~Saturday, 3:21pm

Rapter stared at the 4 bad boy cops, standing in the street, elbows bent forward continually against her upper sides, fingers straightened as she tilt her head sideways as the cops watched, standing beside the 2 cars. Bad Boy Cop "?" Rapter continually stared into instantly attacking, exceedingly running, holding her arms against her chest, back bent forward, imitating a Raptor in the street towards a bad boy cop, swinging his police stick as she gripped her teeths into his wrist, swinging the bad boy cop against a car window shield, breaking the glass. Bad Boy Cop "Agh!" The back up bad boy cop, threw his stick, hitting Rapter's head as she exhale her squeak voice, falling sideways, closing her eyes, mouth slightly opened. Bad Boy Cop "Watch her while I get our back up. She's great on her feet." The bad boy cop carefully walked beside the car, grabbing his unconscious back up as the back up bad boy cop watched Rapter slowly up right, running towards aiming for his neck as she bite, closing her teeth. The Homeless Males continually watched the street block, sitting on a concrete porch, listening to his friend spoke. Homeless Males "I seen the warning April was talking about." The Homeless Male held the glass bottle of bub towards his mouth, drinking and responded. Homeless Male "Who is it?" Homeless Male "Some female with a different body structure. She's like a merciless zombie." A homeless male anxiously distracted, holding his bat securing a separate sidewalk, noticed Rapter pulling her teeth from a male's neck, hands placed on to his chest and stomach as he held his bat, ignoring his exceeding heart beat. The homeless male continually held his bat, slightly swinging as Rapter exceedingly attacked exhaling a squeak voice, biting his throat, closing her teeth. Homeless Male "!" A male decliner of April's partner announcement opened his eyes, noticing between Rapter's thighs sitting on her knees, awakening on the porch, staring as she tilt her head sideways, tightly raising her lips sideways and instantly attacked, biting his neck. The 8 grade female exited her parents apartment room, closing the front door, holding April's rat tail comb as a male supporter spoke, leaning on a car front. Male Supporter "She's still absent." 8 Grade Female "I'm going to look for April. If anybody want to come, I might need back up." Male Supporter "Authorities?" 8 Grade Female "They went to look for a hotel. I had to pretend I was sleep in case they wanted to bring me." Male Supporter "That's tight. I'll see if the clique is still into it." The 8 grade female walked into the arena district as the supporters followed and male supporter spoke, holding each selected weapon. Male Supporter "Are you positive this the way she went?" 8 Grade Female "She turned this way from our apartments. I know the traditional streets she uses." Male Supporter "?!" 8 Grade Female "?!" Female Supporter "?!" The 8 grade female and supporters noticed Rapter, running from the left, exhaling a high pitch squeak voice and spoke. Male Supporter "She serious!" 8 Grade Female "EVERYBODY HIT HER!" Rapter rushed, exceedingly biting the male supporter's throat, falling on top of the male supporter, becoming absent as the 8 grade female swing April's rat tail end of the comb, missing. 8 Grade Female "I missed!" Rapter continually exceeded, continually biting a female supporters neck, exceedingly killing the 8 grade female, biting her throat as she exhale her voice.

April opened her eyes, lying sideways on the bonk bed, right arm placed under the pillow as she up righted, hitting the top bonk, placing her hand on her head, realizing, dropped on to her knees towards the floor and wiped her eyes as Joe noticed. Joe "April! You alright?" April "Aye." Joe "You really overslept. It was starting to drive me crazy." April "How long was I sleep?!" Joe "You slept through Friday." April "Why didn't you wake me up?!" Joe "For the same reason." April "I need to get ready." April exited the tour bus as Joe continually spoke. Joe "April, wait." April listened. Joe "I was planning to go out of town for a bit. Just a small vacation. I can make room for you." April "I'll think about it. I might need to move in with you." Joe "Hit up my dial." April "Hold my phone. I left my charger at home." Joe "April!" April focused, continually straightening her hands behind her back, bending her back forward, running on to the sidewalk. April turned the corner, running into the front of the apartments, placed her hand on to the rail running up the steps, exiting into her apartment room, unplugged as she grabbed her phone charger, wearing a light pink gym shirt, knee length gray sweatpants, white socks and white shoes. April closed her apartment room door, rushing down the steps towards and knocked on the 8 grade female's apartment room door. April "?" April turned left continually running as she realized. April stared right, watching the corners, turning right as she noticed a back up ambulance, following. April continually followed the ambulance, running in the street in front the movie parking lot as she stopped, noticing a separate ambulance parked around her absent supporters lying on the street, necks, mouths and wrists bleeding. April watched the emergency ambulance parked, noticed the 8 grade female lying on the street, rushed passed the emergency ambulance, fighting back tears into crying exhaling her voice, watched the nurturers lift the 8 grade female lying on the stretcher into the ambulance, wiping her eye. April held, staring at the 8 grade female's rat tail comb as her parents pulled up over in a car and spoke. 8 Grade Female's Mother "April, have you seen my daughter?" April "She's in the ambulance." 8 Grade Female's Father "What?! I'm about to seriously act a fool!" April and the 8 grade female's parents noticed the ambulance slightly swerved in front the arena, noticing and spoke. April "I need to go!"

Rapter jumped on to the front on to the roof of the ambulance, elbows continually bend against her chest, knees bend standing as the driver, stopped the ambulance. Nurturers "?!" The drive's partner exited the ambulance as Rapter dropped on to the street, instantly biting his wrist as April placed her right feet between Rapter's feet, grabbed the ambulance's door handle, hitting the door against Rapter's face, exhaling her voice, letting go the nurturer's bleeding wrist, tripping sideways on to the street. April "Hurry up!" Nurturer "Thank you!" The nurturer rushed, exiting into the ambulance, fleeing as April watched Rapter up righting, using her legs, instantly rushed towards, critically biting April's middle wrist, exhaling her voice. April held her wrist as she grabbed her rat tail comb from her hair, noticing Rapter instantly pulling her wrist, dropping her comb. April "!" Rapter continually pulled April as she closed her eyes, focusing. April angled her body upwards, crossing her arms around her face as she flip repel downwards dropping on her feet as Rapter continually grip her teeth, pulling downwards into hitting the street, letting go April's wrist, lying on her back, knees bent upwards, arms spread, elbows and wrists continually bent, eye closed. Rapter opened her eyes as she up right, circling April, staring. Rapter continually attacked, rushing towards April's neck as she sat on her back, held closing her knees upwards, thigh locking as she turned sideways, up righting. April continually rushed, grabbing her rat tail comb, noticing Rapter critically biting her shin. April "AAaghh!" Rapter pulled April, falling on to her backside, gripping her leg as she continually attack, reaching for April's neck, sitting on April's stomach, dropping her comb, placing her hands on to Rapter's neck, pushing. April continually pushed Rapter's neck, noticing Rapter's skin sweating, grabbing her comb, losing her grip as Rapter close her teeth into, critically biting April's left arm, continually exhaling her voice. April placed her right hand on to, gripping Rapter's chin, focusing her meteor shield, accidentally releasing a blue, red and orange explosive Star pulse, repelling Rapter as she exhale her voice, twisting on to, hitting the ground, making loud, convulsive gasps, stunned. Joe noticed April, driving towards the arena as he opened the tour bus exit, calling April's name. Joe "April!" April noticed, watching Joe stop the bus as she responded. April "Stay in the bus, Joe!" Rapter exceedingly rushed, critically biting April's neck, falling on to her back, slightly losing focus of her meteor shield, bending her knees upwards, continually exhaling her voice, tightly closing her eyes. Joe "April! I got you!" Joe up righted, grabbing his bat as April continually placed her hands on to Rapter's neck, releasing a critical star burst, accidentally killing Rapter as she continually exhaled a loud star sounding squeak, repelling sideways on to the street, closing her eyes, mouth slightly opened, elbows, wrists and knees bent, coughing star energy and blood.

Joe "?!" April up righted, catching her breath as she place her right hand on to her left arm, discontinuing her meteor shield, noticing Joe anxiously standing in the bus exit, holding his bat and spoke. April "I told you stay on the bus." Joe "Time isn't with you to think when you need somebody." April placed her hand on to the door, slowly exiting into the tour bus as Joe spoke. Joe "Let me help, April." Joe carefully walked, sitting April on the kitchen seat and spoke. Joe "Why was she attacking you?" April "She was mentally ill. Her arms were crippled so I had a safer way to win. I put her to sleep." Joe "We need to get this blood off you." Joe handed April a folded wet towel as he spoke. Joe "Use this." April placed, holding the folded wet towel on to her shin as she spoke. April "Take me to Phase's place. I need to confront him." Joe "What?! That's not a place you can just go to." April "I just want to knock some sense into him. He knows me. Please." Joe ".. Alright then." April held her hand on to the side, standing in the tour bus entrance way, watching the entrance to Phase's headquarters as she spoke. April "Go wait somewhere because its not safe here. I'll call you to pick me up when I'm finish." Joe "You still haven't charged your phone." April "I forgot. I can use Phase's phones. Hurry up." Joe "I'm coming back for you."

April carefully exited into Phase's headquarters, right hand placed on to, pushing the glass door opened, looking upwards as she walk towards the elevator. April pressed the control requester, watching the doors opening as she exit into the elevator, transferring to the top floor, opening as she exit into the headquarters living room, noticing Phase's absents. April stared outside the living room windows, noticing the empty heliport as 7 black spider drones with 6 legs sneaked, crawling from the walls, ceiling and behind the furniture, jumping on to April, falling on to the floor as she exhale her voice. April "!" The spider drones released stun pulses as April tightly closed her eyes, struggling. April continually struggled, mentally overcoming the phase as she grabbed, throwing a spider drone towards, breaking against the wall, yanked a spider drone off her right feet. April punched the spider drone on her left thigh, breaking as she noticed, punching the yanked spider drone, jumping towards her face into breaking. April slammed the spider drone gripped on to her left elbow against the ground, breaking, grabbed pulling the spider drone off her left shoulder, placed the spider drone on to her right fist, punching the drone spider against the floor. April up righted as spider drones continually hold on to her side and stomach, grabbed the drone from her stomach, smacking her hands against the drone into breaking, pulling the spider drone from her side, slamming the spider drone on to the ground, stumping the drone.

April pressed the requester on to the 1st floor, rushed into the elevator, staring left and right upwards, noticing the elevator stopping. April "?!" April watched the elevator door opening on the 7th floor, noticing the Barbaric Swat grabbed, pulling April's shirt with his left hand, making a convulsive gasp as she placed her hands on to his wrist. The Barbaric Swat gripped April's shirt, continually pulling, smelling April's hair, tightening her eyes, hitting the Barbaric Swat against his nose with her hand, unflinching as she grabbed her comb from her hair. The Barbaric Swat grabbed April's left arm, pulling her rat tail comb from her hand, holding her wrist, tossing her comb backwards on to the floor. April "Let me go!" April smacked the Barbaric Swat's cheek, unflinching, continually grabbing her shirt, placed mud on to April's face, lifting her upwards as he yank forward and backwards, busting April's bottom lip, exhaling her voice. April placed her feet on to the Barbaric Swat's chest, continually pulling as she continually kicked the Barbaric Swat's face, grabbing his wrist, letting go her shirt, continually held on to his wrist, meteor punching his throat, killing the Barbaric Swat, falling on his back. April stared at the defeated Barbaric Swat, continually catching her breath, exited into the elevator, placed her rat tail comb beside, sitting on her knees in Phase's swimming pool room as she placed her hands into the pool, wiping her face, wiped her shoes, pressing her finger on to her shoe lace, smearing off mud. April exited into Phase's indoor parking lot, noticing his Spider Transport lined with his extensive car collectables, realizing. April rushed, exiting the elevator as Joe noticed, exiting through the entrance exit, bruised bottom lip, holding his bat and spoke. Joe "April! We need to call the police." April "I need a ride to the airport." Joe "Airport?" April "Yes." Joe "April, why do you need to do this?" April "Joe! I NEED TO REACH THE AIRPORT! ASK ME QUESTIONS WHEN ITS OVER!" Joe ".. Alright, April. And I'm done." April continually stared outside the window, standing beside Joe, noticing Phase inside the back of the vehicle transport plane and his 6 legged black Scorpion Transport as he depressively looked away. Joe parked the tour bus as April spoke. April "Thank you." April kissed Joe's cheek, exited the tour bus, rushing towards the airport as Joe turned, leaving the location. April continually rushed, reaching the airport lot, watching Phase exit the vehicle, hands placed into his pockets, noticing April and spoke.

April "Phase!" Phase continually noticed April and responded. Phase "Hello." April "Which one will you pick? Either I'm going to tussle you or I'm going to step on you?" Phase "I can arrange that for you." April "Why are you leaving?" Phase "I have nothing else to add. All I can do is walk away. I have my results and routine." April "Is there any person who matter to you?" Phase "Really, I don't like anyone. I'm immortalized mentally." April "Thank you for leaving us in the dark." Phase "I'm like Bowser. I'm overprotective of my woman. My hope in its finale process would have been as if it never happened. I'm just Mario on a bad day." April continually watched Phase, noticing a yellow mark on his forehead in a V formation. April "Your a very inhuman person. How do you sleep at night?" Phase "All of the damage is due to you. Everything was stable till you became responsible. All I wanted was to stop change. The proper aid I needed was distant from my life. Distractions is the only thing left I can turn to. With so many details in life, I just don't agree. I was hoping I could have made that known to you." April "So you don't want our bodies to develop? I'm changing my name to Lor." Phase "Your my enemy. I lost respect for you. Is that what you been anticipating me to inform you? That's what you choose for supporting damaging transitional ideas, April." April "Get in your armor. I'll wait right here." Phase continually stared, turned his back, walking to the front of the vehicle transport plane's driver's entrance seat, ignoring as April instantly rushed, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and continually spoke. April "Your scorpion is beside us." Phase grabbed April's right wrist with his left hand as he instantly turned, facing April, continually gripping her wrist, losing her grip and spoke. Phase "I know that." April "!" April struggled, pulling her wrist as Phase effortlessly held her wrist, staring at her hand, pulling April's wrist, held behind his head, grabbing her right wrist, continually pulling as she punched Phase's cheek, pushing his head sideways. Phase turned his eyes independently towards April and spoke. April "Let go my wrist!" Phase "I never liked to melee females. And with that." Phase instantly wrapped his arms around April's waist, locking her arms, lifting her body upwards, critically tightening as she exhale her voice louder and louder, focusing her meteor shield forming around her body as he noticed, instantly low gliding backwards on to his feet, letting go her body, dropping on to her knees, catching her breath, making loud convulsive gasps.

April watched Phase placing his right hand on to the side entrance as he lift him self upwards into his Scorpion Transport as the top window shield automatically closed and spoke. Phase "This is my self improvement. I used 90s technology to build it. I didn't have time to add teleportation, but it has what I actually need in the long run." A 25% quarter is shown, held into April's teeth, grabbing as she threw the quarter towards, hitting Phase's Scorpion Transport window shield, falling on to the ground as tails and spoke. April "There's your process to society, Phase!" Phase "As pointless as it is, I'm going to show you what its like to have your dedicated in ruins." April "I'm going to show you what its like to be webbed in someone's fantasies." Phase "Good luck with that. You wouldn't know how to. Let alone amaze me." April "Phase me. Bowser!" Phase functioned his Scorpion Transport, releasing a sounding pressure vibrating vibe, instantly fading around his transport as April rushed, placing her hands on to the ground, lifting her legs, body held sideways, two kicking Phase's Scorpion, pushing sideways. April continually held her body, bending her knees, flipping backwards in a meteor formation as Phase swerved, angling his view in front, pulling April backwards in a mass of swirling air grip, raising his Scorpion stinger as she noticed, instantly overcoming the swirl grip, meteor shooting downwards, avoiding the extending illness stinger, lightening her fall, dropping sideways on to his window shield. April instantly turned running backwards, watching as Phase used his pressuring vibe pulse, instantly extended the arm of his Scorpion Transport, grabbing April's waist, placing her hands on to the claw, pulling. April "!" Phase extended his left claw, instantly cutting, scaring her forehead, cutting her side, ankle and thigh sides, slightly closing his claw around April's neck, exhaling her voice, placing her right hand on to the left claw as she meteor rushed, running sideways, pulling Phase's Scorpion Transport, repelling upwards into a continually meteor formation, losing his grip. Phase used his swirling grip, shooting fire balls from his stinger, hold gripping as he release the fire balls on to the ground, continually gripping April.

Phase instantly released, forcing April in a meteor formation downwards on to the ground, slightly exhaling her voice, noticing Phase releasing fireballs, crossing her arms around her face, tightly closing her eyes, stood on her left knee as Phase rushed, critically ramming April, instantly break pressing his Scorpion leg tips on to the ground. April repelled as she focused, turning her body sideways rolling on to ground, repelling upwards forwards, instantly backwards towards as she turned sideways, knee kick damaging the front of Phase's Scorpion Transport, placing her hands on to his Transport's raising left arm, swinging sideways, swerving the claw downwards against the ground. Phase "!" Phase watched April circling his Transportation right as he followed forward, using his swirling grip, tripping her legs, instantly up righting, noticing Phase swirl pulling boxed and crated luggage from the vehicle transport plan, tilting her head upwards, continually watching Phase repel, swirling the luggage. April crossed her arms around her face, back continually bent forward as she rushed forward, running the through the breaking luggage containers, flinching as Phase continually swirl gripping her body. April noticed Phase's stinger formed into shooting 3 as he swirl, swerving the blue fire balls into a blue energy ball, constantly pushing her self, tightly closing her eyes, exhaling her voice, yanking his grip swerving into, critically tackling his Transport, releasing the explosive energy ball, swerving downwards on to the ground, bursting. Phase "Bitch." April continually circled Phase, in need of rest, continually tripping her body, using his swirl grip as she fall on to the ground, exhaling her voice, swerving on her side, slightly catching her breath for air, gravitating her body upwards, instantly stinging her right side, discontinuing her Meteor Shield as she scream, throwing April on to the ground.

Phase followed towards April as he extend, opening his right claw, noticing his eye sight blur into sightless black, stopping his Transport, continually realizing, mouth slightly opened. April up righted, right hand held on to her side as she rush in stress, forming her meteor shield, continually ramming against Phase's Scorpion Transport, damaging the sides and front, breaking, pulling off the palp supports as his eyes fully lose sight, distracting in his prosthetic/enucleated syndrome, fatal undeveloped eyes, noticing his depressive facial expression, unresponsive attacks, continually ramming against the side, breaking Phase's window shield, pushing the transport, flipping over. April "Phase!" April rushed around the Scorpion Transport, noticing Phase half covered towards his stomach, stuck under the transport, catching her breath, exhausted as her meteor shield instantly discontinued, sat on her knees beside Phase, noticing his hearing discontinuing as she spoke. April "Phase! Let me help you!" April sat on her knees behind Phase's head, placing her hands on to his arms, pulling as he spoke. Phase "APRIL, RUN! I SET THE TRANSPORT TO SELFDESTRUCT! The Scorpion Transport selfdestruct as April noticed blue energy, exhaling her voice.

Joe stared left, driving his private tour bus thinking of April, returning to the airport, noticing the Scorpion Transport in flames as he slightly opened his mouth. Joe walked towards the airport lot, noticing April's absence, stressfully looking each direction, continually screaming April's name, face held on to, resting against his right arm covering his eyes closed, held against the tour bus, kneeling on his left knee. Joe watched the ambulance nurtures lifting the body wraps lying on the stretchers into the ambulance, continually held April's cell phone, knees bent, sitting on the floor against the side next to the kitchen seat, head tilted downwards, closing his eyes. The African American Bad Boy cops surrounded, exiting into Phase's headquarters, noticing broke spider drones, holding guns and stared each other in the face, exiting his facility towards parked bad boy police cars as nurturers lift body wraps on stretchers into the ambulances. A speed finger painting occurred, smearing selective colors into April's face, the 8 grade female, rat tail comb and her supporters, finishing as Joe, the 8 grade female's parents and the supporter's families stood in front of the tribute, watching a painting of April, the 8 grade female and supporters on the wall, standing in the school yard as the scenery vision into a picture of April's phone and comb angled beside each other.

Transition Over..


True Crime: Streets of LA. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Enemy Inspirations:

Pharrell Williams, Gogo Yubari.

Preferred Themes/Radio Edits/Clean Versions, Instrumental Versions with hook.

