A Short Forward

Hello, everyone. I'm Yin. Well let's get straight into it then. Yes, I'm the same Yin dating Leaf Soto and is also from his Powers trilogy. At this moment we have been dating for quite some time. I have had past relationships but they're not important. I got this idea after reading one of his chapters. In conclusion, this is the same story but from my POV. I said this was gonna be short and it is. Onto the story and thanks for reading.                        ~ Y.H

2: How Things May Have Started
How Things May Have Started

It was a cool day, but not too cool, just windy. I decide it was comfy enough to sit outside the coffee shop. I'll rather sit outside, I don't like the smell of the coffee anyway. I was reading on my laptop tuning out who and what's around me. I mean I was still aware, just blocking it out. I then checked my private messages and grinned when I noticed one of my online friends, Leaf Soto, responded to my message. He's an absolutely amazing writer and he even added me into his Powers Trilogy. Well, now it's a trilogy. Back then, neither of us thought it was gonna be one. I paused for a bit as a read his question on what Yin would do.

"Okay, Yin'll do this." I mumbled to myself, I think, and started typing the answer quickly. I was so busy typing I didn't notice that some guy came over.

"Excuse me," he said and I looked up at him...damn he's tall. "But you said 'Yin' right?" I let his question sink in a bit and blinked.

"Uh...yeah." I didn't want to explain who Yin is so I gave the reason why I said her name. "I'm helping a friend of mine write his story."

"Oh really? Because I was just doing some writing of my own. What's his name?" I starting to feel a bit awkward... but he may be nice so I'm gonna keep being friendly.

"Leaf Soto. Have you heard of him? He's great!" I grinned at him, when is he going to sit down?

"Yes I have heard of him." He smiled back. Like he is really tall...

"So far Powers is great! He even added me into the story. Message him and maybe he'll add you too!" I bet i look like a excited little kid, jeez, but he is really good. Oh wait he said he writes too. "Also if you want, I could help you with your writing too." I kinda like editing other's stories. 

"That's okay. But, he won't need to add me," He said.

"Huh? I'm sure if you just asked him, he'd do it." I'm pretty sure. He's a nice guy. 

 "Yeah. I'm sure he would. But I just don't see the need to add myself, considering I already sort of have." ...Did i hear that correctly? I couldn't say anything. i just stared at him...

 "You what?" I asked after a while, blinking my eyes. He just laughed lightly and looked me in my eyes through his glasses. I blushed lightly out of habit.

"I am Leaf Soto," He said. I still stared at him knowing my expression showed my disbelief. I stared at him for a while...

 "I don't believe you," I said in a short breath.

"Really?" He asked me. He's faking being surprise. I just went with it. I decided to test him. 

  "Yeah. If you really are Leaf Soto, then answer this question." I smirked slightly.

  "Before I do, can you at lest oblige me if I buy you a drink?" I shrugged my shoulders. Might as well. 

 "I'll take a milkshake."

 "Alright." He signaled for a waitress and order a cup of herbal tea and a milkshake. "Okay then. Hit me." He seems confident.

  "Which do I like better? Pepsi or Coke?" It's a trick question. There's no way he can guess the right answer. 

  "I believe you told me in a recent private message, that you, Yin Harmony, if I'm not mistaken, like both." I couldn't help but giggle a bit and cracked a smile. Huh.


"So do you believe me now?" I shrugged again.

    "I guess so." Our order came a moment later. We gave the waitress our thanks and continued chatting, we even did a little bit of writing. After a while, the wind suddenly shifted, sending cold air around both of us. "I guess I gotta go," I said. It's a bit too chilly now.   

"Same," He said regrettably. We stood up with our laptops and looked at each other. It was only a few seconds, but I got a good look at him, even noticing some small details I didn't before. I looked into his soft green eyes and how his blond hair gently frame his face. I smiled up at him a bit. I noticed that I'm probably about a foot shorter than him now that we're both standing.

"Well, I'll see ya around, Leaf," I said with a laugh before turning and rushing away. I don't want to be out in this cold any longer. I held my hair back and looked around. He was pretty nice, I hope we stay friends for a long time.

I walked home, carrying my laptop, wondering if how long we will be friends. Once I make it home, I check the the mailbox for any mail, which was empty and head inside. I locked the door and put my laptop in it's bag and check the home phone for any missed calls. I took note of them to tell my Mom when she gets home. I go up to my room and lay on my bed, thinking about what just happened. I blush lightly, thinking if we were more than friends...wait no. I need to slow down. I just met him. Calm down Yin. I took a breath and sat up. I then went to change into my around-the-house clothes aka just some sweats and a hoodie.

