school class was taking a tour of some ancient ruins; a pair of teenagers found themselves separated from the group. Their names were Cornelius and Ariel, and they were the best of friends since they were toddlers.

They were always curious about history and were always ready to learn, and had many questions to ask. They were exploring a room when Ariel found a lock box that was buried under rocks.

Cornelius managed to break the seal and the teens paused as they heard the box hiss as it released trapped air. Upon opening the box; they found a book thick like a Bible inside and it was well preserved.

"What a find, Ariel;" exclaimed Cornelius as his friend carefully picked the book up. "This must be over at least a century old and I know that we will get great grades for this find!"

Ariel carefully opened the book and she said with a slight hitch in her throat: "It's a memoir written in 20th Century Earth English!"

"We have time;" said Cornelius as he checked his watch, "let's read it!"

The two friends settled themselves on the ground with their backs against the wall; they supported the book between them and began to read.

"Be careful what you wish for" is a simple saying that is also a mantra.

If I knew that picking up a talisman and making a simple wish that ends up coming true could happen; I would have trashed the talisman and washed my hands.

If someone were to tell me that I was going on a adventure on a world ruled by evolved talking apes; I would check you for a fever before recommending that you go to the "funny farm" with a straight jacket.

I did find a talisman, made a wish and now call this new world I got sent to now home. I was also given special Gifts that helped me survive but also made me a weapon of sorts and I also learned to stay alive with luck.

I made friends who helped, made enemies who tried to hinder and also found love that would have been considered very strange. One particular friend had this book made and its thick like a Bible for me; I decided it was time to write my memoirs.

Whatever intelligent species who may find my story; I pray that you do not destroy it. You may not believe it but I hope that you hear my voice and let me tell you my story.

Read my story and then return it to its burial until it is dug up again. It is up to you, esteemed reader, to decide the fate of my tale; write it off as fiction or rambling nonsense...

Or pretend it is simply a story...

A story written by a ordinary human girl and yes, my dear esteemed reader, I am human.

My name is Luna Silver Blade and I come from another world called Earth, and this is my story...

2: Book 1-1
Book 1-1

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic

Book 1



As I said before...

My name is Luna Silver Blade; I have love white hair with silver tints and midnight blue eyes that were like the night sky, and alabaster white skin. I was considered petite in height and was even mistaken for being a albino but I had natural looks that were considered exotic.

I'm an orphan and I was considered lucky to be living with my Aunt Rose. Rose O'Sullivan wasn't related to me by blood but she knew my birth mother during her time pregnant.

My birth mother was a homeless teen when she was pregnant with me and she met Aunt Rose at the homeless shelter. Aunt Rose was a volunteer at the homeless shelter and she bonded with my mom as she entered her fifth month of pregnancy.

Aunt Rose became my birthmother's only friend and confidant; she made sure that mom had a check up and had mom live with her. It was in June and on the night before Midsummer that my birth mother went into labor, and Aunt Rose rushed her to the hospital.

But there was a complication as I was born at a Midsummer dawn; my birth mother had a sudden seizure. The doctors tried to save her but she passed away and Aunt Rose became my guardian.

When they learned that I was going to be a girl; my birth mother loved the Moon and the color silver. It was Aunt Rose who named me Luna Silver and gave me the last name Blade; no one knew what my mom's real name was as she was simply known as Jane.

So growing up; I was always introduced by my full name and it wasn't until I turned seven that I knew I was different. Aunt Rose homeschooled me for awhile as I had a learning disability; Dyscalculia.

I had trouble understanding Math but I was an avid reader and loved to read anything. Yet I could not figure out Math and I ended up frustrated to tears.

So Aunt Rose would let me go out and walk around until I calmed down; I usually walk to the park and sit on a swing to swing. It was on one such day that I learned that being different can bring bullies and I faced being picked on.

It was summer and I just turned seven on a Midsummer dawn; I was up to watch the sunrise early. Aunt Rose got up and made me a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits and hash browns; she went back to bed for a few more hours and I went to the park as usual.

This was my routine; go to the park, swing for a while and go home. I never stayed out long and I avoid people out of shyness, and I never caused nor got into trouble ever.

But when I got to the park; I saw that the swing set was occupied and decided to wait for my turn. I made sure that I was well covered from the Sun; I had my hair tucked under a hat with a scarf around my neck and I wore a pair of sunglasses, I wore a nice long sleeved blue button shirt with gloves and long gray pants.

My skin was very fair and I was very self-conscious of my looks; I practically looked weird covered under the hot Sun. But this is how I was and I was very shy; I was set on going home when a swing got free and I ran to it.

I wasn't the only one who was waiting for a swing to be freed and have a turn. Another girl grabbed the swing at the same time as me and we suddenly found ourselves in a staring contest over the swing.

"My turn;" I said though the other girl was a bit taller then me I sensed we were the same age.

The other girl shoved me hard that I tripped and fell; when I fell I felt my hat and sunglasses come off. I turned and glared at the other girl who now sat triumphant on the swing with a proud smirk on her face.

But when she saw me without my hat and glasses; the girl gave a shocked squeal. Soon I found myself surrounded by the girl and her friends who all stared at me as I continued glaring at the one who had shoved me.

I grabbed my hat and sunglasses as I stood up; I was petite in height but I managed to stand tall, I got over my shyness as I said: "My name is Luna Silver Blade; I just turned seven and I want to have a turn on the swing!"

"Luna Silver Blade..." said a boy with a snort, "what kind of name is that?"

"Why is she so pale?" asked one girl and another boy added: "Is her hair really that white?"

"She's a freak and I bet she had her hair dyed somehow;" said the girl who had pushed me with a slight sneer.

I picked up a lock of my hair and held it up as I said simply: "My hair is naturally white and my skin is very fair; I can't be in the Sun for long!"

"Yeah right, Freak, no one is ever born with natural white hair;" said the girl with a snort.

I stared deep into the girl's eyes and walked away; I went home and accompanied Aunt Rose to the library where she worked part-time. For the rest of the day I hid among the shelves and read books of any genre; I only came out to join my aunt for lunch and went back among the books.

I never returned to the park and I started reading a book as I walked, and developed ways of avoiding bumping into people as well as objects. I even started doing running and Aunt Rose even added more things to my homeschooling that kept me active.

But I never knew how things quickly changed...


By the time I was ten; I was well ahead in my homeschooling and still having trouble with Math, and yet managing a Grade D of sorts. Aunt Rose thought going to the zoo for a day would be a nice change and it was fun.

