Chapter 1: Break-In

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Guard 1:
Running as fast as I could through the flashing red, alarm-buzzing hallway of IronWall Prison, I push open the small, metal door leading to the prison courtyard and held it open for the other guards to come on through.

"Everybody get into position!", I yell, slamming the door and running over to get into position with the other guards. We all crowded in front of the prison's inner door, and aimed our blasters at the prison's gate. "Everyone get ready! Get ready! Fire on my mark!"

Focusing every bit of our attentions on the prison's gate, we were all startle when the gate came flying off its hinges and toward us!

"AAAAAHHHH!", we scream as we scatter to get out of the way of the gate.

Barely ducking in time, we didn't even have time to get back up and fire at the enemy as he came charging into the courtyard, ramming through the remaining guards standing in his way like as if they were cardboards dummies! Ramming right through the inner door, the enemy disappear into the prison, leaving the rest of us in wreckage.

Watching as Unstoppable continue to ram his way through the prison's hallway, I was able to stop him by firing off three explosive arrows and watching them explosive in front of him.

"Uuuhhh?!", utter Unstoppable, confuse and looking around.

"Stop right there Unstoppable!", I said, replacing the arrows I shot off.

"You know", started SpeedBlade, quickly running around Unstoppable before stopping at my side. "People normally break "OUT" of prison, not "IN"!"

"I think all that ramming he done finally did it!", chuckle Jumpstart, putting out his pair of lightning batons.

"Don't worry!", commented Ms. Justice, bringing up her near indestructible shield. "After the four of us knock him out, I'm sure the doctors here at Iron Wall Prison will gladly help him!"

Recognizing us instantly, Unstoppable stomp on the ground before roaring and charging toward us!

"OUTCAST!", I yell, raising my bow into the air. "ONWARD!"

Without another second wasted, my team charge toward Unstoppable.

"AAAAAARRRRAAAAAA!", shouted Unstoppable as he jump into the air before stomping back into the ground.

"Whoa!", scream JumpStart as he did a backflip to dodge Unstoppable's attack. "Almost got me there! My turn!"

Spinning his stun baton in his hand, he slap Unstoppable in the face a few times, forcing him to take a few steps back. About ten steps later, Jumpstart did a spin before round kick Unstoppable right in his stomach!

"Ha!", shouted Jumpstart, smiling. He smile all the way until he realize that Unstoppable had an iron stomach, and a kick to it wouldn't so much as flinch him. "Oh no."

Unstoppable, seeing a chance, grab Jumpstart's leg and toss him! Running as fast as he could, SpeedBlade leap into the air to grab JumpStart before he could hit the ground!

"You know he called "Unstoppable" for a reason, right", said SpeedBlade as he drop Jumpstart.

"Yeah", reply Jumpstart, "It's because him run through everything. Guy absolutely hate doors! It's a miracle he even used them to get in here in the first place."

"You two done talking?!", yell Ms. Justice, as she struggle to keep her shield up against the Unstoppable's restless punches. "Cause if you ain't, then you're going have to worry about Unstoppable AND me!"

"Hold on Justice!", I yell, running toward Unstoppable from behind. Preparing another explosive arrow, I fire it at Ms. Justice's shield. The arrow landed right in the center, in between Unstoppable's attacks. Before he could hit the shield again, my arrow begun to blink on and off. It was a second later before the arrow exploded, and blinded Unstoppable.

"AAAAHHHHH!", shouted Unstoppable, shielding his eyes and turning away.

Blinded now, and wandering around, he started swinging his giant arms wildly.

"AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!", he yell, bringing both his arms into the air before smashing it into the ground, onto a fictional enemy.

"SpeedBlade!", I yell, eyeing the lightning-fast, knight, "Aim for the legs!"

"Got it QuickShot!", reply SpeedBlade, putting out his steel sword.

Crouching down, SpeedBlade ran toward wildly-swinging, Unstoppable with all the speed he could muster!

Slashing at one of Unstoppable's armored leg, Unstoppable drop to the ground! About to strike the other though, Unstoppable got lucky and strike SpeedBlade! He went flying through the air and before landing right into JumpStart!

"AAAAHHHH!", they both scream, before bouncing up and down Iron Wall's hallway.

"Didn't see that coming", I said, a little shock by what just happen.

"I guess it's up to us girls now!", smile Ms. Justice, bringing up her shield. "You ready?"

"Go girl!", I reply, readying two more arrows. Still time, an explosive and sonic arrow.

"Want to try the "Party Hard" attack?", I ask Justice, smiling at her. Smiling back at me, Justice ran toward a now, clear seeing Unstoppable!

Pulling back his fist as far back as possible, Unstoppable swung and try to hit Justice! However, instead of blocking it with her shield, she duck under the swing and roll underneath our foe! Quickly turning back to face Justice, I ran around Unstoppable and fire off both my arrows at Justice's shield!

"Enjoy the party!", said Justice as both arrows went off.

Once more, the exploded arrows went off and temporary blinded Unstoppable!

"AAAAAAHHHHH!", he yell once more, slamming his hands into his eyes. However, combined with my sonic arrows, he was now also temporary deaf!

N​ow, wandering around completely blind and deaf, we took the chance to try out another one of our super moves!

"Falling Stars!", we both shouted.

Getting as close as possible to Unstoppable, Justice cover herself with her shield, and I ran toward her. Jumping onto it, she push up with the shield and threw me into the air.

For the last time, I fire off three explosive arrows and strike Unstoppable in his chest. They exploded simultaneously, causing Unstoppable to be unbalance! Now, seeing practically an unpassable opportunity, I landed gracefully on the ground before dropping to my knee! Ms. Justice, knowing what to do, ran up my back and slam her shield into Unstoppable's face!

A loud "thud" echo throughout the hallway of Iron Wall Prison as Unstoppable fell to the ground, unconscious and moaning.

"aaa-aaaoooooo...", moan the downed giant.

"Awesome job", I said, smiling and walking up to Justice's side. "Go girls!"

"Hold on!", SpeedBlade scream as he suddenly came rushing up to our side, sword in hand. "Hold on! I'm coming! Hold.....on..."

Seeing the pass out giant, SpeedBlade drop his sword to his side.

"Ooohhhh", he said, "You... two... already beaten him... Without... me..."

Pausing a bit longer, SpeedBlade slowly place his sword back in his sheath.

Still standing where he was, he seem perfectly calm when JumpStart suddenly appear behind us!

"Sorry it took me a while to get back here!", he "half-said" since he was exhausted. "Not all of us have super-speed... Hey, you guys took down Unstoppable! Sweet!"

"Yeah...", said SpeedBlade, "Sweet..."

"Come on!", I said, looking around, "We should leave! Before the guards find us!"

Looking around once more, I lead my team through Iron Wall Prison and out of it.

2: Chapter 2: Not Yet Over
Chapter 2: Not Yet Over

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Pushing down on a hidden panel in the ground and pushing in on a hidden button in the sewer wall, the sewer wall then started to slowly move, first moving away from us before splitting apart!

Waiting for the whole wall to first split completely apart, we quickly walk in before anyone could notice us. Once in, I step on another hidden panel that close the door. We were in the dark for a bit, until JumpStart pull down on a lever. Suddenly, hundreds and hundreds of little lightbulbs string up along the wall lit up, revealing both our hideout and our home, the OutPost!

"Mi casa", started JumpStart, smiling and turning around while spreading out his arms. "Es su casa!"

Turning back around, he then ran over to his "room" and leap into his hammock.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh...", JumpStart said, closing his eyes and placing his hands behind his head. "No one wake me up til dinner!"

"Slight problem with that", reply Ms. Justice, heading over to her room, which was right next to Jumpstart's. "According to the calendar, it's your turn to cook dinner! I'mmmm... in the mood for some... meatballs sandwiches! Anyone else?!"

"Yes please!", I yell from my room. "I too would enjoy some meatballs sandwiches!"

Eyes shooting open faster than when he turn on the lights, he yell a loud moan, before dragging himself from his hammock and walking to the kitchen, in the center of OutPost.

"Hey SpeedBlade!", JumpStart shouted while pulling on the apron. "You in mood for meatball subs too?! Or would prefer something simpler? Like a bowl of cereal? Please said you would prefer the cereal."

"Sure whatever", reply SpeedBlade, walking over to his room and tossing down his sword like as if it was just another piece of metal.

All of us, seeing that, automatically knew something was up. SpeedBlade would never toss his sword like that unless something really bother him.

Secretly eyeing one another, JumpStart and Ms. Justice eyed me, meaning that they wanted me to go and talk to him.

"Oh come on!", I said with my eyes, "Why me?! Why not you, Justice?!"

"Because you're our leader!", Justice shouted (with her eyes). "And because anything JumpStart would said would probably actually make it worst!"

"Hey!", scream JumpStart, shooting us an angry glare. "I would not!"

"So then why don't you go talk to him?!", I reply.

"Yeah, you should go talk to him!", JumpStart quickly said, eyes changing focus.

Realizing that JumpStart wasn't going to be any help, I look over to Justice. But by odd coincidence, she was too "busy" polishing her shield.

"And to think, I'm the one that need to make more explosive arrows!", I said to myself as I left my room and headed over to SpeedBlade's room.

Slowly walking over to edge of SpeedBlade's room, I peek over the corner. As I did, I saw SpeedBlade hastily pacing back and forth. That was another one of his "in a bad mood" habit.

By the time I came around the corner, Speed had left scorch marks on his floor.

"Wow", I said as I came in, "Never have I ever been more happy that we didn't have carpeted floor!"

"Hey QuickShot", said SpeedBlade as he speeded past me, the wind from his "speed-walking" messing up my long, blond hair. "What's up?"

"Nothing", I reply, "Just wanted to talk to you. Should of."

"What was that?", SpeedBlade ask, stopping to look at me.

"Nothing, nothing", I quickly reply, putting up my hands. "Sooooo... uhhh... Is everything okay?"

"What do mean by that?", SpeedBlade ask again, still time eyeing me funny. Or at least I think he's eyeing me funny. I couldn't really tell since SpeedBlade is always wearing his crimson-red, knight helmet.

"Welllll", I started, slightly looking away. "One, you threw your sword onto your bed like it was nothing, despite it been your family's sword. Two, you're pacing at such super speed, you're could of burning the ground as you walk. Three... There's isn't a three, but you know what I mean."

"Everything's fine!", declare SpeedBlade, rushing over to pick up his sword. "I was just tired and the sword felt a little heavier because of it. As for the pacing, I figure it'd best to do some exercise before dinner."

Knowing immediately that SpeedBlade was lying, I figure it'd be best to just leave.

"If SpeedBlade doesn't want to talk about it", I thought to myself, "Then I guess there's nothing I can really do."

"See you at dinner", I said to SpeedBlade, waving to him right before heading out and going back to my room.

As soon as I got to my room, I instantly sat down to start crafting more explosive arrows. About five minutes into my arts crafts project, I started hearing screaming from the kitchen!

Quickly getting up from my seat and rushing to see what was going, I look out my room to see JumpStart, on th​e ground, looking at a large fire!

"Need some help over here!", scream JumpStart as he took off the apron and toss it to the ground. "AAAAAHHHHH! Why did you guys put my name on the list?! I told you! Unless it cooking with a campfire, I don't cook at all!"

Seeing the fire spread from one corner of the stove top to the next, I roll my eyes before walking over to my quiver and grabbing a handful of foam arrows. I then ran to the kitchen.

"Hold on JumpStart!", I shouted, "AND KEEP YOUR STUN BATONS AWAY FROM THE FIRE!"

"What news do you bring me?", I ask my servant robot as he came to the base of the stairwell. As he arrive to the stairwell, he drop to one knee and bowing his head.

"Unstoppable has been beaten", my servant robot started, "The OutCasts has defeated him and now he is begin held in a maximum security prison cell at Iron Wall."

"I guess Unstoppable wasn't so "unstoppable" after all", I commented, still eyeing the hundreds and hundreds of screens I have in front of me. The many, many screens I had in front of me were to help me keep an eyes on what was going on in the city. "So now I have two reasons to break into Iron Wall."

"What would you like me to do next?", my servant robot ask, still on one knee and with his head down.

"Hmmm", I mutter, thinking it over for a bit. "Send in Laser Lightning. Have him break out Unstoppable and retrieve the other prisoner."

