A Widow placed her hands against the pyramid top, rubbing, standing on the Widow's view river front, small lined pyramid in the center with widow glyphs marked, scorpion pedipalps, dog head and mummy rat between its lines as a widow walk in the distance beside a widow dog, guarding her space.

6er continually held her eyes closed as two widow assists straightened each side of her hair with their hands and wiped her eyelashes, standing in front her scorpion bed in a room with a centered shiny black pyramid hourglass column and shiny black pointy ear pinscher dog head sculpture.

A close up of 6er's upper legs are shown, walking and placed her right hand on to the side, wearing dingy color full leg revealing mummy wrappings around her upper body ending at the neck and hands with black scorpion pedipalp high cuts and mummy wrappings around each of her shins as she exit her palace. 6er walked down the steps, noticing a Widow Notifier, standing between two male black pointy eared Widow guard dogs with the upper body of a muscular human and spider legs as their lower body, holding spears, each positioned beside the walkway as other Widows set up and manage market trapezoid shaped stands and spoke. Widow Notifier "The half pyramid is finished. Its structure is ready for your visit." A close up of 6er's face is shown as she exited into a newly build river view room, shiny black massive frustum of a pyramid with a opening across the top and two Widow Dogs standing watch towards the back, meeting with two Widow Safe Watchers with black segments of a centipede attached to their front legs, front thighs and thigh sides and shiny black scorpion legged clips, clipped around their shins. The Widow Safe Watchers continually watched 6er as a partner smiled and arranged her fingers. Widow Safe Watcher "No danger. We will also higher security here for your needs. Anymore places you would like to tour, lord?" The Widow Safe Watchers followed beside as 6er walked towards the back entrance of the frustum as Widow Safe Watcher clasped her hands behind her back, rushed beside and continually spoke to 6er. Widow Safe Watcher "I wasn't aware you wanted to look outside the balcony. Forgive me, empress."

6er exited the frustum pyramid on to the balcony view with a torch on each end of the rectangle rail, staring across the river at the separate side of the civilization, fire torches reflecting from the water. Widow Safe Watcher "We're working on adding more torches in numbers. Also. The scorpions are awaiting your orders. Should I have Pixel notify them for you?" A Widow Dog aggressively held his spear towards, ordering a victim to keep his distance, standing on the porch beside a frustum pyramid flame torch in front a waterfront entrance shaped as a metaphor of two hourglasses lined against each other and steps leading to as a Widow standing on the lower steps, slightly bend her wrists, sticking her feet into the lake. 6er stared outside, sitting in her red hourglass chair between a hourglass shaped space with red steps as the lower bulb in a wide room of sovereign with pyramid hourglass columns and organized fire torches as Pixel entered the room, noticing and spoke. Pixel "I will keep watch over the scorpions. We need them for our alchemy. I will keep watch over their requests as their fee, our slaves." 6er slowly closed her eyes as she blew a saliva bubble, popping and continually watched as Pixel exited the room.

A widow exited a separate room, walking down small steps on to a square walkway, passing a cross way with black red shiny hourglass pyramid walls and widow columns over a black seemingly pit, exiting into the room of theories with shiny black hourglass pyramid columns and floor pit of blue flames in the center as Widows continually theorize. 6er continually walked beside the Widow Safe Watcher down the steps inside the pyramid, wearing long sleeve dingy colored shirt as mummy wrappings, shin high lower leg wear as dingy colored mummy wrappings and lower body, upper leg, hip and butt armor as thick black scorpion legs as a Widow S Checker continually lead the way, holding a flame torch. Widow Safe Watcher "You want to check your chamber? I see. We kept it under comfort fitting for our lord." The Widow Safe Watcher continually followed 6er, exiting into her chamber as the Widow S Checker walked towards the back, lighting the room and continually spoke. Widow Safe Watcher "Hope its clean enough for you. We can rework the scorpions if you desire their enduring fee. Ahem. Alchemy." Phase continually walked, watching as Widows continually manage, attempting markets stocked with rat meat, pears, neck meat and other Widow cultured varieties, visiting each as a widow held a flamed rat on a stick towards her mouth, biting. Phase noticed as a Widow Safe Watcher placed her hand on to the side, leaving the Widow's food preseve exigency pyramid and noticed as he spoke. Phase "Yo! Safe Watch!"

The Widow Safe Watcher waited, listening as Phase rushed toward her space and continually spoke. Phase "I was kind of looking for you. What are you doing now?" Widow Safe Watcher "I'm finishing my servant to 6er." Phase "That's.. off work for the rest of the day, right?" Widow Safe Watcher "Why are you asking me this, doggy?" Phase "Because I want to be around you." Widow Safe Watcher "I don't care." Phase ".. Is that either way for me?" Widow Safe Watcher "You don't want anyone else to have me so, you must want me. I know you like me." Phase "That isn't how I would word it." Widow Safe Watcher "Why do I always have to let you have your way with me? There are other Widows present." Phase "I thought you felt the same." Widow Safe Watcher "I'm tired." Phase "Then.. let me take you on a boat. Last works from me." Widow Safe Watcher ".. 6 minutes." The Widow Safe Watcher placed a smaller hourglass on to a holder as a half pyramid, slightly bent her wrists as she exited on to a pointy eared dog head boat, following Phase, holding a hourglass paddle. Phase continually rowed the boat over the river, standing as the Widow Safe Watcher continually sat with her ankles crossed, hands placed on to the seat and spoke. Widow Safe Watcher "Its been 6 minutes, Phase. Hourglass finish." Phase "I'm taking us back now." Widow Safe Watcher "Good. Actually makes me feel safe." Phase "I enjoyed it." Widow Safe Watcher "So did I." Phase "Is that a positive for us?" Widow Safe Watcher "No. Aren't you scheduled to be our next lord?" Phase "I rather 6er rule. Gives me a lot to do." Widow Safe Watcher "Nope. Your going to have to be busy like the rest of us." Phase rowed the boat towards the Widow pier, discontinuing as the Widow Safe Watcher slightly bend her wrists, exiting the boat and grabbed the hourglass from the holder. Widow Safe Watcher stick out her tongue and spoke as Phase continually held the hourglass paddle, standing on the boat. Widow Safe Watcher "Mmmmmm. You will never see me again." Phase "I don't really know anymore at this point." Phase continually watched as the Widow Safe Watcher depart.


A Widow with red widow spider stripes marked on her thigh sides, held her hand over the scorpion pit, holding as she drop scorpion food into the pit, feeding scorpions as tomb guards inside the widow's tomb of curses. A room is shown inside the main pyramid, 6er's palace with a centered square black sand pit surrounding a shiny black pyramid hourglass column as a widow arrange her fingers, speaking with a widow dog guard, listening.

A slave as a black scorpion curiously walked towards a closed Widow's vault as a pyramid between a square space, centered in a wide pitch black hallway with continuous hourglass pyramid walls as eyes of a tall buff black pointy eared emperor ranked scorpion merged Pinscher dog guard formed red and growled, noticing. The Widow Safe Watchers continually stared across, watching over the civilization, standing on the Widow's edifice, a frustum pyramid view spire with a hourglass and flame torch placed on to the trapezoid rails and steps as Widow Dogs continually stand guard, holding spears. A pinscher dog is shown, continually resting his eyes, sitting and widow continually held a black scorpion upward by its cursed stinger, rubbed its side with her finger, staring as the scorpion wiggle. 6er, Phase and other major Widows listened as Pixel spoke, sitting on hourglass chairs inside the Widow's room of theories and penalties, a triangular shaped outdoor with square widow columns beside the river and pyramid in the view with a late evening sun glow/light reflector gold capstone beside a separate, the widow's pyramid of recording. Pixel "Our substance will cease if we ignore ice season. The scorpions will need numbers of torches for their shelters we can replace. When we come to notice changers, I will be listening for the paradox."

Widow Dogs continually held a punished scorpion, each holding its left and right patella, standing on the punishment space, a wide square with angled edges and wide steps distant from the civilization as the 3rd Widow Dog executor pierced its chest with his spear. 6er entered the Widows room of association as a wide room with a centered square blue flame pit surrounding a silver black pyramid hourglass sculpture and ceiling as frustum pyramids attached to square widow columns as Widow Sorters walked towards her space, wearing light red sailor collared white short sleeve shirt and short sleeve dingy colored shirt as mummy wrappings with high cuts as black scorpion pedipalps, red widow stripes across each of their upper thighs and mummy wrappings around each of their shins, Widow Sorter holding a pile of pink sand in each of her hands, smiling. 6er held out as the Widow Sorter release the sand on to her hands, held her hands in front her face, continually blinked, staring and nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards.

A Widow Pyramid Checker exited the sand preserve pyramid, reserving secrets of sand as her partner followed, wearing dark blue sailor collard while short sleeve shirts, shiny black upper leg, hip, genital and butt armor with red widow stripes ranging in bars across their lower thighs as the entrance closed. A Widow bent her elbows as she placed her right toe into the triangle shaped sand beside other widows sitting in the warm sand pit. A widow wiped her eyes, tightly closed as she continually stand under sand falling from a small ceiling pyramid, inside the sand bathing pyramid, Widow Dog continually holding a flame torch, securing. Two Widows in the ranks with segments of black legged centipedes attached to their legs, front thighs and segments attached to their shins, standing with their ankles crossed as Pixel exited a separate room, turned forward, exiting the chamber and followed.

Phase dropped on to his knees as he closed his eyes, holding the Widow Safe Watcher's right hand with each of his hands in the Widow Sarcophagus room, pulled her hand as she backed and spoke. Phase "I know your waist." Widow Safe Watcher "Phase... What is wrong with you?" Phase "I just need a minute and I'll leave you alone." Widow Safe Watcher "Why should I?" Phase "I Might as well be a scorpion." The Widow Safe Watcher continually eyed Phase with sympathy and nodded, shaking her head. The Widow Safe Watcher held her hands placed on to, standing between shiny black trapezoid shaped Widow sarcophaguses marked with widow glyphs, dog head, scorpion, sand pile, merged scorpion dog and a centered widow spider hourglass as Phase held his right ear against her chest, arms wrapped around her upper waist, standing on his knees listening to her heart beat, continually vibrate. Phase stood upwards as The Widow Safe Watcher watched and knee kicked his chest as he flinch, eyeing her. Phase wrapped his arms around, tightly hugging the Widow Safe Watcher's waist and closed his eyes, envisioning the greatest feelings.


Widow Safe Watcher "Phase. ..Phase!" Widow Safe Watcher "Phase, I let you hold me long enough. Get off me." Widow Safe Watcher "Can you hear me?" Widow Safe Watcher "Get off me, Phase!" Widow Safe Watcher "Phase, get off me!" The Widow Safe Watcher lifted her legs as she pushed Phase with her feet, falling on to the floor. Phase sat upwards, bending his knees. Widow Safe Watcher "Didn't you hear me?" Phase "I wanted to wait till you kicked me off you." Widow Safe Watcher ".. Wanna play wager?" Phase ".. I do." Widow Safe Watcher "When I'm ready, I'll call you. Until then, get some other help." The Widow Safe Watcher exited the room as Phase watched, continually sitting on the floor and tilted his head downwards.

2: Widow's Slave
Widow's Slave


A major Widow, Tadpole continually rubbed her mid fingers on to a shiny black web, standing in a dark room, noticing as Widow Safe Watcher exited into the room, speaking in sign language. Widow Safe Watcher "We're playing spoon crack. Wanna play? I'm bored." Tadpole nodded as she tilted her head upwards and downwards. Widow Safe Watcher " Hurry up! 6er and Pixel are away. I'll be the announcer. Meet me in the meeting room. I gathered our sisters who want to play." Tadpole exited into the meeting room, noticing other Widows standing in a row as the announcer arranged her fingers. Widow Announcer "Ready!" Widow Safe Watcher "Everyone present. Phase is here." The Widows looked at each other, continually standing in the row as the announcer continually arranged her hands in sign language. Widow Announcer "We like it when our tender waists are wrapped in muscles, don't we?" The Widows standing in the row each arranged their fingers in sign language, stating "Yes." Widow Announcer "I like how it feels when his muscles tightens against my body. I can also feel our hearts vibrating as we're merged. 6er and Pixel are asleep. Lets play first person to crack their spoons wins Phase."

The Widows continually stood in a row outside in front the pyramid, opening their cafeteria spoons with their teeth, hands and jugging the spoon through the plastic as the Widow announcer arranged her fingers, standing beside her participant. Widow Announcer "When I say start.. Start!" Two Widows each stood in front each other, taking turns bending their spoons, letting go as the spoon, smashed hitting on to each other's spoon. The Widows continually switched turns, bending as she let go her spoon, hitting against her participant. Tadpole watched as her participate bended her spoon, noticing Phase exit the pyramid as she let go, damaging her spoon, switching turns as she held her spoon bend, letting go, cracking her participant's spoon as the other Widows noticed. The Widows continually stared as Tadpole slightly raised her spoon.

Phase spoke as the other Widows noticed, staring. Phase ".. What's up?" Widow Announcer "Phase!" Phase "What are you up to?" Phase walked down the steps as the Widow announcer responded in sign language. Widow Announcer "We were playing a game. Who crack the first spoon, is victor. Wanna play?" Phase tarred the plastic, opening the cafeteria spoon pack as he spoke. Phase "I know about this." The Widow announcer nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards and arranged her fingers. Widow Announcer "Start!" Phase "Are you ready?" Tadpole nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards, holding her spoon bent. Phase "After you first." Tadpole continually stared Phase into his eyes, slowly bended her spoon over, letting go as her spoon smash against Phase's spoon.

As the hourglass continually shown..

A Widow held a paper on to the wall, writing her name on to the list with a pencil, standing between two other Widows, marking turn dates and arranged her fingers. Widow "Phase said we can take turns wrapped in his muscles. Ranking him as slave." The Widow responded, smiling as she arrange her fingers. Widow "He works as we wait." Widow "Yups." Widows placed their hands on to, spinning a bottle, sitting on their knees in a circle, watching as the bottle stopped. Widow "I victor."

