~Wednesday, 8:19pm

Dibs stared into her reflection, standing in front her apartment room bathroom, head tilted sideways, combing her hair, holding the zipper pulled upwards, wearing her limited edition abstract dark green rex striped high waist denim dinosaur jeans, black short sleeve shirt with light green claw scratch marks towards the front, new white shoes, mouth holding her toothbrush. Dibs opened her bathroom door, changed into her regular high waist denim jean leg huggers, plugged her hot curl into the wall, held the hot curl, hot curling her hair, head continually tilted, sitting in her computer chair, turning her eyes independently towards her apartment room window, noticing the African American security sounding his car horn, grabbing her flip phone as she rush, exiting her apartment room. Dibs sat into the back seat, pushing over into the private cab, closing the car door as she held her flip phone opened beside the African American security, noticing and pressed his right feet on to the pedal, leaving the apartments, driving. A 8:00pm memory occurred as Dibs turned the sign to closed, standing beside as she grabbed, picking up her puppy, noticing Phase. Dibs slowly placed her puppy on to the floor, watching Phase, continually stared and point her finger towards the closed sign. Phase "This may be our only opportunity." Dibs stared, hand placed on to, slightly yanking the closed sign, listening and placed her key into, unlocking the exit, watching as Phase enter. Dibs continually stared, eye contacting Phase, holding her puppy and slowly leaned forward, kissing his lips, closed the exit, locking the door, turned the sign to closed, rushed towards, wrapping her arms around Phase's shoulders, kissing his lips as he wrapped his arms around her waist, staring Phase into his eyes, releasing tears, mouth slightly opened.

Phase continually stared towards the ceiling, lying on his swing bed, arms crossed behind his head as he memorize his prosthetic enucleated underdeveloped eyes, wearing a black hooded long sleeve wear with a red bar striped sealer, a centered light red black widow spider outline, black sash and black tunic. Phase continually memorized his hearing lost, mouth slightly opened as he sign, nodding his head sideways, closing his eyes. Phase dropped on to the floor, exiting the waterfall room, walked through the wide hallway, entering 6er's leader room as he noticed and stared, realizing. Phase turned, exiting 6er's leader room, heart flinching as he noticed Pixel Ragnarok with red evil eyes outlined on her neck wearing legs revealing, upper body wrapped in dingy colored mummy wrappings towards her neck, speaking. Pixel "Searching for me?" Phase "Where were you?" Pixel "I kissed a frog." Phase held his arms wrapped around Pixel's waist, pressing his arms inwards against her back as she rubbed her webs back and forward, noticing a web held skull and black granite substance spout beside her 8 legged black widow spider bed. Phase "Where did you get that?" Pixel "The Paradox gave them to me." Phase continually noticed the skull as Pixel wrapped her arms around his neck.

Phase walked beside Pixel on the pyramid porch, hands clasped behind her back as he spoke. Phase "Where is 6er? I haven't seen any other Widows." Pixel "She left me as the leader because she saw you with me onwards." Phase "Weren't you the same person anyway?" Pixel "Now we are." Phase "Your home's been great. Did you build it?" Pixel "We paid the Polygon to build but, they were greedy." Phase "I'm sorry for that. This is why I wish you all just left me alone." Pixel "Yee!" Pixel continually stared as Phase responded. Phase "How old are you?" Pixel "We're older. Be my pupil. Mortal." Phase and Pixel continually stared in eye contact and spoke. Pixel "You want me to be yours soooooo bad!" Phase "I'm not favoritism. Let me introduce you a not so likely in life experience." Pixel spoke as she closed her eyes, slightly tilting her back forward, placing her hands on to her hips. Pixel "My body can certainly handle your muscles." Phase "That's what I want." Pixel "We've already merged." Phase "Not that subject." Pixel "Yes we did! You leaped my body. Body leaper." Phase "No I didn't." Pixel "Only for 8 minutes. If you try to mate your genitals with my legs, I will cancel your request." Phase "No! listen." Pixel "Watch the tv. I'm a demon." Phase "Request?" Pixel "Yes." Phase continually held his arms wrapped around Pixel's tender waist, tightly blinking her eyes and responded. Pixel "I have to pee."

Pixel held her mouth slightly opened as she pressed her teeth on to, cutting the shiny black web, handing Phase a left over meat slightly wrapped in the web, held her mouth slightly opened, chasing as Phase avoid the meat from Pixel's bite, sitting on the above balcony. Pixel spoke as Phase held her body upwards, arms wrapped around her waist. Pixel "Your always wrapping my body." Phase "Experimenting." Phase continually upward, catching a cube as Pixel watched, sitting in 6er's widow chair, hands placed on to a victim skull, placed on to her lap and spoke. Pixel "Phase!" Phase "Hello?" Pixel "I want to play bomb explode." Phase "I need a minute." Phase held, throwing the cube higher, bumping against the ceiling as Pixel continually spoke. Pixel "Ribbit!" Phase noticed, missing as the cube fell on to, bouncing off his hood, dropping on to the floor as Pixel walked, arms held behind her back, continually holding the skull as she spoke. Pixel "You lose. Lower rank. Bomb ball start. Your lonious." Phase "Example?" Pixel "How to play. We run around the square room holding a fake explosive. Death! If I win, we explode and I win. If you win, I explode burst or splat. Touch me with the ball and we start." Phase continually laid on to his swing bed, arms crossed behind his head as Pixel held the explode ball, standing beside his bed and spoke. Pixel "Are you going to vibrate my body?" Phase "No doubt. I love your waist." Pixel "tv!" Phase held a empty display case opened as Pixel placed her skull over the cube into the display slot, held sand into her bald hand, letting go as she watched, dropping the sand. Phase tightly held his arms continually wrapped around Pixel's waist and spoke. Pixel "I can feel your heart beat bumping against me." Phase continually laid against the steps, arms wrapped around her waist, lying on to his chest, resting her head on to his shoulder, arms spread hands placed on to the steps, thighs pressed against his genitals entwined, closing his eyes as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Dibs held her hands placed on to the rope in the video shot exhibit, wearing climbing equipment, watching the male and females run on the wall to walls, care free as the male securer held his hands on to her sides as he spoke. Male Securer "You got it!" Dibs pulled her self upwards, walking on the wall, tightly closing her eyes as she smiled, realizing the light feel, running as she jumped, slightly flipping on to the left wall, accidentally towards the wall to wall male, grabbing his shoulders, grabbing her sides, smiling. Wall To Wall Male "Oh! My bad!"

Phase spoke as Pixel listened, standing in the hall view room. Phase "I'm the reason, right?" Pixel "False. We chose your rebirth." Pixel continually walked beside Phase, checking the pyramid. Phase "Its just the two of us now so I would like for you to move in my room. The space is wide enough for you to arranged your spider webs." Phase watched Pixel constantly drinking substance, hands placed on to a granite spout, catching her breath as she stood upwards, eyes blinking red, continually drinking the substance. Phase "Pixel." Pixel notice Phase, staring as she stood upwards, listening. Phase "Stop drinking so extensively." Pixel "I'm almost finish." Phase "Hurry up so we can wipe your face."

Phase and Pixel held green frog shaped cups with back face like markings towards each mouth, drinking fresh water and substance as her eyes closed, collapsing unconscious on to the floor, dropping her abdomen cup as Phase noticed. Phase "Pixel!" Phase continually stared into the blue flames, standing beside Pixel lying on the floor, elbows and knees bent, half asleep as he checked, watching Pixel. Phase arranged the pillows on his swing bed beside the waterfall as Pixel watched, shivering. Phase "Do you really need me to lay on top of you?" Pixel "Our bodies will share heat pressed together." Phase held Pixel, arms wrapped around his neck as he carefully placed her body on to his swing bed, straightening as she wiped and rested her arms beside her thighs, ceiling staring. Phase "I wish my body was still soft." Pixel "I need to listen to the water." Phase continually stared, watched with eye contact as he carefully laid on to her body, arms slightly spread, noticing his body pressing on to her wide poking outwards thighs, soft waist as she pulled the cover towards both stomach area, black widow leg markings forming into claw marks. Pixel "Are you still going to experiment with my body?" Phase "We are now." Pixel "Phase." Phase "What it is?" Pixel "Both of our names start with a P." Phase continually stayed positive, sitting on a square obsidian chair with square arms inside his private room in a separate small pyramid, resting his hands on the chair arms as Pixel stared across the wide room, sitting on his lap. Pixel opened her eyes, leaned on to Phase's chest, knees bent on his lap, waking as she noticed Phase asleep. Pixel kissed Phase's cheek, pushed upwards and up righted off his lap, walking down length the steps, exiting the pyramid.

Phase opened his eyes, leaned sideways against the chair, waking as he noticed Pixel's absence, looking outside the pyramid opening view. Phase walked down the steps, checking his 8 legged black scorpion bed, exited on to the waterfall view balcony, heart instantly beating as he noticed Pixel endlessly unconscious between dropped flamed rats on metal sticks, continually stunned, overwhelmed. Phase placed his arms under, lifting Pixel's body, eyes closed, sitting on his knees, shadow covering his upper face above his nose as he released tears, tightly pressing his arms around Pixel's upper body, leaned against his chest. Phase continually wrapped his arms around Pixel's back laid on to his body, head turned sideways on his chest, lying on the floor, eyes closed as a swift occurred, instantly dying, arms unwrapping her body.


Black Widow Spider.

Preferred Themes/Radio Edits/Clean Versions, Instrumental Versions with hook.

Usher, Alicia Keys - My Boo/Dibs Arrival. Usher - Confessions, Part 2/Changing Clothes/Reporting. Ja Rule - Wonderful ft. R Kelly, Ashanti/Phase's Condition/Babysitting. J Kwon - Tipsy/Substitute Teacher Intro. Jay Z - 99 Problems/Class of Tipsy Students. Joe - Ride Wit U ft. G-Unit/Car riding, 7:00pm. Terror Squad - Lean Back. ft. Fat Joe, Remy/Outside The Club. Ashanti - Only You/Club Entering. Usher - Yeah! ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris/Shivering. Ciara 1, 2 Step ft. Missy Elliott/Tour Dance. Ludacris - Get Back/Restroom Illness. Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath/Ill Sisters. Destiny's Child - Soldier ft. T.I., Lil Wayne/To Bed Ill. Bow Wow - Like You ft. Ciara/2005 Awakening. Bow Wow - Let Me Hold You ft. Omarion/Party Arranging. Omarion - O/Challenge Accepted/Chapter 6 Ending. Dem Franchize Boyz - I Think They Like Me ft. Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Bow Wow/Hotel Sleep. Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U/Changing. Destiny's Child - T Shirt/Chapter 7 Ending. Mariah Carey - Shake It Off/Other Qualities. Mariah Carey - Say Somethin'/Phase and Pixel. Chris Brown - Wall To Wall/Dibs! Fort Minor - Remember The Name/Credits, Omarion - Touch, Series Ending

Story and writing by MillenniumProductions.

