Chapter 1: Break-In

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Guard 1:
Running as fast as I could through the flashing red, alarm-buzzing hallway of IronWall Prison, I push open the small, metal door leading to the prison courtyard and held it open for the other guards to come on through.

"Everybody get into position!", I yell, slamming the door and running over to get into position with the other guards. We all crowded in front of the prison's inner door, and aimed our blasters at the prison's gate. "Everyone get ready! Get ready! Fire on my mark!"

Focusing every bit of our attentions on the prison's gate, we were all startle when the gate came flying off its hinges and toward us!

"AAAAAHHHH!", we scream as we scatter to get out of the way of the gate.

Barely ducking in time, we didn't even have time to get back up and fire at the enemy as he came charging into the courtyard, ramming through the remaining guards standing in his way like as if they were cardboards dummies! Ramming right through the inner door, the enemy disappear into the prison, leaving the rest of us in wreckage.

Watching as Unstoppable continue to ram his way through the prison's hallway, I was able to stop him by firing off three explosive arrows and watching them explosive in front of him.

"Uuuhhh?!", utter Unstoppable, confuse and looking around.

"Stop right there Unstoppable!", I said, replacing the arrows I shot off.

"You know", started SpeedBlade, quickly running around Unstoppable before stopping at my side. "People normally break "OUT" of prison, not "IN"!"

"I think all that ramming he done finally did it!", chuckle Jumpstart, putting out his pair of lightning batons.

"Don't worry!", commented Ms. Justice, bringing up her near indestructible shield. "After the four of us knock him out, I'm sure the doctors here at Iron Wall Prison will gladly help him!"

Recognizing us instantly, Unstoppable stomp on the ground before roaring and charging toward us!

"OUTCAST!", I yell, raising my bow into the air. "ONWARD!"

Without another second wasted, my team charge toward Unstoppable.

"AAAAAARRRRAAAAAA!", shouted Unstoppable as he jump into the air before stomping back into the ground.

"Whoa!", scream JumpStart as he did a backflip to dodge Unstoppable's attack. "Almost got me there! My turn!"

Spinning his stun baton in his hand, he slap Unstoppable in the face a few times, forcing him to take a few steps back. About ten steps later, Jumpstart did a spin before round kick Unstoppable right in his stomach!

"Ha!", shouted Jumpstart, smiling. He smile all the way until he realize that Unstoppable had an iron stomach, and a kick to it wouldn't so much as flinch him. "Oh no."

Unstoppable, seeing a chance, grab Jumpstart's leg and toss him! Running as fast as he could, SpeedBlade leap into the air to grab JumpStart before he could hit the ground!

"You know he called "Unstoppable" for a reason, right", said SpeedBlade as he drop Jumpstart.

"Yeah", reply Jumpstart, "It's because him run through everything. Guy absolutely hate doors! It's a miracle he even used them to get in here in the first place."

"You two done talking?!", yell Ms. Justice, as she struggle to keep her shield up against the Unstoppable's restless punches. "Cause if you ain't, then you're going have to worry about Unstoppable AND me!"

"Hold on Justice!", I yell, running toward Unstoppable from behind. Preparing another explosive arrow, I fire it at Ms. Justice's shield. The arrow landed right in the center, in between Unstoppable's attacks. Before he could hit the shield again, my arrow begun to blink on and off. It was a second later before the arrow exploded, and blinded Unstoppable.

"AAAAHHHHH!", shouted Unstoppable, shielding his eyes and turning away.

Blinded now, and wandering around, he started swinging his giant arms wildly.

"AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!", he yell, bringing both his arms into the air before smashing it into the ground, onto a fictional enemy.

"SpeedBlade!", I yell, eyeing the lightning-fast, knight, "Aim for the legs!"

"Got it QuickShot!", reply SpeedBlade, putting out his steel sword.

Crouching down, SpeedBlade ran toward wildly-swinging, Unstoppable with all the speed he could muster!

Slashing at one of Unstoppable's armored leg, Unstoppable drop to the ground! About to strike the other though, Unstoppable got lucky and strike SpeedBlade! He went flying through the air and before landing right into JumpStart!

"AAAAHHHH!", they both scream, before bouncing up and down Iron Wall's hallway.

"Didn't see that coming", I said, a little shock by what just happen.

"I guess it's up to us girls now!", smile Ms. Justice, bringing up her shield. "You ready?"