"Understand", said servant as he slowly back away, disappearing into the shadow.

Bringing up my wrist, I push down on a few buttons, and watch as the screens in front of me change from pointless views of the city to the cameras surrounding the prison.

"Let see the OutCasts deal with Laser Lightning", I said, almost laughing a bit.

3: Chapter 3: The Living Lightning Storm
Chapter 3: The Living Lightning Storm

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"I don't think we can eat this", I said, poking with my arrow one out of the four blackest, hardest, meatballs ever.

Stabbing the meatball over and over, I couldn't so much as put a dent in the darn thing!

"What did you do!?", shouted Ms. Justice, looking at the meatballs with a confuse gaze. Unlike me, she actually had the willpower to pick one of them up. "These things are like bullets!"

She then slam the "meatball" back into the table. However, instead of breaking apart, the meatball actually break apart a little of the table!

"Maybe we should take JumpStart's name off the dinner routine", I recommended, finally piercing through the meatball's outer shells.

"Oh yes!", yell JumpStart, pushing back his chair and rising up like as if he was flying. "Yes! Pleasssseeee! I don't belong in the kitchen! I belong in the auto shop! I'm a mechanical elf!"

JumpStart then turn his head to flick at his large, pointed ears.

"I know how to build flying cars!", he then continue, "Not spaghetti and meatballs!"

"If you know how to build flying cars", started SpeedBlade, walking over to the dinner table with us. "Then why don't we have them?"

"Causssseeeeee...", "said" JumpStart for awhile. I'm sure he would have kept going on, but about ten seconds into it, alarms in the OutPosts suddenly started going off like crazy! All the lightbulbs change from a bright yellow to a flashing red, blinking on and off constantly! Combined with the flashing lights were loud, buzzing alarms!

"Whoa!", scream Ms. Justice, looking around. "What's going on?!"

"It's the alarm!", reply JumpStart, "It's mean there trouble in the city!...Seriously, how do you not know this? You been part of the team for nearly two years now! That alarm gone off at least a hundred millions times! Seriously?!"

Instead of saying something right away, Justice just stare at JumpStart with an annoying face.

"I know what the alarm is", she said calmly but in an annoying tone. "What I mean is "What trouble is going on in the city that require us to help?"

"I know what you meant!", said JumpStart, smiling and laughing, "I just wanted to mess with you!"

Before Justice could punch JumpStart, he ran off to the OutPost's main computer.

"Let's see what's going on!", Jumpstart said as he started typing stuff into the large screen computer. "According to this, there seem to be... another break-in at Iron Wall?!"

"Again?!", I ask, rushing over to JumpStart's side to look at the screen. JumpStart was right!

The OutPost's computer's screen show a map of the whole city, with the entire building of Iron Wall highlighted in red!

"What's going on?!", I ask JumpStart. "Can you bring up surveillances?!"

"Course I can!", he reply, typing a few more things into the computer. "Did it when Unstoppable broke it!"

While typing away, Justice and SpeedBlade crowded behind us. Now, with all of us together, we hopefully could see what was going on at the prison.

"Come on!", shouted JumpStart after awhile. "Come on! Guys, there's something wrong! I can't access the surveillance cameras!"

"So I guess we'll have to go in blind!", declare SpeedBlade, as he rush to his room to grab his sword. "Come on guys! If we wait any longer, the entire prison may be gone!"

Using his super speed, he rush over to the hideout's exit, armed and ready.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!", he repeated over and over, waving wildly at us.

"Should we?", Ms. Justice ask, looking at me. "I mean, if we go now, it'll mean we'll be going in blind!"

Looking first at the computer screen, then at the impatient SpeedBlade, I reluctantly decided to go with SpeedBlade.

"We'll go to the prison!", I declare, "Come on, let's go!"

First, separating to get our gears (my bow, Justice's shield, and JumpStart's batons), we left our hideout and travel through the sewer to get back to prison.

Laser Lightning:
"BBOOOOOMMMMM!", went the ground as it exploded, shattering into millions of tiny, flying pieces of rock and tossing up a dust storm!

"AAAAAAHHHHH!", shouted the prison guards as they started running for their lives. A few however stay behind to try and continue defending the prison. Getting back up as fast as possible, they aim down their sight and started firing off their blasters!

Smiling, I pull back one of my arms as fast back as possible and then shot it forward! As I did, a bunch of lasers started shooting off randomly from my arms, negating the guards' attacks and striking them! All of them, every single one of the pathetic guard, fell to the ground, dropping their weapons and moaning and groaning!

"aaaaa...aaaaa...", groan the defeated guards as they held their stomach while on the ground.

"Thanks for the warm-up", I commented, walking right past the guards and into the prison. Lucky for me, the guards didn't have enough time to fix the hole where Unstoppable had broken through. Causally walking right through the giant hole in the Iron Wall Prison, I was about halfway to my destination before I was suddenly tackle from behind and fell to the ground!

"Oooffff!", I yell as I fell the prison's ground.

Quickly pushing myself off the ground, I look around for what happen. Turning around, I find myself face-to-face with them.

"I wouldn't think about going forward Laser Lightning", I said, sword ready in hand and myself already in a running position. "After all, there a chance that you do keep going forward, you're not going to be seeing a whole lot of sunlight for the next 25 years to life!"

"Oh yeah!", yell JumpStart as he did a flip and landed gracefully beside my side. He then took out his stun batons and spun them around in his hands.

"Let bring this guys down!", scream Ms. Justice, as she ran in between JumpStart and me.

"OUTCAST!", started QuickShot, jumping into the air before landing in right of us. "ON-"

"OUTCAST ONWARD!", I shouted, running forward, a fainted, pale-blue trial of lightning following not too closely behind.

About five feet from the bastard, I leap into the air before slamming down on sword on the ground! Jumping back to dodge the attack, Laser pull back both his arms and shot them forward. As he did, a whole lightshow of lasers came shooting out from his arms, all of which were aiming wildly!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", I yell as one of the laser hit me and threw me back.

Watching as SpeedBlade went rolling past us, JumpStart and I started trying our hardest to dodge the storm of lasers while Ms. Justice brought up her shield and prepare as dozens and dozens of lasers came swinging toward her!

"Dodge it!", scream JumpStart as he leap over a yellow laser. "Duck it! Miss me! Too slow! Haha!"

Dodging a few more lasers (and bragging about it the whole time), JumpStart got close enough to Laser Lightning to stab him with one of his stun baton!

"Aaaarrrggghhh!", scream Laser as he back away a little. Stun by JumpStart's attack, Laser stop firing and left himself open!

"Justice!", I yell, looking at her and then pointing at Laser's stun head. Understanding right away, Ms. Justice took a running start before tossing her shield! Her shield hit Laser directly in his head, stunning him ever more!

Waiting for the shield to bounce off Laser's head and return to Justice, I then took my turn! I fire off three explosive arrows directly in front of him! Waiting for the arrows to go off, I was startle when SpeedBlade came running past me, and toward both Laser and the explosive arrows!

"AAAAAHHHHH!", I yell as I ran past QuickShot, JumpStart and Ms. Justice, sword ready to strike

Getting the sword into a swinging position, I was on the verge of slashing at Laser Lightning when I notice a bunch of explosive arrows, right in front of Laser.

"Oh no!", I thought as I try to stop. Stomping my feet against the ground, I skidded along it, hoping that I would be able to stop in time! Instead, I lose my balance and started skipping along the ground! I continue with the skipping all the way until the arrows exploded and threw me off my feet!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", I yell once more, dropping my sword and falling to the ground, completely stun and blinded. "aaaa-aaaahhhh-"

"SPEEDBLADE!", I scream, rushing over to help the downed SpeedBlade. About to reach down and help him, I was blasted away by Laser Lightning as one of his laser strike me in the chest!

"Aaaaahhhh!", I growl, flying away before dropping to the ground and rolling away. Shaking my head to regain conscious, I look back at Laser Lightning!

He had regain his wit and was shooting wildly with both arms, tenth of beams coming off from his arms, torching the walls of Iron Wall Prison!

"If we don't do something soon!", I shouted to QuickShot and Ms. Justice, "Then they're going have to take out the "wall" in Iron Wall Prison! Iron Prison? Still actually sound quite strong."

"Get behind me!" cry Ms. Justice as she grab me and toss me behind her. She then brought up her shield and protected us from a rogue beam! The beam however seem stronger than ever, and Justice had trouble keeping her shield up!

"JumpStart!", she groan through the gaps in her teeth, "Get out of the way! I-I can't-I can't hold it much longer!"

Crawling out of the way, I got out just in time to see Justice lose her footing and got blasted away! The beam sent her flying throughout the air before landing roughly on the ground, slightly smoking!

"Justice!", I scream, rushing over to her side to check on her. Kneeing by her side, I started examining her wounds.

"JumpStart!", I yell, running over to him as fast as I could! With Justice injury, and JumpStart trying to help her, he was distracted! And was about to get beam by a dozen lasers! "JumpStart! Get out of the way! Move!"

"What?!", ask JumpStart as he look behind himself and at me. Still distracted, he was caught off and was blasted by another beams! Blasted all the way into a wall, he was caught in the beam for awhile before falling unconscious onto the ground!

"NNNOOO!", I shouted, rushing over to JumpStart's side. "JumpStart, can you hear me?! Are you okay!? Come on!"

Resting my head against JumpStart's chest, I was startle when all of a sudden, the light shows died down!

"What?", I ask, looking around, before looking at the source!

"Last one!", said Laser Lightning, stomping his feet forward and smile.

Getting up, and clutching my bow even harder than ever, I took out a single arrow from my quiver and place it in my bow.

Breathing in and out very, very slowly, I close my eyes. I then quickly open them, and shot off the arrow in my bow. As I did, Laser Lightning shot off his lasers.

Once more, trying my hardest to dodge the endless array of lasers but getting caught by a few of them, I watch as my arrow sail through the air, avoiding all the beams! As the arrow got closer and closer to Laser, it exploded! And unleash a flood of green liquid that spatter all over Laser!

"Aaaaaahhhhh!", Laser yell, covering his face and backing away. "What-What is this stuff?!"

While looking at his arms, the goo began to foam, encasing Laser Lightning and blocking his power!

"Aaaaahhh-...", scream Laser as the foam started to cover him from head to toe.

With Laser busy, I quickly replace my fired arrow with a new smoke arrow, and fired it at the ground! The arrow erupted into a thick cloud of smokes, covering the whole battlefield and leaving a chance to escape!

Laser Lightning:
"AAAAAAHHHHHH!", I yell angrily, firing off an array of laser and breaking free of the foam!

Destroying all the bits of stupid foam, I look around for the last remaining hero. She, along with her friends, were gone.

"Hmm", I mutter, giving one last look around before journeying deeper into the prison to retrieve the two. Unstoppable. Hehe, how do you lose to those idiots?"

Coming up to another door, I aim my arm at the wall and blasted it to nothing but dust, before vanishing into the dark!

4: Chapter 4: Part of the Team?
Chapter 4: Part of the Team?

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Struggling to keep moving, I slam on the buttons before rushing into the OutPost!

"Hold on guys!", I groan, moving forward with all my might as I continue to carry a downed Ms. Justice on my back, waddle along side a limping JumpStart, and drag SpeedBlade behind me with one of my rope arrow!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", I shouted with relief as I drop off the three in our living room, in the center of the hideout.

Taking a few minutes to catch my breath, I then rush over to the kitchen where we kept our medical supplies before rushing back to tend to my friends!

"Still me with me!", I yell, wrapping some dressing around a wound on Justice's arms. As I continue to wrap her wound, Justice's eyes started to open!

"aaa...aaahhhh...", she moan, barely opening her eyes. "Wh-What happen? Are we back at the OutPost? Are JumpStart and SpeedBlade okay?"

Trying to get up, she fell back down almost instantly, groaning and moaning with pain the whole time!

"Aaaaahhhhh...", she cry, pinching her eyes.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!", I repeated, helping to lower her back down to the ground. "Normally, you're the team's medic! I can't said I really had much experience with treating the wounded."

"No... problem...", Justice said, laughing a bit. "For a complete beginner, you're not so bad. Haha..."

Chuckling alongside her, I treated to Justice's wound as fast as I could, before rushing over to help SpeedBlade and JumpStart. Like Justice, they woke up as soon as I wrapped dressings around their wounds.

