An Introduction

My name is Chelsea Danielle Collins. But everyone just calls me Casey. So, call me Casey. I'm 15 years old and I live with my mother, my father, my idiotic twin brother Kurt and my elder brother Louis. Oh, and my mum's pregnant. I think it's probably going to be another boy but maybe not.
This is not the story of my life. This is the story of the boy I fell for, the boy who will never want me and the boy who I still believe will come for me one day.
It actually started on September 13th last year.
*   *   *
"Casey, will you stop pulling? I'll get there eventually."
"Trisha! Do you want cake or not?" I asked. "You know Maximilian's got the very best cakes at his parties. Fifteen tiers each one and seven different flavours. Seven!"
"I doubt he'll run out then. Besides, even if he does he'll have more made. That's what always happens." My best friend, Patricia Lee, 'Trisha' to most, followed me through the crowd impatiently. "It happened last year, remember?"
I rolled my eyes. "Suit yourself. I'll go on ahead and save you a slice or two," I called out to Trisha as I pushed my way past someone and found the pavilion full of food and drink. There was a large crowd at the main table, the one covered with cake. I shoved my way to the front of the group and was offered different types of cake. I chose vanilla and a waiter handed me my two slices.
"Do you want your cake?" I asked Trisha when I found her again. She shrugged and took a slice.
"This is good."
"Of course it is! It's Maximilian's party, so it has to be good!"
"Yes...where is our gracious host, anyhow?"
I did not know the answer to this so I shook my head and looked around. "I have no idea. Now then, have you seen Kurt? I have to make sure he doesn't do something stupid. Mum said."
Trisha pointed vaguely at the pool. "That's where I saw him last. Hey, you think I can get more cake? This is so good..." She, now distracted by the idea of sneaking cake from the pavilion, gave me a quick wave and ran back into the crowd. I headed for the swimming pool.
Of course my twin brother was there being a total moron, as usual.
"Kurt!" I shouted, "Kurt! What the fuck are you doing?"
"I'm gonna jump off the top of this building into the water, duh! You wanna try?" He was standing, looking quite pleased with himself, on the roof of the pool house.
"No! Mum said you're not to do anything stupid! Get off the roof right now!"
He ignored me and jumped into the water anyway. I scowled and walked away, causing me to bump into the one person who I would later become absolutely obsessed with (not that I knew it at the time, of course).
"Casey, hello."
"Oh, hi, Maximilian. This is a really good party, by the way. The cake is awesome. And happy birthday."
"That's because, like, I had the cakes made, like, especially for today. Do you, like, want some more?"
Obviously I wanted more. It was the greatest cake I had ever tried. "Uh, sure."
He nodded at me and called a waiter over. "Like, get Casey, some more, like, cake."
"Of course, sir. Which flavour?"
"Vanilla, please," I answered quickly. I was given my cake a few minutes later. "Thanks."
Maximilian watched me eat this cake for a couple of seconds then grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back inside the modern mansion. "Like, fuck the cake. I am, like, way more awesome than, like, that cake."
I nodded. He stared at me again and then kissed me. I was taken completely by surprise here and dropped my cake. Then, of course, I had to swallow the piece still in my mouth, because his tongue was probing my lips, searching for a way inside.
It took about three minutes before he let me go. "Like, run back to your little friends," he told me. "I have, like, things to do." He left me and I was forced to find Trisha, who was sitting by the cakes with a triumphant look on her face.
"Hey," I said. "So I met our host."
"Did you? Was he as pleasant as always?" Trisha asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Trisha hated Maximilian, because the two of them considered each other to be a rival, though for what I never knew.
"He kissed me."
She shrugged. "He kisses all the girls. So what?"
"It felt so good and...and..." I took the gum out of my mouth. "And he gave me his gum!"
Trisha rolled her eyes at me. "Yay, he used you as a trashcan, how great is that?"
I narrowed my eyes at her. She laughed and took my hand. "Look, Casey, he doesn't like you and he never will because he doesn't like anyone. Just accept that and move on in life."
But I didn't accept it. And I still haven't moved on. This is how my obsession began.

2: Chapter 2
Chapter 2

So, like I said last time, Maximilian is my absolute one-true-love soulmate. Seriously, I know he takes no notice of me right now, but soon he's going to realise that he loves me just as much as I love him.
Kurt thinks that none of this is ever going to happen. I disagree. Besides, I have total proof for this.
Today we had a new girl. She came from Germany and her name was Natalie. I knew immediately that she was going to be major competition. She had shoulder length blonde hair which was kinda wavy and blue eyes. 
Anyway, Trisha and I were asked if we could show her around school so of course we had to say yes. And you'll never guess who we ran into!
"Oh my God, Trisha, like, what the fuck? Did you like, seriously volunteer to, like, show the new bitch around?"
Trisha gave him a glare. I have never understood why she didn't like him. He was the most amazing guy I'd ever seen. He just stood there with a sense of bored confidence as usual, which seemed to make Trisha even angrier with him.
"I am so sorry I volunteer to help people out, unlike you. Have you ever tried to be helpful? Ever?" she replied. I gave her a little punch in the shoulder.
"Trisha! Be nice!"
"Nice? I have to be nice to Maximilian?" Trisha laughed a little. "Like I have to be nice to him. The conceited bastard."
I scowled at her then turned my attention back to Maximilian. He was so handsome. I giggled. Trisha ignored me and continued with their argument despite the relaxed smirk now gracing his face.
"What's that, another present from your ever so generous mommy?" she asked, poking his new necklace. "Did she buy you that cos you were good for a whole five minutes?"
"Uh, no, she, like, bought it cos I'm, like, so perfect, like, all the time. Now, like, introduce me to the new bitch."
Of course, I had no intention of letting him meet the new girl, so here I was at a crossroads. Should I do what he said, which might gain me points in his book, or should I disregard the statement entirely and remove competition. Natalie solved the issue for me.
"Hi," she said cheerily, with an accent showing. "My name is Natalie Munz. I'm an exchange from Germany. From Berlin."
"Hi, my name is Maximilian Denvers. My dad makes more money than your dad."
"Oh, my dad is an 'Buchhalter'. I don't know this word in English..."
"Like, whatever. Have you, like, seen Ella around?"
'Ella' referred to Ella Peterson. She was very pretty, with long red hair and dark green eyes, and she was Maximilian's favourite girlfriend. They spent a lot of time together. Mostly with their tongues in each others' mouths.
"I saw Ella! She was in class already," I exclaimed. Then my mind came up with some sort of evil scheme to kind of break them up. "She was talking to Edwin."
Maximilian's eyes narrowed, then formed a scowl. "I told her she's not allowed to...why does she always fucking do this...urgh, like, seriously, why the fuck doesn't she do what she's told...? Like, come on."
He left for the classroom with his 'best friends' Fred, Howard and, of course, Leon, who scared me even though he was actually shorter than I was. Trisha glared at me.
"Great, Casey, now we have to listen to Maximilian get pissed off at Ella. And I know this was one of your stupid plans to make him dump one of his girlfriends, which won't work, because even if it does, do you honestly think there aren't gonna be a bunch of other girls all hoping to get in?"
"It will work!" I said defiantly.
Anyway, at the end of it all, he didn't dump her, because she gave him an excessive apology and he decided to keep her in exchange for a lot of kissing.

3: Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Hi again! Anyway, like I mentioned last time, my scheme to get Maximilian to break up with Ella failed. Thing is, Ella and I are really good friends, so I don't want her to know what I do in my spare time (that is, try to break her and her boyfriend up).
Maximilian got really, really, really angry with Ella. He likes to keep his girlfriends all to himself, so he doesn't let them speak with other boys. They're normally quite good at this, but some don't do as he says, which pisses him off. He much prefers them to fawn over him and do everything he wants them to.
The problem with Ella is that she's very popular, though that just comes of dating Maximilian, but as she's so pretty, boys will naturally come up to speak with her. And, of course, she continues the conversations because she is quite friendly too.
Anyway, today was a parent-teacher conference day, which meant that Maximilian's parents came in. His mom is really nice, but his dad is always really busy with work so we don't get to speak very often.
We'd already met up with Trisha and her mom at the start, but Ms Lee had gone off to deal with Trisha's teachers so she was staying with my family for a few minutes.
"Casey, calm down. I have to speak with Kurt and Louis' teachers too, and with the baby on its way you know I can't run."
I nodded, then noticed Henriette Denvers sitting at the English table. "Mom, I think my English teacher really wanted to talk to you."
She sighed and turned to my father. "Sam, could you go speak with Kurt's teacher please? I have to take this." My father nodded and walked through the crowd.
My mother headed over to the English teacher's table. She smiled at Maximilian's mom. "Hi, I'm Clarissa Collins," she smiled, holding her hand out.
"Henriette Denvers. And my husband," she looked around and waved a tall, dark haired man over, "Richard." She had a slight French accent, which made sense considering her heritage.
Richard Denvers was on the phone, as usual. He had one of those strange bluetooth thingies which I kind of dislike, because they make you look like you're talking to yourself. He waved a little and returned to his conversation.
"Your daughter is in class with Maximilian, yes?" Henriette asked. I nodded in reply. She turned her attention to me. "Your name is Casey, isn't it? I remember, you were at Maximilian's party last week, and we spoke."
She was seriously so nice, and she even remembered me from last time we'd met. That was why I liked her so much.
Maximilian came over then. "Oh my God, mom, like, my math teacher wants to, like, talk with you and dad, like, now."
"Look, darling, it's your friend Casey and her mom!"
Maximilian looked down at me and scowled, muttering something about us not being friends and his dislike of having to speak to me now. Then he brightened up, beaming at my mother.
"Hi, Mrs Collins, right? It's so wonderful to meet you. Casey's said so many kind things about you."
Trisha rolled her eyes. "Such a faker," she whispered in my ear. "He does this so all the parents will think he's so charming when he's actually an evil little bastard."
My mother was currently being completely won over by Maximilian, somewhat like the way I had been. He was complimenting how well she looked for being eight months pregnant and my mother was loving it.
"You're so kind," she told him. "Your parents must be so proud."
He smiled. "Thank you so much, Mrs Collins. If you don't mind, I have to go speak with my father now."
"Of course," my mother answered, then she turned to his mom. "Henriette, your son is so polite."
I let them talk and walked off with Trisha. She seemed incredibly upset by Maximilian's falseness. He was standing off to one side, talking to his dad, who seemed happy enough to listen to his son and his work associates at the same time.
"Casey, hi!" I was greeted by an overexcited Ella Peterson. "How are you? I love these things where we all, like, meet up with our parents. It's so much fun. Anyway, so, like, what's up?"
"Nothing much. I just gotta deal with-"
"OMG, Ella, I love your shoes!" squealed Trisha, cutting me off. I forgot to mention that, but she really, really loves talking about shoes.
"Huh, oh, thanks, Trisha!" Ella grinned at her.
"Where did you get them? They're so nice!"
I started to zone out. Shoes really didn't interest me, even though these were very nice blacks heels.
"Yeah, Maximilian bought them for me from Prada. They cost him $500, and he got them at a discount cos of he did, like, a couple of modelling jobs for them."
Trisha smiled again, even though she disliked the fact that Maximilian bought them. "That's great. I wish I could have some shoes like that."
"Well, I don't really have them," Ella added. "Maximilian says I can have them as long as I'm good and don't disappoint him. Otherwise I have to give them back straight away. He's pretty strict about that."
"Ella, like, hurry up!"
She giggled. "I have to go. It was great to see you! Maybe we can, like, go shopping or something this weekend!"
I nodded in reply. "Sounds great, Ella. See you later!"
Trisha and I went back over to our moms who were waving us over. My own mother nodded at me. "Casey, can you say bye to Trisha now? Mademoiselle Devert says that she wants to speak to you."
"Yes, mum. Bye, Trisha. See you tomorrow." I followed my mom over to the French teacher. I was not good at French, I found it too difficult to learn, especially considering all the accents and the strange pronunciations. 
"Ah, Chelsea Collins, I wanted to speak with you. You are not doing very well in French class, so I thought that you might benefit from tutoring after school?"
My mom nodded. I could tell she was upset by what she was hearing, but compared to what she would be told about Kurt's behaviour in class it seemed amazing. "Of course, I'd love for Casey to take tutoring if it's going to improve her grades. What would you suggest?"
"Perhaps it would be best to have someone nearer the top of the class tutor you?" She went over the class list. "Perhaps Maximilian Denvers could tutor you. He is fluent, after all, and his mother is French, so it should work well. I'll ask when I see them."
This made me grin. I was so excited for tutoring by Maximilian! I'd try really hard and once he saw how great I was at French with his help then he'd start to love me. Besides, I was would really dress up for him so that he could see how pretty I looked for him. He would absolutely love me.
So, I'm really hoping that he says yes. He probably will because his mom will want him to help out.