2000s Entertainment.

2: Transferred, Announcing Hourglass
Transferred, Announcing Hourglass

~Pixel exited the waterfall room, nude undressed lower body bottomless with hairless genitals wearing her light red collared, white sleeveless shirt, sweaty as Phase stared, watching the waterfall, lying on his swing bed, arms crossed behind his head, resting his eyes, shirtless.

Tuesday, 10:41pm

Dibs moved aside the curtain, peeking outside, leaning against the air condition, standing on her knees in her temporary hotel room touring the city, exited the hotel, dragging her luggage case, pulling the handle as a black private cab parked in front the hotel, held the dog food angled towards, purling dog food into the round plastic bowl as the Watchdog continually bite, eating. Dibs placed the collar around the Watchdog's neck, buckling the collar, kneeing on her knee on the sidewalk in front her apartment room as she wrapped her arms around her dog's neck, continually eating. Dibs exited into the cob high school office as a type D version yellow school bus part, noticing the female assistant spoke. Female Assistant "Sorry, Dibs. We're crowded at the moment. Come back during after school hours."

Dibs held the visiting application on to the wall beside the office, signing the application, continually walked on the sidewalk through the apartments beside, walking her Watchdog as a car pass, continually wrapped her arms around, hugging her dog's neck, held her flip phone opened, slightly pressing her cheek beside her Watchdog's face, puckering her libs, taking a picture, watched as her Watchdog run into the distance, standing in front her apartment room. Dibs walked through the outdoor mall, stood on the escalator as she stared towards the left side of the mall, continually watching the shoppers, standing on the 2nd floor, arms crossed on to the rail, resting her head, opened her eyes, lying sideways on the bench, resting her head on her arms, elbows and knees continually bent, grabbed the receipt, holding as she held, placing her mouth on to the ice cream with nut toppings, stared through the glass window into the video game store, finishing her nut ice cream, chewing the cone, held playing the Gameboy DS on display, standing in the game store variety, continually rested her head on to her arms crossed on the table, sitting in the food court. Dibs opened her eyes, waking as she noticed the daylights saving sky, up righting.


Dibs entered the cob high school during after hours, continually holding as she turned left, exiting into the office, noticing the female assistant standing behind the counter, handing the visiting application. Female Assistant "Oh! I remember you." Dibs exited into the computer classroom, noticing as she sat into a selected seat at the back of the class. Dibs continually typed, pressing her fingers on to the keyboard, using the flat screen black dell computer, Google searching fun to do experiences as a after school practice male exited into the class, grabbing his backpack and spoke. After School Practice Male "You seem older." Dibs continually stared, listening, grabbed printed papers from the printer, standing beside the desk, stapling the papers.

Paper slowly bended over, sitting her butt, pressing on to Phase's stomach, bending her back forward, hands placed on to her knees as he opened his eyes, lying on length steps, noticing. Phase "Are you trying to force me into replenishing you?" Phase stood beside his swing bed, putting on his white sweat shirt, continually stood in front, staring into the waterfall, deciding. Phase exited into the Widow's meeting room and spoke as the major Widows noticed, hands held above the blue flames, listening. Phase "Sorry, Widows. Today is that day. I'm karma and I'm coming for each of you. Stay focused or bang. Haha Spread the word if you need to." Phase spoke as 6er and Pixel listened, wearing her usual yale blue sailor collar white sleeveless shirt with attached black teeth fangs as a upper thigh length armor skirt, pink sailor collared white shirt and teeth fanged skirt, standing in her leader room. Phase "I hope you don't mind if I add some touches to your culture." Phase stood in front the shiny black widow abdomen shaped flame assist beside Pixel, staring into the grill, standing in the hall view room, noticing as Widows walked towards the flame assist, hand placed on to his back, softly pushing the scared wrists webbed male chef, wearing pink sailor collar, white sleeveless shirts with attached lower body butt, genital and upper thigh armor attached to the shirts and held the menu upwards, held his arms wrapped around 6er's waist as he lowered his back, lifting her upwards, smiling.

Phase held, handing flamed meat on a stick to a Widow major as Paper held the flamed frog legs on a stick, biting the leg. Tadpole held her Gameboy SP, bending over as she tap her butt on to Phase's face, lying sideways, noticing as he opened his eyes. Phase stood on the lower steps, right feet placed on to a upper step, staring upwards, noticing her thighs as Pixel stood beside the steps, held his arms wrapped around Pixel's waist, backing as she placed her hands on to his shoulders, vomiting. Pixel continually laid on the floor, elbows and knees bent, tightly closing her eyes, continually coughing a vomit, opened her mouth, biting the middle part of a angled male victim's neck, hands placed on to his shoulders, sitting on the balcony as blood splat on to her thighs, drinking his substance, turning her eyes independently towards, watching as Phase continually held the victim's head, held as he laid Pixel sideways on to his swing bed, placing the cover over her lower body. Phase continually held his arms wrapped around, lifting a Widow S Checker's waist as she hold a blue flame torch, walked down the steps, sat on her left knee in a Widow sepulcher with dotted eyes and a mouth outline marking on the wall as she rubbed the black sand in a circular rub, checking the sand as Phase held her torch. Phase stood beside Paper finger outlining Widow alphabets on the wall as a pac 8 bit, 3, inverted e, frog eye, triangle, spider, inverted 2, rat and hourglass, continually held, staring into the blue flame torch, noticing as Cerberus opened its mouth licking the front of Pixel's body, tightly closing her eyes. Oxeek kissed Phase's forehead, hands placed on to his checks, kissed biting as she slightly pull his right eye lid, arms wrapped around his neck, continually held her arms wrapped around Phase's head, held upside down, staring at each other's neck, biting his nose, biting his right and left ear, crawl standing over as he laid on to the floor, continually flinching. Pixel held a flamed rat on a stick towards her mouth, biting, sitting beside Phase on the pyramid porch, slightly pressed against his arm as he stared right, rushed up the steps, passing Tadpole held as she bite, eating a watermelon. Phase held, lifting a black hand weight as Pixel turned over a flamed rat on a stick, wanting to kiss Phase, sitting as she up right. Phase placed the hand weight on to the floor, facing the entrance as Pixel kissed his lips.

Phase held the pencil, writing his memorable favorite song lyrics on a white lined paper, sitting on a flat sideways hourglass chair beside a black parallelogram table as Pleb exited into the room, hitting his left elbow with her knee, holding flamed duck on a stick, noticing. Eight and Phase continually pulled, teeth gripped into, pulling the frog legs apart, eating each piece. Pixel continually held her hands placed on to her hips, standing beside Phase and Cerberus watching as pointy eared dogs run into the pyramid in front Widows, dragging webbed ducks. Phase stood as a Widow Notifier kissed his lips, eyes closed, continually stood as Tadpole kissed his lips, eyes continually closed, holding a black Gameboy SP, lighting the hallway with a hexagon bricked floor, continually held, playing the SP, sitting on Phase's lap as he sat on the steps and stared upwards. Poliwag noticed Phase slowly running as she spread her arms, wearing her supreme Widow white sleeveless light red sailor collar shirt and lower body upper leg, genital and butt armor with a orange eyed black frog face on her left collar, signaling her waist as he spoke. Phase "Your good, miss." Phase rushed walked the down steps, searching as Poliwag watched. Phase walked, passing the pyramid shaped room as 6er threw a cube towards, hitting the right side of his hood, noticing. Phase continually stared into the pitch black room, noticing 6er's formed red eyes as backed, listening to his heart rate. Phase stood in the museum room, staring into the display case, containing his saved widow treasure as 6er exited into the room, holding carefully wrapped webs, noticing. Phase continually stared as 6er gently grabbed his right and crossed her ankles, wrapping the webs around his wrist, web wrapping her fingers as he watched, holding his wrist upwards. Phase stared with eye contact as 6er moved her hands repeatedly upwards and downwards back and forth, lifting each of his arms with her webs. Phase watched, standing as 6er held her hands on to, eating a sculptor sized widow pear, pressing her right hand's fingers into, pulling some as she hand Phase bits of pear meat, eyes independently facing his direction. 6er held, gently pulling Phase's hands, exiting into her room, kissing his cheek as she close her eyes.

6er eye locked Phase as she tilted her head sideways, arms wrapped around his upper back, wrapping her arms around his head as she hugged Phase's head, closing her eyes. 6er wrapped her arms around and hugged his head, standing inverted on a web, held his arms wrapped around, hugging 6er's legs, noticing as she bite his knee, pulling his sweatpants, arms wrapped around his shins. 6er held the small green frog against her face, rubbing the frog slime on to her and Phase's cheek, closing her eyes, standing beside a black sitting dog shaped bed beside black silk curtains with a front neck pointy eared dog head as she rub the frog against her eye lids. Rubbed the frog against her upper legs, rubbed slime around her thighs, letting go the frog, hoping towards the entrance. Phase walked beside 6er over the black sand, head tilted upwards, gazing at the colorful gem shards, lightening the sand, attached to the cave ceiling with the widow's pyramids in the distance. Phase noticed 6er staring upwards, watching a falling cube, unaware as the cube fall on to, bouncing off his hood, blinking his eyes, noticing 6er watching with eye contact as he rube his head, stood beside each other on a rock surface in front the monster mouth waterfall opening, staring into the water. 6er kneeled on her knees, placing her hands on to the rock, placed her lips in to, drinking the water, wiped her mouth, continually eye contact Phase as she stick her tongue out sideways, crossing her eyes. Phase carefully grabbed, lifting 6er's hands, moved her arms back and forth upwards and downwards as she stare with droopy eyelids. Phase "I can't keep being intimidated by you." 6er continually held Phase in a eye lock as she raised her right knee, continually held her hands, arms spread on to a rock, wrapping her webs around her right wrist, held upwards against a swing rope. Phase and 6er continually locked eyes as he wrapped his arms around, hugging her waist, arms continually held upwards, wrapped in webs against the ropes, pressing his arms repeatedly against her waist as he palpate, massaging her chest against his chest with the collaboration of their heart beats, unwrapped her waist, tongue sticking sideways out her mouth with googly eyes, left eye pupil downwards and right eye pupil upwards, dazed.

