Its Messages

Its Messages


By: Vic Durward


Copyright 2013


All Rights Reserved

2: Notes


     "Where on earth could it be?" Izzy asked herself.


     She had just search her whole room looking for it, but everywhere she looked it wasn't there.


     "What are you looking for babe?" Eric, her boyfriend, asked. At this point in time Eric and Izzy had been together for two years going on their third year at the end of grade twelve.


     Izzy hadn't even realized that Eric arrived or  what he was doing there.


     She turned around to him, he was leaning on her bed. He had a perfect posture as if he was a model. With his emerald green eyes, and his perfect dirty blonde hair. He wasn't wearing anything out of the ordinary. Just blue jeans and a grey T-shirt.


      "My cell phone, I've been looking for it all afternoon." She answered lying through her teeth, but he didn't know.


     "Isn't it right here." He says pointing to the bed.


     Izzy looked over and he was pointing straight at it. She had forgotten it was on her bed.


     "You have got to be kidding me." She said walking over to her phone and Eric. "I would probably lose my head if it wasn't attached." She added.


     "You will never lose your head as long as I'm around." He said kissing Izzy's on the top of her head. She looked up at him. He was half a foot taller then her, which was about another one of her head and and inch more. She loved the fact of how tall Eric was compared to her.


     Izzy sat on her bed, "So what's going?" She asked.


     "I came to see what my lovely girlfriend is doing today. I haven't seen her in almost four days and I wanted to see what was up." He told her.


     It's true, Izzy is almost always busy. With school, her job, and it. But now that she can't find it, it's the weekend, and she's off from work she could hang out with him.


     "I'm sorry, I've been really busy, they have me busting my ass off at work, I hardly even have time at night to do my homework." She told him.


     That was partly true, her work keeps her from 3-8. Then, she goes home, finds it, then at eleven she does her homework, making her always falling asleep at around midnight. So when the weekends come she always sleeps in no matter what.


     "Well you are open today though right? No work, and homework that you can easily do tomorrow." He pointed out. Izzy just nodded her head in agreement. "So you're open?" He asked double checking.


     "Yes." She said smiling. Although in the back of her mind was screaming to stay home to find it.


     Eric bent down and kissed Izzy on the lips. A nice warm long kiss Izzy had missed having on her lips for four days.


     "So what exactly do you have in mind of doing today?" Izzy asked him once he released her from the kiss.


     "Well we could go and watch a movie, or I could make fool out of myself and we could go ice skating." He said.


     "Well I always do love watching my boyfriend make a fool out of himself, it's very entertaining." Izzy said.


     Then he started to tickle her waist, her most ticklish spot ever. She started to squeal and laugh at the same time. "I'm sure you do." He says over the squealing and laughter.


     He finally stopped. Izzy got up, grabbed her skates, her coat, and her purse, then left her room a complete mess. She would clean it later.


     They looked out the front windows to Izzy's house, they could barely see Eric's car.


     They went into Eric's car and Eric turned on the heater straight away, it was one of the coldest days of the year. It was twenty degrees below, plus the wind made it feel another twenty below. It was snowing like crazy!


     "Maybe you should park your car in our garage, we should stay here. It's too dangerous outside today." Izzy said to Eric trying to look out the window. Keyword, trying, there was so much snow and because of the massive wind they couldn't see a thing out of any of the windows.


     So Izzy took out her keys, and pressed a button that opened up the garage. Izzy knew her whole property inside and out, so she sat on Eric's lap, which he didn't mind at all, and parked his car in the garage right beside her own car.


     They walked in Izzy's house through the garage door connected to the house. She isn't aloud to use it but I think it was a pretty good reason with the weather being the way it was.


     "Are you wearing new perfume?" Eric asked as they were talking off their coats and shoes. Izzy just looked at me and smirked at his question. "What? I couldn't help but to notice, it smells great." He said. Then he shook his head like a dog getting all the snow out of it. Half of the snow, well water now, landed on Izzy. She let out a small short scream from the unexpected coldness.


     "You got me all wet!" She said.


     "You wish." He said smiling, taking it the wrong way. He took her by her waist and picked her up and started kissing her.


     Once he stopped, he let her down. "Not that I didn't enjoy that but, what was that for? Izzy asked him.


     He pointed up, she looked, then he said, "Mistletoe."


     "The fact that this is my house and I didn’t even know that was there and you did."She said to him. So much for knowing my house inside out. She thought to herself.


     "I only knew it was there because I was the one that put it there." He said smiling.


     "You don't need to have a mistletoe in order to kiss me, you can just kiss me whenever you like." She said on her tiptoes. Then she lightly kissed him.


     He held her in his arms hugging her. "I missed you." He whispered in her ear.


     She squeezed him tighter and said, "Me too."


     Then to ruin the moment Izzy's phone started to ring from her purse. She reached in and pulled it out. It was her mom. "Hello." She said through the phone.


     "Hey Iz, your father and I won't be leaving for home till after the storms over. If we have to stay a night or two here then we will. You can take care of yourself right?" Her mother asked.


     "Mom I'm eighteen, I will live, I'm actually busy right now so I have to go, love you, bye." Izzy said then hung up the phone.


     "If you want I could stay here until the storm ends so your not alone." Eric said.


     "Well I guess, since there is no way I'm letting you drive home in that weather." Izzy replied back. He took her hand and she lead him upstairs. Just knowing her room is a mess is bothering her.


     When they walked into her room she let go of Eric's hand. Her whole room was spotless clean, everything back to the way it was. There was just one thing that was there that usually wasn't, a note on her bookshelf.




You really shouldn't leave a mess in your room Izzy, expectancy when you have company over. You should know better then that.


Oh yeah, and A+ for losing it.




Izzy looked around her room, even opened her closet but no one was there. She went out into the hallway, searched her whole house but she couldn't find anyone anywhere. The only thing she saw that was different was another note, this one by her back door.



Watch out Izic, I'll be around.