Chapter 1

Note: I wrote this last night. This is Helga's version of "Arnold and the Mystery of Hats," which was my first fanfiction for Arnold and his friends. If you haven't looked at it yet, I would recommend you do so. I don't want you to get lost if you don't read both of the sides of the story. Thanks for reading.

Helga Pataki smiled. Yes, it was a school day. She and her friends are officially in high school now. She still writes poems about one of her classmates. Only her best friend, Phoebe knows about the poems, but never reads them since Helga never bothers sharing with her. She grabbed her backpack and walked out of the house.

She was able to get to the high school early. Phoebe met her at the cafeteria.

“Hi, Phoebe.”

“Hi, Helga. I see you finally made it early for once.”

“I know. I came here early because I want to get to football head’s locker.”

“Why are you getting into his privacy for?”

“I know it’s private property, Phoebe, but I do have a pretty good idea on how I can tell him I love him.”

“You have tried this several times, Helga. Not once have you told Arnold that.”

“I know. I can’t be shy all the time when something like this to tell a certain person like football head that I love him,” Helga told her friend.

“What’s your plan this time to get Arnold’s attention?”

“Do you remember hearing he works at the hat store?”

Phoebe nodded.

“I haven’t forgotten, Helga. What about the hat store?”

“I’m going to break in his locker and make a mess. Maybe it’s the way to get football head’s attention.”

“He doesn’t give out his combination, not even to you.”

“I know. I’ve watched Arnold several times so I know it now. I’m not going to tell you what it is.”

“Good because I don’t need to know.”

“Are you coming along?” Helga asked.”

“I can.”

So both of the girls got up from the table they were sitting at and walked away.

“Helga, I don’t think this is going to work by breaking in Arnold’s locker just for this.”

Helga didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. Both of them saw that Arnold hadn’t shown up at his locker. Helga put a smile on her face as they walked closer to the locker.

“I’m going to stay right where I am, Helga. You are the one who has to tell Arnold about breaking into his locker just to get attention.”

“Why don’t you keep your eyes open and let me know when Arnold and Gerald get here.”

“Okay, but this is your fault for doing such a thing like this.”

Helga still had her backpack on her shoulder. Didn’t bother putting it on the floor, either.

So far, Phoebe hasn’t seen their friends.

“Are they coming yet?” Helga asked.

“No,” she answered.


She did the combination. It worked. She saw there was a hat in his locker. She sighed. It worked. At least the hat would tell Arnold that somebody was here. It would really get Arnold to think on this one for sure.

“What’s that hat doing in Arnold’s locker?”

“I put it there the other day. I stole it from his hate store. I have a lot of other hats in my closet.”

“Helga, you’re really going to get it this time.”

“I know. I’m surprised football head hasn’t noticed his hat is calling his name,” Helga replied.

“If you don’t tell him about doing this, I will. Speaking of Arnold, he and Gerald are coming this way.”

“Thanks for telling me.”

She took the hat out of the locker and then closed the door. She and Phoebe walked over to them and Helga already had a guilty look on his face. She put the hat behind her back. Good. Maybe Arnold didn’t pay much attention to what she was hiding. They came closer.

“Hey, Arnold, Helga and Phoebe are waiting for us,” Gerald said.

“Hi, Helga. Hi, Phoebe. What’s wrong, Helga? You look like you have guilt on your face.”

“What makes you think that, Arnold? I haven’t done anything to have guilt written on my face.”

“You sure have been acting strange lately, Helga. Arnold and I can’t quite figure out what it is.”

Helga had always called Gerald that.

"You should stop calling us names, Helga. You've been doing that for a long time," Gerald told her.

"I know. Maybe I don't want to tell you why I'm at your locker today. I will let you both figure this one out on your own."

Yes, she did mess up Arnold's locker. When he did the combination, both girls walked away.

"Since I started a mystery, Phoebe, I'm going to let them figure it out."

"Looks like they will, Helga."