Phase walked beside 6er in front the pyramid's entrance, passing Cerberus asleep, returning as Widow Notifiers noticed, exiting the pyramid, standing beside her partner as she arranged her fingers in sign language, informing 6er of responsible arrangements, following the Widow Notifiers into the pyramid as he watched. Phase noticed two Widow Safe Watchers with dome shaped mouth length bob cut hair, black pupils and black segments of a centipede attached to each of their legs, thigh sides and thigh fronts, ending at the knees, red sailor collared white sleeveless shirts and black upper leg, genital and butt fang shaped lower body armor. The Widow Safe Watcher placed her left hand beside her partner's her ear, whispering and arranged her hands in sign language as he listened. The Widow Safe Watcher placed her hands on to each, standing between two Widow sarcophaguses, repeatedly raising her knees, marching her legs as Phase wrapped, repeatedly pressing her waist against his, looked upwards, watching the ceiling and continually stared forward as her partner keep look out, leaning slightly outside the entrance, watching the hall, unwrapped her waist, eyelids half closed and mouth slightly opened, continually dazed as her partner waved her right hand in front her face. Phase continually stared, eye contacting Pixel holding a side spider leg jointer of her skirt held jointed upwards with thigh front attached black flattened straight myriapod segment leg attachments, held her thumb and pointer fingers together against her mouth, imitating a zipper. Pixel held her mouth slightly opened, crawl standing on a above balcony, holding a web from her glottis as Phase continually rushed, opening his mouth towards the webbed flamed meat, missing. Phase accidentally stared, noticing Ignorant as she nodded her head upwards, Tadpole continually held the SP beside her thigh, back bent forward, staring at the steps, noticing a female black widow spider, played the SP, back continually leaned forward, sitting on Phase's lap, stood lying beside the wide steps continually butt massaged as she continually played, staring into the SP, sitting on his back.

Pixel rubbed widow oil on to her hands, covered in mummy wrappings towards her neck as Phase walked, noticing Pixel's assistants exiting the room as he notice, continually walking. Pixel continually mummy wrapped her right fingers and noticed Phase standing in the room entrance way, continually staring as he spoke. Phase "Wasn't that only for? .." Pixel responded as she rub widow oil on to her face, closing her eyes. Pixel "I'm going to preserve my body. Ice season is scheduled." Phase "But I don't want that." Pixel "It will only be scheduled as a week. My hourglass will be set tomorrow." Phase wrapped, slightly tightening his arms around Pixel's waist as he responded. Phase "Pixel. No." Pixel continually felt Phase's tight held as she release tears, closing her eyes. Pixel "I can feel your heart beat bumping against my body." Phase listened, siting on the balcony, watching the waterfall as Pixel spoke, wearing a dingy colored high cut leg mummy body wrappings towards her neck with a shiny flat black widow spider pendant centered on her stomach and outlined black gawking frog eyes drawn on the front of her neck and above knee lower leg wear as dingy colored mummy wrappings. Pixel "Blooob." Phase noticed Pixel, up righted, stunned by her body type and continually spoke. Pixel "Jolt." Phase continually held his arms tightly wrapped around Pixel's waist as he repeatedly massaged, pressing her chest against his. Phase unwrapped Pixel's waist as she stared, noticing a distracted look from her eyes. Phase realized Pixel continually staring forward, hands placed on to, standing between two Widow sarcophaguses, continually dazed and spoke. Phase "Pixel, I'm done." Pixel listened as she exited the Widow's sarcophagus room, watching.

3: Catering Interests
Catering Interests

~Monday, 10:00am

Dibs stretched her arms upwards, right hand placed on to her left wrist as she yawned, wearing a white short sleeve pear T shirt and continually upper thigh length skirt as short green leaves. Dibs held, placing her phone charger into the wall socket, standing beside her computer desk, folded her black widow spider pajamas standing beside her bed, arranged the pillows on to her organized bed. Dibs placed her hand on to the handle, turning off the running bathtub water, continually scrubbed the left side of her teeth, gargled as she spit the water into the sink, wearing her pink short sleeve shirt and blue jean dungarees, held her flip phone, changing her phone's screen saver, unplugging her phone.

Dibs continually held her arms slightly spread, hands placed on to the glass window, staring into the stripe mall plaza, listened standing beside the countertop as the employed female responded. Employed Female "Sorry. We're sold out of Sony image capturers at the moment." Dibs entered the mall as she looked upwards, watching the male and female shoppers, carefully exited the escalator on to the 2nd floor, continually stared into the massage chair store, standing beside the glass window, noticing as the employed female waved her right hand. Dibs continually walked, passing the mall store varieties, noticing as she exit into the electronic store, holding her handbag on to her right shoulder and smiled, noticing camera varieties, walking beside the shelf, placed her hand on to as she grabbed her selected camera, exited the store variety, holding the receipt. Dibs held her fingers on to her image capturer, sitting on to the bench, continually watching shoppers stand on the escalator. Dibs continually walked, staring into a store variety as her stomach grow, noticing. Dibs finger held as she bite, finished the black peppered chicken sandwich with honey mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, toast bread and black peppered roasted honey ham sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, toast bread limited special supreme doubles and fruit punch, sitting in the mall food court, laid resting her head on to her arms resting on to her handbag, elbows bend and knees bent, lying sideways on to the bench. A 7:30am memory of Dibs occurred, standing in front her store centered in the strip mall, noticing Phase, holding a male brown puppy in a basked as she turned her store sign to open. Phase "I wanted to give you this." Dibs held, closing her eyes as the puppy continually lick her face, pressing her lips together in a pout. Dibs held the bag, purling dog food into the bowl, feeding her puppy, listening as Phase spoke. Phase "I'll be back later." Dibs continually rested her head on her right arm, staring across the mall, resting her eyes.

Phase continually stared into the blue flames, standing in the meeting room as Pixel placed her hand on to the entrance side, exiting into the room as she spoke. Pixel "Phase." Phase "Pixel?" Pixel "Why are you keep want to kill yourself, dummy? Your supposed to be our scorpion king." Phase continually listened, slightly tilting his head downwards as Pixel exited the meeting room, continually placing her hand on to the entrance side. Phase rested his eyes, arms crossed behind his head, lying on his swing bed, listening to the waterfall as a Widow Notifier cleared her throat, standing beside her partner. Widow Notifier "Ahem." The Widow Notifier noticed Phase slightly asleep as she raised, hitting his swing bed with her knee, wakening Phase, opening his eyes. Phase "What is it?" The Widow Notifier spoke, arranging her fingers. Widow Notifier "Your dog monster is here." Phase watched, standing in front the pyramid as Pixel held the chain, wearing a white sleeveless light red sailor collar shirt, silver lower body fang shaped upper leg, genital and butt armor with thigh front attached black flattened straight myriapod segment leg attachments, walking beside Cerberus, a black and tan male monster dog having 3 heads, serious facial expressions and serpent for a tail, obtaining his guardian and spoke. Pixel "Your monster?" Phase "That's amazing! Thank you. Yes. This is Cerberus. A buff monster dog from Ancient Greece. I want it to be our double security." Pixel "Hades?" Phase "That's where he's from." Pixel "I've spoke to Hades once." Phase "We can talk about that eventually. Go wait inside the pyramid. I need to see if I can teach it its do's and don'ts." Pixel held a black widow abdomen mini bottle, purling widow oil on to her hand and placed the abdomen bottle on to the floor. Pixel rubbed the widow oil on to her face, oiling her body, legs crossed, sitting on a hourglass chair beside a sitting black and brown pinscher dog with pointed ears as Phase exited into the hall view room and spoke. Phase "Pixel." Pixel "I can only take requests when I'm ready." Phase "I can wait. I have something important to tell you." Pixel continually stared, eye contacting Phase.

Pixel listened, wearing a sand colored short sleeve shirt with a centered inverted pyramid within a black circle outlined and shiny black scorpion lower body, upper leg, genital and butt armor as buff scorpion legs, sitting on the edge of the porch in front the pyramid beside the entrance, ankles crossed as Phase spoke, standing. Phase "I like how your not into me, nor into me. You go with the flow. I'm siding with the Polygons." Pixel up righted as she back towards the entrance as Phase continually spoke. Phase "Your the one that fished me out of the water. Female fishers are the reason. Let me hold you good bye." Pixel continually stared, ignoring Phase's response and rushed into the pyramid as he slightly smiled, following. Pixel rushed, circling as Phase moved beside the widow column, grab, slightly pulling Pixel's left hand, noticing as he let go, watching Pixel trip down the steps, falling on to the sand, tightly closing her eyes, slightly exhaling her voice. Pixel up righted, continually rushing as Phase followed, glide jumping on to the sand. Pixel exited into 6er's leader room as she noticed, resting on her webs, arms crossed, resting her head and spoke. Pixel "6er! Phase is siding with the Polygons." Pixel wiped sand off her face and thighs, waiting for 6er's reply and continually stared. Pixel arranged her fingers in sigh language, repeating her emergency, noticing 6er lying her head sideways, closing her eyes as she backed. Pixel exited into the square shaped sand trap room attempting to lure, noticing as Phase wrapped his arms around, lifting her body, exhaling her voice. Pixel "!" Phase "Aaaahhh!" Phase unwrapped Pixel's body as she pressed her hands on to his chest, falling on to her butt and up righted. Pixel rushed, exiting the sand trap room, noticing Phase continually staring into the deep square whole, slowly sneaked behind Phase and held her hands. Pixel rushed as Phase slightly smiled, moving sideways as Pixel tripped, falling into the quicksand, instantly sinking. Phase "Haha" Phase continually watched as Pixel yelled. Pixel "HELP!" Phase dropped into the sand trap, grabbing Pixel's underarms, face sticking out the sand, gasping as he lift, pulling her body upwards. Phase "I got you." Phase held Pixel as she wrapped her hands around his neck, continually sinking as he walked beside the trap wall. Phase Grab on to the edge once I throw you upwards." Pixel placed her hands on to the wall as Phase tossed her body upwards, grabbing on to the edge. Pixel pulled her self on to the floor, crawl standing on her knees, covered in sand and stared. Phase "The sand doesn't know how to react to my body. I'll be here whenever you get back." Pixel continually stared, listening and up righted.

Phase continually stared, watching the quicksand, lower body sunken, noticing as a rope ladder hit against the wall. Phase noticed Pixel standing between two Widow S Checkers and slightly smiled. Phase spoke, walking beside Pixel as she listened. Phase "Did 6er tell you?" Pixel "Yes. I was mindless." Phase "It was just a what if test. I would have been in trouble if it was serious." Pixel "I weep." Phase continually spoke, standing on the porch in front Pixel half asleep in front the pyramid entrance, listening. Phase "I hope I see you again later." Pixel "Only as I request." Phase ".. Yeah." Pixel entered, exiting into the pyramid as Phase watched, deeply inhaled and exhaled.


Dibs placed her key into, unlocking as she exit into her apartment room. Dibs held her image capturer upwards, staring into the camera, wearing her upper thigh length skirt and black short sleeve shirt, taking a picture. Dibs laid sideways on to her bed as she pulled the cover towards her stomach, laid her head sideways on to her pillow, bending her elbows, closing her eyes as the female black widow continually crawled on her webs outside under the apartment steps.