My favorite animals were the apes and monkeys; it was fun watching them in their habitats. I watched carefully how the apes and monkeys interacted with each other in their habitats; they reminded me what it means to be human in a way as we are not so different but by species.

My aunt and I visited other habitats to see the other animals; but we always went back to see the monkeys and apes. Suddenly alarms went off and a announcement went over the park: "Attention...Attention...A chimpanzee has escaped; everyone remain calm and alert, security will be moving around!"

The atmosphere within the park was tensed and mostly everyone was making their way to the nearest exit of the zoo. Aunt Rose and I somehow got separated in the chaos; I backed myself into a corner under a tree.

I heard a noise above me and looking up; I saw the escaped chimp hanging on a branch. I saw it was a he and he climbed down; I lowered my eyes and crouched down making myself look smaller.

I even held my hand out with my palm up and I stayed like that for a while. I soon felt the male chimp swipe my hand and I went on my knees with a sigh but still kept my eyes down.

The chimpanzee started grooming me and I stayed still until security came. The male chimp did not want to let me go and he was soon tranqed; I was checked over and a search for my aunt began.

Aunt Rose was found unconscious on a bench and it was discovered that she had an unexpected heartattack; I went with her as she was rushed to the hospital. My aunt never married nor even dated and yet she raised me well; Aunt Rose spoke little of her family as she was considered the "black sheep".

She has an older sister named Petunia who was the favorite daughter and she was happily married. Aunt Rose never got along with her older sister and after her heartattack; we had no choice but to call the "good" older sister.

Petunia O'Sullivan Tobias never approved Aunt Rose's lifestyle; they were raised by strict old fashion parents. Mrs. Tobias followed her parents' ways and became a stay-at-home mother; her husband named Edward "Eddy" Tobias was a car salesman and he was very good at his job in selling cars.

Aunt Rose rebelled against her parents and followed her heart in making her own life; she was never interested in settling down to a marriage life. My aunt liked being a free spirit but she also had a maternal instinct and I was glad to have her as my mother-figure.

Aunt Rose had a secret that she wanted to tell me as we prepared to move into her sister's home. The doctors wanted my aunt to take things easy and Mrs. Tobias was grudgingly willing to let us live with her family as Aunt Rose got her health in check; but she was going to make us pay for living there.

My aunt told me that she did want children of her own; but she could not bear. The doctors told her that she was barren and Aunt Rose never told her family.

"But I will never regret taking you in, my Moon Blade," Aunt Rose said to me once we finished packing. "Your mother was a teenager when she bore you; a child conceived by rape but she loved you and I was honored that she had named me your guardian!"

"I love you, Aunt Rose, you are more Mother then Aunt;" I said as I hugged my aunt tight.


Mrs. Tobias lived in a large house with two wings; Aunt Rose and I were given the East Wing as the Tobias Family lived in the West Wing. The kitchen and dining room led to the entrance hall, and that became the common area that will be shared.

When I met Mrs. Tobias; she reminded me slightly of Mrs. Dursley from Harry Potter for she was tall and slim. Mrs. Tobias had long curly blond hair and green eyes; she was dressed like a 80s housewife, she wore a pale blue dress.

Mrs. Tobias had two daughters who were each a year older then me named Jade and Ophelia. They were dressed like socialites in well tailored clothes that showed off their budding bodily curves, breasts and butts.

Jade a wavy black hair and blue eyes; Ophelia had curly auburn hair and green eyes. When I was introduced as Aunt Rose's ward; they looked at me like I was some kind of rat.

Once Aunt Rose was settled and she fell asleep for a nap in her room; her sister had me standing in the family room of the West Wing before her and her daughters. Mrs. Tobias, Jade and Ophelia sat on the couch across from me as they stared judgingly.

"You may call my sister aunt but remember you are not truly related to us by blood; your mother was a homeless whore who died giving you life and my sister took you in out of the goodness of her heart," sneered Mrs. Tobias and her daughters smirked in contempt. "Out of the goodness of my own heart and for my sister's health; you will be living with us and there are conditions that you must follow!"

And these conditions which were also rules went as this...

Condition/Rule 1

I will no longer be homeschool; I will be attending school with Jade and Ophelia. I will be carrying their school bags to and from school; if one of them get sick I was to pick up any missed schoolwork.

Condition/Rule 2

I will be helping their housekeeper clean the house, do laundry and learn how to cook. I am expected to make them breakfast, prepare lunches and make dinner; I am also to wash dishes.

Condition/Rule 3

Finally I was to keep myself scarce whenever there are guests around and I was to stay quiet, and not to ask any questions.

"You follow these three conditions and rules, and there will be no trouble;" continued Mrs. Tobias matter of fact. "But if you try and cause trouble then there will be punishments...understand, Girl!"

"I understand, madam;" I said solemnly.

I soon met Mr. Tobias when he got home and Aunt Rose woke up from her nap; Mrs. Tobias had explained what was going on in private to her husband. Edward "Eddy" Tobias was built like a body builder with a shaved head and a Van Dyke mustache and beard; he had blue eyes.

He was nice and courteous to my aunt but I sensed that he was like his wife; Mr. Tobias was a family man. He loved his wife and spoiled his daughters; I sensed that Jade was her father's favorite daughter and Ophelia was her mother's favorite, yet in the end both girls were doted upon.


That was two years ago and in between since then; I was basically a servant to the Tobias Family. I cleaned, did the laundry and cooked; I went to school carrying the school bags for Jade and Ophelia, went to my classes and act as a "pack mule" on the way of home.

Aunt Ross's health got worse in those two years; but she managed to make sure I had extra activity. I was basically a loner; I ran, read a book as I walked and visited the library.

I got interested in bellydancing and I would stay after class to help clean up; I did bellydancing when the Tobias Family had guests and I found odd jobs to do around town, and earned some money that I saved as well as kept hidden. By age eleven; Aunt Rose's health became worse and during a visit to the doctor, we learned that she had advanced leukemia.

I was hugging my aunt tightly in fear as I learned that she had a year to live as the leukemia was too far to treat. Mrs. Tobias did not show any emotion when Aunt Rose told her the news and all she said: "We will make sure that you are comfortable when the time comes!"