I sit back down on my bed and looked at the ceiling. "I wonder what he's doing right now..." I sigh and smirk slightly. "Probably having more of a life than me that's for sure." I chuckle and close my eyes, relaxing. Without realizing I fell asleep  and slept through the rest of the day.

3: Becoming Friends
Becoming Friends

I walked to the coffee shop again the next day. I'm not sure if i should get some tea, but those milkshakes look great...hm...I looked at the menu on the wall while waiting in line. I am pretty tired...so maybe sugar would do good.

    "Hey." I heard it come from behind me. No one else is turning around so i guess it's for me. I turned and looked behind then saw this tall guy...wait! That's Leaf! I smiled when I finally recognized him.

    "Oh. Hi Leaf. you hear for c- I mean tea?" I almost said coffee...he doesn't drink coffee...i don't think he does...

    "Aye." He responded with a little laugh. Cute. he raised his cup and took a sip. "and the wi-fi." I couldn't help but giggle a little.

    "Well obviously. It's so fast here, it's the same with me." I decided to go with a milkshake and sat down with him. i decided to tease him a bit. I mean how can you not? His reaction is priceless.  " I wanna know more about you. So tell me about yourself."

    "Uh." He muttered and practically freezes. I went to chuckle at him but it came out as a giggle...what?

    "It's okay. I was just messin' with ya." he laughed a bit. Oh...I let some of my country slip in...damn it. 

     "It's okay. Well, I guess I want to become a famous author someday and my favorite color is orange." 

    "Hey, I love orange too!"....that came out too excited then I intended it to be...

    "Look at that. We already have things in common." wow...he just went with it.

   "I know. So what else?" 

    "Well, I really like cars. I go to a vocational school to get my certification in car mechanics."


    "Yeah. Hopefully I'll graduate so I can get a good-paying job."

    "Oh, so you must like cars a lot then, right?"

    "I'm crazy about them," I chuckled at him. "What's so funny?"

    "It's nothing. So what else?"

    "Well, I'm not really sure what else to say."

    "You like writing, don't you?"

    "Yeah. That too." He then opened up his laptop.

    "You gonna write some more?"


    "You know I've been wondering, why do you talk like that?" Don't get me wrong, I like it but I'm just curious.

    "I'm British. Well, part British, anyway."

    "Ooh, a foreign guy." I saw him glance at me and I laughed. I moved and sat next to him to get a better look at his screen. He opened up his new draft for Powers. "So where are you now?" I asked, going into my editor mindset. I need to know these things before I start.

    "Well, it's the final fight. They're about to get ready to fight Victor." I took his laptop and scanned through the draft. Hm...

    "Wait, where's Aaron and Yin?"

    "They're having some problems with... with him," He said, obviously referring to the evil version of Aaron. I gasped lightly and I carefully re read the draft again, taking my time. I only have one thing to say.

    "Oh whoa. This shit is gettin' real. I love it."



    "Alright then," He said while turning the computer back towards him. "Let me finish some final grammar touch-ups and I'll publish it." 

    "Cool," I commented while reading it. "Leaf, this is so amazing. This should totally be a movie."

    "Yeah, I guess. I want to get it adapted into an anime first though, maybe a manga, whichever one you make first." I laughed again.

    "That'll be cool, too." He smiled back. "What?" He kept looking at me, I tried not to blush or laugh. You see, when people stare at me, i either blush and smile or start laughing. I just do.

    "Hm?" He asked me. He must of been thinking or somthin'...

    "You were staring at me with this weird look on your face. Are you okay?" I hope he is.

    "Oh," He glanced away. "I'm sorry. I was just thinking." Oh, this is too easy. 

    "About?" I asked wryly, smirking.

    "Just how the final battle will go down."

    "Of course," I respond with a smirk. "I'm sure."

    "Hey come on," He said nervously, trying to drop it. I saw him blush a bit. "Get those thoughts out of your head."

    "What kind of thoughts?" I just love teasing him, it's so easy.

    "Well... you know..."

    "Wow," I just laugh. "You're hilarious in real life. Why haven't we met before?"...No really. Why haven't we?

    "Um... okay."

    "So what do you think of me, then?"


    "This is awesome, seeing you in real life, so what do you think of me in real life?" He sat back and glance me up and down, thinking profusely. I started to blush a bit.