"Go girl!", I reply, readying two more arrows. Still time, an explosive and sonic arrow.

"Want to try the "Party Hard" attack?", I ask Justice, smiling at her. Smiling back at me, Justice ran toward a now, clear seeing Unstoppable!

Pulling back his fist as far back as possible, Unstoppable swung and try to hit Justice! However, instead of blocking it with her shield, she duck under the swing and roll underneath our foe! Quickly turning back to face Justice, I ran around Unstoppable and fire off both my arrows at Justice's shield!

"Enjoy the party!", said Justice as both arrows went off.

Once more, the exploded arrows went off and temporary blinded Unstoppable!

"AAAAAAHHHHH!", he yell once more, slamming his hands into his eyes. However, combined with my sonic arrows, he was now also temporary deaf!

N​ow, wandering around completely blind and deaf, we took the chance to try out another one of our super moves!

"Falling Stars!", we both shouted.

Getting as close as possible to Unstoppable, Justice cover herself with her shield, and I ran toward her. Jumping onto it, she push up with the shield and threw me into the air.

For the last time, I fire off three explosive arrows and strike Unstoppable in his chest. They exploded simultaneously, causing Unstoppable to be unbalance! Now, seeing practically an unpassable opportunity, I landed gracefully on the ground before dropping to my knee! Ms. Justice, knowing what to do, ran up my back and slam her shield into Unstoppable's face!

A loud "thud" echo throughout the hallway of Iron Wall Prison as Unstoppable fell to the ground, unconscious and moaning.

"aaa-aaaoooooo...", moan the downed giant.

"Awesome job", I said, smiling and walking up to Justice's side. "Go girls!"

"Hold on!", SpeedBlade scream as he suddenly came rushing up to our side, sword in hand. "Hold on! I'm coming! Hold.....on..."

Seeing the pass out giant, SpeedBlade drop his sword to his side.

"Ooohhhh", he said, "You... two... already beaten him... Without... me..."

Pausing a bit longer, SpeedBlade slowly place his sword back in his sheath.

Still standing where he was, he seem perfectly calm when JumpStart suddenly appear behind us!

"Sorry it took me a while to get back here!", he "half-said" since he was exhausted. "Not all of us have super-speed... Hey, you guys took down Unstoppable! Sweet!"

"Yeah...", said SpeedBlade, "Sweet..."

"Come on!", I said, looking around, "We should leave! Before the guards find us!"

Looking around once more, I lead my team through Iron Wall Prison and out of it.

2: Chapter 2: Not Yet Over
Chapter 2: Not Yet Over

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Pushing down on a hidden panel in the ground and pushing in on a hidden button in the sewer wall, the sewer wall then started to slowly move, first moving away from us before splitting apart!

Waiting for the whole wall to first split completely apart, we quickly walk in before anyone could notice us. Once in, I step on another hidden panel that close the door. We were in the dark for a bit, until JumpStart pull down on a lever. Suddenly, hundreds and hundreds of little lightbulbs string up along the wall lit up, revealing both our hideout and our home, the OutPost!

"Mi casa", started JumpStart, smiling and turning around while spreading out his arms. "Es su casa!"

Turning back around, he then ran over to his "room" and leap into his hammock.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh...", JumpStart said, closing his eyes and placing his hands behind his head. "No one wake me up til dinner!"

"Slight problem with that", reply Ms. Justice, heading over to her room, which was right next to Jumpstart's. "According to the calendar, it's your turn to cook dinner! I'mmmm... in the mood for some... meatballs sandwiches! Anyone else?!"

"Yes please!", I yell from my room. "I too would enjoy some meatballs sandwiches!"

Eyes shooting open faster than when he turn on the lights, he yell a loud moan, before dragging himself from his hammock and walking to the kitchen, in the center of OutPost.

"Hey SpeedBlade!", JumpStart shouted while pulling on the apron. "You in mood for meatball subs too?! Or would prefer something simpler? Like a bowl of cereal? Please said you would prefer the cereal."

"Sure whatever", reply SpeedBlade, walking over to his room and tossing down his sword like as if it was just another piece of metal.

All of us, seeing that, automatically knew something was up. SpeedBlade would never toss his sword like that unless something really bother him.

Secretly eyeing one another, JumpStart and Ms. Justice eyed me, meaning that they wanted me to go and talk to him.