Ginuwine - In Those Jeans/Walking Home. Bow Wow - Lets Get Down ft. Baby/April chasing Swat Harasser/Chasing Swats. 50 Cent - 21 Questions/Vs. Phase (Part 1) Chingy - One Call Away/Meeting Phone/Waking Up. Jay Z - Excuse Me Miss ft. Pharrell/Visiting Indoor Shooting Range. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. Jay Z/Vs. Male Harasser. Twista - Slow Jamz ft. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx/Rushing In Apartment. Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls/Rapter. Ashanti - Rain On Me/Tears From Above Chapter/Tears of Absent Supporters. Pharrell - Frontin' ft. Jay Z/Leaving Apartment (Part 1) Lil Jon And The East Side Boyz - Get Low/Searching For Seduced Female. Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland/Saving Seduced Female. Missy Elliott - Work It/Counterpart Introduction. Cassidy - Hotel ft. R Kelly/Hotel Puzzling. Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name/Vs. Swats (Part 1) Bow Wow - My Baby ft. Jagged Edge/Swats Defeated/Finding Phase's past self/Joe's Feelings. Ashanti - Baby/Leaving Apartment (Part 2) B2K - Girlfriend/Cleaning Stuffed Crib. Twista - Overnight Celebrity/In School Suspension. Ludacris - Stand Up/Vs. Corrupt Security Guard. Jay Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder/After School. Beyoncé - Baby Boy ft. Sean Paul/Sitting Outside. Murphy Lee - Wat Da Hook Gon Be/Searching for Phase's past self. Beyoncé - Me, My Self and I/Drugged In Memories/Conversations/Nex's Transition/Inside. Ja Rule - Down Ass Chick/Realizing Dinosaur Meteor. Ginuwine - Hell Yeah ft. Baby/Entering Model Building. Jay Z - Change Clothes ft. Pharrell/Runway. Justine Timberlake - Senorita/Modelling Escape, 7:00pm. Nelly - Shake Ya Tailfeather/,Chasing Harasser/Vs. Swats (Part 2) Ja Rule - Clap Back/Shed Entrance/Vs. Special Aids. DMX - Get It On The Floor/Vs. Swat Harasser. Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River/Vs. Carbon Rex Claimed, Faced Spike (Part 2) Busta Rhymes - I Know What You Want/Cleaning Apartment Room. Nelly - Air Force Ones/Defeating Swats (Part 3) Jaheim - Put That Woman First/Announcement. 50 Cent - In Da Club/Member Development Center Facility/Gym Lab. Houston - I Like That/Destroying The Incorporation. Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks/Vs. Rapter. Ludacris - Act A Fool/Phase's Headquarters/Chasing Phase. 50 Cent - High All The Time/Confronting Phase/Vs. Phase. Joe - What If A Woman/Phase Defeated/Saving Attempt. Aaliyah - Miss You (Aaliyah song)/Series Ending.

Writing and story by MillenniumProductions.


2: Defeated Incorporated
Defeated Incorporated

~Rapter continually sat, waiting as she up right. Rapter focused, slowly walking across a table in Phase's inactive conference room with muddy hair, eyes slightly formed red, awaked at 3am as she faced, staring out the window.

Thursday, 8:00am

April's partners peeked out the windows, noticing Swats parking in front the apartments as she held the warm wet towel on to her healing ankle, sitting on her living room sofa, charging her phone and looked at her window. April continually stared as her vision slowed, noticing a lime knock out grenade thrown into her living room, breaking through the glass, falling sideways on to her floor in front her feet. April instantly up righted, grabbing as she threw the grenade outside her broken window, instantly bursting above the sidewalk as the Swats take cover. April notice a Swat hitting her front door opened, instantly hiding beside her left sofa, pushing a crippled female of Phase's Demographic forward, falling in front her big screen tv, aiming his power pellet gun as April rushed punching the Swat, falling down the apartment steps. April sat on her left knee beside the crippled female as she spoke. April "Can you get up?" Crippled Female "Wait! I think I'm cripple." April "Who did this to you?" Crippled Female "Phase. He wanted to replenish him self with me, but I declined and he squeezed me. It was very painful. After he grabbed me, I felt like I was in monster arms." April up righted as she moved in front the crippled female's shoulder, lifted her back continually sitting on her left knee, turning as the crippled female slightly exhaled her voice. April "I'm putting you on my sofa." Crippled Female "Thank you." The crippled female placed her hands on to April's sofa as she placed her left arm under the cripple female's lower thighs, bending her knees, lifting the female on to the sofa and spoke. April "Stay here until I get back. The ambulance might still come and pick you up." April placed her left hand on to the wire as she pulled the charger from her phone, exiting her apartment room, placing her rat tail comb into her hair, noticing her partners standing in front the apartments, holding their weapons as the Swats drove, fleeing. April noticed the 8 grade female rushing up the steps and spoke. 8 Grade Female "April, are you ready to lead us?" April "Yes." April phone vibrated as she flipped her phone opening and spoke. Phone "Hope I'm not too late." April "It was what I needed. I had to focus." Phone "You need to follow the Swats. Hurry up. Their going to Phase's facility. Keep me opened. I'll be easier to grip this way." Neighbored Partner "April. We're ready." April responded, rushed walking down the steps as the 8 grade female and neighbored partners listened. April "Good. Stay together." The 8 grade female watched, staring as she walked down the steps, placing her hand on to the rail.

April rushed, running into the street, straightening her arms behind her back, continually straightening her hands, noticing two Swat trucks turning right as she followed. Phone "When you get close enough, jump on to the truck and grab the handle. They won't see or hear you." April "I will." April turned right, keeping her distance, watching the Swats continually drive straight forward, passing the arena as she focus her meteor energy, placing her phone into her shirt pocket. April held her occasional transition, avoiding the driver Swat's left side view reflection, jumping on to the armed truck, grabbing the handle as she placed her thumb and pointer finger on to her lips imitating a zipper, noticing a male driving his car, watching. April noticed the 8:00pm club hour transition skip travel fast forward occurrence, placing her left hand on to, tightly gripping the handle, opening her eyes in front of Phase's facility, noticing small stretched up righted dirt mountains and city across the lake as the Swats stop the truck. April dropped on to the ground, watching Swats exit the back holding power pellet shooters and warning retriever Swat run into the facility as she rushed grabbing the Swat's weapon, critically pushing the gun against his face, dropping on to the ground. April grabbed her rat tail comb from her hair, jugging the 2nd Swat's neck side, falling unconscious, punching the 3rd Swat's nose, hitting the door, falling on to the ground, noticing the driver Swat's boots behind the truck's opened back door. April rushed beside the truck, noticing the Swat in chase as she rushed, meteor punching the enemy's face, twisting on to the ground. April rushed as she placed her comb into her hair, circling the armed truck, noticing a Swat attacking shooting power pellets, instantly running behind the truck, closing the left side door. April placed her hands on to the armed truck, peeking as she noticed the enemy continually in chase, running around the armed truck, noticing the Swat. April "!" April continually rushed behind the truck, pulling the back door inwards, hearing the Swat's foot steps, pushing the outwards, critically defeating the Swat, falling on to the ground. April's phone vibrated as she grabbed and held her phone in front her fast, listening.

April "I made it." Phone "Good. The Swats are starting to be imitated by you. They won't attack you if their by their self. Also, they are smaller in numbers." April "I want them to be scared of me." Phone "When you go to the entrance, you'll see a security system. I'll tell you the code." April rushed, watching the underground facility, staring upwards at the glass roof, noticing the security system as her phone continually vibrated. Phone "I'm going to give you the code. Copy this. Its in Greek." April continually held her phone, using the security system, selecting the language. April copied the cheat code from her phone, copying the security code in capital Greek letters, ΑΒΚΔΕΦΓΗΞΚΛΜΝΟΠΚΡΣΤΎΒΩΧΥΖ, noticing PHACE CIDER ESTAB V SWAT selected. April pressed enter, noticing a error as she continually held her phone and spoke. April "It didn't work." Phone "The security system is trying to trick you. It wants you to type the same code so it can use its alarm. Use this one." April continually used the facility Greek language selection code, copying the letters from her phone, selecting ΦΆΣΗ ΣΙΔΗΡ ΕΣΤΑΒ Β ΣΒΑΤ, pressing enter. The facility entrance opened as April noticed, watching. April walked, exiting into Phase's facility as her phone continually vibrated. Phone "You can close me now. Put me in your pocket, walk slow and don't day dream." April "Ok." April closed, placing her phone into her shirt pocket, walking down the length entrance with white walls, floors and glass ceiling top inside the development center, noticing a wide hallway with four doorless wide gym rooms with gym equipment, noticing 4 Swats, holding lemon shooters, attacking. April rushed, focusing her meteor shield, grabbing her rat tail comb, jugging and tacking the Swats, breaking the swing doors with circle windows into the 2nd hallway as females of Phase's demographic notice, sitting in chairs beside down view computer desks, typing on keyboards. Demographic Female "!" April exited into the left active support office room as she spoke. April "Do ya'll wanna be here?" Demographic Female "I don't. I feel like I'm doing something evil." Female Demographic "I feel used. I wanted to come here with Phase. Not his Swats." Female Demographic "Phase paused the internet and turned into a tour." April "Follow me. I can lead you outside in case more Swats pop up." April rushed, exiting the facility as the female demographics followed and spoke. April "Wait here till I get back. I need to fix something."

The female demographics watched April rushed into the facility, running across the hallways, pushing the doors opened into a continually wide hallway, noticing the data center room forward, Phase's private gym room right and female examination room, noticing a computer operated high tech medical machine. April walked beside the machine, staring at the massive computer operated machine, standing in the balcony room in front the window, exiting into the separate female examiner room, staring upwards at the lab balcony, noticing a Phase demographic female continually with short hair and developed body lying in a medical pod. April walked beside the medical pod, staring at the female, smelling the warning retriever Swat slowly aiming his lemon shooter gun behind the lab balcony, throwing her comb, hitting the warning retriever Swat's face, blinking as she rushed, exiting the female examiner room. April exited into Phase's emergency private gym room, noticing a separate room door, exiting into a hybrid advanced operating theater as a machine arm gripper, grabbed, pulling April's left wrist. April "!" April noticed the warning retriever Swat attempting to control the arm with a thumb and pointer finger, pulling April as she fall sideways. The warning retriever Swat continually used the machine arm, grabbing April's right feet, pulling upwards as she watched the arm lifting her feet upwards, meteor punching the arm, breaking the machine as the warning retriever Swat flee, exiting the room, leaving his lemon shooter gun. April up righted, following the warning retriever Swat, running across the hallway towards, placing his hand left hand on to the side, instantly turning into Phase's emergency bedroom, noticing April as his heart jumped, punching the enemy unconscious, hitting the flat screen tv. April noticed, staring into the bedroom, grabbed picking up her rat tail comb standing in Phase's lab balcony, continually stared at the unconscious female, hands placed on to the bed like medical pod, lifting the glass upwards as she pressed her left hand on to the unconscious female right shoulder. April "Wake up." April continually stared as her phone vibrated, reached into her shirt pocket, grabbing her phone. Phone "You can pick her up once we're exiting. I want to show you something." April pressed the capitalized Greek letters into the security system, pressing enter as the door unlocked, exiting into a wide all white room, noticing lined super computers and spoke. April "What are these?" Phone "Supercomputers." April "What do I need to do?" Phone "Nothing. I just wanted you to see what they look like. You beat all of Phase's Swats so, he has no one to keep them safe. Also, he's going to be leaving soon. The airport."

April continually stared, exited the defeated facility, holding the unconscious female on her back as the relieved females watched, sitting in the armed trucks and spoke. Relieved Female "What?!" April "I found her in the back. I couldn't wake her up. I need to take her to the hospital." Relieved Female "So grateful I'm not in that place anymore." April "I'm ready." Relieved Female "Can you drive? April "I know someone who can take us home." Relieve Female "Finally! I think these Swats are dead. I want to go back to Metarie so bad. I can't stop staring at the city." April pressed Talk, held her phone in front her mouth, listening to the ringing as the male tour bus driver answered. Male Tour Bus Driver "Yo, April." April "Are you busy? I need your help. I'm at the facility in the mountains and I can't carry everyone I have with me at once." Male Tour Bus Driver "I mean, I'm just happy to see you." April "Thank you. I'll come out where you can see me so you don't be lost." April and the followed females stood on a hill, holding her phone flipped opened, noticing the tour bus, waving her hand as the male tour bus driver stopped the bus and opened the exit. Male Tour Bus Driver "Let me guess, you were on some type of mission?" April "I'll tell you about it." April watched the females exit on to the bus, holding the door with her right hand and followed, closing her eyes, arms crossed on to the table resting her head sideways, sitting in the sofa seat, falling asleep.

The male carefully pressed his right hand on to April's shoulder, noticing a black rex stripe on to the front of her neck, slightly opening her eyes as he spoke, parked beside a gas station. April's Male Friend "April! Wake up." April "Lonely?" April's Male Friend "Not just that. April.. I watched the news and your house look like someone broke into it. Sleep in the back, alright?" I would feel less than a person bringing you home." April sat upwards, wiping her eyes as Joe continually spoke. Joe "I bought some food if you want some." April held the hamburger towards her mouth, biting into chewing, placing fries into her mouth, continually chewing, held the cup towards her mouth, drinking juice from a straw as Joe spoke, holding his hamburger. Joe "Maybe I'm trying to hard, but it looks amazing when females eat fast." April stared, finishing her 2nd large hamburger, continually biting." April "I can clean up your mess." April burped, finishing her meal, placing the baled wrap into the bag and spoke. April "Thank you." Joe "Are you good?" April "Yes. I'm going to sleep soon." Joe "What will you be doing tomorrow?" April "I can't tell you." Joe ".. Alright." April "Is there something you want to ask me?" Joe "I liked you for a long time now. I still do." April "I like Joe." Joe's heart skipped a beat, speeding as he took a breather and continually spoke. Joe ".. My name is Joe." April "Yes. I want to marry you." Joe "Are you serious?!" April "I used to take medicate. I'm mentally ill. Do you still want me?" Joe "April, your flawless." April up righted, sitting on her knees in front Joe, placing her hands on to his shoulders as she pulled, kissing his lips, closing her eyes.

3: Featured Warnings
Featured Warnings

~Wednesday, 5:02am

April opened her eyes, knees bent upwards and legs held together, arms spread, wearing light pink colored pajamas with blue rex stripes as she turned laying sideways, bending her elbows, resting her head on her hands, knees bent, wrapped her arms around her pillow. April continually stared, watching her fish tank, resting her head on her arms crossed on to the sofa as her phone spoke. Phone "Why aren't you resting?" April "I can't sleep. I feel like people are watching me." Phone "What are you going to do?" April opened her dresser as she grabbed, throwing her saved stale gum into her kitchen trash bin, raised as she zip locked the bag, tightening and tied the straps, throwing the bag into the apartments dumpster, wiped the inside, held the new zip lock bag upwards, placing into her trash bin. April continually stared at, straightening her wall calendar, ringed her warm wet folded towel, wiped her glass living room table, holding her phone, wiped her big screen tv, continually ringing her towel.


April opened as she smeared the towel, wiping the inside of her microwave, placed the plug into the wall socket, vacuuming her living room carpet floor, backed against, pushing her sofa, opened her upstairs two way bathroom door, turning the light requester switch, exited into her 2nd bedroom, noticing disorganized crates. April walked holding a crate, placing the crate on to the floor against the wall beside the separate crates, opened her 2nd door locked from the inside, vacuuming her upstairs room and hallway carpet beside the stair rail, placed her vacuum cleaner into her stair closet, closing the door.


April grabbed, straightening her sheet, continually covering her back balcony, opened the door, checking her 1st bathroom. April placed her fingers on to the wall light switch, requesting the light, wiped the reflection frame and toilet seat, held the ajax, purling powder into her tub, scrubbing the sides, standing on her knees, ringing water out her separate towel, wiped her 2nd bathroom sink and reflection frame.


April opened her closet room door, noticing her chain mace on the closet floor, grabbed as she exited her living room, holding the chain mace in her hands, dropping the chain mace into the dumpster, neatly folded the duvet, holding the edge as she fold the top cover on to the duvet, organized her pillows, resting on her sofa, left arm bent against the pillow, right arm bent beside her head, legs resting on the arm, turning sideways as she bent her knees, resting her head on her arms.


April placed her fingers on to, bending the blinds downwards, peeking outside her living room window staring at the pink and blue clear sky, turned off her wall air conditioner requester, turning the sink handle, requesting her bath, held the bottle as she purled shampoo into her hair, squeeze a segment of her hair, ringing out water and shampoo, head tilted sideways, smiling at her reflection frame, wearing a dry tower covering her lower chest to thighs.


April plugged the socket into the wall, sitting under her hair dryer, combed the left side of her hair, staring into her reflection frame, wearing a short bob haircut with side swept bangs, held the nail file on to, smoothing her left middle finger nail, sitting on her sofa, legs crossed, placed her fingerless glove on to her right hand, placed, pulling her sock on to her right feet, tied her shoe laces, grabbed her rat tail comb, walking down her steps, right hand placed on to the rail as she spoke to her phone.

April "I'm leaving." Phone "Bring me with you."


April exited her apartment room, closing her front door as she noticed Swats positioned in front the apartments, standing in the street in front 3 continually arm Swat trucks, realizing and stared. April placed her hand on to the rail, walking down the apartment stairs as a Swat held his power pellet gun as she placed her comb into her hair. April continually stared, focusing as the Swat shot power pellets, attacking. April rushed, running through the pellets, grabbed as she punched the Swat's power pellet gun, critically repelling into his face. April grabbed her comb from her hair, continually running as she jugged the 2nd Swat's throat into meteor smacking the 3rd Swat's face, noticing the 3th Swat swerving his pellet gun downwards, placing the tail of her comb into her mouth, grabbing the Swat's pellet gun as she knee kick his hands, meteor punching the Swat's throat. April rushed towards the positioning 4th, 5th, 6th Swats, critically punching the 4th Swat's side, slightly damaging his heart, falling unconscious, jugged the 5th Swat's ankle, flinching as she critically punched the 6th Swat's nose, critically smacking the 6th Swat's neck, falling against the arm truck. April noticed the 7th Swat rushed, swerving his pellet gun as she bent her left elbow, placing her right hand to, grabbing the pellet, pushing the gun against, critically hitting the 7th Swat's face, falling unconscious. The 8th and 9th Swats stared, jaw dropped, exiting into the Swat truck, fleeing as April watched, noticing the 6th Swat, slightly struggling into the 2nd Swat truck, hand placed on to his jugged ankle and followed.

April continually stared as the 8th Grade Female exited her house, speaking as she noticed more people exiting the apartments. 8 Grade Female "April! I watched you fight! They said school was cancelled today, but now I see why. Thank you for scaring them away from us." April "You should wait inside where its safe. They might come back." 8 Grade Female "I don't like the way they make me feel. They make me feel hopeless and empty. Like less than a person. I want to start fighting back like you." April "..." 8 Grade Female "I think you would be a great leader. I feel safer when I think about it." April "I want you to finish school and be a better person." 8 Grade Female "That's why I can prosper my example, right? Let me help my community. I have already watched everything. I know what's going to happen." April "Go back inside. I'll call you once I'm ready." 8 Grade Female "I think my heart stopped. Thank you, April." April watched the 8 grade female rushed inside her apartment as her parents dial numbers into cell phones standing beside the door way, noticing her cell phone vibrating, reached into her shirt pocket, grabbing her phone. April "Yes?" Phone "She is a very sweet and brave person. I wouldn't want her to risk her self, but she's going to anyway. I hope her parents can convince her not to." April "I have some protectives I can give her." Phone "If the rest of the community choose to help us, we can get rid of the Swats faster.. I know it can be pricy." April "I wish I could get inside Phase's head." Phone "He's already aware, April. He can't change himself." April "I'm going to start as the announcer."

April opened her dresser, grabbing her emergency rat tail comb, rush walked down her stairs, shutting her apartment room door, walking to the 8 grade female's apartment room. April knocked on the door, wiping each side of her flounce skirt as she opened, answering. 8 Grade Female "Hey! Do you need me?" April "I want to give you this. Do you have a comb that has a rat tail?" 8 Grade Female "I have one, but I barely use it. Why?" April "Keep the one I want to give you. You can use it to stab people that try to hurt you." 8 Grade Female "Why don't you keep it? I can use my.. Is something bothering you?" April "I want to be with you when you fight. Stop asking questions and take it, alright?" 8 Grade Female ".. Alright.. Thank you. I will." April "Your welcome. I need to go." 8 Grade Female ".. April." April "?" 8 Grade Female "Are you going to alert people?" April "I have to be the announcer." 8 Grade Female "Can I come? I want to help." April ".. Will your parents let you?" April watched as the 8 grade female exited her parents apartment room, closing the front door, dragging a jacket as her weapon as she spoke. 8 Grade Female "I already feel like your my big sister. Thank you for waiting." April "I see. Did your parents say yes?" 8 Grade Female "Yup." April "Tell me the truth." 8 Grade Female "My parents already know you, April. They see you as a big sister to every girl." April continually stared. 8 Grade Female "Maybe we can start here?" April "Yes. Stay close to me." 8 Grade Female "Lead the way."

April spoke, announcing as the 8 grade female waited beside, watching the next neighbors listening. April "Alright. Do ya'll want the Swats to leave?" Next male and female neighbors "Do we." "They constantly kill vibes." April "Grab any weapons you see inside. If they come back, fight them back. But be smart and make strategies." 8 Grade Female "Even if you don't like each other, use it as your strength." A male wearing a do rag opened his dresser, grabbing a splert gun, female grabbing her customized rain on me umbrella, male wearing a sweat band holding a rolled Hip Hop poster grabbed a pencil, female wearing her school uniform skirt grabbed her jacket, male wearing his dikkie school uniform pants grabbed a metal bat, April inspired female chewing bubble gum, grabbed her rat tail comb, male wrapping a belt around his fist, female placing her hands into shoes imagining the shoes as weapons as the 8 grade female listened as April spoke to males standing on a sideway. The 8 grade female listened, standing beside April, alerting her friend considered store employed male, spoke to males sitting on the steps concrete porch in front a house, announcing as the 8 grade female spoke to females holding plastic spoons against each other taking turns playing, standing in the street, announcing. The 8 grade female continually walked beside, following April, noticing a considered male middle school friend leaning against a car across the street from her middle school as she smiled, placing her middle fingers on to his chest as he become slightly nervous, watching. April and the 8 grade female listed as people disagree in fear. Scared woman "I don't want stress. Use your common sense and stay out his business. Leave Phase alone." Scared Male "Nah." Scared Male "Just so I can get suspended from life? I don't want to lose what I have already." Scared Female "Ya'll are crazy." Scared Male "I don't want to." The 8 grade female held her arms wrapped around April's neck, holding her lower thighs, running through the slight dirty neighborhood, spoke announcing as the homeless males listened. The 8 grade female walked beside April, eating a red flavored minute maid ice pop, noticing as her friend considered male tour driver slowly parked and opened the exit entrance, speaking as April and the 8 grade female listened, standing on the corner. Male Tour Bus Driver "April! Do you need a way home?"