My Aunt Rose was a beautiful woman with long wavy chestnut brown hair and gray eyes; though she was ill she still wanted to live life. Thanks to my homeschooling; I skipped to 5th Grade in the same class as Ophelia since Jade entered middle school, the school I'm going to combines Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

First floor was Elementary, second floor was Middle School and the third floor was High School; all three schools shared the gym and cafeteria. The school was called Eden Academy and there is a school uniform to wear; girls wore knee-length pleated white skirt and a blue suite jacket over white button shirt, boys had to wear blue tweed suits.

Aunt Rose helped me with Math still and I managed to raise my Math grade to C; but I passed my English and History Classes. I enjoyed Gym as I was quick on my feet and ran track; I was fascinated by Biology and learning about nature.

I knew that Jade and Ophelia were popular, and they weren't happy that I was a nerd. But I was still a loner and preferred to avoid crowds; I ate lunch alone in a corner and went to class, I participated in groups but I always stayed back.

I witnessed bullying but I went with the flow and walked away; I did discreetly alerted a teacher but I always stayed away. I was known as the nerdy freak and was never bullied but I was still the "pack mule" to Jade and Ophelia.

Aunt Rose knew that her sister and sister's family was using me as a servant; she argued on how wrong it was. I overheard the arguing as I worked on my homework and I could hear the passion in my aunt's voice for my defense.

"Why do you treat my Moon Blade like a servant?" Aunt Rose asked, "she did nothing wrong to deserve this treatment!"

"She is a bastard born out of wedlock and her mother was a whore who slept with any man for food, and shelter;" I heard Mrs. Tobias' voice answered in righteous fury.

"Jane was no whore; she was a child who was raped and thrown from home after discovering that she was pregnant," I heard my aunt say after she gave a frustrated scream. "Luna's mother was drugged and raped; but she still loved the child that she carried and I will honor her sacrifice by raising her daughter with all the love I have!"

"That Girl was never born from you body; she is not blood," exclaimed Mrs. Tobias with a slight pitch to her voice.

"Blood...Are you shitting me;" Aunt Rose roared, "you married our third cousin because of purity! Our parents were fucked up in their heads with that shit load of Ancient/Old World nonsense!"

"Our family always followed tradition of third cousin marriages and it was always arranged at birth;" countered Mrs. Tobias preachingly. "If you just obeyed our parents and gone through with your own arrange marriage; we would all be very happy!"

"I CAN'T BEAR CHILDREN!" I heard Aunt Rose suddenly scream in fury and everything was silent.

After a few moments; I heard my aunt sigh in realization that she had revealed her greatest secret to her sister at last.

"I am barren, Petunia, I can't bear any child within my body;" I heard Aunt Rose explain now calmed. "Luna Silver Blade is my daughter in all but blood and she is all I have left of my dearest friend!"

"So my children are the last ones who will continue our family line;" I heard Mrs. Tobias say also calm. "You know that Girl will never be accepted and she is only good as a servant until she is eighteen long after you die, Rose!"

In the Tobias household I am simply known as the Girl but to my Aunt Rose; I am her Moon Blade...


Another year has passed and I turned twelve; Aunt Rose lost her hair in that time and was now in the hospital. The doctors say it won't be long until she passes; my aunt had me go to the movies before then.

It was just the two of us; we were watching the remake of Planet of the Apes and it was fun watching. I could not help imagining how different it would have been if a human managed to change Thade's hatred; I had a bit of a crush on that chimp general and felt sorry for him.

I had to sit through a bus ride and listen to Aunt Rose tease me on my crush; this was before I turned twelve. I remember my aunt telling me: "If you were in a similar situation like the movie; I can see you paired with Thade even if he is an evolved talking ape!"

Now I was twelve and I was visiting Aunt Rose at the hospital; I had a bad feeling that this was going to be goodbye. I found her room and went in; Aunt Rose looked like she shrunk a bit as she was hooked to machines and she had a breathing mask in her nose.

She looked like she was sleeping but when I touched her hand she woke up with a small gasp. When Aunt Rose saw me she gave a tire smile as she brushed my cheek with her fingertips.

"Happy 12th Midsummer Birthday, my Moon Blade;" said Aunt Rose sounding tired.

I carefully got in bed with her and kissed my aunt's cheek before she tucked my head under her chin, and we somehow fell asleep. Hours later I woke up to an alarm and the medical staff began rushing in; I had my ear over my aunt's heart but I could no longer hear it beat.

I was rushed out of the room as the doctors took over; I became scared that I actually became sick and threw up. I ran to the nearest restroom and not only rinsed my mouth out with hot water but I also splashed my face.

I then looked at myself in the mirror and I gazed at my reflection; a scared twelve-year-old girl with long flowing silver tinted white hair and midnight blue eyes gazed back. My one and only guardian has passed, and I will soon be at the mercy of the Tobias family.

When I returned to the room; I heard the doctor announce my Aunt Rose's death and I stood in shock as I watched my aunt be covered by a sheet. One of the nurses saw me and I watched her grab something from inside the side table before coming to me.

"Are you, Luna Silver Blade?" She asked curiously and at my nod; she handed me a sealed envelope and the nurse said: "Your aunt wanted you to have this on your birthday before she passed!"

I took the envelope with a small "Thank you" and I could feel that there was more then a letter inside. I soon sat next to my aunt's body; holding the letter and staring into space.

"Poor girl; losing her aunt on her birthday is a cruel twist of fate;" I heard a nurse say when a couple of them came to check on me.

"All Miss. O'Sullivan did was talk about her Moon Blade;" another nurse said with a hint of fondness. "She named the girl Luna Silver Blade; such a unique name and it simply rolls off the tongue!"

I soon got up and left the hospital; I did not want to return to the Tobias household and no doubt they are receiving the call on my aunt's passing. Mrs. Tobias and her family never visited Aunt Rose while she was in the hospital; I was the only one who diligently visited on my own.

I somehow found myself in the park; I found a spot hidden from view and away from people, it was under a willow tree by a river and I sat under the branches. I finally opened the envelope, took out the letter and felt something wrapped inside the folded letter.

I carefully unfolded the letter and found a crystal-shaped pentacle inside; it fitted inside my hand as I read the letter...

To my Moon Blade;

Happy 12th Midsummer Birthday and may your wishes come true. The gift I had wrapped within this letter was given to me by a wise old gypsy woman for helping her in her time of need.

She told me that this talisman can grant any wish and will also bestow a special Gift. I kept this talisman hidden for a long time and I decided to pass it on to you.