4: 2005 Awakening
2005 Awakening

~Saturday, 8:15am

Dibs turned her head sideways on her pillow, turning sideways, continually asleep as she opened her eyes, wearing dingy colored long sleeve mummy pajamas. Dibs opened her bathroom door, limped tripping forward on to the floor tightly closing her eyes, slowly purled toothpaste on to her toothbrush, left hand placed on to the sink, slightly bending forward, sticking her tongue outside the right side of her lips, sitting on her closed toilet seat, brushing her teeth. Dibs zipped her jean leg huggers upwards, continually grabbed her flip phone sat on to her computer desk, held a egg sandwich with toasted sliced bread, honey glazed ham and orange juice towards her mouth, biting as she chew, accidentally biting her lower lip, tightly closing her eyes. Dibs stared at her reflection, standing in her bathroom as she stick out her lower lip, noticing her swollen, placing her right hand in front her lower lip, zipped her mouth lip coverer with stickers attaching the sides of her lips. Dibs dropped on to the living room sofa in front the flat screen tv, lying on her stomach, placing her right arm under her head, watching music videos as she listened to the let me hold you hook. Dibs sat upwards with difficulties, continually watching the music video as she pull the mouth zipper from her mouth, mouth slightly opened, placing her fingers on to her lower lip, covering the swollen side of her lip.

Phase watched, waiting in the supreme room with two red eyed shiny black bottom flat oval shaped floor rat sculptures angled beside, facing the entrance, light green floor lower pear outline, floor trapezium fire torches beside the walls, sitting black Pinscher dog yarning in front the steps as a Widow Notifier silently alarming 6er, wearing a lime green collared white sleeveless shirt with black gawking and continually knee length black widow legged skirt, placing her hand beside her right ear as she stood beside 6er sitting with her shins crossed sideways on her hourglass black widow chair on a wide angled shaped support with steps. The Widow Notifiers exited the room with her partner having sleepy frog eyes towards the back of her collar as Pixel spoke. Pixel "Ra! Phase!" Phase "What do I need to do?" Pixel "Come with me to your chamber. We have your requesters." Phase walked beside Pixel exiting into the shiny black pointy eared dog neck entrance, walking down the steps, passing a red outlined black widow marked square platform centered in a small bottomless hallway with wider top and bottom, thin middle square shaped widow columned walls, holding a blue flame torch and spoke as she stopped, listening. Phase "Pixel." Pixel "Yes?" Phase "I haven't been seeing you as of lately, and.." Pixel "What's your request?" Phase slowly wrapped his arms around Pixel's waist, pulling her body against his as she spoke. Pixel "This?" Phase "Let me hold you." Pixel "Let me know once after you finish." Phase slightly tightened his arms, massaging her waist and chest, pressing his arms continually inwards against her back as she slightly dazed, staring towards the wall. Phase continually walked beside Pixel, exiting into the trapezoid shaped exhibit room and spoke. Pixel "Here." Phase noticed a pacifier, notebook, rat tail comb, mouse toy in front his face painting and a hung pink hooded sweat suit placed in display cases as he spoke. Phase "This is exactly what I wanted. How were you able to get a hold of these?" Pixel "We use our requests and kept asking the paradox." Phase walked, staring into the display cases as Pixel followed, continually holding the blue flame torch. Phase "Thank you." Phase walked beside, following Pixel as she spoke, standing in front the widow treasure varied of gold flat pyramid coins, abstract black, red and light green embed hourglass coins, red embed black spider gems, abstract black and shiny bright green and gold mini pyramid egits and black embed shiny dark abstract blue mini pyramid egit stored within a square hole inside the pyramid vault marked with widow glyphs. Pixel "6er also wanted me to show you our treasure inside our pyramid vault if you want to move from us. You can use our treasure to purchase stuff in the other world." Phase "That's great but, this place is home to me. Wouldn't you feel the same way?" Pixel "Yes." Phase "Then I choose that. I'll save some as souvenirs though."


Dibs listened, standing in front as the male party thrower spoke, noticing males bringing bags full of ice into the video shoot crib. Male Party Thrower "Your acting so desperate, miss. Alright. Can't say no. The party is starting today. All the supplies you need is already present. Your old enough to know where everything should go. You should have back up with that." Dibs unfolded as she held a emergency speak paper. Dibs "I won't let you down!"

Dibs wiped the kitchen and living room table, using a warm wet towel, held the clear plastic contained red cups, biting the plastic opened as she looked towards, noticing the glass table, cheese dip and large size bag of triangle chips on the counter, standing in the kitchen. Dibs carefully dropped beer bottles and cold drink cans on folded towels into the coolers, grabbed, pulling the towels upwards from the coolers, kneeling on her knee. Dibs held the opened bags of ice, purling cubed ice into the organized ice coolers, opened the kitchen cabinet, held her arms upwards, grabbing the glass bowl and ladle, held as she purled fruit punch into the glass bowl placed on to the glass living room table. Dibs placed, organizing the cups on the table in a circle around the punch glass bowl, held the mayonnaise spreader, smearing mayonnaise on to the bread, pressed the knife into, slicing the sandwiches into triangle shaped finger sandwiches, placed on a round wide platter, placed the finger sandwich platter on to the kitchen table, struggled as she held, turning the opening cheese jar top, purled the cheese into a small black glass bowl placed on to the kitchen table beside the bagged triangle chips and finger sandwiches, placed the ladle into the punch bowl into her cup, held the plastic cup towards her mouth, drinking the punch.


Dibs wiped her face with a white wet towel as she noticed a loud door knock, continually standing in the kitchen, watching the front door. Dibs opened the front door, noticing as party inviters, cars parking outside and spoke. Invited Male "This the party, right?" Dibs stood beside, holding the front door opened as the invited people exited into the crib, conversing in hype, noticing the African American security and smiled, wrapped her arms around, hugging his neck as he wrapped his right arm around her upper back, closing the front door. Dibs held the punch jug towards, refiling the glass bowl, held, hitting the ice tray with her left knee, dropping ice cubes into the punch bowl as a O male watched spoke, eating a finger sandwich. O Male "Your hands better clean. Haha" Dibs stared at the O male, continually dropping a ice cube into the punch bowl. O Male "You really need to relax. All you been doing is house chores." Dibs reached into her pocket, grabbing as she held her flip phone, showing her text. Dibs "Someone has to." O Male "Just like my grandma." Dibs stared, eye contacting the O male, continually holding her flip phone upwards. Dibs "I am not a grandma." O Male "Can you challenge that? Prove me wrong, grandma." The African American security continually held his arms folded, standing beside the living room, invited males and females continually conversing, eating finger sandwiches and drinking punch as the O male continually slightly smiled, eye contacting Dibs, angling her lips sideways as she memorized exiting into Phase's room resting his eyes, shouting as he noticed, arms crossed behind his head, lying on his bed. Dibs "Phase! I'm BOOooored!" Dibs held the beer bottle towards her mouth, swallowing the challenge, sitting on the living room sofa as the O Male and inviteds shouted. Dibs "A Pineapple, I can beeeeeeeee!" Inviteds "OOOOooooo!" Inviteds "Haha." Dibs noticed the O male exiting the kitchen, crawling beside as she gripped, playful pulling the long sleeve of his shirt with her teeth, imitating a dog growl, sitting on her knees as he responded. O Male "O!" The Male Party thrower parked his car, noticing male and female inviteds standing outside between the parked cars, conversing and loud R&B hits playing inside the crib and spoke. Male Party Thrower "O! I'm late!" The Male Party thrower exited his humor as he held the keyless entry car remote, locking his vehicle and rushed towards his crib.

Phase continually rushed towards Pleb throwing a black cube upwards towards 6er as she catch, throwing the cube upwards towards Paper, noticing Phase continually rushing as she stick out her tongue, playing in the widow's view room. Phase watched Pixel's legs, gazing at her thighs walking down the stairs between several Widow Juniors wearing pink sailor collared white sleeveless shirts with attached senior ranked ebony black fang shaped genital, butt and upper leg side widow spider armor as she raised the side of her lips sideways. Ignital continually held her arms wrapped around Phase's upper stomach knees bent, Or's arms wrapped around his lower stomach, tightly closing her eyes, tussling in the entrance room as he spoke. Phase "Let me go." Phase watched Ignital responded mouth slightly opened, shaking her head side to side, catching her breath and noticed Paper, Tadpole, Oxeek and Eight standing in front, blocking the exits. Tadpole "We saw you tried to kill yourself." Phase rushed as he stood in a triangle shaped exit, noticing Poliwag straightening her thumb and fingers against, straightening her webs in a angled formation downwards in a wide room web testing, noticing as he continually stared. Phase notice Pixel's thighs, slightly sitting on a high swing above the stairs, looking upwards walking down the wide steps, hands placed on to the webs, ankles crossed. Phase noticed Pixel resting her head on her hands, placing her elbows on to her thighs noticing, turning her eyes independently. Phase continually sat still tightly closing his eyes in dazed, sitting on the floor as Tadpole continually pushed, beating her butt against his face, ankles placed on to his shoulders, wearing her light red sailor collared, sleeveless white shirt and widow spider legged skirt, ripped opened towards the back, continually smiling.

5: Shivering For Something To Do Tour
Shivering For Something To Do Tour

~Thursday, 6:48pm

Dibs continually rested her head on her hands, elbows placed on to her thighs, sitting in the back seat of the private cab with blonde hair, wearing a short sleeve black shirt with a light red outlined black widow featured on the front and abstract dark green high waist denim raptor jeans with red claw scratch markings as the African American security continually held his right feet on to the right pedal, driving. The African American security parked beside the club and spoke. Dibs "Thank you. I need to get my mind off things. Neighbors are throwing a party." Dibs stared, standing beside the private cab, noticing the line and people conversing as she closed the exit, noticing the African American security closing the front driver's seat. Dibs watched, limb walking beside the line as her security tapped the club security's shoulder, nodding his head towards Dibs and held, waving his pointer fingers backwards. Dibs "?" Dibs listened as she walked beside the line towards the club security, noticing the male security spacing the line, nodding his head left towards, exiting into the club as the African American security exited into the private cab, pressing his feet on to the pedal. Dibs continually walked, watching each direction, staring at the ceiling beamer lights, listening to the music hits of 2004 and crowd converse as a male spoke, noticing. Male At the club "Daaamn. Do you visit the club often?" Dibs "I'm new." Male At the club "Can you dance?" Dibs "..." Dibs nodded, shaking her head left and right as the male at the club continually spoke. Male At the club "Aye, don't give off such a doubtful look. If you want to learn, I can walk you through the dance floor. Not dance. Just touring you through. By the time we finish, you will know what your doing whenever you come back." Dibs stared at the male and female dancers, watching the dancers, deciding and continually eye contact the male at the club. Dibs "I would like to. How are you we? .." The Male At the club walked closer to Dibs. Male At the club "Let me be your safety handles." Dibs continually stared, and raised her hands, placing her hands on to his shoulders as the male at the club placed his hands on to her sides, watching as she continually moved her eyes independently towards, eye contacting the male. Male At the club "Haha I won't put my hands on your jeans." Dibs "." Male At the club "Ready?" Dibs responded as she node, tilting her head upwards and downwards. Male At the club "Hold on to me tight."