"Ouch.", said JumpStart as he pull himself up and actually started walking. "Ouch. Ouch. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!"

"For Pete's sake!", I yell, walking over to grab JumpStart by the back of his neck collar before slamming his bottom into one of the chair we have!

"Sit!", I growl,"Or you'll get new wounds."

I then pointed my index and middle fingers at my eyes before pointing them back at JumpStart. Taking a few steps back, and eyeing JumpStart the whole thing, I turn around to look back at the Justice and Blade. They were still where I left them.

Like the JumpStart, they too started trying to move! Unlike the crazy elf however, they actually try to use they weapon as leverage before I came over to help them into some chairs.

Once everyone was comfortable and "relax", I took in a quick breath before talking again.

"We need to talk about what happen", I started, looking intently at the group. "I mean, what really happen at Iron Wall Prison."

"We know what happen!", JumpStart shouted, raising his hand in the air like he was in school. "We got our butts kick! Or at least, 75% of us got our butts kicked. Thanks for saving us."

"No problem", I quickly reply, giving Start a quick wave. "But I mean the part where SpeedBlade just rush in there without so much as a plan."

"Hey!", scream SpeedBlade, pushing himself up but falling quickly back down once his wounds got the best of him. "Aaaaaa...! Wh-What do you mean by that?!"

"You rush in there", I started, my eyes becoming more narrow. "You rush in there, without so much as a second though, and got caught in the trap we laid for Lightning! Everything was going so well until you ran right in!"

"Well sorry for trying to help!", SpeedBlade yell back, looking away. "Just though I was part of the team."

"What?!", Justice ask, pushing herself up a little to better look at SpeedBlade.

"What?", copy SpeedBlade and looking back at Justice.

"What did you just said", said Ms. Justice, her voice sounding a bit different now. "Something about "begin part of the team?""

"No! No! No!", repeated SpeedBlade, "I didn't said anything!"

"You just said something about "begin part of the team"", Justice repeated. "Is that what this is all about? The sword tossing? Your pacing? You suddenly reckless rush in?! Is it because you don't feel like you're part of the team?!"

Instead of saying anything, SpeedBlade just remained silent. 'Course, he didn't really have to say anything since JumpStart started talking.

"Is that SERIOUSLY your problem!?", he "said" from his chair, pushing himself up into a standing position. "OUCH! Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! SpeedBlade, you're part of the team! You're part of the "OutCast"! Okay?!... So you were the last one to put your hand in when we did that "hand on hand, team-bonding" thing! Doesn't make you any less of a team member!"

Finishing the last part of his speech, he fell back down into his chair, silently screaming the whole ten seconds. And maybe a few minutes after that.

Looking at JumpStart, and then back at SpeedBlade, we waited for any responds from the quiet knight. He, however, just stay quiet for awhile, staring into space.

"Awesome speech!", I heard Justice said to JumpStart. Giving him a thumb-up, we all then look back at SpeedBlade. He was still staring into space.

"Is that really my problem?", I ask myself, tapping my finger against the tip of my sword's handle. "Is that why I been feeling... so different lately?"

Still thinking it over in my head, I was caught off guard when once more, the alarms in the OutPost started ringing out of control!

"JumpStart!", QuickShot scream, turning her head.

"On it!", JumpStart shouted, pushing himself back into a standing position and walking over to the main computer. As he walk, he scream "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" the whole thing. About 30 "Ouch!"s later, he got to the computer and begun typing.

"Laser Lightning and Unstoppable are causing havoc in the street!", JumpStart moan, "They about three blocks south from Iron Wall and getting further and further!"

"Okay!", yell Ms. Justice, placing her hand on her wound. "Come on guys! If we go now, we can cut them off!"

"Are you insane?!", QuickShot shouted, grabbing at Justice's shoulder. "You're wounded! We're all wounded! None of you can fight! And I can't handle the two of them by myself!"

"Well we can't let them get away either!", Justice scream, moaning and groaning as she reach over to grab her blue, red, and white, star-covered shield before putting it on her wrist. As she was putting the shield on her wrist, she continue to moan and groan.

"Aaaaa-aaaaaaa...", she cried, shutting her eyes before reopening them. "Okay... Let's go..."

Limping all the way to the exit of the hideout, she push down on the two buttons and was about to leave, but I ran over to grab her.

"You ain't going anywhere!", I said.

"But we can't-", started Justice before I put up a finger.

"You ain't going anywhere!", I repeated, "Without the team!"

I then look back at QuickShot and JumpStart.

"We're a team, aren't we?", I ask, "I mean, that was kind of the point of JumpStart's speech, right? And back in my time, teams work together! To do greater things that no one man can do alone. So how about the four of us go do something as a team?"

Before anyone of them could reply, I quickly ran throughout the hideout and equip QuickShot with her bow and JumpStart with his stun sticks before bringing them to the exit. A little stun by what just happen, I smile, before explaining.

"Little side effect of my power", I said happily, grabbing at the many dressings and unwrapping then to reveal fully recovered wounds. "I heal fast. Faster than most people."

Looking at each other, and then back at me, they all smile, and clutch their weapons harder.

"Let's go!", QuickShot said, leading the way.


5: Chapter 5: Bringing Down the Lightning
Chapter 5: Bringing Down the Lightning

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Laser Lightning:
"Out of my ways!", I yell as shot off endless beams of lightning, destroying everything in their path! "Move it! Make way! Bad guys coming on through way!"

"Aaaaahhh!", scream a bunch of annoying people as they ran, screaming the whole time.

"Open fire!", shouted a lineup of police officers as they begun firing they blasted at us.

"Haven't I been through this already?", I thought to myself as I unleash another array of laser to counter the officer's pathetic attack! Once more, my lasers completely destroyed their and even a few hit the officers!

"Retreat!", they yell, grabbing at the downed officers and pulling them away. "Everyone retreat!"

Shooting at a police car, I was on the verge of causing the thing to explode when all of a sudden, this weird, sort of "invisible", red lights appear all over the car, incasing the whole thing!

"BBBBOOOOOMMMMM!", went the car as it exploded into a fireball of orange and red! However, because of the lights, the fireball was trapped, and died out!

"What?!", I shouted, confuse. "Wh-What was that lights!?"

"That was us!", reply a familiar voice from nowhere.

Looking around for the source, or sources, I was caught off guard when the red lights suddenly appear around me! Encasing me so fast I couldn't even fire off a single beam, the lights pick me up before slamming me back onto the ground!

"Aaaahhhhh!", I yell as I left a giant outline of my body in the ground!

Quickly pushing myself up, and still time, fuel with angry, I look around, armed and ready!

"We're over here!", yell another familiar voice from behind me.

Quickly turning around, I was a little surprise to see them.

"Surprise, surprise!", JumpStart said, smiling and twirling his stun batons. "I think it's time for a rematch! Don't you think?!"

"Oh yeah!", Ms. Justice scream, bringing up her shield. "This time, we're bringing you down!"

"As a team!", I yell, slashing at the air before pointing my sword at Laser and Unstoppable. "Both of you!"

"OUTCAST!", QuickShot shouted, launching her bow into the air. "ONWARD!"

As Justice and JumpStart started charging forward toward the two, I was about to charge along with them, but stop! For some reasons, our fearless leader was on the ground, exhausting and panting!

"QuickShot!", I said, bending down to help pick her up. "What's wrong?! Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine!", she reply, sounding really weak! "I-It-It just that my- telekinesis-"

"Using your telekinesis power make you tired!", I said, finishing her sentence and remembering why QuickShot rarely used her power. Lifting something as simple as a cup with her power will practically drain QuickShot of all her strength!

Thi​nking fast, I grab QuickShot and ran to the other side of the police car where I drop her off!

"Stay here until you recover!", I demanded, running as fast as I could to help Justice and JumpStart.

"Ooooofffff!", yell JumpStart as Unstoppable kick him and he went flying away before landing with a teeth-breaking thud!

"...Ouch...", JumpStart slowly and quietly moan as Justice and I help pick him up. "That hurt... a lot... A lot..."

As the two of us help JumpStart to his feet, we got into a sort of "fighting stance"! That when I notice something interest. Unstoppable was holding some sort of giant, metal container! It was about "human length", and had the Iron Wall Prison logo painted across it!

"What's that?", I ask, pointing at the container on top Unstoppable's shoulder.

"No clues", reply Justice, "But I'm guessing it's the reason why, in one night, two supervillains try to break into a maximum security prison!"

"Must be important", commented JumpStart. "But what is in a prison that is so special, it's worth risking jail time for?"

"Only one way to find out!", I said, running with my super speed and sword in hand toward Unstoppable!

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!", I scream as I brought my sword high above my head while running to face Unstoppable. However, before I could even get halfway to him, Laser Lightning blasted me and send me flying back to where I was!

"Ouch!", I moan as I roll a bit before getting back up. About to try again, I was grab on the shoulder by Justice.

"Don't you forget what you said in the OutPost?", she ask me, smiling. "About one person not begin able to do everything? So what the solution?"

Taking in what Justice said, and trying to replay exactly what I said in the OutPost, I smile.

Getting into a fighting stance, but still time, not charging forward, I motion for the other two to follow. Understanding me, the two also got into a fighting stance!

Noticing our stances, Laser turn to face Unstoppable.

"Get back to the boss!", he said, waving him away. "Tell him I won't take too long!"

Nodding his head, Unstoppable quickly walk away, leaving Laser as he got into his own fighting stance.

"Boss?", I though, wondering what the heck Laser meant by "boss".

"Hey where's QuickShot?!", JumpStart ask, looking all over. Noticing that QuickShot was missing, Ms. Justice too started looking around.

"Uhhh", I started, "She's behind the destroyed police cars! I had to drop her off there after she use her telekinesis power. It drain her strength!"

"Ouch", commented JumpStart, a look of worry coming over his face.

While still talking, we were all off guard when bright beam of lights started shooting around us!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", scream JumpStart as he started running, waving his hands wildly in the air.

About to get shot by another beam once more, I rush in and block the attack with my sword!

"MNMNMNMN!", I shouted, as I slam my feet into the ground to try and stop the beam. While blocking however, I notice something interesting. While blocking, I angle my sword and cause the beam to bounce off it and it actually hit Laser!

"Ooooffff!", groan Laser as he fell to the ground, his little "lightshow" stopping.

Gathering all together, we look at each other, stun by what happen. After awhile, JumpStart snap out of it and spoke.

"Whoa...", he said, laughing a bit. "That was neat!"

"Yeah", I reply, thinking up a plan. "Yeah, that was neat! Guys, I have a plan!"

"Awesome!", said QuickShot as she slowly walk right up to the three of us.

"QuickShot!", the three of us yell.

"Hey guys!", she said, sounding a little tired. "Don't mind if I join the plan, do you?!"

"Of course no!", I said, secretly grinning under my helmet.

Giving each other one last look, we slowly turn around to face a now standing Laser Lightning.

About as angry as an actually lightning storm, he was clenching his teeth and splitting through them! Also, he was all lit-up, like he was a Christmas tree!

"This time!", he yell, "This time! I ain't going to let any of you walk away!"

"We don't do a whole walking I just realize", commented JumpStart, looking at us. "I mean, we do a whole running, but not walking. Hmm, maybe we should?"

Ignoring JumpStart the whole time, I was focus on Laser as he stomp hard on the ground and fire off his endless streams of dangerous lasers!

Dodging and ducking the beams, we charge forward as fast as we could toward Laser!

"Laser had a weakness!", I shouted as I leap over a beam and strike another one away. "He can't aim his beams! He can start shooting them, but not actually control them! We however can!"

Stopping, I stood still long enough for a beam to come across me! Just as it was about to hit me, I turn my sword around and place the tip of the blade on my hand! Almost exactly like before, the beam hit the sword and blasted Laser!

As the laser hit him, it blinded him!

"Go!", I yell, pointing at the stun villain. "Attack!"

Understanding the plan now, the four of us rush over to Laser as fast as we could. Faster still time because we actually running and not dancing around lasers!

Shaking his head, and clearing it, he restarted with the lasers and begun firing them off again!

"Whoop!", JumpStart yell as he did a cartwheel while three beams of light shot past him!

Landing gracefully, he started doing barrel rolls after barrel rolls toward Laser, causing him to become Laser's main focus!