4: Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Maximilian's mom made him say yes. Well, I think she did anyway. Either that or he just said yes, because even I know his mother can't make him do anything. She has, from what I've seen, very rarely succeeded. His father isn't very successful at it either. No one can ever make Maximilian do anything unless he wants to.
There was this boy who used to be in our class but he got held back a year or something like that called Richie Matthews, and he got paired up with Maximilian for a science project. This was back when we had a really stupid teacher who used to choose our partners for group projects for us, because normally Maximilian just pairs up with whichever girls gives him the best deal. So Richie tried to get him actually to do some of the work on the project and Maximilian eventually got so pissed off with him asking all the time that he pushed him down the stairs and Richie had to go to hospital after that. So now no one ever tries to make Maximilian do anything.
Anyway, so he apparently said yes. I was really happy when Madame Devert emailed mom with the news. Her email said that he had said that he was 'really happy to do something helpful like this'. What he actually said was probably more along the lines of 'like, whatever'.
Maximilian was waiting for me in one of our classrooms after school. He looked somewhat pissed off at having to do this, but he generally looked pissed off at most things so it was normal.
"Ok, so, like, fill in these fucking sheets and tell me when you're, like, done." Maximilian pushed a couple of leafs of paper towards me and returned to texting.
I looked over the sheets. There was nothing understandable on them. It was all in French, something about translating the sentences from French to English. "I don't understand anything..."
He groaned at me and took his feet down from the table. "Urgh, why the fuck not? It's, like, so, fucking, like, easy. Look, this means, like, 'I don't like cauliflowers but my mom, like, makes them for dinner every, like, Tuesday'. It's, like, really easy to, like do. Why the fuck does everyone think it's so, like, hard?"
I wrote this down quickly on the line provided. "What about this next one?"
"Like, figure it out yourself. I have, like, more important things to, like, fucking deal with." He called Howard over. "Like, help the bitch with, like, her French homework. She keeps, like, bugging me about it."
"Of course, Maximilian." Howard came over and sat on my other side. "OK, so it's actually very simple. All you have to do is figure what time words are being used. For example, 'chaque' is every, or each and 'toujours' is always. So here, where it says 'chaque vendredi je vais á le musée', you know 'chaque' is each and 'vendredi' is Friday. And you know basic verbs, so take a guess at what the sentence means."
"Um..." I stuttered. French was not my strong point. I was really bad at it, but Howard was actually quite helpful. "Each Friday I go to the...the...the what?"
Howard smiled at me. "The museum. It seems hard but if you think about it, a lot of the words are pretty similar to English."
"Oh, I see." I scribbled this onto the sheet as well. He gave me a thumbs up sign and grinned.
"You see, you're good at this! You just needed some practice. That's all. Do you need any more help?"
I shook my head. "No, thanks."
"OK. Maximilian, can I go?"
"Yeah, yeah, like, whatever. But, like, get me a coke first."
Howard nodded and ran off. He came back a couple of minutes later and gave both Maximilian and me a coke. Then he gave me another smile and left again.
I finished the sheet and handed it back to Maximilian. He took off his sunglasses and handed them to me for a moment so he could look over it. "Yeah, this is, like, fine. Whatever. And, like, stop wearing that, like, shirt. It looks, like, really fucking weird on you. Like, don't wear it next time."
"OK." My heart skipped a beat. This was great. There was going to be a next time! We would be having more tutoring periods together! I grinned widely. Maximilian scowled at me. "Should I bring anything specific next time?"
"No. Just, like, fucking come on time. You can come to, like, my place instead. Like, maybe the day after, like, tomorrow. Oh, and, like, Ella will probably be there, so, like, I don't know, either Fred or Howard or Leon will, like, help you cos, I'm gonna, like, be busy."
"Of course, Maximilian. See you tomorrow."
"Like, what are you still doing here?"
I left quickly. I was so happy. Clearly something was bound to happen soon, because Maximilian was noticing my existence for once. My heart was thudding so loudly I wondered if he could hear it from the other room.

5: Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Oh my God, so much has happened recently. Seriously, it's a big deal. I have a lot to write about, so I'm gonna have to freaking hope I have time. Now then. First off, I had to go to my tutoring with Maximilian at his place, then there was this thing with Damian McHeese. OK, this is gonna be a pretty awesome entry.

Maximilian approached me after school with his usual entourage of Ella Peterson, Fred, Howard, Leon and possible a couple of other girls. It generally depended on his mood. It appeared to be a vaguely good mood day today, because Maximilian didn't actually look too angry and was actually responding to flirting.
He normally glared at any girl who tried to flirt with him and pushed them away. He prefers to choose his new girlfriends himself. Not with their help.
"Hey, bitch, like, what's your name?"
"Like, whatever. I have to, like, tutor you or some shit so, like, get in my car already," he pointed over to the shiny black stretch limo waiting outside the school. Oh how I'd longed to sit in that car, that beautiful car. And here was a chance, presenting itself as if this were a normal, everyday situation.
I nodded and stepped in. It was so comfortable, with plush, white leather seats and a dark wooden finish. My elder brother Louis would have been really interested in this car, because he loves cars a lot.
I wish I could describe every detail of that car ride, but that would take far too long, and it would be so tedious. Just imagine the most amazing car ride you possibly can and multiply it by ten.
Ella sat next to me. She seemed somewhat upset by this, because normally she just has Maximilian all to herself when he takes her home after school, but today I was there too. Even so, we still spoke a bit, and she taught me how to make a coffee on this machine thing in the limo. I turned out to be surprisingly good at making coffee, which is good, I guess, because I've never really made it before.
Then, finally, we arrived. I don't think I really described where Maximilian lives earlier, but his family has this absolutely enormous mansion in Beverly Hills. It's all white and modern, with those really huge floor to ceiling windows. I swear it is the single greatest place in the entire universe to have parties. Ever.
Anyway, so Maximilian took us to the living room. It's a nice room, with big sofas and all that. He told Fred to help me with my French. Fred is not so good at French. I was rescued from his idiocy by Maximilian's mom, who, as I stated before is one of the, if not the single, nicest person ever. She doesn't ever get angry about anything ever.
"Maximilien, mon chéri, tu n'étais pas censé aider Casey avec son français?"
"Mais je ne veux pas. C'est tellement putain ennuyeux! Elle est tellement stupide!"
"Alors je vais l'aider, trésor, mais vous ne pouvez pas laisser Fred faire parce qu'il ne parle pas français, n'est-ce pas?"
"Peu importe."
Henriette then came and sat down next to me. "Fred, go do something else, OK? I will help Casey with her French. Go to the cinema and watch a DVD or something, OK? Plus, you can keep the DVD you find."
"Um...OK, Mrs Denvers. Thank you so much!" He grinned happily and left to find Leon and Howard. I think they're his best friends, because they always hang out together, even when Maximilian isn't around.
"Casey, this is very easy, actually. You just take the infinative and add one of these endings. See?"
She took me through the whole sheet, even though I asked stupid questions and she never got upset. Not once. I still think that she is the nicest person alive.
Maximilian came down maybe an hour later with Ella. "Oh my God, mom, like, what the fuck are you, like, doing? Like, stop it. Fred was, like, supposed to, like, help her. Oh my God." 
"Well, honey, you seemed busy so I thought I would help Casey."
"Urgh, like, whatever. Like, go home already," he glared at me. "Like, see you tomorrow."