3: Widow's Board Game
Widow's Board Game


Phase stood beside the major Widows in front the pyramid, watching as Pixel walked in front and taped Poliwag's shoulder, selecting the first Widow, positioning outside the line. Pixel continually taped, selecting Ignital, positioning her self beside Poliwag. Pixel walked beside as she placed her hand on to, taping 4rit's shoulder, taping Phase's shoulder as he followed, positioning beside 4rit. Pixel "All non selectives please enter the pyramid." Phase and the selected Widows watched as the other major Widows followed each other, exiting into the pyramid. Pixel "Weed nooo. Open!" A gold/black pyramid shaped, Pyramid Scheme board instantly raised from, covering the sand as Phase noticed, standing with Poliwag, Ignital and 4rit. Phase "!" A black spinning cube appeared above Pixel's hands, grabbing the cube and spoke.

Pixel "When I call your name, I'll drop the number cube. Listen to the number and walk over the platforms. You will receive 3 money points every major square. If you step on the mummy square, you will receive 30 money points that wait in your pyramid vaults. If you step on the square with my face, you can play a mini game together. If you step on the Quicksand! square, you will lose all of your mummy points. The Scorpion is a deceiver. You can pick and treasure your item. Also.. If you step on the Widow Spider square, you will see the Widow S Checker. She can sell you items you wager. If you step on the square with red markings, you will see the Widow S Watcher. She will only select the requester for a wager." If you step on the pyramid square, you will receive a Paradox Skull. It only pops up once." Pixel "If you have enough money points saved, come talk to me and I will give you a Paradox skull you need to be victor if you catch me. I will move to every part of the pyramid. Everyone, start!"

Pixel dropped the cube on to the pyramid board, stopping at 5 and spoke. Pixel "5. Phase!" Phase listened as he walked, stopping on square 5. Pixel continually dropped the cube, stopping on 6 as Ignital walked and stopped on square 6. Pixel "4rit. 8." 4rit walked and turned, stopping on Mummy square 8, receiving 5 money gold. Pixel "5. Poliwag!" Poliwag walked, stopping on square 5, standing beside Phase as he noticed. The number cube dropped on to the pyramid board as Ignital walked, stopping on square 4. Phase noticed with obtained 80 money gold as Poliwag and the Widow S Checker stare at the items on her store counter, un deciding as she leave the Widow S Checker's store, stopping on square 9, receiving 10 money gold. Pixel "4rit!" 4rit decided as she handed the Widow S Checker mummy wrapped 20 money gold, purchasing the preventable Widow Piece, continually walked as she stop on square 6. Paliwag stopped on a store square, purchasing a Reverse Pyramid item as The Widow S Checker watched as Phase stare at the items on the counter and continually walked, stopping at 8 squares with a obtained pointy eared Greed Dog item, purchasing a Paradox Skull from Pixel. Ignital stared at Phase, listening as Pixel called her name, stopping at 9 squares, receiving 15 mummy gold as 4rit stopped at square 6, Pixel's Shenanigans, secret unlocking. Pixel "Mini game!" Pixel held a board of listed mini games of Frog Catch, Eye N Seek, Dog Eating Contest and Unwebbed!, selecting Dog Eating Contest. The Pyramid Scheme board instantly transitioned into a obsidian kitchen with four pointy eared dogs sitting in order in front plates of brown pixel shaped dog food as Pixel spoke. Pixel "Stand beside your dogs." Phase, Ignital, 4rit and Paliwag positioned beside the pointy eared dogs as 4rit pet her dog as Pixel continually spoke.

Pixel "What ever dog eats the most pixels is victor. Start." Phase "Go." Phase's pointy eared dog listened, eating the pixel shaped dog food as Ignital stood beside her pointy eared dog, eating. 4rit crawl standing as she also eat the pixel shaped dog food beside her pointy eared dog as Paliwag watch her pointy eared dog, sitting on her knees, noticing as Phase's pointy eared dog finish its plate. Pixel "Victor!" Ignital, 4rit and Paliwag watched as Phase received 20 mummy points as he slightly smiled, held as he baled his right fist, standing beside his yawning pointy eared dog. Ignital walked, stopping at 5 squares, receiving 10 mummy gold, 4rit stopping on a Polygon square as she slightly bend her wrists, tightly closing her eyes, losing 20 mummy gold. The Widow S Checker handed Paliwag a purchased the pointy eared Greed Dog head item for 50 mummy gold at 1 Paradox Skull. Phase eye contacted the Widow S Watcher, betting a wager variety in rock, paper, scissors, winning his 3 to her 2, slightly smiling as the Widow S Watcher placed her hands on to, covering her face, receiving 300 mummy gold at 3 Paradox Skulls. Ignital purchased a Greed Dog item from the Widow S Checker, continually walking as she stop on square 7. 4rit held, using the Reverse Pyramid, choosing Phase as he receive the notice, walking to square 5. Paliwag held as she use the Greed Dog item, choosing one of his Paradox Skulls, walking towards square 7 beside, noticing as she noticed his eyes, turning her independently back forward. Phase noticed Pixel dropping the cube on to the ground as he turned back, stopping at square 6. Ignital held, using her Greed Dog item, choosing one of Phase's Paradox Skulls, jumping as she smile, receiving her first Paradox Skull. 4rit walked, stopping on the Pixel's Shenanigans square, noticing. Pixel continually held a board of mini games of Tongue Mud Tug of War, Quicksand Escape, Scorpion Chase, Treasure Sandbox/Dog Dig, selecting Dog Dig.

Phase's pointy eared dog is shown, digging as he watched his dog discontinue over a empty hole as 4rit pulled the lash, falling on to the rich black dirt as the pointy eared dog rushed, Ignital continually holding the lash as her pointy eared dog dig into the dirt and Poliwag stuck in a hole, noticing as Pixel spoke. Pixel "Finish!" Phase is shown, handing Pixel his dug up black pointy eared dog cube as the board switched, reverting back to the pyramid scheme board. Poliwag, 4rit and Ignital are shown, struggling as Phase pulled the rope, pulling the widows into the mud, finishing the Tongue Mud Tug of War mini game, slightly smiling. Phase watched as Pixel handed his Paradox Skull, stopping on square 5, receiving 10 mummy points. 4rit continually stared at Phase as Pixel called her name, receiving her number count and walked to square 7, Poliwag purchasing a Greed Dog item, Ignital stopping on the Pixel's Shenanigans square. Pixel held the mini games list board with her left hand in front her stomach, held her index finger beside, selecting Unwebbed. Phase is shown, stretching his elbows, loosening the webs, Poliwag shown, fell on to the sand, slightly loosening the webs, 4rit, falling on to sand, turning over on her back as she continually stretch the webs, tightly closing her eyes, Ignital shown, pulling the webs off her chest, walking beside Phase as the 2nd placed victor as 4rit and Poliwag followed as the 3rd and 4th placed victors. Phase continually shown, skip running over the black scorpions towards the base, finishing the Scorpion Chase mini game. Hourglass.. Phase stood in front the Widow S Checker, noticing a absent Greed Dog item and continually walked, stopping on square 9, Wager. Phase is shown with an easy facial expression with two loses of rock, paper, scissors as the Widow S Watcher smiled and held out her hands, losing 250 mummy money, continually walked and stopped on square 7. 4rit is shown, using her Greed Dog item, selecting Phase as he receive the noticed, losing 150 mummy points, Ignital shown, using her Greed Dog item, Phase receiving the notice, losing a Paradox Skull. Poliwag stopped on square 4, Pixel's Shenanigans, selecting Maze To The Finish. Pixel "Start!"

Phase is shown, walking through the maze with a uneasy facial expression, Poliwag turning left, Ignital walking straight and 4rit turning right, Ignital reaching the base as the 1st placed victor, smiling, 4rit and Poliwag behind in the distance. Poliwag is shown, purchasing her Paradox Skull, Ignital winning her wager against the Widow S Watcher, receiving 180 mummy points and Phase purchasing the Suicide Scorpion for a 100 mummy points. 4rit continually stared at Phase, noticing and walked, stopping on square 7. Ignital and Poliwag are shown, staring at Phase, walking on square 6 and square 8, receiving a bonus walk count, Pixel dropping the cube, stopping on square 5. Phase held, staring at the Suicide Scorpion, slightly pulled the pedipalps over the red mark, noticing Pixel and continued as she dropped the cube on to the board. 4rit stood in front of Pixel, purchasing her 4th Paradox Skull, Ignital walking over the square, wrists slightly bent and Poliwag winning a draw at her wager against Widow S Watcher, remaining with her mummy points. Phase continually held, staring at his Suicide Scorpion as Pixel and 4rit, Ignital and Poliwag stared each other. Phase continually decided in his head, held as he slowly pulled the pedipalps towards the red mark, receiving a notice as Poliwag use her Greed Dog Item, selecting Phase's Suicide Scorpion.

Pixel "Game Over." Pixel "Everyone come here." Phase watched as Ignital, 4rit and Poliwag walked in front Pixel and followed, stepping on to the 4th placed square, beside Poliwag standing on the 3rd placed square, 4rit standing on the 2nd placed square and Ignital standing on the 1st placed square, smiling with her hands placed on to her hips. Pixel "Victor! Ignital!" Phase continually sat on the pyramid's porch with his elbows placed on to his knees bent, arms in front his mouth as Pixel walked towards his space and spoke. Pixel "Want to merge your body against my body?"

4: Boy Chase
Boy Chase


Phase continually drove as he noticed Jose standing on the sidewalk, wearing a gray stretchable short sleeve hooded jacket unzipped at her breasts, black fingerless gloves, white shoes, socks and silver spider legs clipped around her shins as he parked his ice cream truck beside the corner and walked towards the ice cream truck. Phase spoke, pointing towards the ice cream menu beside the truck and waited for Jose's response as she slightly opened her mouth slowly, half asleep with maggots on her tongue, heart skipping. Phase backed, falling on to his backside and drove off as Jose watched.

Jose's legs are shown, walking with a maggot crawling on her thighs, leaving silvery slime stains as Phase handed a male his ice cream. Phase exited a all you can eat buffet as he held a sandwich towards his mouth, biting as he noticed Jose lying on the sidewalk beside his ice cream truck, arms crossed high on her chest, fingers straightened. Phase slowly walked around Jose, resting her eyes, exiting into the ice cream truck. Phase exited the ice cream truck, parked in front a mall as walked towards the mall, making a delivery. Phase stood on the escalator, exiting on to the 2nd floor as he noticed Jose slowly walking between two male piranha security guards as she slowly closed and held her eyes closed, holding her chain dog piranha mace, hanging in her arms.

Jose held, swinging her piranha dog chain mace, bashing against a Swat's face, falling sideways, crossed her ankles as she clasped her hands behind her back, staring at Phase, exiting the bus. Phase exited into his ice cream truck, noticing Jose standing beside his ice cream truck, lightly burping. Phase leaned out the window as Jose held her eyes closed, kissing his cheek, placed a dollar and 50 cent on to the counter, handed Jose a nut topped ice cream, eating the ice cream placed on to the counter. Phase watched as Jose opened her mouth, exhaling icy breath and let go of the counter, leaving his space. Phase continually leaned outside his ice cream truck with his hands placed on to the counter, watching Jose's legs, aimed, throwing her ice cream wrap into a trash bin.

5: Entwined Rivals
Entwined Rivals

~Entwined Rivals


Phase held, continually lifting a weight, standing in his kitchen, holding a can of tomato juice in his left hand. Phase held a can towards his mouth, drinking tomato juice as April exited into the kitchen with her original chin length rounded bob gray hair and gray eyes, wearing a pink short sleeve stretchable hooded jacket with high cuts at the hips and front pocket, revealing her full legs and silver spider legged clips, clipped around her shins and spoke. April "I SEEEEEE!" Phase "?" April "Dog!" Phase held the can towards his mouth, continually drinking tomato juice as April walked towards his space and punched his left cheek, hitting his tomato juice, falling on to the floor. April "Lorie!" April spread her arms and placed her hands on to counters as she lift her legs, double kicking Phase, falling and exited the kitchen. April exited into the storage as Spike finishes his sentence, standing with other Swats beside a swat truck, noticing. Spike "April!" April "Legsrap." Spike ".. That's a pun?" April "Yes!" April grabbed each of Spike's ankles and pulled, falling on to his back. Spike "!" April punched Spike's cheek as she placed her right ankle against his right ankle, tripping as he fall on to the floor, held on to Spike's head, critically hitting his face with her knee. Spike gazing at stars, lying sideways as April step over his body, exiting the storage.

April rushed in front Phase's space as he stood in front, continually drinking tomato juice, placing her right hand on to and placed her left knee against the kitchen counter as she smiled. April grabbed and drunk Phase's tomato juice, throwing the can on to the floor, closed her eyes and spoke in his face. April "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!" April lightly burped, cracked each of her fingers with her thumbs and grabbed, pulling Phase's ears. Phase "!" April "Look at my Face!" Phase grabbed April's wrists and held her arms upward as she hoped her legs around his body, crossing her ankles. Phase grabbed April's lower shins as she tightly wrapped her arms around his neck, unlocked and lifted her ankles upward, letting go his neck, falling on the floor, arms spread and knees bent, continually holding her shins with his arms.

Jose tightly held as she pulled the chain of her dog chain mace, bitten into Phase's sweat suit, pulling as he fall. Phase let go April's shins, continually lying on the living room floor, closing her legs and blinked, rushing into the elevator. April "Doooooogggyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Phase repeatedly pressed the requester button to the first floor, noticing April rush walking towards his space with her wrists slightly bent as the elevator door closed. Phase closed his eyes, taking a breather as April held her hand on to the rail, rushing down the emergency stairs. The elevator door opened as Phase noticed April holding her chain mace behind her back, standing in front the elevator and slowly closed his eyes, continually taking a breather. Phase continually pressed the requester, walking into the elevator as he backed, cornered. April slightly bent her torso, half closed her eyes and yawned with saliva sticking across her mouth. April "Doooooogggyyyyyyyyyyyy!" April stood beside Phase, holding his hand, tightening and teeth smiled, raised her knee against his side as she wrapped her arms around, tightly hugging his head, closing her eyes.

Phase instantly noticed chains from April's chain dog mace wrapped his upper body with a bruised eye as she held on to the chain with her left hand placed on to her hip, standing in the living room.