"Oh come on!", I said with my eyes, "Why me?! Why not you, Justice?!"

"Because you're our leader!", Justice shouted (with her eyes). "And because anything JumpStart would said would probably actually make it worst!"

"Hey!", scream JumpStart, shooting us an angry glare. "I would not!"

"So then why don't you go talk to him?!", I reply.

"Yeah, you should go talk to him!", JumpStart quickly said, eyes changing focus.

Realizing that JumpStart wasn't going to be any help, I look over to Justice. But by odd coincidence, she was too "busy" polishing her shield.

"And to think, I'm the one that need to make more explosive arrows!", I said to myself as I left my room and headed over to SpeedBlade's room.

Slowly walking over to edge of SpeedBlade's room, I peek over the corner. As I did, I saw SpeedBlade hastily pacing back and forth. That was another one of his "in a bad mood" habit.

By the time I came around the corner, Speed had left scorch marks on his floor.

"Wow", I said as I came in, "Never have I ever been more happy that we didn't have carpeted floor!"

"Hey QuickShot", said SpeedBlade as he speeded past me, the wind from his "speed-walking" messing up my long, blond hair. "What's up?"

"Nothing", I reply, "Just wanted to talk to you. Should of."

"What was that?", SpeedBlade ask, stopping to look at me.

"Nothing, nothing", I quickly reply, putting up my hands. "Sooooo... uhhh... Is everything okay?"

"What do mean by that?", SpeedBlade ask again, still time eyeing me funny. Or at least I think he's eyeing me funny. I couldn't really tell since SpeedBlade is always wearing his crimson-red, knight helmet.

"Welllll", I started, slightly looking away. "One, you threw your sword onto your bed like it was nothing, despite it been your family's sword. Two, you're pacing at such super speed, you're could of burning the ground as you walk. Three... There's isn't a three, but you know what I mean."

"Everything's fine!", declare SpeedBlade, rushing over to pick up his sword. "I was just tired and the sword felt a little heavier because of it. As for the pacing, I figure it'd best to do some exercise before dinner."

Knowing immediately that SpeedBlade was lying, I figure it'd be best to just leave.

"If SpeedBlade doesn't want to talk about it", I thought to myself, "Then I guess there's nothing I can really do."

"See you at dinner", I said to SpeedBlade, waving to him right before heading out and going back to my room.

As soon as I got to my room, I instantly sat down to start crafting more explosive arrows. About five minutes into my arts crafts project, I started hearing screaming from the kitchen!

Quickly getting up from my seat and rushing to see what was going, I look out my room to see JumpStart, on th​e ground, looking at a large fire!

"Need some help over here!", scream JumpStart as he took off the apron and toss it to the ground. "AAAAAHHHHH! Why did you guys put my name on the list?! I told you! Unless it cooking with a campfire, I don't cook at all!"

Seeing the fire spread from one corner of the stove top to the next, I roll my eyes before walking over to my quiver and grabbing a handful of foam arrows. I then ran to the kitchen.

"Hold on JumpStart!", I shouted, "AND KEEP YOUR STUN BATONS AWAY FROM THE FIRE!"

"What news do you bring me?", I ask my servant robot as he came to the base of the stairwell. As he arrive to the stairwell, he drop to one knee and bowing his head.

"Unstoppable has been beaten", my servant robot started, "The OutCasts has defeated him and now he is begin held in a maximum security prison cell at Iron Wall."

"I guess Unstoppable wasn't so "unstoppable" after all", I commented, still eyeing the hundreds and hundreds of screens I have in front of me. The many, many screens I had in front of me were to help me keep an eyes on what was going on in the city. "So now I have two reasons to break into Iron Wall."

"What would you like me to do next?", my servant robot ask, still on one knee and with his head down.

"Hmmm", I mutter, thinking it over for a bit. "Send in Laser Lightning. Have him break out Unstoppable and retrieve the other prisoner."

"Understand", said servant as he slowly back away, disappearing into the shadow.

Bringing up my wrist, I push down on a few buttons, and watch as the screens in front of me change from pointless views of the city to the cameras surrounding the prison.

"Let see the OutCasts deal with Laser Lightning", I said, almost laughing a bit.

3: Chapter 3: The Living Lightning Storm
Chapter 3: The Living Lightning Storm

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"I don't think we can eat this", I said, poking with my arrow one out of the four blackest, hardest, meatballs ever.