The second thing happened the next day. Sometimes I, well, I spy on Maximilian so I was dragging Trisha around at recess yesterday and I saw him with Stephanie McHeese. They were making out really, really passionately, which involves hands up shirts and down pants. Trisha decided I was being creepy and punched me lighty on the soldier.
"Casey! Stop stalking Maximilian. He is going to like you even less if he finds out. Then again, with the amount of girls doing it it's not like he cares. Plus, he's really conceited. He probably likes it."
I nodded, but she knew I wasn't properly listening. "Take pictures."
"Oh, so now you're his paparazzi?" she muttered, but did it anyway.
Stephanie has an elder brother who is in Louis' class. He is really big, cos he's on the wrestling team. His name is Damian.
Damian McHeese was storming over to Maximilian and Stephanie angrily. He is very protective of his little sister.
He started yelling at Maximilian. I couldn't hear much except a bunch of swear words. Maximilian doesn't like being interrupted when he's doing kissing things so he suddenly jumped up and pushed Damian into a wall.
"Shut the fuck up, you fucking loser! If I wanna kiss your sister then I will. And you're not gonna fucking stop me, got that?"
Damian retaliated and tried to release himself from Maximilian's grip but his assailant was too strong for him.
"I don't know..."
"Then, like, fuck off because the bitch and I were, like, busy. Go play with your other little wrestling friends in the sandpit now, OK?"
Damian nodded and Maximilian let him go and found Ella Peterson. He decided to kiss her instead.
"Maximilian, are we done?" Stephanie asked him.
"Like, obviously. Like, fuck off, Ella and I are, like, doing stuff."
Stephanie left and found Trisha and me. "Oh, hi, guys. Ella said she wanted to talk to you about shopping on Saturday."
"Thanks," answered Trisha. I said nothing because I was too intrigued by Maximilian. He was whispering something to Ella then he let her go. She came and sat by me.
"Hey, Casey, Trisha."
"What's up?" I asked. "How's Maximilian?"
Ella laughed a little. She has a nice laugh. "He's fine. He says that green makes me look fat though. I suppose he's right. I mean, green is, like, my favourite colour but if Maximilian doesn't think it works for me then I guess it doesn't."
"Well, I think you look fine," Trisha interjected. She did not like having to listen to long speeches about people's appearances.
"Yeah, well I'm gonna go on a diet just in case." Ella smiled again. "So Saturday. Come to the mall at, like, eleven, OK? Bye guys."
She waved at us and left happily. 

So, like I said, a lot of really exciting stuff has been happening recently. Plus, Ella is gonna go shopping with me so I'll know how to look really pretty for Maximilian.

6: Chapter 6
Chapter 6

I know that a lot of the stuff that happened last time didn't seem that exciting for me, but it actually was. I mean, OK, so the first half was really obviously relevant to my life, but the second thing had, like, nothing to do with me. I just found it really funny.
I went shopping with Ella. That was fun. I'll write about that. And, yeah, that's about it. Also, I've never actually described what Maximilian looks like, which was kind of stupid of me. I should totally do that.
If you want to know what he looks like, just imagine the most beautiful angel you possibly can with black hair and electric blue eyes, except he likes to wear different coloured contacts. His favourite ones are red. I think he looks so sexy when he wears the red ones. Trisha says it makes him look really ridiculous, but that's just her being all grumpy as usual. And sometimes he puts eyeliner on. That looks really good on him too.

Trisha and I met Ella at the mall today. She was wearing a dark green shirt and white shorts. It kind of bugs me that Ella is so pretty, because it just ruins my chances with Maximilian even more.
I feel kind of bad whenever I go shopping with Trisha, because her family doesn't really have much money. She only manages to go to Dorefeld because she got an Academic Scholarship. My family doesn't actually have that much money either, we're just kind of average, and so is Ella's but it still feels kind of awkward.
Anyway, Trisha was in one of her more positive moods today, which was good, because when she isn't everything just gets dulls cos she moans a lot.
"Can we buy shoes?" she asked, immediately. Of course we said yes, because we're teenage girls and buying shoes is something we like doing.
"So, Ella, how's everything going with Maximilian?" I asked as we were browsing the shoes on sale.
"Oh, it's going fine. He changed his mind about me looking fat in green. But he says he much prefers me in black, because that's his favourite colour and he doesn't want me to wear green anymore," she shrugged. "I guess if he doesn't like green then I just won't wear it. I don't want to upset him..."
"Cool." Another plan sparked inside me. "D'you wanna stop for ice cream after this?"
"Nah, it's fine. I'm on a diet anyway. Just in case," Ella answered. "If Maximilian thinks I'm getting fat, then I don't want to take any chances. Hang on."
Her phone was ringing. I waited for her, looking at a light blue dress. Ella sounded frantic.
"No, I can be there on time, it's fine. No, I'm not busy, it's fine, seriously, I promise. Ten minutes max, OK?" She nodded, smiled and gave me a sigh after hanging up.
"Sorry, Casey, something came up. I have to go. You wouldn't mind telling Trisha, would you? It's just, I kind of have to get there soon..." Ella gave me an apologetic look and put her phone away.
"That's fine. No problem." I shrugged.
"Thanks so much, Casey!" She waved at Trisha, who failed to notice thanks to some red boots in a corner and ran out of the store.
I walked back over to my other friend. She was considering the price of her chosen shoes over some other heels. She seemed excited. "Casey! Looks at these! They're so pretty! Hey, where did Ella go?"
I shrugged. "I dunno. She had to leave for something so she asked me to say goodbye from her. Those are nice. They definitely suit you."
She nodded and paid. I really don't want to seem rude but I was actually surprised she had enough money because the shoes were actually quite expensive. Trisha squealed excitedly and dragged me to another store.
This store was not very interesting. I sat down on one of the benches and waited impatiently. I shop quite fast, so I already had a shirt and some shoes I liked, but then I noticed something that really caught my eye.
Remember a while ago I had parents evening and Ella was there with her new shoes that Maximilian got her? So he got those for a discount because he does a lot of modelling for shops like Prada and Armani and also for stuff like Abercrombie and Fitch. (Because he's so pretty. Trisha doesn't agree).
And there was this super big poster of him just outside the shop Trisha was making me wait in, so my hour passed really fast just staring at his face. I smiled at him. Fortunately he was smiling in the poster (which is a really rare thing in real life) so he smiled right back at me. Maximilian has never smiled at me before.

So Trisha came out a while later and got kind of mad at me for staring at this poster for like an hour. But I got her to take a few pictures of me with it. And of it, because I was kind of embarrassed.
It was a good day.

7: Chapter 7
Chapter 7

I saw Ella on my way to school on Monday. She lives quite close to me, but she normally goes to Maximilian's house this early in the morning and he takes her to school with him. I don't know why. Apparently he's decided that his current favourite girlfriend is Rhonda Harris.
Rhonda Harris is actually in the year above us, but she's only like three or four days older than Maximilian. She has brown hair but I cannot tell exactly how long it is because she always wears it up. Her eyes are light brown too, I think.
Ella seemed kind of upset at having fallen from favour. She is normally treated quite well by Maximilian but now that he has dropped her she is being mostly ignored and quite often pushed away. I feel quite bad for her.

I noticed Maximilian's mother dropped him off at school today. He looked very annoyed at this, because he much prefers his limo to the convertible porsche his mom drives. She looks really pretty when she drives because she wears one of those fancy Hermes headscarfs and big sunglasses, like in those movies.
I know this because I was waiting for him like I do every single morning. He was wearing a black leather jacket with white fur around the collar. He was also wearing a light grey shirt underneath with a really beautiful necklace. His necklace had little rings of gold on it and sharp teeth with the blood still on them so they stained his shirt. He looked somewhat upset about this too.
"Oh my God, mom, like, my shirt is, like, totally fucking ruined now. Like, why the fuck didn't you, like, buy me any good, like, jewellery. Urgh."
"Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll get you some new jewellery, OK?"
"Urgh. You're so fucking annoying. Why did you even have to, like, drive me today? Like, Bende could have, like, totally driven me, as, like, fucking usual."
"But then we wouldn't be able to spend time together, darling. And, look, your friend Casey is waiting for you! Why don't you go say hi?"
He groaned and got out of the car. "Like, fuck off, mom."
"OK. Bye, sweetie. Bye, Casey!" She waved at me happily and drove off. Maximilian glared at me.
"Why the fuck are you, like, even standing there, bitch? Do you, like, wait for me, like, every single fucking day or what, bitch?"
I stuttered. Maximilian was actually speaking to me! This was so weird. He never wanted to speak to me! We were finally having a conversation!
" I don't...I was just waiting for Trisha..."
"Like, sure, whatever." He gave my cheek a curt stroke and then stormed off to find Rhonda. He found her quite fast it seemed, because the next second he had his tongue down her throat. She seemed quite happy.
"Casey, are you seriously still stalking him? He just called you a bitch twice."
"That's his way of being affectionate!" I answered. Since he called all the girls he knew 'bitch', I knew this was an friendly term for him. Even more than friendly.
Trisha shook her head at me. She would never understand how I was feeling. She'd had a boyfriend once, but her mother had broken them up because she didn't feel Trisha was old enough for one. I hadn't particularly liked her old boyfriend, but then, she did not like my current obsession much either.
Maximilian was so beautiful, and yet he completely ignored me whenever we spoke. I was unsure whether it was because he did not find me attractive enough or what, but I was making such an effort.
In fact, today was the first time I ever started doubting whether or not I should continue with my feelings for Maximilian. I longed for his acceptance and yet...he did not seem to want me. Even so, I had, for some reason, never minded his responses to my advances, I could not help but wonder whether I should give up.