The Male At the club continually escorted Dibs hands, slowly escorting on to the dance floor, spacing beside the dancers and spoke. Male At the club "See the dancers? Watch what they doing." Dibs watched the dancers as the male at the club slowly turned, rotating her view as a different song played. The male at the club continually rotated Dibs, continually eye contact the male and spoke. Dibs ".. Why aren't you smiling?" Male At the club "Why would I smile when you aren't?" Dibs continually stared at the male at the club, slightly tilted her head downwards continually watching the dancers. Dibs continually held her hands on to the male at the club's shoulders, hands continually held on to her sides, exiting the dance floor in rotate, letting go each other and spoke. Male At the club "Enjoy that?" Dibs "I was a bit scared before I saw your securing me." Male At the club "I seen you trembling. Your definitely beautiful." Dibs stared. Male At the club "If you ever need a tour, just say Yeah. Only you." Dibs "..." Male At the club "I wish I could see more of you, but I came to the club early for a reason." Dibs held, waving her right hand as the male at the club smiled. Male At the club "See you." Dibs watched the male at the club, exiting as she continually noticed the song changing, pushed the door opened, exiting into the female restroom continually limping, noticing a ill female flushing a toilet, exiting the selective dorm, continually dizzy as she tripled forward and exhaled her voice. Ill Female "Do you think you can help me? I'm so sick." Dibs slowly sat on her left knee slightly struggling, placing her hands under the ill female's arm pits, lifting as the ill female nauseate, struggling to up right. Ill Female "Wai!" Dibs noticed as the ill female hurled, throwing up illness on to Dibs, opening her eyes and spoke. Ill Female "I tried to tell you to stop! I'm sorry!" Dibs wiped her eyes as she hurled, placed her right hand on to her mouth, up righted as she rushed, placing her right hand on to the handle, opening the partition door and tripped in front the toilet, sitting on her knees, placed her hands on to the seat, vomiting into the toilet. Ill Female "Here!" The ill female held, reaching Dibs a roll of tissues, continually nauseated, hurling as she let go the tissue, rushing towards a separate toilet. Dibs continually rested her head sideways on her right arm, crossed on to the toilet seat, nauseated as she hurl, tilting her face towards the toilet, lifting the toilet closer as the ill female vomited into the separate toilet, sitting on her knees. Dibs continually illed into, face slightly placed into the toilet, hands placed on to the sides, resting their heads on to their arms crossed on the seats, continually sitting the toilet closer on her head as the ill female fleshed the toilet. Dibs exited the restroom as the ill female continually held her arms wrapped around her neck, slightly nauseated as people at the club noticed, watching and spoke. Female Noticer "Ewww. Look at them!" Male Noticer "Ya'll stink."

Phase continually slept, lying on his swing bed continually beside the waterfall, mouth slightly opened as Pixel leaned upwards, placing her mouth against his lips, holding flamed meats on a stick, mouth feeding Phase a chewed meat, awakening as he coughed, spitting out the meat. Phase "What is this?!" Pixel "Meat!" Phase noticed the taste of the meat, dropped on to the floor and continually spoke. Phase "Can I start over?" Pixel "The taste comes from my mouth." Pixel held the stick towards her mouth, biting a meat as she chewed, walked towards Phase, placing her lips against his, continually mouth feeding as he chewed and swallowed. Phase "I can chew the rest my self." Pixel placed her hand on to, pulling a meat towards the stick's tip, held the meat towards Phase's mouth as he looked, biting the meat. Pixel "You meet our leader?" Phase "I did. What do she do?" Pixel "She sleeps in her webs for lengths after body preserving." Phase continually listened. Pixel "We are scheduled to meet in the fire room." Phase "Alright." Phase walked beside Pixel, entering a wide dark room with a black shiny floor, shiny black walls, ceiling and wide fire place containing blue flames with 4 ebony black metal upside down widow spider legs extending from the 4 edges centered in the room as the major widows watched. Phase "This room is spectacular. What's its purpose?" Pixel "Meeting room." Phase "I like it." Pixel positioned on the left side of the meeting room as Phase and the major widows wait on the right side, listening as Pixel raised her voice, announcing. Pixel "Listening. We will be puzzling new theories. Each new theory will need puzzle pieces against the polygon man. Be smart and spread your webs. Trap your enemies and wrap your trophies." Phase continually stared, becoming immense in Pixel as the blue flames compliment her face, continually speaking. Pixel "Follow the paradox and the polygon loses. Meeting done." Phase watched the major widows exiting the entrances, noticing as Pixel spoke and listened. Pixel "We angle to widow tour." Phase continually walked beside Pixel through a wide rectangle shaped room with organized widow sarcophagus as she spoke. Pixel "We use oil to keep our bodies without bumpers. We smear bee substance against our meat to wrap our bodies in mummies when we need to sleep."

Phase listened as Pixel spoke, standing beside Ignital with mouth length hair, a black finger paint marking on the back of her neck and thighs, Tadpole with a black finger paint marking on each of her front thighs, Paper, Oxeek with dark red claw markings on the back of her thighs and Eight wearing light red sailor collared white sleeveless shirts and attached upper thigh length fang shaped genital, thigh sides and butt widow spider armor in a wide angled shaped shiny black room with floor wide hexagons, hexagon ceiling and hexagon shaped columns with red outlined black widow metaphors. Pixel "These are our security. We need Ignital, Tadpole, Paper, Oxeek and Eight to be our next majors." Phase continually walked beside Pixel down wide steps as above Widows climb and rest on their webs, noticing. Pixel "We like short hair because it doesn't injure our webs. Sign language is our lang, but we can speak in voices only for urgencies." Phase continually listened as Pixel spoke, standing beside 2 Widow trap setters wearing light red sailor collar, white sleeveless shirts and 6er wearing the highest ranking traditional of a dark blue sailor collar white sleeveless shirt and black widow legged knee length skirt with dark red claw tips, standing in front a outside ebony black dog head with pointed upwards ears and neck entrance towards the widow's under chambers. Pixel "They are our food capturers. We need the widows you see to capture our substance." Phase and Pixel entered the wide widow's view room with black widow spiders crawl on shiny black webs beside the view opening, continually speaking. Pixel "We feed our sisters with our legs when their too weak to upwards. Our uppers. Parts. We make theories in the meeting room to melee against the polygon people." Phase listened, standing on a wide hourglass stand beside the wide steps as Pixel held her right hand straightened upwards on to, touching the hourglass with her fingers, slowly walking pass the larger hourglass storing black sand, continuing the backwards tour. Pixel "We use our webs to transfer reach places. We use our webs to trap our victims and meat. We live in angled places, keep hourglasses, puzzles, darkness and spiders. Tour finish." Phase continually immense as Pixel walked, placing her right fingers on to his face above his right eyebrow. Pixel "Bathroom?" Phase and Pixel continually walked beside each other down the wide steps as she spoke. Pixel "You coming to the eat fest with us?" Phase "I'm not hungry." Pixel continually stared at Phase, continually faced downwards, watching her steps.

Phase stood in the meeting room lost in thoughts, watching the blue flames as 6er/Neret, exited into the room with webs in her hair, wearing legs revealing upper body wrapped in dingy colored mummy wrappings towards with black widow red stripe markings varied in bars on each side of her neck and shin length mummy wrappings around her lower leg. Phase noticed, gazed by 6er's legs and spoke. Phase "I'm sorry. I hope I'm not a burden to you. I thought it was ok to come here." Phase "In all honestly, I'm one of the most pathetic people you'll ever meet." 6er continually stared at Phase, moving her lips sideways, reached her right hand as she grab, slightly pulling his hood.

Dibs continually held the blind pressed downwards, peeking outside her window, wearing her black widow pajamas as she wiped her right eye, continually sick, dropped on to her bed, spreading her arms, eye lids slightly closed, burping. Dibs pulled the cover towards her side, lying sideways, resting her head on to her pillow and closed her eyes.

6: Metaphor

~Phase continually stared at the waterfall, sitting on the balcony as Pixel exited the palace and spoke in a mid toned unstable mentally ill/sleepy voice. Pixel "Hello, Phase." Phase "You could talk?" Pixel "We're not supposed to speak. I don't want my fingers to tedious you." Phase "What brought you?" Pixel "You will be meeting our leader shortly." Phase "6er?" Pixel "Yes. We will meet together in the fire room afterwards." Pixel exited into the palace, bending her wrists as Phase watched and tilted his head downwards, becoming immense in reality.

Thursday, 2:50pm

Dibs spoke as she held her opened lined writing tablet, wearing a short sleeve black and white striped shirt and upper thigh length skirt as short green leaves, standing behind the countertop in the principle's office. Dibs ".. Substitute?" Female Assistant "That's what I said. You didn't think you would be a office assistant, did you?" Dibs placed her tablet on to the counter, continually writing with a pencil and held the notebook. Dibs "I just wanted to ask the principle if I could tell my widow's theory through the speaker." Female Assistant "Well, earn it. Your needed." Dibs noticed, watching as a 8 grade male wrapped his arms around a 7 grade male, tightening his grip smiling, lifting up a desk, standing on her knees as 8 grade female students held a 7 grade male's shirt, playfully hitting his back. Dibs continually noticing as a 8 grade male threw a chalk towards a 8 grade male, hitting the chalkboard into cracking, missing. Dibs "Boy students! Please sit in your seats!" Dibs noticed a male throwing a chalk eraser towards a separate male 8 grader, ducking and continually spoke. Dibs "Give me the eraser!" Dibs noticed the 8 grade females hitting the 7 grade male's back, continually gripping his shirt, noticed two 8 grade males continually hitting each other in the face, tapping out as a male laughed, twisting his Beeswaxed twists, sitting in his desk, noticing the 7 grade male wrapping his arms around the 8 grade male's sides from behind, lifting and shouted, tightly closing her eyes. Dibs "SECURITYYYYYYY!" The middle school students noticed Dibs wiping her jeans and below her nose, sniffing, watching as a 8 grade male student spoke. 8 Grade Male "You loud." Dibs "I need you all to listen. You don't have to do your assignments, but you need to sit in your seats and wait till the bell rings." 8 Grade Male "Its the last period though." Dibs "SECURITYYYYYYYYY!" 8 Grade Male "Alright! Chill out." Dibs "Take your seats." Dibs stood in the front of the classroom, watching as the students take, sitting in their seats. 8 Grade Male "Let us watch tv." 7 Grade Male "Yea. Its boring." Dibs "Will you stay in your seats?" 8 Grade Male "Turn on the tv." The middle school students watched as Dibs walked towards as she held her arms upwards, placing her hands on to the sides, straightening the wall tv mount, turning on the tv as the 8 grade males looked at each other, continually watching her legs, eating popcorn, smiling. Dibs "What's your channel?" 8 Grade Male "BET!" 8 Grade Female "BET!" Dibs continually turned the channels, noticing the BET logo as she angled her lips, noticing a tipsy music video with females exiting into a room with a male. 8 Grade Male "Move out the way."