"Justice!", I yell, pointing at a focused Laser! Or should I said, a distracted Laser Lightning!

Nodding her head, she spun around a few times before releasing her shield! Flying gracefully throughout the air, the shield hit Laser in his head, stunning him and putting an end to the lasers once more! Wasting no time, the four of us charge forward with all our might!

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!", we all yell.

Begin the first one to reach him, I leap into the air before punching Laser across his face!

"Oooooofffff!", he shouted as he stumble back a little.

Not too long after, QuickShot, Ms. Justice, and JumpStart jump in! JumpStart slid right under Laser and strike him in his knees, causing him to drop down to them! Once down, Ms. Justice took her turn and slam the face of her shield onto Laser's head! Falling completely to the ground, QuickShot end the fight by firing multiple arrows at the downed Laser! As the arrows hit him, they unleash ropes that tied him to the ground!

Realizing what was about to happen, Laser was on the verge of firing off more lasers, but I stop that.

"Don't ever think about it", I said smiling and stomping my feet on Laser's head. As I did, Laser Lightning pass out, and was defeated.

"Ha! Ha!", JumpStart yell, jumping into the air and punching the air. "We did it! We! Did! It! Booyeah!"

"Yeah!", follow Ms. Justice, "That's is what you get when facing the OutCast! Hahaha!"

Looking to her right, she then "high-five" QuickShot, or at least I think that what she did. She raise her hand in the air and slap it with QuickShot. Quite an odd custom if I do said so myself.

After a few more minutes of celebration, we quickly vanish back into the sewer, before heading back to the OutPost.

As the four of us enter the OutPost, I started smelling something right away.

"Sweet!", I shouted excitedly, running over to the kitchen and putting on some oven mitts. As soon as I did, I grab at a large, black pot on the stove and quickly drop it off at the table. "Diner time!"

"Diner time?", QuickShot repeated, walking over to the table with SpeedBlade and Ms. Justice. "You cook?"

"Exactly!", I said, smiling and shooting at QuickShot a thumb-up. "I, the genius elf, have success in cooking meatballs and spaghetti for the four of us!"

Taking off the mitts, and spreading out the plates, I open up the pot to reveal steaming meatballs and spaghetti!

"No one tells me this doesn't look awesome!", I commented, grinning a giant grin. I then started scooping the spaghetti onto the plates and placing them at the seats.

Looking at JumpStart and his "homemade diner", I then look at Ms. Justice and SpeedBlade. We all then look at a nearby trash bin, and notice a large, open box with a picture of spaghetti and meatballs on the cover.

Looking back at each other, we smile, before taking our seats to enjoy the meal.

"Cheer!", I said, after JumpStart finish disturbing the foods. "Now, if only you could built us those flying cars!"

The nights ended with full bellies, smiles, and a bunch of laughing.

Still facing the monitors, I heard the unmistaken footsteps of Unstoppable as he enter my base, groaning and moaning.

"Unstoppable", I quietly said.

"Boss", Unstoppable said, "I have him."

"And Laser Lightning?", I ask, my head turning to a monitor with the news on it. It show Laser begin carry into a police van, with at least 20 guards aiming their blasters at him.

"He... He was defeated by the Outcast", Unstoppable whisper, "But I have him! I do!"

Unstoppable then drop the cell, the base shaking as he did.

"Excellent", I said, finally turning away. "Open it."

Not wasting any time, Unstoppable drove his fingers into the small gaps of the cell, and pry it open. Ripping open the door, he reveal to me what was inside.

"Excellent", I said once more, walking right up to the woman in the cell. "Now all I need is the metals and the equipment."

Walking back up the stair and back to where I was standing, I couldn't help but smile.

"Watch out Outcasts", I said, pushing a few buttons on my wrist and changing all the monitors to show the four members of the Outcast; QuickShot, JumpStart, SpeedBlade, and Ms. Justice. "Because when you and I finally met, I will win."

6: Chapter 6: The Flooding of the Foam
Chapter 6: The Flooding of the Foam

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"So wait", started SpeedBlade, looking confusedly at the cards in his hand. "How do I do this again?"

"Oh come on Speed!", I yell, not dropping my hands, but instead, dropping my head on the table. "I explained to you how to play Go Fish! at least 50 times in the last month! You seriously got to pay more attention."

"Sorry", reply SpeedBlade, still examining his hand. "I have tendency to ignore you when you start talking."

"...Thanks", I said, placing my cards face-down.

Pushing back the chair, I got out of my seat and started just walking around the OutPost. As I went on and on with the laps, I pass QuickShot and Ms. Justice. The two of them were in QuickShot's room, crafting more trick arrows.

"Hey ladies", I said jokingly, walking right up to the two. "What's up?"

"Nothing", the two reply, not really looking up from their arts and crafts.

Pouring some sort of green liquid into a small tube on an arrow, Justice carefully screw on the top before placing it down.

"Be careful with that", QuickShot said smiling and nudging her head. "That's the foam arrow. In a few minutes, the liquid will experience a chemical reaction that will make it sensitive to air. Once exposure to the air, it turn into a foam that'll encase anyone or anything for a few minutes. Use it on Laser Lightning last week to escape the prison."

"Quite the chemist we have here!", I commented, chuckling and lending in closer. A little curious, I grab at the ready made "foam" arrow.

"Hey!", QuickShot scream, trying to grab the arrow back. "Be careful with that!"

"Don't worry", I reply, examining the tube with the foam, "I got this!"

Shaking the liquid in the tube back and forth, I was on the of putting the thing down when, all of a sudden, the tube slip out of my fingers!

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!", we all scream as every one of us try to grab at the falling tube.

While still trying to figure out what the weird shape on the card is called, the one with a pointed top, round sides, and flat bottom, I was startle when, all of a sudden, screams started echoing throughout the OutPost!

"What the-?!", I yell, getting up from my seat and looking around. While trying to pinpoint where the screams came from, a large wave "foams" I think it called, came rushing out from QuickShot's room!

"...Okay", I said, walking over to the "foams", sword in hand. "QuickShot?! Ms. Justice?! JumpStart?! Are you guys okay?! Where are you?!"

Still waiting for someone to reply, I instead started hearing a bunch of murmuring.

"mmm...mmmmmm...mmmmmm...", "started" the voice... or voices?

Not exactly sure how to handle this, I just stood where I was and waited for something to happen. I didn't have to wait long, since Ms. Justice's head came popping up through the foam a few seconds later! Gasping for breathe as she came up, she look around for a bit before finding me!

"SpeedBlade!", she yell while struggling to get free herself. "SpeedBlade! QuickShot and JumpStart are in the foam! Attack it!"

Nodding m​y head, and wasting no time, I lifted my sword high into the air before slashing at the enemy! The evil, friend-consuming, foam!

"Release my friends!", I shouted angrily, using my super speed to quickly hack away at the foam. Within a few seconds, I find another one of my trapped ally.

"QuickShot!", I yell, dropping my sword and reaching deep into to the foam to pull out QuickShot.

"Aaaaahhhhh!", we both moan as QuickShot was slowly pull from the evil foam. Falling back as soon as she was free, we both got back up.

"QuickShot!", I said, picking up my sword. "What-What the heck happen?! Where is JumpStart!? Where did all of this came from?!"

"Talk later!", QuickShot said, as she started looking around for something. Reaching deep into the foam, she felt around for a bit before pulling out one of her arrow.

Finding a single normal arrow after reaching around in the foam, I rush over to help Ms. Justice while SpeedBlade still where he was to continue hacking at the foam!

"Hold on Justice!", I shouted, stabbing the foam around her face.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!", she repeated, looking nervously at the arrow. "Be careful with that!"

Shaking my head, I loosen the foam enough to pull Justice out. As I did, she fell on top me. Grasping for air as soon as she was free, we both got back up.

"You okay?", I ask, placing my hand on Justice's shoulder after we got up.

"Fine...", Justice reply, looking around. "Just wondering where JumpStart is... So that I can kill him for nearly killing me!"

"Get in line", I commented, laughing and pointing behind me.

"Am I interrupting something?", SpeedBlade ask as he slowly wobble his way toward us, JumpStart hanging around his neck!

"JumpStart!", we both scream, walking angrily to him. "What the heck!? You filled my room with foam!"

I th​en kick the mountain of foams currently crowding my bedroom!

Speechless at first, JumpStart shook his head to loosen the foam.

"Sorry about that", JumpStart started, pushing himself off of SpeedBlade. "I was just curious. That's all!"

"Well your curiosity cause quite the mess", commented SpeedBlade, looking around QuickShot's room. "I just want to said, I'm not cleaning this up."

The three of us then watch as SpeedBlade place his sword back in his sheathe, before walking out. We stare at the exit of the room for awhile, before JumpStart spoke again.

"I...I guess I'll clean this up", JumpStart said, looking around. "QuickShot, if you need a room, you can use my."

"Thanks", I reply, as Ms. Justice and I started walking out of the room. "Uhh... If you find any of my arrows or my bow, you can just leave them outside my room."

We then left, leaving JumpStart in the room.

7: Chapter 7: Giga's Gas Attack
Chapter 7: Giga's Gas Attack

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Dropping off QuickShot's bow at the entrance to room, I turn around and return to the foam.

Grabbing at the shovel I somehow found in one of our spare room (I didn't even know we had one), I started hitting the foam with the shovel before scooping it up and putting it in a nearby bucket. Something else I didn't know we had.

"Wow...", I said, wiping a few drops of sweats from my forehead. "I always assume foams was easily to break! This stuff is like breaking boulders!"

"It's a new formula", I heard someone commented.

Turning around, I was a little surprise to see QuickShot standing in the entrance, bow in hand.

"It suppose to be like that so bad guys will have a harder time breaking through it", QuickShot continue, smiling and dusting off some foams from her weapon. "Last times I use my foam arrow, it was on Laser Lightning and he shot right through the things."

"Hmm", I reply, going back to the foam.

"Maybe I should've come up with a new formula", QuickShot said, still continuing. "I mean, I wanted to trap bad guys, but I think this go a little beyond "trapping them".

"Yeah", I commented, "You use this, you're practically burying them!"

"Haha", chuckle QuickShot.

On the verge of striking the foam once more, I had to stop when the alarms suddenly went off, blinking off and on and ringing!

Tossing down the shovel, I ran out of QuickShot's room and headed straight for the OutPost's main computer, with QuickShot following right behind me! The two of us met Ms. Justice and SpeedBlade at the computer, where they would already armed and ready!

"What's up!?", ask Ms. Justice, looking at me as I pass her and walk right up to the computer.

Typing a few things into the computer, I was able to pinpoint the source of the trouble: Giga's High-Tech Industry.

"Giga's High-Tech Industry!", I shouted, grabbing at the pair of stun batons I had on my belt.

As the four of us turn around to head to Giga's, QuickShot stop!

"Wait!", she shouted, "I don't think I can head out! My quiver is practically empty of arrows! Almost all of my arrows are still somewhere in the foam!"

"Darn!", SpeedBlade scream, clutching his sword even harder.

"What arrows do you have?!", Ms. Justice ask, trying to take a peek at QuickShot's quiver.

Taking off her quiver, she quickly sorted through her arrows, examining what was at the end of every single one of them!

"I have about eight normal arrows, three explosive arrows, one blunt arrow, one sonic arrow, and one flash arrow!"

"That's...That's about 14 arrows!", I said, counting off my fingers. "Is-Is that enough!?"

"I-I guess!", QuickShot utter. "I mean, I never really use more than 10 arrows in a fight!"

"But still", commented Justice, looking at QuickShot. "What happen if this is one of those fights where you need 15 arrows!?"

Thinking it over, we were pull back into reality when the alarms went off again, and the red on Giga's building on the map darken!

"Time to go!", QuickShot scream. She push past the three of us and ran to the exit. "Come on! Don't worry, I'll be fine!"

Pushing the exit button on the OutPost's wall, the door open and even before we could said anything, QuickShot quickly left, the door slowly closing after her!

"Time to go!", Ms. Justice scream, tapping us on the arms and then running to the exit! About halfway close, she leap through the opening before doing a barrel roll and then vanishing!

"Time to go, I guess", SpeedBlade said, sounding a little hesitate. Using his super speed, he ran through the gap before turning and disappearing.