    "Well... you're a bit more serious then I thought, even though you laugh a lot."

    "Wha-? That's it?" I was a bit shocked but I decided to play it up a bit. I crossed my arms and pouted. "Thanks a lot."

    "I'm sorry! I'm just... being honest." I held back a smirk, I decided to let him off easy.

    "Well... at least your honest." Then I stuck my tongue out at him. "But I still don't like what you said." I'm feeling needy. Not like that though.

    "Alright, alright. I'm sorry."

    "Thank you,"I said and smiled.

    "You're nice, wonderful, and a complete joy to be around." Um, what....I started laughing. This turned out better than I thought! "What?"

    "It's nothing. I'm sorry." I finish my milkshake go to throw it away.

    "Hey..." I stop and look at him.


    "Do you think that... you might be willing to... possibly, go out, on Saturday?" I blushed slightly and glance away. Does he really want...

    "Y-You mean like a... a date?"

    "Yeah, I guess. What do you call something like that?" I giggled and looked back at him.

    "Sure. Okay. Saturday."

    "Thank you," He then bowed slightly. I raised my eyebrows slightly in surprise.

    "You're welcome," I smiled back. "Sounds like fun." I check my watch. Ugh. "I gotta go. I'll see you on Saturday."

    "You too,"  I turned around and walked off to my house. I...actually got a date. I couldn't help but grin and even skipped a bit. I wonder what I'll wear, or how my hair will be. Where are we gonna go? I smiled and happily walked home. Nothing can ruin my mood. 

4: Saturday Night
Saturday Night

It's Saturday. What was the place again? I checked my phone as i walked and saw the name Wong's Buffet. I looked back up and smiled. Oh there it is, and Leaf's here too. We  both waved at each other. I hope we're not too over dressed.

    "Hey." He said with a smile. I smiled back.

    "Hey. Wong's huh?" I looked at the sign then back at him.

    "Yeah. It's my favourite all-Asian food place."

    "Cool. I love the food here too."

    "That's awesome. I also know Bo, one of the chefs." 

    "Oh, that's cool." We walk in and there's a waitress already waiting for us with a table ready for us. "What's this?" I'm a bit surprised. 

    "Leaf told me about your date," I hear a guy say from the side. We both look over and he nods to us. "Figured we'd set you up with a table. On the quiet side."

    "Yeah, thanks man,"Leaf says to him.

    "No prob, bro." We walk to the table. Out of habit, I gently take his hand as we're walking there.

    "Gosh Leaf," I says, smiling at me, blushing a bit. "Thanks for this."

    "Sure," He said.

    "What will you have to drink?" the waitress asks.

    "A Pepsi," Leaf ordered.

    "Same," I agreed.

    "Okay, two Pepsi for the lovebirds," she said with a smile before walking off.

    "Lovebirds?!" I huffed quietly, blushing softly.

    "Don't mind her too much," He told me, taking ahold of my hand. I blushed a bit more and looked up at him. "That's just Shi, Bo's aunt. She's like that."

    "Oh." I blushed slightly, glancing toward the floor, again. 

    "So... shall we help ourselves to some dinner?"

    "Sure!" We walk over to the buffets and pick up our plates. I grinned and got some of the egg rolls. We sat  back down, our pops already there and eat for a while. I decided to break the silence.

    "So, how's your food?"

    "It's good. How's your life?" I smirked a bit to myself.

    "It's alright," I shrugged. "How's yours?"

    "Same. My younger sister is just annoying." I laughed.

    "I used to babysit okay, so I'm pretty used to annoying kids."

    "If you say so," He said, sipping his Pepsi. "I mean, Leah is pretty annoying." I smiled.

    "So you live with your family?"

    "My Mum and sister."

    "You Dad doesn't stay with you?"

    "He left when I was three."

    "Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't know."

    "It's okay. Really. But yes, it's just Leah, myself and Mum. What about you?"

    "It's just me and my Mom and grandparents. I have no siblings."

    "Doesn't that get lonely not having anyone around your age to have fun with?"

    "Kinda," I admitted.

    "Does your Mum let you have any pets?"

    "No. We don't have any pets, although I'd like a cat."

    "I like cats too."


    "Aye." I giggled. "What? Cats are cute."

    "I know."

    "So then what are you giggling about?"

    "It's nothing, don't mind it."...What am I giggling about?

    "Alrighty then,"He took a drink. "So, if you don't mind I want to get an obvious thing out of the way," I looked at him curiously. "How old are you?"