8: Chapter 8
Chapter 8

I changed my mind about maybe not liking Maximilian. He was so nice to me yesterday! He let me use his one of his pens and everything. Plus, he asked me to hold his stuff for him, which means he's totally starting to trust me.
My mom dropped me off at school this morning as usual. She normally drives Kurt and me to school on her way to work cos it's easier for her so it's quite useful. Plus my mom has quite a nice car, so I like it when she drives me.
The first thing I noticed today was that everyone seemed awfully quiet. I scurried through the crowd to find Trisha.
"Why is everyone so quiet today?" I asked her.
"I dunno," she shrugged. "Stephanie told me that someone important is thinking of filming our school for some movie and they might choose some people to be in it, so everyone is being really well behaved. So they might get chosen, I guess. Teachers are gonna choose the best behaved kids or something."
Well, if she could tell me all that then she clearly did know. I looked out at some of the normally worst behaved people in our school (i.e. my brother) and noticed that instead of being a total moron, as usual, he was actually sitting quietly in the corner and doing his math work. He wasn't even chatting with his desk mate. He was actually being completely silent for once.
Actually, I'm pretty sure Maximilian was the only person who was acting in his normal manner. He looked so awesome, as usual. I think I should just describe what he wears every single day.
Today he was wearing golden contact lenses. These are some of my favourites. Plus, he dyed the tips of his hair gold. I assume he did that last night cos it wasn't there yesterday. It was really sparkly, especially cos his desk is right next to a window. He was also wearing black jeans with golden chains. His golden chains had little golden skulls hanging off them. I think Maximilian really likes gold because he wears it very often. But he also wears silver and platinum very often as well.
His shirt today was dark red. Like, really dark red. It looks so beautiful on him and it goes really well with his black jacket, which was made of denim today and matched his jeans exactly. Also he had new earrings. I secretly like to keep a log of all the different earrings he wears so I know when he wears new ones. The big one was this big swirly gold thing with rubies in it, and the other three little ones were all little rubies. He was also wearing black Converse. I noticed that because he put his feet up on the desk next to his.
"Casey. Casey. Casey. Casey. Casey. Casey-"
"What?" Trisha was bugging me. She does this when I zone out.
"Stop admiring Maximilian. Don't you want to be in a movie?"
"Well...I guess so..." I didn't really care. Movies weren't something I particularly cared about. Trisha, however, just likes to do anything that can get her family a bit more money. Like, for example, being in a movie.
"Then pay attention. To the board, not to Maximilian."
"But he's so he gonna get in?"
She snorted. "Duh. Maximilian already made his daddy pay them two million dollars to choose him. He was bragging about it all morning."
"Was he?" I hadn't actually noticed. Then again, I had actually arrived after him today. Trisha was babbling away beside me. I should really have been paying attention to what she was saying, but it was just so boring. Besides, Maximilian's face was so much more interesting to me.
Even though she isn't his favourite girlfriend anymore, Maximilian had decided to kiss Ella for a bit. She looked quite happy at this, because lately he'd been ignoring her entirely. But now she seemed like she was being accepted into the mythical role of 'One of Maximilian's Girlfriends' again.
At least it's mythical to me.
By the way, turns out Trisha didn't get a part in the movie. They actually selected her as one of the few, but the movie studio turned her down. She was actually quite upset by this so I had to take her out for cake. She loves cake.
Maximilian did get chosen, which was obvious, because he's so amazing all the time. He is the most amazing person out there. I'm not sure why I doubted him earlier.

9: Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Trisha's been an awful mood lately. She really wanted to get a role in this movie thing but things really haven't been going her way these past few weeks. She's very easy to piss off right now, so I've been avoiding subjects that make her upset. Like Maximilian, which is obviously a difficult subject to avoid because he's so awesome.
Which reminds me, currently we're at the start of September, and his birthday is on September 13th, so he invited a bunch of people to his birthday party. I was really happy because I got an invitation also so I kind of got Trisha angry because I mentioned him when I told her. Like so:

Today Maximilian was wearing dark red with his black. So he had his red contacts on and the tips of his hair were red also. I refer to this shade of red. It looks really good on him because he has really pale skin. Sometimes I wonder if he's secretly a vampire but that would just be stupid.
Also, he was wearing a different red shirt to last time. I've noticed that he has never worn the same shirt twice. Ever. He was also wearing black jeans again. His jeans are so nice. They all have rips in them which look really nice. He was also wearing rubies on his ear again. He walked over to me, which was really distracting because I started staring at this gold chain he was wearing with little rubies in it.
"Like, bitch, I'm like, inviting you to, like, my birthday party. So, like, say thank you in, like, a super happy way because, like, it's, like, such a big deal. Obviously."
I would have thanked him in a super happy way even if he hadn't told me to. Getting invited to Maximilian's 16th birthday party is a really, incredibly, amazingly huge deal for me. I hugged him.
"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!"
"Yeah, like, whatever. Get the fuck off me." I released him. He glared at me. "So, now, like, fuck off, bitch."
I did indeed leave. I went to find Trisha and tell her the incredibly exciting news.
"Guess what!"
"Maximilian invited me to his birthday party. Isn't that so great?"
Trisha shrugged. She seemed upset. I wondered if it was to do with something at home or if she just didn't want to listen to me talking about Maximilian again. I tried to brighten her up with stuff I knew she'd care about.
"There's probably gonna be loads of cake again, and we can go shoe shopping and get some shoes just for the occasion! Won't that be fun?"
"I am not going to Maximilian's party," she answered. "I don't want to see or speak to him. I can't stand him with his smug little face and his perfect hair and all his expensive designer outfits that are all perfectly matched with whatever colour he's dyed the tips of his hair today."
"Oh, come on. Surely you're not still upset about the stupid movie?"
"I am, but even so, I am not going to his party anyway because I don't have an invitation. Ok?"
I have to admit, it made sense that she wouldn't have an invitation because the two of them loathe each other. Then again, he clearly wasn't finished handing out invitations because there were still a lot of excessively dramatic displays of thanks going on everywhere.
"I'm sure you're totally going to get one and then we can go shoe shopping together!"
"I wouldn't go even if I had an invitation so shut up already, Casey!" She scowled and started to leave.
I shrugged and followed her. Trisha tended to be in a bad mood most of the time. Ironically just like Maximilian. Then again, I have a feeling that most of her sadness was based off of not getting an invitation. I know she does actually enjoy his parties.

Basically, it was an interesting day. But, most importantly, I got my very own invitation to Maximilian's party! And he invited me personally. I was so excited! I'm still excited about going! I'm gonna wear my very favourite light pink dress.

10: Chapter 10
Chapter 10

So I'm still really excited about my invitation to Maximilian's party. Lots of other people got one too, and so did Ella, so that's good. Trisha never got one in the end, because Maximilian still can't stand her. Also, today, she completely ruined her chances of getting one. And we had a fight.
Maximilian came into school today with the tips of his hair dyed pink. I was kind of confused because it was, well, pink. He never wears pink so it just seemed really odd. He didn’t look very happy about it. But then again, he doesn’t generally look very happy about anything at all. Ever.
Trisha found his hair really funny. She made me go up to talk to him with her. I, of course, felt all embarrassed about having to speak with him so just sort of hung around in the background.
He was sitting and doing something on his phone at the base of one of the pillars, which are on either side of our school’s front door, with Howard and Leon and Fred. I think these have been acknowledged as Maximilian’s territory, because no one else ever sits there. Not even Howard, Leon or Fred. They just sit on the steps underneath it.
“Urgh, like, what the fuck do you want, Trisha?” he asked as soon as he noticed her approaching. “Is your fucktard friend here to, like, try to, like, ask me out or something, like, again?”
“No, actually, I wanted to talk about your hair.”
An incredibly sexy smirk appeared on Maximilian’s face. I may have possibly giggled just a little bit. “Oh, are you, like, finally going to ask for my personal, like, stylist’s number? I’m sorry, I don’t think you can, like, afford her.”
Trisha normally gets upset when people insult her family’s lack of money and I could see a reddish tinge appearing in her cheeks, but she held it back. “Your hair looks fucking stupid with those pink bits.”
Maximilian is very proud of his hair no matter what. He gave her a glare surpassing any I’d ever seen anywhere else. And then he pushed her into a wall and held her there for a few minutes.
“You do have so much hair, Trisha. Wouldn’t it be so sad if someone just cut that all off?” he asked her, looking at his nails. I looked at his nails too, because they’re so nice and perfect and evenly cut. I wish I had such nice nails.
“You better not fucking dare or I swear I’ll-”
“What are you gonna do to me? Rip me into tiny fucking pieces so that my dad can get your family kicked out of your little apartment and into the streets? That would be fun, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t seem that much different from your current life, now would it?” He laughed a little here. Maximilian has several laughs that I’ve noticed. This one was one of my favorite types. It’s a very sexy laugh. “Fred, like, give me your scissors!”
“Just get me your fucking scissors or I will beat the fucking shit out of you!”
“Uh...yes, Maximilian.” Fred found scissors in his bag and handed them over.
“Now, like, you lot are going to have to, like, hold her there, aren’t you?”
At this point all three of them came over and kept Trisha held up against the wall. Maximilian basically gave her a pixie crop then. I personally feel it really suits her, but she really hated it. This annoys me somewhat.
I have been trying to get Trisha to get a pixie crop for ages, but she never wants to, which is super tedious because now that she has one, it clearly suits her really, really well.
Trisha glared at me when he let her go. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Casey? Thank you so much for standing up for me there.”
"What am I supposed to do? Do you want me to, I don't know, attack Maximilian from behind whilst he was cutting your hair?"
"Anything would have been helpful! But you're so fucking obsessed with him that you can't bear to see him in a negative light!"
Then she stormed off before I had time to compliment her new haircut.
Maximilian was looking smug. He’d returned to his seat at the bottom of a pillar and was talking to Leon.
“Like, what do you think of my, like, hair?”
“It’s, um, it’’s…sexy, Maximilian...?” he replied in a somewhat frightened tone of voice.
“Good boy,” Maximilian replied, smirking again, and then returned to listening to music. I really wanted him to ask me what I thought about his hair because, personally, I feel that he still looks really great even with pink hair because he just naturally looks great. Also, he didn't complement his outfit with any other colour today because he doesn't have anything pink, so he just wore black. If he can't find a colour to wear with his outfit he normally just wears silver with it. So today he had on his black and silver headphones and his silver sunglasses to match. He also wore what I think are his default earrings, which are a silver and diamond skull with ruby eyes and three other diamonds all up his ear. He looks so pretty in silver.
Ella says that Maximilian’s hair was pink today because the woman who normally comes and does his hair was ill or something, so she couldn't make it and he had to ask someone else. Only they apparently made some sort of huge mistake and dyed the tips of his hair pink instead of purple which is what he wanted.
Also, Trisha and I aren't friends at the moment. She's still really mad at me for not standing up for her, so she's refusing to talk to me. I think she's overreacting a bit. Most people have agreed that a pixie crop really suits her but her mom still tried to take Maximilian's dad to court. Richard Denvers won, which kind of makes sense, and it was all kind of really dramatic.