6: Shared Intimacy
Shared Intimacy

~Phase turned driving into his parking lot, parked his Escalade inside, watched as the elevator opened, exiting into his living room as Rapter noticed with chin length hair in a bob cut buzz nape, front single thin strands of hair hanging on the left and right side of her face towards the side of her cheeks, resting her head on to her arms crossed, lying across the top of his sofa with raptor stripes on her front thighs, wearing a dark blue long sleeve Chi Chi dress as shorts, crimson red sash and white socks as he spoke. Phase "I made it." Jawseeth as she up righted, rush walking towards Phase's space, wrapped her arms around, hugging his neck as he continually spoke. Phase "I got these for you." Phase reached into his pocket and grabbed the plane tickets as Rapter watched, listening as he slightly smiled. Phase "There's no place like home, right?" Jawseeth nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Phase "Lets go. Your flight is leaving soon." Rapter nodded as she shake her head side to side. Phase ".. Don't you want to go home?" Jawseeth continually nodded, shaking her side to side. Phase ".." Phase continually held the ticket, eye contacting Rapter, closing her eyes as she kissed his forehead, opened and continually slowly closed her eyes. Phase "Maybe I'm not ready."

Phase wrapped his arms around, hugging Jawseeth's waist, closing his eyes as she placed her hands on to his lower arms. Phase bite into, sitting at the kitchen table beside Rapter biting into a fried large fish, finished the fist, continually sitting beside the table on Phase's lap, burping. Jawseeth yawned, closing her eyes, lying against Phase on the living room sofa, arms crossed behind his head, resting her head sideways, arms crossed behind his neck. Jawseeth bit into Phase's sweat shirt, pulling downwards as he sit on the arm of the sofa, held her arms wrapped around, hugging his head, standing beside the sofa, kissing the side of his forehead as he slightly smile. Phase held as he placed a injector into his right arm, injecting immunity substance into his muscle, noticing as Rapter exited into his private gym lab, gazed at her legs, slowly looking her downwards to upwards. Jawseeth placed her hands on to, massaging Phase's neck, kissing his libs, continually held her arms around Phase's neck, pulling. Rapter continually pulled, letting her self fall, pulling Phase as he fell on to Jawseeth, eyes locked, up righting as she wrapped her legs around his back, holding Phase in a leg lock, tightly held her arms wrapped around his neck. Phase opened his eyes, lying against Rapter's chest, hearing her heart beat, unwrapping his back and neck as she watch Phase up righting, placed the shoe on to his left feet, sitting on his room bed. Jawseeth exited into Phase's room, holding a plate with finger sandwiches, pull as she bit into his sleeve, exiting the elevator into his parking lot. Phase kissed Rapter's libs, sitting in his Escalade, backing his car, driving out the parking lot as she close her eyes. Phase turned, continually driving his Escalade, straightening the reflection frame, noticing Jawseeth continually run on the sidewalk, running into the street as she follow, stopping his Escalade. The elevator door opened as Phase exited, holding Rapter in his arms, eating the finger sandwich, held his arms wrapped around her back, tightly squeeze her waist as she continually exhale her voice, whimpering in a low feeble weak sound, expressing pain.

Jawseeth held her hands around her mouth, sitting on the kitchen chair as she continually whimper. Phase noticed Jawseeth's flattened thighs, gazing as she up right, hands continually surrounding her mouth, keeping her distance. Phase watched, sitting on the living room floor as Jawseeth worm crawl towards his space, continually gazed at her legs, mesmerized by her body, laid on to the floor as she worm crawl on to his body, wrapping his arms around her back. Phase continually stared at the ceiling, lying on the floor as Jawseeth reach her mouth towards, kissing his lips, sitting on her knees on his chest, rubbed Phase's cheek with a wet towel, kissing his forehead, standing beside the sofa. Jawseeth held her mouth on to the side of, pressing her lips puckered against Phase's face, sitting on their knees, held her mouth on to as she continually press her lips against his right, kissing his eye lid. Phase stared at Rapter half asleep, holding his head between her legs, knees bent upwards, leaning against the sofa as he sat on his knees spread, hands placed on to her thigh sides, hands placed on to his head. Jawseeth continually eye lock Phase, lying against his body on the sofa, thighs pressed against his front private, placed his hands beside her arm pits, lifting upwards and downwards, eyes continually locked. Phase watched as Jawseeth continually held her mouth on to, drinking water from her chew proof glass water bottle hanging on her room wall, turning her eyes independently towards Phase, walking towards his space. Rapter continually slept, lying sideways, knees bent to her chest and arms crossed beside Phase staring at the ceiling, arms crossed behind his eyes, noticing as Jawseeth exited into the kitchen, resting his head on his arms crossed, sitting in the kitchen table. Jawseeth turned, resting her head sideways on his chest as she closed her eyes, lying against Phase on the kitchen floor, hands placed on to his shoulders, knees bent spread on to the floor, bite his sweat shirt as she pull upwards, awakening Phase. Phase continually noticed Rapter staring into his face, hands placed on to the floor, knees spread, tilting her head sideways, moving her libs held sideways, instantly jumping towards his face, loudly whimpering.

Phase exited the elevator into his parking lot, noticing as Rapter pull his sleeve with her teeth, tightly closing her eyes, whimpering and spoke. Phase "Rapter, I have to go." Jawseeth continually pulled Phase's sweat shirt, tightly closing her eyes, whimpering her voice in soft weak low plaintive broken sounds, leaking tears. Phase "Alright." Rapter stared, watching Phase as she sniffed and walked towards his space, pressing her thighs and body against his, lips pressed on to his and eyes locked, gently grabbing his hands, continually blanking. Phase "!" Phase stood against the elevator wall, slightly smiling as Rapter held right knee held towards his stomach, hands placed on to his chest, kissing his lips, closing her eyes and stared into his face, moving her lips side to side. Jawseeth continually laid sideways across Phase lying on the living room, arms crossed, resting her head on his chest, knees bent, resting her eyes as he stared at the ceiling.

Tomorrow, 10:32am

Phase exited the elevator into his living room as he noticed a constant high pitch whimper mewing squeak. Phase followed the cry, noticing Jawseeth crying in her room, standing in her room, stopping as she noticed, staring at Phase. Phase "My bad." Phase turned, walking as Jawseeth watched, right hand placed on to the side, standing in her room exit and continually whimpered, continually closing her eyes, noticing and stared. Phase "?" Phase watched Jawseeth continually staring into the hall and exited into the living room as Jawseeth continually whimpered in a cooing like squeak, watching and spoke. Phase "I'm in the living room if you need me." Jawseeth continually whimpered in a cooing like squeak, walking into the hall, slowly repeatedly closing her eyes and spoke. Phase ".. Is it me?" Jawseeth stopped whimpering, staring at Phase and wiped her nose, realizing his lack of presents. Phase wrapped his arms around, hugging Jawseeth's waist, closing his eyes as she sound in a low broken whimper. Phase "Wait here." Jawseeth continually held a plate in her hands as Phase ducked and up righted between her arms as he wrapped her waist in his arms, continually closing his eyes. Jawseeth reached her face towards, biting into a allusarus leg, sitting at the kitchen table as Phase rest his eyes, lying across her thighs, repeatedly lift her knees upwards, massaging his stomach.

7: Theropod Princess
Theropod Princess


Jawseeth slowly bit into a allosaurus leg, eyes half closed with curved claws at her feet, powerful hind like jill legs and elbows bent, body imitated/adapted to the bone structure of a raptor, biting into the allosaurus leg, eating in her room. Rapter continually bit, eating and turned he eyes independently towards, noticing Phase and slowly pulled meat. Phase ".." Jawseeth slowly stood straight upward like a jill with her elbows continually bent, imitating small weak forelimbs and swallowed the allosaurus meat, staring at Phase and spoke. Phase ".. You have nice jolts." Jawseeth crossed her ankles as she wipe her eyes with each of her hands, listening. Phase gazed at the structure of Rapter's jolts in comparison with baked chicken legs in his head, noticing the resemblance and continually spoke. Phase "Its sexy. I want to give you something." Phase held Rapter's hands as she steadily walk, wearing pink and black shiny robot Raptor legs with curved claws at the feet, exiting into the living room. Phase continually walked Jawseeth, adapting to her new legs/jolts as she held her right leg outward, looking down, letting go her hands. Rapter continually stared at her new legs and moved her legs, imitated her self rushing up stairs with her arms spread outwards, elbows bent and spoke. Phase "Your even more prettier and sexy than I realized." Phase stood in front the stairs as Jawseeth continually stared, waiting in front the stairs on the living room floor and spoke.

Phase "Ready." Rapter placed her left hand on to the rail and rushed up the stairs on to the upper floor, in front Phase and spoke. Phase "One more go." Jawseeth rushed up the stairs with her elbows bent in front her chest, continually in front Phase, watching her legs collaborated with her face. Phase ".. Nice." Phase continually rested his eyes, right arm crossed behind his head, left arm laid across his face, right knee bent upward, lying on his living room sofa, feeling Rapter's presence. Phase opened his eyes, noticing as Rapter/Jawseeth bent her torso forward, bending over beside his view as she half closed her eyes, sticking out her lower lip. Phase "?" Jawseeth listened, standing on the upper floor as Phase spoke, continually holding her hands. Phase "Last go. I need my baked chicken legs." Phase carefully walked Rapter down the stairs as she stick out her lower lip, continually holding her hands, arms spread outwards, walking backwards as he watch his steps and her jolts. Phase "We're complete." Jawseeth wrapped her arms around Phase's neck, hugging, legs/jolts pressing against his sweat pants as he continually spoke. Phase "Alright."

Rapter continually laid against Phase with her hands resting on his chest and arms wrapped around her waist, continually lying against the stairs, resting his eyes as she blink.

8: Featured Strangers
Featured Strangers

~As Phase succeeded..


Phase pressed, turning off the Time Storage, revealed as a super computer like backwards transition machine, exited his private parking lot, driving a black expedition, continually drove as he notice people converse on the sidewalks. Phase noticed April's apartments, turning as he continually stared at her front door. Phase rushed walking up the steps, knocking on the exit as he smell cooked food, waiting. Phase noticed as a young 8 year old April opened, answering the exit, wearing a light blue short sleeve shirt and wheat colored skirt, holding the knob and spoke. April "Hungry?" Phase ".. Nah." April grabbed, pulling Phase's right hand, exiting into her apartment room as she spoke. April "You haven't even see what I cooked yet." April continually pulled Phase's hand, walking into the kitchen as he notice homeless males eating brown gravy and rice, dipped her kitchen spoon into the pot, held the spoon towards his mouth, tasting the gravy. April "Taste good?" Phase ".. It does." April "Told you." Phase walked down the apartment steps, hands placed into his pockets, continually drove his expedition, leaving the apartments as he stopped at a red light, tilted his head downwards, realizing.


Phase opened his eyes, lying in his bedroom, arms crossed behind his head and up righted. Phase exited the bathroom, held a weight, lying on a gym seat, continually lifting, sat upwards, held a water bottle towards his mouth, drinking. Phase continually stared outside his living room window, holding his water bottle, walked up the apartment steps, hands placed into his pockets as he noticed April's front door opened. April noticed Phase, standing on a crate in the kitchen, tasting gravy and spoke. April "Come here!" Phase exited into April's apartment room as she placed the spoon on to a towel placed on to the kitchen counter as she spoke. April "Wait in your seat." Phase sat at the table as April exited her kitchen towards Phase's space, wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging and spoke. April "Want to eat?" Phase "The food smells great." Phase watched as April fixed his plate of gravy, standing on the crate, exited the kitchen as she hold his plate with both her hands, placing the plate on to the table. April "Eat!" Phase finished his gravy and rice as April noticed, exited the kitchen as she spoke. April "I can make you some more?" Phase "No. Actually.. Can I ask you a favor?" April "Yes?" April watched as Phase straightened the crate with his right feet, standing in the living room, stepping on to the crate, spreading her arms as she spoke. April "Want me to stay like this?" Phase "All I need is a few seconds." April "I can hold my self." Phase wrapped his arms around, hugging April's waist, closing his eyes as she continually held her arms outwards and spoke. April "Do I feel good to you?" Phase "Yeah, thank you." April "While I wait, leave my door open?" Phase "Yeah."

Phase listened as April spoke, standing beside the steps. April "You can stay with me. I can take care of you better than you can. Or, I can come to your house." Phase "I just wanted to be the father you don't seem to have. Your cool though." April softly kicked Phase's ankle. April "I saw the money you left me under my sofa, silly." Phase "Sorry. We don't get along anymore."


Phase walked towards, standing in the exit, watching his Time Storage machine, hands placed into his pockets as he took a breather, closing his eyes. April held the kitchen spoon towards the homeless male's mouth, tasting the gravy and spoke. April "Does It taste good?" April noticed a door knock, opening her front door, staring a young 7 year old Nex downwards and upwards as he smile. Nex "I'm hungry."

Preferred Theme

Jaheim - Put That Woman First.

9: Tournament 2003
Tournament 2003


Phase heard the crowd rooting for Josie, opening his eyes, standing in the tournament ring, noticing Josie wearing a dark blue short sleeve Chi Chi dress as shorts with torn/tattered rips around the lower ends, white socks and crimson red sash, moving her lips side to side, staring at Phase, listening to as the male announcer speak through the intercom. Male Announce "Ladies and gentleman! Fathers and mothers! Grab your popcorn! Grab your drinks! This is the final fight you've all been waiting for. We have the theropod princess, daughter of the Oxorox! Ox Ox King. The legs martial arts master! Josieeeeee! And 2nd contestant, The Melee champ! Boss contestant of the Final Destination. The Spider's Remorser! If that's a word. Phaaaaaaase!" Phase continually listened as the crowd booed his entrance, uneased as Josie position her stance, spreading her legs and held, straightening her hands in front her neck as the announcer continually spoke. Male Announcer "Will Josie claim the winning price money for her father's current illness? Will Phase claim the price money foooor, whatever reason!? Begiiiiiiiiiiiin!"

