Ivan Varela and the Princess of Arcadia

In Arcadia, there’s a dungeon which people enter to fight monsters and beings unknown to Arcadia. A man named Ivan Varela is 17 years old right now and enters the dungeon for the first time. He takes the sword he got from his father before he died in the dungeon and walks into the dungeon.

As soon as Ivan entered the dungeon, he said, “So the dungeon has many different looks. According to my father that is. But I don’t know that till I get farther down into the dungeon.”

He walked straight and then noticed that there was a turn coming closer and just before that turn, 6 Slime appeared and Ivan looked at them and said, “Slimes, they are ugly as hell. They can appear in many different colors, huh. Let’s see how strong they truly are.”

They hopped around and Ivan swung at them one by one and missed and said, “They hop around too much. You guys need to calm down a little bit.”

One Slime jumped up and Ivan swung downwards cut the Slime in half and it disappeared and turned into Azal (Azal is a stone that turns into currency in Arcadia).

He looked at it and then said, “Well, I’ll pick it up as soon as I’m done with the rest of them. That should be good enough.”

He swung at the other 5 and they disappeared after he swung 39 times.

As soon as they disappeared, he grabbed the Azal and put them in a bag and continued walking down the same path. Ivan said, “My luck isn’t that good, is it?”

He went to the 2nd Floor and said, “This is the 2nd Floor, huh. Looks exactly like the 1st Floor. But who really cares?”

He walked around and then encountered 3 Wannabe Flies. The 3 Wannabe Flies were about 7 times the size of a regular fly on Earth.

Ivan looked at them and ran toward them and swung at them and cut them down with ease and picked up the Azal’s that came from their corpses and then 4 Slimes appeared out of nowhere and jumped in front of him and Ivan saw them and said, “Damn, don’t pop up out of nowhere. That is not what I do.”

He swung at them and they jumped around and Ivan looked at them and stopped swinging and looked at them asked, “When should I strike, I wonder? When they are in the air would be easier, I believe. I don’t know anymore.”

As soon as one of them jumped up, Ivan swung at it and the Slime disappeared and Ivan said, “I see. They can’t move while in the air. So attack when they are in the air.”

They jumped in the air all at once and Ivan swung as hard as he could and as fast as he could and hit all 3 Slimes and they were cut into thirds. After he defeated them, he picked up the Azal’s and put them into the bag. Then walked down to the 3rd Floor. As soon as he got half way into the 3rd Floor, a Flowerpot appeared and Ivan stared at it and the flower in the pot moved toward him and opened its mouth and started shooting leaves at him and Ivan dodged each leaf and then looked for an opening to run in and cut the stem off.

As soon as the flowerpot stopped firing, Ivan ran forward and then the flowerpot started shooting at him again and Ivan stopped and dodged the leaves again and said, “These things are really a piece of work.”

He saw the leaves getting closer to his body and then started swinging at them and dodged them as well and then the flowerpot stopped and then Ivan ran forward again and appeared by the flowerpot and swung at the stem of the plant and cut it and then swung downwards and cut the pot in half and it disappeared. Ivan picked up the Azal and put it in his bag and then walked away.

He went to the 4th Floor and said, “4th Floor, huh. Still looks the same. But it really doesn’t matter.”

He continued walking around the dungeon and encountered 5 Skeletons. The Skeletons each had a really sharp sword in each of their hands.

Ivan looked at the Skeletons and said, “They each got 2 sharp swords. It seems that I’m going to need to figure out a way to block 2 of these swords while blocking a total of 10. This life sucks.”

Ivan ran toward them and started swinging at them and they blocked his attacks and they swung at him and Ivan grinned and jumped back a little and swung at them again and cut 2 of their heads off and the other 3 still stand firm and then they swung at him and cut a little bit of Ivan’s skin off and blood started to appear and Ivan grunted and swung at them with anger and they tried blocking his attacks, but Ivan’s strength doubled in that swing and cut all 3 of them down and then he calmed down and said, “That really hurt. Those swords sure were sharp.”

He grabbed the Azal’s and put them in a bag and then walked away.

Then he appeared on the 5th Floor and her a girl screaming and then ran toward the location of the screams and as soon as he got to the screams, he saw a Minotaur there and said, “A Minotaur, huh. This really does suck.”

He ran toward the Minotaur and swung at it and cut its back a little and the Minotaur felt that and Ivan jumped back and said, “I’m going to regret this.”

The girl opened her eyes and saw that the Minotaur turned around and asked, “Who came to my aide?”

Ivan swung at the Minotaur and grabbed horn and lifted himself up and swung at his head and the Minotaur rammed him into the wall and Ivan screamed and said, “Man, that hurts worse than those sharp ass swords.”

The Minotaur moved back and Ivan was stuck in the wall for a while and then the Minotaur started rubbing his feet against the ground and Ivan grinned and the Minotaur lowered its head and Ivan looked at it and then the Minotaur took off and Ivan looked at it and exited the wall and went on to the ground and the Minotaur headbutted the wall and roared and then moved its head back and Ivan stabbed its head and said, “Why do you have to be like that? You shouldn’t even be on the 5th Floor. You should be on the 9th Floor Minotaur. Or deeper than that.”