Stabbing the meatball over and over, I couldn't so much as put a dent in the darn thing!

"What did you do!?", shouted Ms. Justice, looking at the meatballs with a confuse gaze. Unlike me, she actually had the willpower to pick one of them up. "These things are like bullets!"

She then slam the "meatball" back into the table. However, instead of breaking apart, the meatball actually break apart a little of the table!

"Maybe we should take JumpStart's name off the dinner routine", I recommended, finally piercing through the meatball's outer shells.

"Oh yes!", yell JumpStart, pushing back his chair and rising up like as if he was flying. "Yes! Pleasssseeee! I don't belong in the kitchen! I belong in the auto shop! I'm a mechanical elf!"

JumpStart then turn his head to flick at his large, pointed ears.

"I know how to build flying cars!", he then continue, "Not spaghetti and meatballs!"

"If you know how to build flying cars", started SpeedBlade, walking over to the dinner table with us. "Then why don't we have them?"

"Causssseeeeee...", "said" JumpStart for awhile. I'm sure he would have kept going on, but about ten seconds into it, alarms in the OutPosts suddenly started going off like crazy! All the lightbulbs change from a bright yellow to a flashing red, blinking on and off constantly! Combined with the flashing lights were loud, buzzing alarms!

"Whoa!", scream Ms. Justice, looking around. "What's going on?!"

"It's the alarm!", reply JumpStart, "It's mean there trouble in the city!...Seriously, how do you not know this? You been part of the team for nearly two years now! That alarm gone off at least a hundred millions times! Seriously?!"

Instead of saying something right away, Justice just stare at JumpStart with an annoying face.

"I know what the alarm is", she said calmly but in an annoying tone. "What I mean is "What trouble is going on in the city that require us to help?"

"I know what you meant!", said JumpStart, smiling and laughing, "I just wanted to mess with you!"

Before Justice could punch JumpStart, he ran off to the OutPost's main computer.

"Let's see what's going on!", Jumpstart said as he started typing stuff into the large screen computer. "According to this, there seem to be... another break-in at Iron Wall?!"

"Again?!", I ask, rushing over to JumpStart's side to look at the screen. JumpStart was right!

The OutPost's computer's screen show a map of the whole city, with the entire building of Iron Wall highlighted in red!

"What's going on?!", I ask JumpStart. "Can you bring up surveillances?!"

"Course I can!", he reply, typing a few more things into the computer. "Did it when Unstoppable broke it!"

While typing away, Justice and SpeedBlade crowded behind us. Now, with all of us together, we hopefully could see what was going on at the prison.

"Come on!", shouted JumpStart after awhile. "Come on! Guys, there's something wrong! I can't access the surveillance cameras!"

"So I guess we'll have to go in blind!", declare SpeedBlade, as he rush to his room to grab his sword. "Come on guys! If we wait any longer, the entire prison may be gone!"

Using his super speed, he rush over to the hideout's exit, armed and ready.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!", he repeated over and over, waving wildly at us.

"Should we?", Ms. Justice ask, looking at me. "I mean, if we go now, it'll mean we'll be going in blind!"

Looking first at the computer screen, then at the impatient SpeedBlade, I reluctantly decided to go with SpeedBlade.

"We'll go to the prison!", I declare, "Come on, let's go!"

First, separating to get our gears (my bow, Justice's shield, and JumpStart's batons), we left our hideout and travel through the sewer to get back to prison.

Laser Lightning:
"BBOOOOOMMMMM!", went the ground as it exploded, shattering into millions of tiny, flying pieces of rock and tossing up a dust storm!

"AAAAAAHHHHH!", shouted the prison guards as they started running for their lives. A few however stay behind to try and continue defending the prison. Getting back up as fast as possible, they aim down their sight and started firing off their blasters!

Smiling, I pull back one of my arms as fast back as possible and then shot it forward! As I did, a bunch of lasers started shooting off randomly from my arms, negating the guards' attacks and striking them! All of them, every single one of the pathetic guard, fell to the ground, dropping their weapons and moaning and groaning!

"aaaaa...aaaaa...", groan the defeated guards as they held their stomach while on the ground.

