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Gaea: The Enchanted Journal of the Amazon Princess










September-Mean Fómhair

October-Deireadh Fómhair



Days of the Week-Irish

Sunday-De Domhnaigh

Monday-De Luain

Tuesday-De Máirt

Wednesday-De Céadaoin


Friday-De hAoine

Saturday-De Sathairn

Celtic Moon Months

Birch-Beth: Dec. 24th-Jan. 20th

Rowan-Luis: Jan. 21st-Feb. 17th

Ash-Nion: Feb. 18th-March 17th

Alder-Fearn: March 18th-April 14th

Willow-Saille: April 15th-May 12th

Hawthorn-Uath: May 13th-June 9th

Oak-Duir: June 10th-July 7th

Holly-Tinne: July 8th-August 4th

Hazel-Coll: August 5th-Sept. 1st

Vine-Muin: Sept. 2nd-Sept. 29th

Ivy-Gort: Sept. 30th-Oct. 27th

Reed-Ngetal: Oct. 28th-Nov. 24th

Elder-Ruis: Nova. 25th-Dec. 23rd


New Year's Eve: Oiche Chinn Bhliana

New Year: Athbhliain

April Fool's Day: La na nAmadan

Halloween: Oiche Shamhna

Christmas Eve: Oiche Nollag

Christmas: Nollag

2: Entry 1: Eanáir 1st, De Sathairn-3001
Entry 1: Eanáir 1st, De Sathairn-3001

Journal 1

Entry 1: Eanáir 1st, De Sathairn

Months of Both-3001

Athbhliain; Great City of Amazonia

Amazon Home world: Gealach Ban

This Book

I can hear the bell of the Great Clock tolling midnight of the Athbhliain throughout the Great City of Amazonia followed by the echoes of the Lesser Clock bells. I could not sleep after the Oiche Chinn Bhliana party for the children; I feel a tingle of energy flow through me as the fire in the fireplace flickered slightly.

In all my twelve years; I was always different from everyone even in my training and lessons. So Mother gave me this special book and pen as a Athbhliain gift; she had both items created and enchanted with strong Magic.

The book was bound in midnight blue that reminded me of the night sky; it bore thirteen moon phases and my birth tree, the Oak. The book was be-spelled to expand to accommodate more pages to continue writing.

The pen was made of a diamond; it can glow to provide light in the darkest places and it will never run out of ink or dry out. The book has a hidden pocket in the spine and the blank pages bear a endless Celtic Knot border.

After receiving the book; Mother explained that this will hold my story and the next generation can learn about me. This book is also my silent confidant to hold myself within.


I will imagine that I am telling a story to you, whoever you are, if you are a Amazon of Gealach Ban or someone from Earth who has found this book.

Allow me to introduce myself…

I am, Gaea, Firstborn Daughter of High Queen Moira and Crown Princess of the Amazons!