The girl heard that and asked, “Who is that man?”

The Minotaur lifted its head up and Ivan saw that and he rose and Ivan took his sword out and started swinging at it over and over again and the girl saw that and said, “He’s so strong.”

The Minotaur punched his stomach and he flew into the wall and Ivan coughed out blood and the Minotaur roared and ran toward him again and Ivan said, “Again.”

Ivan jumped off of the wall and moved out of the way and continued to attack it and then the Minotaur got weakened and the Minotaur turned around slowly and Ivan swung at its head once more and cut it straight off and then the Minotaur disappeared and Ivan looked straight ahead and said, “And the Minotaur went to hell.”

The girl said, “You like talking to yourself.”

Ivan said, “It seems that way. Let’s get out of here.”

The girl said, “I’m Gina Arcadia. The Princess of Arcadia.”

Ivan heard that and turned his head and looked at her and said, “You gotta be kidding me. What the hell are you doing down here all by yourself?”

Gina answered, “I wanted to see what the dungeon was like. So I left the castle without anyone knowing that I disappeared.”

Ivan said, “This is going to make me look like a kidnapper, you know.”

Gina said, “I’ll explain it to father.”

Ivan said, “Hm, I doubt that he’ll believe it.”

Gina said, “He’ll believe it.”

Ivan said, “OK. I’m Ivan Varela, by the way.”

Gina said, “As in one of the 3 mass murderers.”

Ivan answered, “No. You are thinking of a different person. I’m only 17 years old and this is my first time in the dungeon as well. But now here’s the real question, how’d you get all the way down here?”

Gina answered, “I ran through the Monsters.”

Ivan sighed and said, “So you came without a weapon as well. You truly are a piece of work man. Let’s go to the surface already.”

Gina said, “Yessir.”

Ivan took her took the surface and then the guards arrived and said, “Your highness, are you alright?”

Gina answered, “Yeah, I’m fine. He saved me.”

The guards said, “No, he took you from the castle. Your father will judge him.”

Ivan smiled and put his arms out and the guards saw that and Ivan said, “I have nothing to fear. I did just get the shit beaten out of me. So why not take me in?”

The guards heard that and looked at him and put the cuffs on him and took them to the castle.

2: The King's Decision
The King's Decision

Ivan took her took the surface and then the guards arrived and said, “Your highness, are you alright?”

Gina answered, “Yeah, I’m fine. He saved me.”

The guards said, “No, he took you from the castle. Your father will judge him.”

Ivan smiled and put his arms out and the guards saw that and Ivan said, “I have nothing to fear. I did just get the shit beaten out of me. So why not take me in?”

The guards heard that and looked at him and put the cuffs on him and took them to the castle.

They walked toward the castle and Gina asked, “How’d you find me, anyway?”

Ivan answered, “I heard your screams, so I ran toward them and found a Minotaur. Quite sad if you ask me.”

The guards said, “You need to stop talking to him.”

Gina asked, “Why? I need to know why he saved me.”

Ivan looked at them and said, “You’ll know soon enough.”

The guards heard that and said, “You plan on confessing everything to the King.”

Ivan answered, “Yes I am.”

They appeared in front of the castle and the gates opened and they walked inside and the guards said, “Keep moving forward.”

Ivan said, “I am. Calm your damn nipples.”

Gina laughed and said, “I thought that only women had nipples, not men.”

The guards said, “Men also have nipples. But they aren’t as big as a female’s.”

Gina said, “Oh, I see.”

Ivan looked at her and said to himself, “I have a feeling that their education sucks.”

They appeared by the door to the throne room and the guards knocked and the King of Arcadia heard that and stood up and asked, “Who is it?”

The guards answered, “It’s the guards from the dungeon.”

He asked, “What is it?”

The guards answered, “We found your daughter.”

He heard that and asked, “What are you waiting for? Open the door.”

They did and Ivan looked ahead and saw a being that was 5 times the size of a human being and said, “Holy shit, he’s humongous.”

Gina said, “I’m back father.”

The King heard that and looked at her and asked, “Where’d you go?”

Gina answered, “I went to the dungeon.”

The King asked, “Why did you go?”

Gina answered, “I wanted to see what it was like without anyone telling me what it was like.”

Ivan said, “She went into the dungeon without a weapon.”

The King heard that and said, “Without a weapon. You could have gotten yourself killed. What were you thinking?”

Gina answered, “I didn’t expect that a Minotaur would appear.”

The King heard that and saw the boy with blood on him and asked, “Why are you bleeding?”

Ivan answered, “I did something completely stupid. I attacked the Minotaur so she could escape. But she didn’t run, she just watched so I had to attack it till it died. Let’s just say that I saved your daughter by taking the brutality of the Minotaur’s attacks with my body.”

The King heard that and said, “I must thank you properly for saving her. How could I be of service to you?”

Ivan answered, “Nothing. I want to sleep, that’s all.”

The King heard that and said, “Sleep, huh.”

Ivan looked around and said, “Oh yeah, could you take the cuffs off of me now? That would help me out a lot.”