Phase noticed Josie's speed, instantly running towards his space, looking downwards at Josie looking upwards at his face, staring into his eyes, arms bent towards her chest, imitating a raptor's body structure as the scene slowed, axe kicking Phase sideways, twisting on to the ring, up righting. Phase crossed his arms around his face, noticing as Josie rush attacked, running in front his space, raising her right as she swing leg, kicking his arm and cheek as she turned backwards, placed her hands on to the ring, handing and double kicked. Phase fell on to the ring, noticing as Josie continually attacked, raising her right leg, transfixed by Josie's legs, dodging sideways, axe kicking the ring, up righting, kicking Phase continually, towards the edge of the ring. Phase "!" Phase slipped, slightly falling off the ring as Josie rushed towards, biting his sleeve, pulling Phase back into the ring, kicking his left cheek with her left leg, letting go his sleeve. Phase placed his right hand on to the ring, cancelling his fall and wiped his left lower lip with his right thumb as Josie continually attack, swinging her left leg, grabbed her leg as she raised, grabbing her right leg, falling on to the ring, arms spread, whimpering in a low voice of broken squeaks. Josie "?!" Phase smiled, catching his breath, holding each of Josie's legs, catching her breath and stood on her hands, instantly pulling her legs, losing his grip and double kicking his chest, crossing his arms around his chest, holding his stance, noticing Josie instantly attacking. Phase "!" Josie raised her right leg upwards towards Phase's space, imitating a axe kick, exhaling her whimper voice, crossing his arms around face, instantly axe kicking Phase sideways as he cancel his fall, placing his hands on to the ring, up righting. Phase watched with an uneasy facial expression as Josie continually raised her legs, kicking his face, crossed his arms around his face, bite as she pull his right arm, throwing Phase, fall rolling on to the ring. Josie continually rushed towards Phase, biting his sweatshirt as she lift Phase upwards with her teeth, tightly closing her eyes, kicking him sideways. Phase up righted, running towards the forfeit as Josie continually bite, pulling his sweatshirt with her teeth, instantly kicking Phase out of the ring, unconscious.

Male Announcer "We have a winneeeeer!" The crowd rooted as Phase opened his eyes, up righted as he noticed the announcer handing Josie the bag of prize money as she watched, warm smiling, standing beside her father, a tall large muscular older adult male. Male Announcer "To the winner." The Oxorox King continually smiled as he spoke. The Oxorox King "You were really blazing out there, Josie. You scared even me. Hoho." Josie opened her mouth, closing her eyes as she burped." The Oxorox King "Hohoha." Josie noticed Phase as he noticed and looked towards the entrance, walked towards his space, leaving the prize money beside The Oxorox King, closing her eyes, kissing his cheek. The Oxorox King "I think my daughter likes you. She usually likes to eat them. Hoho!" Phase's heart skipped, raising his right eye brow.

10: Jose


Phase placed a pair of shoes on to the shelf, standing in his walk in closet as he wiped the box. Phase exited his walk in closet, turning off the light as April walked in front his space, half closet her eyes and opened her mouth with stringy saliva sticking across her tongue. Phase "?" Jose continually stared, breathing through her mouth as she drool, sitting on the stair rail with her legs crossed and droopy eye lids. Phase "Jose?" Phase "How can you hold your balance like that?" Phase "..!" Jose grabbed Phase's hand as she opened her stringy saliva mouth and placed his fingers into her, biting and pulled, noticing stringy saliva. Phase continually held the fold napkin against Jose's spit bubbled mouth, wiping. Phase threw the napkin into the trash bin, exiting the kitchen as April spoke. April "Don't you want to see my juicy legs?" Jose raised her right knee as stringy slime from her maggies stretched, sticking between her thighs and teeth smiled, noticing. Phase held his right arm wrapped around April waist with her arms wrapped around her left leg placed against his shoulder, eyes continually half closed as screen static sound from her mouth.


Jose continually stared as she blink, sitting on the stair rail with her legs crossed, resting her head on her hands.

11: Training Progressed
Training Progressed


Kev and Rin stood beside each other in a silver square training room with spaced cut rectangle outlines across the floor, walls and ceiling, eyes closed. The Government's Liquid is shown, a mercury element substance slowly escaping through a wall space cut, bleeding on to the floor, flowing towards the center of the room. The Government's Liquid imitated, forming upwards into a muscular, faceless and featureless naked male body, twisted its stomach and untwist, imitating a ringing towel, releasing multiple clones of 4. Kev opened his eyes, head slightly tilted downwards, holding his metal immunity bat tilted on to the floor as Rin inhale and exhaled through her mouth, opening her eyes, holding her wasp energize bee no. 2 pencil, facing as The Government's Liquid clones attacked, using their elbows. A Government's Liquid clone attacked, aiming its elbow as Kev ducked, missing and perforated the clone's stomach with the thick end point of his bat, liquidizing. A Government's Liquid clone swung its elbow towards, missing as Rin hand stand, balance holding her wasp pencil between her middle fingers and leg grab, snapping her ankles against the clone Government Liquid's face, instantly twisting over, twisting the enemy into a anxious flinch, liquidizing. A Government's Liquid rushed towards as Kev held his eyes closed, hitting his cheek with its elbow, opening his eyes as the 1st punctured clone formed upwards. Government's Liquid "!" Kev continually held his stance and punctured his bat downwards as fire formed around his bat, hitting the enemy, liquidizing The Government Liquid's clone as a fading blood splatter surrounded Rin's pencil as she stab, penetrating a cloned Government Liquid, swinging its elbow, flinching. Rin grabbed the clone Government Liquid's wrist, held its arm outwards as she lacerated her wasp pencil against the clone's arm, leaving a lava glowing scratch, burning. Rin held her self sideways on her left hand, using her stair rush move, continually kicking the clone's chest rapidly with her feet and double kicked the cloned Government Liquid, turning face as she place her right hand on to the floor, crawl standing on to her knees as Kev slightly avoided a cloned attacking with its elbow, focused as pressure rapidly surround his body, rapidly dispersing.

Rin critically X snap her thighs against a clone's neck with its right lower arm dissolved from her pencil's burn, standing on her hands, crossing her ankles as Kev aimed, perforating his bat downwards, hitting the clone's stomach, repelling as a red smear mark formed, fading. Rin rushed walked beside Kev as she slightly bent her wrists, holding her pencil with her teeth, grabbing her pencil, watching as the Government's Liquid clones backed towards, blending with the original. The Government's Liquid exceeded as it imitated its lower body as a sliding droplet, attacking. The Government's Liquid instantly elbowed Kev's cheek, holding his stance, eyes independently facing as Rin focused a vibe shield, pushing the Government's Liquid, kissing Kev's cheek as he slightly smile and rubbed her fingers against his cheek, discontinuing her vibe force feild. The Government's Liquid formed into, imitating a oversized drilling worm, exceeding towards as Kev moved in front Rin, aimed the thick end point of his Immunity Bat, confronting against each other with pressure energy focused into his bat. Kev "?!" The Government's Liquid circled Kev and Rin, attempting a squeeze as a slime embodied thick clear light red energy force field form around her body and Kev's, noticed the shield's slight squish as The Government's Liquid slither towards the center of the training room. The Government's Liquid formed into its original self and imitated its lower right arm into a bat's thick part and continually swung as a taunt and attacked as Kev rushed, noticing Rin walk in front. Kev continually watched Rin with an easy face expression as she slightly bent her wrists, swing its batted arm, missing as Rin hand stand, grabbing the Government Liquid's batted arm with her thighs, crossing her ankles. Kev slightly smiled, rushed towards and perforated its chest as Rin continually hand stand and grabbed the Government Liquid's right ankle with her ankles and pulled, tripping the liquid on to its backside, backing. Rin turned sideways, holding her self upward on her left hand on to her feet, bending her wrists, opening her eyes as Kev continually watched The Government's Liquid, guarding Rin as The Government's Liquid oversized its right arm. Rin noticed as she continually activate, focusing her Slime Control, Absorber's Shield around Kev's body as The Government's Liquid swung, elbowing Kev as he punctured his bat collaborated with Rin's energized slime sideways against The Government Liquid's elbow, holding his grip.

Rin rushed as she continually hand stand and pressed her feet against The Government's Liquid elbow, tightly closing her eyes as Kev continually held his stance, continually cancelling The Government's Liquid elbow. The Government's Liquid resized its arm to its normal look as Kev teleported, appearing in front, aiming the thick end point of his bat as The Government's Liquid imitated its left hand into a slug tail, grabbing as it spin throwing Kev backwards, spinning on to the floor, up righting on to his right knee. The Government's Liquid imitated, forming its body into a dog as Rin sat on her left knee, slightly punctured and lacerated her No. 4 pencil against the floor as monster scratch markings formed. The dog imitated Government's Liquid rushed, running towards Rin, jumping over as green energy erupt from the monster scratch monster, hand stand upwards as she grabbed the enemy's face with her legs, critically X snapping her thighs against the dog imitated government liquid's neck, crossing her ankles. Rin continually held her legs tightened against the dog imitated government liquid's neck, reaching for a bit as Kev appeared, teleporting and aimed his bat downwards as rapid pressure surround his body, eyes forming red, critically puncturing the Liquid, imitating into its original form.

The Government Liquid imitated its lower arm into a slug tail, instantly grabbing Kev's neck in a tight hold, closed his eyes, focusing and rapidly punctured the liquid's stomach. Kev critically punctured, pushing as The Government's Liquid hold its stance, sliding backwards. Rin ran with her upper body/torso bent forward, arms angled and spread outwards and fingers straightened, breathing through her mouth towards as she run on to the enemy, bending its torso backwards, critically stepping over the enemy, slightly damaged. Rin front flipped off The Government Liquid's face on to the floor, imitating its hands into snails with human mouths, twisting around and grabbed, tightly bit into Rin's ankles. The Government Liquid's pulled Rin, noticing as she turned over and hand stand, losing her stance, falling as the government's liquid continually pulled, noticing a puncture vibrating through its stomach. The Government Liquid noticed Kev, letting go Rin's ankles, imitating its arms back their human look as Kev continually attacked, hitting the Government's Liquid from the right with the end of his bat, towards the left with his elbow, backwards towards the right, continually with his bat in a square/cube following as the liquid blocked with his arms, repeating the square following, backing as Rin stood on her hands as she stretched her legs upwards, double kicking the liquid's face, holding its feet sticking on to the floor, flinched. Rin backed as she hand stand on to her feet beside Kev as The Government's Liquid imitated its self into a water droplet, spacing and continually imitated its self into a dog and rushed, attacking. The Government Liquid imitated dog continually rushed, running and jumped towards, ramming against Kev, crossing his arms in front his chest, pressing his feet against the floor as Rin noticed, stabbing the dog imitated government's side. The dog imitated government liquid noticed, forming into its original and continually imitated his right lower arm into a slug's tail, instantly grabbed Rin's neck as she placed her left hand on to the government liquid's arm, continually holding her wasp pencil, slightly opening her eyes and flinched, noticed as Kev held his bat critically punctured into its back. Rin placed her feet against The Government Liquid's chest, pushing and stabbed under the enemy's jaw, letting go Rin's neck as she place her pencil into her mouth, hand standing on to her feet as Kev continually moved in front, guarding Rin. Kev noticed, watching as The Government's Liquid continually twisted its stomach as Rin focused her thick slime energized Absorber's Shield, protecting Kev and her self as the government liquid untwisted its stomach, imitating a ringing towel, releasing stinging droplets towards every distance, bouncing against Rin's Absorber's Shield. Kev held his eyes closed, focusing inner anxiety as The Government Liquid formed upwards in Rin's absorber's shield with its bat imitated right arm, aimed its bat imitated hand and punctured Kev's chest, eyes continually closed. Rin hand stand as she grab, tightly holding her thighs against the government liquid's waist, discontinuing her absorber's shield. Kev pressed his feet on to the ground and swung, elbow swerving his bat as red energy fade around his left arm and the end of his bat, critically hitting the government liquid's cheek, swerving sideways.

The Government's Liquid released two clones from its self, attacking and imitated its right hand into a wasp abdomen. The Government Liquid attacked, using its stinger as Kev instantly punctured the government liquid original into a flinch, rapidly puncturing the government liquid original in a multiple count and discontinued, repelling backwards. Rin held her hands placed on to a clone's shoulders, critically kicking the lava lacerated scratched clone's chest with her knee, Kev puncturing the 2nd clone's stomach with pressure focused into his bat, pressuring passing through the clone's body as The Government Liquid original split, separating from as its 4th clone moved in front and imitated into a round mercury shield. Kev and Rin noticed, watching the mercury shield, nodding his head. Kev continually held his bat aimed towards and focusing pressure into his bat as Rin slightly bend her wrist, eyes closed. Kev opened his eyes, critically punctured his bat against the mercury shield, releasing pressure, discontinuing The Government's Liquid's mercury shield as its 5th clone released a mercury ball from his palm, hitting the mercury ball with its elbow towards Rin. Kev instantly swerved his bat, elbowing the mercury ball, defending Rin, deflecting the mercury ball towards, hitting the 5th clone, splashing apart as The Government Liquid continually imitate, forming into a oversized worm. The worm imitated liquid continually propelled upwards as rapid pressure continually surround Kev's body, puncturing the worm imitated government liquid, falling sideways as Rin continually opened her eyes, forming released mental illness of dying confused red energy within a thickened water bubble against the worm imitated government, bursting as energized water droplets scatter into small blasts.

Kev slightly smiled, wearing a dark gray backwards cape, baby blue long sleeve shirt with a hamster face sign featured on the left front, dark gray shorts, white socks and gray shoes as Rin closed her eyes, kissing his lips, wearing green camo pattern upper full leg revealing shorts, green camo pattern long sleeve shirt, white socks and green camo shoes, wrapped her arms around, hugging his neck as the disestablishing government's liquid liquidized and dissolved.

Preferred Chapter Theme:

Missy Elliott - Hot Boyz.