I know it will be hard with me gone but this talisman will not only grant you a wish; it will also take you to another world. I wanted to wait and give you the talisman on your eighteenth birthday but the Gods thought other wise.

Use the talisman, go on a adventure and become the woman that you want to be. The future is not set in stone; make your choices, create mistakes and find your path.

Maybe you can finally go on that adventure to Planet of the Apes and restart your life anew. The Universe is a big place with many worlds; no matter what your wish maybe!

Love always;

Aunt Rose

After I read the letter I looked at the crystal pentacle in my hand and thought about what wish I wanted as I closed my hand around the talisman; I could wish my aunt back to life but that would be selfish. Then I thought about what Aunt Rose wrote me; I could wish to go on a adventure and restart my life in another world.

I thought about the Planet of the Apes Movie remake; I remember Aunt Rose telling me about the 60s-70s Planet of the Apes Movies and the television series version, we even found the novel version on the web and read the Wikipedia summary. I somehow combined these versions of the Planet of the Apes in my mind as I unconsciously gripped the talisman tightly and thought on what kind of adventure it would be.

"I wish..." was all I could say.

I suddenly felt warmth in my hand and looked down to see the talisman glowing. I opened my hand slowly there was a flash of light and then nothing but darkness.

3: Book 1-2
Book 1-2

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic

Book 1


Author's Note

In Part 4 of Book 1-2 which is the last part; I borrowed a song called The Song of the Goddess from a site called ...the Author is unknown but I thought the song suites this story well...

Pieces of the Song of the Goddess will be used in future chapters for certain dream sequences...


It felt like hours when I finally woke and the first two things I noticed; I was laying on the ground and my right hand hurt like it was on fire. I slowly sat up before I looked at my right hand and could not help but gasp in slight shock when I saw an outlined tattoo of the pentacle on the palm of my right hand; I looked at the back of my hand and saw the same outlined tattoo.

"What the fuck;" I said in shock.

I maybe twelve but I knew when the right time to swear would come and shock was the perfect time to swear. At least I still had my clothes and shoes on, and I was still holding my aunt's letter.

It also took me awhile to notice my surroundings and I realized I was no longer in America nor was I on Earth. I was in some kind of jungle, on some different world and no clue what happened.

I had a panic attack...

I sat with my knees drawn up and my forehead resting on my knees as I rocked slightly. I finally calmed down and slowly stood up; I made a wish and am on another world.

Twelve-years-old and I am on a adventure of a lifetime; my first objective is to find a river and follow it. My second objective would be to find safe eatable plants for food and my final objective is to find people, and learn where the hell am I.

Or the better question...

What world did I land in?

I was soon walking through the jungle with Aunt Rose's letter folded and tucked in my pant pocket. As I walked I thought back to Earth and began wondering about what kind of funeral my aunt would have.

I know she would want to be cremated and her ashes scattered on a mountain but knowing Mrs. Tobias that may not happen. I wonder if the Tobias Family would notice that I was gone; they would probably think I followed after my birthmother and became homeless, they will be glad that I was gone.

Okay...enough morbid thoughts...

I am on a strange new world, I got a fricking tattoo on my hand and I was getting hungry; I finally heard water and practically ran to find it. As I got closer I began to hear a waterfall and that was when I saw the most beautiful sight...WATER...sweet beautiful lifegiving water.

I forgot my hunger as I stripped and ran naked into that pool that was being fed by the waterfall. Aunt Rose made sure I knew how to swim and I did not care that I was swimming in the nude.

The water felt wonderful and for a moment I was happy to just swim, and drink some water (which tasted so pure). But I soon had to leave the pool and carefully walked to where I left my clothes piled next to my sneakers with my socks stuffed in them.

Yet when I reached the spot I left them; my clothes, my underwear, my socks and shoes were gone. What the Hell happened to my stuff along with my letter from Aunt Rose?

I could not believe that I was going to be walking butt naked through the jungle trying to find my stolen stuff. I already heard The Talk about "the birds and the bees" and I'm entering puberty; I'm not going to flash my budding body.

But if I want my clothes back; I started walking knowing I will be dry and crossing my arms over my developing chest. This was quiet uncomfortable and humiliating; whoever stole my stuff I will smack 'em.


Walking through the jungle butt naked and searching for the culprit who had stolen my clothes was not fun; I started wondering how Adam and Eve managed being naked 24/7 before the apple. I paused in step when I heard a sound up ahead and it sounded like people; my feet were sore but I kept walking as I followed the noise.

I soon came upon a group of people; men, women and children all naked, and not caring. There was a rugged fire pit and a deer-like creature was being roasted; I spotted my clothes near the pit and these people were using my clothes as kindling.

Oh no...the letter was going to be burned...

I took a step and stepped on something familiar; looking down I saw my aunt's letter on the ground, they must have went through my pockets and discarded it upon find it. After picking the letter up; I saw the women start throwing my clothes into the fire and clutching my letter I ran forward as I cried out: "No...don't burn those!"

But it was too late; my clothes were now fueling the cooking fire and these strangers were now staring at me. They were human but seemed mute and all I could do was stare at my burning clothes.

No one tried to shoo me away or tell me to get lost; the cooked meat was being torn off by hand and handed around. I received a piece and nearly dropped it after the meat was placed in my hands.

I blew on it as I passed it between my hands before taking a bite; the piece of meat was still hot but it tasted wonderfully. More meat was passed around until everyone had their fill; I just stood off to the side and observed.

These people were like cavemen but they were fine being naked; I knew the men were the hunters and the women were the "housewives". The women forged and gathered, tanned the hides and placed them somewhere safe, and took care of the children.

The younger children played and the older children studied how to be adults by watching; everyone had a job to do but no one talked. There were a few vocal grunts to get attention and some sort of primitive sign language was spoken.

The younger children somehow got me to play tag with them and no one minded that I was new to the area. The children inspected the tattoo on my hand and played with my hair; one little girl began braiding my hair as I braided another girl's hair and I felt at peace.


After while the younger children got tired and they gathered together with their heads on each other's stomachs as they took a nap. As for me; I was kept busy in helping to burn the bones of our meal and covering the fire pit, it seemed that everyone was preparing to move on soon.

As I helped the women clean the clearing in erasing our presence; I noticed some of the older men were acting as sentries and watching the surrounding jungle with spears in hand. But this did not stop some of the men in flirting with the women somehow; the older women weren't interested as they continued working, but some of the other women flirted back and it became a teasing game.