11: Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Ella says it was kind of ridiculous that Trisha’s mom tried to take Maximilian’s dad to court, but I guess it sorta makes sense. She took him in on charges of repeated assault because of all the times Maximilian has done something to her.
Also, Trisha and I aren’t talking at all now. I’ve been spending most of my time with Ella recently. She’s really nice, like I said earlier, and she has loads of stuff to talk about all the time. She knows lots about Maximilian, which is great, cos she tells me all of it as well. But it’s kind of sad because now Trisha just mopes around on her own.
Oh, another cool thing about Ella is that she spends a lot of time with Maximilian so I have too as well. He doesn’t seem to mind me.
This morning I was hanging out with Ella. Even though it was autumn, it wasn't actually cold yet, which I guess is because we live in California or something like that. Ella and I were over by the front gates, which seems to be the girly place to hang out because all the boys normally stay on the other side of the courtyard. Except for Maximilian, because he's too sexy for them. That's what I think, anyway.
“Ella, like, get the fuck over here!"
I followed her, even though no one had called me over. Maximilian was sitting by this thing that is some sort of memorial garden for the founding of our school. It's a really beautiful garden with roses and orchids and all that. It's also another of those places where Maximilian likes to hang out in front of it with his friends. He glared at me momentarily then turned his attention back to Ella. “Like, why did you, like, bring this other bitch?”
“I’m sorry, Maximilian, she followed me. And she’s, like, my friend, so I hang out with her. Can’t she stay?” Ella asked him, running a hand down his chest. I don't know if she got the reaction she'd been hoping for but it didn't seem like it was the best.
Maximilian scowled and appeared to consider. He did not seem remotely pleased by the notion. He looked so great today because he was wearing blue as his complementary color. It was an excellent shade of deep blue, because he was wearing sapphires to match so he’d made the very tips of his hair a beautiful sapphirine color.  Blue works really well because the black fades into it slowly.
“Urgh, fine. The bitch can, like, stay for, like, a bit. Like, Howard, I found you, like, a girlfriend,” he shoved Howard at me quite roughly. “Like, make out or some shit. I’m, like, such a great matchmaker, aren’t I?”
“Absolutely, Maximilian!” Howard gave me a bright smile. “Hi, Casey.”
“Um, hi, Howard.”
We looked at each other awkwardly for a few minutes. He is quite cute actually because he has a round, kinda chubby little face and mousey brown hair which is kind of in a puff around his head.
“So, like, Ella, I was, like, thinking and, like, I’ve decided that you’re my favorite girlfriend again. But, like, so is Rhonda so you’re going to have to, like, share me. Be happy I actually, like, want you.”
Ella looked pretty happy. A large grin spread over her face. “Thank you so much, Maximilian.”
He looked pleased and let her kiss him in reward. Howard started to talk to me. I really should have been listening to what he was saying, but I was completely distracted by Maximilian.
He’s so hot all the time. Even when he’s got his tongue down someone else’s throat. I wish he would shove it down my throat. It’s not likely, but it would be the greatest thing ever. The absolutely, most amazing, greatest, awesomest thing ever.
I’ve decided to add the earrings he was wearing today to my list of favorites. They were platinum stars, but not those five-pointed stars but ones with over twenty points, with sapphires in the center. He was also wearing a platinum chain with the same stars hanging off it.
"So, Casey, do you wanna, like, catch a movie this afternoon or something?"
"Uh, sure..." I answered. There was nothing else I could actually say because he looked so adorable asking and I didn't want to make him upset. And Howard is probably going to be quite fragile in this subject because he's never had a girlfriend before.
Howard smiled. I felt glad that he was happy.

So, I guess that means Howard and I are dating now or something. I’m not really sure but my mom says he’s really nice. He’s super polite all the time and he’s very nice to me as well. Even so, I would still prefer Maximilian, but I guess I can put up with Howard for now if it's necessary, and he is actually really cool.

12: Chapter 12
Chapter 12

I've been spending a lot of time with Howard because he's my boyfriend now. I mean, he's so nice but I don't really think we should be together cos I don't actually want to date him. But Maximilian gives me annoyed looks whenever I try to move away from him, and Maximilian's dirty looks are the most frightening things on Earth. He may still look incredibly sexy but it is still terrifying.
That's a good thing about Howard though. Since he spends all his time with Maximilian and Maximilian makes me spend all my time with Howard then I get to be with him all the time! It's really great.
We're on a school trip now also. We went to some big skiing holiday in Austria, because Maximilian's mom was in one of her generous moods, which are most of the time, and she said that our school could rent this really big ski chalet that her family owns. It's really exciting but I cannot ski at all.

Ella, Rhonda, Trisha, Mia and I are all sharing a room. I don't think I've talked about Mia yet, but she's one of those really quiet girls who sit in the back of a classroom and don't really talk. Until you get to know them well. Then she's actually quite bright and bubbly. She has short brown hair in a bob and blue eyes. I think she's actually super adorable, and she looks about eight years old. So cute.
There's still a lot of tension between Trisha and me. She isn't speaking to me, so I had to take the bed across the room from her, which sucks, cos it's right next to the window and I need to use the bathroom a lot at night.
However, Ella has been being super nice to me. She lets me borrow all sorts of clothes and she says she'll help me with my skiing, cos it's pathetic. She also has a lot of skimpy black underwear. She says it's for Maximilian.
"Ok, so we're going to start with some simple slopes today, and then tomorrow we can see how to sort you out. Are you all here?" This from our P.E. teacher, Miss Slaytes. She used to be an olympic athlete, but she badly hurt her leg once and has turned to teaching.
I raised my hand. "Maximilian is missing." I always notice if Maximilian is missing. Always. I am his number one stalker/fan.
"Actually, Maximilian doesn't, like, ski, he does snowboarding, so he won't join us," said Ella. "He has to have, like, a special instructor."
Trisha rolled her eyes and made a snorting noise. "Obviously," she muttered.
I think she's just really negative. Or really jealous of how pretty Maximilian is all the time. Not everyone can be that attractive.
Skiing was really fun. I fell over a bunch of times. Afterwards, we all went swimming, cos the chalet has a heated pool so we were all pretty happy. Plus, Ella said that Maximilian was gonna have a party in his room and we could all go.
"Really? He really, really, really wants me to come?" I positively squealed at her. Rhonda replied instead.
"Uh, not really, but, like, you're Howard's girlfriend, so you, like, have to come. You don't really have a choice."
I don't like Rhonda. She seems much too full of herself all the time. And she only ever rambles about how much Maximilian likes her. It's really annoying. But, I know he's going to dump her soon cos Ella is my current best friend and he said he might.
Then Mia spoke: "Can I come?"
"Of course," Ella replied, bounding over happily. "But it's at night, when all the teachers go to sleep, so you'll have to wear your pyjamas."
Mia nodded. Ella smiled and turned to Trisha.
"Hey, Trisha, d'you wanna come?"
"No. I'd rather die."
"OK, suit yourself. I'll tell you what happened afterwards. Nice hair, by the way. Did I mention it earlier? A pixie crop really suits you."
Trisha threw a pillow at her angrily.
So we went to Maximilian's room. It was the BEST EVER. I am not even exaggerating this a little. Maximilian was there, and he was in his underwear, because that's what he sleeps in. Howard was there also, and he wears really cute pyjamas with cats on them. I thought it was cute. He just felt embarrassed.
Maximilian's underwear is from Armani and it is black. I know this because I was staring at it for a really long time. His hair looks really good at night because he doesn't style it at all and it doesn't have the tips dyed: it's just completely plain black. Plus, it's all tousled and it just looks so fucking sexy.
"Ella, bitch, like, why did the fucking loser bitch come?"
"She really wanted to. Please let her stay, Maximilian. Please. She was so looking forward to it." Her eyes were really big.
"Yeah? And if I, like, do something for you, cos I'm, like, really fucking generous, then what are you gonna, like, do for me?"
Ella appeared to think about it and then she whispered something in his ear which seemed to make him happy cos he smirked and he let Mia stay. We had fun. I did her hair because she has nice hair, even if it is really short.
Did I mention that Maximilian does not share his room with anyone? He doesn't because it's kind of his house  and he has his own room, so there's no reason for him to. It's a pretty big house anyway, so it holds all our year and the one above easily if everyone shares with a few people.
Maximilian's room has a TV in it. Some of the others do too. Kurt's does, and so does some random girl in my class called Clara's. But his also has a jacuzzi and a minibar and lots of other cool stuff so we had so much fun.

We got back to our room at about two in the morning. Trisha was already asleep, so there was no point in waking her. Ella didn't come back with us because Maximilian told her to stay behind for a bit. She came in at about five. I am not even kidding. Five in the morning. She only got two and a half hours of sleep.
All in all, that was a really great party. Plus I got to see Maximilian in his underwear which was so sexy. Like, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really sexy.

13: Trishapocalypse

Right. Fine. Hi. My name is Trisha Lee. So turns out Casey left herself logged on my family's computer last time she came over so I'm gonna write you guys an entry on her blog/diary/Maximilian stalking land.
Background information. I'm 15. I live with my mom, my elder sister Chloe, my other elder sister Trudy and my two younger siblings. A girl and a boy. They're twins too, kind of like Casey and Kurt. We live in a really tiny apartment in one of the much poorer districts of California cos we don't have much money. It doesn't really matter much to me anyway. I like sharing with all my siblings. Most of the time. Oh, and I only go to Dorefeld Academy cos I got an Academic Scholarship because we couldn't afford it otherwise.
OK, so this is an average day in Casey's life from what I understand and from what I've read. It's not what everyone actually says but we all know that's what is basically going through everyone's minds. And what's basically being said.
So, Maximilian is so hot. Like, even though he's such a dick to me, I love him so much. This morning, I was stalking him, as usual, and he totally found out. And he came up to me and he was really mean to me cos he was all "Oh my God, you fucking bitch, what the fuck is, like, wrong with you? Like, why aren't you, like, totally worshipping my beauty, like, on your knees? Urgh."
And so I was all: "OMG, OMG, OMG, I totally promise to do everything you desire without even asking questions. I'm like, totally gonna be your slave for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and do everything you want."
Anyway, so afterwards I went to class with my absolute favorite person ever, apart from Maximilian, who is basically my god. Her name is Trisha and she's my best friend in the entire universe. But I always ignore her in favor of King Maximilian the Sexy.
"Hey, Casey, what's up?"
"Maximilian spoke to me!"
"Oh, cool," my totally supportive best friend said to me.
"Hey, you fucking bitch, like, why're you talking about me without, like, using the words 'sexy', 'attractive', 'god', 'perfect' or 'master'? Urgh, like, tell me how beautiful I am."
"Maximilian, you're so sexy. I adore you so much."
He smirked and left. His outfit is great also. After all, he's so spoilt his mother literally showers him in designer clothes and all the most expensive outfits she can. And the Denvers family is so wealthy they're basically made of money. They lavish him with all the most over-priced jewellery they can find so he always looks pretty.
We were in class for a bit, and I was daydreaming about how amazing Maximilian was, even though he's fucking other girls and he's never gonna want me. Then Ella came over to us.
Ella is like his personal slut. She is the prettiest girl in our year, which is why Maximilian dates her. He doesn't quite like her, because he doesn't like anyone except himself, but that's just him. I mean, if I were Maximilian I wouldn't like anyone but myself either. Then again, Maximilian doesn't like himself either; he fucking adores himself because he's a conceited, narcissistic, obnoxious, spoilt, self-centered, evil little shit.
"Hi, guys!"
"Um, hey, Ella..." I replied, but my thoughts were on Maximilian. He doesn't sit beside anyone because he bullied everyone out of sitting next to him. So he was just sitting there with his feet up on the desk next to his.
He looks really sexy because he's just so sexy. And then his gaze turned to me and narrowed into a glare.
"Ella, bitch! Get the fuck over here and, like, give me a blowjob!"
And then Ella says yes and does whatever sexual thing he wants and I feel sad and that's the way everything is.
I make an amazing Casey. Just like she would write it, if not better...