12: A Daily Routine
A Daily Routine

~First day, 12:22am


Stadis held his right knee upwards, sitting on his room bed, putting on his shoe, existed his house, closing the front door, exiting his porch as The Mystery Man appeared, teleporting. Mystery Man "Welcome. There isn't much chapter interruption, but you may stumble upon recognizable acquaintances and snail disease. Also." Stadis "?" Mystery Man "You may encounter Ferbs. They are recurring enemies appearing as feet that are considered immortal that attack based on killing themselves. Using PSi or attack in uncertain formats. Their thought process isn't like passed enemies, incredibly easily provoked. If you carefully time your attacks, the enemy may seem as if it isn't recklessly attacking. Kev has already defeated the Apple's Embodiment and Rin has already defeated the Black Slime so there isn't much responsibility." The Mystery Man teleported as Stadis watched and daydreamed, understanding the Ferb encounter in his thoughts. A 7 year old male continually stared at a brown Ferb with a black dash mark on its right side lying on his porch as he placed his hand on to, petting the Ferve, instantly flying upwards, kicking the 7 year old male's nose. Stadis walked continually on the sidewalk as a black car passed, held his golf club towards his face as he turned. Stadis continually stared at his golf club, held in front his face and noticed a female sophomore sitting on her porch beside a eyeless green apple monster smiling broadly, sticking out its tongue, noticing as she spoke, closing her eyes. School Female "Don't stare at my apple like that. Boy!" Stadis continually stared with an uneasy face expression and continually walked forward as he uneasily walk towards the neighborhood corner, noticing PSi energy towards. Stadis "!"

The Ferb attacked, instantly kicking a male, falling on to the sidewalk as his two friends slightly backed, holding mop stick handles, continually attacked, hitting into Stadis's Psi Pulse bursting, teleporting in front the males, pushing the Ferve to the ground. The Ferb stood upwards, bending its toes as the males stood behind Stadis, powering a electric Psi as Stadis rushed towards, kicking the enemy upwards, releasing the Psi towards, hitting a car, defeating the Ferve, slightly smiled as the male held out his fist, bro fisting. Stadis walked on the sidewalk, passing the lakeside view passing the parking lot, noticing people sitting on spreads, flaming meat, listening to the radio and playing on the hill as 8, 10 and 11 year old males spoke. 10 year old male "If you walk to the arena, you can see a monster. My parents told me to stay away from it." 8 year old male "I wouldn't go near it alone." 11 year old male "If you go near it, just remember personal space and try to talk to it." Stadis crossed the street on to the sidewalk beside the lake, walking towards the arena, noticing Exnervist waiting in front as a car pass. Exnervist noticed Stadis walking on to the arena's parking lot, gripping his golf club and spoke. Exnervist "I wouldn't be so sudden." Stadis "?" Exnervist "No point in fighting without any reason." Stadis listened. Exnervist "I've been waiting for Apple to send Kiwi accompanies, only to become a forgotten myth. Funny how I've always wanted to experience the luxury of her palace to almost walking into puddles of vomit." Stadis ".." Exnervist "I'm no mystery solver, but Apple's room was as if she begin to hate walls. It must have been caused by the fatal absences of a certain comrade that may have condemned them to such, I refer to as, Star Fever. An illness that harassed Apple." Stadis nodded his head. Exnervist "There was quite a mass of positive energy within the present. Maybe Apple's soul has finally dispersed.. in a not so harsh, but creativity way. Hmm."

Stadis walked on the sidewalk towards the bus stop shelter, noticing the billboard advertising as people sitting and standing under the bus stop shelter converse. Stadis walked towards, reading the billboard advertisements, listening as the people speak. Female wearing LimeWire shirt "Oh my god. Ya'll heard about the snail disease?" Female High School Teacher "Nah uh." Male Escalade fan "I heard of it. They said you can catch it from the snail slime." Female wearing LimeWire shirt "Its a hard to get disease. There is this girl, I think Rin is hear name? that's rumored to have it." Stadis heard as he listened. Male Escalade fan "I know who your talking about. I seen her yesterday walking from the bus stop. She's likes a phenomenon. One time, she random like came up to me and gave me a ice pop." Female wearing LimeWire shirt "She's very unique. Oh, look! There's the bus!" Stadis left the bus stop as the RTA bus parked beside the stop as the female driver opened the exit, letting off and on passengers, thinking to himself. Stadis walked from the sidewalk towards and sat on his front porch, sitting his golf club on to the lower step, noticing as The Mystery Man appeared, teleporting on the right beside the porch as he spoke. Mystery Man "I see you've heard." Stadis listened as The Mystery Man continually spoke. Mystery Man "To continue, the snail disease is a rare ill substance that made its introduction during the late 90s and beneficial disease present within snail slime, only contagious once per person per year." The slime will appear as black snail slime trails if found. It eventually appear at the legs, neck, face, hair and fingers for females and chest, arms and ears for males after the succeed of the phenomenon." Stadis nodded his head, listening. Mystery Man "It is true." Stadis "?" Mystery Man "Rin has been infected by the phenomenon and is held accountable for its reveal. She is a popular subject who nominates fascination and is a acquaintance of the millennium's effect." Stadis continually nodded his head. Mystery Man "Remember, the disease is only once contagious. No harm can be done to you." The Mystery Man teleported as Stadis held his right hand on to, grabbing his golf club.

Rin is shown with her eyes closed, standing in a dim room with a shallow pool, circle light resembling the moon shinning over the ocean represented by the pool as black, clear snail slime rapidly discontinue from her body, taking a breather, opening her eyes. Rin continually closed her eyes as she shake her head side to side with black snail slime scribbles on her thighs, throat, slime trails on her hands and hair, exiting the video shoot room.

Embodiment of Negative Energy

Wednesday, 11:08am

Stadis continually held, sitting on the edge of the playground slide, playing Dragon Ball Z on his purple Gameboy Advance, holding a store bag with chips and a drink around his elbow and up righted. Stadis held the top opened as he dropped trash into the plastic trash bin, placed his key into his room door as Rin spoke, standing on the sidewalk. Rin "Psst." Stadis noticed Rin as he listened. Rin "Want to see my secret?" Stadis nodded his head as Rin responded, signaling her right hand, gesturing come here. Stadis walked towards Rin as she placed her right beside, whispering into his right ear, listening. Rin "see the dumpster? I can exit onwards if its entrance." Rin continually pulled as she let go Stadis's right hand, watching as she left her self into a black plastic dumpster/throat hole beside a strip mall, placed her hands on to the dumpster rail, held her hands, surrounding her mouth and spoke. Rin "no one is watching us. hurry up. meet me inwards." Stadis continually watched as Rin dropped downwards into the dumpster, left him self into the dumpster, noticing a throat flesh entrance as he fell backwards. Stadis continually stared into the dumpster, looked right, sitting on the dumpster rail on his left knee, sat on the rail and dropped into the dumpster, sliding down the throat, swallowed. Stadis opened his eyes half inside the mouth, pulled him self from the closed throat, noticing Rin and up righted, watching and spoke. Rin "nervous?" Stadis nodded his head. Rin "watch me practice." Rin laid on the tongue, resting her head on to, crossing her arms, closing her eyes as Stadis watched. Rin slightly spread her arms, resting her head on the tongue and continually spread her arms, squeezing the tongue and up righted. Rin sat in front the tongue against the teeth as she placed her hand on to, slightly lifting the tongue, looking downwards. Rin "heavy." Stadis watched continually as Rin crawled under the tongue, walked towards the edge of the tongue with a uneasy face expression, unaware of Rin's secret. Stadis "?" Rin "Psst. Stadis." Stadis noticed Rin standing in the constant tightening throat, hands placed on to the back of the tongue, walked towards her space and spoke. Rin "when I use the swallow inwards and outwards, I can feel the slimy throat nurturing my skin as it softly press against me." Stadis nodded his head, listening. Rin "i'll wait once the flesh finish nurturing my legs." Stadis kneeled on his left knee, placing his right hand on to, pressing against the tongue as Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards and closed her eyes, immense in the massaging flesh. Rin "done. lift me upwards." Stadis grabbed Rin's hands, pulling upwards as she grabbed his hands, exiting the throat and tapped his head. Rin "I leave."

Stadis placed his hands on to the dumpster rail, pulling him self upwards and dropped on to the ground as Rin placed her hands on to the dumpster rail, pulling her self upwards and dropped on to the ground. Stadis continually watched as Rin placed each of her hands on to, wiping her face, covered in mouth substance, yanked her hands as she coughed and departed. Stadis continually watched Rin departing as he realized, focused in his thoughts. Stadis exited his bathroom after a shower, dropping on to his bed, placing his right arm behind his pillow, instantly up righting at 11:48am. Stadis placed his left sock on to his left feet, opened as he exit, closing his front door, exiting his porch, walking down the steps as The Mystery Man appeared, teleporting. Mystery Man "I see you've met Rin. She's quite the supportive comrade and major who's willing to share countless secrets with you. Be wary of neighbor's awareness and Kev's absence." Stadis closed his eyes, taking a breather. Mystery Man "Also." Stadis "?" Mystery Man "The Interpret Snail. Also referred to as the Snail's Imitator Flesh is a form of snail that can generate varieties of energy and is aware of the use of PSi. You must stay cautious as it can be suddenly encountered, caused by Kev's absence and will attack." Stadis listened, continually. Mystery Man "Due to this, Rin is unable to be aware and focus against the threat. With your many occurrences, I trust your PSi is as powerful." The Mystery Man teleported as Stadis.. Stadis continually walked forward, crossing the street as a car pass downwards, holding his golf club and stopped, noticing a car flipped right in his distance towards the middle of the street as he watched, heart skipping a beat. Stadis rushed beside, looking into the car, noticing an unconscious male, laid across the driver's and passenger's seat with blood leaking from the side of his mouth.

Stadis walked left on the sidewalk as a male rushed, turning the corner, noticing and spoke. Intimidated Male "Yo, dude! They got some type of monster around the corner! I heard stuff being thrown, checked outside my house and ran like everyone else." Stadis "!" Intimidated Male "If you want to see how it looks, I would as I run and gone." The snail's skin is shown as a wide brown flattened, covering the middle of the street, pushing people as a girl screamed, thrown towards the right on to the street, twisting on her side, exhaling her voice, unconscious and pulled a door from its car, using PSi. Stadis turned the corner, slowly walking towards the street and continually walked towards the interpret snail as a stop sign is repelled push, instantly avoiding the attack, focusing a clear red thick energy shield around his body, blocking continually repelled pushed radio and concrete crumb, bouncing against his energy shield, deflecting the radio and concrete, hitting the Imitator's Snail with small rapid movements in response, shielding its self in a clear force field, absorber shield. The Interpret Snail's flesh attacked, pulling a hard black ball from a back distance as Stadis discontinued his energy shield, batting the ball downwards against the street with his golf club. Stadis continually focusing, instantly continuing his energy shield as the Snail Interpret continued its force field, stretching their force fields against each other, stretched, extending its absorber shield over Stadis's, pressing downwards. Stadis's eyes formed red, using Negative PSi, instantly gathering red black energy, forming into a clear ball, exploding within the Interpret Snail's absorber shield, responding in small rapid movements. Stadis watched as the Imitator's Snail discontinued, shrinking into a small black gravitation flush air hole, discontinuing his energy shield, slightly tilting his head downwards, catching his breath. The Mystery Man appeared, teleporting as Stadis noticed, tightening his shoe laces and spoke.

Mystery Man "Impressive. It nearly proved its stronger force against you but you proved to have the better edge and maintained balanced intimidation as intimidation is what raises, awareness." The Mystery Man teleported. Stadis is shown, drinking juice flavored water, standing in front his refrigerator, walked down the steps at 7:34pm, noticing a black cube levitating left. Stadis walked, passing Rin's junior high school, noticing the principle, holding a container, standing beside her as she push, opening back seat car door with her right ankle and spoke. School Principle "Hey there. I take it your also a silent type?" Stadis smiled, listening. School Principle "I really think of Kev when I look at you. Speaking of, I have not spoken to Rin or Kev for quite some time for a while now." Stadis continually listened. School Principle "There's a certain look to you I'm noticing." Stadis "?" School Principle "I'm wondering if you also one of the special ones? You look to be within the same group.. Well, it was nice talking with you. Whatever your parents decide for you, I'm positive you will make it your version." The school principle placed a container on to the back seat as Stadis watched, placing her purse on to the passenger seat, closing the car doors, starting as she drive her car.

Stadis continually walked, crossing the street as a silver car pass, walking towards the playground. Stadis continually rested his eyes, lying on in front the slide with his right leg bent, resting across his left leg, resting his head on his right arm crossed behind his head, opening his eyes as a 10 year old male standing in front the 8 and 11 year old male spoke. 10 year old male "Yo! Let us use the slide, dog." Stadis up righted, moving aside as the 10 year male sat on his backside, sliding down the slide, watching. Stadis walked down the playground steps, noticing a female school student noticed Stadis as she spoke. Female Student "Kev?.. Replacement?" Stadis nodded as he shake his head sideways. Female Student "I saw you so I came over here. I wanna tell you what I saw. I want more people to know with me." Stadis "?" Female Student "I used to see you beat monsters so it shouldn't scare you like it did me." Stadis continually listened. Female Student "As I went to get my little brother and little sister off the bust, I saw this girl lying in the street in front our house. But.. her body was.. everywhere. It was like her body was turned inside out. Except her face. Her name is Ness but I heard she's also Lilith." Stadis ".." Stadis and the males continually listened. Female Student "She was crying so we called the ambulance to pick her up.. It made me want to cry to.. There was also this monster vehicle she was beside that had spider legs. It looked scary. I was so happy when it was taken. Ugh. I lost my appetite."

Stadis continually stared, imagining the moment, tightly closing his eyes as he tightly pressed his lips together. Stadis exited the playground on to the sidewalk as a car pass, crossing the street, walking towards his home as The Mystery Man appeared, teleporting in front. Mystery Man "I see that was quite the journey." Stadis listened as The Mystery Man continually spoke. Mystery Man "With your occurring perseverance, Kev still could not be seen." Stadis continually listened. Mystery Man ".. My last encounter with Kev, I recall was before an event, an indulging contest Rin also anticipated. It is certain that Kev entered the competitiveness to obtain its praised radio collaborated volcano mood light. Rin did not participate, only, she followed to eye new memories of Kev's efforts." Stadis nodded his head. Mystery Man "The contest's winner was an handicap individual, Rin also hoped would succeed. Kev immense, forgetting the important caution, became a sequel of his jealousy." Stadis ".." Mystery Man "At the time, Rin informed me of Kev's separation after she organized an early surprise sneak birthday which, may have earned him a certain anticipation." Stadis nodded his head. Mystery Man "Eventually learning the purpose of the Memory Cube, Kev may have attempted to store his anxiety within a copy that resulted in self store through teleportation, unfortunately preventing The Red Anxiety. This is confirming importance of self awareness." Stadis "." Mystery Man "I was also immense my self. I recall being immense in my hatred of self limits as I attempted to observe beyond my well being. Entering meditation, I nearly became uncreated as I lowered my body's energy.. A truly learning experience and reminder of acceptance." The Mystery Man teleported as Stadis followed, teleporting.