The older children who were about to become teenagers carefully watched; the boys observed how the older males initiated and the girls observed how the women responded. I continued working as I watched the teasing game and it wasn't long until one of the men had one of the women on her hands, and knees.

I could not believe that they were having sex infront of everyone and no one seemed to care to be watched or observed. I left the clearing for a moment and still heard the sound of the rutting that was taking place.

Once I was sure it was safe to return; everyone was gathering to leave as a group. The younger children held the hands of the older children and I found myself apart of the group as we soon started into the jungle, the men leading the way with the women and children following behind.

We soon stopped in a orchard that we found and we gathered some apples before continuing on; the women made the tanned hides into satchels and we placed what fruits, and vegetables that we find as well as gathered into them. But something felt off to me as we went back into the jungle and I could not shake the feeling as we continued onward.

I was starting to get comfortable being naked around other naked humans and we found a place to camp for the night. The men and older boys took turns doing night watch as everyone settled into sleep; I had trouble sleeping as I gazed at the alien night sky with about five moons.

It felt weird being with these cavemen-like humans; I can guess their sign language abit but I wished I could speak with someone. I spoke a few words to the younger children and they tried parroting the words back; but one of the women put a stop to me trying to teach speech by cuffing me.

It was when we were picking apples; I caught a couple apples being handed down, I looked at the younger children with me and held an apple up. Once they looked at the fruit I said: "Apple...A...P...P...L...E...Apple!"

"A..." the youngers chorused and I repeated slowly as I waved the apple before them: "Apple!"

"Apple;" chirped a little girl finally and I gave a thumbs up that they copied with some laughter.

But one of the women with us did not like me teaching the children how to talk. I did not see nor hear her come over as I was about to say Apple again; I felt my head get smacked that surprised me and had the children scattering.

I turned to see a buxom blond haired woman and remembered seeing her being ridden by one of the men during sex. She was glaring at me darkly and I said rubbing my head: "What the Hell?"


The sudden slap surprised me until the woman was dragged away by her lover and I was pretty much ignored after that. The children were kept away from me until we made camp and I wasn't allowed to join the huddle for sleep with the women, and children.

All that just for teaching how to say Apple...


It was a bit cold and windy that night; I had to huddle under a bush and curled in a fetal position to try, and stay warm. I finally managed to fall asleep and had a strange dream that began with a song.

"I am the Great Mother;

Worshiped by all creation

And existent prior to their consciousness.

I am the primal female force,

Boundless and eternal.

I am the chaste Goddess of the Moon,

The Lady of All Magic.

The winds and moving leaves

Sing my name.

I wear the crescent Moon

Upon my brow and my feet

Rest among the starry heavens.

I am mysteries yet unsolved,

A path newly set upon.

I am a field untouch by the plow.

Rejoice in me and know the

Fullness of youth.

I am the blessed Mother,

The gracious Lady of the Harvest.

I am clothed in the deep, cool

Wonder of the Earth

And the gold of the fields

Heavy with grain.

By me the tides of the Earth

Are ruled;

All things come to fruition

According to my season.

I am refuge and healing.

I am the life giving Mother,

Wonderously fertile.

I am the Matriarch,

Tender of the unbroken

Cycle of Death and Rebirth.

I am the wheel,

The shadow of the Moon.

I rule the tides of the ocean

And of women and men.

I give release and renewal

To weary souls.

I am the Goddess of the Moon, the Earth, the Seas.

My names are many,

Yet know that by all names

I am the same.

I pour forth insight, peace, wisdom and understanding.

I am the eternal Maiden,

Mother of All,

And Matriarch of Reckoning,

And I send you blessings

Of limitless love."

I found myself in a great beautiful exotic garden and I could hear three female voices singing that song in a round. I followed the singing to a spacious gazebo where three figures sat as their voices blended into harmony as they finished singing.

As I approached it felt like I passed through something and I found myself garbed in a robe-like dress of light. Suddenly the gazebo had disappeared and before me appeared four obstacles blocking my path.

*Cleanse yourself within the Elements;* whispered a disembodied voice to me.

The first obstacle was water; I jumped in and began to swim as the water turned into rapids. I pushed onward towards the other shore but suddenly the temperature went down and the water began to freeze.

Knowing that I could get trapped; taking the deepest breathe I could, I dove under and continued to swim as the water froze over me. Strangely it began to snow underwater and I could feel the snowflakes coat my back, and freeze over yet I kept swimming.

I was soon close to the other shore but the ice over me was thick and it continued to snow underwater. My entire body was being covered by the snowflakes that were quickly freezing and making me heavy.

I swung with all my might with my frozen hand and broke through the ice; I pulled myself onto shore with a gasp.

*Through Water, Ice and Snow your soul has been cleansed;* said the disembodied voice to me.

4: Book 1-3
Book 1-3

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic

Book 1


Author's Note

I will be using pieces of The Song of the Goddess at some point within the story along with the full Song...

I am borrowing the name of Kadath from H. P. Lovecraft for one of the capitol cities in this story...


I woke with a gasp and my body still shivering, and covered in sweat that felt like I just swam through cold water and the memory of the dream was still fresh. I crawled out from under the bush and began blinking like an owl in the sunlight; when I noticed something different with the tattoo of my hand.

One point of the pentacle and one of the spaces was filled in; the inside of the point was filled with water waves and one of the spaces between points had a snowflake. It was the same on my palm and then I noticed I was alone in the camp.

The group I was with had moved on without me but at least they left me some apples and oranges along with a satchel. I ate half of an orange knowing I had to make the fruits last as I walked and thought about the dream I had.

I got tired of the quiet and began to hum the tune from my dream; before I knew it I was singing one of the verses out loud...

"I am the Great Mother,

Worshiped by all creation

And existent prior to their consciousness.

I am the primal female force,

Boundless and eternal..."


I stopped singing and walking when I heard the snap of a twig, and I stood still as a statue holding my satchel of fruit. After a moment I heard rustling in the undergrowth and I started walking fast without a thought to a direction.

Suddenly from my left and out of the brush; a large group of naked humans came running and behind them I could hear primate screeches echoing. My bag of fruits were knocked out of my hands and I suddenly found myself running with the human herd through the jungle.

Not too far behind us there were more primate screeches followed by the barking of dogs and neighing of horses. Two children, a boy and girl, had taken my hands while we ran; I heard a cry and risked a glance.