The King heard that and the guards looked at him and the King said, “Release him please.”

The guards asked, “Are you sure about this sir?”

The King answered, “Yes. He didn’t kidnap her. Her window was open. She jumped out.”

Ivan looked at her and said, “I thought that I was worse. How high is the window from the ground?”

The King answered, “Second floor. Why do you ask?”

Ivan answered, “Nope. I’m worse. I jumped out of a 3 story building before. It hurt.”

Gina asked, “How’d you survive?”

Ivan answered, “Don’t know. Never jump out of a 3 story building. Unless you are about to be attacked by someone.”

The King said, “Stop trying to convince her to do that.”

Ivan said, “I apologise sir.”

The guards took the cuffs off of him and Ivan put his arms forward and looked at his wrists and said, “First time entering the dungeon.”

The King smiled and said, “I remember when I first entered the dungeon. It wasn’t a happy day. I lost my father that day. So I entered the dungeon to take my anger out on the monsters.”

Ivan heard that and said, “I see. That is quite a sad story. My dad died 2 years ago. Don’t know where my mom is. I’ve been living alone for 2 years.”

The King said, “Sounds rough.”

Ivan said, “It is. But I’m used to it now.”

The King smiled and said, “Here is my decision. You are now a member of my army.”

Ivan looked at him and asked, “Why me?”

The King answered, “You saved my daughter. Why not?”

Ivan answered, “I rather die in the dungeon then join the army.”

The King asked, “What if I said that I’ll pay you good money?”

Ivan answered, “Nope.”

Gina asked, “What about being my bodyguard?”

Ivan looked at her and the King said, “I think that you hit the bell there, Gina.”

Gina said, “You think so.”

Ivan said, “Being a bodyguard is a lot of work. But I guess that I could handle that.”

The King said, “Then it’s settled then. You are my 5th daughter’s bodyguard. But tell me this kiddo, where’s your shirt?”

Gina answered, “He didn’t wear one into the dungeon.”

The King heard that and said, “You didn’t wear a shirt into the dungeon. Not even armor.”

Ivan said, “I’m afraid that I don’t like clothes. I only like wearing shorts.”

The King said, “So you aren’t wearing any underwear right now?”

Ivan answered, “I am. I’m not that insane.”

The King sighed and said, “Yes you are.”

The 1st daughter of the Arcadia Family, Elizabeth Arcadia appeared and asked, “What’s such a beauty bleeding for?”

Ivan heard that and looked at her and asked, “Who is she?”

The King answered, “My first daughter.”

Elizabeth said, “I’m Elizabeth Arcadia, it’s nice to meet you.”

Ivan said, “Likewise.”

Gina said, “She’s a piece of work.”

Elizabeth said, “You little.”

Ivan sighed and said, “It seems that you 2 will never get along. Then I will take my leave for the day.”

As soon as Ivan turned around, the doors opened and the King stared at them and asked, “How’d it go?”

The soldiers answered, “It went well, sir. But only one of them escaped.”

The King looked at Gina and Gina said, “I know that.”

The soldiers heard that and the King said, “This kid here saved her from the Minotaur that you let loose on the 5th Floor.”

They heard that and said, “Impossible. One man was capable of taking it out.”

Gina looked at him and Ivan stared at them and took his sword out and appeared behind them and put his sword away and they collapsed with blood coming out of their shoulders and Ivan said, “Shut up.”

He walked away and the King saw that and said, “Hm, maybe them meeting each other was a bad idea.”

Gina asked, “Did you plan this?”

The King said, “Apparently not. But now that I know that he’s a monster, he’s going to be one hell of a man for you.”

Elizabeth sighed and said, “She’s one lucky girl. Why couldn’t I have been the one that needed rescuing?”

Gina answered, “Because you aren’t dumb enough to escape the castle without father’s permission.”

Elizabeth said, “You’re right. I’m not as dumb as you.”

The King said, “Shut up. Now that we witnessed that kids full potential, who the hell was he? I forgot to ask for his name?”

Gina answered, “He was Ivan Varela. He told me his name in the dungeon.”

The King heard that and said, “Ivan Varela, huh. I remember that last name, Varela.”

Elizabeth asked, “Wasn’t that person a friend of yours?”

The King answered, “Yes he was. It was his father, Triton Varela. One hell of an Adventurer. That boy has the same traits as his father.”

Gina smiled and Elizabeth said, “If he has the same traits as his father, then isn’t that a bad thing?”

Ivan appeared again and said, “I forgot to ask this, but how are you so big?”

The King answered, “I’m not a human. I’m known as a Titan.”

Ivan said, “I see. Titan’s are huge. Goodbye.”

He walked away and walked home.

Elizabeth said, “That man is scary as hell.”

The King said, “Just like his father. He appears out of nowhere and speaks.”

Gina said, “I regret what I asked for.”

The King laughed and said, “You should be happy actually, Gina. Because if Ivan wasn’t strong like he is now, you would have died with him.”

Gina walked to her room and closed the door and the King saw that and said, “Well, goodnight everyone.”

Everyone went to sleep and the King stayed up looking at the door.