As for me, I stood where I was for a bit little, wondering if what I did with the foam would somehow "not play in our favorite", as I think the expression go.

Thinking it over one more time, and looking at the closing door, I ran as fast as I could to the exit and jump through it before following after my team.

Giga's High-Tech Industry
16th Floor

​Watching the employees fell to the ground, one after another, I causally step over them and continue with my walk through the building.

"What the heck is that stupid server room!?", I scream, looking around as I came to a hallway with one way going left and one way going right. Clutching my gun even harder, I look down at one of the pass out employees.

"Hey!", I shouted, grabbing him by the neck collar and slapping him over and over until he suddenly woke up.

"Aaaahhhh!", he yell, struggling to break free from my grip. "Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! Aaaahhhh!"

Having enough of his screaming, I pull him up before slamming him into one of the wall of the building! Afterward, I step back and aim my gun at him! As I did, he stop screaming and place his hands up!

"Now listen up!", I said, grinding my teeth together. "You're going to tell me where the server room is! Got it! Or else, I'm going gas you!"

Understanding my demand, the man hesitate answer.

"The-The server room-", he started, "is down this corridor! When you reach the last office, you turn left and down that corridor should be server room!"

Actually smiling a little on the inside, I thank him, before pulling the trigger and unleashing a cloud of gas!

"Aaaaaahhhhh!", he scream as he slam himself into the wall. As the gas cloud inch closer and closer to him, I was expecting him to be knockout in a matter of seconds! However, I was taken off guard when I suddenly heard a voice!

"Hold on!", someone shouted, as a sudden burst of blue lightning suddenly pass between the gas and the man, and the man disappear, before my cloud could reach him!

"What the heck?!", I yell angrily, looking around for a cause. Looking behind me, I find the causes.

Quickly picking up the man before the gas could hit him, I turn around and ran back to the stairwell where I drop him off.

"Get out of here!", I yell, pointing at the exit leading to the stairwell. A little scare at first, he nodded, before running through the door and down the metal staircase.

Waiting for the sound of running footstep against metal to fade, I return back to my team.

Now, the four of us were face-to-face with... him?

The man, whoever he was, is wearing a long, mud-brown trench coat with long, darken-green pants and what look like gray-black combat boots. What really catching your attention when you see this man is that he's wearing a gas mask! And on his back was what look like some sort of... backpack? With a tube attached to it and a weird-looking blaster on the other end of the tube!?

"What is all of that stuffs?!", I ask QuickShot, tapping her on the shoulder.

"I don't know", QuickShot reply, lifting her head to try and get a better view.

"Let's ask!", Ms. Justice said, walking a few steps forward. "Who are you?!"

"Name's Nitro!", the man scream back, bringing up his blaster. "And let me guess! The four of you freaks are the legendary "Oucasts" I been hearing so much about!"

"Guess we're getting some sort of reputation!", JumpStart commented, spinning his batons in his hand. "Sweet!"

"Yeah!", Nitro commented, laughing a bit. "And I'm going get a reputation too! A reputation for begin the man to take down the Outcasts!"

Watching as Nitro then fiddle with a dial on his blaster, he fired it! And a sudden large cloud of light-green gas came flying toward us!

"OUTCAST!", QuickShot shouted, pulling back the string on her bow. "ONWARD!"

As she​ shouted, she release the string and one of her normal arrow came flying through the gas toward Nitro! Striking his weapon, he lost his grip on his gun and drop it to the ground!

"He drop his gun!", QuickShot shouted as she was preparing another arrow. "Someone attack him!"

"We can't!", I said, slowly backing away. "The gas! It protecting him! And getting closer!"

By now, the large cloud of gas had grew, practically covering the whole office floor!

"Get back!", JumpStart scream, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me back. "Get back!"

Watching as the gas cloud continue to spread further and further, we were all force to back away quickly, down into this nearby narrow hallway!

"We're running out of hallway!", JumpStart scream as his back hit a locked, metal door.

"No we're not!", commented Ms. Justice as she walk right up to the door and kick it it!

Wasting no time, the four of us quickly rush inside and slam the door back shut!

"...We're out of hallway", JumpStart commented after while. "Now we're in a room."

"Yeah", reply QuickShot, looking around, "We're in a room. A small room! With no other exit, no vent, and a slammed door that whatever gas Nitro is shooting will pass right on in!"

"You sure?", JumpStart ask, looking at the door I was pushing against. "I mean, for all we know, the door's gas-proof."

"I wouldn't bet on it!", I scream, backing away as the mysterious green gas was already leaking in through the door and into the room! Jumping back, I rejoin the group and the four of us took out our weapons!

"Get ready!", QuickShot yell, taking out her only blunt arrow and putting it in her bow. "And follow my lead!"

"You have a lead?", JumpStart ask, looking at her.

"More or less", QuickShot reply.

"That's not comforting", I commented.

"At least it's something", said Justice, just as the door was kick open and Nitro enter the room.

"Well, well, well", the bastard started, an impenetrable wall of gas right behind him. "Who would have guess?! The Outcasts, taken out by a man with a gas gun!"

Crouching my legs, I watch as Nitro once more adjusted some sort of dial on his gun, before bringing up his gun and pulling the trigger! Keeping his finger on the trigger, he unleash a new cloud of gas! A blue cloud of gas, that appear to be melting the floor as it got closer and closer to us!

"Acid gas!", Nitro yell at the top of his lung, "Let's see how you do against this!"

"QuickShot", I whisper, "About that lead you mention earlier, please tell me it involve us not getting melted! Please! I seen what acid does on t.v! I don't want my face to melt!"

"Don't worry", QuickShot reply, bringing up her bow. "It won't. Now!"

Firing off her blunt arrow, it once more flew through the gas cloud and hit Nitro, only this time, it hit him and stuck to his face!

"Aaaaahhhh!", he yell, taking a few steps back as the arrow hit him.

"The acid melted the blunt arrow and turn it into a sort of "glue" arrow", started QuickShot, replacing her arrow with a normal one. "It should be stuck like that for awhile, but now we going move! SpeedBlade!"

QuickShot then look at SpeedBlade and pointed at the ground. Nodding his head, he rise his sword high in the air, before stabbing it into the ground! As he did, he then started running as fast as he could in a small circle! Within only a few seconds, SpeedBlade had made a small hole in the floor!

"Time to go!", QuickShot scream, as she started pushing Justice and I toward the makeshift hole! Wasting no time, with SpeedBlade going first, then Ms. Justice, follow by me, and finally QuickShot, the four of us escape the gas through the hole!

8: Chapter 8: Limited Supplies Only
Chapter 8: Limited Supplies Only

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Ms. Justice:
"Run!", I yell as QuickShot fell through the hole, with the gas following right behind her!

Grabbing and helping her to her feet, the four of us then sprinted down the empty hallway as fast as we could! Turning my head, I saw the cloud of gas fall through the same hole, and continue to spread quickly!

"This way!", QuickShot scream as she turn to her right, the three of us following right behind her.

The next few minutes were filled with nothing but confusion and panic as the four of us ran through the maze of hallway, turning left and right, going straight up, until finally, JumpStart started screaming.

"Guys!", he yell, slowing down and letting his hands fall onto his knees. Panting for a bit, he took in a few big breaths before talking again. "Guys... gas cloud...No more...No more..."

The three of us then watch as JumpStart drop to the ground, landing with such a loud thud, I'm surprise Nitro didn't hear it. Despite begin pass out, he was still panting like a dog in a 1000 degree weather.

Looking back and forth at QuickShot and SpeedBlade, and then back at the down JumpStart, I decided to drop my shield and gently fall against one of the hallway's wall. As I did, I slowly slid down the wall and fell into a sitting position.

"JumpStart's right", I said, pointing at the sweating elf, who by the way, already had his own sweat-made silhouette on the floor around him. "We need to rest. We're all exhausted."

Realizing now that they were indeed exhausted, QuickShot and SpeedBlade drop their weapon before resting their back against the wall.

"We'll rest for 5 minutes", QuickShot said, bringing her knees and resting her arms and head on them. "And then we'll go back out and search for Nitro. He can't be too far away."

"Okay", agree SpeedBlade, crossing his arms and lowering his head. "But just in case, one of us should keep watch. I don't really feeling tired so I guess I can keep watch for a bit."

"Thanks but no thanks", I reply, bringing up my shield and lightly banging against it with my fist. "I'll keep watch. You're a speedster. You get tired faster. The two of you rest, I'll keep watch. If I see anything, I'll wake you up."

A little hesitated at first, the two nodded their head and decided to rest for a bit.

Smiling as I watch QuickShot slowly drift out of it, I brought up my shield and keep an eyes out, constantly looking to the left and then the right.

"Nothing", I thought, "Okay."

The next few minutes were filled with nothing but JumpStart's loud, annoying snoring.

"ZZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZ", he went over and over again. "ZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZ...ZZZZZ..."

"Glad my room isn't next to his", I thought, chuckling a bit. "Man oh man. How does his snoring not wake up the whole city!? It sound like a whole stampede of elephants!"

While still listening to the ruckus that is JumpStart's snoring, I started to notice something not to far in the distance. Slowly flowing out of one of the hallway we had run through was a large cloud of some weird-looking, green-color gas!

"What the-?!", I yell, getting up as fast as I could.

By now, practically a sky-full of that gas had leak into the hallway, and out of the gas cloud came walking out Nitro!

"Unstoppable!", he yell, his fingers against the top left side of his gas mask. "Tell the boss I got it! I'm heading back now!"

Letting his fingers drop to his side, he turn around and was about to walk away, but stop. He froze once he saw us.

Putting his fingers up against his gas mask once more, he said "On second though Unstoppable, tell the boss I may be a little late. I got four little heroes to deal with!"

Moving his fingers from his mask to his gas blaster, he pull the trigger and started unleashing the same dangerous blue gas as from before!

"Time to go guys!", I yell, grabbing at QuickShot's and SpeedBlade's shoulder and shaking them awake. "Nitro back! And so is the gas!"

"What?!", scream SpeedBlade as he shot up like a rocket, sword in hand. Looking behind him, he saw what look like a wave of gas flooding right toward the four of us!

Realizing there was no way we could fight off the gas or even defend against it, SpeedBlade turn back to us!

"Time to go!", he said, quickly backing away. About to run off, QuickShot stop him.

"Aren't you forgetting something", she ask, "Or someone!"

She then pointed at the sleeping elf. The one that even I forgot about.

Picking up JumpStart and tossing him on his back, SpeedBlade, QuickShot, and I were about to start running again when all of a sudden, something flew past our heads and landed right in front of us! The thing that flew past our head, it was an old, rusty, cylinder-shaped gas grenade! A gas grenade that appear to be leaking more of the blue gas! Within seconds, the gas had spread and was already blocking the hallway!

"Whoa!", I scream, bringing up my shield and looking back and forth.

We were trapped, in between the two acid clouds!

"Hahahaha!", laugh Nitro as he continue to unleash more of the gas! "This is too easy!"

Slowly backing into one each other, we look for any signs of escape! Dropping JumpStart, and rising his sword as high as possible, he stab it into the ground and try to cut another circle in the ground! While quickly cutting through the floor, SpeedBlade must have hit some wires because a second later, sparks travel up his sword and elocuting him!

"AAAAHHHH!", scream SpeedBlade as he jump back and bang his head against the wall. "Aaaaa...aaaa..."

While QuickShot and I rush over to check on SpeedBlade, JumpStart somehow woke up.

"Mmmmnnnn...", he moan, yawning and stretching his limbs. "Wow. Guys, you wouldn't believe this weird dream I had. The four of us were in some office building, begin chase by this weird guy in a gas..."

JumpStart stop talking when he notice the two giant cloud of acid gas quickly closing in on us from both sides!

"It...was not a dream", he commented, looking back and forth.

On the verge of having a panic attack, I suddenly remember something important!

Reaching into my pocket, I pull out a few of the foam arrows I found when cleaning out QuickShot's room! The arrows may be broken, but the container where the foams is isn't! Awesome thing too, since if they did break, then I probably be spending the next few lifetimes cleaning out QuickShot's room. Crushing two of them just a bit, I then threw them in front of the gas.

As soon as they hit the floor, the tip crack open and the once more, foams erupted and block the gas!