I saw an elderly man had been killed with an arrow and I could not help but stop, and stare in shock; I felt the children grip my hands tightly as a creature jumped into sight. It was a primate with bright reddish orange fur with a dark hairless face; it was dressed in hunter's green and stood at 10.3".

The golden marmoset held a bow in it hands and had a quiver of arrows slung on its back. The monkey yanked the arrow out of the dead man's body before looking at us and gave a screech.

The two children and I began to run as more primates came with them were hunting dogs and there were apes riding horses. We soon reached the human herd and I could not help but watch in horrified awe; some humans were set upon and killed by the hounds, others were wounded or killed by a well placed arrow.

Children were snatched and tossed into hanging nets; preteens and teenagers were caught by nets, and women were grabbed as well as pulled onto horses by the ape riders. It was chaos until I felt the children with me being grabbed and saw two chimpanzees toss them into hanging nets.

I found a rock, picked it up and threw the stone with all my might; it hit a gorilla's head and the creature turned with a snarl. The gorilla wore silver armor and I ran as the gorilla jumped onto a horse to give chase.

But I could not outrun a horse and I was soon grabbed around the waist, and was pulled to lay across the gorilla's lap.


I passed out awhile ago and came to when I heard a huff, and a voice growling: "Colonel Attar, sir, the hunting was a success and we are ready to move out once we get these humans loaded!"

"Good; start separating the human herd," I heard the reply from the gorilla who caught me. "The children will be easy to train and sell quick; separate the males from the females, any female pregnant are to be carefully handled!"

I opened my eyes and came face to face with another Golden Marmoset also in hunter's green who took one look at me, and he said with a hoot: "Hey, Colonel, you got yourself a nice human!"

I heard the gorilla colonel cackle as he pushed me off the horse and I landed on my back with a yelp on the ground. Then I was pulled up by my hair roughly that I exclaimed with another yelp: "What the Hell is wrong with you, jerks?"

"Well...looky...looky;" said a chimp soldier with a bark of laughter, "this human must have been trained before!"

"She will need retraining;" said a gorilla soldier grabbing my chin, "she'll bring a fortune with her looks alone!"

"General Thade;" called another ape soldier and everyone's attention were turned to the approaching horse, and rider.

I took the opprotinuty to look around; there were ape soldiers and other monkey hunters. The ape soldiers wore red or grey plain armor over purple tunics; they wore black pants tucked into boots that gave them leverage.

The monkey hunters wore dark green jackets over light green tunics and brown pants tucked into boots; they looked like park rangers in a way. Both apes and monkeys carried weapons; I then noticed the wagons, one wagons was being filled with dead bodies of humans and the other wagons were cages.

The wagon carrying the dead were pulled by horses and the rest of the wagons were being pulled by a team of human males. Something in my brain suddenly clicked and I realized I was on the Planet of the Apes; but this was different though the characters maybe similar.

Soon the horse and rider was close; the rider was a chimp who appeared to be very important. He had dark brown fur, brown face and piercing pale green eyes; he looked more like a cross between human and chimp (of course the other apes and monkeys were similar), and he wore black armor.

"Hunt was successful, General Thade; sir," said Colonel Attar as he gave a salute. "What humans are not sold in Kadath will be shipped to the other kingdoms!"

"General, sir;" said the chimp soldier who still held my hair, "the Colonel caught this human and she appeared to have been trained to speak!"

I think I rolled my eyes at that comment and gave a "tch" sound; I got my hair yanked abit. General Thade got off his horse, came over and took my hair at the same time he grabbed my chin.

Too close for comfort until the chimp general began to run his hands over my body and that had me squirming abit. I did not like being groped and my head was starting to hurt from my hair being pulled.

"No marks on this body; hair of moonlight, eyes of night and alabaster white skin!" General Thade said as he let go of my hair and held my waist. "She must have been born to a esteemed ape family; there are reports of traveling ape families being set upon by wild humans!"

"Then it is a good thing we caught her then before she turned feral;" said the gorilla colonel as he inspected me with his eyes over the chimp general's shoulder. "She can be checked by the trainers and see what other training can be done before being sold!"

I was soon put in a wagon with the other women, preteen and teenager girls; then there were crack of whips followed by yelps of pain and we started moving. It wasn't long until the swaying of the wagon lulled me to sleep and back into dreams.


"I am the Great Mother;

Worshiped by all creation

And existent prior to their consciousness.

I am the primal female force,

Boundless and eternal..."

I found myself laying on the shore next to the frozen lake that I swam across from. I stood up to stretched before me after the water was muddy land; I could feel my robe-like dress of light clung to me still wet.

*Cleanse yourself within the Elements;* echoed the disembodied voice.

I started walking through the mud until I came to a trench that stretched like the lake and was filled with mud, and thorny vines grew everywhere. I carefully entered the trench but I could not avoid the thorny vines and I was soon covered in bloody scratches that bled.

My dress of light was soon torn to rags; my arms, legs and even feet were cut by the vines of thorns that seem to grow quickly from the drops of my blood. But I kept walking until the mud suddenly turned into a muddy quicksand and the thorny vines were quickly becoming a thicket as well as came to life.

I felt the vines wrap around me and cut into me as I drew near to the end of the trench; the thorny vines began to wrap around me and began to pull me down. I felt my blood flowing out of me as I was cocooned and drawn into the mud, and all I saw was darkness.

*Sacrifice;* I heard whispered to me...

I began to claw my way out of the darkness and I soon was pulling myself up the trench. I looked behind me and saw green grass, flowers and trees; the muddy trench with the thorny vines were no more.

I managed to pull myself out of the trench and I was covered in mud. My body was in pain and I was clothed in rags of light as I tried to catch my breathe.

*Through Earth and by thy sacrifice; through Nature your soul is cleansed,* I heard the disembodied voice say.


I woke with a gasp and my body felt sore in remembrance of the dream; the other girls and women had kept their distance from me. I must have slept through yesterday as I noticed that an ape camp was being dismantled.

I noticed that my tattoo got two more fillings; another point had earth and another space had flowers, and vines. An ape soldier brought bowls of fruits and water; I was closer to the door and was handed the items.

"Thank you;" I said automatically and the gorilla guard nodded as I turned to distribute the food.

But the buxom blond woman from before who was also in the same wagon came over and snatched the bowl of fruits from my hands with a slight scream. I quickly raised my hands in surrender at her look of dominance and watched her hand the fruit out to the others.