13: Randomness


Kev continually swung his bat as Rin laid against the playground slide, hands tucked under her thighs with her ankles crossed, closing her eyes as she burp. Rin continually laid against slide as she yawn and up righted as Kev noticed and spoke. Kev "Ready to go home?" Rin responded as she nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Rin continually laid on the living room floor, hands placed beside her legs, feet closed together, opening her eyes, waking and up righted, exiting Kev's home, walking down the porch steps. Kev "?"

A snail disease infected brown skin security guard is shown, tightly grabbing a lost baby duck, continually squeaking, cornered against a fence in a school yard, noticing finger bones thrown, punctured into his right arm. Security Guard "!" The snail infected security guard noticed Rin wearing her white shitagi undergarment and black kosode with finger bones featured against her upper legs, each side of her neck and ankles and burp, holding a sharp bone. The snail diseased security rushed towards, attacking Rin, noticing a finger bone instantly punctured into his neck as she hand stand, grabbing his neck with her ankles and twist, snapping his neck and double kicked the enemy, hand standing on to her feet. Rin walked beside the security guard, sat on her knees as she pulled a finger bone from his arm and up righted, exiting the school yard, rush walking as the duck rush walk nervously the opposite direction.

Kev continually sat on the front porch, resting his head on his hands, placed on to the top end of his bat, noticing Rin with orange segment shaped bones featured against each side of her upper legs as she spoke. Kev "Rin!" Rin "Hey, best bud." Kev "I was a bit.. " Rin tapped Kev's head, kissed his lips and rushed up the porch steps, exiting into home as he closed his eyes, taking a breather through his mouth in relief. Kev held, playing his Gameboy Advance and paused the game, noticing Rin's absence. Kev exited his room, noticing Rin continually lying on the living room floor, staring at the ceiling with her hands placed beside her thighs and ankles crossed. Kev sat on his right knee beside Rin, placing his Gameboy Advance on to the floor as he spoke. Kev "Rin.. what's the matter with you?" Rin responded as she nodded, shaking her head side to side. Kev ".. I'll be in my room then." Kev continually held, playing his Gameboy Advance as Rin exited into his room, noticing and spoke. Kev "Sup, Rin?" Rin "best bud, look at my legs." Kev noticed as deep cuts opened on Rin's upper thighs, staring across the room. Kev "!" Kev rushed, dropping his Gameboy Advance, running to his left on the sidewalk as he look back, noticing Rin following, continually running with her upper/torso body leant, tilted forward, arms angled and spread outwards and fingers straightened, breathing through her mouth with single deep cuts on her upper legs and discontinued. Kev continually watched Rin as she discontinued running, continually following and stared at Kev, catching her breath, wrapped his arms around, hugging her waist.

Rin wiped her thighs, continually standing on the living room sofa as Kev continually laid on the living room floor and spoke. Kev "Stay right here?" Rin nodded as she tilt her head upwards and downwards and spoke. Rin "Press my legs." Kev continually laid on the living room floor as Rin placed her hands beside her thighs, straightening her fingers, closed her eyes and dropped, falling on to Kev. Kev "!" Rin opened her eyes, continually held her hands straightened beside her thighs, lying against and twist on to the floor beside Kev, sitting upwards and spoke. Kev "I.. liked it." Rin nodded, tilted her upwards and downwards, continually lying on the floor and spoke. Rin "me next." Kev "No, Rin. It can also be painful. I'm not hurting you." Rin "Lift me." Rin held her hands upwards Kev as grab her hands, pulling as she up right on to her knees. Rin signaled her hand in a come here gesture. Kev "?" Rin continually signaled her hand in a come here gesture as Kev listened, kissing his lips. Kev closed the refrigerator with his right feet, placed the mayonnaise on to the counter, noticing Rin as she drool, eyes half closed as her mental illness become unstable, sitting on the counter. Kev "Rin!" Kev continually watched Rin as she opened her mouth, gurgled with bubbles. Kev continually rested his head on to his arms, crossed on to the bed, sitting on his knees against his bed, realizing and noticed as Rin walked, standing in his room exit, continually gurgling bubbles, wrists slightly bent.

Kev placed his Gameboy Advance charger into the wall socket, charging his Gameboy Advance, sitting on his left knee and up righted. Kev noticed Rin as she continually laid unresponsive beside his bed, eyes half closed, foaming at the mouth. Kev held a wet tower as he wiped Rin's mouth, standing beside his bed as he spoke. Kev ".. I know being random can be a lot for you." Rin eyed Kev with eye contacted as he continually spoke. Kev "I guess I'll be taking a nap to." Rin responded as she nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards.

Kev exited the bathroom as a toilet flush sound, walking towards his room as Rin exited the kitchen and walked behind, wearing pajamas with featured finger bones and spoke. Rin "best bud!" Kev noticed Rin as she signaled, come here and listened. Rin wrapped her arms around Kev's neck, closing her eyes as he waited and watched Rin exited into her room, closing her room door. Kev continually sat on his backside, knees bent as he take off his shoes and leaned his head against a pillow, closing his eyes, sitting against the left side of his bed.


Kev continually walked on the separate sidewalk from checking the store for his favorite drink as he noticed Rin with her right feet placed on to the concrete porch, standing on the steps. Kev rushed towards Rin, crossing the street on to the sidewalk and sat on his left knee, evening his right sock and looked up at Rin, wearing a black kosode and white shitagi undergarment with finger bones featured against the sleeves, upper thigh length skirt as finger bones and finger bones featured across, grabbed against her back ankles and spoke, imitating a sentence backwards. Rin "I were smeared." Kev slowly up righted, continually watching Rin, staring at her right across the street, holding finger bones, aimed as she threw, throwing a finger bone towards, puncturing into his neck, killing his conscious.

Chapter Preferred Theme: OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean.

14: Transmuted Millennial
Transmuted Millennial


Kev rushed, running up the porch steps as he stopped, noticing The Mystery Man appear from teleporting, speaking. Mystery Man "Kev." Kev noticed, walking down the steps towards The Mystery Man and continually spoke. Mystery Man "There is a occurrence you should know of. Intimidating to most but, you are incapable due to your immunity to fear." Kev listened. Mystery Man "She is a female that mental illness has transmuted, said to select healthy targets as their conscious least expect. This is her ability to critically intimidate her victims into a phase of anxious shock that suddenly pauses their bodies into sleep paralysis.. But." Kev continually listened. Mystery Man "You may be astonished of potential partners you may meet as our partners tend to appear when we least expect it." Kev "I doubt she exist." The Mystery Man teleported as Kev watched, held, staring at his house key in his right hand. Kev placed his key into the unlockable knob, turned on his Nintendo 64, sat on the floor in front, leaning against his bed, holding the joystick, bending his knees.

A muscular male held a glass cup towards his mouth, drinking beet juice, sitting in a black spin computer chair, watching his flat screen tv in his living room, unaware as Rin watched at a distance. Rin continually stared, standing half in his bathroom with snail slimed hands, exiting as she slowly walked towards his space, noticing as his heart skip a beat, falling of his chair into a sleep paralysis. The healthy male watched as Rin sat on her knees, placed her slimed hands on to, sticking to the unable to move male's chest, biting his throat, drinking his body fluid, becoming endless unconscious. Kev turned off his Nintendo 64, wrapped the wires around as he placed the joystick on to his tv stand, held a sandwich towards his mouth, biting, standing behind the kitchen counter. Rin walked in a separate house's hallway towards a buff male sleeping with blood on her chin as Kev opened his eyes, awakening from a nap, lying in his room bed. Rin walked towards a sleeping buff male, holding as she placed, injecting the drinking straw into his arm, clasping her left arm behind her back, drinking his energy as their shadows are shown on his living room wall, reflecting from his fish tank and burped. Kev listened to the radio, arms crossed behind his head, right knee bent, lying on his living room sofa.

Rin's right eye is shown, standing half in Kev's bathroom with snail slimed hair, stained blood smeared across her face and neck, blood smear and snail slime trails on each of her upper thighs across her upper legs. Rin exited Kev's bathroom, walking towards his space, noticing as he instantly up right at ease, unaffected by her intimidation. Rin "!?" Kev continually stared as Rin held eye contact and spoke. Kev "Hello." Rin walked, opening her mouth and reached her mouth towards Kev's throat, leaning sideways, avoiding her bite, instantly tripping Rin as she fall sideways. Kev "Sorry. I had to." Rin sat upwards, watching Kev as she sat on her right knee and continually spoke. Kev "My name is Kev. Are you that scary millennium sage everyone is talking about?" Kev backed as Rin up righted, watching and opened the front door, exiting his house as Rin followed. Kev rushed down the porch steps, watching as Rin continually followed, climbing over the concrete balcony, watching. Rin continually walked up the porch steps, following as Kev continually held out his right hand as she attempt a bite, tripping over a porch step, falling on to the porch, exhaling her voice as Kev kneeled on his right knee and held out as Rin attempt to bit his fingers, missing. Kev slightly smiled, excited as he backed into his house towards the kitchen, watching Rin up right, slowly following, hoped as she grabbed on to his 2nd room door, placing her feet on to the knobs. Kev watched as Rin crossed her legs, continually holding on to the door as he rushed, wrapped his arms around, tightly hugging her waist as she fall, backing and up righted. Kev "That was great. Can I try that again?" Rin nodded as she shake her head side to side, staring. Kev watched, keeping his distance as Rin placed her right hand on to the exit side, exiting his house, making a left a face expression. Kev closed his front door, laid on his living room sofa, left feet placed on to the floor, crossed his right arm behind his head, watching the ceiling.

Rin's legs are shown, walking on the sidewalk with shell less snails continually crawling on her thighs, leaving slime trails, thinking of Kev. Rin held her hands under the restroom sink, rubbing her hands against her face, washing the blood stains off her face, laid on a inside a loading dock, closing her eyes. Rin opened her eyes, awakening with a snail on her right and left cheek and left thigh side, lying in Kev's ally with her arms crossed. Rin sat upwards as she grabbed, pulling the snails off her cheeks and left thigh side, legs continually shown as she rush walk. Rin "Uhhhhhhhhh." Rin waited as Kev opened his front door, noticing her voice as she close her eyes, lightly sneezing, wiped below her nose with snail slime trails on her cheeks, neck and left thigh side and crossed her ankles, continually closed her eyes as she clasped her hands behind her back.

15: Challenge Me
Challenge Me


Kev walked towards the exit, wearing a gray long sleeve shirt with a attached hood, dark blue shorts reaching below his knees and gray, white shoe lace shoes as Rin followed, rushed as she spoke. Rin "wait for me." Kev "No." Rin continually eyed Kev, walked closer to his space and spoke. Rin "I said, wait for me." Kev "RIN, STAY WHERE ITS SAFE!" Rin raise her right hand as she slapped Kev's cheek, opening his eyes, continually eyeing each other. Kev "Learn how to listen." Rin raised her right hand up Kev's backwards cap as she grabbed and pulled, holding his stance. Rin "best bud, stop, treating me, like an animal." Rin pushed Kev's head back as she let go his hair. Kev held the joystick, playing his Nintendo Gamecube as Rin exited into his room, wearing sleepwear, black colored across the upper portion, long sleeves and abdomen yellow jacked wasp stripes marked across the lower portion below her waist from her hips. and spoke. Rin "give me a kiss." Rin reached for a kiss as Kev turned his, punching his cheek and continually spoke Rin "Let me, kiss your cheek." Rin grabbed, pulling Kev's hair as she kissed his cheek, continually grabbed and pulled Kev's hair as she slightly burp on his cheek, backing his face and exited his room. Kev wiped his cheek, continually playing his Gamecube as Rin walked into his room exit, holding as she throw a crate of color pencils towards, hitting his left shoulder, closing his eyes.

Kev pulsed his game, quitting, Rin taking the warmed chicken pot pie out of as she closed the microwave with a white towel. Rin exited into Kev's room, holding a warmed chicken pot pie on the towel in her hands as she spoke. Rin "here." Kev "Get out." Rin listened as she grabbed, pulling Kev's shirt, both exiting the room. Rin pulled Kev's sleeve downwards, sitting on the sofa as she spoke. Rin "sit." Kev pushed over as Rin noticed, placing her hands on to the meat pie and fork, grabbed as she pulled, letting go his shirt. Rin grabbed the meat pie and fork as she pushed over closer to as she jugged the fork into the meat pie, held the meat on the fork towards his mouth and spoke. Rin "open." Rin placed the fork against Kev's lips, eating the meat as Rin continually jugged the fork into the meat pie. Kev noticed as Rin continually held the fork upwards and spoke. Rin "turn your face." Kev turned his face towards as Rin held the fork towards his mouth, instantly turning his face as she placed the meat pie on to the sofa, punching Kev's cheek. Rin grabbed and pulled Kev's hair as she held the fork towards his mouth, eating the chicken meat and continually spoke. Rin "Swallow." Rin held the glass cup towards Kev's mouth, drinking fruit flavored water, placing his hand on to as she let go the cup, up righted and walked towards her room. Kev stood beside the kitchen counter in front Rin as she purl cough medicine on to the spoon, placing the medicine on to the counter and spoke. Rin "eat it." Kev opened as Rin placed the spoon into his mouth, swallowing the medicine, purl medicine on to the spoon, opened her mouth, taking the medicine.