The male tour bus driver spoke, parking in front the apartments as the 8 grade female looked out the window watching the colored collaborated 7:00pm Yoshi sky, sitting beside April, arms crossed on to the table, stood beside the front of the bus, held her phone, exchanging phone numbers. Male Tour Bus Driver "Thank you for the news, April. That wouldn't have aired. Haha I'll keep a look out." April "You'll be ok." April exited the tour bus, noticing the window repair man raising his hand as the 8 grade female followed, hand placed on to the rail and spoke. 8 Grade Female "Well, that was interesting. I wish more people followed us." April "Only like 20 people are with us." 8 Grade Female "Thank you for touring with me. I had fun. My parents are waiting for me." April "Maybe more sense will knock once they notice." 8 Grade Female "I doubt it." April "Don't fight alone, alright? I might have to fight by my self." 8 Grade Female "I won't. See you there." April placed her hand on to the rail, rush walking up the steps, listening to the window repair male speak, continually held her hand on to the rail. April sat on her stairs, taking off her shoes as her phone vibrated. April placed her right hand into her shirt pocket, grabbing her phone, flipping her opened as she spoke. Phone "April, I have things you need to know." April "Things? Like what?" Phone "I have what you need to get in Phase's facility." April "?" Phone "His facility is his base. Once you reach it, you will need to beat up his incorporation. I have the password waiting for you. Also.. Rapter." April "Rapter?" Phone "She's a distant female that lived separated from us.. She was born with a energy disorder that enabled her to function extensively like most people. If she didn't cooperate, her heart used to function weaker and unconscious her. Phase knew her weakness and used it against her once she was unconscious. He used her as his medicine and declined her feelings that made her mentally ill. She has rex genetics like you so yes, she's very powerful with how her feelings are acting.. I can only imagine what her parents are withstanding." April "Where do I go to fight her?" Phone "You need to beat Phase's incorporation first. Phase is using Rapter as a force to give him back up minutes. She's his secret weapon." April "..." Phone "We will work together, alright? All of us. Once you break his base, we win." April "I need to announce more adults." Phone "You need the hours we have currently to sleep. I need you to be ready tomorrow, ok?" April continually stared, listening. Phone "What are going to eat?" April "I lost my appetite.. Can I ask a question?" Phone "Yes." April "What you look like?" Phone "I envision myself with a donut bun, dark brown eyes, brown skin. I wear a school uniform shirt and skirt, white socks and dark gray shoes. I like to look traditional." April ".. You look like someone I know." Phone "Maybe that's me."

Rapter rushed through the neighborhood, running with her elbows bent forward and fingers straightened towards, jumping on to a parked car as she noticed a mice in the street, dropped on to the ground, follow chasing the mice.

4: Harassed Finale
Harassed Finale

~Tuesday, 5:23pm

April listened with eye contact, standing in front the window repair man beside her back exit balcony as he spoke. Window Repair Man "Aaalright. Your window frame will be repaired by tomorrow. Keep a sheet covering the window's injury for right now." April's Phone noticed April kicking a empty crate beside her front door, held opened as she spoke. Phone "April?" April "You finish your charging?" Phone "He's using autism special aids as back up. They got a lot of energy.. They can be very dangerous with protectives. I will be watching you, alright?" April "I remember. You told me." Phone "I love you." April continually listened, staring at her mystery phone, rushing up her stairs, placing her left hand on to the rail. April opened her bathroom closet, grabbing a folded light green sheet, walked down her stairs, stepped on to her stacked storage crates, holding her sheet. April held as she placed her sheet on to the wall above the back exit, grabbed, holding a nail in her mouth, holding a hammer, hammering the first end of her sheet into the wall. April dropped on to the floor, continually held her sheet above her back exit, hammering a nail on to her sheet into the wall as her Harasser grabbed her phone, noticing and spoke, reintroduced with a black colored replaced metal right arm. Swat Harasser "Sup, April. Its been a long time." April noticed the Swat Harasser rushed exiting her apartment room, holding her phone as she spoke. April "Give me my phone!" The Swat Harasser placed his hands on to, hopping backwards over the balcony rail, dropping on to the ground, running left as April let go her sheet and nail, dropping on to her floor, rushed outside her apartment room, watching.

April rushed down the steps following as she noticed Swats waiting in front a armed bullet proof truck, reached into her pocket, grabbing her rat tail comb, continually angling her right hand behind her back. The Swat Harasser jumped on to the back of the armed truck, grabbing the handle as he raised, parting his middle finger. The driver Swat pulled from the scenery as the Swats noticed April, positioning as she spoke. April "Get the fuck out of my way!" A Swat holding a Ballistic Shield rushed, attempting to tackle as a back up Swat instantly threw a rotating magnetic football, circling. April focused her meteor strength, breaking her rush as she grabbed the ballistic shield, pushing the shield against, critically hitting the Swat's nose, dropping endlessly unconscious. Swat "Aagh!" The Swat aimed, using his power pellet gun, noticing April gripped as she swing the ballistic shield towards, critically hitting the Swat's face, shooting yellow pac dots, bouncing off the ballistic shield, falling endlessly unconscious. April rushed towards the back up Swat as she instantly ducked, placing her hands on to the street, knees bent, back bent upwards, continually holding her rat tail comb, avoiding the metal football, eyes independently watching, instantly up righting, swinging her rat tail comb, piercing the back up Swat's neck, catching the ball, falling endlessly unconscious. Swat "Ah!" April rushed towards the buff dark brown skin Swat as he ducked on to his right knee, swerving his power pellet gun, tripping April, falling beside the enemy, exhaling her voice, tightly closing her eyes. Swat "Hohahaha." April up righted, gripping her rat tail comb, continually rushed, jumping on to as the Swat swerved his power pellet gun downwards, lifting April into the air. April "?!" April focused as she aimed, plucking her fingers, shooting a small meteor towards, hitting the Swat's eye, placing his hands on to his face, landing on to her feet. April rushed as the Swat noticed, instantly aimed, noticing her speed, swerving his power pellet gun as April jumped on to his power pellet gun, flipped backwards on to her feet, hitting the enemy with her knee, continually rushed towards, head butting the Swat's face, falling on to his backside, bouncing into bursts, continually following her Harasser, running forward.

April continually followed her harasser, running into the street as she looked each way, checking the corners. April pressed her feet on to the sidewalk, looking upwards above a house as she focused her meteor energy, slightly bending over, shooting her self towards the roof, flipping on to her feet. April rushed, running as she jumped on to the next house, noticing the armed truck driving upwards at a distance, watching left, jumping on to the street as a cable man watched, installing a TV satellite dish, holding a screw. Male driving his car "!" April screamed her Swat Harasser as he noticed, holding her cell phone, continually holding on to the truck handle. April "I can still see you!" Swat Harasser slightly repelled April's phone upwards, continually catching her phone as he raised his fingers held together, moving his fingers backwards, thumb held on to the cell phone. April focused as she avoid, passing the cars, watching the Swat Harasser. Swat Harasser "?!" April rushed, placing her rat tail comb into her hair, jumping as she grabbed the handle, placing her knees on to the truck, locking the Swat Harasser, grabbing his hand, gripping her phone as she spoke. April "Let go my phone or I'm going to bite you." The Swat Harasser evil smiled, pulling his arm, gripping April's phone as she slightly lose her grip. The driver Swat tossed a lime grenade out the window, gravitating backwards, hitting against a car win shield, bursting as she watched, noticing the driver swerving his car. The Swat Harasser instantly grabbed, gripping her neck, exhaling her voice, tightly closing her eyes as she grabbed, gripping his metal armed wrist. Swat Harasser "See how easy that was, April? If only you knew. This is exactly what I want. I love the thought of leading you. If you learned anything, never turn against your foe." A featureless clear travel skip fast forward occurred, transferring April in front the location as the driver Swat parked the armed truck.

April slightly opened her eyes, struggling as the Swat Harasser pushed, tripping April off the truck on to her back, arms spread, knees bent upwards, running into Phase's separate 3 floor indoor parking lot. April up righted on to her left knee as the Swat exited the armed truck, holding a power pellet gun, attacking as he aimed, shooting power pellets. April rushed, running left as she dodge the pellets, noticing the Swat as he rushed, gripping his power pellet gun. The Swat swerved his power pellet gun downwards as April opened her mouth, biting the pellet gun, critically pushing the enemy on to the armed truck. April rushed, running into the indoor parking lot, up righted as she break, looking each distance. April grabbed her rat tail comb as she walked, continually looking each distance, upwards, behind and continually right, tightly holding her rat tail comb, noticing a seemly basement entrance. April carefully walked down the entrance, exiting into a underground emergency base, looking at the ceiling lights. April continually walked through the hall, noticing 2 Rottweilers standing beside a Swat security continually looking left and right, centered in a wide round room on a floor platform with a ring ceiling opening at a distance as she rushed into the room. The half asleep Swat and Rottweilers noticed, placing his hand on to the right side of his face, growling into hostility as a clear blue stun force field circling downwards in a oval, covering the Swat, letting go the chain, attacking. The Rottweiler rushed, attacking April as she slightly crouched, focusing her bite, watching the enemy jump, biting the Rottweiler's neck, growling. April un gripped the Rottweiler's neck, dropping the enemy as the Swat released the 2nd Rottweiler, circling the Swat, running as the Rottweiler continually chased April, watching her performance. April stared at the clear force field, watching the Swat as she turned, pressing her feet on to the ground, continually crouched as the Rottweiler jumped, placed her hands on to the floor, lifting her self upwards, critically hitting the enemy's throat with her knees, repelling towards the floor. The force field instantly faded as a electric shock occurred the Swat into growling, falling on to his backside, bouncing into bursts. April noticed the ceiling circle opening, peeking into the parking lot as the forward elevator door unlocked.

April placed her left hand on to the side, exiting into a back up shooting range room with ceiling lights, staring at the yellow man targets towards the left side of the room as 3 Swats exited the opening elevator door, attacking. April noticed the Swats aiming each power pellet gun, shooting pellets, attacking as she star coughed, releasing a slight nova vibration, repelling the Swats into each backside into bursts. April walked through the opening elevator door, exiting into the gym room, continually looking left and right, noticing the equipment. April exited through the elevator door into a hall, noticing lined roll up doors, watching each direction, noticing a slight lifted rolled upwards door. April sat on her knees, lifting the slight rowed door, peeking into the storage room, noticing shiny black concrete square display columns with capitalized Greek letters and black Cerberus statues sitting as she up right, exiting into the loading dock room as graphical shower water, rapidly blew sideways. April gripped her rat tail comb, watching each directions as a Special Aid Male soldier watched, instantly behind her view, holding a sword, having dark blue eyes and dark pink pupils. April continually walked as she stopped, slightly tilting her head downwards, closing her eyes as she smelled the enemy's scent, focusing her meteor shield, forming blue, red and orange energy around her skin. April continually walked, exiting into the separate storage room, noticing close Cerberus statues, watching her distances as a test subject autism male Special Aid instantly attacked her back having a naked like body, nose and dark blue skin, swerving his sword downwards, noticing. April dodged left, swinging her rat tail comb, critically jugging the Special Aid's throat, falling unconscious.

A 2nd Special Aid attacked, swinging his sword, slightly denting April's meteor shield, tripping the Special Aid, falling on to his back, pressing her feet on to, breaking his wrist. The 2nd Special Aid soldier placed his left hand on to his right wrist, turning sideways, dropping his sword as the 3rd Special Aid continually attacked April's back as she wrapped her arm around his elbow, moving his arm around her neck towards, stabbing his neck as she ducked. April placed her rat tail comb into her hair, grabbed the endlessly unconscious Autism Soldier's arms, continually ducked as she swing the Special Aid, hitting the 3rd Special Aid attacking, pushing the gone Special Aid, falling on to the 3rd Special Aid as she continually grabbed her comb. The 2nd Special Aid up righted as April grabbed his leash restraint, lifting the autism soldier, jugging his neck, dropping the enemy. A Special Aid continually attacked, swerving his sword downwards as April moved in between the instantly attacking enemies, jugging the 4th Special Aid, falling unconscious, throwing her rat tail comb, hitting the Special Aid's eye, flinching as she rushed, pulling her comb out his eye, jugging his neck, placed her feet on to his stomach, pushing the enemy on to the floor. A 6th autism soldier attacked, swerving his sword downwards as April moved beside, raised her knee, hitting his hand, flinching the enemy into dropping the sword upwards, stabbing his neck, grabbed the 7th Special Aid's wrist with her mouth, pressing her teeth into his wrist, continually yanked the tail of her comb inches in front his eyes, swerving his sword sideways, flinching the enemy, jugging his neck, dropping his sword and falling unconscious. April turned her eyes independently towards, noticing the 8th Special Aid attacking as she raised her right leg backwards, kicking his wrist, continually gripping the 7th unconscious Special Aid's wrist, turned throwing the enemy on to the 8th autism soldier.

The 8th Special Aid attacked, swerving his sword sideways as she imitated a plucked, confusing the Special Aid, kicking a statue angling towards the enemy swinging his sword, critically hitting his hand against the statue. April rushed as she grabbed, pushing the Special Aid's wrist against the statue, swerving her rat tail comb sideways, jugging his throat, turning her eyes independently towards, watching the 9th Special Aid swinging his sword, kicking the statue angling backwards, halfening the statue, punching the Cerberus head towards, critically hitting the Special Aid's face, falling unconscious. A 10th and 11th Special Aid continually instantly attacked April's left and right as she continually kick, angling the half Cerberus right, tripping the 11th Special Aid forward, grabbing his restraint as she turned, using the enemy as a target, placing her right feet on to his back ankle, watching as the 10th Special Aid swung his sword, halfening the target. The 12th Special Aid attacked April, jumping over the 10th Special Aid, swerving his sword downwards as she elbowed, breaking the sword, grabbed and jugged his neck. The 11th Special Aid attacked with a follow up, constantly swinging his sword as April watched the enemy, vibrating a smack, flinching and rushed, critically smacking the Special Aid swerving left, dropping his sword. April focused, noticing 13th and 14th Special Aids attacking, straightening her hands together as the 13th Special Aid swung, catching his sword, angling her arms downwards, watching as she angled her hands upwards, targeting as the 14th Special Aid swerved his sword downwards, breaking the 13th Special Aid's sword. April continually noticed, grabbed catching the 15th Special Aid's sword as she pulled the sword, jugging his neck. April noticed the 14th Special Aid raising his sword as she instantly placed her rat tail comb into her hair, grabbed the unconscious 15th Special Aid, aiming as the 14t Special Aid critically hit his face against Special Aid's 13th's face, rushed as she placed her hands on to his head, instantly turning the 14th Special Aid's neck. April noticed the 13th Special Aid running as she pull her comb from her hair, discontinuing her meteor shield, catching her breath as cuts appear on her side between her ripped clothes, thighs and cheek.

April exited into a black river exhibit room with a river shaped floor and empty wall display cases through the opening elevator door, continually catching her breath, placing her hand on to the side, cuts healing, noticing piranha enemies swimming on the left and right water sides and Swat Harasser holding the unconscious Special Aid held upwards, testing his metal arm as he spoke. Swat Harasser "I thought these had you. Glad you could make it." The Swat Harasser softly threw the Special Aid on to the floor in front April as she watched, continually watching her harasser and noticed her phone in a wall display case. April "You have something, a person that belongs to me." Swat Harasser "Wouldn't that be me?" April "I want my phone." Swat Harasser "I can get you a better one." April "Your wasting my time." Swat Harasser "Then take it." April "Can I ask you something?" Swat Harasser "It depends." April "Can I call you by your real name?" Swat Harasser "I abandoned it." April "Why are you acting like this? What have I done to you?" Swat Harasser "You happened to me." April "I used to help you and you used to help me. Doesn't our memories mean something to you?" Swat Harasser "Revolution." April "Its not evolution. Its evil." Swat Harasser "Cry me a river." April continually eye contact her Harasser, rushed running beside the Swat towards the display case holding her phone as he grabbed her shirt, throwing April sideways in front the unconscious Special Aid and spoke. Swat Harasser "That's too easy, April." April up righted as the Swat Harasser continually spoke. Swat Harasser "I don't plan to let the piranhas finish you. I'm saving you for the finale." Swat Harasser "Ready to get engaged, April?" April "I'm sick of you harassing me." April's Harasser focused as the black colored metal extend from his right arm, disintegrating his ski mask into covering his face, transitioning his eyes into dark blue with dark red pupils, sharpened fingers and multiple sharp pointed upwards and downwards teeth, improving his status and spoke in a deep echoing voice. Swat Harasser "I almost exactly hated my new self before I realized its what I need to protect my valuables. I like to claim my self as the carbon rex." April "I feel dizzy when I try to see what else I can say to you. You traded your self." Swat Harasser "We all should know antagonists have the most fun. Heck, we're the definition." April "I lost hope for you." Swat Harasser "Even when I try to do the right thing, correct my wrongs, you still won't at least pretend to have sympathy."

April watched as the Swat Harasser instantly attacked, grabbing April's neck, lifting upwards as she focused her meteor shield, placing her hands on to his wrist. Swat Harasser "!" April continually held on to the Swat Harasser's wrist, lifting her legs, placing her feets on to his shoulders, pulled her comb from her hair as she pressed, forcing the Swat, falling on to the floor and spoke, sitting on his stomach, continually holding his wrist. April "Should I help you take your medicine?" The Swat Harasser continually reached for April's neck as she noticed, car wheel flipping backwards on to her feet, watching the Swat Harasser placed his hand behind his head, up righting. Swat Harasser "That kind of hurt." April "When you play rough. Does the harasser need his medicine?" Swat Harasser "No. I'm going to act against that." April focused, watching the Swat Harasser continually grabbing her shirt, pushing April up against the opening elevator door, exhaling her voice, grabbing his wrist, dropping her comb as he spoke. Swat Harasser "That's a way to die. The door is actually meant to sneak attack you." The Swat Harasser continually pushed April, continually raised her legs, pressing her thighs against the Swat Harasser's metal arm, placed her right and left hand on to the sides as she turned sideways, slamming the Swat Harasser's face against the closing elevator door, pressing her feet on to his back, pushed flipping continually on to her feet, placing his hand on to his face, continually speaking. Swat Harasser "Aagh." April continually focused, watching as the Swat Harasser spoke continually. Swat Harasser "I need a translator." April "Actions speak louder than words." The Swat Harasser placed his feet on to, dragging April's comb into the water. Swat Harasser "Your phone is next." April continually stared, running towards as the Swat Harasser grabbed her wrist, smiling. Swat Harasser "Haha." April unbaled her right fist, swinging her left fist as the Swat Harasser grabbed, holding her hands as she spoke. April "I'm going to start calling you by your real name." Swat Harasser "I traded my self, remember?" The Swat Harasser instantly slide his hands on to, grabbing April's wrist as he spoke. April "Let me go!" Swat Harasser "I already let you go too many times already." April kicked the Swat Harasser's nuts, unflinching as he tightly squeezed her wrists. Swat Harasser "Sad how females rely on a male something that has nothing to do with them." The Swat Harasser slightly slammed, throwing April on to the floor, exhaling her voice. Swat Harasser "I'm way beyond my needs of security. I know where you females go for emergency defense." April aimed, plucking a star bit towards, hitting the Swat Harasser's nose, slightly damaging his right eye, flinching. Swat Harasser "Aagh!"

The Swat Harasser placed his right metal hand on to his left eye, noticing April rushing, balding her right fist, instantly grapping her wrist, swinging her arm left, right, slightly punching her lower left chest, yanking her downwards, slightly slammed on to the floor, hitting her chin. The Swat Harasser grabbed April's right ankle, lifting her upwards, un gripped April's ankle as she slightly flipped, continually falling on to her stomach, exhaling her voice, instantly kicking April's side as the metal formed dark blue, deforming his face into a lipless, eyeless and earless face. April blinked, noticing Spike's featureless face, reaching his right hand into, slightly avoiding his hand, denting the floor, up righting as she meteor punched his face. Spike flinched, grabbing April's shirt as he turned, swerved April downwards into the water, discontinuing her meteor shield as a piranha instantly attacked, biting her lower right ankle, exhaling her voice. Spike lifted April upwards from the water, throwing April on to the floor as she slowly up right, grabbed and squeeze, killing the piranha. April threw the piranha into the water as she catch her breath, placing her hand on to her bleeding ankle. Spike instantly grabbed April's neck, continually placing her blood covered hands on to his wrist as she focused her meteor shield, placed her left arm around his neck, critically knee kicking Spike's jaw, continually meteor punching his face, straightening her fingers, critically palm smacking, letting go, un gripping her shirt.