14: Chapter 14
Chapter 14

I am so sorry about that last entry. That was Trisha, as I'm sure you figured out from her background information and all that. And from all that stuff she wrote about Maximilian. She really hates him. I think I should explain why. So this is kind of a backstory entry. Sorry if you hate backstories, I guess.
This one is when we were about 12, and Maximilian just came to our school. I wrote a diary entry that day, all about the new kid. I didn't have a crush on him yet then.

Today we had a new kid. That's kind of weird, cos it wasn't the first day of school or anything, it was just a random Wednesday.
He had black hair and electric blue eyes and he was quite tall and actually very attractive, which was somewhat odd for our school.
Louis was very excited when he came cos he had a really fancy car. He came in a Rolls Royce limousine and he had a really professional chauffeur who carried all his stuff for him and called him sir and all that sort of thing.
I mean, our school is one of the most prestigious schools in world, one of the reasons for it's fame being that it caters to a really wide range of people because you can actually get scholarships to it. Plus, our school has really good teachers that graduated from some of the best colleges in the world as well. We do get a quite a few students from wealthy backgrounds, but most of them aren't that wealthy.
"Urgh, he looks horrid. I hate him already." Trisha looked really annoyed. I shrugged.
"Eh, he looks fine. I'm sure he's nice," I replied as we headed to our classroom. Our new kid was talking to the teacher. This kind of bugged me, cos Trisha and I always arrive first, but he was just standing there. He smiled at us.
"Hi, I'm Maximilian Denvers," he said. He was wearing black ripped jeans with silver chains and a jacket made of smooth black leather. He was also wearing six silver chains around his neck and had basically all the jewellery he had studded with little diamonds. Plus he had black and silver high tops on and they had little diamonds on them too. He would have looked really great with an earring. "I transferred from the Linton Academy. It's very nice to meet you. Would you happen to have a pen I  could borrow?"
Trisha looked through her bag. I had a sudden thought. "Denvers...would you be related to Richard Denvers?"
"Like, isn't it fucking obvious...?" he muttered, a sudden look of anger flashing across his face. It turned to a smile quickly. "I mean, yes, he's my dad."
"Oh my God, that is so cool!" I practically squealed. He looked slightly vexed at this but nodded even so. Trisha handed him a pen.
"This should do."
He held it for a few moments and then dropped it. "Ew. Bende!"
"Yes, sir?"
"Like, I want a real pen. This is, like, a biro. I want, like, one of my, like, pens. Like, that one mom bought me when I was, like, expelled from, like, uh, it was, like, the one between Seyfried and, like, the one before the third, like, French one."
"J. Parker, sir?"
"How the fuck should I know? Like, get on with it."
He scowled a little and turned back to us. Trisha picked up her pen and glared at him. "Why the fuck did you ask for a pen?"
Maximilian flashed her a smile. His teeth were almost abnormally white and shining. He ran his tongue over them momentarily as if he knew I was looking at them. "Oh, I really just wanted to see what the standard of people I have to deal with is. Apparently not very high..."
Trisha looked really pissed off at this statement. Probably owing to her family's lack of money. Recently her father hasn't been doing too well at work so they're doing worse than usual.
He switched his smile to a more condescending smirk and took his phone out. He dialled quickly and started chastising down the phone. "Mom, like, I can't believe you sent me to this, like, shithole. The bitches here are, like, so ugly and, like, this one is, like, so fucking poor. Why the fuck do I have to, like, stay here? I am, like, a much higher standard than these bitches. Urgh."
I started laughing. He was so funny. This may have been our first meeting but he was already hilarious. I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to stay popular or not. The funny aren't really the appreciated in our school.
"Like, I want, like, something to, like, make up for this shit with, like, something good. I want, like, a swimming pool. In, like, my room. LIke, now."
Trisha grabbed my arm and dragged me away. She looked really annoyed. "I told you he would be an obnoxious shit."

That was the first thing Maximilian did to annoy Trisha so much. Over the next three years he did more and more things to piss her off, and she did things to piss him off at the same time. Anyway, since there were so many different reasons for it then I can't put them all in one post, so I'll have to write again some other time.

15: Chapter 15
Chapter 15

Ella was in a ski accident, which Trisha thinks is Maximilian's fault but really wasn't. I'm not even saying that cos I'm biased towards supporting him. It just cannot be his fault because he was nowhere near our group at the time and what actually happened was that one of Ella's skis got stuck in a snow drift and she got catapulted forwards. Fortunately, it's just a sprained leg and nothing worse.
Also, we left the ski trip yesterday. It was super cool cos Maximilian had a party like every single night and I went to all of them cos of the Howard thing. Also, Trisha and I are friends again cos I bought her some nice shoes (the easiest way to her heart).

Today the first thing I did at school was go see Ella. Fortunately for her there are elevators in our school, so she can just take those, but she still has problems getting around. So I went to help her out.
"Hey, Casey," she grinned at me. "What's up?"
"Nothing much, but I was wondering how you were doing?"
"Oh, I'm fine. I have some trouble but whatever."
I nodded. She seemed much more upset than someone normally was over a sprained leg. I took a seat beside her. "What's wrong?"
And it was at this point that Ella started crying hysterically. I wasn't sure what to do, because normally I'm not the best at things like this, but I attempted to push strands of red hair out of the way and pat her on the shoulder.
It was hard to make out her words, but I managed to get most of it out of her. "And he said that, cos I'm all disfigured and ugly now then I can't, like, be his girlfriend anymore cos he's too perfect and so he can't, like, be seen with anyone like me and it's not fair and I can't believe this is happening to me and then he broke up with me cos he said that Courtney was way hotter or something and Courtney is one of my best friends and he said that she's not allowed to talk to me and I don't like this!"
I gave her my most sympathetic look and gave her what I hoped was a supportive hug, but inside I was literally exploding. Maximilian was totally going to give me a chance now that he'd dumped Ella.
According to the school gossip thing we have Maximilian's exact words were: "Urgh, oh my God, you fucking bitch, don't, like, touch me. Like, you're a crippled freak now, so you're not allowed to, like, talk to me. Also, I'm, like, dumping you for, like, Courtney, so, like, go get me a coke and then, like, fuck off."
He has such a beautiful way with words. He knows exactly how to put them so that everyone can understand and he can make people smile. Oh, and I haven't even told you what he was wearing.
So, today he was going with purple, so he was wearing dark purple contact lenses and three silver and purple chains necklaces. Also, his earrings were silver and purple crosses, so silver with a amethysts in the middle and at each of the four corners. And he was wearing a short black jacket with silver zips and a little amethyst in each of those and the same went for his trousers except they had silver and purple chains. Silver goes really well with purple.
As usual, Maximilian was the very epitome of sexiness. I cannot believe he is human. He must be some sort of superhuman being like a vampire or a god or something. I totally think this but Trisha says they're just stupid ideas. She's still kinda pissed about him chopping all her hair off.
Trisha and I actually got round to discussing her hair this today:
"I really, really, really hate this hair cut. I can't believe he was such a bastard! I mean, I know he's bad, but normally not this fucking awful!"
I have to object to this, cos Maximilian has done worse to Trisha, but he's still so sexy I suppose that counters it or something and makes it even?
"I think it looks really good on you! You know I've been trying to get you to have one for ages."
"Yeah, but it itches..."
It was another of our highly intelligent conversations.
Nothing much else of interest has really happened this week, except that Maximilian got really pissed of at Fred for only getting him an A on his last homework and so beat him up a lot and he lost three teeth. And now Fred's mom wants to sue the school because Fred told her he fell off some climbing frame thing in the yard.

Anyway, so that was the most recent thing of events. It was quite exciting and I hope Ella gets better soon and that Maximilian chooses me. Which he totally will.

16: Chapter 16
Chapter 16

Appropriately for entry number 16 (if you wanna count Trisha's weird attack on my blog and the introduction, which I normally do) yesterday was Maximilian's 16th birthday. He's maybe the third eldest in our year. You'll probably never guess who the eldest in our year is, who was born on August 26th, which is just before we started school. I'll tell you at the end.
So, anyway, he had his party and all that. He's quite lucky, cos we never have school on any Friday the Thirteenths, so he had his party on the day and didn't even have to wait.