Rin rushed, exiting into Kev's room, closing his room door as a pee sound is heard. Kev pushed opened the door with his right feet as he exited the bathroom, toilet flushing, noticing his closed room door. Kev "?" Kev turned the knob, slowly opening his room door as Rin watched, sitting on her knees, placed her hands on to the carpet floor as she stretched, snapping her ankles tightly against his head, bending her knees, forcing Kev on to his knees, placing his hands on to her ankles, crossing her ankles. Rin "I will fight your evil." Kev "Its not like that. You just get on my nerves sometimes." Rin "I'm the mommy of your babies. I'm your babies mommy." Kev "I never said you weren't." Kev reset his digital clock, standing on his knees, noticing as Rin continually stand in his room exit with her hands placed on to the sides, feet spread against the sides, eyes closed, focusing. Kev slowly walked on his tip toes, sneaking in front as he tightly wrapped his arms around, hugging Rin's waist, exhaling her voice and continually focused. Kev "?" Kev turned on his tv as Rin finish focusing, opened her eyes and walked towards as she grab, pulled his hair and pushed his head. Rin "Let me focus." Kev closed his eyes with a at ease face expression as he placed his right arm around her waist and pulled, continually hugging Rin's waist. Rin continually grabbed Kev's hair, softly hitting his lower chest with her knee, smacked his cheek and continually pushed his head backwards as she spoke. Rin "Stop. grabbing. my. waist." Kev watched Rin exiting his room, hand placed on to his cheek with a serious face expression. Kev held the slightly wet towel as he wipe his Gamecube, standing on his knees and coughed, noticing Rin standing in his room door exit. Rin "come in the kitchen with me." Kev "No." Rin continually held her thighs pressed, leaning against as she hold Kev against the counter, opening the cabinet and grabbed the cough medicine, instantly side stepping as Rin trip, falling. Rin up righted as she yell in Kev's face. Rin "STOP, BEST BUD!" Kev held as he wipe his Gamecube joystick as Rin closed her eyes, slightly tilted over as she spoke. Rin "I'm a princess." Rin continually closed her eyes as she spoke next to Kev's ear. Rin "I'm your princess.. I let you hold my waist."

Rin exited her room at 7:36pm, holding enveloped savings as Kev held the plastic cup towards his mouth, drinking grape juice. Rin "best bud!" Rin exited into the kitchen, held the savings as he exit into the living room. Rin followed Kev, circling into the kitchen as she placed savings on to the kitchen counter towards Kev as he swung his left hand, hitting the wrapped money on to the floor. Rin grabbed, picking up as she continually placed the money on to the counter and spoke. Rin "Your money." Kev continually hit the money on to the floor, rushed towards as she grab his hair, forcing Kev's on to the floor in a arm lock, tightly closing his eyes and spoke. Kev "Alright!" Rin unlocked Kev's arm, up righted as she continually picked up the money, grabbed and placed the savings in to his hands, balding his fingers against the savings and spoke. Rin "Your money." Kev held the money, watching as Rin exited the kitchen. Kev noticed Rin lightly gasping, lying on his living room sofa with his arms crossed behind his head, left knee bent resting and opened his eyes, noticing her closed room door. Kev slowly sat upwards, continually noticing stutter breath sounds, opened Rin's room door, noticing as she sit on her knees, resting her head on her arms crossed on to her bed, leaking tears and spoke. Kev "Rin." Rin noticed and wiped her eyes. Rin "I feel worthiness." Kev "That's worthy, right?" Rin nodded, shaking her head side to side. Rin "False. Useless." Kev "False." Rin "?" Kev "I appreciate what you did for me. Thank you." Rin "." Kev "I'm stressed right now, Rin. Let me chill apart." Rin continually eye contact Kev and spoke. Rin "Worthy?" Kev "Am I worthy?" Rin nodded as she tilt her head upwards and downwards." Kev slowly held his hands outwards, elbows bent and spoke. Kev "Let me hold you." Rin stared at Kev's eye contact, walked towards each other as he wrapped his arms around, hugging her waist. Rin's face is shown, eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling through her mouth, hands placed on to the exit sides as Kev tightly held his arms hugged around her waist in front his room, vibrating his heart beat pulse to Rin's chest.

Kev held the napkin towards his mouth, finishing his warmed honeybun, standing in the kitchen as he notice stickiness on his hands. Kev walked towards the bathroom exit, noticing Rin standing on her hands and snapped her ankles against his head. Rin "Leg snap." Kev "Let me wash my hands, Rin." Rin "Ok. Lift me." Rin wrapped her arms around Kev's ankles as he wrapped his arms, lifting her body from her ankles, placing her hands on to the exit side, circling sideways on to her feet, looking Kev into his eyes. Kev moved aside and watched as Rin exited the bathroom. Kev rubbed the towel against, drying his hands as he exit the bathroom, walking into his room, noticing Rin sitting on his bed with her ankles crossed, hands tucked under her thighs and spoke. Rin "come here." Rin continually held her ankles crossed, eye contacting Kev, thighs pressed against his neck, placing her hands on to his cheeks as he sit on the floor on his knees, hands placed on to her thigh sides, raised his backwards cap, closed her eyes as she kiss his forehead.

16: Deposit


Rin listened, standing with her ankles crossed in the service counter room in a retail bank as the male bank manager spoke. Bank Manager ".. Its really difficult to turn you down.. Your really serious. Ok, I'll give you a chance." Rin nodded as she tilt her head upwards and downwards. Bank Manager "See how much you can deposit. Then eventually, we'll see management. Until then."


Rin continually watched the streets, sitting on a white pillow on a raise floor in a bank booth in front lined locked safe boxes, hands placed on to her knees in a playground, starting small with two male security guards. Rin continually watched her surroundings, hands placed on to her upper thighs as The Mystery Man spoke, walking towards Rin's space, noticing. Mystery Man "Greetings. I hear you're making deposit arrangements." Rin nodded as she tilt her head upwards and downwards. Mystery Man "I'm interested in your service. Help me make a deposit." A male Ja Rule fan spoke as Rin listened. Male Ja Rule fan "I love the personal vibe of this. I want to make a deposit." Rin handed a male his deposited wrapped quarters and spoke. Male "Nice. This a good separate." Kev appeared, teleporting as he dropped on to the street and rushed towards Rin, watching her right as he spoke. Kev "Rin, I want to make a deposit." Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards and spoke. Rin "give me your deposit." Kev handed Rin two hundred dollar bills in change wrapped in lined school paper, noticing and continually spoke. Rin "100 only." Kev continually breathe through his mouth, looking at Rin as she pulled a 100 from and handed Kev the wrapped other 100, slowly grabbing the paper. Rin continually patted her knees, noticing as a male spoke, rushing from across the street, bouncing a basket ball. Male holding ball "Basket ball comin'! Can you help me?" Rin "how much do you want to deposit?" Rin held an enveloped deposit as she closed and handed the envelop to a female high school student, closing her eyes as she yawn at 2:28pm, eyes continually half closed onwards and shake her head side to side, forcing her self awake. Rin continually looked each direction, hands placed on to her upper thighs, fingers entwined, noticing a male pass, riding his bike.

Rin continually sat on her knees with her fingers tucked under her thighs as the security guards converse, watched as a male wearing a joe shirt handed, slowly grabbing his 50 in deposit. Rin continually held her right hand over her eyes, looking at the sky as the school principle parked and excited her car, noticing. School Principle "Riiiiiiiin!" Rin noticed The Mystery Man appeared, teleporting on the separate sidewalk as a car pass and waved, raised his right hand, responding, crossing the street. Mystery Man "I see your becoming well known." Rin "want to make a deposit?" Mystery Man "I will when its time. For now, just continue to follow in your choice." Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Kev appeared, teleporting as he continually dropped on to the street and walked towards Rin's space, noticing. Kev "Rin!" Kev "I want to check up on you." Rin signaled her hand, implying come here as Kev watched, noticing, raised the front of his backwards cap, kissing his forehead and wrapped her arms around his neck. Rin held a plastic black pocket quarter holder, handing her security guard his deposit as the left security guard held a sandwich towards his mouth, biting. Rin watched as Kev avoided a Stutter's elbow attack in the street, instantly dodging sideways and punctured the Stutter defeated with his bat, handing a male wearing sweat bands his enveloped money deposit.

Rin burped as she continually held her fingers against, turning a combination lock on a safe in random combinations at 4:08pm as a car continually pass. Kev continually laid on the playground walkway, arms crossed behind his head, right knee bent, watching Rin's bank booth as he noticed the time and up righted. Kev "Rin!" Rin noticed as Kev walked around the bank booth as he continually spoke. Kev "I'm going to be a bat tester." Rin continually listened with eye contact. Kev "We hit against equally as hard hit absorbers to see how strong is the bat we're using. I did my first test yesterday. We had to hit thrown metal balls at us with our baseball bats. Its not as easy as it looks though. You have to constantly because, you need stamina." Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards, responding. Kev "Your shift is almost over. I miss you." Rin "15 minutes." Kev ".. Let me make one more deposit." Rin nodded, shaking her head side to side. Kev "I'm trying to save money, Rin." Rin grabbed a folded paper with a hand drawn colored with a pink color pencil heart as she handed Kev, slowly grabbing the folded paper, continually looked at Rin watching her surroundings, teleporting. Rin placed her right feet on to the ground at 4:30pm, up righting as the security guards each grabbed a safe box.

A kid is shown, continually dancing in front his house on the cement porch, backed towards as he closed his eyes, imitating a mummy walk, tripping over a cement rail, falling on to the moved open trash bin to his safety.


Rin continually listened as she continually slightly bend her middle fingers, standing in the service counter room in the retail bank at 11:34am as the bank manager male spoke. Bank Manager "Congratulations. You have officially earned your choice to work as a bank employment at a rather young age. Its also exciting to hear your partner helped you." Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Bank Manager "Rin, I trust you can handle this. Actually, ever since you begin. There's something about your personality.. A bank employ is a really fitting role for you. Like, I don't see you in any other jobs. When I first saw you randomly, I said in my head, we'll let the phenomenon decide then. Glad it ably spoke." Rin continually listened. Bank Manager "Do you plan to become a bank manager at one point?" Rin nodded as she shake her head side to side. Bank Manager "You just want to deposit customer savings and operate the transfer air tube as they drive through?" Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Bank Manager "The day is beautiful. Don't miss it. I'll wait as your debut, debuts." Rin held out her right hand and spaced her fingers as the bank manager noticed and spoke. Bank Manager "Oh! Here ya go." The bank manager held out his right hand as he spaced his fingers, entwining his fingers with Rin's. Rin is shown from her behind, slowly walking towards the retail bank exit, chapter ending.

17: Rin's Lure
Rin's Lure

~Rin is shown covered in lime green slime, standing with her wrists bent and feet together, resting as the slime ooze off her body, opened her eyes with yellow typical scary zigzag mouth of teeth alternating to right and left turns on both her upper thighs, starting the moment as the radio song play.


Rin watched, looking across the dim room with a shallow pool and circle light in the center to resemble the moon shining over the ocean represented by said pool inside a cave, standing on a balcony, noticing as Kev anxious exit into the room. Kev continually walked, holding his bat unaware as Rin sneak followed, walking on the edge as she placed her hands on to the wall. Kev walked into the room with silver blue walls and floor, looking left and right, continually unaware as Rin's shadow is beside on the entrance, entwined with his shadow. Rin held the red ice pop towards her mouth, slowly eating the ice pop, sitting on Jennifer's porch, noticing as Kev walk pass, continually on the sidewalk, holding the potato chip bag towards his mouth, up righted as she watched. Rin held dictionary books, walking towards the shelf as Kev exited into the library classroom, handing the female teacher a envelope as she placed the dictionary, standing upwards into the row, noticing. Rin grabbed a dictionary, held in each of her hands as she rushed, handing Kev the dictionary, grabbed the dictionary as he stared into the class, unaware.

Kev continually stared at a art display in a exhibit art gallery room and noticed Rin walked, standing between two security guards and looked at a separate art display, noticing. Kev's heart skipped a beat, opened his eyes as the two security guards continually held their right hands on to his shoulders, watching as Rin with a stiff ankle slowly walk unevenly with difficulty limping towards, grabbing his shirt and hair, eyes locked. Rin held, wiping her index finger against the window, noticing Kev walking towards the snail/chill ground, standing inside a fake office room with snail slime trails on the walls and furniture. Kev exited into the large play tunnels attached office room chill ground, noticing Rin as she held her fingers against the tunnels walls, staring at Kev. Kev continually stared at Rin, caught in her eye lock, breathing through his mouth. Kev closed his storage unit with his right feet in a exhibit as Rin exited the slime pool room into the storage section and noticed, held her hands upwards, cupped surrounding her mouth, calling Kev into the lure as she yell "Boy!" covered in slime. Kev listened as he followed, exiting into the slime pool room towards Rin, holding eye contact and wrapped her arms around his neck, sharing slime, hugging. Kev made a uneasy face expression as Rin pressed her thighs against his front private, unwrapping his neck and backed, mesmerized.

Kev continually rested his eyes with his arms crossed behind his head, right knee bent in a black relax room, lying on a giant floor shiny black maschine sound production system with two screens, relaxing to the radio sound vibration, lowering. Kev up righted as he noticed Rin standing beside with her hands placed on to the sides of the round volume, continually staring, slowly picking up his bat. Kev noticed Rin covered in mouth substance, standing in a 2nd empty plastic trash bin beside his porch, hands placed on to the front, walking on to the sidewalk as Rin "Pssst." Kev listened, walking towards as Rin wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling Kev into a throat hole. Kev "?!" Rin held her arms wrapped around Kev's neck with eye contact, pressing his hands on to the throat's slippery flesh, slipping downwards, anxious as he look upwards and spoke. Rin "Oweese." Kev struggled, lifting him self upwards, throat tightening as Rin placed her hands on to the throat's flesh, struggled and tightly closing her eyes as she lift her self upwards, throat closing, noticing her thighs tightly pressing against his front private, mesmerized as she spoke. Kev "!" Rin "pigagee." The trash bin tilted, falling on to the sidewalk as Kev rushed, exiting the trash bin, covered in slime as Rin followed, crawling and up righted, rubbing her hands downwards against her hair, wagging mouth substance off her hands, grabbing Kev's hair. Rin exited the restroom, continually with a stiff ankle, walking with difficulty, limping as she placed her hands on to the restroom wall, becoming slightly blind, closing her eyes. Rin noticed, hearing two chibi flames rushed from behind the restroom, moving towards her space and yelled. Rin "boy!" Kev opened his eyes, arms crossed behind his head, right knee bent, lying on the grass on the lake front, noticing the two enemies walking towards as he up right, rushed and picked up, holding Rin in his arms, teleporting.