"What the-?!", Ms. Justice yell, looking at the two foam walls as they continue to block the gas. "Wh-What-Is the foam from before?! From the OutPost?! Why do you have it with you?!"

"Find it while cleaning QuickShot's room", I reply, walking over to tap the foam wall. It was actually holding! Against the acid gas! "I figure QuickShot and you may want to keep some of them so that the two of you can do something with it later. 'Course, that was before we realizing how strong this stuff is! Look, the gas isn't leaking through! It's staying strong!"

"Really?", ask QuickShot as she bump me aside to check out the wall for herself. Tapping her bow against the foam a few times, she actually let out a whisper. "Wow. Didn't think it was this strong. Guess I'm a better chemist than I thought."

"Yeah", reply SpeedBlade, shaking his head and slowly getting up. "Yeah, foams really holding up. It keeping out the gas, but also keeping out the oxygen we need to breath!"

"I can handle the foam easily", QuickShot said, pulling from her quiver an explosive arrow. "The question is how we're going to defeat Nitro and his gas weapon when the only barrier between us and him is what we have to destroyed."

"I've been chopping at the foam in your room for an hour now", I started, eyeing the arrow in QuickShot's hand. "Barely putting a dent in the whole thing. And you had something I could have use to destroy it this whole time! What?! Why?!"

"Because I rather not see my room get exploded into piece", QuickShot calmly reply, looking at the foam wall.

Taking it in for a bit, I shrug my shoulder and nodded my head.

"How many more of these foam tips do you have", Ms. Justice ask, walking over to peek over my shoulder. "I remember QuickShot and I making about ten of them, but all ten couldn't have survive. Could them?"

"I don't know", I reply, "But I think I found at least half of them."

I then took out from my pocket the last three remaining vials of the foams.

"Minus the two I already used, these three are the last remaining."

"Three foam tips remaining, uh?", QuickShot said, smiling. "This gave me an idea. Everyone, huddle up."

Wasting no time, the four of us all together got together and huddle up.

"Okay", started QuickShot, taking one of the foam tip. "Here's the plan!"

"What the heck is this stuff?!", I said as I place my hand on the weird-looking wall protecting the OutCast. It was a sort of "bubbly" wall, with a disgusting slimely-green color and an even weirder texture feeling. It felt rough and smooth at the same time!

Bashing my gun against the wall a few times, but barely chipping any of the stuff off, I thought it over for a bit.

"If my acid gas can't get it", I thought, "Then it mean gas can't get out! The OutCast will soon be suffering from lack of oxygen! Yes!"

Grinning, I turn off my gas blaster and started walking away.

"Wasn't even a challenge to put those losers to their place!", I thought as I turn a corner toward the exit. "Bunch of chickens that just run and run away! No clue how that moron, Laser Lightning, even got defeated by them!"

Turning right into an open, office space, I was just about to turn off my gas blaster when, all of a sudden, I heard a large explosion that shook the every floor I was standing on!

"What the-?!", I yell, trying to keep my balance as the shaking continue. "That came from where the OutCasts are!"

Clutching my weapon, I ran back to where the explosion happen! Running as fast as I could, I arrive at the scene a few minutes later! When I did, I almost drop my blaster!

"Whoa...", I slowly said.

The green wall that was protecting the "hero" from my gas attack was blow to pieces, tiny bits of it scattered everywhere! And behind the wall, where the OutCasts were, they were all there, laying still.

Laughing at first, I turn off my blaster.

"Wow", I said, "Will the boss be happy about this!"

I then took out from my pocket a small flash drive.

"Guess he won't need this anymore."

"Hey, if he doesn't want it", said one of the OutCast as he suddenly got up. "Then we'll take it! SpeedBlade, go!"

Pushing himself up with his super speed, the knight then ran right up to me and snatch the flashdrive right out of my hand!

"Hey!", I shouted, trying to grab the flashdrive back. Before I could, SpeedBlade had gotten back to his team!

"Sweet plan!", yell one of the girl as she then got up. "Awesome job QuickShot!"

"Thanks!", the another girl yell, also getting up. "SpeedBlade, let me see that."

The knight then handed the archer the flashdrive. She examine it for awhile, before showing it to me.

"What is this!?", she ask, "And who this "boss" you mentioned?!"

"Well that's none of your darn business, now it is!", I reply, turning my blaster back on and unleashing the biggest cloud of acid gas I had! "When the four of you are gone, I'm going to enjoy taking that flashdrive off of you!"

"OUTCAST!", started the archer, shoving the flashdrive in her pocket. "ONWARD!"

"AAAAAHHHHH!", I scream, squeezing down on the trigger as hard as I could.

As my gas blaster release an impenetrable fog of acid gas, the four of them actually had the nerve to go up against it!

"The hallway is narrow!", I thought, walking forward. "There's no where to escape to! But just to be sure!"

I pull from the inside of my coat another gas grenade.

Watching as the fog cloud got closer and closer, SpeedBlade and Justice got right up against it and brought up their weapons!

"Don't even bother!", Nitro yell through the fog, "None of your pathetic weapons can defend against this!"

"Actually", I reply, "We do have one weapon that can defend against your fart cloud!"

Grinning, I brought up two out of the three vials remaining!

"You think that's enough?", I ask first, looking over at QuickShot.

"Yeah!", QuickShot reply, "Do it now!"

Getting into a sort of "pitching position", I chuck one vial into the fog and the another in front of it!

"Hope you're a baseball fan!", I yell, laughing as the vial flew right into the acid fog.

As the vial went flying through the air and into the fog, it crack a little, before breaking apart and unleashing the foam!

"Aaaaahhhhh!", scream Nitro as he stumble back, away from the foams.

"Your turn!", I yell, looking back at QuickShot. Nodding her head, she took out from her quiver an explosion arrow and place it in her bow! She then launch it into the acid fog, just as the second viral broke open and another foam wall pop up!

"Get down!", Ms. Justice yell, as she and SpeedBlade got between us and the foam wall.

The wall then exploded, hundreds of thousands of bits and pieces of the foams flying toward us! If it wasn't for Justice and SpeedBlade, we surely would have been blown away too!

Watching as the smoke quickly faded away, the four of us saw on the ground, a downed supervillain, slowly getting up, stumbling left and right as he did!

"Wha-What was that?!", Nitro moan, falling against a wall.

"That", started SpeedBlade, rising his sword high into the air before pointing it at Nitro, "Was part of our plan! For you to used your entire supply of acid gas!"

"And then for JumpStart to trap it all!" continue Ms. Justice, smiling and getting ready to toss her shield. "Using one of our every own concoction!"

"But not before I could blow it all up with one of my explosion arrow!", went on QuickShot, taking a blunt arrow and putting it in her bow.

"Leaving you without any more of your fart gas!", I yell, shooting my fist forward. "And leaving us with a much, much-needed opening!"

Angrily grinding his teeth against one another, Nitro pull himself off the wall and brought up his gas blaster once more!

"I may be out of my precious acid gas!", Nitro yell, split flying from his mouth. "But I still got enough chemicals in my tank to make a whole mess of gas that'll destroy the four of you!"

Pushing down on the trigger, Nitro once more started to release another cloud of gas, still time an orange-color, with not-want-to-know side effects!

"Not so fast!", I scream, taking out the last and final viral of foam we had. As I as I did, I rise my feet high into the air before slamming it down onto the ground, chucking the viral at Nitro.

The viral sail gracefully through the air, before slamming in the opening of Nitro's gas blaster! As it did, it broke open and the last of the foam came flooding out, encasing Nitro and his weapon!

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!", scream Nitro, as the foam rush over him like he was honey and the foam was flies! "Wha-What is this stuff?! Get it off of me?! GET ME OUT OF IT! AAAAHHHHH!"

"...Wow", I said, pointing at Nitro with my thumb. "He yell a lot."

"I know", Ms. Justice reply, laughing a little. "At least with all the yelling he's doing, it'll be easier for the police officers to find him. And with his gas blaster lost somehow in the foam, I said that more than enough evidence to sent him to Iron Wall for a long while!"

"Awesome!", commented QuickShot, shooting Ms. Justice a thumb-up.

"Come on", said SpeedBlade, interrupting the mood, "It's time to head home."

Nodding our heads, we turn around and started heading back to the OutPost. As we were walking, I started rubbing the back of my head awkwardly.

"Hey QuickShot", I began, barely able to said the words. "I..I just wanted to said sorry for messing up earlier. I didn't mean to drop the foam in your room and make a mess. I'm sorry."

Smiling, instead of looking angry, QuickShot tap me on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about it", she said. "I'm actually glad it happen."

"Yeah!", interrupted Ms. Justice, her head popping up from behind. "If it wasn't for you, we never would have known how strong the foam is! I mean, it can protect us from a cloud of acid fog! QuickShot and I are better chemist than we thought."

She then look at QuickShot and smile.

"In fact, we should be thanking you!"

"I wouldn't go that far", commented SpeedBlade, "Don't forget, there's still a mess of impenetrable foam in your room QuickShot."

"Nothing this won't fix!", QuickShot reply, pulling an explosion arrow from her quiver. "Didn't even have to use that many arrows because of JumpStart!"

"Sweet!", I scream as I snatch the arrow from QuickShot's hand. "Well what am I waiting for then!? I got a mess to clean and this awesome "mop"! Later!"

I then started running toward the exit as fast as I could.

"Hey SpeedBlade", I whisper, tapping him lightly on his arm. "Could you please go with JumpStart and make sure he "only" blow up the foam and not my room?"

"Yeah", SpeedBlade as he started running after JumpStart.

Chuckling a bit as we watch the knight chase after the elf, I was a surprise when Ms. Justice grab me by the arm.

"Hey", she started, looking at me with a worry look. "Are-Are we ever going to talk about what happen in them?"

"Yeah we will", I reply, also looking worry, "But not now. Later okay?"

"Okay", repeated Justice, letting go of my arm and rushing forward.

Watching as Justice rush away, I flashback to what happen.

20 minutes ago

"I don't think I like this plan!", commented JumpStart, as he got as far away from the explosion arrow as he could.

"We have no other choice", I yell back, using my bow as a hammer and hammering my arrow into the foam wall. "Beside, if this work, we'll have the upper hand!"

"If this doesn't work, then we may not have any hands", stated SpeedBlade, also getting as far away from the wall as he could. As soon as he said that, Ms. Justice slap him in the back of his head.

"Don't said that!", she said, shooting him an angry glare. "This will work!"

"Okay!", I yell, getting up and running to be with the other. "The arrow is set to explode in 30 seconds! Everyone, get ready!"

"Okay!", they all scream, as they cover their head and crouch down. Choosing a place next to Ms. Justice, I place my hand on her shoulder. When I did, she uncover her head and look at me.

"Hope this work", I said, looking at the arrow as it continue to bleep over and over before looking back at Justice.

"It will", reply Ms. Justice, "It will."

While still looking at each other, I lend forward and kiss Ms. Justice on the lips.

The kiss lasted only about eight seconds, before the arrow exploded and knock us out.

9: Chapter 9: 4-1=
Chapter 9: 4-1=

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Taking careful aim, I pull back on the string of my bow, and look down my arrow. My gaze traveling from the very end of the tip to the very tip top, past the sight, and onto the big, red, round circle I had on the other side of my room.

"Gotcha!", I thought, smiling as I release the string and the arrow came soaring through the air.

"Easy!", I thought, as the arrow inch closer and closer to the target. In a another few seconds, the arrow would hit the target, dead-center!

"One second", I began, "Two second. Three sec-"

About a second from hitting the target, Ms. Justice walk into my room. What made this a major problem was that now, Ms. Justice was standing between the target and the very, very pointed tip of my arrow!

"Watch out!", I yell, using my telekinesis power to grab Justice and toss her aside!

"Ouch!", she scream as she drop to the ground, barely dodging my arrow!

"Justice!", I scream, tossing aside my bow and running to Justice's side. "Justice! Are you okay?! I'm so sorry! I was just practicing my archery! And you just came in! And-And-"

"Relax", reply Justice, bringing up her hand. "It's okay! It's okay!"

Helping her to her feet, we stood still for awhile, looking at each other.

"Sooo...", I started, wetting my lips and taking a gulp of air. "What's up? What are you doing in my room?"

"Nothing much", she reply, kicking up some pretend dusts. "Just...Just wanted to see you. See how you're doing."