April continually swung her fist, sneaking Spike as he grabbed April's arm, pulling her sideways, slammed on to the floor. April noticed Spike, eyes slightly opened, knees bent laying sideways, exiting the exhibit room, holding her phone, placing her hand on to her continually bleeding lower ankle. April up righted, wiping her eye, rushed following Spike as he turned left, exiting the base. April exited the base on to the parking lot, turning left as she break, pressing her feet on to the ground, watching Spike turned left on to the 2nd floor. April followed, staring left, noticing Spike running on to the 3rd floor, continually following as he looked back. Spike continually ran, hearing April's running feet steps as he raised his right arm, attempting to throw April's phone. April noticed as she instantly grabbed Spike's arm and wrist, gripping her loosening phone, tripping the Swat Harasser as he turned, reaching his hand attempting to grab April's wrist, breaking the rail, grabbing the edge. April noticed, holding her phone as the Swat Harasser spoke. Swat Harasser "Aghh, damn." April continually watched, walked to the ledge as she sat on her knees, placing her phone beside her right ankle, grabbing his wrist as she spoke. April "Let me help you!" The Swat Harasser slightly slipped as April noticed her blood loosening her grip as he continually spoke. Swat Harasser "April, don't let me go!" April "Give me your other hand!" Swat Harasser "I can't let go." April continually pulled the Swat Harasser's wrist as he spoke. Swat Harasser "I'm sorry, April. It doesn't seem like a good sign. I'm too heavy." April's blood continually loosened The Swat Harasser's grip, falling off the edge as he scream, falling backwards on to, critically hitting the ground, cracking his head as she spoke. April "Spike!" April continually stared towards the ground, wiping away her tears, grabbed her phone, flipping her phone opened and wiped the phone on her clothes. April held her phone, pressing Talk, unresponding as she realized, flipping her phone closed.

April held a warm folded wet towel on to her ankle, placed the charger connecter into her phone, placing the charger plug into the wall, sitting on her living room sofa, turning on as she placed the phone on to her sofa, up righting, noticing as her phone instantly spoke. Phone "April!" April responded, sitting on her knees in front her sofa, flipping her phone opened. April "Hey." Phone "Are you alright?" April "Yes.. How can you speak so sudden?" I just put you on the charger." Phone "My heart jumped when I saw you." April continually stared, listening. Phone "What cut your cheek?" April "I had to beat multiples." Phone "I understand." April crossed her arms on to the sofa, resting her head. Phone "fix you something to eat, alright?" April "I want to take a bath first." Phone "Alright." April turned her face forward, continually resting her head on to her arms, realizing.

Rapter waited beside Phase with her eyes half closed, mentally ill with pink and black powerful wide robot Raptor legs, matching her leg structure, hips and curved claws at the feet, standing in a wide training room into attacking as she fearlessly bit, flawlessly killing his finale row of test subjected autism soldiers in a biting orbit order, using her rex jaws.

5: Phased Evil
Phased Evil

~Monday, 3:33am

April calmly slept, mouth slightly opened as she vision, turning sideways. April opened her eyes, dropped on to the floor, falling on to her knees as she wiped her right eye. April turned on the sink, wiped a warm wet towel on to her face, exited down her stairs, grabbed her phone, held as she plugged the charger into the extension cord, held the white plastic cup towards her mouth, drinking water. April exited her kitchen, noticing a quarter on her living room floor as she kneeled on her left knee, placing her fingers over, grabbing the quarter, noticing Phase's shadow as he spoke. Phase "You really let me down, April" April up righted, watching Phase, shadow covering his upper face, bridged above his nose as she responded. April "I'm calling the police if you don't leave my room." Phase "I am the law its self. What can that do for you?" April "You think I won't stand up against you?" Phase "What is there to stand up against? Why allow change that will worsening the world? I have a better revolution. We stay established." April "Well why do you need soldiers?" Phase "Because I ran across both channels and I see that you all used to get along well. But when I finally got to Nike's channel, I never thought you would say something so dramatic in that phrase. Thanks for the friendship miss, but no thanks. I'm afraid of your temper tantrums just as much. Scary." April "Are you a little boy next?" Phase "I have dreams, to." April "So what of the store manager who threw a battery at me? He had a dream, to." Phase "I killed him for you." April "I didn't ask you to." Phase "Your totally blowing the incident out of proportions. I did what I had to. Get over it." April "Do you have any regrets?" Phase "Not any you need to know of." April "I'm not confronting you. I'm blurting you out." Phase "I mean, your telling me something as if I don't already know the consequences. Aside from the potentials, this is what I hate about majority of the community as a mindless playground. Your a mistake I plan to fix." April "Your stupid..!" April instantly became half asleep, sitting against her stairs as she placed the quarter on to the floor, bent and crossed her arms on to her knees, resting her head, closing her eyes.

Tuesday, 12:28am

April's cell phone continually vibrated, falling on to her floor as she noticed, opening her eyes. Phone "April!" April wiped her eyes as she crawled towards, grabbing her phone, sat on her knees as she responded. April "I can hear you."Phone "You had me vibrating all day. You was absent the day before yesterday, to." April "My bad." Phone "You have to get ready soon, remember?" April "I'll be ready."


April turned on her shower, placed her hands on to, rubbing shampoo on her hair, held her toothbrush, brushing her teeth, watching her reflection, spitting out her gargled mouth wash, hands placed on to the sink, placing her toothbrush into the toothbrush holder.


April grabbed, slightly pulling her dryer downwards, sitting under her hair dryer, plugged her blow dryer into the socket, blow drying her hair, standing in her kitchen, left arm placed on to the counter, holding her blow dryer towards her hair.


April continually stared at her reflection, combing her hair, standing in front her bathroom sink, left hand placed on to the sink, straightened her hair layers with her right hand, head tilted sideways. April ironed her light pink dinosaur shirt, wearing her flounce upper thigh length skirt and white short sleeve tight shirt, placed her left sock on to her feet, sitting on her stairs.


April spoke, exiting her apartment room as her phone responded. April "I'm leaving. Want to come?" Phone "I want to, but can you keep your focus on the mission rather than worrying about dropping me?" April "I'll figure out where I need to go." Phone "You should start wearing clothes with pockets." April "I do." Phone "I mean all the time." April "See you when I get back." Phone "April, I gotta tell you something." April "I'm listening."

Phone "The model event is currently managed by Phase. It was arranged to his demographic of females. Big butts, short hair, small waist, the usual. You need to convince the girls otherwise rather than Phase's properties." April "I want to beat up the agent." Phone "You better have fun." April closed her apartment room door, noticing the parked tour bus as the tour bus driver spoke, leaning against the tour bus. Male Tour Bus Driver "Yo." April "Aren't you supposed to be with your manager?" Tour Bus Driver "I already dropped him off hours ago. Haha" April "Did he lose you?" Tour Bus Driver "I came in case you changed your mind." April "You used to bring me to my house always. I can manage my self now." Tour Bus Driver "Well, it was nice seeing you." April "Thank you for caring.. I can ride back with you." Tour Bus Driver "Your cool. Hahe Alright." April "Lead the way. I'll follow." April focused continuously running across the bridge, running beside the tour bus, following as she hold her focus.


A female of Phase's demographic walked on the flat narrow platform runway, hands placed on to her hips as she constantly move her hips side to side, blinking as the audience held cameras, sitting in the seating arena, taking pictures and writing notes. April rushed on to the sidewalk, beside the fashion show building, placing her hands on to her hands, watching the model building as the male driver parked the tour bus, opening the exit and spoke. Tour Bus Driver "I'll be outside. I don't want to be looked at as a perv." April "Lock your bus." Tour Bus Driver "Will do." April exited into the arena, walking through the hallway noticing a dark brown skin security guard standing in front the dressing room door as he spoke. Security Guard "Halt. I can't let you enter without a permission slip." April "I am a permission slip. Let me in." Security Guard "I doubt you have any if not all at." April "Watch this." April placed her hands on to, raising her flounce skirt upwards towards her upper thighs, avoiding her briefs underwear as he opened his mouth, imagining his jaw dropping. April exited into the dressing room as the demographics noticing, putting on clothes as a female demographic raised her right hand, waved and spoke. Female Demographic "Are you selected with us, to?." April "I was. Listen, I need you to hear me." Female Demographic "We're listening? :o" April "This isn't your dreams. Phase forced you here. He tricked all of us." Female Demographic "We have free pass ports. Our bodies helped us." April "Its what he wants. All of us were only picked for one person. Your not really models, alright? Not this way at least." Female Demographic "Sassy mouth. Your the one who's crazy in love with us." April "You'll see." Female Demographic "See what, crazy? :o" April "Do you want to be demographics or idols?" Female Demographic "We want juicy dollars." April ".. I'm starting to ask me self why do I care about stupid people."

April placed her right hand on to the wall, peeking towards the narrow runway, noticing the male agent speaking "Senorita" to the female of Phase's demographic. April turned around, noticing the slightly convinced females staring, spoke as she lowered her voice. Female Demographic "Well, what you see?" April "What you can see." The female demographic peeked towards the runway, continually faced the group as she spoke. Female Demographic "Our agents aren't suppose to talk to us on the stage thing." April "I still need someone to model. We need someone to cover us." A female demographic raised her right hand as she spoke. Female Demographic "Me! I'll do it." April "Here they come." April and the female demographics watched as the selected female walked beside the agent towards the backstage as he spoke. Male Agent "Relax ladies. Not so many at a time." April "We were curious if something was bothering you." Male Agent "Losing my job would acknowledge. Stay on track." The demographic female continually followed the male agent as April spoke, leading the female demographics. April "Alright. Do your part. Everyone else follow me." Female Demographic "Ok." Female Demographic "I'll go next after you." The female demographic walked on to the runway, slightly smiling as she placed her hand on to her hip. The audience continually wrote notes, commenting as April and the female demographics followed, opening the door, peeking into the hallway, noticing the female demographic following the agent as the security guard spoke. Security Guard "Hey!" April "Its me. We need to speak with our agent."

The female demographics continually followed as April peeked right, leaning sideways, hands placed on to the walls, turning right. April placed her ear against a dressing room door, sneaking across the halls as a Phase's demographic female spoke. Female Demographic "Hear someone?" April placed her ear on to the door as the female demographics followed, placing their ears on to separate doors, listening for the agent's voice, curiously peeking into a dressing room, shrugging her shoulders, spacing her arms. April spoke, noticing the last room door as the demographic females listened. April "We can hope. Last one." April continually placed her ear against the door, noticing the agent's voice, sitting on her right knee as a female demographic spoke, continually in a lowered voice. Female Demographic "I can't hear all the way back here!" A female demographic sitting behind April instantly sneezed as she placed her hands on to, covering her mouth, falling backwards against her referenced sisters, slightly exhaling their voices. Female Demographic "Ahh!" Female Demographic "Hey!" April "Be mute, everyone." Female Demographic "Sorry." April and the demographic females listened as the male agent continually spoke to the selected female demographic. Male Agent "Its not just you. Its hard to pass up how much your body has developed. Females with lesser develop bodies need more of the same genetics for this type of demographic. When you have your self organized, your tour bus will be outside." The male agent and demographic female noticed as April and the female demographics watched, hand placed on to the door handle, standing in the door way as she spoke. Female Demographic "What female demographics?" Male Agent "What?!" April "We know your a negative person. You were manipulating our legacies, weren't you?" Female Demographic "Waves." Male Agent "That's my job. How else can I get paid?" The selected female listened, watching as April responded. April "Be a regular person or I'm going to knock sense into you." Male Agent "If that's how you want to take it." April walked towards the male agent, grabbing his vest as she spoke. April "Tell your leader he's next." April critically punched, knocking the male agent unconscious as the selected female backed away. April "Its not too late." The selected female continually eye contact April, listening.

April listened, standing beside the tour bus driver, watching the females exited the arena on to the tour bus, bending their wrists as he spoke. Tour Bus Driver "I thought those type of events were longer." April "I didn't want to keep you waiting." Tour Bus Driver "Thank you for that." April "Your welcome." Tour Bus Driver "Are you ready?" April listened, holding her knees to her chest, knees bent, sitting beside the kitchen seat as the female act bubbly, arms crossed on to the kitchen table, relieved.

The male agent continually laid on the floor as he placed his hand on to the plastic surgery face beside his right eye, slightly pulling off a layer of skin, opening his right eye as he smiled. Right Hand Man "Its time, April."

April opened her eyes, resting her head, sitting as the male driver parked the bus in front her apartment room. Male Driver "We made it, April." April up righted, exiting the tour bus as she spoke, noticing his facial expression. April "Are you alright?" Male Driver "It kind of hit me as the bus got emptier and now your the last person.. It can really bother your emotions as a human." April kissed the male driver's forehead as she responded. April "It bothered me to, silly. I'll make arrangements for us." Male Driver "Stay active for me." April exited the bus, walking up the steps, placing her hand on to the rail, exiting into her apartment room as her phone spoke. Phone "April!" April "What's up?" Phone "I was about to ask you the same thing." April "I like meeting people. I felt like I knew the people I helped. They were like my sisters." Phone "Well, take me off the charge. I'm full." April held, setting her phone to ring, closed and placed her phone on to the sofa's arm and spoke. Phone ".. He was trying to re corrupt you.. His definition of corruption.. To him, its ok because he knows how to use it." April continually stared at her phone, setting to rest.

April closed the top as she placed the fish food on to the tank, sat on her left knee, setting her digital clock alarm, pulling cover towards her lower side, laying sideways, resting her head on her pillow beside her left arm bent, closing her eyes. Phase's Right Hand Man grabbed and held April's Phone, draining her energy as she collapse unconscious. April's false manager appeared, teleporting behind April laying continually sideways sleeping beside her bed as he grabbed April's neck, awakening as she exhale her voice. April "!" April placed her hands on to Right Hand Man's wrist, holding her in a chock hold as he lift her upwards and spoke. Right Hand Man "I told you, you weren't ready." April gripped Right Hand Man's arm as she lift her legs, kicking his chest, continually gripping her neck, plucking a star bit. The Right Hand Man moved sideways, dodging the star bit as April pulled his arm, punching his shade towards his right eye, breaking. The Right Hand Man let go April's neck, flinching as he removed, holding his shades and spoke. Right Hand Man "These were expensive. Do you realize how much I paid for these?" April "Did they come with your ignorance?" Right Hand Man "That's up to the results. Shall we continue?" April "Come manage me, turtle." April positioned in front her room door, placing her hands on to the sides as Phase's Right Hand Man attacked, teleporting in front April, continually grabbed her neck, overwhelming her pulse. April flinched, tightly closing her as she turned sideways, punching Right Hand Man down the stairs as watched, positioning.

Phase's Right Hand Man placed his left hand on to the rail, gripping his stance as April rushed down her stairs towards as she placed her right hand on to the rail. April lifted her self upwards, turning right sideways, hitting Right Hand Man with her knee as he crossed his arms around his face, falling on to, breaking her glass in table. Phase's Right Hand Man disappeared, teleporting up righted as he continually spoke. Right Hand Man "Your a great artist. I really like working with you." April "I liked you before I knew you were corrupt." Phase's Right Hand Man reached into his pants pocket, grabbed as he held April's phone upwards. Right Hand Man "Don't contradict yourself." April "Give me my phone!" Phase's Right Hand Man rushed, instantly grabbing April's neck, gripping her pulse as she exhale her voice, grabbing her stair rail, placing her hands continually on to his wrist, falling on to her left knee. Right Hand Man "A dinosaur's weak point is its neck." Phase's Right Hand Man continually tightened April's neck in a chock hold, smattering as she gripped his wrist, pressing her right feet on to Phase's Right Hand Man's right ankle, dropping her phone. Right Hand Man "!" The Right Hand Man slightly tripped, holding his stance, positioning in front April as she pressed her feet on to her floor, biting his neck. Right Hand Man gripped April's neck as she gripped her teeth into his neck, exhaling her voice, slightly awaken her inner Meteor, pushing Phase's Right Hand Man towards her balcony. April pushed Phase's Right Hand Man, breaking her slide glass frame against her back railing, repelling upwards into a slight flip as she continually held her teeth into his neck, hanging from her balcony, closing her eyes.

6: Accurate Self Developed
Accurate Self Developed

~Friday, 1:02pm

April opened her eyes, laying on her pillow, arms crossed, up righting, yawned as she placed her hand on to the rail, walking down the stairs. April "Nex?" April noticed the left dark gray sweater wear folded on her sofa, peeked into her bathroom, standing in the door. April placed her hand on to the side, standing in her front door, looking down the apartments, placed her hands on to the rail, back tilted downwards, looking down her back balcony, folded her cover, standing in her living room, noticing as her phone spoke. Phone "I think you did great." April's phone noticed her fighting back tears, arms crossed on her glass table, sitting as she spoke. Phone "April?" April "I didn't have time to ask him what he want to be when he grow up." April wiped under her right eye as she turned her head sideways. Phone ".. It was a physical memory.. There will always be certain cies he needs."

Rapter held her mice toy on to her left thigh, lying sideways on her room bed, left elbow bent, right arm under, resting her head on her pillow, knees bend against her chest. Rapter slowly walked through the hall with trees in vases, head tilted downwards, continually holding her mice toy, exiting into Phase's room, holding her mice toy sideways into her mouth. Rapter placed her right feet into his shoe lined collection, sliding his shoe, standing in his closet as she smirked, placing her hands on to her hips. Rapter placed her hands into the mud Jacuzzi, wiped her face, becoming her mindlessness.

April dropped her pills into her plastic trash container, throwing away her drugs as she raised, tightening the zip lock bag. April walked down her steps, hand placed on to the rail, wearing a blue jean short sleeve shirt unzipped towards her lower chest, jean hip length short outfit, noticing Phase's Right Hand Man, leaning on the rail, right feet placed on to the step, hands slightly placed into his pocket as he spoke. Right Hand Man "Even though you didn't completely finish your last assignment, your already finishing your last test. All you need is one more day of rest, April. April smacked Phase's Right Hand Man, turning his eyes independently towards as she spoke. April "I did your stupid request mission. Let me leave." Phase's Right Hand Man teleported as April exited the steps, noticing gum on her right shoe, placed her shoe on to the sidewalk, scrapping off the gum, noticing as a bullet proof truck turned, passing the front of her apartments at high speed. April tilted, bending her back as she straightened her hands, following the Swats, focusing.

April noticed the pick up truck turning right as she followed, avoiding a car, slowing. April continually ran upwards, following the Swats, noticing a school bus passing, running beside, avoiding the hit. April turned left, following the enemies, passing the restaurant variety streets and local movie theater as the Swats noticed, turned left, hitting a 8 Bit enemy, flipping on to the sidewalk. April focused, running beside, placing her hands on to a parked car, pretending exhaustion as a Swat opened the back of the armed truck, held the lime grenade, noticing April sneak pretending, continually driving, throwing the lime grenade. The Swat closed the back as the Swat driver focused, avoiding a wreck, centered between cars as April followed, running beside the bullet proof truck, noticing as she spoke. April "Hey, ducks." Swat "!" A Swat grabbed, continually opening the back, throwing the lime grenade towards, hitting the street, bursting into acid as April run beside a car, continually paying attention to the slight traffic. The male driver flinched, swerving his car as April continually followed, noticing a Swat slightly exiting upwards from the truck ruff opening, aiming his power pellet gun, shooting power pellets. April rushed behind, jumping on to the bullet proof truck, turning right as she place her hands on to the ruff and focused, plucking a star bit towards, hitting the enemy, clamed as jumped towards, repelling the Swat upwards, gravitating backwards on to the street. The Swat driver stopped in front a drive through bank, exiting the bullet proof truck with his back up as a Swat continually raised from the ruff opening, aiming his power pellet gun. April rushed, instantly stepping on, forcing his power pellet gun on to the ruff, critically punching the enemy, defeating the Swat. The Swats aimed, continually shooting power pellets, missing as April jumped on to the Swat's head, pressing her feet, defeating the enemy, collapsing from the pressure. Swat "Agh!"

April noticed a Rhyno Swat as a buff Rhyno male, having caramel colored skin, dark blue eyes, wearing a dark blue ski mask, dark blue pants, tight dark blue short sleeve shirt, belt, dark blue fingerless gloves and boots, making a carefree facial expression. The Rhyno Swat loaded his power pellet gun as April rushed sideways towards, taking a pellet as she exhaled her voice, punching the Rhyno Swat. The Rhyno Swat turned his eyes independently towards, instantly shanking his power pellet gun upwards, hitting April's chin. April tightly closed her eyes, biting as she jacket his power pellet gun. Rhyno Swat "?!" April swing the power pellet gun towards the Rhyno Swat's neck flinching, critically damaging the enemy's throat as the Rhyno Swat slight his voice, pushing on to his backside, bouncing into bursts, continually holding his power pellet gun into her mouth.

April exhaled her voice, slightly collapsing on to the street, dropping the power pellet gun, arms spread, legs bent against each other, stand on her knees and hands. April rushed up the steps, tripping as she continually up right, exiting into her apartment room, falling sideways as her phone spoke. Phone "April! You alright?" April "I can't stopped my body from pounding." Phone "Don't get up, alright? Your energy is in transition."

April's Harasser and a female continually kissed, lip locking, left arm wrapped around her waist, eyes closed, standing in da 11:00pm club as he spoke. Swat Harasser "Give me a minute. I need to take care a leak." The selected female waited, watching as the Swat Harasser, carefully moved around the dancers, exiting da club. April's Harasser walked beside da 11:00pm club, attempting to take a leak, unbuckling his belt, slightly unzipping his pants, noticing as Phase exited his shadow, armed in his Spider Transport. Swat Harasser "?!" Phase lifted April's Harasser, manipulating gravity, straightening his right arm outwards, tightening the gravity around his arm as he spoke. Phase "I need you for a minute. I really need to boost your stamina. I wanted to arrange a deadly mission, but then I figured I rather do it my self." Phase teleporting him self and the Swat Harasser into his development center lab as he continually spoke. Swat Harasser "Phase! Please!" Phase "I have failed attempts underground. I need you to put them to use." Swat Harasser "Aaaggghhh!"