"Thanks for the warm-up", I commented, walking right past the guards and into the prison. Lucky for me, the guards didn't have enough time to fix the hole where Unstoppable had broken through. Causally walking right through the giant hole in the Iron Wall Prison, I was about halfway to my destination before I was suddenly tackle from behind and fell to the ground!

"Oooffff!", I yell as I fell the prison's ground.

Quickly pushing myself off the ground, I look around for what happen. Turning around, I find myself face-to-face with them.

"I wouldn't think about going forward Laser Lightning", I said, sword ready in hand and myself already in a running position. "After all, there a chance that you do keep going forward, you're not going to be seeing a whole lot of sunlight for the next 25 years to life!"

"Oh yeah!", yell JumpStart as he did a flip and landed gracefully beside my side. He then took out his stun batons and spun them around in his hands.

"Let bring this guys down!", scream Ms. Justice, as she ran in between JumpStart and me.

"OUTCAST!", started QuickShot, jumping into the air before landing in right of us. "ON-"

"OUTCAST ONWARD!", I shouted, running forward, a fainted, pale-blue trial of lightning following not too closely behind.

About five feet from the bastard, I leap into the air before slamming down on sword on the ground! Jumping back to dodge the attack, Laser pull back both his arms and shot them forward. As he did, a whole lightshow of lasers came shooting out from his arms, all of which were aiming wildly!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", I yell as one of the laser hit me and threw me back.

Watching as SpeedBlade went rolling past us, JumpStart and I started trying our hardest to dodge the storm of lasers while Ms. Justice brought up her shield and prepare as dozens and dozens of lasers came swinging toward her!

"Dodge it!", scream JumpStart as he leap over a yellow laser. "Duck it! Miss me! Too slow! Haha!"

Dodging a few more lasers (and bragging about it the whole time), JumpStart got close enough to Laser Lightning to stab him with one of his stun baton!

"Aaaarrrggghhh!", scream Laser as he back away a little. Stun by JumpStart's attack, Laser stop firing and left himself open!

"Justice!", I yell, looking at her and then pointing at Laser's stun head. Understanding right away, Ms. Justice took a running start before tossing her shield! Her shield hit Laser directly in his head, stunning him ever more!

Waiting for the shield to bounce off Laser's head and return to Justice, I then took my turn! I fire off three explosive arrows directly in front of him! Waiting for the arrows to go off, I was startle when SpeedBlade came running past me, and toward both Laser and the explosive arrows!

"AAAAAHHHHH!", I yell as I ran past QuickShot, JumpStart and Ms. Justice, sword ready to strike

Getting the sword into a swinging position, I was on the verge of slashing at Laser Lightning when I notice a bunch of explosive arrows, right in front of Laser.

"Oh no!", I thought as I try to stop. Stomping my feet against the ground, I skidded along it, hoping that I would be able to stop in time! Instead, I lose my balance and started skipping along the ground! I continue with the skipping all the way until the arrows exploded and threw me off my feet!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", I yell once more, dropping my sword and falling to the ground, completely stun and blinded. "aaaa-aaaahhhh-"

"SPEEDBLADE!", I scream, rushing over to help the downed SpeedBlade. About to reach down and help him, I was blasted away by Laser Lightning as one of his laser strike me in the chest!

"Aaaaahhhh!", I growl, flying away before dropping to the ground and rolling away. Shaking my head to regain conscious, I look back at Laser Lightning!

He had regain his wit and was shooting wildly with both arms, tenth of beams coming off from his arms, torching the walls of Iron Wall Prison!

"If we don't do something soon!", I shouted to QuickShot and Ms. Justice, "Then they're going have to take out the "wall" in Iron Wall Prison! Iron Prison? Still actually sound quite strong."

"Get behind me!" cry Ms. Justice as she grab me and toss me behind her. She then brought up her shield and protected us from a rogue beam! The beam however seem stronger than ever, and Justice had trouble keeping her shield up!

"JumpStart!", she groan through the gaps in her teeth, "Get out of the way! I-I can't-I can't hold it much longer!"

Crawling out of the way, I got out just in time to see Justice lose her footing and got blasted away! The beam sent her flying throughout the air before landing roughly on the ground, slightly smoking!

"Justice!", I scream, rushing over to her side to check on her. Kneeing by her side, I started examining her wounds.

"JumpStart!", I yell, running over to him as fast as I could! With Justice injury, and JumpStart trying to help her, he was distracted! And was about to get beam by a dozen lasers! "JumpStart! Get out of the way! Move!"

