No strings on me

Up, down, up down.

Left, right, left, right.

The puppet goes up and down, up and down.

"What's wrong Missy? You don't look so happy..." The puppet remained silent.

"That's very rude Missy! You're suppose to talk back when spoken too. You're going to bed with no dinner! Hmpf!"

The puppet walked off, crying to herself.


"Missy! Come here!"

The puppet slowly walked out of her cage and looked at her maker.

"Did you break this?" She pointed at a broken pot.

The puppet shook her head and pointed at the cat.

"Lies!" the maker screamed. "Liars are punished!" 

The puppet shook in fear and cowered from her maker.

The maker went to the fire and grabs a torch. 

The puppet whimpered before her stitches. So much she wanted to scream. To Yell!

"I should have never made you!" The Maker yelled at her puppet. She threw the torch at her.



"Emily! Didn't you hear me!?"

The little girl looked up at her mother. The mother glared at her child. 

"What is the meaning of this!?" The mother pointed at the puppet with burn marks on it's arms and face and body.

The girl looked away, choosing to remain silent. 

The mother grab the child's arm and made her stand.

"This is how you treat your gifts! How would you liked it if you were treated the same way!?"

The girl's eyes widen in horror.

She whimpered and tried to get out of her mother's grip.

The mother walked away with her, away from the puppet laying on the ground.

They went to a dark room with nothing but a fire and a big cage.

The girl went into the cage, while the mother locked it up and grabbed a torch.

She backed into a corner, unable to scream.

The mother got closer and closer.

She wanted to scream so bad, but she can not.

The mother yelled as she was on top of her.



"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!"

"What do you mean no? It's a good twist."

"It's too complicated."

I sighed and asked the others.

"Is it too complicated?"

"Not really, I can follow it. "

"Me too." 

I smirked and waited for his response.

"Well I still don't like it."

"Oh shut up you." He indeed shut up.

I smiled, victorious.



"Sweetie? It's time for your pills." A nurse, again.

"Already? but we were just starting to have fun."

"I know sweetie, but it's time to say goodbye." She whispered, "They aren't really nice voice sweetie."

But they are...they really are.

The nurse set down my water and went to open my mouth.

He refused.

I let him.

"Calm down sweetie...It'll be over soon."

They all refused and pushed her away.

I laughed.

She screamed and called for more.

They struggled to keep us still and strapped us down.

"Now, just swallow...there we go."

I felt sleepy. I'm going to nap.

We can work on it later...

"Poor thing..."


"Poor, poor thing, haunted by those voices in her head."

"Will she ever get better" A young nurse asked the elder.

"I'm not sure...I'm not sure."

"I see she've been drawing this doll. Is it important? "

The elder looked at the picture. She was shocked.

"This is odd, very odd. I'll investigate this later, thank you."

The young nurse bowed and left.

"It's late"


"It's really late..." The nurse was alone in the hospital.

"And quiet..." She went to check on the patient. 

She was sleeping like always...

"This isn't right." She touched the girl's face, 

Stitches. She turned the girl around, she screamed in terror.


Her screams disappeared slowly.

the next day...the next day is


" one heard from her."

She's down here, I'm down here, help, help!

They walked away, not hearing.

Please help. 

"It'll be over soon, calm down." We giggled.

Almost done. one more loop. and DONE!

We cut the string and hanged her up.

"A beautiful puppet."

"That she is."

"Our best work yet."

I smiled.

"Good job guys. She'll make a good edition to our collection."

We watched as she cried, trying to scream, talk, as we hanged her with the others.