Saturday, 7:00pm

April walked down her stairs, hand placed on to the rail, exiting her apartment room, listening as her phone speak. Phone "April?" April "Yes?" Phone "It was good you slapped him. He was trying to re corrupt you. The places you been to.. You could have taken their valuables, but. You didn't." April "I know. I noticed that the smallest of things can corrupt a person.. Their dreams can, to." Phone "Bring me with you. I want to see outside." April closed her apartment room door as the 8 Grade Female noticed, sitting on the steps and spoke. 8 Grade Female "Hey, April." April "Yo Yo." 8 Grade Female "You ever wonder why our sky is always 7:00pm?" April "Yah. I'm used to it. I like the color differences." 8 Grade Female "Its weird to me." April's phone double vibrated as she listened, running into a dirty neighborhood. Phone "Be careful." April turned left, continually running as homeless like people noticed and responded. April "I've seen here once." April bald her right fist, knocking on the door, standing in front a homeless house, walked through the alley into the yard as homeless males noticed, slightly drunk, sitting on a crate against the fence. April "Hey." Homeless Man "April!" The homeless man nervously up righted, intimidated as he continually spoke. Homeless Man "We heard you were supposed to come earlier." April "From who?" Homeless Man "He referred to him self as your supervisor." April "We parted ways." Homeless Man "April, can you please give us more time? The Swats are almost everywhere now." April "I came to check on you." Homeless Man "You won't punish us?" April "I won't hurt you." The homeless men continually watched, sitting on plastic crates as April spoke. April "I want you to stop selling those alright? I can help you be smart so you can answer to your self or you can live with me in my apartment room." Homeless Man "Did you mean?" April "Drugs." Homeless Man "That's a bit difficult, April. We could really use it if you don't. Its apart of us now." April "Stop selling drugs or I'll beat you up."

April exited the alley, noticing her cell phone vibrating, reached into her pocket, grabbed and held the phone as she spoke. Phone "They thought you were going to constantly hit them because he used you as their threat." April "I can see everything. I still like to hear you talk." Phone "A model event is happening tomorrow. I need to help you get in." April "How do I get there?" Phone "I need to bring you to a agent first. He will like what he sees. A spider's bud assisting to lead all his victims into his webs." April "I don't want anymore agents. I can do it my self." Phone "My point. He's already corrupt so he will definitely let you in. You been to the city once?" April "Yes." Phone "Then go. I need to find you a agent". April watched the car back lights, running across the bridge, tightly holding her phone as she center. April continually focused, paying attention to the car back lights, reading the license plates, noticing a distant city on her left side as she faced forward. April turned right, exiting the bridge, noticing a tour bus going right as her phone vibrated, running on to the sidewalk. Phone "Follow the bus. That might be the agent." April listened as she continually rushed, following the tour bus, waiting the light turning green. April rushed on to the sidewalk, watching the tour bus, looking upwards as red light turn green. April continually rushed, following the tour bus, avoiding the cars, exiting into the city. April followed as the tour bus turned left, continually avoiding cars passing from the left lane. April noticed the tour bus slowing as she waited on the sidewalk, watching the tour bus turning on to the left lane. April rushed towards the left sidewalk as the tour bus parked beside the building, standing in front the exit. April placed her hands on to her hips as the tour bus driver noticed, making a confused face expression and spoke. Male Tour Bus Driver "April?" The male agent exited the tour bus, noticing April as he spoke. Model Agent "! I heard of you. Are you associated with Phase?" April "Yes. I was suppose to meet you." Model Agent "I figured. That's quit the body in you. Are you looking for modeling?" April "I am, Yes." Model Agent "Get in." April "Are you.. ?" Model Agent "Your a model now aren't you? Get in." April "Don't worry about it. I'll meet you." Model Agent "Auditions are over due, but your development isn't. The modelling event is Tuesday, 8:00pm. Don't be late. I'm serious." April "Thank you." Model Agent "Can't argue with the gifted. Vibrate. Have you ever been to the event or do you need directions?" April "Silly, I don't. I can walk the rest of the way." Model Agent "If that's how you manage your body. Don't lose it."

April pulled, taking off her right sock, sitting on her stairs beside her living room as her phone spoke. Phone "What you gon wear?" April "I haven't decided yet. I might just wear what I usually wear." Phone "I believe in you. Don't let him wear himself over you." April continually watched her phone turning into rest mode, continually pulled, taking off her left sock.

7: What? In School Suspension
What? In School Suspension

~Wednesday, 12:48pm

April continually sat, elbows placed on to the desk, holding her head, wearing her usual light pink short sleeve tight shirt with focused rex eyes, ravioli patterned light yellow upper thigh length flounce skirt, white, red shoe lace shoes and white socks, sitting in class, listening to males rib each other, test shooting rubber band slang shots with lined folded paper bits and taking turns playing a Gameboy SP as a 8 grade female spoke. 8 Grade Female "You in school? I always see you automatically suspended. Haha" 7 Grade Male"I can make ya'll over night celebrities." 8 Grade Female "I'll rib you if you don't stop." 7 Grade Male "Chill. I love it when you play in my hair." 8 Grade Female "I see why you don't bother. Some boys I go to class with have bad hygiene." April "I need to fix my grades." 8 Grade Female "Aren't you 17? What you doing in our class?" April "I miss 8 grade so, I'm making up days I missed." The school lunch bell rung as April up righted, listening as the 8 grade female spoke, exiting the class. 8 Grade Female "I'm going to get me some ice cream." April placed her hand on to the rail, exiting the stairs on to the first floor hall way, noticing a corrupt male security guard, grabbed a male student beside the cafeteria. April noticed a 7 year old male with brown skin and black hair in a low faded tapered fauxhawk/fohawk fade, wearing a pink pants attached long sleeve sweater wear with a chest v opening, white under shirt, hood and black white shoe lace boots as students wait in a line in front a ice cream vending machine, watching. Pink hooded male "Let em' go!" April and the students continually watched as the pink hooded male ran, punching the security guard's back, pushing the male on to the floor. The security guard growled, grabbing as he held the pink hooded male by his sweat shirt, placing his hands on to the security guard's wrist. Pink hooded male "Get off me!" The pushed male up righted, continually punching the security guard, choking the pink hooded male, choking, eyes tightly closed as April threw a biology book towards, hitting the security guard's head. The security guard dropped the pink hooded male, noticing April's hands placed on to her hips as she spoke. April "Fight me!" The security guard ran towards April, reaching his right arm as she ducked, tightly grabbed, pulling his arm, grabbed, pressing her fingers into his neck, critically punching his nose instantly, blacking out the scene, defeating the enemy.

April walked passed the unconscious security guard towards the pink hooded male as she spoke. April "You alright?" Pink hooded male "I almost wasn't. Thank you, miss." April "Don't call me miss." Pink hooded male "Sorry, female. I'm not used to other words." April "Call me April." Phase "Will." April "You look like Phase." Pink hooded male "Who? o_O" April "Phase." Pink hooded male "Who's that?" April "A boy I know. You look like him. Are you his brother?" Pink hooded male "We never met if I have one." April stared into the cafeteria, noticing the filling in line of students and spoke. April "Wanna eat? I can walk you if you need me." Pink hooded male "I want to go home." April "Meet me after school. I'll come back and pick you up." April continually stared at her fish tank, laying sideways on her sofa, moved against her stairs, resting her head on to her right arm bent, knees bent with her left arm resting across her side as her phone spoke. Phone "What happen in school?" April "I beat up a security guard." Phone "Enemy." April "I'm going to pick up a boy. He act almost like Phase. I want to find his parents." Phone "You shouldn't pressure him if he doesn't want to know, April." April "I won't." April waited, standing beside the pink hooded male, watching as 6, 7 and 8 grade students exit the school on to the school buses. April "Go get on your bus." Pink hooded male "I don't ride the bus, April. April "Do your parents pick you up? Pink hooded male "My parents aren't alive anymore." April "You do have parents. Where do you live?" Pink hooded male "..." April "Oh. What's your name?" Pink hooded male "I don't have a name." April "Stop acting silly. Tell me your name so I can help you." Pink hooded male "You can give me a name if that aggravate you." April continually stared at the pink hooded male, guessing words and spoke. April "I'll call you Nex." Nex "Next? O_o" April "I like words that sound like names." Nex "I'll get used to it." April "Get on my back. I'm going to take you where you can live." Nex "Huh?" April "You'll see."

Nex held his arms around April's neck, continually focused, running across as she turned, exiting the bridge, stopping in front the luxury pyramid hotel. The employed female noticed April exiting into the hotel as Nex followed and spoke. Employed Female "Back for your luxury like MTV Crib experience?" April "Yes. He's with me." April aimed the remote, turning on the tv and spoke as Nex sat on the bed. April "What you watch?" Nex "I watch cartoons." April "I'll put it on Cartoon Network." April turned the tv to Cartoon Network, sat the remote on to the tv stand, stared at Nex as she continually spoke. April "What you ate?" Nex held on to his room service food tray, staring at his grilled chicken legs, mash potatoes and gravy, corn and macaroni as he slightly smiled. April "Hope that satisfy you." Nex "I would if you was too. I don't like to eat by my self." April "I'll wait till you finish. Hurry up." Nex placed the tray on to the floor as April spoke. April "You eat fast." Nex "I was really hungry." April "Give me your tray." April placed the tissue box on to the bed, wiped Nex's mouth as he tightly blinked. April placed the tissue box on to Nex's lap, throwing used tissues into the trash bin as she continually spoke. April "Wipe your hands." Nex grabbed, pulling a tissue as he wipe his hands, noticing April continually standing. Nex "Are you leaving?" April "I'll be back tomorrow. I promise." Nex watched as April exited the room, soda placed beside his left feet, closing the door. Nex continually stared at the door as he faced the tv, tilting his head downwards. April rushed down the stairs, hand placed on to the rail as her phone spoke. Phone "Why you didn't just let him sleep at your apartment?" April "I don't want him to see what I'm doing."

The 8 grade female spoke, standing beside April continually rested her head on to her hands, elbows placed on to her thighs, sitting on the steps in front her apartment room. 8 Grade Female "I saw you on the bus today." April "What bus?" 8 Grade Female "The school bus." April "You saw me from your bus?" 8 Grade Female "Yeah." April "Oh. I don't ride the bus. I used to." 8 Grade Female "I wish we went to the same school." April and the 8 grade female crossing her arms on to the rail, resting her head as a male walked to, unlocking his car and spoke. Male going to the club "You may not be old enough, but your body can get you in. Hit me up sometime." April tilted her head upwards and downwards as the 8 grade female spoke. 8 Grade Female "Think me body can get me in?"

Thursday, 2:08am

April continually slept, arms crossed on her pillow, laying sideways in her room bed as her digital clock alarmed, placed beside her as she opened her eyes, reached her left hand, turning off the alarm, yawning. April thought of Nex as she grabbed, pulling the cover aside, up righting. April exited her shower, dry towel wrapped around her lower chest and thighs, holding the grip as she looked back towards the curtains holding her tooth brush in her mouth, brushed her teeth, standing in front her bathroom mirror, grabbed her dresser placed emergency key card, combed straightening her hair sitting on her plastic storage container in front her mirror leaning up against the wall, exiting her apartment room, closing her door. April exited into the pyramid hotel, noticing the employed female scheduling arrangements with a female visitor, placed her emergency key card into, exiting into her hotel room, noticing his key card on the bed as she spoke. April "Nex?!" The employed female noticed April placing her hands on to the register counter as she spoke. April "Did you see Nex?" Employed Female "Yeah.. He accidentally tripped in the pool area. Everyone was watching and he felt devastated. He left and I couldn't stop him." April placed the emergency key card on to the register counter. April "I'll go look for him." April circled the pyramid hotel, pressing her feet on to the sidewalk as she stare at her left, right and upwards. April walked beside the sopping centers as she peek through the glass, looking into the video game store, exiting into the gas station as she spoke. April "Did you see a little boy? He's wearing pink." Employed Male "I don't even let kids in yet at this hour." April rushed, running pass, staring at the middle school, waiting as students exit the middle school on to the buses, hands placed on to her hips. April rushed as she continually focused forward, passing the apartments, grabbed the handle as she exited into, asking her long time friend as the employed male if he seen Nex as he responded, circling the apartments.

April blinked, sitting on the stairs in front her apartment room, continually resting her head on her hands, elbows placed on to her thighs, eyes independently staring at the sidewalk, sticking out her lower lip, thinking as a male name Trell parked his car. The male exited as he locked his car, closing the door as he spoke. Male back from work "You won't believe I seen some young dude that look like Phase as a kid." April up righted, placing her hand on to the rail as she responded. April "Where?" Male back from work "He was at the mall by the time I was there. Are ya'll related?" April "Yes. Thank you, mister." The male back from work watched as April rushed, continually running on to the sidewalk, leaving the apartments. Nex noticed April, resting his head on his arms crossed on the outside dinning table, sitting as she spoke. April "Hey, Nex." Nex "April." April "Why did you leave?" Nex ".. I had to.. I'm sorry if I exhausted you." April ".. Want me to buy you some ice cream?" Nex "If you get some to." The employed female handed April her receipt, holding her m&m ice cream cone as Nex held the m&m toppings towards his mouth, holding his ice cream cookie, tasting the ice cream. Nex followed, eating his m&m ice cream, exiting the strip mall as April held his hand. Nex raised his arms, standing in April's living room, lifting his sweat suit upwards, sitting on her left knee as she spoke. April "You need a baff."

April straightened Nex's hood, placed around his head, wearing a dark gray long sleeve pants attached sweater wear with a chest v opening, white under shirt and white socks, continually sitting on her left knee. April "I'll have the tv ready for you." April placed her hands beside Nex, sitting on the sofa, sitting on her knees, wearing her zorro mask as he slightly backed, noticing April speak as he slightly smiled. April "Look at my face." April placed the turkey wieners into the pot, noticing Nex's head continually tilted downwards, hands placed into his pocket, standing in her kitchen as she spoke. April "I bought some video games. Want to play?" Nex "I don't play games." April "Call me when you need." Nex "Can I go outside?" April "Stay where I can see you. Or I'll hold your hand." Nex realized, sitting on the steps in front April's apartment room, head continually tilted downwards as school students play football in the street. April dipped a fork into the boiling water, placing a turkey wiener into, holding a napkin covered hot dog bun, squeezed mustard on to the hot dog, exited her apartment room as she spoke. April "Here. I made you something to eat." Nex "I'm not hungry." April looked left, sitting under her hood hair dryer, continually walked to her apartment room door as Nex noticed. April "Nex. Time to come inside. Its getting night time." Nex watched April placing his dry folded washed pink sweat suit outfit on to the sofa as she continually spoke. April "I'll start buying you some new clothes tomorrow." Nex "Thank you, April." April I only have one bed. You can sleep with me, my sofa or I can make you a pattern on the floor." Nex "I'll take the sofa." April walked down the stairs, holding her folded cover and 2 pillows as Nex up righted and sat on the sofa. April organized the pillows, spreading the cover on to the sofa as she spoke. April "There." Nex up righted, sitting on April's cover spread as she noticed. April "Give me a kiss. April kissed Nex's forehead as he eww. Nex "Ew!" April continually spoke as she placed her hand on to the rail, standing on the stairs. April "I'll take you to school tomorrow." Nex laid his head on the pillow, unable to fall asleep as April walked up her stairs, turning off the light.

8: Last Assignment
Last Assignment

~Rapter continually waited as she smile, sitting on the counter in Phase's kitchen with marker scribbles imitating rex stripes split across her upper legs, legs crossed, held, sticking out her tongue, hands placed on to her upper leg's knee, placing her hands on to the counter, bending her fingers, watching the exit, uncrossing her legs, looking each direction, sticked out her lower lip, bored. Rapter placed her pointer finger into her mouth, biting her nail swim towards, placing her hands on to the floor, exiting the mud spree shaking her face, swinging her hair left and right, holding a shoe in her mouth, mud reaching her lower neck, covering body.

Tuesday, 5:00pm

April placed her index finger on to, reading her room wall calendar, walked down her stairs, continually placing her hand on to the rail. Phone "I have news." April "Someone told me yesterday. A boy." Phone "There was some extras, alright?" April "News?" Phone "Phase was reported when you were sleep. He's able to manipulate and steal intelligence. Or somebody's." April "Boys are stupid." Phone "If the signal reach me.. I may not be able to help you." April "Be positive. I need you." Phone "I want you to be ready for whatever." April "Stop doubting me. I'll save you like you saved me." April exited her apartment room, placing her hand on to the rail, noticing as Phase's Right Hand Man spoke. Right Hand Man "Are you ready, April?" April "Yes. Where do I go next?" Right Hand Man "You were there yesterday as you showed me your progression." April "When I was by the bridge?" Right Hand Man "Start from that point. You need to manage a mansion crib's health. Its unstable at the status. A party was there recent. You won't miss it." April "I have to clean a whole house?" Right Hand Man "Just whatever you see. What that comes needed income. Avoiding a less clean house is knowing where your enemies will attempt to hide. Catch the bus half way if you need to." April "Alright."

Phase's Right Hand Man teleported as April watched a dark red car pass forward, walking across the street as small birds, house sparrows flew from a tree. April bent her back over, straightening her arms and hands behind her back as she run, turning left on to the sidewalk. April turned, running left as she watch, passing the RTA bus leaving the bus stop, passing the bridge, stopping on to the sidewalk in front the gas station, placing her hands on to her hips. April watched, looking both ways, continually running forward into the street as a person drove her car, passing right. April continually focused, avoiding the cars, looking her left and right, passing as the yellow light turned red, stopping the cars. April rushed on to the sidewalk, placed her right hand straightened above her right eye as she stare left. April watched, waiting as people drive in cars, running into the street. April stared left, avoiding distractions as she noticed a distant mansion crib, continually facing forward. April crossed on to the second lane, running on to the sidewalk in front the parking space in front the small Jacuzzi mansion as a car continually pass. April stared at the spacious crib, knocked on the door, pressed, ringing the bell, beating the door, raised her right leg as she kicked the door.

April exited into the spacious home 2 story crib, closing the door as she stepped on a empty potato chip bag, noticing trash on the floor. April tilted her head upwards as she inhale, exhaled, grabbed the kitchen broom and limited edition dust off shoulder pan, sweeping the chip crumbs into the dust pan, standing in the entrance room. April held the pan tilted, angling dust into the plastic trash container, sitting on her left knee, sweeping the smaller crumbs into the pan, watched as she dropped the empty potato chip bag into the trash container. April tightened as she held the white zip lock bag upwards, raised the opener as she placed the trash bag into the dumpster beside the concrete fence, grabbed the plastic cups from the kitchen counters as she placed the red cups and empty glass bottles into the trash bag, aimed throwing a cup towards the trash bin, missing. April dipped the mop into the mop bucket, ringed the mop, moping the floor, peeked, sticking her head into the bathroom, right hand placed on to the wall as she instantly turned her face sideways, tightly closing her eyes, closing the door. April placed her right hand into the Jacuzzi as she grabbed, pulling the drain stopper. April placed a yellow rubber glove on to her right hand, dipped the plunger into as she plunge the toilet, scrubbed inside the toilet, vomiting into, hands placed on to the seat. April purled bleach powder into, scrubbing the Jacuzzi, using a tub sponge, grabbed as she placed the pillows, organized on to the living room sofa. April pulled the finger tips, taking off the gloves, grabbed, placing empty plastic cups from the living room glass table into the trash bag, placing a towel into the warm water bucket, scrubbing carpet stains. April opened, standing in the doorway, checking the guest room closet, organizing the cover, placing the pillows on to the guest room bed, vacuuming the guest room carpet floor and living room carpet. April placed the mop on to, moping the living room floor, bathroom floor, wiped the wall screen, living room tv, glass living room table, squeeze as she ringed the wet towel, wiping the kitchen counters and 2 bathroom sink. April wiped the 2 bathroom mirror, throwing the wet towel into the bucket, placed the net into the backyard swimming pool, netting cups. April tilted the net over, dropping trash into the dumpster, tying as she tightened the trash bag zipper, sweeping crumbs off the stairs, raised her hands upwards, continually pushing the bag into the dumpster, noticing splattered trash on the 2nd floor as she raised, pointing her middle finger, held the full black trash bag on to her back, back slightly bent over, lifting upwards, pushing the bag into the dumpster, dropped, falling on to the living room sofa as she close her eyes.

April opened her eyes, mouth slightly opened as she noticed, placing her hand on to her stomach, growling. April exited into the kitchen, noticing bread loaf above, opened as she held the refrigerator door, noticing mayonnaise, turkey sandwich meat, tomatos and pickles, slightly bending her back over, reaching for the turkey meat. April placed her right feet on to, kicking the refrigerator door close, holding as she held her dinosaur sized thick stacked sandwich towards her mouth, biting. April opened her apartment room door as she raised, scratching her lower ankle, placing her left hand on to the side and spoke. April "I made it." ... April "Obby?" April held, straightening as she placed the cell phone charge adaptor plug into the wall, sitting beside the arm of her sofa, noticing her phone unresponding. April slightly cried as tears cover her eyes, continually speaking. April "Obby?!" April crossed her arms on to the sofa arm, resting her head, continually fighting back tears as her phone vibrated, responding. Phone "You forgot to charge me." April set upwards, wiping below her eyes, noticing her phone turned on, placed on to her right thigh and spoke. April "I was trying to stay focused." Phone "You give me the love I need when you cry. What mission he give you?" April "I had to clean a mansion." Phone "Don't be a fib." April "It wasn't big. It was small." Phone "Like those 4 room cribs?" April "Yes. I cleaned the first story." Phone "You skipped?" April "I was ready to leave. I missed outside." Phone "You know he's going to immortalizing him self." April "Phase?" Phone "Yup. Its his immunity system. He wants to keep seducing girls." April stared at her phone, listening as she continually crossed her arms on to the arm of her sofa, resting her head.