Dibs noticed the 8 grade male as she walked towards, sitting in her desk, crossing her arms, resting her head. 8 Grade Male "You don't watch this?" Dibs pressed her upper lip on to, sticking out her lower lip as the students continually spoke. 7 Grade Male "You remind me of my grandma." The 8 grade male grabbed, snagging the 8 grade female's pencil from her desk as he continually spoke. 8 Grade "You look as good as the females in the video." Dibs "I have nasty burps." 8 Grade Female "Give me my pencil!" The 8 grade female up righted as she walk towards the 8 grade male, pulling her pencil from his hand, smacked his teeth and spoke. 8 Grade Male "Man." The 8 grade male grabbed, playfully force sitting the 8 grade female into her seat as she spoke, continually up righting, kicking his shin. 8 Grade Female "Stop!" The 8 grade male wrapped his arms around, playfully lifting the 8 grade female as Dibs up righted, rushing to the students as she spoke. Dibs "I'm calling security!" The 8 grade male continually spoke, wrapping his arms around, slightly lifting as he playfully force Dibs on to the floor, sitting on her backside, slightly exhaling her voice and smiled. Dibs "!" The students watched in fear as Dibs sat on her left knee and smiled, placing her right hand on to the 8 grade female's desk, staring at the 8 grade male. The 8 grade male threw a chalk eraser towards Dibs, smiling and ducked, crossing her arms around her eyes as the male students root for the 8 grade male. 8 Grade Male "I got 99 problems and a teacher ain't one." Dibs "Let me go!" The office assistant noticed Dibs voice, opening the classroom door, exiting into the first floor class, watching the 8 grade male slightly lifted Dibs arms held wrapped around her waist as the students continually laughed, letting go Dibs as she drop on to the floor, knees bent, mouth slightly opened, noticing. Dibs and the middle school students continually stared, watching the office assistant as the bell rung.

Phase listened as Pixel spoke, wearing senior ranked fang shaped lower body genital, butt and upper leg side widow spider armor attached to her sailor collar sleeveless shirt, standing beside the lined in order Widows, continually wearing the widow dress code of light red sailor collared white sleeveless shirts and widow legged knee length skirts, hand placed on to a Widow's shoulder, standing in a wide shiny black length room with outward angled walls, floor red hourglass widow metaphors, light red widow spider carvings on the walls, thin square mid, bottom, top wider square shaped black widow columns and hourglass shaped seats. 3 continually smiled, standing beside Wader, biting her side lower lip with black finger paint markings on the back of her thighs. Narak, hands placed on each side of her face, playfully turning her head sideways with a black finger paint marking on the front of her neck. 4rit, holding a neck in her mouth, drinking substance. Org, purse, vibrating her lips. Idiocy, tilting her head sideways, pulling black shiny webs tingled around her hair. Ret, rubbing her hands beside, straightening her short hair. Gorz, constantly tip toeing her feets. Poliwag, holding her teeths, pressed on to her right thumb with red widow stripes on each of her thighs. Leech biting a pear held slightly wrapped, hanging from her ceiling web with two angled dark red widow spider stripes perfectly matching beside her mid thighs and Pleb, day dreaming with a left crippled limb, right crossed around her left leg, holding her hands behind her back. Pixel "You ready?" Phase "I'm listening." Pixel walked beside each Widow, introducing their names, continually speaking in a mental ill voice. Pixel "This is 3, my sister." Phase nodded his head. Pixel "This is Wader. 3. Narak. 4rit. Org. Idiocy. Ret. Gorz. Poliwag. Leech. Also Pleb. We are the major Widows you will see." Phase "Its nice to meet you." Pixel "The Paradox succeeds!" Phase "Pixel." Pixel "?" Phase "I need to walk with you for a minute." Phase walked beside Pixel towards the waterfall balcony, holding her hands held behind her back following as he continually spoke. Pixel "Listening." Phase "Is it true that your all really just one person?" Pixel "Yes. 6er is the original." Phase "Were there already males before me?" Pixel "False. Your the only one." Phase ".. I would like to.. Request?" Pixel "Tell me your request." Phase ".. At times, I wish I could hold you." Pixel "You want to pick me up? Phase "I have muscles and you have development. I want to see the next possibility." Pixel decided, lagging and spoke. Pixel "Done. I will let you hold me, but only for 3 minutes. Please be gentle with my body." Pixel waited as Phase slightly tightened his arms around her waist tightly raising the side of her lips, closing his eyes as he tilt his head downwards, standing on the balcony, listening to the waterfall.

Dibs held her tray, staring across the restaurant, looking outside the window, walked beside her table, continually staring as she sat in the double seat, sliding the tray on to the table. Dibs held, biting her half unwrapped turkey sandwich meal, continually with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes with a hard plastic cup drink, chewing. Dibs held her flip phone opened, staring at the picture of the black widow, slide off the double seats, up righting, placed the tray on to the stacked trays, exiting the sandwich restaurant as she look each direction, noticing the traffic. Dibs continually stared at the cars, stopping for the red light as she noticed the African American security blow his car horn, parked beside the traffic as she stared, noticing and smiled. Dibs pushed over into the private cab, sitting in the back seat, closing the exit, laid sideways, resting her eyes as the African American pressed his feet on to the right pedal, driving. Dibs slightly moved, clicking her mouse, wearing her black widow pajamas as she saved her typed Widow's Theory file as, smiling. Dibs placed her finger on to, peeking outside the blinds, watching the steps as she held her flip phone, noticing the time as 8:28pm. Dibs laid on her living room sofa, resting her head on a pillow, laid against the arm of the sofa, turning side ways, bending her knees as she continually held her flip phone opened in front her face, staring at the black widow screen saver, closing her flip phone, placing beside the pillow. Dibs placed her left arm around the pillow, closing her eyes as she bend the pillow against her face.

Pixel, the majors and other widows watched, waiting in 6er's sepulcher, standing around her widow sarcophagus with sizable butts, medium breasts, wearing traditional sailor collared sleeveless shirts, upper leg, genital and backside lower body armor with thigh side attached black flattened straight myriapod centipede segments attaching their legs as the orange stripe extended in a straight tare through 6er's sarcophagus. The Widows noticed 6er's squeak voice and glowing pink eyes, awakening as Pixel and her selective widow assistants rushed down the steps towards the widow sarcophagus. 6er's glowing eyes faded, placing her hands on to the side tare, up righting continually of Phase's demographic with amaranth red chin length short hair, black pupils, sizable backside, hips and medium breasts, wearing dingy colored mummy wrappings around her body ending at her neck as Pixel and her assistant carefully placed their hands on to 6er's shoulders, sliding off the sarcophagus on to the floor, sitting on her knees. Pixel sat on her left knee, placing her left hand on to the floor, right hand continually slightly placed on to 6er's shoulder, smiling and arranged her fingers in sign language, listening. Pixel "Welcome back, leader. We have Phase." Pixel and the majors watched 6er held her hands on to the sides, eating a sculpture size pear, standing in the widow view room inside a separate smaller watch pyramid with shiny black floors, walls, ceiling and pyramid side angled balcony as she continually arranged her fingers. Pixel "6er. A person knows we live in theory secrecy. Dibs is her name. We will keep webs on her believe." 6er stared at Pixel, listening and continually held her hands on to the fruit, eating. 6er exited the palace into the straight forward river view room with wall raw rough shiny black diamond gemstones, walking over the bridge towards as Phase stared at the waterfall, lying on a widow web held swing wide pillow behind, arms crossed behind his head and right knee bent as he noticed, up righted and slide off the pillow. Phase continually stared, watching 6er and spoke. Phase "Are you 6er?" 6er responded, playfully kicking Phase's lower ankle as she held her arms upwards, slowly angling her arms downwards, slightly spreading her left hand fingers, raising her right hand pointer finger. Phase "Why did you revive me?" 6er stared, placed her right fingers on to the widow's flesh side of his face as she tilt her head sideways, angling her lips and continually stared.

7: Wonderful

~Pixel and her Widow assistants watched as Phase placed his hands on to each side of the opened red stripe window, exiting the Widow's Egg Rejuvenator, placing his right feet on to the floor, soaked in clear red substance. Phase placed his right hand on to, pressing his hand into his left wrist, noticing his soft bones. Phase "I thought I needed lengthier time to progress?" Pixel arranged her fingers as she respond, speaking in sign language. Pixel "We see your unhappiness inside your chest. We can nurture you easier outside. Don't over press your body. We have security." Phase "Its actually exciting, but understood." Pixel continually arranged her fingers in sign language. Pixel "Our leader is reaching her schedule. Body preserving." Phase "Who?" Pixel "Her name is 6er. We are her alters." Phase continually read Pixel's hands and responded. Phase "Is there any specific clothes I can comfort into?" Phase placed the hood on to his head, wearing a white hood attached long sleeve white shirt and white sweat pants, noticing Pixel arranging her fingers. Pixel "Request done?" Phase "Its perfect." Pixel "Keep your requests if you need thingers, scorpion king." Phase noticed his stomach growl and spoke. Phase "I thought I removed stomach functioning from my body?" Pixel nodded, shaking her head left and right and arranged her fingers. Pixel "You need to eat. Body substance nurtures your muscles." Phase "What do you eat?" Pixel "Rats. Victims. We drink body substance." Phase "I need it. I'm hungry." Phase watched as Pixel grabbed a flamed rat on a ebony black colored roasting stick over a obsidian black half pyramid fireplace, sitting on ebony black hourglass shaped double seat on a separate cave waterfall view wide inward angled ebony black pyramid balcony as she handed Phase the flamed rat and spoke. Pixel "Dinner is ready." Phase held the rat's side towards his mouth, biting as he chewed, swallowed and spoke. Phase "Do you want the rest?" Pixel "Meat. They are yours." Phase grabbed his 2nds, continually biting the flamed rat, swallowing. Phase "I didn't realize these could taste so decent. I feel as if I'm still dead." Pixel handed Phase a webbed wrap neck and arranged her fingers. Pixel "Want some body substance?" Phase "I already have what I needed. Save it for later." Pixel up righted, exiting the balcony walking down the steps towards the Widow out pyramid space, watching as he continually held the rat in front his mouth, biting and faced the front view.