    "Gosh you're elaborate," I smirked slightly at him and he give me half a smile.

    "I'll start by saying I'm 18 at the moment." I smiled and cleared my throat.

    "I'm only 16 right now, but I'll be 17 next April." He nodded, keeping eye contact with me the entire time. 


    "Why would my age be a problem?" I asked curiously him. Please don't say he cares about age. It's only about 2 years. "Is it cause you're 18? Or am I too young for you?" I fear that I sounded a bit worried.

    "Yin please, there's no reason to worry," He says, holding my hand. I blush and looks at him. He's holding my hand. He's hold my hand. He blushes a bit too, since this is actually the first time we've felt each other's soft skin. He then quickly let go.

    "No don't," I automatically say. That was supposed to be in my head...

    "What?" He asked and I take a hold of his hand again.

    "Y-Your hand... it feels nice," I blush and slightly looks at him. He looks back at me while I hold his hand. I wonder what he's thinking...

    "You want that to be yours?" He asked with a slight smirk. I blush deeply and look down slightly. He's messing with me...omg....

    "Y-Yes... maybe." I gently stroke his hand with my fingers. "You're skin is so soft."

    "Um... can you stop now?"


    "That kinda... tickles-stop it,"He says laughing softly. I smile and laugh with him.

    "Aw that's adorable." I smirk and continue. My turn now. His chin moves to the table as he laughs. He then pokes me with a chop stick. I stop and blink. "Hey, you got honey sauce on me."

    "Well I asked you to stop." True. I wipe it off with a napkin.  "Speaking of being adorable, would you do something for me?" I glanced at him.

    "What are you saying?" I asked.

    "Would you put on cat ears and a tail for me?" I blushed, my face was burning up.

    "Um... sure, I guess." I looked at him. "But you have to too."

    "I'll do anything for you, Yin." I blinked.

    "You mean it?"

    "Aye," He said with an honest nod.

    "Aw... you're so nice."

    "Well, that's how Mum raised me."

    "Of course," I giggled. "She did a good job."

    "I'll tell her that."

    "Maybe you could."

    "So when can I meet your Mom and Leah? They sound really nice."

    "Mum is, Leah is annoying."

    "I know, you told me already," I laughed.

    "Sorry. I sometimes repeat things." He made me laugh again.

    "I figured." We both finished eating our dinners by now. "So how about next Saturday?" I glanced at him.

    "I don't know. Sometimes I help my friends from tech with their projects, so I don't know."

    "Aw, okay." Then, Shi came back and gave us the check and two fortune cookies. "Thank you."

    "Sure," Shi said with a smile. "You lovebirds are welcome here any time." She walked away. I blushed again and he chuckled softly.

    "Yin, I'd love to go on another date, but I'll just have to wait and see what comes up," He told me while he finished his soda.

    "That's okay," I responded with a small smile. 

    "If Saturday's open, I'll call ya."

    "Okay." We put our money together to pay the bill and Shi picked it up and brought back change. We split the change and left the restaurant. "Tonight was fun."

    "It really was," He said. "I haven't dated for a couple years but, this was fun."

    "Really?" I asked.

    "Aye." He then gave me a hug. I gasped as I was a slight surprise, but I hugged him back. "So, I guess I'll see you later then?"

    "Sure. Okay." We looked at each other for a bit, I saw him turned to leave. Everything went in slow motion as I grabbed his arm, stood up as tall as I could and kissed him. On the lips.  I can't believe I did that...but I don't regret it. We stood back after a few moments and looked at each other, our faces red, I think mine was redder. I'm gonna go before he says something."Well, I gotta go. Bye." I said quickly and turned around.

    "I love you," 

    "What?" I asked, turning back, still blushing. Did he say what I think...? No, I doubt it.

    "Nothing," He said quickly, looking away. "I'll see ya later." He turned around and walked in the opposite direction, back toward his house. I watched him for a few seconds and blinked. I started walking back home, half way there, everything that I just did finally sunk into my head. I couldn't do anything but blushed madly and walked the rest of the way home, hoping that I'll be back to normal by the time I got there.

5: PDA

It was a normal day at school on Monday. I stayed  bored in class until lunch came. I watched the clock and waited for the bell to ring at 11:30. I gladly got to the cafeteria and sat down at my table and got out my laptop. I started to work on some of stories. I checked some of my PMs or Private messages and my emails. I ignored everyone in that lunch, they're so loud and annoying and ghetto as hell..ugh. I noticed someone sat down in front of me at the table, I sighed to myself. Be nice Yin.