Clearing a throat, I continue talking.

"I'm fine. I'm fine", I repeated, looking around. "Was practically some archery when you came in."

Chuckling a bit, I started feeling a bit tired.

"Aaahhh...", I moan, my legs suddenly feeling weak.

About to drop to my knees, Justice realize what was going on and caught me in time!

"Whoa!", scream Justice as she grab me and put my arm around her head. "Hey! Hey! Hey! Easy there! Easy there! Come on! Come on! Here's your bed!"

Gently laying me into my bed, she sat by my side and place the back of her hand against my forehead.

"You know", Ms. Justice said, smiling a bit, "I sometimes have trouble telling if your telekinesis power is a pro or a con. On the one hand, you begin able to move things with your mind is kind of awesome! On the other hand, moving anything using your power and then walking a step afterward is considering a victory for you."

Laughing together now, Justice rub her hands against my face.

"Uhhh...", interrupted a voice from behind suddenly. "Should I not be here?"

"What?!", Justice yell, quickly looking behind her and jumping out of my bed. "Oh! Hi JumpStart! What-What's up?!"

"Nothing much", JumpStart reply, walking into the room. "Again, should I not be here?"

"Wha-What do you mean by that?", ask Ms. Justice, scratching the back of her head very nervously.

"I mean", started JumpStart, looking at me and then at Justice. He then grab her by the arm and drag her out of earshot.

Ms. Justice:
"I mean", repeated JumpStart once more, this time whispering, "I mean, does QuickShot-"

He then peek over my shoulder to look at QuickShot as she rested on her bed.

"Does she have some sort of deadly illness!?", JumpStart suddenly "quietly" scream out.

"What?!", I reply, looking at the sweating elf.

"Cause if she does, considering me gone!"

He then pointed to the exit.

Rolling my eyes, I look back at QuickShot and then at JumpStart.

"She not sick", I told JumpStart, "She just accidentally use her power. You know her power take a lot out of her."

"Are you sure?!", ask the elf very, very nervously.

"Positive", I said.

"Cause I still don't know much about your modern day disease! The flu, the "cold", the Black DEATH! And chicken pox! Oh, I hated those little red bastards!"

"Okay 1", I started, bringing up one finger, "The Black Death was from a long time ago. Back before people knew how to use soap. Second, you get the chicken pox once in your life! Never again!"

"People get the chicken pox once in their life! PEOPLE! I am an elf! A Woodelf!"

JumpStart then grab his ear and started flapping them back and forth like they wings! He continue to flap them over and over again until I pushing him out of QuickShot's room!

"Okay!", I said, "gently" pushing JumpStart out. "That's enough! That's enough! Get out of here you germaphobe!"

Bringing up my feet and kicking out the panicking woodelf, I return back to QuickShot's side.

"Thanks for that", smile QuickShot as she started pushing herself out of bed.

"No problem", I reply, rushing over to help her. "Hey! What are you doing?! You should stay in bed!"

"I'm fine! I'm fine!", declared QuickShot, getting out of her bed and taking a few steps. However, after the third steps, QuickShot drop to one of her knee!

"Whoa!", I scream, running over to help my friend. Putting one of her arm around my neck, I watch with worry as QuickShot put her hand to her head.

"Aaaahhhh...", she moan, the whole way as I walk her back to her bed. Gently laying her down once more, I place my hand on her forehead.

"Whoa!", I said, quickly retracting my hand. "QuickShot! Your-Your forehead! It-It's burning hot! Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine", reply QuickShot, her breathing suddenly slowing. As she did, she close her eye and laid her head against her pillow. "I just need a little rest. Wake me in an hour. Okay?"

Turning away from me, she gently nudge me aside to grab at her blanket and cover herself.

"Sure", I whisper, quietly tip-toeing away.

Tip-toeing out of QuickShot's room, I took a quick look back, before walking into the OutPost's "living room".

Dropping into one of the seat of the sofa we had, I cross my legs and started replaying what happen last week.

"Hope this work", QuickShot said, looking at the arrow as it continue to bleep over and over before looking back at me.

"It will", I said, "It will."

While looking at each other, QuickShot lend forward and kis-

"BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP!", went the OutPost's computer suddenly, completely destroying the flashback.

"BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP!", it continue, getting louder and louder and flashing the whole base red!

"Shoot!", I thought, pushing myself off the sofa and rushing over to the computer to meet up with JumpStart and SpeedBlade.

"What's going on!?", ask SpeedBlade, as he look at the base's computer and at JumpStart as he started typing whatever into the computer.

"Hold on!", he reply, "Hold on! Hold on! Got it!"

Typing one last something into the computer, surveillance cameras pop up on the screen and reveal someone standing into the busy street of the city! What made that someone so dangerous was that fact that he was shooting both ICE and FIRE FROM HIS HANDS! As he burnt a car with his left hand, he froze a bunch of innocent bystanders with his right!

"Time to go!", SpeedBlade said, running off before returning with my shield and his sword.

"Here", he said, tossing me my shield. He then look at where the man was standing and the map of the sewer JumpStart had on the screen.

"If the three of us take this route here, then we should be at that man's location in only 10 minutes! Let's go!"

"Wait!", I said, grabbing SpeedBlade's shoulder before he could run off. "Three?! What about QuickShot?!"

A little hesitate to reply at first, SpeedBlade spoke.

"She's too exhausted to get out of bed", he began, looking away from us. "I checked up on her. She can barely turn over, let alone fight whoever the heck that is!"

Thinking it over a bit, I rush over to the OutPost's exit and slam down on the exit button!

Watching as the wall started to quickly open, I turn back to the guys.

"Come on guys!", I said, clutching my shield. "It 's time to bring down this bastard!"

10: Chapter 10: Burning Ice
Chapter 10: Burning Ice

A/​N Sorry about not uploading in such a long times, but the last few months for me haven't exactly been "the best". Beside my old computer getting a virsus, two employees at my work quit suddenly so I had to fill in for them. Then, I somehow broke my leg in the process AND caught a really bad cold. Not exactly how I wanted to end 2017 haha....Here to hopefully, an amazing 2018.

"They're not going to show!", I yell, burning a nearby lamppost and covering the entire street with ice! As the people continue to run, some accidently step onto the ice and started sliding around!

"AAAAHHHHH!", scream a man as he slid right into a trashcan and tip it over.

"They will", reply the boss, speaking through the earpiece he has given me. "Just remember the plan."

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!", I reply, forming a fire and ice ball with my hands and then throwing them.

Watching as my iceball hit the side of a building and blanket it with ice, I then watch as my fireball hit another building and cause some of it to break apart and fall to the ground, causing craters in the street!

Raising both my hands in the air to form more ice and fire balls, I was on the verge of tossing them when, all of a sudden, I was knock to the ground!

"Watch out below!", scream a voice from nowhere as something hit the back of my knee and I did a flip in the air before falling onto the ground!

"Aaaaa...", I moan, pushing myself off the ground and looking around once more.

Looking a little further down the stair, I saw a member of the OutCasts sliding down the street I had covered in ice! JumpStart, as I think his name was, was on his butt, sliding further and further down the street, until he finally run out of ice and was now sliding across the asphalt

Ms. Justice:
"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!", repeated JumpStart as SpeedBlade and I watch him bounce up and down the normal, ice-less street. "Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!"

Bouncing up and down a few more times, he eventually stop near us.

"", he groan, smiling a fake smile, shooting us a thumb-up, and rubbing his bruise butt. "Yeah..."

Looking at SpeedBlade for a sec, and then back at JumpStart, I offer my hand to JumpStart.

"For the record", I said, "I don't think the first-aid kit in the OutPost had what we need to heal your butt."

"Yeah", SpeedBlade commented, turning slightly away. "Last I check, the first-aid kit doesn't offer wisdom."

"Heard that!", shouted JumpStart, pointing at Speed as I help him up.

"Wasn't trying to hide it-", reply SpeedBlade.

"Hide behind me!", I scream, grabbing at JumpStart and pushing him behind me. As I did, I brought up my shield and block a fireball hurling toward JumpStart! The fireball may have scatter into bits of fire as it hit my shield, but the impact was still strong enough to push me back! Almost tipping over, I shook it off and regain my footing!

"Talk later?", JumpStart ask, taking out his stun batons.

"Maybe", reply SpeedBlade, taking out his sword. "But maybe not."

The three of us then stood side-by-side, armed and ready for... whoever this is.

"Who are you?", I ask, pointing my shield at him.

"Name's Burning Ice!", the villain reply, forming massive balls of fire and ice in his hands. "Remember the name well cause it'll be the last thing you all hear!"

Watching with interest as Burning Ice and the Outcasts started to square off, I couldn't help but notice something odd.

"Where is QuickShot?", I ask, taking note of who was actually fighting Ice. "JumpStart….SpeedBlade...Ms. Justice….. No QuickShot."

Taking a full minute to reevaluate my plan, I slowly turn away and started walking down the stairs leading to my throne. On the way to the exit, I pass by Unstoppable and my servant robot.

"Master?" say the servant.

"Stay here for a bit", I commanded, my eyes narrowing as I push a button on my wrist. As I did, the entrance to my lair open, and I walk right through it and into the open night air. "I have a short errand to run."


11: Chapter 11: Knock Knock
Chapter 11: Knock Knock

Hastily making my way through the town, moving in and out of the shadow, I eventually made my way to a manhole cover located in the center of the city.

Grabbing at the cover and pulling it off, I leap down into the sewer, ignoring the splashing of the brown/green sewer water as I landed on my knees. Wiping away a few drops of the water, I made my way along the many sewer's passenger way until finally, I had reach it. A simple, slime-covered, brown-brick walls.

"Knock knock", I said, smiling.

"mmmmnnnn...", I slowly and very tiredly moan. "mmmmnnnn..."

Feeling a bit more energetic now, I decided to try and use some of it to get out of bed. Kicking off my blanket, I roll out of bed and started heading for the living room. As I left my room and enter the OutPost's living room, I was startle to see that no one else here.

"Where is everyone?", I ask, looking around.

The base was completely empty. JumpStart. SpeedBlade. Even Ms. Justice. No one was here.

"The computer", I said, thinking it over. "The only reason why no one would be here is because there trouble in the city!"

Rushing over to the computer as fast as I could, I type a few things into the computer. I may not have the same computer skills as JumpStart, but nevertheless, I was able to find the other by hacking into surveillance cameras! They were in the streets, fighting some sort of... half-ice, half-fire villain!

Watching with suspense as JumpStart try to slash at the man from behind, he aim his flaming hands at the ground and shot off a sudden hurricane of flame! Rocketing into the sky and escaping the attack, the man also encase JumpStart in flames!

"AAAAHHHHH!", JumpStart scream, barely escaping the flames as SpeedBlade ran from behind and grab him!

"Time to go!", I yell, running back to my room to get my bow and quiver. Putting on the quiver, I was on the verge of pushing down on the button when, out of nowhere, the wall shot out toward me and begun to open!

"What the-?!", I scream, watching as the wall continue to open. Not exactly sure what was going on, I was caught off guard when someone came rushing in and uppercut me!

"AAAAAHHHHH!", I yell, as I was shot into the air before dropping onto the ground!

"Aaaaa...", I groan, pushing myself up and rubbing my chin. "Wh-What the-?!"

Quickly regaining my bearings, I look back up to see who it was that hit me. There, standing in the entrance to the OutPost, was one, single man.

The man, whoever he is, is wearing some sort of jet-black outfits, parts of which were shielded with small, silver-covered plates of metals. What really made the man stand out, was his mask. It had a dialogue line from the top left to bottom right, with the colors red and dark-yellow on either side.

"Hello QuickShot", the man very quietly said. "What's the rush? Trying to get to JumpStart, SpeedBalde, and Ms. Justice? Don't worry. For what it's worth, I'm more than sure that your friends can handle Burning Ice."

Feeling a sudden rush of panic and fear, I look around for my bow. It was only a few feet around from me! Doing a barrel roll, I grab my bow and instantly pop an arrow in it!

"Who are you?!", I scream, "How did you get in here?! How do you know my names!? How do you know my friends' names!? WHO ARE YOU!?"

Staying completely silent, the man just started looking around. It would be another few minutes before he even started talking again.

"The flashdrive", he started, "The one that you took from Nitro. Where is it?"