"What?!", ask JumpStart as he look behind himself and at me. Still distracted, he was caught off and was blasted by another beams! Blasted all the way into a wall, he was caught in the beam for awhile before falling unconscious onto the ground!

"NNNOOO!", I shouted, rushing over to JumpStart's side. "JumpStart, can you hear me?! Are you okay!? Come on!"

Resting my head against JumpStart's chest, I was startle when all of a sudden, the light shows died down!

"What?", I ask, looking around, before looking at the source!

"Last one!", said Laser Lightning, stomping his feet forward and smile.

Getting up, and clutching my bow even harder than ever, I took out a single arrow from my quiver and place it in my bow.

Breathing in and out very, very slowly, I close my eyes. I then quickly open them, and shot off the arrow in my bow. As I did, Laser Lightning shot off his lasers.

Once more, trying my hardest to dodge the endless array of lasers but getting caught by a few of them, I watch as my arrow sail through the air, avoiding all the beams! As the arrow got closer and closer to Laser, it exploded! And unleash a flood of green liquid that spatter all over Laser!

"Aaaaaahhhhh!", Laser yell, covering his face and backing away. "What-What is this stuff?!"

While looking at his arms, the goo began to foam, encasing Laser Lightning and blocking his power!

"Aaaaahhh-...", scream Laser as the foam started to cover him from head to toe.

With Laser busy, I quickly replace my fired arrow with a new smoke arrow, and fired it at the ground! The arrow erupted into a thick cloud of smokes, covering the whole battlefield and leaving a chance to escape!

Laser Lightning:
"AAAAAAHHHHHH!", I yell angrily, firing off an array of laser and breaking free of the foam!

Destroying all the bits of stupid foam, I look around for the last remaining hero. She, along with her friends, were gone.

"Hmm", I mutter, giving one last look around before journeying deeper into the prison to retrieve the two. Unstoppable. Hehe, how do you lose to those idiots?"

Coming up to another door, I aim my arm at the wall and blasted it to nothing but dust, before vanishing into the dark!

4: Chapter 4: Part of the Team?
Chapter 4: Part of the Team?

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Struggling to keep moving, I slam on the buttons before rushing into the OutPost!

"Hold on guys!", I groan, moving forward with all my might as I continue to carry a downed Ms. Justice on my back, waddle along side a limping JumpStart, and drag SpeedBlade behind me with one of my rope arrow!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", I shouted with relief as I drop off the three in our living room, in the center of the hideout.

Taking a few minutes to catch my breath, I then rush over to the kitchen where we kept our medical supplies before rushing back to tend to my friends!

"Still me with me!", I yell, wrapping some dressing around a wound on Justice's arms. As I continue to wrap her wound, Justice's eyes started to open!

"aaa...aaahhhh...", she moan, barely opening her eyes. "Wh-What happen? Are we back at the OutPost? Are JumpStart and SpeedBlade okay?"

Trying to get up, she fell back down almost instantly, groaning and moaning with pain the whole time!

"Aaaaahhhhh...", she cry, pinching her eyes.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!", I repeated, helping to lower her back down to the ground. "Normally, you're the team's medic! I can't said I really had much experience with treating the wounded."

"No... problem...", Justice said, laughing a bit. "For a complete beginner, you're not so bad. Haha..."

Chuckling alongside her, I treated to Justice's wound as fast as I could, before rushing over to help SpeedBlade and JumpStart. Like Justice, they woke up as soon as I wrapped dressings around their wounds.

"Ouch.", said JumpStart as he pull himself up and actually started walking. "Ouch. Ouch. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!"

"For Pete's sake!", I yell, walking over to grab JumpStart by the back of his neck collar before slamming his bottom into one of the chair we have!

"Sit!", I growl,"Or you'll get new wounds."

I then pointed my index and middle fingers at my eyes before pointing them back at JumpStart. Taking a few steps back, and eyeing JumpStart the whole thing, I turn around to look back at the Justice and Blade. They were still where I left them.

Like the JumpStart, they too started trying to move! Unlike the crazy elf however, they actually try to use they weapon as leverage before I came over to help them into some chairs.

Once everyone was comfortable and "relax", I took in a quick breath before talking again.

"We need to talk about what happen", I started, looking intently at the group. "I mean, what really happen at Iron Wall Prison."