    "Hey." I said indifferently to...whoever that was.

    "Hello," they said. I know that voice, Leaf!? I gasp lightly and look up at him.

    "Holy crap. Leaf!" I said happily and reached across the table to hug him. "We go to school here together?"

    "I guess we do," He said. I laughed and smiled at him as I sat back down. No way.

    "So how's tech?"

    "It's fine," He said, holding up his dirty hands. I gasped slightly and my mother instincts kicked in.

    "You know, you really shouldn't eat with those dirty hands." He laughed and tried to shrug it off. "Didn't your Mother tell you that?" I asked with a sly grin.

    "Yeah, but really, it's fine. I've done this many times and I haven't died yet so..." I laughed.

    "Maybe not on the outside." And that's my sense of humor.


    "If we're gonna date then you're going to have to keep yourself clean." Yes, I said that...I'm being so risky recently...wtf.

    "What did you say?" God damn Leaf....

    "Hm? I said that if you and I are gonna date," I blushed slightly when I repeated those...words, "then you should make sure your hands are clean."

    "Okay, I'll wash them after lunch."

    "You better. I don't wanna hold dirty, oily hands."

    "And I can promise that you won't," He then finished his food.

    "You're lucky though," I commented when he came back to the table from dropping off his tray at the kitchen.

    "How so?"

    "Since you're wearing your tech shirt, you don't have to wear the school uniform. I hate wearing skirts!" I really hate these fucking skirts. It's too short for me. 

    "Why? Because pervy boys can see up them so easily?"

    "Obviously!" I exclaimed, blushing, before looking around to make sure that no one was or could look up my skirt. "That and you're completely noticeable since it's blue."

    "Well, I'm not the only one here who goes to tech."

    "I know," I huffed and slightly rolled my eyes.

    "But I don't really want to be noticeable. That, and I think you look good in a skirt." I blushed madly and stared at him. I stopped a breath of air i was taking and freezed for a second.

    "Y-You really think so?" I asked him, my voice shaking slightly. I wonder what he would think if the skirt...was shorter...or we weren't in school...oh god. I felt my face heat up.


    "Um... thanks." I stood up and took my tray to the kitchen and came back, but before I could sit back down, the bell rang. "Aw!" I pouted. "I'll see you later then, Leaf."

    "See ya," He said standing and picking up my laptop. I smirked and kissed his cheek and smiled before we went out separate ways.

    "Ooh," I heard some of guys around Leaf say when I was walking away and I giggled a bit.

  I saw that he sent me an email and answered. I answer his messages when ever I can, sometimes (most times) I'm busy with class and I can't. I heard the dimissal bell ring and i go to catch Leaf in the hallway before he leaves.

    "Hey Leaf, I'm going to stay behind today," I said. I felt a bit guilty for doing this to him...

    "Why?" He asked.

    "Math tutoring."

    "That's okay. If you need me to help just ask."


    "Leaf! We gotta go home!" I looked down the hallway from where the voice came from. It's a girl that i haven't seen before...must be a freshman. That could be his sister. huh.

    "Is that Leah?" I asked, just in case. 

    "Aye," He said, nodding. She came over to us. looking a bit annoyed. I'm gonna stay quiet...

    "Leaf! I said- wait who's this?" Oh she noticed me...

    "Hi Leah," I say, bowing politely to her. "I'm Yin." I smiled softly at her.

    "You're his girlfriend?" I heard her asked slyly. I blushed slightly.

    "Well..." I said, looking away.

    "Yes Leah," Leaf said answering for me. Thank you. "Now I'm sorry. Let's go." He then gave me a kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow." I blushed and smiled giddily. 

    "O-Okay. Bye Leaf." I turned around and head back to the math teacher's room. I worked on my homework, smiling. He just makes me so happy sometimes. 

6: Faking an Injury
Faking an Injury

On Tuesday, I met Leaf in the cafeteria. I'm kinda happy, mostly nervous with the news I'm about to tell him. 

    "My mom finally agreed to let me come over to your house this afternoon," I said. 

    "Okay. Why?" 

    "So you can help me with my homework, silly. But before she leaves me with you, she wants to see you, to... you know..."

    "I get it," He told me with an understanding smile. So later that afternoon, when my Mom dropped me off, he greeted us with a nice and friendly smile. "Hello Ma'am," he said.

    "Is this the boy you're talking about?" my Mom asked me.

    "Yes Mom. He's really smart and he said he'd help me with my math so I wouldn't have to stay afterschool." I answered her.