Wednesday, 4:00pm

Dibs placed her right white shoe on to her right feet, right leg bent, sitting on her bed, continually tucked in, wearing her dingy colored short sleeve mummy shirt, tucked in her leg huggers with featured wide open eyes peeking through the black colored opening centered across her chest, pushing over into the private cab, closing the exit and spoke. Dibs "I missed the spider and I didn't see any human webs, but they were in my dream once I fell asleep. I need to reach the office." Dibs listened, sitting in the office, elbows placed on to her thighs, resting her head on her hands as the office man spoke. Office Man "And your stating the Widows are in Phase's considered demographic?" Dibs responded as she held a text paper upwards. Dibs "Signal found. Adult bodies. Widow's theory." Office Man "There's without a doubt a paradox involved. Their really creative, but just because your in Phase's demographic, doesn't give you the permission to alter his legacy. He was already a monster before he died." Dibs closed the exit, placing her flip phone on to the side and handed the African American Security her text paper. Dibs "The office guy doesn't want a theory reporter. Where you think I should look from here?" African American Security "?" Dibs "I don't want to miss the spider. My need for mysteries is horrible." The African American security continually listened as he pushed his feet on to the pedal, driving the private cab. The private cab driver parked in front a luxurious white crib as Dibs noticed, placing her hands on to the window staring and spoke. Dibs "I've never been to these before. I'm used to the little ones." Dibs waited beside the private security, ringing the door bell, holding her phone as she look right. Dibs and the security watched as the male rapper crib owner opened the front door, standing beside his 7 year old son and spoke. Male Rapper "Saviors. Didn't think I could be actually happy in my need of help. You look wonderful, miss. What's your name?" Dibs continually held her flip phone, responding."Dibs." Male Rapper "So your hear for the acquaintance? Aye, security." Dibs "But, I'm a theory reporter already." Male Rapper "Please. If you can watch my son for a few hours until I finish my video shoot, I'll guarantee your worth while." The security moved his elbow against Dibs as she noticed and responded. Dibs continually stared, rubbed her flip phone's screen on to the side of her leg huggers, deciding as she held her flip phone and spoke. Dibs "Send me your number."

Dibs walked beside the Rapper's son, walking through the living room towards the beach view balcony as he spoke. Rapper Son "Are you my mom? Your name is dibs, right?" Dibs "I may wish I could be." Rapper Son "I wish my dad wasn't hardly ever home." Dibs stared at the Rapper's son, holding his hand as she continually angled her lips. Dibs ".. After he disappears, what's your secrecy when he's rapping?" Rapper's Son "Secrecy?" Dibs "Mmhmm. Secret stuff. Where you live is your club before he get home. Fun only you he doesn't see before he get home." Rapper's Son "Oh, understood." Dibs held the pencil, drawing as the rapper's son smiled and held his finished drawing, showing a drawing of a feetless, handless and faceless Dragon Ball Z character as she held her copied version, showing a stick male with super saiyan hair in front her face, sitting around the kitchen table, held a separate adaptor connected Gameboy SP, playing 2 players against the rapper's son in Super Mario Advance 4, sitting on his room bed. Dibs held her hands on to her eyes, finish counting and spoke in "Ready or not, I'm coming!" Dibs opened the Rapper's son room closet, moving aside clothes, closing the closet, stared under his bed, sitting on her knees, walked through the living room, bending over as she look each direction, peeked checking the balcony standing between the slides, noticed the Rapper's son excitingly hiding under a car in the rapper's parking lot, continually sitting on her knees, peeking under a lined in row car and spoke in "Come here!" Dibs held, smearing mayonnaise on to the bread, handed the Rapper's son a sliced napkin wrapped turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes, watched as the rapper's son held, playing his Gameboy SP, ankles crossed, sitting beside the swimming pool, feets placed into the water, staring at the character and spoke. Rapper's son "I still do this part when my dad's home. I'm glad he met you. Your fun to be with." Dibs listened as she tilt her head downwards, staring at the water. Dibs watched, right hand placed on to the side, standing in his room door as the rapper's son raised his cover, pushing over into his bed and spoke. Rapper's son "I hate that when I fall asleep, I won't see you again." Dibs stared, exited into the rapper son's room, sit standing on her knees, crossed her arms on to his bed and responded. Dibs "Want to hear a positive theory?" Rapper's son "Like a bed time story?" Dibs "It can be. Are you listening?" Rapper's son "You make me feel safe." Dibs "One night, I woke up to use the restroom. I exited my restroom, realizing I couldn't re-fall asleep. I stared outside my apartment window and I could see shiny black spider webs under apartment steps. I saved my phone with me, the one you can see in my hand, carefully moved next to the steps and saw a black widow with red body markings under the steps." Rapper's son "Will I ever see one?" Dibs held her flip phone opened, showing the rapper's son a picture of the female black widow as her phone's screen saver. Dibs "See?" Rapper's son "I never saw those type of spiders before." Dibs "I saved a picture of the widow spider, faced my apartment room and saw a human widow spider web holding its self from my apartment roof that was behind me. I stared, almost scared and went inside my room. Widows.. My theories report the webs is from myth only female widow spiders that live in a paralleled underground. They are baby sitters and live in our beliefs inside a pyramid as mature teenagers and look like humans. They are watchers and visitors of our city as neighbors only at night... Magbi?.." Dibs noticed the rapper's son sleep continually staring, smiled and kissed his forehead.

Dibs walked the down stairs, right hand placed on to the rail, noticing as the rapper opened the front door, exiting into his crib and spoke. Rapper "I'm still here." Dibs "Hey." Rapper "I got your worth while." The rapper handed Dibs a paycheck as he continually spoke. Rapper "I wish you were the mother of my son." Dibs eye contacted the rapper, stared as she held her phone text and responded. Dibs "You should spend more time with him." Dibs exited the rapper's crib, noticing the African American unlocking the private cab parked, smiled as she waved her right hand. Dibs exited into the private, closing the exit and continually spoke in phone text. Dibs "It makes me smile to see you. Look!" Dibs held the check between the front seats. The African American listened as he smiled, pushing the right pedal. Dibs continually leaned against the window, mouth slightly opened, half asleep, flip phone placed into her pocket, noticing the passing street lights as the security parked the cab. The African American opened the exit as Dibs exited the private cab, walking towards the steps, forgetting her check as the African American cleared his throat. Dibs "?" Dibs noticed the African American yanking his head towards the backseat, noticing her pay check and realized. Dibs "!" Dibs grabbed her pay check and dialed her response. Dibs "I need to cash the rest before I can pay you." The African American pushed the right pedal, driving the car as Dibs rushed beside the steps, holding as she sat on her left knee, placing her pay check on to the ground, watching the female black widow crawling on her webs and smiled.

Phase walked into a black pyramid shaped room with a wall light red outlined black widow spider carving, sweat pants rolled to his middle ankles, noticing a Widow crawl standing on the floor, drinking substance from a victim's neck. Phase continually stared, watching as the Widow noticed, staring. The Widow continually stared, pulling the victim deeper into the dark room, crawling backwards as he rushed, running. Pixel "Phase!" Phase continually rushed, exiting the pyramid, glide jumping on to the black sand surroundings as Pixel threw a black cube, hitting his back as he stopped, noticed Pixel standing between two Widows in front the entrance. Pixel "Come here! Where are you going?!" Phase "I feel intimidated." Pixel continually arranged her fingers. Pixel "We are girls. Your nurtures. We are your partners." Phase "I feel really misplaced. I don't know what to do with my self." Pixel "We nurture males. Please stop acting and come back in the pyramid." Phase continually stared, listening and walked up the smooth steps towards the Widow's entrance as Pixel waited and spoke. Phase "Where do I use the bathroom?"

8: Reporting, Myths Assignment
Reporting, Myths Assignment

~Phase opened his eyes, healing in a black colored abdomen shaped Widow Egg Rejuvenator with a red striped shaped glassed window, centered in a triangular shaped room, noticing Pixel and 2 other Widow Eg Nurturers continually of his demographic with short chin length hair and developed bodies, exiting into the Widow's nurturing room wearing light red sailor collared white sleeveless shirts, attached black widow spider legs surrounding each upper thighs, black widow spider outline on the left collar and spoke in sign language, arranging his fingers. Phase "How long do I have left? I feel manipulated." Pixel responded, arranging her fingers in a sentence. Pixel "We need to web you lengthier. Please heed future risks." Phase continually arranged his fingers in a sentence. Phase "I need extensive questions answered. I feel off." Pixel "We will answer your question momently. Your body is still too soft. Please cancel away your phases if you request nourishment. We nurtured your backstory."

Tuesday, 3:48pm

Dibs continually slept, laying sideways, turning on her backside, elbows as she opened her eyes and instantly up righted. Dibs held her toothbrush on to, brushing her teeth, jeans unzipped, continually pulling upwards, holding her toothbrush into her mouth, struggling to fit into her leg huggers/jeans, knees bent, head laid against the floor, continually pulling her jeans, pulled her leg huggers upwards, fitting into her jeans as she tripped forward, falling on to the floor, glass breaking. Dibs zipped her leg huggers, placed her apartment room key into her pocket, placed the key into, locking her apartment room, noticing the African American parked, walking beside the private cab, holding the black widow picture in her flip phone opened held upwards and displayed her text. Dibs "I seen a black widow spider before I went to sleep. I believe Phase is breathing. I just have this feeling. I'm going to tell everyone." Dibs spoke to a male holding his Gameboy SP, aiming her flip phone, held towards his face, showing the picture of a black widow, theory feeding, standing on a neighborhood sidewalk as a car passed. Dibs continually held her flip phone, speaking to a male wearing a red sweat band as he held a opened pack of crunched towards his mouth, eating salted dry noodles in a neighborhood park, collage female student sitting under the bus stop shelter, male crib owner checking his male box, employed Asian female standing behind the countertop in a corner store, male holding a CD player as he pulled the right ear speaker wearing a headset, female holding a rice box, eating Chinese rice as she nodded her head left and right, listening to the doubters respond. Male holding Gameboy SP "Nah. Phase is dead." Male Confessing "Nice jeans, miss." Employed Asian Female "Are you asking for a job?" Male Usher fan "How about we go on a date?" Female eating Chinese rice "Can I help you?"