"Casey, I don't think I'm supposed to come. I think dumping me means I'm not allowed to go to Maximilian's party."
We were sitting in the back of my dad's car. He was driving us to Maximilian's place. I know that my dad really likes Maximilian's parents, because they have dinner parties together and all that stuff. By some amazing luck, Kurt decided he wanted to come with his friends instead of 'some freaky girls' so we didn't have to put up with him.
"Nonsense, he totally wants you there! Plus, you look really pretty in that dress." Ella was wearing a dark green dress to just under her knees with sparkly bits and a green necklace. She always looks really nice in everything she wears. Plus, her leg is much better now so she can walk on it and doesn't need it bandaged or anything anymore.
I was wearing pink, cos it matches my glasses, and it's one of my favorite colors. That sort of purply pink colour? Yeah. I really like it.
Maximilian's house has valet service, which is that thing where people come and park your car for you. But since my dad didn't want to stay they just opened the front gates for us. My dad waved goodbye and then we finally went to the party.
"Ella, we should find Maximilian so we can say happy birthday, ok? Will you come with me or do you not want to see him?"
"No...I'll come," she shrugged. "But he won't want me here..."
She was still very upset about the whole breakup thing but she was trying to act strong, apparently.
I nodded and took her hand to drag her into the crowd. This felt reminiscent of his 15th birthday party, except it was much bigger and much more awesome. Maximilian was hanging out by the pool with a really large group of girls who were being all flirty at him and stuff. They were making out and dancing and stuff.
"Casey! Hello, I'm really happy to see you came! Do you want to dance, or something? I mean, I just have to go get a drink for Maximilian but then, if you want to..?"
"Actually, Howard, I was also going to go see Maximilian, cos we just arrived, ok? And then after then I guess so."
He grinned at me and ran off. I found Maximilian. He noticed Ella before me.
"Uh, bitch, like, what the fuck, are you, like, doing here? Like, you're not, like, my girlfriend, like, anymore, so stop, like, talking to me. And, like, I told you not to wear, like, green cos it makes you look like such a fat bitch."
"I'm sorry...I should go..."
"Like, no, you're, like, here now so you have to, like, stay, but, not, like, with me."
Ella gave him a nod. "I'll be by the drinks," she told me before walking off. Maximilian turned his attention to me.
"Urgh, it's you. Did you, like, buy me a really fucking great, like, birthday present, bitch?"
"Yup! Also, is your mom around because my dad says I have to give her this?" I showed him the letter my mother had written his mother.
"Like, my parents are in, like, my grandparents' villa in, like, France this weekend so, like, no. Like, I can give it to her. Fred, like, take the bitch's letter."
He came over and took it to me. Maximilian started glaring at me. "So, like, leave, bitch."
I did this. He looked so sexy today. His hair was all styled and pitch black and pretty and he wasn't wearing any contacts so his eyes were their normal shade of electric blue.
Also, he was wearing a lot of black today. So a black t-shirt with this thin leather jacket with white fur around the collar and buckles on the cuffs. The fur is so soft. I know that because one time he was sitting in front of me and he was wearing that jacket so I touched it. I asked him once and he said it was Russian sable. What he said exactly, and I know this cos I wrote it in my diary when he said it, was this: "Like, this is, like, Russian sable. It costs, like, $200,000 cos it's, like, really rare or some shit. And, like, this is, like, silver sable, so, like, it costs, like, five times as much. But, like, I have another coat which is, like, totally made of, like, silver sable so, like, it's way more expensive. Now, like, shut the fuck up already, bitch. I'm, like, busy."
It was so romantic. Anyway, I have to finish telling you about what he was wearing. The other thing was that he had on black jeans on with silver chains and he had silver chains on around his neck also. He's so pretty. I know I say that a lot, but I feel it really needs to be emphasised.
So then I went over to find Ella again. She smiled at me. "I'm so happy! He's not too upset at me, and if I'm lucky then we can get back together.
"I hope so," I smiled but of course I was thinking 'I hope not'. Because Maximilian will be mine. Soon.
And I still haven't told you about the cake! This year there were even better cakes than last year! There was a main cake and a bunch of other ones. The main one was vanilla, because Maximilian really likes vanilla, and it was really, really big. It had twenty five tiers and the little ones all had sixteen tiers.
There were lots of people crowding for cake again and since Maximilian was standing right in the middle of it there were loads of people complimenting his cake as usual.  Like so:
"Maximilian, you're so fit...and your cakes are so good."
"Uh, obviously. It's my cake. Like, before this one, my mom had, like, another one made, but, like, it was only, like, ten tiers, so, like, I made her make me, like, a better cake," Maximilian replied.

It was such a great party. Like I said before, Maximilian has the best parties in the whole world. Plus, he got a car for his birthday, cos it's his sixteenth, but he said he couldn't choose what kind of car he wanted so his parents bought him four different cars. So they bought him a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Maserati. 
By the way, eldest in our year: Fred. No one ever expected that until he told us all. Maximilian tends to get really pissed that Fred is older than him and told him he's not allowed to celebrate his birthday until the 14th September, and that's the earliest that he'll let him.
I hope Maximilian has another party really soon because they are so cool. Trisha didn't get to come because he refused to invite her because she isn't within his personal standards. But I managed to take some cake home for her. She liked that.

17: Chapter 17
Chapter 17

Today something remarkable happened. Something that has never happened before in the history of our school. Something amazing, something that was just so exciting I basically exploded.
I was spying on Maximilian, as usual, and I noticed he was sitting with Maia Foster, who is not technically one of his girlfriends. He didn't used to pay any attention to her except that this summer she became really pretty and she dyed her hair blonde.
Rhonda was also sitting with him. She always sits with Maximilian now, cos she's his favorite at the moment, and also cos she is actually really clingy. So, since Maximilian can't stand having someone around he doesn't need, he just finds something for her to do that will keep her out of his way. Like today he told her to sit behind him and rub his shoulders. I wish he would ask me to do that, but obviously he won't until I'm his girlfriend.
Howard and Fred and Leon were sitting there too, on the floor underneath because Maximilian likes to sprawl himself out on the bench with whatever girl he chooses - in this case Maia - on top. And they will make out or something. I think that Rhonda gets really jealous of this sometimes but she never complains or says anything. From what Ella has told me and from what else I've managed to gather, there are several rules to being Maximilian's girlfriend:

Do absolutely everything you're told without once arguing
Always be available for making out/kissing/absolutely any sexual act desired
Accept any and all insults
Praise Maximilian as much as physically possible
Be a little slut for him

Personally I think it sounds rather simple, but it apparently isn't, because I've never succeeded.
Anyway, so, back to the point of the story. I was going to tell you guys what happened today that was so amazing.
So, today, while I was spying on Maximilian at lunch, I overheard the weirdest thing. I know I've already said that, but it should be specified again, because it honestly surprising. Here it is:
"Y...y...yes, Maximilian...?" I've noticed that recently Leon looks really scared and really tired most of the time.
"Like, is my homework, like, fucking finished yet?"
", not yet."
"Why the fuck not?" He reached down and grabbed Leon's shirt collar to pull him up. This was a sure sign of Maximilian starting to get more pissed off than he was naturally. But, I have to say that when he's really angry he does look even better than usual. Because his eyebrows seem more defined.
"P...please, Maximilian, I've been super tired recently and I've had so much to do, what with my babysitting I do. I don't get home til eight thirty or later and then I've gotta eat dinner and go to bed. My dad is really strict about my curfew," Leon started babbling. "You know what it's like when you break curfew..."
Maximilian laughed at him. He has such a sexy laugh. I know I've said this before but he totally does. "Like, I don't have, like, a curfew.  I can, like, go out and stay up as long as I fucking well want."
Leon realised his argument was useless here and struggled to find something else. "OK..well, um, I just don't have time...I can't do your homework today. Sorry. Also, has it ever crossed your mind that maybe I just don't want to?"
So, like I said, this has never ever ever ever happened before. No one has ever dared not to do whatever Maximilian tells them to. He started getting really mad. He pushed both Rhonda and Maia away and Howard took Fred's hand and pulled him out of the way. Howard knows that when Maximilian is angry you really shouldn't stay nearby.
When Maximilian is angry he talks really quietly at first, so I had no idea what he was saying, but it certainly freaked Leon out because he started squirming.
And then Maximilian shoved him onto the floor and held him there with his foot so he could be more angry at him. He seems much calmer when he's angry at someone than when he's not. Anyway, Leon was still looked really freaked out and then when Maximilian was finished he pulled him up again and yelled at him.
"So go and do my fucking homework now!"
And then Leon ran away.
I tell you once more, that has never happened in the entire history of Maximilian being at our school. Also, Leon has been acting really frightened around him now, because of this day. And also because Maximilian beat the living daylights out him afterwards and then he was so scared that when he went to the nurse he didn't come back all day.
But Leon says it's ok when he goes home (this I heard from Howard) because his parents know that he gets bullied a lot and try to solve this problem but that he doesn't tell them who does it, and also because if he did tell them they probably wouldn't believe him because Maximilian is so charming when he goes to their house.
I wish Maximilian would come to my house.

18: Chapter 18
Chapter 18

I have a lot of exciting new today! Trisha wants to run for our Student Council cos the Student Body President went to college last year so that's an open spot now. She really wants the position cos she likes being helpful and stuff.
She asked me to manage her campaign but I noticed Maximilian is running also and she has no chance no matter who manages her campaign thing for her.