    "Well fine," she said after a while of "investigating" him from top to bottom. "How old did you say you were again?"

    "18 Ma'am," Good move saying Ma'am again.

    "What grade?"

    "Senior, Ma'am." He responded. 

    "Good. If you lay your hands on my daughter in any way I can get ya arrested." I see his eyes go wide slightly. I sigh slightly then look at my mom when she looks at me. "Alright Baby, call me right when you're done. I gotta get your grandma to the doctor's office." I nod.

    "Okay Mom. Thank you." She smiled at me, glared at Leaf, and walked back to our SUV and drove off. I waved at her as she left. She took a left up the street and we walked inside. In the matter of moments we were sitting on the couch together, cuddling. It was so comfy. 

    "I don't think your Mum likes me," He told me while looking at my math assignment.

    "Yeah, she's really, really, protective." I frowned slightly. 

    "I can understand. Mum might have looked at you the same way so long as Leah or I wouldn't notice." I giggled and we sat in silence for a bit.

    "Hey Leaf?"

    "Yeah?" He asked back.

    "Why aren't we having any fun?" I smirked slightly and blush a bit.

    "I thought we were." I looked over at him and quickly climb on top of him, gently pushing his back onto the cushions.

    "I mean, real fun?" I asked slyly, in a low and soft tone.

    "Yin please, not now."

    "Aw!" I pouted, sitting up.I thought that would work... Suddenly he started tickling me. I gasped in surprise and giggled as he moved along my torso. I heard him laugh softly as he tickled faster, I started  laughing harder, wiping my eyes. I'm trying not to spaz out and hit him by accident "S-Stop!" I warned him and laughed. "S-stop it!" He continued tickling me and I laugh more until I accidentally elbowed him in the stomach.

    "Ah!" He groaned, putting his hand on his stomach. I knew it!

    "Oh crap!" I cried. "Leaf I'm so sorry! This is why you shouldn't suddenly tickle me so much," I rambled on for a bit. "God I'm so sorry!" He looked up at me.

    "It's okay,"He forced out. I just lifted his shirt and moved his hand out of the way, finding a red spot. I sighed then blushed a bit. "You'd love to do that everyday, wouldn't you?" Cheeky bastard. 

    "Oh shush!" I said. "Does it hurt?" I pressed one of my fingers on it.

    "Ah!" He cried out.

    "I'm sorry!"..Why did i press it then ask does it hurt?

    "Please... just get me an ice pack."

    "O-Okay!" I stood up and scurried to the kitchen, filing through the freezer. I soon came back with a bag of frozen peas and gently pressed them on his stomach. I saw him winced in response. "I'm sorry." I said again.

    "You apologize too much," He said softly, holding the peas. I looked down slightly.

    "Well... I'm sorry..." 

    "Don't beat yourself up."

    "Why?" I asked. he laughed a bit. "What?" He sat up laughing, acting like he's totally fine. "Wh-what?" I asked again.

    "I pulled a World Cup and faked an injury," He said standing up. I stand up too and glare at him as he laughs. Are you fucking kidding me!?

    "Damn it Leaf!" I yell at him. He stops laughing and look at me, dropping the peas. "You had me so worried!" I can't believe him. 

    "Yin look, I'm sorry." I pick up the peas and storm away. "Can you put those back in the freezer on your way?" Excuse me!? I quickly turn around and glare at him.

    "Why don't you?!" I throw the bag back at him and storms up the stairs. I go into his room, slamming the door shut, locking it too. I throw myself on his bed.I hear him soon coming up the stairs and stop in front of the door.  "Don't you dare come in," I say quickly. 

    "I wasn't going to," I hear him say. "I'm sorry." I listen to him then hear him starting to cry and blinks, sitting up. I gasp lightly and climb off the bed.

    "Leaf?" I asked softly. He didn't answer, I frowned. "Leaf... please don't cry." I felt myself starting to cry. "I'm sorry." I unlocked and opened the door. He fell back onto the floor. "I'm sorry." I hugged him  and he hugged me back.

    "It was my fault. I shouldn't have tricked you." I shook my head a bit.

    "But I shouldn't have been so mad at you."

    "Yin really. It was my fault. I'm sorry."

    "I'm sorry too." We hug each other for a while, then I broke the silence. "You're room is nice," I say looking around. "You keep it really clean." He really does...

    "Yeah. I try to anyway." I giggle a bit. "What's so funny?" he asked me.