Phase placed a injector into his left arm, injecting lime green rejuvenating liquid into his muscle, immortalizing his immunity system, standing in a lab balcony in a window inside his facility as Rapter exited into the room. Phase noticed Rapter leaning up against his body, raising her right leg as she place her hands on to his chest, closing her eyes. Phase noticed Rapter mouth kiss attempt as he avoided her feelings, backing his head and spoke. Phase "Don't force me to over replenish my self." Rapter placed her right leg on to the floor, watching as Phase placed a band aid on to his arm, exiting the room.

9: Common Enemies
Common Enemies

~Mercy distractedly walked, staring upwards at the wall and ceiling, waiting in a hallway of a bank center beside a room door as Phase's personal assistant, introduced as a mute female with dark brown skin, dark brown eyes and chin length ash grey highlighted blond hair of his demographic, wearing a white cap, white long sleeve shirt with red rex scratch markings, gray knee length sweatpants, white socks and shoes. Phase exited the room, clasping his hands behind his back as he spoke. Phase "Let's go." Mercy listened as she followed, clasping her hands behind her back.

Monday, 6:31pm

April opened her eyes, arms crossed, facing her fish tank as she placed her hands on to, raising her cover upwards, up righting. April placed her cover beside the stairs, placing her right hand on to the rail as she spoke. April "You up?" Phone "Yea." April "I'm going to eat now. Want some?" Phone "I need to be charged." April chewed, swallowing meat, hands placed on to a white stripped waffle colored Rex leg in front the black stripped pink Raptor leg, sitting in front her living room table, eating. April placed the dry towel over her face, drying her hair, placing her white sock on her right feet, placed on to her bed, slowly walked down the stairs, putting on her black zorro mask, wearing a pink short sleeve shirt with two right and left focused Rex eyes centered on the chest area and light yellow upper thigh length school uniform buttercup tipped flounce skirt as her phone noticed. Phone "Why you wearing that?" April "I saw someone wearing it yesterday. I forgot I bought one for space." Phone "You look prettier." April "Thank you. I feel free now." Phone "You giving yourself attention, April." April "... I still want to wear it." Phone "See you when you get back." April continually sat on the steps in front her apartment room, elbows placed on to her thighs, hands beside her cheeks, resting her head on her hands as a male parked his car. The male aimed the auto lock towards, locking his car, noticing April turning her eyes independently towards the male speaking. Male holding car remote "Why don't you know my name?" April up righted, turning right, standing on the sidewalk as a male crossed the street, holding a trash bag and spoke. Male taking out trash "My baby." April "." Male taking out trash "I'm fibbing. Haha You watch the news?" April "Sometimes." Male holding his trash "Phase hacked the internet for income and today he slightly just deleted it. The stress is all over." A bullet proof truck passed upwards, driving at miles per hour as April and the male holding his trash back, noticed.

April followed the Swats, running as she turned the corner, hands straightened behind her back, back bent over. April turned right upwards, avoiding a car, running beside as she noticed the bullet proof truck driving forward a block away. April turned the next block running upwards, continually turning right, noticing the Swats turning left, passing a park and a female placing her jacket over her friend's shoulder. April noticed the female crying as she pressed her feet on to the ground, watching the bullet proof truck. April "Hey." Female wiping her tears "I hate them. I wish they would go away." April "What they did?" Female sobbing "Some Swats killed my older brother. He was driving us home and they thought we were dissing them. My brother tried to protect us." Female's friend "One shot me with this yellow ball. It really hurt and I can see blood inside my skin. I might need to go to the hospital." April "I'm chasing them now." Female with jacket over her shoulders "If you try to talk, they will ignore you." April "Don't try to fight, alright? I'll beat them up." Female with jacket over her shoulders "I wish I could convince you not to, but. I'm cheering." April "Wait inside where its safe." April continually rushed, running into the street, turning right as she stare towards, watching left. April continually watched, staring left, running across the street blocks, staring left. April pressed her feets on to the street, placing her right hand on to the stop sign, noticing Swats, standing beside two parked bullet proof trucks distant beside the bridge and dead male laying on the street beside his swerved parked car in front the shopping centers.

A Swat watching his right and left noticed April throwing her old cell phone, critically hitting his face, continually held his auto power pellet gun, noticing as April dropped, placing her legs together, pushing the Swat on to the ground, dropping his power pellet gun as she critically pressed her feet on to his stomach, defeating the enemy. Swat "Agghh!" Each Swat noticed, aiming auto power pellet guns towards, shooting as April continually jumped forward, straightening her knees on to the Swat's stomach, growling, critically hitting his head against the street, squishing the enemy. The Swats continually aimed, shooting power pellets, hitting April's side as she up right, exhaling her voice. A Swat rushed towards April, swerving his power pellet gun as she gripped the gun with her mouth, slamming the enemy sideways on to the street. The Swats continually shoot power pellets as April threw the power pellet gun towards, critically hitting the left Swat's face, instantly falling unconscious. April aimed her middle finger, plucking a star bit towards the Swat's left shin, flinching as he fall on to, accidentally hitting his right knee critically against the street. Swat "Aghh!" The Swat placed his right hand on to his left shin, noticing April running towards, punch tackling his face, defeating the Swat. April wiped her right shoe on to the Swat as a higher ranked Swat walked from behind the bullet proof trucks as a buff Swat, having light skin, dark blue eyes, wearing a black ski mask, black pants, black tight short sleeve shirt, belt, black fingerless combat gloves and boots. April noticed, continually wiping her shoe as she place her right feet on to the street, watching the Swat growl. April "Hello, boss." April rushed attacked, biting the Swat's neck, critically smacking the enemy's eye as the higher rank swat growled, pushing on to his backside, bouncing into bursts.

People continually watched April, noticing Phase's Right Hand Man appeared, teleporting, wearing a light green short sleeve polo shirt and dark blue shorts reaching below his knees as he spoke. Right Hand Man "Your impressive, but your skipping assignments, April." April ""You weren't there. Where were you?" Right Hand Man "April, you should feel cool. I don't need to inform you every second. I'll show up when Its necessary." April placed her hands on to her hips, scrapping a bottle top against the street as the Right Hand Man continually spoke. Right Hand Man "I'll have your assignment set tomorrow." April watched Phase's Right Hand Man teleporting, sitting on her left knee beside, placing her hands on to the male's neck as a male wearing a cap spoke. Male wearing cap "Yo. Your badass." April "Thanks, stranger. I practice." April placed the male, sitting upwards against the bullet proof truck, placed her left hand beside her left lower leg, noticing a red bleeding inside the bruise as she tilt, straightening her hand sideways. April walked on to the sidewalk as the cars continue driving on the street, avoiding the unconscious Swats, pushing the door opened, exiting into the gas station. April placed her hands on to, leaning forward against the counter as the employed male slide her ATM card, purchasing her starburst pack. Employed Male "How did you learn to jump so extensive the way you did?" April "I practice." The 8 grade female spoke as April placed her right hand on to the rail, holding her zorro mask and starburst pack, walking up the steps towards her apartment room. Female in 8 grade "You missed the party." April "You went?" Female in 8 grade "I wasn't old enough." April continually stared at the female in 8 grade, continually walking up the steps. April exited into her apartment room, closing her front door as her phone spoke. Phone "You look in a rush." April "I am in a rush. I'm going to fight my mentally ill. She's my little sister self I used to act like once. I was in elementary school with my self then. I'm also thinking about selling my chain mace so I can maybe buy a house." Phone "I think you will get in trouble. People aren't really supposed to own those." April "I know the person to sell it to."

April slowly exited into a self storage entrepot with sitting black Cerberus dog statues and boxfish stones, noticing silver ball floor traps with large grapping mouths, razor sharped teeth and round eyes as she walked, avoiding the traps. April continually walked as she looked at a Cerberus statue, walked more into the storage, noticing her counterpart, Jose exiting a separate room, stared and wiped her eyes, awakening and unwrapped the chain of her mace from around her wrists. Jose slowly walked down the ramp slide as April spoke. April "I'm going to put you to sleep. I'm tired of fighting you." Jose stopped walking at a distantly in front April, gripped as she held her dog chain piranha mace in her hands, continually slowly closed and slowly opened her eyes, flashbacking.

.. A beer bottle is shown, held in Jose's right hand, walking as she held the bottle towards her mouth, drinking with her eyes closed. Jose exited into the kitchen, slowly walking, holding a beer bottle as she laid, placing the bottle on to the kitchen floor, spreading her arms. Jose turned over, continually spreading her arms, turning sideways as she rest her head on her right arm, resting her eyes, bending her knees and elbows. Jose opened her eyes, awakening as she grabbed the beer bottle, rushing walking as she exit the kitchen, slowly slide her back against the wall, sitting on the floor as she held the beer bottle towards her mouth, drinking. Jose continually laid sideways on to the carpet floor, dropping her beer, spilling as a female participant walked pass. Female Demographic "Dud." Jose held her eyes closed, resting her feet, lying in the moving upwards elevator with her knees bent upwards, wearing a shirt with front red claw scratches and briefs underwear, falling unconscious. Jose slowly opened her eyes, lying in a room bed, sat upwards, looked around the room and burped, closing her eyes. Jose exited the bathroom, straightening her hair with her hands, walking down the stairs, opened as she stare into the refrigerator, grabbing mayonnaise, walked towards the table, holding bread loaf, closed the refrigerator with her feet as she held a sandwich stacked with turkey, ham, a raw fish, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce, biting. Jose stood in the elevator, staring upwards, pressed the stop button, exited the elevator into a hall with flower vases, looking each distance, walking. Jose walked towards, pulling a door handle downwards, opening as she peek into a office room, closing the door as she turned back, letting go the handle. Jose walked towards as she noticed Phase's Right Hand Man standing in the opening elevator as she stared, watching. Right Hand Man "Hope you got enough enjoyment." Jose "." Right Hand Man "I seen your entry. Not bad. Were you aware that you would receive continuum skill notifications from the base?" Jose nodded as she shake her head side to side. Right Hand Man "Then you have a choice. Leave if your declining my reward to you." Jose continually stared, watching Phase's Right Hand Man as the elevator door closed, moving downwards towards the first floor, closing her eyes. Jose's legs are shown, walking as a maggot crawled across her upper thighs, held her hands placed on to the glass, staring, stepped outside the headquarters, backed as she stare upwards towards the top floor as a male noticed and stared. Male "Damn, miss."

Jose pressed the button requester, exited into, exited the elevator into the living room, smiling as she slowly walked and slowly closed her eyes, clasping her hands behind her back, noticed a cord house phone in front the sofa. Jose held the cord, twirling the phone sideways, hitting the phone against a vase sat on to the table as Phase's Right Hand Man exited the elevator, noticing. Right Hand Man "No plans?" Jose nodded as she shake her side to side, continually holding the phone cord in her hands, looking towards the knocked over vase. Right Hand Man "Don't worry about it. I like what I think I'm seeing. Hold on to that." Jose followed, holding the cord attached phone into her hands as Phase's Right Hand Man exited into a private shooting range with a male test subject as he spoke. Right Hand Man "I need you to collaborate the phone and its cord to the best of your abilities. Show me your moves." Jose exited into the target space of the shooting ranger as the silent test subject positioned his stance, twirling her phone as the test subject attacked. The test subject rushed, running towards as Jose placed, sliding her feet outwards, tripping the test subject forward, wrapped the cord around his neck in a tight choke hold knot, dropping on to his knees, placing his hands on to the cord. Jose sat on her knees as she grabbed the test subject's, lying on to the floor as she pulled his head between her thighs in a thigh choke hold, tightening her thighs against the test subject's neck and up righted, watching Phase's Right Hand Man. Right Hand Man "I already knew you could." Jose held the cord attached, reaching the phone towards, critically hitting a test subject's face, kicking the test subject's chin, held her hands on to, pulling the extended phone cord, remotely wrapping his face, hitting her hand against his face, unwrapping the test subject's face, standing on his knees, falling sideways. Jose held her right leg upwards as she wrapped the phone attached cord around her leg, swinging her leg as Phase's Right Man watched, impressed and spoke. Right Hand Man "Your improving." Jose exited the target space of the shooting range towards, rushed as she jumped on to Phase's Right Hand Man, falling on to the floor, held the cord stretched against his neck and spoke. Right Hand Man "I have something for you."

A group of piranha are shown as a piranha chased a victim, swimming within the living room fish tank as Jose slowly exited into the living room from the dark hallway, holding a sphere shaped Greek chain dog mace with piranha teeth in her hands. Right Hand Man "Hope you like it. It really collaborates with you. You were already good at swinging the cord phone so its the same thing." Jose "." Right Hand Man "Its fascinating to have you around. I think I'm going to start referring to you as Snail Brains." Jose "." We need emergency security. Can you be that?" Jose nodded as she tilt her head upwards and downwards. Jose held the chain wrapped around her right leg upwards, swinging her leg, breaking a target with her piranha dog mace. Jose twirled her dog mace as she aimed, extending her dog mace towards, remotely gripping the side of the target with its fangs, pulling a piece, crossed her ankles with her eyes closed, hands clasped behind her back, holding the chain of her dog mace, slowly opening her eyes, undamaged by her Greek mace. Jose wrapped the phone cords around Phase's neck as she closed her eyes, kissing his forehead, standing emotionless. Jose slowly walked across the hallway with her maggots/maggies crawling around her legs, continually holding her dog chain piranha mace in her hands, patrolling Phase's headquarters, passing a ice cream deliver male as she randomly kissed his cheek, noticed Phase's Right Hand Man exiting into the elevator. Jose followed as she rushed as the elevator door halted, exiting into the elevator beside Phase's Right Hand Man and clasped her hands behind her back, chains of her dog chain mace wrapped around her lower arms, smiling. Rushed crossing the street towards beside the ice cream truck as the ice cream male noticed Jose holding her dog chain mace with an uneasy facial expression, walked as she held the lower ends of the chain of her piranha dog mace around her lower arm, held her nut topped ice cream, licking as the ice cream male drove his ice cream truck, stared forward, day dreaming as she stood over a suspended male, holding her chain dog mace in her hands, dripping blood in a storage room, flashback fading..

Jose slowly opened her eyes, watching April as she pull her rat tail comb from her hair and spoke. April "Are you finish?" Jose continually held her chain mace, walking towards April's space as she continually stopped, staring. April "?" Jose raised her right leg as she pull her chain mace, wrapping around her shin, swinging the dog mace with her leg towards as April moved inwards, letting the chain wrap her upper body as the mace cut a scar into her cheek, closing her eyes. April placed, holding her rat tail comb into her mouth, gripped, raising the dog mace upwards as Jose pulled the chain, letting go her counterpart's mace. Jose placed her right feet on to as she swing her leg and kicked the dog mace towards as April raised her left leg, catching the chain wrapping around her shin, swinging her leg, avoiding the mace's piranha teeth, pulling Jose downwards, falling on to her left knee. April continually gripped the dog mace as she unwrapped the chains from her shin as Jose pulled the chain, piranha teeth cutting April's pinky finger, exhaling her voice, holding her concentration. Jose instantly extended, wrapping the chain around April's neck, falling on to her chest, continually exhaling her voice as she place her hands on to the chain. April up righted on to her left knee, placed her rat tail comb into her hair, plucking a star bit towards, hitting Jose's neck as she flinched, gripped as she up righted, unwrapping the chain from her neck. April up righted on to her two feet as she held her fighting pose, concentrating as Jose instantly pulled, rushed left closer to her space, extending her chain dog mace towards, bending against April's left shoulder, circulating towards, hitting Jose's face, falling sideways.

April stared, slowly walked towards her counterpart, pretending to be unconscious, placed her hand on to her cheek, stared at her hand, noticing blood, placed her left feet against, distancing the mace as Jose turned on her back, opening her eyes and up righted on to her knee, gripping the mace. April "!" Jose pulled as she extended the chain, wrapping April's shins, grabbing her rat tail comb, circulating towards, remotely biting her right ankle, tightly closing her eyes. Jose "!" Jose kept her stance, swinging her leg, kicking April with her right leg, exhaling her voice, stretching the chain as she fall sideways, pulled the mace's piranha teeth from her ankle, unwrapping April's shins as she up right. April watched as Jose continually extended her chain towards her space, dodging sideways as she swing her legs, kicking the chain, backing against a floor trap, noticing. Jose continually extended her chain mace towards April as she kicked the floor trap towards her counterpart, gripped and pulled the chain, falling sideways as the floor trap, remotely bite into Jose's left ankle. Jose "!" April pulled her counterpart beside, continually swinging her right leg, kicking a Cerberus statue on to Jose, critically damaging her tissue, falling unconscious, maggies continually crawling around her legs as April watched, catching her breath. April's hand is shown, pulling the mace's teeth from her past self's ankle, kicking the dog mace sideways, picked up her rat tail comb, walked towards and opened the exit, stopped as she stood in the exit, exiting the entrepot, closing the exit.

10: Skipped ParticiPatience
Skipped ParticiPatience

~Weekend, 1:58pm

April opened her eyes, resting her head sideways on her right arm, laying across the top of her sofa as her phone turned on and spoke. Phone "April." April "I'm up." April sat on her sofa, next to her phone as she held her right arm bend in front her mouth. Phone "I have something to tell you." April "I'm listening." Phone "Weren't you managed?" April "A long time ago. Next?" Phone "I can't tell you the rest." April "What?" Phone "Your once manager. Follow him, alright? He won't know if you be slow." April "I have to act dumb?" Phone "Be slow. Its up to you." April "..." Phone "I'll be waiting." April pulled the end downwards, placing her right fingerless glove on to her right hand, wrapped as she pressed her fingers on to, closing the gripper. April placed her right feet on to her dresser, putting on her sock, tying her right shoe lace, left knee bent, sitting on the floor, right hand placed on to the rail, rushing down the stairs as she spoke. April "I'm going outside." Phone "Remember what I told you if he come." April placed left hand on to the stair rail, noticing a armed truck blocks down left passing upwards, continually staring as she rushed down the steps, turning left. Phase's Right Hand Man instantly appeared, teleporting behind April as her mislead, false supervisor, placing his hand on to her shoulder. April turned her eyes independently, noticing Phase's Right Hand Man, continually held as he spoke. Right Hand Man "Your passing too many chapters." Right Hand Man let go April's shoulder as she dropped on to the sidewalk and spoke. Right Hand Man "Shell we dance?" April "I danced with you already. I'm busy now." Right Hand Man "Have we really? You weren't all the way into it." April "I can learn the rest on my own." Right Hand Man "But the fun is absent if not together? Your not ready yet, April." April "What do you want me to do, right?" Right Hand Man "See? You still remember my name. Haha I do have a test I would like for you to work with, but it won't be ready till tomorrow." April "Where at?" Right Hand Man "I thought you hate assignments? Save your energy." April "I want a A." Right Hand Man "We'll see."Phase's Right Hand Man teleported as April placed her hands on to her hips, slightly sticking out her tongue. April laid sideways on her sofa, resting her head on her left arm bent, bending her knees as her phone spoke. Phone "You alright?" April "I have to get ready next." Phone "I fixed a puzzle once. You testing him back." April "He wasn't always like this." Phone "You ain't hurting him, April. Just learning." April continually listened as she closed her eyes.

Rapter placed her right hand into a small plastic paint container with a mud smear angled across each of her cheeks, wearing a dark blue short sleeve dress as full leg revealing shorts, white socks and crimson red sash as she smear pink on to a held paper, painting a picture of Phase, sitting on her knees, surrounded in paint contained varieties. Rapter exited her room, holding each end of the painting, smiling.

Monday, 2:44pm

April continually rested her head on her hands, elbows placed on to her thighs, sitting in front her apartment room on the steps as she inhaled, taking a breather. Phase's Right Hand Man appeared as April noticed, up righting as she dust off her upper thigh sides, placing her left hand on to the rail. Right Hand Man "Sorry if I'm late to you." April spoke as she walked down the steps. April "I should hit you. I dislike waiting. Now tell me where to go." Right Hand Man "But that's really apart of your test though. I need you to transport to the hotel. There's a puzzle inside you need to master. You should run into misplaced owns. Take the items to the original owner. If you mess up, the false owner will try to claim the limited edition as his, her own. It depends on the value. Don't let the wrong owner steal the puzzle piece." April "See you there." April opened her apartment room door, exiting into her living room as she spoke. April "I need bus transportation." Phone "Why would you want bus fair?" April "I don't like when people look at me and not stopping as I run." Phone "They will get used to that. I would look at you also." April "You better not be making stuff up." Phone "Drink some water first so you don't dehydrate." April closed her apartment room door, letting go the stair rail, turning right as she bent her back over, tilting her back forward, raising her arms behind her back, straightening her fingers, running. The employed male noticed April passing his store continually running, placing empty boxes on the ground beside the exit as she spoke. April "Hey." Employed Male "April?!" April crossed the street, turning left upwards on to the street as she noticed a parked RTA bus, waiting for the passengers. April turned right, exiting on to the bridge as she pay attention to the cars, focusing. April ran pass the police car as he noticed, eating a donut and spoke. Male Police "Does she have a license?!" April continually focused as she run beside the bridge rail, noticing a distant sand yellow luxury pyramid hotel with 3 stories and glass tint aluminium sliding window frames, continually turning her eyes facing forward independently, passing cars. April exited the bridge, turning right as she noticed another RTA bus driving forward, mouth slightly opened, continually running, passing the RTA bus.

