Humans and Angels

Stories tell of a unrequited love. A love between an Angle and a human; both female.

The angle was nothing short of breathtaking. Any time the human would see her, she would become tongue tied, unable to speak. The human thought she was a gift in the sea of chaos that was her life, the only rock to hold her down. 

The human thought she was plain, with nothing special, nothing to make her stand out among the sea of endless faces. She was just another ordinary human, nothing special to the angel before her.

Others often teased the human, telling her to sweep the angel off her feet. But what the human lacked in confidence, she made up for in fear. She was afraid of losing her rock, of losing her life force, of losing the one she cared for most. Even when the angel knew of the humans feelings, nothing changed between them. 

There is an evil in this story. There was a man, so twisted by his own greed, he became a demon. This man became a demon of greed, drowning in his own sin. He didn't have horns or a tail. What he did have though was a gun.

The human had planned to ask the angel out one night after gathering the courage for weeks. However, just when she was about to, the demon attacked them. He demanded for the green that would satisfy his greed while pointing the gun at the human. The human did as he said, her only demand was that he not hurt her friend. The demon agreed with a grin, only to shoot the human. After she was on the ground, he took her money and fled.

The angel tried to save her friend, but it would do no good. Even when she tried to stop the bleeding, the human left her this message with her last breath. 

"I always knew I'd take a bullet for you. I also knew you'd never take a bullet for me." 

Even when the healers arrived in the scene, trying to revive the human's body, the angel stood by helplessly, with her hands stained in the blood of someone she never loved more than as a friend.