Dibs listened, sitting on a chair in a office, hands placed on to her knees gripping her flip phone, holding her lips angled as the office man spoke, holding her flip phone. Office Man "Let me get this "Theory" straight. Even if Phase was still alive, he'd be easy to identify. You stated to always be bored, so I can't take you seriously on this matter." Dibs unfolded and held her emergency text paper. Dibs "I brought proof!" Office Man "The picture was mostly blurred. If that's proof than I don't know what is." Dibs grabbed her tray from the countertop, walking towards her selected table, sitting in the doubled seat, placing her tray on to the table as she look outside the restaurant window. Dibs bald up her wrapped, finishing her chicken sandwich with mayonnaise, luttace and tomatoes, held the hard plastic cup towards her mouth, drinking her green punch, noticing the African American parking. Dibs held as she aimed, throwing the bald wrap into the trash bin, exited the sandwich restaurant holding a saved wrapped chicken sandwich, pushing over into the private cab, closing the exit as she reached, placing the wrapped sandwich on to the passenger seat. The African American parked in front of Dibs apartment room, opening her eyes, lying sideways on to the back seat, up righting as he opened the back right side exit, exiting the private cab and held her flip phone. Dibs "You don't always have to open the exit for me." The African American signed, closing his eyes, leaving the apartments as Dibs walked to her apartment room, placing her key into the lock, unlocking the door. Dibs continually rested her head sideways against a pillow on to her bed, sitting on her knees, hands placed between the matrass, elbows placed on to her thighs, resting her head on her hands, bored as she stared right, waiting for 10:00pm. Dibs placed her right feet under a step, up righting her toes standing as she straightened her legs, placing her left feet under the step as she fell, tripping on to her butt, critically hitting the ground as she imitated a voice exhale scream, placing her left hand on to her butt, crawl standing. Dibs opened her eyes, lying sideways with her elbows and knees bent, noticing a light brown male watchdog bark, sitting. Dibs up righted on to her knees, petting the watchdog's head, licking her face as she tightly closed her eyes, placed her hands on to the ground, noticing the watchdog the flee as she crawled towards the steps, up righting, placed her hands on to, grabbing the rails and stared, watching. Dibs slowly struggled, pulling her body on to the apartment steps, right hand placed on to the left rail, lifting her body as she turned, sitting on the lower steps. Dibs continually placed her hand on to the rail as she turn, pulling her self reaching the upper steps, noticing her memories as she stiffed, continually staring.

Dibs pressed the keyboard, playing computer games, sitting in Phase's computer room wearing a light pink short sleeve shirt and purple mid calf length pants, noticing Phase instantly standing beside the computer as he spoke. Dibs "!" Phase "Dibs. I need you." Dibs continually stared, up righted with difficulty as she fell sideways, turned on her stomach and placed her right hand on to the chair, attempting to up right, hurting her stiffed legs, slightly opening her mouth. Dibs held her arms wrapped around Phase's neck, holding her legs as he carefully placed her feet on to the floor, standing in front the stairs, letting go his shoulders. Phase "A struggling female can be a beautiful concept. Follow my hand but, use your mouth." Phase held, straightening his right hand in front Dibs face, angling downwards as she struggled, slightly bending her body, following his hand with her face, opening her mouth. Phase "Stop." Dibs listened, continually staring. Phase "Your limited. I need to figure out how I can watch over you." Dibs continually struggled, crawling up the stairs, pulling her stiff legs, staring as Phase watched, sitting on the upper stairs. Dibs continually crawled with difficulties reaching Phase as he carefully placed his hand under Dibs arms, lifting her body, continually staring, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, rubbing upwards against his genitals. Dibs "." Phase "I can lift weights. Are you interested?" Dibs continually stared, nodding her head upwards and downwards as she placed her hands on to the stairs. Dibs continually stared, lying against the apartment steps, pulling her stiff leg upwards as she turned, sitting on the upper steps, watching a black car pass, and stared.

Pixel walked between two Widow S Checkers entering inside a small separate shiny black private pyramid, 6er's private parallelogram shaped widow sepulcher with a side wall sized black hourglass timing pink sand, bright green outlined side view sitting frog carvings on the starting points of the walls and wall outlined red widow spider, staring downwards towards a shiny dark blue widow spider shaped sarcophagus held on 8 legs with dark red markings on the upper side of the abdomen, ranging from a stripe and red hourglass on the underside of the abdomen, wearing bright green sailor collared white shirts. The Widows continually stared as she signed, arranging her fingers, notifying the leader, speaking in sign language, standing between her partners holding blue fire torches. Pixel "6er! We have the sort."

Dibs lightly breathed, opened her eyes, lying sideways as she smiled, up righting. Dibs held her flip phone opened upwards, standing in the kitchen, noticing 12:08pm, closed her apartment room door, slowly walked beside her apartment room window, noticing her neighbors sitting on the steps talking to each other. Dibs continually stared as she placed her right hand on to, turning the door knob and opened, backing into her apartment room, watching the neighbors, slowly closing the exit.

9: Widow's Theory
Widow's Theory


Monday, 4:30pm

A Female Widow kissed Phase's forehead, hands placed on to his cheeks, slightly holding his head standing in a shiny black cube shaped room with a wall red hourglass widow metaphor, centered inside a shiny black pyramid, having light colored skin, black pupils, chin length shiny black hair, wearing a ebony black sailor collared white sleeveless shirt and attached black widow spider legs as a knee length skirt surrounding her upper thighs. The Widow watched, noticing Phase opening his eyes, mouth slightly opened, having a small section of his face surrounding his left eye as ebony black widow flesh, ebony black eye, dark red cornea and ebony black pupil, progressing soft body held in shiny black nurturing webs, having straight short black hair, wearing a knee length white tunic and spoke. Phase "I really wish you didn't bring me back to this hell whole."

Dibs, A 21 year old mute female theory reporter spoke, having cinnamon brown skin, dark red eyes, ear length cinnamon brown hair in a layered bob, wearing vermilion red lipstick, a white short sleeve tight shirt tugged in her hug squeeze high waist denim blue jeans and white shoes as she smile, handing a airline ticket to the older female employee, holding the handle of her luggage case with a stiff right leg, limping. Dibs exited the airport inside, pulling her luggage case, noticing a silent buff male African American party security guard standing beside a private black cab, opening the back door, having dark skin, wearing a microphone headset, black shades, black long sleeve shirt, black jeans and white shoes and spoke. Dibs "Thank you, mister." Dibs sat in the back seat pushing over, sitting beside as she pull her luggage case on to the seat, closing the door. Dibs continually wondered, hands placed on to her luggage case, placed on to her left thigh and puffed the right side of her cheek. African American Security "..." Dibs ".." The African American security parked the car in front the two story apartments, opening the back door as Dibs exited the cab, pulling her luggage case. Dibs watched, handing the African American security his fee in 10 dollar bill, slightly smiling and held her flip phone opened in front his face, reading the text." Dibs "Hold the change?" The African American raised his right eyebrow as Dibs noticed and dialed a new text, holding her flip phone upwards. "Keep it!" The male African American security exited into the private cab, closing the exit as Dibs rushed beside the driver's seat and held her flip phone upwards, displaying her test. African American Security "!" The African American Security noticed, reading Dibs text. Dibs "Theories are me. I'm going to be writing my own theories soon and start my own theory channel." Dibs, placed her key into the lock, opening the door, exiting into her 1st floor apartment room, continually dragging her luggage case, took a deep breath and smiled, relieved.

Dibs placed her keyboard on to the desktop in front her flat screen monitor, plugging her Dell desktop into the wall socket, sitting in her armless computer chair. Dibs turned the handle, exiting the shower, dry towel covering her lower breasts and thighs, placed the tooth brush into her mouth, brushing her teeth, hand placed on to the sink, staring into her reflection. Dibs laid her pillow on to the keyboard against her desktop computer, sitting in the chair, leaving her arms swing as she rest her head sideways, wearing black colored widow spider pajamas with a front red widow spider outline feature and sleeve red marking, noticing her stomach growl. Dibs opened, staring into her empty refrigerator, making a bored facial expression, placed her luggage case on to her lap, grabbing her sack pack, sitting on her bed, stared as she held the door opened, exiting into the sandwich restaurant, noticing a extended line of 8 graders on a field trap, holding her sack pack as she realized and angled her lips. Dibs continually stared upwards, reading the sandwich variety menu and picked, placing her wallet on to the countertop. Dibs held, biting the last bit of her 2nd sandwich with mayonnaise, honey roasted ham, lettuce, tomatoes and toasted sliced breath, chewing as she swallowed, held the hard tall plastic cup towards her mouth, finishing her cold drink, hiccupping and laid sideways on to the double seat closing her eyes, placed her tray on to the stacked trays. Dibs exited the sandwich restaurant bending left elbow, burping and continually hiccupped as the African American security parked the private cab. Dibs placed, holding her sock pack into her mouth, pulling her pocket sockets upwards, noticing the African American unlocking the locks as Dibs realized. Dibs, exited into the cab, closing the door as she held her flip phone sideways towards the African American, reading the text. Dibs "I'm not ready to go home yet. I want to see more of the city. You know any places?" Dibs continually stared through the half opened window, hands placed on to her knees, noticing the city's location, sitting beside her sack pack, passing the time. The African American parked in front a dance club, noticing as Dibs held her flip phone, displaying a test. Dibs "Err. Signal lost. I'm not interested in clubs. I seen other addicting places. You can bring me home now." The African American continually parked the cab in front Dibs apartment, opening the exit as she pushed outwards, grabbing her sack pack, exiting the cab and displayed her text. Dibs "Thank you for touring me. We should exch!" Dibs instantly hiccupped, interrupting her sentence as she continually spoke. Dibs "Ahem." Phone numbers. You own a phone?" Dibs held her flip phone opened, saving the African American's number into her phone under his nationality as she held, facing the phone angled towards his shades. Dibs "Saved." The African American security nodded his head. Dibs yawned, closing her eyes, pulled upwards her widow spider pajama pants, dropped sideways on her bed, continually yawning, closing her eyes, placing a separate pillow on her face.


Dibs tightly pressed her eye lids together, tightly grabbing her pillow, opening her eyes, noticing her bladder alert as she rolled on to the floor, falling on her stomach, arms bent. Dibs rushed into the bathroom, closing the door as she exhale her voice in a low speak, peeing. Dibs opened the door exited her bathroom, continually holding the knob awaked as she noticed, sitting in her computer chair, placing her right hand on to her mouse, resting her head sideways on to her arm, resting on the keyboard, held her flip phone opened, standing on her knees beside her bed, watching the time, noticing her window blinds. Dibs placed her fingers on to, bending the blinds as she stared through the window, noticing shining silver webs under the black painted metal steps reflecting from the street lights. Dibs limped, continually stared, placed her left hand on to the side standing beside her apartment room, holding her flip phone beside her right thigh side, continually staring as she slowly walked beside the steps, noticing a shiny Female Black Widow Spider with a red hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen. Dibs carefully sat on her left knee with difficulties as she place her hands on to the ground letting go her flip phone, folding her arms, watching the black widow crawl, grabbed as she held her flip phone in front, taking a picture of the black widow, continually staring. Dibs placed her right hand on to, grabbing the rail, up righted walking to her apartment room, smiling as she noticed a human sized shining black web extended from the apartment's roof towards the grass realizing, continually staring upwards.