The alpha female then glared hatefully at me as there was still fruits in the bowl; she took an apple and took a bite as she set the bowl down far from my reach. I got on my knees and held my hand out begging as I said: "Please!" I even managed to sign hunger.

One of the other women had half of an orange eaten and made to give me the other half; but the alpha female slapped the other's hand and hissed at her. Then she slapped my hand and suddenly body slammed me; before I knew it the buxom blond woman began to scream wordlessly at me as she started hitting me and slamming my head against the floor.

"Stop;" I cried out in pain, "no more!"

But this only made my attacker furious as she grabbed me and yanked me up with her before throwing me against the bars of the wagon. I thought I was going to be beaten to death but I somehow managed to scream loud enough for help.

Two gorilla guards opened the cage and pulled us out; I felt a few strains of my hair being pulled out as I managed to get away from my attacker. I threw myself into a chimp soldier and broke down crying as I clung tight.

The woman continued screeching as I was pushed away but I kept watch as my attacker struggled against the two gorillas who held her. The chimp guard whom I had cried on was wiping his armor and glaring at the struggling wild woman as he let out a growl.

"This human bitch is too wild to be trained; we should put her down," he said with a snarl.

One of the gorilla guards said: "We can give her to the scientists; they always wanted to test experiments on certain wild humans!"

"Have her gagged and put into a smaller cage then;" said the chimp as he nodded in agreement.

I watched as they gagged the buxom blond haired woman and forced her into a box cage; where she sat with her knees drawn up and she gave me a murderous look. Why does she hate me so and tried to kill me? I thought confused.

I was roughly checked and winced a bit when my head was felt; I started to feel a headache. The chimp guard gave a huff as he looked me over for any bruising and he said: "You will live; let us hope the other females are not that aggressive!"

I was put back into the cage and the other women checked me over before giving me fruits to eat. I ate slowly and gave my stomach a moment to digest the food as we started moving again.

The cage with my attacker was being carried by two gorilla guards on a pole. I felt pity for the woman but I could not help wondering about what happens to us when we get to Kadath.

5: Book 1-4
Book 1-4

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic

Book 1


Author's Note

This next chapter explains what happens to the humans and another dream sequence is next...

WARNING: there will be rape...SORRY...


The caravan had finally reached Kadath; it was a huge city build in and around a great forest, surrounding a great hill in the center. It was exotically grand buzzing with activity and filled with all sorts of life.

I saw apes running businesses with workers, wealthy apes walking around and humans following behind on leashes carrying items or running errands with a minder. I also noticed that these humans wore clothes; men walked bare chest in kilts and women wore wrap halter tops, and skirts.

There were ape children running around playing and being watched by some form of nannies; monkeys or humans. Our wagons were soon brought to three large buildings connected by bridges and build around, and inside three huge trees.

Four orangutans dressed in light orange robes followed by a small bonobo and gorilla guards along with twelve chimpanzees wearing white labcoats over their green robes came out of the central bbuilding. I could guess the orangutans were the businessmen, the chimpanzees were some sort of doctors and the guards wore gray security uniforms.

The orangutan businessmen took a quick look over the living humans in the caged wagons and the head orangutan businessman whom I later learned was named Limbo said: "It will take a long years time to get these wild humans trained and ready to be sold!"

"Not many humans tend to pass our training programs but we will make do;" said another orangutan businessman matter of fact.

I overheard the chimp guard from before say: "We do have a human whom seemed to have been trained in speech!"

"Really;" said Limbo in interest...

A gorilla soldier pulled me out of the wagon and began to lead me over when I heard a girl's voice call: "Apple!"

I looked at the wagon that held the children and I saw the little girl whom I taught her first word. She held the folded letter from my late aunt and I realized that it was taken from me as I slept, and I never noticed as I was busy figuring out what was going on.

A chimpanzee soldier must have noticed as he tried to grab the paper but the girl quickly stuffed my letter into her mouth and ate it. I stood in shock until my wrist was gently grabbed and I was pulled to the waiting group.

"Hmmm..." said Limbo as he and his colleagues inspected my form; "hair of moonlight, eyes of the night sky and alabaster white skin. Standing at 4'11"; a bit small in height but she can fetch a small fortune!"

"Name;" ordered the third orangutan businessman and I replied: "Luna Silver Blade; sirs!"

"We'll take the lot though this one will make up everything in volume;" said Limbo with a sigh.

There was haggling and whatever price was agreed upon as soon as the money was exchanged; Limbo clapped his hands as he said: "Let's get these humans cleaned and clothed; assessments and training begins...chop...chop!"


The human females and I were herded to a bathing area; there were other women waiting dressed in wrapped tops over bosoms and wrapped skirts, the most notable were the collars that they wore. The bathing area had tubs and showers; everything was clean and the tiled floor felt nice.

The other women weren't use to it but I wanted to be feeling clean and I made a beeline for the showers. Two of the slave women came over and one of them said: "Shower?"

"Please; it has been a while since," I said with a smile and the two women chuckled with their own smiles.

I felt the stares of the other wild women as the shower was turned on and I stepped in under, and gave a sigh of content. I got my long hair wet before I was gently pulled out and one of the slave women washed my hair as the other scrubbed my body.

Some sort of sea and sugar scrub was used that smelled of roses, and jasmine; before I carefully stepped back into the shower and rinsed off. My long hair felt light and squeaky clean; my body felt clean and soft after bathing in the shower.

After seeing how I handled my bath and watched how I was handed a towel, and dried off before a wrap shift was put on me; the other women were a bit timid but they were willing to try the showers. Soon they were smelling of flowers and they were soon dressed in wrap shifts; then we were escorted to a medical section where the chimp doctors were waiting.

"Luna Silver Blade;" said a female chimp doctor coming up to me with a kind smile before leading me over to an area with a table.

The shift wrap was removed and I found myself going through a medical examination. I was poked with a needle for blood drawn, my reflexes were checked, etc; then there were questions being asked.

"When were you born?"

"At dawn on Midsummer!"

"How old are you in seasons?"

"Twelve summers!"

The next set of questions that were asked next; I had to tell half truths and half lies...

"What was the item that the little girl ate? It looked like it held a personal value to you..."

"It was a letter from my Aunt Rose; she died on my birthday!"

"You can read...How is that possible?"

"My old master came from a family of misers; they had enough money to pay for employment but did not want to waste the cost. They bought certain humans and trained them to read, and write; my aunt was born and raised as such!"