A young adult male owner exited the pyramid hotel, running as April pressed her feet on to the sidewalk, breaking and spoke, banned from the hotel, wearing a black zorro mask. April noticed, watching the Male catching his breath, continually running as a male security guard exited the pyramid hotel, chasing the male. Security Guard "Excuse me miss! Watch out!" April pushed the glass doors, exiting into the pyramid hotel register room as the female employed noticed and spoke, standing behind the counter. Employed Female "Welcome, but we're full at the moment." April "I need to find stuff. I'm doing a puzzle." Employed Female "Well, I still need my gift card. I'm starting to think someone stole it. If you find it, I'll save a room for you. And no charge." April walked beside the register counter, looking each direction, walking towards the center room. April exited into the center room as a male owner, noticed and spoke. Male Owner "Did you lose something to? I lost something and I know its not at home." April "Wait where I can see you. I'll bring it to you" Male Owner "I doubt it, but thanks for trying. I'll be at the swimming pool." April walked towards as she pressed the 2nd floor request, exiting into the elevator. April tilted her head upwards, waiting as the elevator opened. April exited the elevator, closing as a false male owner rushed, holding a stolen card pack, sticking out her right ankle, tripping the false owner. False Male Owner "Aahhh!" April "Get up." False Male Owner "Why did you break my grip?!" April "Because your stealing. Give me the pack." False Male Owner "No, I got it first." April "Give me my pack or I will punch you in the face." April watched the elevator opening as she exited on to the first floor, walking into the swimming pool area, raising her right hand, holding the pack and spoke. April "Hey, boy!" Male Owner "Aye!" April "Yours?" Male Owner "Nah. I have a CD player." April walked into the center room, continually raising her right hand as she spoke. April "Who bought this?" False Male Owner "Not me." False Male Owner "Wrong one." Male Owner "Yo, that's me!" April handed the male owner his card pack as she spoke. April "They better be yours. If I see your making stuff up, I'll hit your face." Male Owner "I have the receipt to prove it." April pressed the button requester, continually exiting the elevator on to the last floor, watched outside the windows, walking forward across the hall, noticing someone exiting into a separate elevator. April turned left, noticing a dropped key card on the floor as she kneeled on her left knee, grabbing the card, held, reading the card's number, noticing the door room number. April placed the key card into the card key lock, exiting into the room as she noticed a stolen Gameboy SP on his bed. April grabbed the SP, exiting the room as she closed the door, walking into the center room and spoke, holding the SP. April "Who bought this?" Male Owner "I think that's.. That's mind. How did you find it? April handed the male owner his SP as she responded. April "You left it in someone's room." Male Owner "Thank you." April "Don't lose it." April exited the elevator continually on the last floor, noticing the false male owner as she held his key card. April "You looking for something?" False Owner "Aye. That's my room key!" The false owner reached as April moved her hand backwards and spoke." Male Owner "Can I have it back?" April "What do you say first?" Male Owner "Oh. Thank you." The elevator stopped on the 2nd floor as April watched the false male owner, noticing a stolen SD Player slightly sticking on his jacket pouch, pointing her index finger on to, poking the pouch. Male False Owner "What's the problem?" April exited the elevator beside the male false owner, right hand placed on to, covering his sore swollen eye, walked into the pool area, holding his CD Player as he noticed. Male Owner "You got it!" April handed the male owner his CD Player as he continually spoke. Male Owner "Where was it?" April "I'll tell you tomorrow." Male Owner "Wait, what?"

April walked beside the swimming pool, looking into the water, noticing a red gift card. April sat on her knees, bending over, placing her hands on to ground as she stick her head into the pool. Male Owner "?" April sat on her backside, knees bent as she grabbed, taking off her socks and shoes, diving into the pool. April swim downwards towards the bottom of the pool, paddling her feets as she grabbed the employed female's pyramid hotel gift card. April stick her head out of the swimming pool, inhaling as she placed her hands on to the ground holding the gift card. April exited the center room as she turned, walking in front the register counter, held the gift card as the employed female noticed April soaking wet and spoke. Employed Female "That was fast. Why are you wet?" April responded as she slide, placing the gift card on to the register counter. April "It was in the swimming pool." Employed Female "Well, at least the water washed the ikky germs away from whoever stole it. I'll have a room saved for you whenever you come back. What's your name?" April "April." Employed Female "Last name?" April "Yui." Employed Female "Done. I have you registered. Thank you." April yanked, placing her socks into as she grabbed her shoes continually kneeling on her left knee, noticing the male owner holding his CD Player. Male Owner "Are you searching for a room?"

April held the plastic cup towards her mouth, drinking water, burping. April laid across her sofa, resting her left hand on the carpet floor, resting her head on her right arm bent as her phone spoke. Phone "I'm thinking about asking you to bring me on your next mission." April "I love when my feet hurt after I walk so long. It feel so great." Phone "Sore feet?" April "Its pounding. I feel soring in my legs." Phone "It stops fast." April "I don't want it to. How can I keep this?" Phone "I really can't answer that." April grabbed as she yanked, pulling her cover on her stomach, resting her head sideways on to, crossing her arms, legs bent, laying on her stairs, watching her fish tank as her phone spoke. Phone "Why?" April "Why what?" Phone "Why are you sleeping somewhere people walk?" April "Yes. Its fun." Phone "Don't let the feet bugs bite you." April turned her head as she closed her eyes.

Rapter continually placed her rex jaws into, biting as she pull, ripping meat, eating a black stripped pink and yellow Allosaurus leg, white stripped pink Rex Leg and black spotted pink and yellow Allosaurus neck, arms bent against her chest, imitating the body structure of a raptor in her room with mud smeared across her eyes. Phase stood in his studio room, turning off his studio set as his Right Hand Man spoke as a shadow, standing in the doorway. Right Hand Man "April is actually powerful. I managed though." Phase "I blame my self. Another mistake added to my biggest regrets." Right Hand Man "In the end, I'm still her tutor." Phase "But can you?"

11: ConFrontin' Dilemma
ConFrontin' Dilemma

~Phase is shown laying on a flat bench in his gym, right feet on the floor beside weights, hands placed on to his eyes, elbows held upwards as Rapter walked to the exit, mouth slightly opened, wearing her 2nd pair dark blue short sleeve Chi Chi short dress with crimson red pants, crimson red arm bands, and pink shoes, white socks and crimson red sash. Phase sat upwards, sitting as he tilted his head downwards. Phase up righted, stretching his arms slightly outwards as he continually tilt his head downwards, shadow covering his eyes. Rapter held as she lick her each of her hands and wiped her hair, sitting on her knees in her room in front her bed, smiling.

Saturday, 3:41pm

April raised her right leg, biting her toe nail, wearing a short sleeve zipped slim denim shirt, denim jean shorts dark blue outfit, sitting on her living room sofa as she noticed her phone spoke, turning her eyes independently. Cell Phone "Yuck. That's so yuck." April continually bite as she pulled, spitting out her toe nail and spoke. April "I swimmed yesterday, remember?" Cell Phone "Aren't you going to clean that up?" April "After I'm finished." April continually bend her index and middle fingers, left hand placed on to her right hand, sitting on her room dresser as her cell phone continually spoke, sat on to April's bed. Cell Phone "Well?" April "I had toe nails I lost in my room, to. April exited her apartment room, walking down the steps, holding a trash bag, turning right as people notice and spoke. 7th Grade Male "Me and other males play with girls in school most of the time over school work. Its interesting because we automatically can't hit them back but run. Haha" Male with Gameboy SP "That, and we try to sneak and play our Gameboys in class. Sometimes our teachers are cool though." Female 8th Grader "I thought you said you would start coming outside?" April "I do. I have to watch everyone next." April held the top opened, dumping the trash bag into the dumpster as the female 8 grader continually spoke. Female 8th grader "When will you get to come outside?" April "Keep checking. I'll let you know." Female 8th grader "Alright :)" April walked towards the front of the apartments, turning right as a young adult male unlocking his car spoke. Male holding his keyless entry remote "I forgot to tell you someone is throwing a party. Wanna be my date? Haha" April "Maybe. I'll think about it." Male holding car entry remote "For real?! Ooohhh!" April crossed the street, turning right walking upwards, pushing the door, exiting into the store, holding her ATM card as she spoke. April "I ole you." Employed Male "What?" April placed her hands on to, turning the register, placing her card into the slide as the employed male continually spoke. Employed Male "Aye, what chu doin'?!" April continually turned around the register as she spoke. April "Check and see how much I gave you." The Employed Male checked the amount as he spoke. Employed Male "That's more than I missed. But I rather you buy it all back." April "I'll buy something tomorrow." April exited the store as the male employed spoke continuously. Employed Male "Aye, April hold up!"

April placed her right hand on to the rail, stepping on to the stair, opening her front door as her phone spoke. Cell Phone "Hey." April placed her hand on to her rail, walking upstairs as she responded. April "Hey." April held, placing her ATM card under her matrass, sitting on her left knee, rush walking down the stairs as her phone continually spoke. Cell Phone "What you doin?" April "I'm saving my ATM card in case I lose it outside. I might have to fight people." Cell Phone "Bring me with chu. Its tedious inside." April "I might fall and break you." Cell Phone "You won't." April continually watched her phone, hand on to the rail, standing on the stairs. April's thighs are shown, rush walking towards, exiting into the alleyway as she spoke. April "Hurry up. I know your here, mister spider." April continually walked, watching each direction, placing her hands on to her hips. April noticed her unloosened shoe lace, kneeled on her left, retying her shoe lace as her cell phone vibrated. April placed her hand into her right pocket, grabbing as she held her phone. April "Hey." Cell Phone "Don't search for him, April. He want to stop change. Like different eras." April "How can I stop it?" Cell Phone "You can't. You gotta wait till he misplace it in front you." April "Dilemma." Cell Phone "Double yup." April "I remember what you told me. Tell me where to go next." Cell Phone "You positive? I can tell you but.." April "I might as well since I'm outside. You lead, I'll listen." Cell Phone "Get up. Your legs gon start hurtin' I'll beep once you reach the person." April up righted, raised each of her knees, stretching her legs and exited the alleyway as she spoke. April "If he doesn't, someone has to."

April exited the alleyway, turning left as a red car pass forward. April crossed the street, continually walking forward, waiting at the stop sign as the red light pause the cars. April walked, continually crossing the street as she watched the street, noticing her phone vibrate. April placed her hand into her pocket grabbing her cell phone, walking as she spoke. Cell Phone "Go left." April tightly held her phone, turning left as she responded. April "This way?" Cell Phone "Yes." April walked as her phone continually spoke. Phone "You should run. We have to go to the airport. Don't drop me." April "You act like I don't know better." Phone "I know better. Your very fast." April rushed, angling her arms behind her back as she straighten her hands, tightly holding her phone, running across the street and spoke. Cell Phone "They got another one." April "What?" Phone "Turn right." April turned right, continually crossing the street, passing people, feeling win pressure as he spoke. Male wearing headphones, holding his CD player "?!" Male with krunk juice "Oooh!" A young male noticed April crossing into the high way, placing his hands on to the window as the older male driving his car noticed April passing upwards and spoke Male driving his car "What?!" April noticed the driving cars as she continually ran, avoid passing the cars, focusing. Male driving his car "I must be high." A female high school student continually walked on the edge of the street from the airport, right hand placed on to her left arm, head tilted downwards as she noticed April running towards her from upwards. Seduced Female "?" April break, supposedly scrapping the back of her shoes on to the street, making tire sounds and wiped her shoes. Seduced Female "How can you run so fast like that?" April "I muscle my legs." Seduced Female "Oh." April "Your lost I bet" Seduced Female "I guess. I just woke up here and started walking. I couldn't go to my family since we're in dispute, And. Had to start somewhere." April "Start to get on my back. I can take you home." April set on her left knee as the seduced female wrapped her arms around her neck, up righted as she held her legs. April held the seduced female's legs as she spoke. April "Hold on tight." April tilted, lowering her back as she rush, running across the highway.

Phase's Right Hand Man spoke, standing beside Rapter with mouth length bob hair in front a 2003 suburban beside the facility as Spike listened with his hands placed into his pocket. Right Hand Man "You need to take your contributing more seriously, Spike. You have been noticeably behind lately." Spike "Yeah, I apologize for that. Right Hand Man "I'm trusting you. There's a threat difficult to notice so, really take them into consideration."

April "Where do you live at?" Seduced Female "I'll let you know from where I remember." The seduced female tightly held her arms around April's neck, noticed a car left, watching the driving, enjoying the breeze as she slightly closed her eyes, falling asleep. The seduced female slowly opened her eyes, noticing the neighborhood as April spoke. April "Wake up. I'm lost without you." Seduced Female "Oh. You can put me down now." April unwrapped the seduced female's legs, placing her feet on to the sidewalk as she unwrapped April's neck. Seduced Female "Thank you, Yoshi." April "Alright. I'm happy I could help you.. Do you need me to walk you?" Seduced Female "Oh.. I know how to get home from here. My little brother is sick and I don't want him to see me like this." April watched as the seduced female walked downwards as her phone vibrated. April placed her hand into her pocket, grabbing her phone as she spoke. Phone "Phase got her." April "Like what?" Phone "He constantly abducts his demographic females and do you know what to them. He doesn't want anyone else with them." April "I can't stop him every place he go to." Phone "You can't. He mostly abducts females you see in music videos." April continually held, staring at her phone as she turn off, placing her phone into her pocket. April placed her hands on to, pressed her thighs and stomach against, pushing her sofa, rearranging her living room as her phone turned on and spoke. Phone "Aren't you tired?" April "I will be once I'm finish." Phone "Dang. I was so used to it." April "I'll change it back. I love arranging my rooms."

Jose continually sat with her feet placed on to the edge of the seat, knees bent upwards, holding her legs as April's mute past self, sitting between two random brown skin male rhino half asleep and sleeping piranha security guards with fade haircuts as the black Yukon limousine stopped. Jose yawned as she closed her eyes with light skin, dark gray eyes and electric crimson red chin length hair, wearing her usual blue short sleeve hooded upper legs revealing stretchable jacket zipped to her upper chest, white shoes, silver spider legged clips, leg clips clipped around her shins, socks and black fingerless gloves, holding her dog chain piranha mace in her hands, sphere shaped end of her mace falling on to the floor as she up right, exiting the Yukon limousine.

12: False Rain From Above
False Rain From Above

~Friday, 6:59pm

April continually bend her index and middle fingers, left hand placed on to her right hand, wearing a tight short sleeve white shirt, medium burgundy attached high cut briefs, sitting sideways on the arm of her living room sofa, feet placed between the pillows, listening to the outside rain as she spoke to her phone. April "I don't want to be responsible for people." Phone "As in protection?" April "Yes. I just want to kill Phase. Problem solved." Phone "Why would you want to fight the leader when you barely developed yourself?" April "Why are you doubting me? I'm starting to feel like a video game character. I beat his minions. Now I want Phase." Phone "Whatever you say, April. Its up to you." April placed her elbows on to her thighs resting her head on her hands, watching her phone turn off, continually facing forward. April noticed her phone, exiting her apartment room as she held the door knob and spoke. April "I'm going to take a walk." April continually watched her phone unresponding, closing her apartment room door, placing her hand on to the rails, rushing down the stairs, ignoring the rain. April turned left, walking towards as she place her hand on to the handle, opening the swimming pool gate, held her arms forward, diving into the pool. April placed her hand into the pool inflow, left hand placed on to the concrete, slightly sticking her head above the water, swimming towards the steps, paddling her feet as she placed her hands on to, sitting on the steps. April continually sat ignoring the rain, head tilted downwards as she flinched, slightly sneezing, watched as she up right, closing the gate, walked down the steps into the swimming pool.

April rushed up the stairs through the rain, exiting into her apartment room as she noticed her phone turned and spoke. April "I thinked about it." Phone "Why did you go outside in the rain?" April "I needed a bath." Phone "Odd." April grabbed as she held the plastic container over, purling fish food into her fish tank, feeding her fish as her phone continually spoke. Phone "This is my very first time seeing you do that. You look very caring." April "I almost didn't remember." Phone "You know that's responsible." April continually stared into her fish tank, fingers slightly placed into the tank as she looked towards her phone. April stared at her fish tank continually, watching her fish, resting her head on to her right arm crossed, left elbow bent, middle fingers slightly bent between the rail, laying across the stairs. April up righted, grabbing the stair rail, walking up stairs as she noticed her phone spoke. Phone "Don't leave me down here by my self." April grabbed her phone, rushed as she placed her left hand on to the rail, walking up the stairs. April placed her phone on to her bathroom sink, placing her right knee on to the tub, moving aside the curtain, turning on the bath as her phone continually spoke. Phone "Why you takin' a bath? You said you already did." April "I want to take a bath with soap next." Phone "Bring me outside first." April "Why?" Phone "Privacy?" April "Stop giving me privacy. We're both girls so I don't care if you look at me."

April's phone turned off as she closed the curtain. April moved the curtain aside, stepping out the tub, dry towel covering her lower chest towards her lower thighs, squeezed toothpaste on to her tooth brush, brushing her teeth, scrubbing her teeth upwards and downwards as her phone spoke. Phone "Watch you get tooth paste on me." April placed her right hand over, moving her phone aside as she continually brush her teeth. April continually stared at the ceiling, slightly laying across her sofa, resting her legs bent across the arm. April placed her feet on to the floor, held the pills towards her mouth, biting as she open the pack. April opened, placing the pill into her mouth, held the plastic milk jug towards her mouth, constantly drinking water, standing in front her refrigerator, turning her eyes independently towards as her phone spoke. Phone "Shakes my head. Stop drinking like that. Its not good for your lungs."

Phase noticed, watching Rapter, sitting in his dim studio room as she rush, exiting into the room, having ebony colored eyes, smiling slightly, wrists slightly bent, noticing her eyes glowing.

13: Series Establishment
Series Establishment

~Wednesday, 3:33pm

April listened to her phone placed on to her glass table, standing in her living room as she speak. Phone "Ok. I have stuff I want to tell you. You finished practicing, right?" April "Yup." Phone "Oh. What power they gave you? April "I can control star energy." Phone "You will need to stop the Swat varieties. They work for Phase anyway. He's effortlessly evil." April "I want to kill him." Phone "Don't be saying that." April "He's evil tho." Phone "So is his people. They are mindless enemies. You were close to one, right? April "He harass me." Phone "Hit him with your jacket then. They supposed to be protecting us. You will have less problems reaching Phase the more of his Swat varieties you beat. Traditional stuff. April "I also have something else wrong with me to." Phone "Oh Yeah. I wanted to get to that part. You have rex genetics in your body. Dinosaur buffs. You can follow em' if they run from us on tires. Also, your body regenerates faster than a regular person, so they can't really hurt you as much if you manage your get away. April "What power would you pick?" Phone "I like mysteries, but I don't want powers. Not for me. NOooo! You have dinosaur legs." April "I watch Dragon Ball Z." Phone "Go take a walk. Your greatest will trigger once you do. I'll wait when you get back." April exited her apartment, closing her front door as her phone tease. Phone "Dinosaur body."

April placed her left hand on to the rails, rush walking down the steps as she pop her bubble gum, noticing girls playing jump rope as people noticed and spoke. Male leaning on a parked car "I barely see you outside." April "That's because I'm busy." Male watching his daughter "I seen you at Golden Corral once. Haha" 10 year old girl "Hey starburst eater." Male PS2 fan "You look great. Like my PS2." April "I play Nintendo." Male PS2 fan "Awww. I feel played. Haha" April turned left, walking on the sidewalk, leaving the apartments as she crossed the street. April turned right downwards, noticing a dark red Cadillac Escalade pass in the distance, turning left. April walked, crossing the street, placing her hands into her jacket pouch, standing on the corner, looking each distance. April turned right, walking upwards as she noticed a Male Harasser walking towards her, putting up his set as he swing his legs backwards and forwards. Smack! April critically smacked the Harasser unconscious, defeating the enemy as she continually walked, noticing Swats loading a pallet proof truck and taller buff Barbaric Swat teenage male, having brown skin, dark blue eyes, wearing a dark blue ski mask, dark blue pants, belt, dark blue fingerless gloves and boots, continually weight lifting the back of a car. Common Swats having muscular bodies, light skin, dark blue eyes, wearing black ski masks, black pants, black tight short sleeve shirts, belt, dark blue boots and black fingerless combat gloves. The Swats noticed, rush exiting into the truck, driving off as April rushed running towards, jumped as she placed her feet on to his chest, forcing the Swat on to the street. April "Where they at?" The enemy unresponded as April sat on his chest, held his head between her thighs, sitting on her knees as she grabbed, holding his wrists, spreading his arms. Male Swat "..." April blew her bubble gum, held, pulling the enemy's wrists upwards, tightening her thighs around his neck as he finally spoke, slightly chocking. April "Tell me where they went." Male Swat "I'm not telling you anything. Why not just run after them while your at it." April continually eye contact the Swat, tightly closing his eyes as she plucked her fingers, releasing a slight star pallet, knocking the enemy unconscious. April noticed her phone speaking, sitting on her living room sofa as she hold, eating a orange stripped black large sized rex leg placed on to her lap. Phone "What the. That thing's big. Where did you get that?" April "Mysteries." Phone "Well, hope you don't over stuff yourself."