    "You do keep it clean. I try to keep my room clean but I still can't see my carpet," I laugh at myself. 

    "You're so dirty." He says, I pause as I blush deeply while staring at him.

    "What's that supposed to mean?" I ask him.

    "Sorry. That came out wrong." I giggled at him. The my phone vibrated with a text message. I pick it up and looks at it.

    "It's Mom. She's on her way back."

    "Well then we better finish your homework." We walk back downstairs and he pick up my math book. I smirked.

    "I just wanted an excuse to come here," I say as I quickly fill out the paper.

    "You know how to do this?" He asked me while watching me.

    "Yeah. This stuff I understand. Other stuff I usually don't."

    "I figured." By the time I finish, my mom knocked on the door. We walk to the door and he open it for me.

    "Hi Mom," I smile at her.

    "Hey Baby," she says, taking my hand and pulling me over. "You finish your work?"

    "Yes Mom. Leaf was a lot of help."

    "You better get a good grade then. If not," she glared at him. "You're gonna take the heat, you hear me young man?"

    "Yes Ma'am," he said with mild apprehension. "I understand completely, Ma'am." I giggled a bit.

    "Thanks a lot Leaf," I said.

    "Sure," he said with a slight nod as me and Mom walked away. As we get in the car and leave I let out a soft sigh of relief. She kinda likes him, glad that's over. 

7: Down Days
Down Days

    I saw Leaf when i walk into the lunch room. He was busy writing. I didn't want to bother him but I know if I don't get some comfort I may just collapse on myself. I needed someone to somewhat talk to. I just play it off as just being bored. I walked over and sat down next to him letting my head fall onto the table top with a tired and bored sigh. 

    "Hello to you too, Yin," He said. I muttered something to the table top, he probably can't hear anything. "Excuse me?" I sighed and pulled my head up and let it lean on his shoulder. I feel so heavy and weak...

    "I'm sorry," I said. He just looked over, and I avoided his eyes.

    "For what?"

    "For making you worry."

    "Are you just having a bad day?" I really don't want to tell him but I can't hide my feelings right now.

    "Y-Yeah. I don't want you to worry."

    "I'm not." He turned to face me. "I understand. Some days are nice and the others... just suck."

    "Really. I'm sorry." I keep my eyes down.

    "Yin, there's nothing to be sorry about." We then get up and look at each other. "If anything, I'm sorry your day's not feeling good for you."

    "But... Leaf... I don't want to ruin your day." I know I have...I always messed up people's days when I'm not my usual happy self. 

    "You aren't. You could never ruin any day." He then give me a quick hug. "It's impossible."

    "Leaf..." He grabbed onto him tightly as he hugged me. We sit like this for a few seconds.

    "Okay, that's enough over there," We hear the principal's voice across the lunch room and he let's me go. "Thank you."

    "God," He muttered with half a smirk. "There's so many obstacles in our way." I couldn't stop my small smile.

    "Yeah," I agree. He did make me feel a bit better. He did gave me some head pats. I blush slightly and look up at him.

    "There's that cute little smile." I smiled and giggled.

    "Okay, okay. You got me..." I said in defeat. 

    "Does this feel good?" He asked me 

    "Mm-hm," I nodded. "Please... don't stop." It's pretty comforting to me. 

    "Hey, whoa!" I hear a few seats over and he stop patting my head.

    "Oh shush!" I say to the immature kid, probably a freshman or something. We stand up and the bell rings, ending the lunch period. Later that day, when the bell rang for dismissal, I waited for Leaf at his classroom. I can actually walk fast enough to catch him.

    "Wow. You waited." He said, I hugged him.

    "Yeah. I missed you."

    "I missed you too." We walked together down the hall for a bit. "So what are you doing this afternoon?" He asked me.

    "Math tutoring," I mumbled.


    "Mm-hm," I nodded. I then walked away and into the math room. Hopefully Leah won't be too mad at him.

8: Rescuing a Damsel
Rescuing a Damsel

    It was an A day, which has block scheduling. Leaf had lunch before the 3A class. I decided to sneak out of class to see him. What? I can be bad if I want to be.  

    "Leaf!" I said, or yelled, happily and walked over to him. Didn't mean to be that loud.

    "Hey," he said. I let out a happy giggle and threw my arms around him. "Why are you out here?"

    "I snuck outta class." 