"And you?"

"I am an orphan; my birthmother was a teenager and was in a sense still a child when she had me, she died at my birth. Aunt Rose is not related to me by blood but she did raise me and taught me what I know!"

My answers seemed to satisfy the chimp doctor as I was dressed once more in the wrap shift. The other women weren't use to doctors and fought against the checkups; I was quickly escorted to a dorm and shown to a room.

I must have looked confused and the ape doctor explained: "You are a special case as you had speech training growing up; the other wild humans must be trained to talk before any other training can be done. You will learn to serve apes and will be sold to one of the ape families!"

"How long do training take?" I asked curiously and she replied: "Depends on the humans who are being trained!"

The female chimpanzee doctor who was taking the time to be my guide told me her name was Zira and she showed me around the dorm. I was shown the dining area and listened as Zira explained what my new life will be.

The ape trainers who are training the humans sit and eat at the table; the human trainees sit on the floor on pillows around a communal pot to eat. As part of the training I will be expected to serve the trainers as we eat our own meals; we must be quick in refilling cups and serving food.

"You must impress the trainers, Luna, the skillful you are will determine your scoring and marketing value to be sold;" said Zira matter of fact. "You might get lucky and be sold as a companion with your looks!"

Again the comments on my looks...


Zira then took me to a room called The Collaring Room; the rest of the wild humans were now washed and clothed. Zira quickly explained that human trainees were given collars to wear until we are sold; once sold the training collars are removed and replaced with a collar that bears our owners' family crest, and colors.

I watched as the wild humans fought against having collars put on them. Gorilla and bonobo guards had to hold them down as the collars were locked around the necks.

I noticed how the bonobo male who was doing the collaring looked frazzled and frustrated; most of the humans tried to bite him and had to be muzzled. I took pity on the ape for doing his job when my turn came; I waved the guards off and held my hair up.

"Smart human;" he grunted as he put the collar about my neck and locked it.

It felt strange that I will be wearing a collar 24/7; the collar was leather and it was abit big as I felt it hang loose. But my first day of training has just begun as trainers came to select their trainees.

I also learned that Zira was one of the trainers and picked me to train; the ape trainers took their human trainees away by leashes. Since I was an intelligent human I did not need a leash; Zira also thought to add lessons to my training and I was curious to learn about the Planet of the Apes.

"What is this world called, Zira?" I asked curiously and Zira answered: "This planet is called Ashlar and our empire is called the Ashlar Empire!"

Then Zira laid down some rules; out in public I was to address her as Mistress Zira and in private no titles. She was to train me in doing household chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc; but in private she will teach me history, culture, etc.

But I was also expected to obey other trainers; I was to learn as much as I can in training. I learned that apes love their entertainments of music, dance and fighting; so besides domestic training I will also be trained to entertain.

"I should also forewarn you, Luna, considering that humans are seen as beasts;" said Zira matter of fact and with hesitant. "There are apes who daily in beastiality with their humans in masochism and sadism or simply pleasure!"

"Why tell me this?" I asked and Zira replied: "Because you are becoming a woman and will be starting your Blood Moon soon at some point, and what ape would not want to taste the forbidden fruit!"

Well that is a scary thought; but luckily the subject was changed as a bell rang and Zira explained that my first training is to serve at meal time. I followed Zira to the dining hall where the ape trainers with their human trainees who were advanced in their training began to gather.

I pulled out Zira's chair and pushed it back as she sat; then I followed in filling her cup with drink and went to fetch the first course of the meal. The each course was small and the food looked as well as smelled delicious but we, humans, continued refilling cups and clearing dirty dishes away; many ape trainers drank alcohol yet Zira and a few others preferred water.

Those who drank alcohol not only became intoxicated but bold enough to smack a human trainee on the rear and laugh at the startled/surprised looks. When I felt a smack to my butt I almost spilled water from Zira's cup; luckily desert came and all human trainees were dismissed to our owl meals.

I was soon sitting around a large tray of fruits, veggies and meats; the girls whom I sat with took turns filling cups with water to drink as we ate with either a fork or our fingers. There was no talking among the groups but our trainers did do a lot of talking and jokes were shared.

"So which lucky human will receive our pleasure this night?" A male bonobo trainer asked and caused some chuckles.

"The new trainees could be a fun entertainment;" said a male gorilla trainer matter of fact. "Maybe the new pretty one that Zira will be training!"

"My human trainee is off limits and she is too young;" I heard Zira say in my defense and ended the talk.


It was finally time for bed; I was sharing a room with five other girls and we laid out mattress-size puffy sleeping mats. We slept in the nude with our clothes neatly folded at the foot of our beds and the puffy mats were like pillows for the whole body.

My roommates fell asleep at lights out but I could not relax and stayed awake. A few moments later the door opens and two male gorillas in dress robes silently came in.

"That Doctor Zira is such a human sympathizer;" said one gorilla as he and his friend disrobed. "How did she become a trainer anyway?"

"How should I know;" said the other as he gazed upon the sleeping girls,"let us have our fun and go back to our beds to sleep"

I pretended to sleep as I felt their gazes fall on me...

"Wish we could have fun with Doctor Zira's girl;" I heard the first say with a touch of lust and the other replied: "Doctor Zira is right about her being young; she is not ripe...yet!"

Then I watched as they woke one of the girls and pulled her from her sleeping mat. I then learned what Zira meant about some apes wanting to taste the forbidden fruit and in my twelve years I bore witness to rape.

The girl was pinned to the wall as one gorilla lifted her up and slammed his "sword" into her; the painful scream send a jolt of fear through me. I sensed the other girls had also woken but no one moved nor spoke as pleasure groans mixed with painful whimpers filled the room.

When the first gorilla had climaxed and pulled away; his friend had his turn by forcing the girl onto her hands and knees, and impaled her from behind. I laid on my right side, kept my eyes hooded like I was asleep and watched the rape.

They weren't finished with the girl and took turns performing oral sex; cunnilingus on her. She was held down and all the girl could do was wimpier but soon turned to moans; the two gorillas kept performing cunnilingus until her release.

Once the two males were satisfied they put their dress robes back on; kissed the girl as she broke down in tears and left. We waited for a count of ten before getting up and went to the girl's side; we had a shared bathroom connected to our room.

There were five hot spring walk-in baths and five showers; we stayed with the girl as she bathed. We pulled our sleeping mats together and huddled together as we fell asleep.