"The flashdrive?", I thought to myself, thinking it over for a bit. "The flashdrive!"

Looking over at JumpStart's room, I look back at the man. He must have seen me looking at JumpStart's room, cause now he was looking at the room too!

"JumpStart's room uh?", ask the man, looking at the room and then at me. "Make sense. The mechanic elf. Thanks."

Taking off with unmatched speed, the man started running to JumpStart's room!

"Stop!", I yell, pulling back my bow's string and launching the arrow to the man.

Already more than halfway to JumpStart's room, he stop and grab my arrow! In mid-flight! Mere inches from his mask!

"...What?", I sutter, confuse by what just happen. Breaking my arrow into two, the man change path and then came running toward me!

"Ccccaaaaahhhhh!", the man yell as he leap into the air! Bringing back his fist as far back as he could in mid-air, he then drop onto the ground! I barely had enough time to jump back as I watch the man punch the ground instead, the floor actually cracking apart a little!

His fist still on the ground, he push himself up with his arm and ran around the ground. Running in a half-circle, he then push himself with his arm and kick me away!

"Oooofffff!", I scream, rolling away!

Ignoring the growing pain in my chest, I got up again and, still time, took out an explosive arrow!

Wasting no time, I fire off my explosive arrow and sent it flying toward the man!

"Let see you catch this one!", I thought, smiling.

Watching as the man quickly pick himself up and started running toward me, I simply stood where I was and waited for the bomb to go off! Only, it didn't.

The man must have seen the arrow, cause when it was about ten feet away from him, the man did a roundhouse kick and sent the arrow flying into the OutPost's living room! It exploded a few seconds later, completely destroying the living room!

"Nnnnnooooo!", I yell, watching as flames consume our sofa and chairs. "I was just getting use to sitting weird chair with the string seat!"

Quickly looking back at the man, I barely had time to bring up my bow and block the man's roundhouse kick! The kick was so strong, it nearly broke the bow in my hand!

Grinding my teeth, and struggling to keep the bow in my hand, I brought back one hand and sent it flying into the man's chest! The man, however, didn't even flinch! Instead, he grab my fist with both his hands! Once he did, he then took a step back and toss me over him!

Landing with such a loud "thud!" on the other side of the room, I didn't even have time to defend myself when the man came charging toward me, and stomp on hard on my face!

The last thing I see before I am knock out is the bottom of the man's boot as it hit my face.

12: Chapter 12: I'm Sorry
Chapter 12: I'm Sorry

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Ms. Justice:
​Running as fast as I could, I leap into the air and did a twirl before slamming my shield down onto Burning Ice!

"Aaahhh!!!", scream Ice as he stumble back, covering his face with both his hands.

Stun, I turn my head toward SpeedBlade and JumpStart.

"Now guys!", I yell at the top of my lungs. "Now!!!"

"On it!!!", they both reply, running toward me and Ice as fast as they could.

Running right past me, SpeedBlade started running around Burning Ice as fast as he could, creating and trapping him in a small tornado!

While distracting Burning Ice, JumpStart ran to me and toss me one of his stun baton.

"Here!", he said, turning it off and then tossing it to me.

"Thanks!", I reply, smiling and catching it in my hand.

Sticking the baton in between the handle of my shield, I turn back toward Burning Ice.

Pushing off with my leg, I ran toward him, a timer ticking by in my head.

"Wait for it", I thought, "Wait for it! Wait for---Now!"

"Stop!", I scream, bending both my knees and lifting the shield above my head. "Stop running now, SpeedBlade!"

Stopping suddenly, his feet skidding against the ground, the tornado vanish a few seconds later, leaving in the opening, a stun and daze supervillain!

"Take this!!!", I yell, pulling back my arms further before tossing it at Burning Ice! As I threw my shield, I also turn on JumpStart's baton, tiny bits of sparks shocking me as the shield left my hand.

Smacking Burning Ice directly in his chest, electricity from JumpStart's weapon travel along my metal shield and electrocute him!!!

"Aaaaahhhhh!!!", he scream, flashing on and off like he was a lightbulb.

Eventually, the electricity stop flowing, and Burning Ice drop to his knees before falling flat onto his face, trails of faded white smokes slowly flying from his body.

"Mmmmmnnnn......", Burning Ice moan, leaving the rest of us breathless as we regroup near him.

"........Wow", JumpStart said after awhile, "This guy..... He's a really hothead! Hahaha!!!.....Uh? Uh? What do you think???"

"........I think that joke would be even more funny if the guy wasn't half ice", I stated, pointing at Burning Ice with my shield.

"I don't that joke was funny to begin with", commented SpeedBlade, turning around and walking away. "Come on! Let get out of here! You know, before any more joke are cracked."

"Hehe", I chuckling, trying my best to hide my smile behind my fist.

"Oh come on!", scream JumpStart, tossing his arms into the air. "That's funnier than my "hothead" joke!"

"Totally", I reply, waving him off.

Watching as JumpStart very angrily blow a puff of air into his forehead, we quickly ran away before the authority could arrive, disappearing into the sewer and heading back to the OutPost.

"But at least my joke make sense, right", ask JumpStart as the three of us were walking along the sewer's pathway. "I mean! Come on! Hothead!!! Burning Ice!!! He? He? It make totally sense!"

"What doesn't make "sense"", commented SpeedBlade, sounding really annoy, "Is that you're still complaining about it! Come on! It been 10 minutes! Get over it!"

I think JumpStart scream something back, but I wasn't paying much attention to either of them anymore. I was too busy thinking about something...someone else.

It been one full week since the four of us fought Nitro. One full week since the four of us were trapped in between a wall of foam and a cloud of dangerous gas. One full week since...QuickShot and I.....since we kissed.

Ever since then, things between the two of us have been sort of...uneasy. I mean, I don't know about QuickShot, but ever since, whenever we're together or even when I look at her, I just feel...feel.....something. Something new and different. Something new and beautiful. Something new and...wonderful.

"I want her to know", I thought to myself. "I want QuickShot to know how I feel about her. I mean, she did kiss me! And she wouldn't have done that if she didn't have the same feeling for me, right? Maybe I'm overthinking this."

While still overthinking this, I was taken off guard when, all of a sudden, I find the entrance to the OutPost open.

"What the---?!?!", I yell, bringing up my shield. "Why is the door open?!"

"No idea!", reply SpeedBlade, pulling out his sword.

"Maybe QuickShot left it open when she left for a walk!", said JumpStart, spinning his stun batons in his hands as the three of us very cautiously walk in.

"Doubtful", I quietly said, looking around as soon as I walk in. However, as soon as I walk in, I regretted it.

Our living room was totally destroyed! All our chairs and our rug and our small table that no one beside JumpStart really uses was nothing than a bit of burning embers!

"What the--???", SpeedBlade said, lowering his sword. "Wh--What happen here?"

While still surveying the scene, I couldn't help but notice someone laying nearby.

"QuickShot!!!", I scream, running over to pick her up. Grabbing her by the shoulder, I gently lay her on my laps and brush away a strain of blond hair.

"QuickShot", I whisper, my face inches from her. "QuickShot. Can you hear me? Are you okay? Please, say something."

As soon as I said those words, QuickShot's eyes shot open!

"What---?!?!", she scream, shooting up with the speed of a rocket. "Wha---What happen?!? Where is that bastard!?!"

"You mean JumpStart?", ask SpeedBlade, still looking around the remain of the OutPost. "He's right here!"

"Not that bastard!", QuickShot quickly reply, getting up and rushing to JumpStart's room.

"Hey!", scream JumpStart, rushing over to QuickShot's side. "What do you mean "Not that bast----" What the heck!?!?!"

Now, with the four of us standing side by side, we were all looking into JumpStart's room. His destroyed, ransacked room.

"My room!", groan JumpStart, dropping to his knees and crushing his head. "What happen!? All my stuffs! My drawers! My hammock! My--My---boots? Hey Justice, why are boots in my room?"

"Tell you later", I said, turning to face QuickShot. "QuickShot, what happen here? Who did this?"

"I don't know his name", she reply, lowering her head and placing her finger against her chin. "But whoever he is, he strong, fast, and stole the flashdrive from JumpStart's room."

"Flashdrive?", I repeated, looking over at the kneeing elf as he moan over a torn shirt. "Do mean you the flashdrive from when we battled Nitro?! We never return that!"

"In my defense", said JumpStart, snapping out of his trance, "I was curious about what was on the drive. So I ask QuickShot if I could keep it for a bit to see what was on it and she said yes."

My eyes narrowing, I look back at QuickShot just in time to see her face go red.

"...And what exactly did you find on the drive?", she ask, her face actually getting a little redder.

"Not much", sniffle JumpStart, still on his knees and still looking through his stuffs. "Just something about a mixture of a bunch of different metals."

"What", QuickShot and I said, rushing over to him. The first to get to him, I grab him by the shoulder and lifted him up.

"A mixture of metals", QuickShot repeated, "What does that mean?"

"I think... it mean what you think it mean", JumpStart very confusedly mutter. "A mixture of metals. A bunch of metals mix together to make something new."

Looking at each other for a bit, we return to JumpStart.

"What exactly is that "something new"", I ask, a worrying look growing on my face.

"I'm...I'm really not sure", JumpStart reply, "What was on the flashdrive was hard to understand. Even for me. But from what I could understand, the mixture is suppose to create some sort of "super metal" that is almost impossible to destroy."

"Why would someone like Nitro want that?", ask SpeedBlade as he walk right up to the three of us, arms full with JumpStart's stuffs. Dropping it right in front of us, he cross his arms.

"Call it a hunch, but I doubt the "super metal" is for that gas gun of his."

"Maybe it wasn't for him", I said, "Maybe it was for him. The man who attack QuickShot. The man who attack the OutPost. How did he even know where to look? I thought only the four of us knew where to look."

"Same here", SpeedBlade commented, raising his hand. "The button is hidden. Even close up, it look just like another part of the wall. And yet, somehow, he knew exactly where to look."

"He also know who we are", added QuickShot, catching all of our attention. "We know all of our names; JumpStart. SpeedBlade. Ms. Justice. And don't forget, he knew exactly which room was JumpStart's and where the flashdrive was."

"This guy knew everything about us", JumpStart said, his voice (like his things) dropping. "Where we lived. Who we are. How?"

"No idea", I reply, "But now that I think about it... Guys, I think everyone we have fought so far; Unstoppable. Lightning Laser. Nitro. Even Burning Ice. They all work this mysterious guy! Think about it! Unstoppable and Lightning Laser worked together to "free" whoever it was in that Iron Wall's cell! Nitro attacked the Giga's High-Tech Industry to steal a flashdrive! And Burning Ice! When Nitro fail to get the drive, he send Burning Ice to the city to distracted us so he could get the drive!"

Watching as they all thought it over for a bit, QuickShot was the first to speak.

"If that true", she started, "Then we need to find out who the heck it was that was in that cell."

"I try", said JumpStart, taking a step forward. "But for some reasons, Iron Wall's computer is keeping the files on that person top secret."

"Why?", SpeedBlade ask.

"I don't know", JumpStart reply, "But whatever the reason, I'm going to need to fake some top judges' signatures just to look through it."

"Do that", order QuickShot, "Meanwhile, the three of us will work to repair the OutPost and maybe add some security to it."

All of us nodding in agreement, we went out separate way to complete our task. However, as soon as JumpStart and SpeedBlade were out of earshot, I grab QuickShot by her hand.

"Hey", I whisper, "Can we talk for a bit? You know...about what happen."

Staying silent for bit, QuickShot reluctantly nodded her head. Disappearing into my nearby room, QuickShot and I stood face-to-face, our hands still link.

Taking a deep breath, and trying to figure out what to say, I was taken off guard when QuickShot spoke first.

"I am so sorry", QuickShot said, looking away in shame. "I am so sorry about what I did. I---I didn't know what I was thinking. It just happen and---and I'm sorry."

Listening to what QuickShot was saying, a knot was instantly beginning to form in my throat.

"What?", I thought, my head feeling a bit dizzy.

Not sure what to expect next, I felt a jolt as QuickShot rip her hand from my grip and walk away. About to leave my room, she turn away.

"Come on", she said quietly, "It's going to take awhile to clean everything. Let's go."

Turning back, she left. Staying still for awhile, I wipe a tear from my eyes and follow after her.