    "You what?" He asked with disbelief. I rolled my eyes slightly

    "Come on, it was boring anyway! Besides, there's only like a minute until the bell rings." Then the bell rang "Oh. Never mind then." I saw him sighed. I didn't want to leave but I had to. We watched each other's eyes as I walked back towards my class. I sighed this time and sat down at my desk. Throughout the day we were able to message each other, which helped the time pass quickly. After my last class I walk outside to the parking lot to meet up with him. On the way out of the school I passed by Jason Randall and I accidently made eye contact with him. Dammit. i quickly speed up as i walk outside but he easily catches up with me. 

    ​"Hold on there sweetcheeks, you didn't give me my kiss today." He smirks at me and put his big arm around my shoulders. I groan and shrug him off. 

    ​"Fuck off Jason." I walk towards Leaf's car and pull my skirt a bit. I hear him walk off the other way, thinking it's over. I was so worng. I stand by Leaf's car for a good couple of minutes but then his big truck pulls up and parks right next to Leaf's car. i cross my arms as he gets out of his truck and grins at me. 

    ​"Come on babygirl, i'll take you home. We could even go the long way." I shiver and glare at him. He smiles and stalks closer. I step back and blink.  He keeps coming cloer until i gently pressed against Leaf's car. I then shove him to the side and try to rush back to the school. He grabs me quickly and chuckles. "That was a cute trick."

He has one arm snaked around my waist, holding me in place as the other hold my arms down. I struggle against him.

    "Damn it Jason! Let go of me!" I squirm more and more as i attempt to get free. 

    "Come on!" He yelled back into my face. "You know you're the girl of my dreams, so why the hell are you hanging out with that nerd?!" I growl as I'm about to shoot an insult out at him.

    "Jason," We both hear someone say and look over. It's Leaf! "Let go of her." Jason stares at Leaf and then suddenly one of his hands clamps over one of my boobs. I gasps and blush, groaning a bit as it hurts as I instinctively closing my legs a bit.

    "Leaf," I beg as my eyes water. I'm stuck. I need help. "Please, help me."I flinch slightly as Jason's hand tighten his grip on my breast. I hear Leaf growl lowly.

    "You ain't got the guts to do anything, you little faggot," Jason smirks at Leaf. I see Leaf clench a fist and start to tap his leg with a pencil. I watch him for a bit, confused but then I understand his signal. I smirk a bit.

    "Let go of me, Jason!" I said again. 

    "Why should I?"

    "Because I'll do this!" I yelled as I brought my foot up behind me and kicking him in the crotch. He cried out and instantly let me go. I quickly picked up my bag and ran over to Leaf, grabbing his hand. "Come on Leaf, let's get outta here." I jump into his car and he jumps in afterwards right when Leah's coming out of the school. Hurry up girl!

    "Hey, wait for me!" she said, running over and getting into the back seat. With her in, we haul ass out of the parking lot. Leaf drives me to my house.

    "Thanks Leaf," I said. I leaned in and kissed Leaf softly.

    "Ooh," Leah said. "What happened?"

    "Nothing," Leaf answered quickly.

    "Come on," she begged. "You gotta give Leah the scoop!"

    "Let's just say Prince Leaf rescued his damsel in distress," I said vividly blushing and glancing away.

    "Ooh, that sounds sexy." I rolled my eyes slightly at Leah.

    "Oh please," He said, getting out to open the door for me. I smile and takes his hand as I step up and out of the car. "You did all the work."

    "Yeah, but you told me to kick Jason in the balls."

    "What?!" Leah burst out with shock and laughter. "You did what to the Jason Randall?!"

    "I said Leaf told me to," I retorted back to her. I still had a little blush. "Besides, he was practically raping my by the time Leaf came outside." I took a breath and straightened my hair a bit. "Anyway, it was nice to see you Leah. And Leaf, thank you for saving me." I lifted up my feet a bit to kissed him on the lips and he kissed back. I gently tried to add my tongue towards the end, but he was backing away already.

    "Sorry," He immediately said.

    "No, it's okay," I giggled at him. "Bye!" I purred before turning and walking inside. I noticed he watched and waited for me to go inside before he left with Leah. I blushed but smiled softly as I walked upstairs to my room. I'm so happy my mom wasn't here. 

  I start on my homework and listen to my music. My mom comes home late tonight so I guess I'm eating leftovers. Not that I don't mind. I take a quick shower and get into some of my comfy clothes. I work and finish my homework around 9 and eat a little but, leaving enough for my mom. I stay up a little bit longer sending a goodnight message to Leaf at 10 and lays down in my bed. I drift to sleep, smiling softly as I couldn't help but think about Leaf.