Kev continually held, dragged his bat forward, walking on the sidewalk in front, passing a white painted what's luv high school marked with red smears, noticing parked yellow type C version school buses as students exit the building. Kev continually walked, watching the students as Rin rushed, exiting a bus towards as she grabbed Kev's bat, noticing. Kev and Rin continually eyed as she pulled, taking his bat, held the bat behind her back with her left hand clasped and slightly tilted forward, closing her eyes and exhaled through her mouth. Rin rushed walked towards, exiting into the high school as continually watched and followed. Kev exited into the high school on to the first floor, noticing Rin turning right, walking through the hall way, dragging his bat against the wall. Kev continually followed as he rushed, turning right, noticing a glimpse of his bat held backwards by Rin, exiting into the student gym locker room. Kev rushed across the hall way, slowly exiting into the locker room as he watch his surroundings. Kev slowly walked, turning left, noticing a no 2 pencil placed on to a bench, staring as Rin walked from behind, continually closed her eyes, holding Kev's bat. Rin "Ahem." Kev noticed as Rin tilt her upper body forward, closing her eyes as she stick out her tongue. Kev continually held as he hand Rin the no 2 pencil, handing Kev his bat and parted ways as he watch, holding his bat continually tilted forward against the floor.

Rin continually looked at each distance, sitting on the concrete porch ground with her fingers tucked under her thighs, crossing her ankles. Kev walked towards the neighborhood concrete porch ground, slightly smiling as Rin reached her ankles, gripping his left wrist, using her signature move Teeth Trap, sitting on the porch segment with a cut on the right corner of her bottom lip, noticing. Kev continually held his eye locked with Rin, letting go his wrist and walked, turning up the steps into a porch segment. Kev walked down the steps, leaving the concrete porch ground as Rin held her legs half spread, continually sitting on a higher concrete porch segment. Kev passed, noticing as Rin imitate her legs as a biting trap, gripping his waist. Kev "!" Rin eye locked Kev, tightening her thighs against his waist and pulled as Kev slightly tripled, holding his stance. Rin tightly closed her eyes as she continually pulled, instantly gripping his neck with her ankles. Kev placed his hands on to Rin's ankles as he pull him self backwards, catching his breath, letting go his neck, falling on to his backseat, up righted as he watched Rin staring, leaving the concrete porch ground.

Kev continually watched, staring at the lifesize cardboard cutout of a music producer behind the window in the next room, standing in a observation room, holding his bat as Rin exited into the room. Rin quietly rushed walked behind Kev with her elbows slightly bent, noticing. Kev "?" Kev continually watched as Rin walked beside his space, facing each other and half closed her eyes as she half open her mouth with saliva sticking across her tongue, wrapped his arms around, hugged Rin's waist and exited the observation room as she watch.

Kev exited into a dim monster garbage room with a inside wall glassed glowing red slime lamp with cerise colored sole monster scratches marked across the walls, holding a hamburger wrap, passing standing in the shadow Rin as he opened, dropping the hamburger wrap into the trash bin. Rin exited the shadow in front as Kev noticed Rin with snail slimed trails across her neck, snail slimed hands, mouth, blood smear and snail slime scribble trails across each of her upper thighs across her leg mouths, heart skipping a beat. Kev slowly avoided Rin as she watched and rushed, exiting the monster garbage room. Kev's face is shown, sleeping on his room bed, lying on his back, breathing through his mouth as Rin walked beside his bed, thigh mouths licking the left side of his face, awakening. Kev "!" Kev noticed Rin as he sat upwards, heart exceeding, continually watching as Rin closed her eyes, burping in his face, tightly blinking his eyes. Kev rushed as he up righted, exiting his room as Rin watched, tripping over his bat, placed between the sofa pillows, angled towards the floor. Kev continually laid unconscious on his porch, mouth slightly opened with a bleeding eye and bruises as Rin slightly bite his right eye lid, hands placed on to the porch, sitting on the steps on her knees. Rin up righted, parting as she slightly bend her wrists, closing her eyes, repeatedly skipping her feet in front each other, imitating a balance walk, breathing through her mouth, focus walking.

18: Rin's Scheduled Transfer
Rin's Scheduled Transfer


Rin listened, wearing a white shitagi undergarment, black kosode long sleeve shirt, white obi sash, black kosode full upper leg revealing shorts, white socks and black shoes, standing in the office room, in front as the government spoke, sitting in his chair, covered by her shadow. Government "Rin. I have a difficult assignment for you, but I know you can handle it as my most sneaky assassin. Kev is a hassle. Take his life and massage my concerns." Rin placed, straightening her hands beside her thighs as she lowered her back forward, bowing her head, eye contacting the government and closing her eyes. Rin "Yes, master."

Kev exited the corner store, wearing a black long sleeve shirt, dark blue shorts reaching below his knees, white socks and dark blue shoes as he held the bag towards his mouth, eating potato chips. Kev held the battle towards his mouth, finishing his juice, holding the trash can opened, as he place the bottle into his plastic trash can beside his porch, closing the trash can. Kev rushed up his porch steps as he placed the key into, unlocking the front exit of his home as he noticed Rin with her eyes closed as she lightly coughed, grab her pencil from her sock with eye contact and spoke. Rin "My legs?" Kev "Rin?" Kev continually watched Rin placing her pencil into her mouth, mesmerizing as she rushed and turned, hand standing and grabbed Kev's neck with her ankles. Rin pulled as she throw Kev backwards into the house, up righted, closed and locked the front exit, continually rushed, attacking Kev focusing, heavily breathing, swinging her pencil, missing. Rin placed her pencil into her mouth, straightening as she swing her right hand and kicking towards Kev, slightly avoiding her attacks, dodging. Rin continually swung her pencil as Kev grabbed Rin's wrist, biting his hand, letting go as she raised, swinging her leg, kicking Kev on to the floor. Kev noticed Rin instantly tightening her ankles against his neck, standing on her hands, pencil held into her mouth as he placed his hands on to, pulling Rin's ankles, tightly closing each other's eyes. Kev gripped Rin's ankles as he pull her body, up righting as he back.

Rin "!"

Kev held Rin's ankles as she grab her pencil from her mouth, standing on her left hand, stabbing his left shin, letting go her ankles, holding his inner focus as he kneel on his knee, wrapping his arms around Rin's waist, letting go her pencil. Kev lifted Rin as she placed her hands on to the floor, catching her breath, bending her knees against, hitting Kev's face, tightly closing his eyes as she reach, grabbing her pencil. Kev instant dropped on to the floor as Rin wrapped her arms around his ankles, bending her knees against his face as he pulled sideways, instantly turning over, inhaling her voice. Kev pulled his ankles upwards, hand stood on his right hand, placing his feet on to the wall, letting go Rin's ankles as she followed, hitting Kev's chest with her knee, rolling on to the floor. Kev up righted on his left knee, placing his hand on to the stab, watching as Rin hold her pencil, sitting on her knees, sticking out her tongue. Kev closed his eyes, catching his breath as Rin rushed, grabbing his ears, pulling. Kev "!" Kev pulled as Rin struggled to raise her knee, tightly closing her eyes, grabbing his hair as he grabbed, lifting Rin's wrists, placing her right knee beside her left knee. Rin bite Kev's right fingers and pulled, flinching as he pulled, noticing her opened neck, softly fisting Rin's throat, exhaling her voice, continually gripped her wrists, up righted and spread her arms against the wall, lift as she wrapped her legs around Kev's waist, catching their breath with eye contact, sweating.

Kev let go Rin's waist as she unwrapped his waist, backing and laid sideways on to the floor, bending her elbows and knees, noticing her blurring eye sight. Rin continually held her eyes independently towards, watching Kev knees bent upward, hands placed on to, sitting on his backside on the floor, catching his breath, listening as he spoke. Kev "We've already been through this. I said no." Rin continually watched Kev, catching her breath. Kev "Who ever your associated with is your abuser. Even I'm a victim." Kev grabbed his bat, sat on his right knee, straightening his left sock and continually spoke. Kev "I'm going to need a new home." Rin watched Kev leaving his home as she closed her eyes in need of sleep.


Rin opened her eyes, awakening as she up right, wiping her eyes. Rin grabbed her pencil, up righting and exited Kev's house, exiting into the government's office as he spoke. Government "Why are you here? Our agreement is expired. Didn't you see the back of the milk carton?" Rin "please? I have no where to live." Government "Your continuous presents is trespassing. Get out." Kev picked up his Nintendo 64 box, noticing a door knock, opening the exit as he spoke. Kev "What?" Rin "I was once your enemy but.. I can see differently." Kev continually listened. Rin "I was listening to what you told me before I left.. Your the only person I can see." Rin "Will you let me live next to your room?" Kev "I don't know. I'm still unease. I'm in the progress of moving. All I have is one cover right now." Rin "don't trust me? I can wait as I sleep on your porch? please?" Kev continually eye contact Rin, deciding and spoke. Kev "Wait here." Kev opened his front exit, holding his cover and pillows, noticing Rin sitting on the porch rail, noticing. Kev "There ya go." Rin "boy.." Kev "Yes?" Rin ".. I'm hungry." Rin held the sandwich towards her mouth, biting as Kev placed the water bottle beside, sitting on his living room floor. Rin "Can I have 2nds please?" Rin held the bottle towards her mouth, finishing the water and spoke. Rin "done!" Kev "The porch you go." Rin sat on her knees on the front porch, noticing Kev speak, mesmerized. Kev "Don't let the bed bugs hit you." Rin continually watched Kev with eye contact and burped, laid her face on the pillow as she placed, wrapping the cover her body.

Kev stared at his room ceiling, arms crossed behind his head, lying on his floor, continually thinking of Rin, unable to sleep as he up right. Kev opened his front exit, noticing Rin asleep, looked left and right and kneeled on his knee, waking Rin. Kev "Yo." Rin slightly opened her eyes, noticing Kev. Kev "Lets go inside." Rin sat upwards, wiping her eyes as Kev grabbed, picking up the pillows. Kev listened as Rin responded. Rin "If I let you hold me waist, will you let me live next to your room?" Kev "Yup." Rin looked upwards across the room, staring at the ceiling, hands placed on to the washing machine and dryer as Kev wrapped his arms around, hugging her waist, closing his eyes. Kev "I always wanted to hold you." Rin responded as she nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Rin sat on to the floor as Kev spread the cover on to the floor, fluffing the pillow as he spoke. Kev "I'm yet to know your name." "Rin." Kev "Rin?" Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Kev "My name is Kev. I hope you sleep ok." Rin "will you sleep with me?" Kev "Umm." Rin held her eye contact, wrapping her arms around Kev's neck, hugging as he slightly smiled, closing his eyes.

Tomorrow, 1:33pm

Kev watched as Rin slowly walked into the living room, wearing a black blindfold, covering her eyes as she slightly bend her wrist. Kev "Rin!" Rin noticed as she followed Kev's voice signal, slowly walking towards his space, placing her hands on to his shoulders. Kev closed the refrigerator, held a filled glass cup towards his mouth, drinking volcano burst juice as Rin waited, listening. Kev placed the cup on to the counter, backing against the kitchen closet as Rin continually listened, following the sounds, walked towards and pressed her body against his. Kev "!" Kev held Rin's hand, walking into the living room after circling the kitchen, rushed into the hallway, knocking on the walls as she slowly walked into the hallway towards Kev, rushing towards, wrapping his arms around, tightly hugging Rin's waist, exhaling her voice. Rin "!" Kev unwrapped Rin's waist, slightly smile and spoke. Kev "Gotcha." Rin listened as she kissed his lips, unwrapped the blindfold and opened her eyes. Rin grabbed the Kev's wrist as she held his arm outwards, rush walked on to his chest, repeatedly stepping on his face as he tightly close his eyes, tilting backwards. Rin held on to the Kev's arm, turned sideways, softly stomping on his chest, grabbed his 2nd wrist, turned over and kick pushed, flipping on to her feet as he fall backwards.

Kev walked towards the bathroom exit, noticing as Rin place rolls of tissue into the sink cabinet, sitting on her right knee, left hand placed on to the cabinet door and spoke, listening. Kev "I need you, Rin." Rin noticed Kev, placed the last roll of napkins into, rubbed her right index finger under her nose and sniffed, closed the sink cabinet doors and placed her hands on to the cabinet as she up right. Rin waited, sitting with her legs half spread, hands and feet placed on to the washing machine and dryer, watching as Kev follow Rin's eye contact. Kev slowly walked between the washing machine and dryer against Rin and wrapped his arms around, hugging her waist as he closed his eyes.

Kev straightened his right sock, sitting on his left knee in his room as Rin spoke, standing in his room exit with ropes tied around her arms, upper body. Rin "best bud!" Kev "What's up with you?" Rin held her arms behind her back, sitting on her knees in her room as Kev tie her arms together, sitting on his left knee and spoke. Kev "That's it. Rin laid on her bed with her hands tied behind her back as she bent her knees to her chest, unresponsive. Kev "I don't see." Rin "push me upward." Kev held his left arm under Rin's back legs and back, carefully pushing her body upper in her bed, sitting on his knees beside Rin with her ankles tied and spoke. Rin "Boy." Kev "That's good?" Rin nodded as she tilt her head upwards and downwards. Rin "best bud!" Kev "What's up? Rin "merge with my legs." Kev held Rin's legs upward, holding her tied ankles and spoke. Kev "Do you mean? .." Rin nodded, tilting her head upwards and downwards and lightly burped. Rin "Insert."


Kev zipped his shorts and took a breather as Rin continually laid with her knees held against her chest. Kev "I see now." Rin continually nodded as she tilt her head upward and downward. Kev untied Rin's ankles, untied her arms as she wait, sitting on her bed, up righted and exited her room as Kev watched. Rin continually held the fork towards her mouth as she closed her eyes and bite, eating a chicken pot meat pie, sitting on a black kitchen stool in front the counter in the kitchen as Kev continually rested across the living room sofa, right arm crossed behind his head, right knee bent, resting his eyes.