"We know what happen!", JumpStart shouted, raising his hand in the air like he was in school. "We got our butts kick! Or at least, 75% of us got our butts kicked. Thanks for saving us."

"No problem", I quickly reply, giving Start a quick wave. "But I mean the part where SpeedBlade just rush in there without so much as a plan."

"Hey!", scream SpeedBlade, pushing himself up but falling quickly back down once his wounds got the best of him. "Aaaaaa...! Wh-What do you mean by that?!"

"You rush in there", I started, my eyes becoming more narrow. "You rush in there, without so much as a second though, and got caught in the trap we laid for Lightning! Everything was going so well until you ran right in!"

"Well sorry for trying to help!", SpeedBlade yell back, looking away. "Just though I was part of the team."

"What?!", Justice ask, pushing herself up a little to better look at SpeedBlade.

"What?", copy SpeedBlade and looking back at Justice.

"What did you just said", said Ms. Justice, her voice sounding a bit different now. "Something about "begin part of the team?""

"No! No! No!", repeated SpeedBlade, "I didn't said anything!"

"You just said something about "begin part of the team"", Justice repeated. "Is that what this is all about? The sword tossing? Your pacing? You suddenly reckless rush in?! Is it because you don't feel like you're part of the team?!"

Instead of saying anything, SpeedBlade just remained silent. 'Course, he didn't really have to say anything since JumpStart started talking.

"Is that SERIOUSLY your problem!?", he "said" from his chair, pushing himself up into a standing position. "OUCH! Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! SpeedBlade, you're part of the team! You're part of the "OutCast"! Okay?!... So you were the last one to put your hand in when we did that "hand on hand, team-bonding" thing! Doesn't make you any less of a team member!"

Finishing the last part of his speech, he fell back down into his chair, silently screaming the whole ten seconds. And maybe a few minutes after that.

Looking at JumpStart, and then back at SpeedBlade, we waited for any responds from the quiet knight. He, however, just stay quiet for awhile, staring into space.

"Awesome speech!", I heard Justice said to JumpStart. Giving him a thumb-up, we all then look back at SpeedBlade. He was still staring into space.

"Is that really my problem?", I ask myself, tapping my finger against the tip of my sword's handle. "Is that why I been feeling... so different lately?"

Still thinking it over in my head, I was caught off guard when once more, the alarms in the OutPost started ringing out of control!

"JumpStart!", QuickShot scream, turning her head.

"On it!", JumpStart shouted, pushing himself back into a standing position and walking over to the main computer. As he walk, he scream "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" the whole thing. About 30 "Ouch!"s later, he got to the computer and begun typing.

"Laser Lightning and Unstoppable are causing havoc in the street!", JumpStart moan, "They about three blocks south from Iron Wall and getting further and further!"

"Okay!", yell Ms. Justice, placing her hand on her wound. "Come on guys! If we go now, we can cut them off!"

"Are you insane?!", QuickShot shouted, grabbing at Justice's shoulder. "You're wounded! We're all wounded! None of you can fight! And I can't handle the two of them by myself!"

"Well we can't let them get away either!", Justice scream, moaning and groaning as she reach over to grab her blue, red, and white, star-covered shield before putting it on her wrist. As she was putting the shield on her wrist, she continue to moan and groan.

"Aaaaa-aaaaaaa...", she cried, shutting her eyes before reopening them. "Okay... Let's go..."

Limping all the way to the exit of the hideout, she push down on the two buttons and was about to leave, but I ran over to grab her.

"You ain't going anywhere!", I said.

"But we can't-", started Justice before I put up a finger.

"You ain't going anywhere!", I repeated, "Without the team!"

I then look back at QuickShot and JumpStart.

"We're a team, aren't we?", I ask, "I mean, that was kind of the point of JumpStart's speech, right? And back in my time, teams work together! To do greater things that no one man can do alone. So how about the four of us go do something as a team?"

Before anyone of them could reply, I quickly ran throughout the hideout and equip QuickShot with her bow and JumpStart with his stun sticks before bringing them to the exit. A little stun by what just happen, I smile, before explaining.

"Little side effect of my power", I said happily, grabbing at the many dressings and unwrapping then to reveal fully recovered wounds. "I heal fast. Faster than most people."

Looking at each other, and then back at me, they all smile, and clutch their weapons harder.

"Let's go!", QuickShot said, leading the way.