Phase spoke in a text format displaying his sentence, standing in front Rapter, wearing a dark blue sleeveless Chi Chi dress with crimson red pants, crimson red arm bands, and pink shoes, white socks and crimson red sash as she listened, appearing as shadows. Phase "I have needs for you." Rapter continually eye contact Phase, sat on her knees as she placed her hands on to the floor, tilting her back downwards, bowing her head, closing her eyes.

Thursday, 2:21pm

April lightly snored, knees and elbows bent, sleeping sideways as her phone continually ringed. April opened her eyes, noticing her phone as she up right, wiping her left eye, grabbing her cell phone as she speak. Phone "You wake up so late. People need you. They just don't know it yet." April "I was trying to have a dream." Phone "Well. I hope you sleep at night. Being major is stressful like." April "What that mean?" Phone "Responsible, needed, dependable. Those things." April "I forgot to bath." Phone "To me you didn't since you mentioned it. April "I lost my self after I ate." Phone "You know you still have to secure your surroundings, right?" April "I don't know where to start. I'm smart occasionally." Phone "Just go out and look for things. Its like going outside as a regular person. That's what you need." Outside is so lovely after school. Haha" April "How do I fight them by my self?" Phone "You'll see. Also, you have me." April grabbed her rat tail comb, sitting on her dresser, placed her hand on to, sliding her rat tail comb on to the rail walking down the steps as a male placed his hand on to the rail, holding a trash bag and spoke. Male interested "Damn. Excuse me miss." Car addicted Male "You ever claim tight cars you see as yours? We do it every day in school. Haha" Male wearing Roc "Something is up at the shooting practice range. I passed there earlier." April "Thank you for telling me where they went." Male "What?!" April turned right walking as the male shrugged his shoulders, short cutting into the apartment, turning upwards. April turned right, passing the dumpsters, noticing as she turned left, passing the swimming pool. April turned right, leaving the apartments on to the sidewalk, turning left as a car pass. April continually walked upwards, crossing the street, holding her rat tail comb as she turned right, crossing the street. April noticed a opened exit, crossed the street, turning upwards, watching the opened exit as she walk into the disguised indoor shooting range.

The Swat walked securing, noticing April turned, walking into the hall, holding a multiply power pellet gun as she attacked, plucked a star bit towards his forehead, knocking the enemy unconscious. April walked passed the defeated Swat, turning right as the Swat continually watched, standing in front the shooting range. Swat "!" The Swat noticed as April threw a random box turtle towards, critically hitting his face as his vision displayed stars, falling unconscious as the Swats standing in the range, positioned beside the targets. The Swats looked at each other as April plucked a star ballet, breaking a target, hitting as a Swat became hit, pushing on his backside, bouncing into bursts. Swat "Agh!" The Swat unconscious as the Swats attacked, using each multiply power pellet guns, shooting yellow round power pellets. April watched the Swats as the pallets continually make pellet sounds, bursting into fading stars, instantly plucking star bits at, hitting the enemies, knocked unconscious, breaking the targets, defeating the Swats. Swats "Aghhh!" April raised, blowing her middle finger, opened as she exited into the range room, slightly tilt her head upwards staring at the walls, placing her hands on to her hips. April turned around, noticing a muscular male Weiler Swat, Rottweiler, having tan skin, brown eyes, visual impact muscles, wearing a black ski mask with tan dot markings above each eye on the inner brow bridge, black pants, black tight short sleeve shirt, belt, black fingerless combat gloves with tan colored knuckle jointed dots and boots, holding a multiplying power pallet gun growling. April slowly backed, blowing a kiss towards the Reiler Swat, continually growled, making a hostile facial expression as she spoke. April "Play nice, Snoop." April instantly plucked a star bit, hitting the Reiler Swat's eye flinching, rushed grabbing the enemy's machine gun as the Reiler Swat gripped his gun, biting April's arm, swerved his gun, repel hitting April exhaling her voice, push falling downwards on her backside. April slowly backed as the Weiler Swat continually growled, walking towards April as she stick out her lower lip, constantly pointing her index finger beside the Weiler Swat noticing a raising target. April rushed, sneaking the enemy, wrapped her arms around the enemy's neck, slightly jump pressing her feet on to, critically damaging the Reiler Swat's shin, falling on his back, walked on to the Reiler Swat as she continually placed her hands on to her hips, lifted her feet, critically stepping on the enemy's face, defeating the Reiler Swat. April raised, noticing the bite mark on her arm regenerating, taking off her hood as she wipe, dusting off her jacket.

April placed her hand on to the rail, walking on to the stairs, exiting into her apartment as her phone spoke. Phone "Back?" April "I had fun and I beat some enemies." April placed her feet on to the steps, taking off her socks as her phone responded. Phone "You just made me happy." April "I still need to get better. I fought one that was like a video game boss." Phone "I told you. Traditional things." April "I'm going to sleep." Phone "I need the charge first!"

Phase placed, injecting rex DNA into Rapter's thighs, transitioning her body, standing in her dim room, buff muscular wearing a pink customized hood attached tight short sleeve black shirt, usual pink sweat pants and timberland boots as she sleep, slightly crying in painful affect, laying on her bed, tightly closing her eyes, groaning. Phase "I can't always be around. I'm giving you something you can adapt to protect your self. With power comes the will to manage it." Phase continually stared outside his living room window, arms held behind his back, hands clasped as a male problem false producer spoke, having caramel skin, cut faded black hair, wearing a light yellow short sleeve polo shirt, khaki school uniform shorts reaching below his knees and white shoes as his Right Hand Man, slightly standing in the shadow. Right Hand Man "New settlement?" Phase "Hm?" Right Hand Man "Took you awhile. Rapter will make a great replacement." Phase "I'll need you to manage April. She's going to be a problem." Right Hand Man "I'm glad to have tutored her in the past. Always a member, once a associated."

14: Critical Memories
Critical Memories

~A 17 year old female Japanese Asian as Jawseeth is introduced having light skin, developed body, short graduated back inverted straight short hair in a steep auburn a line tapered silky undercut buzz nape ear length bob, wearing dark blue shoes, white socks, dark blue shorts, dark blue button down waistcoat vest, dark red tucked in tie, long sleeve white under collar dress shirt, mouth slightly opened, eyes closed, laying in a alleyway, knees and elbows bent, unconscious. Phase continually watched, eyes formed red, sitting in his Spider Transport as his shadow cover, slowly walking to the unconscious Asian.

Tuesday, 12:28pm

April continually slept, mouth opened, elbows bent, knees bent, back bent upwards, resting on her pillow as she opened her eyes. Phone "Up yet?" April "How did you get in my bed?" Phone "You laid me beside you." April up righted as she grabbed, placing her phone on to her dresser. April "Sorry, person." Phone "Its ok." April "What you ate?" Phone "I don't eat. I charge." April "..." Phone "You really should wear more clothes. Everyone can see you." April "Its a dress." Phone "Its a jacket." April "..." Phone "Don't you have underwear?" April "Yes." Phone "Get dress. Time to start teaching you out of your dinosaur ways." April "What?" Phone "Go. Its going to come naturally to you. Your body needs as much privacy as your stash." Phone "Ahem. Haven't yall heard of space?" The scene accidentally blackened into the credits as April changed, fully dressing. April exited into her room, unaware of her chain mace lying on the floor beside her bed as she spoke. April "I'm dressed." Phone "Points. l need a new cell phone charger." April listened. Phone "There will be a day where we will need to constantly communicate, so I will need to be fully charged." April "That's what I want. I like talking to you." Phone "Meet you back. Buy a new phone charger before its too late." April opened, standing in front her draw, digging into dresser, grabbing her ATM card, exited her apartment as she closed her front door.

April placed her left hand on to the rail, walking down the stairs, turning right. April turned right upwards, walking as she wait, noticing a car pass forward. April crossed the street, continually walking upwards, noticing a white car pass downwards. April continually crossed the street on to the sidewalk, noticing the electronic store, walked towards as she grabbed the exit handle, exiting into the electronic store and spoke. April "Hey." Employed Male "Wuz up." April continually watched, reading the chargers, tilting her head upwards as she grabbed a phone charger pack. April walked towards, placing the charger on to the counter as he typed the price amount into the cash register. Employed Male "I see change. You used to steal from me." April handed the employed male her ATM card as she responded. April "I eat." The employed male slide April's ATM card through the varied payment system as he responded. Employed Male "More than what you can chew. Haha" The employed male handed April her ATM card and receipt, grabbed as he placed her charger into the bag. Employed Male "Be careful. They won't care if you don't." April "I will." April exited the electronic store, letting go the exit handle, rushed walking up the stairs towards her apartment room, threw the charger on to her bed, placed her hand on to her room exit as she lifted her right leg, taking off her shoe. April plugged the charger into her cell phone, sitting on her bed as she placed her cell phone on to her dresser. April "I'm back." .. April "Phone, Wake up!" ! April "Yo Yo!" April placed her hands on to her dresser as she continually spoke. April "..."

April sat on her knees, crossed her arms on to her dresser, resting her head, pressed the phone dials as she up right. April exited into her bathroom, holding her drug pills as she sat on her toilet seat, opening the pills. April opened as she placed the pill into her mouth as she turn on, drinking water from the sink faucet, swallowing the pill. April continually sat on her toilet seat, placing her left arm on to the sink, resting her head as her eye sight phase into dizziness, becoming drugged in memories. April's memories visualized her walking into a store with messy chin length dark gray hair and dark gray eyes, wearing a black trash bag with a ripped hole at the neck, noticing the employed, walking towards as she opened the refrigerator. April grabbed a cold drink, walked towards the employed as the refrigerator shout, tugging down her shirt, lifted the cold drink towards the counter as she instantly rushed, exiting the store. Employed Male "Aye!" April continually rushed, running as the employed male threw a empty thick battery, hitting the back of her head as she tripped, exhaling her voice, up righted continually running. Employed Male "Don't let me catch you here again!" April held the cold drink towards her mouth, finishing the drink, living homeless in a junior high school after hours as she sat the drink on to the floor, sitting on a dark blue unfolded P.E gym mat, knees bent, noticing Phase, grabbing her rat tail comb. Phase "I'm giving you a way out. See me outside before 3 minutes if you choose to." April exited the junior high school, pulling a plastic storage bin, holding the handle as she noticing Phase at his distance, standing in the elevator beside Phase, opening. April exiting into Phase's headquarters living room, letting go her storage bin, placed her hand on to the wall, leaned as she peaked, looking into the bathroom, sitting in the kitchen, elbows placed on to the table, eating a chicken thigh. April moved her eyes independently, resting her head on the arm, sitting on the sofa, legs leaning upwards against the sofa, feet across the top, left hand placed on to her stomach with dyed black tipped amaranth red colored hair, right hand on the floor, noticing Phase, continually watched her test victim, holding her rat tail comb, dripping blood, standing in front Phase in his Spider Transport.

Phase walked down the stairs as April noticed, standing in the living room and spoke. April "You want some juice?" Phase "Its alright." April continually watched Phase and exited the living room. April continually looked at Phase, held in his arms, watched the elevator doors opening, arms wrapped around his shoulders, opened her eyes, arms crossed on the carpet stairs, noticing Phase holding out his hand, placing her hand on to his, held out, watching as April exited the elevator, placing her hand on to his. April continually sat on the living room sofa, holding her knees to her chest, hugging her legs as Phase stand on his knees with his arms wrapped around her legs and waist, resting his head sideways against April's knees, eyes closed. Phase held the spoon towards April's mouth as she bite, eating the chicken pot pie with her fingers straightened under against, thumbs placed on to, placing her fingers bent against, sitting at the kitchen table, held April's hands, slowly walking in front as he walk backwards down the stairs, watching his steps on to the living room floor, closing her eyes, puckering her lips, opening her eyes, noticing Phase watching and reached her face towards as she continually close her eyes, kissing his lips. April continually laid against Phase, continually lying against the stairs with her arms wrapped around his back, resting her head sideways on his chest, eyes close, arms crossed behind his head, watching the ceiling. Phase held his arms wrapped around April's waist, eyes closed, sitting on the living room sofa, sitting on his lap as she continually blinked, bending her knees upwards. Phase held the glass cup towards April's mouth, drinking water, held her hands, continually walking down the stairs, halting April as he walk into the living room, grabbing a light gray mini pillow off the sofa, handing April as she slowly grabbed the plush. Phase held his hands on to April's eyes as she smile, walking down the stairs, opening her eyes, noticing a Greek dog chain mace with a piranha mouth placed on to the living room table, looking at Phase. April held the chain mace in her hands, standing in the living room with her eyes closed, wrapped his arms around April's waist, leaning against as she held her fingers placed on to the kitchen counter. April held the chain upwards over Phase tightly around his upper body, sweating with her eyes half close, pulling and kissed his lips, closing her eyes, continually held the spoon towards her mouth, eating the chicken pot pie, holding her mini pillow in her arms.

Phase continually pressed his arms against April's back, massage hugging her waist with the collaboration of the heart beat, standing in the elevator, breathing through her mouth and dazed with her eyes half closed, wrapped as she squeeze, tightening her arms around his neck, lifting her right leg, contributing. April watched Phase, arms crossed behind his head, laying across the sofa, resting his head on her lap sleeping, sitting on his living room sofa as she looked right, Phase exiting his headquarters as April rushed, exiting the elevator, holding the chains, kicked the mace towards behind his left ankle, stepping sideways, unaware as she stare, watching Phase absent him self. Phase placed the injector into April's right thigh, placing rex genetics into her body, opened her eyes, right feet on the floor, laying in Phase's room bed, holding a adult drink bottle, hands placed on to the seat, vomiting into the toilet, spitting. Phase "You'll thank me eventually." April exited into Phase's headquarters, exited the opening elevator, checking the living room floor, continually exiting the elevator into the hallway on the 8th floor, exiting into Phase's private gym room. Phase exited the elevator into his living room, noticing April standing beside a broken vast, holding her dog mace. Phase stared April in her face with a frustrated expression as she teeth smiled and spoke. April "Don't look at me look that, Phase!" April exited into Phase's parking lot, continually with chin length hair, wearing a light yellow school satin hairband, light yellow short sleeve shirt, denim blue jean flounce skirt, light yellow socks and light yellow shoes noticing Phase sitting in his Spider Transport, calling his name as he teleport, placed her hands on to her hips, inhaled, exhaled, shake her head side to side. April continually waited in the living room, in need of sleep, struggling to stay awake as Phase hit her back neck, knocking her unconscious, falling sideways. Phase "Get some rest, April." April instantly overcame the pill, loudly coughed as she release a slight star wave. April opened, placing her pills into her dresser as her phone spoke. Phone "You know those pills won't help you in the long run." April "Where were you?" Phone "I was giving you the privacy you needed." April listened, continually looking at her phone.

Jawseeth, Rapter exited Phase's headquarters, wearing a upper thigh length dark green pleated skirt torn around the sides, dark blue short sleeve shirt, deciding as she flinched, trembling outside his head, memorizing his quotes. Phase "If you want to go, go. There are actually people out there that can help you. I did what I could." Rapter groaned, continually having difficulties, quavering as she exited back into his distraction.

15: Transitional Start
Transitional Start

~Year, 2003.

Monday, 7:15PM

April Yui placed the sheet into the check out system, checking out, standing in front the office desk, placed her checkout into the wall pocket sheet organizer, introduced having light skin, dark brown eyes, chin length electric crimson red hair in a rounded bob, front bang combed downwards across her forehead with no interference, wearing a blue short sleeve hooded upper legs revealing stretchable jacket zipped towards her lower chest with a blue colored rainbow pattern variations front pocket , white under shirt, white high cut briefs, white shoes and socks and black fingerless gloves. April exited into the car repair room as a female person spoke, holding a car window. Female person "Hey, our shift isn't over yet." April "I'm leaving." Female person "Uhhh?" April exited Phase's distraction, leaving the car repair shop on to the sidewalk, turning left as a black car pass forward. April turned, walking upwards, noticing people as she stand, waiting on the sidewalk corner. The red street light turned as April crossed on to the sidewalk as people spoke. Male flirting "Damn, in those jeans. Is there anymore room for me?" April "That's my skin." Male noticing April "You seem young. Like school young. I can walk you home if you have any concerns. Its almost dark." Female off from work "I'll guess you hate clothes, right?" April "Yes. I'm wearing underwear." April continually crossed the street as she turned upwards, walking right as a dark red car pass downwards, turning left. April crossed the street, continually walking forward as she turned left upwards, noticing her harasser introduced as a muscular Swat as April's harasser, having light skin, black eyes, wearing a black ski mask, black pants, black tight sleeveless muscle shirt, belt, black boots and black fingerless combat gloves. Swat Male "April!"

The Swat crossed the street, rushing towards April as she watched the enemy. Swat "I missed you. You know your my girl." April "What do you want?" Swat "I want you. You've been causing trouble ever since." April "I don't want you to be my sensei anymore." April walked towards the street as the Swat grabbed her right wrist as he spoke. Swat "I won't take dissed. No isn't an answer." April "Let it go.. ! Let it go!" April aimed her left hand, smacking the Swat, turning his face sideways as he opened his eyes, making a growl face expression. The enemy pulled April's wrist, pulling her sideways as the harasser turn, throwing April downwards on to the street, exhaling her voice. The Swat jumped on to a armed pickup truck parking beside April slightly falling unconscious in transition, dozing off from her drug pill, arms spread, breathing through her mouth as he grabbed, holding on to the handle. The armed truck drove around, beside April leaving the scenery as she up right on her left knee, watching. April up righted as she rushed, following the armed bullet proof truck, avoiding the cars, turning right upwards as she crossed the street. April noticed the armed truck turning left upwards, continually running with her arms angled behind her back, straightening her hands as she crossed the street. Swat "Damn, she's fast. Throw backup." The Swat held out his left hand as the Swat driver tossed, throwing a lime green lemon spasm backwards out the window as the win pushed, gravitating the lemon lime grenade backwards, catching the lemon explosive. The Swat threw the lime spasm towards the street, bursting into a illusionary like lemon acidic explosive as April inhaled through her mouth as she break, rolling sideways, crossing her arms around her face, falling.

April opened her eyes, sat on, wiping her lower thighs to knees, spitting as she noticed people continually stare, up righting. April "HellOOooooo! Haven't yall ever seen a person fall occasional? Maybe I should take everyone to see a movie." Male wearing football jersey "Don't hate us because we're normal." April raised her right hand, pointing her middle finger towards the people and wiped her eyes. April walked into a alleyway, watching each direction as she watched her surroundings, passing dumpsters. April turned left, exiting the alleyway, noticing Phase armed in his black Spider Transport with black hair in a low cut mohawk fade, wearing his usual pink hooded sweat suit, pink sweat pants and black tims, placing a CD case into the glove compartment, blocking the right side of the street as she walked in front his view, placing her hands on to her hips. April "You had me looking all over for you. I'm going to start asking you 21 questions." Phase "..." April "Don't you want to wrap my waist!?" April "Ring! Ring!" .. April "I'm done helping you." Phase "Don't temp me." April noticed pressure surrounding Phase, eyes formed red as he instantly rushed, attacking. April "!" April jumped on to Phase's Spider Transport, dodging his ram as he gravity repel, hitting April, exhaling her voice. April stance her feet on to the street, watching as he repel a parked car, laid on her back, bending her knees, crossing her arms around her face, ducking. April up righted on to her left knee, noticing as Phase release a air force through his eyes, flinching her body, falling on to her back side, knees bent, instantly rushing towards April, instantly vanishing as she tightly closed her eyes.

April opened her eyes, crawled on to her knees, placing her hands on to the street, tilting her head downwards, noticing a street puddle, eye contacting her reflection. April sat on her left knee, up righting as she wiped her right eye. April noticed the RTA bus, sitting under the bus stop as she up right, exiting on to the bus, placing her right hand on to the door, sat in the back seat, crossing her ankles, grabbed pulling the stop requester cord string. April placed her hand on to the rail, rushing up the steps towards, opened her front door as she exited into her apartment house, turning on her living room light. April exited into her room, holding a airhead pack into her mouth as she sat on her knees, plugging up her radio as a young African American female consciously spoke through a cordless house phone as April's phone. Phone "Hey." April "?!" April noticed her phone speaking, continually holding a pack of airheads into her mouth, sitting on her knees, elbows on the floor, back bent upwards as she up right. April "Hello." Phone "Can you hear me?" April "Who are you?" Phone "I'm your phone. I be watching over you." April "You forgot to ring first." Phone "My voice does that. Voices can definitely beat ringing. Ahaha" April "Why you pick me? I have a bad habit of day dreaming." Phone "I Repeat, I want to help you. I know stuff." April walked to, placing her hands on to her dresser, listening as she spoke. April "I'm listening." Phone "I will do my part one chapter at a time, alright?" April "I believe.. Why did you wait so long to talk?" Phone "I speak to you all the time. My voice just suddenly picked up." April "Its great to meet you." Phone "Nice to meet you. Sooo, your gonna have to recharge me soon. My batteries are low." April held the batteries towards her mouth, biting the pack open as she grabbed her Supervisor, placing the batteries into, placing the phone on to her dresser. April "Are you recharging?" Phone "Yes, thank you. It feels so good." April "So, next what?" Phone "Your pillow needs you. I'll talk to you tomorrow."