"Casey! Come sit with me, Casey!"
"Hey, Howard!" I ran over to him happily. Even though I guess I only stay with him to get closer to Maximilian I've actually really started to like him. Not in that way exactly, but he's pretty cool. "What's up?"
He was sitting at one of the really big tables by the windows in the lunch hall. He gave me a huge grin. "Come sit with me," he repeated, grinning.
I started to sit. He shifted uncomfortable in his own seat then suddenly exclaimed: "Not there!" Then he blushed. "I'm sorry...that's...M...m...m..maxi....maximilian's seat."
I squealed. Oh God, oh God, oh God! I was sitting in Maximilian's seat. This was so exciting! This was the best day ever! Apart from that time when he invited me to his house, and that time he spoke to me and that time I went to his house and that time I went swimming at his place.
"Sorry!" I moved to the one next to it. Howard shook his head.
"That''s seat also. Just don't sit on that side..."
I nodded and switched sides. Howard gave me a grin. "I'm sorry...I just really don't want to get in trouble."
"That's OK," I replied.  "So, what'cha making there?"
Howard glanced in the direction I was looking. 
"Oh, I'm making campaign posters for Maximilian. He says I have to make him 139 of them, cos his birthday was on September 13th. It's kind of tiring but whatever. I don't really have anything else to do."
"Hey, I can help!" I grinned at him. "What shall I do?"
"Nothing!" Trisha appeared behind me and grabbed me by the arm. "We don't have time and you really need to stop supporting my opposition!"
I gave Howard an awkward wave as Trisha dragged me off. He returned the gesture with a wave of his own and then stiffened up. I over in the same direction as him.
Ooh, Maximilian was walking towards the table! I shook my hand out of Trisha's grasp and stood up straight, smiling at him brightly. He ignored me and stormed over to his usual table, where Howard had been waiting for him. "Freak! Coke! Fucking now!" he shouted, pointing at the vending machines.
Maximilian's hungover. I can tell because when he is he gets super pissed off at everyone, way more than usual cos of the headaches. Also, he was resting his hand on his forehead in that way people do when they have a headache, so I know he had one. His hair was just plain black today, but it looks so beautiful like that I don't even mind. And all of those things are proof he has a hangover.
"Y...y...yes,," Howard stuttered in reply and ran off to get it for him.
I have recently noticed Howard stuttering through Maximilian's name all the time as if he were really scared. It's so adorable.
"OK, Casey, so I thought we should go a step bigger than cakes. The brat's latest way of getting votes it sending everyone a free iPad with 'Vote Maximilian' as the background. Who the fuck sends out free iPads?"
" Apple store employee who made a mistake?"
"No. A spoilt little shitface like Maximilian does. Therefore, I have a new plan of action." Trisha was looking pretty pleased with herself. I assumed this was my cue to take a guess.
"Free donuts?" I tried.
"Don't be stupid." Trisha gave me a look which I had come to know as the 'stop being an idiot, Casey' look. "I'm going to give out shoes!"
There were several reasons I had an issue with this. The first was that I greatly doubted Trisha had enough money to buy a pair of shoes for each and every member of the student body and second of all, this plan was not going to appeal to any male voters. I refrained from saying any of this. When Trisha has a plan she likes to stick with it. No matter how ridiculous it is.
"But, Trisha, it's just, um, won't Maximilian win? I mean, iPads versus shoes? I don't think people would rather have shoes."
"Don't be stupid," Trisha repeated. "At least I'm paying for these shoes myself. You know Maximilian's mom paid for all those iPads. You know what that cost? $640,000! I'm not even fucking kidding."
I considered this. Now I was definitely convinced that Trisha wasn't going to be able to afford so many shoes. It was unlikely even if she did get her mom to help.
So that's Trisha's 'GREAT PLAN'. Another of her 'GREAT PLANS' (yes, they have to be in capitals) was the time she decided to get interviewed for the school paper to boost her popularity or something.
The main problem with that is that Fred works on the school paper. In fact, he happens to be the Editor in Chief for the paper. Now, as we all know, Fred will do whatever Maximilian tells him to do and Maximilian wants to win the election (which, like I said before, is going to be the ultimate result). So, Maximilian told Fred to edit the whole interview so it seems that Trisha is trying to sabotage him. I think it's so sexy and really modest of him that he thinks he needs to make an effort to win. Soooooooooooo sexy.
 Our paper is called The Dorefeld Express, by the way. I think it's a fucking stupid name but I'm not in charge of choosing. Actually, I think Louis helped them choose the name cos the paper's only been around for a couple of years. Three or four at most.

Anyway, I'm going to keep you posted on this election thingy. Trisha's trying really hard to afford shoes, so I have to help her with my money. Great. Also, Leon's been in hospital for a few days. I guess I hope he's doing OK, but Maximilian doesn't seem too concerned so I don't think I should be either.

19: Chapter 19
Chapter 19

So, the competition between Trisha and Maximilian is still going strong. I mean, it's still really pointless, because she's not going to win but, as campaign manager, I'm supposed to support her. Anyway, so she gave up on her shoe idea because Maximilian's posters were all finished so she's trying to defeat him posterwise now instead. But aside from the ones he got Howard to do, all his posters were professionally made because he says he got bored of making Howard do them and he said that they weren't good enough for him if they weren't professional. I have to agree. He totally deserves to have the very best posters in the whole wide world.
Trisha made a bunch of posters with me which I had to photocopy. That was not so exciting. I don't like photocopying stuff because it's so tedious plus I have to pay for it with my allowance. Trisha doesn't get an allowance so she never has any spare change on her. Then again, Maximilian doesn't have an allowance either, but that's different because he has a bunch of credit cards and his mom will give him money whenever he wants.

"Casey, can you take these to the photocopier for me? Please?"
I gave her a sigh but took them anyway. Like I said, photocopying is kinda tedious, but hanging around the photocopier is actually quite fun sometimes. It's actually one of our number one spots to listen to gossip.
There's always a super long queue for the photocopier though, cos there's only one in this building, and since we have most of our lessons in this building we have to use this photocopier. There are some in the other campus buildings but we don't use those unless we're actually studying something in one of them.
Trisha's posters are kind of lame, because neither she nor I can draw. I used to take classes but that was kind of pointless so I gave it up. It just says 'Vote Trisha!' in really big blue letters. Except the ones I did are in pink, but whatever.
I found one of Maximilian's posters yesterday by the stairs so I took it down and put it in my bedroom. It's SObeautiful. It has him on it and also 'Maximilian' written on in really huge letters next to his picture. And then it has more pictures of him on it. Trisha says it's not fair because they were all professionally done, but I gave her one of the ones Howard did. She says it was just mean of him to disagree with those Howard did, but she's just being unreasonable.
Anyway, about ten minutes later I finally had my turn on the photocopier. It costs a dollar every ten copies and I only have two dollars. So I can only make twenty copies for me. Trisha said she needed fifty copies so she might get annoyed cos I can't get them right away. I'm sure she'll find a way later.
More importantly, there was loads of great gossip at the photocopier about Maximilian and Trisha's competition. And also just about Maximilian.
"OK, so, I, like, heard that Maximilian was going to dump Rhonda soon."
"Like, no way, really? Why?"
"I heard him say that she's being too possessive of him. He can go out with as many girls as he wants to. I wouldn't annoy him like her."
"Well, obviously not, I mean, seriously, who would do that? It's, like, so stupid of her."
I've noticed that girls are starting to pick up on Maximilian's habit of saying 'like'. I do it sometimes also, but not as much because I don't want to seem like an obsessive weirdo. Which I'm definitely not, even though Trisha says so sometimes.
So they were gossiping about Maximilian and his possible breakup. He might actually do it and then I could go out with him or something. As I've said a million times before, he'd never actually agree to going out with me.
A while later I was finished with my copying so I went back to Trisha.
"Oh my God, Casey, thank you so much! I'll try and get the other ones later. Can you put some of these up around here? I'm gonna put the other ones in the Arts Building."
"OK," I answered. Trisha was in a good mood right now because she thinks she's been doing quite well in the election. I personally think Maximilian is doing really well.
"OK," she repeated and handed me a small stack of them.
I took her posters over to where we normally have lessons so I could put them up. There were some really good places by the notice boards so started to stick them up.
"Urgh, bitch, that's, like, where my posters are, like, going, so, like, move your shit already, bitch."
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maximilian was standing right next to me!
"Oh, I'm so sorry, Maximilian. I didn't mean to use your space up." I am so proud of myself for not having stuttered through that sentence.
"Yeah, whatever. Fred! Posters!"
Fred stutters a lot as well. "Uh, y..y...yes, M..m...max...maximilian."
Maximilian hit him in the back of the head. "Don't fucking stutter through my name."
"Good boy."
I giggled a little. Rhonda gave me a look. I really don't like her. I've said it so many times but she is just so annoyingly full of herself. "Maximilian, please can I, like, stop for a minute. I want to, like, talk with Casey, like, privately for a second. Please, Maximilian?"
"Urgh, like, we were going to make out and, like, stuff, in, like, the library. Do you, like, know how much I, like, had to bribe, like, the librarian?"
"Please, Maximilian? It'll only be a couple of minutes."
Maximilian glared at me. I know he's angry at me but he's so incredibly handsome and sexy I don't even care. He groaned after a couple of minutes. "Like, five minutes and, like, after that I, like, want you to make it up to me. Like, properly."
"Of course, Maximilian. I promise."
"Hmph. Bitch, your posters are, like, fucking shit. Trisha's, like, never gonna win that fucking election. Everyoneknows I'm going to win. It's so fucking obvious," he took the poster down and ripped it in half. "My dad had these made professionally."
I giggled again. "I know, I'm sorry. She's very insistent, Maximilian."
He shrugged at me and walked away. Rhonda scowled at me. "Like, stop pining after my boyfriend, freak. You know he's never gonna like you."
"Please, Rhonda, you know he's not just your boyfriend. What about Courtney, or Jess? Or maybe Liana? You think you can call him yours?"
"I think I can, yes."
"I don't think so." I pulled myself away. "I heard he's going to dump you this week anyway."
I laughed a little. Rhonda had not been expecting that. But he was totally going to dump her.

I love getting one up on Rhonda when she's acting so stuck up all the time. I can't stand her. But when Maximilian dumps her it'll all have been totally worth it. Ha.

20: Chapter 20
Chapter 20

I have the best news ever. The roof on our house cracked and fell into the attic last night from being too old or something. So while these guys come in and have to repair the place we have to stay at someone else's house. And since my parents are such good friends with Henriette and Richard Denvers, WE GET TO STAY WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR A WHOLE TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To put it lightly, I'll be living with Maximilian for the next two weeks.
"OK, boys, and Casey, I want you all to behave. The Denvers are doing us a huge favor, so best behaviour from everyone, Kurt."
My dad is British, so he is really big on being well behaved and stuff. 
So we drove up to the gates. Richard Denvers gave my dad a remote control key for the gates. And I started squealing as soon as we were on the driveway, which goes up, left and then there's one of those circle bits with a fountain in the middle.
My dad parked and then we were greeted by the valet service. I think I mentioned it before. Anyway:
"May I park your car, sir?"
"Yes, thank you," my dad answered, getting out. We all followed suit and got our bags out. It felt a lot like going to a fancy hotel or something like that.
The entrance hall of Maximilian's house is really big and really nicely decorated. Apparently that's because Henriette is a big fan of interior design and, since she's French, she's very good at it. Everytime I come in here I marvel at how well she does it.
Speaking of Henriette, she greeted me with a huge hug. "Casey! I'm so glad you all came. When your mother called and told me what happened I just insisted you had to stay here." She laughed. Her laugh is really tinkly sounding. I think that's what most French people's laughter sounds like but I don't know. "I think we have enough room!"
"Thank you so much, Mrs Denvers."
Her face turned stern for a moment. "Non, non, non. Casey, you have to call me Henriette. C'est bien, non?"
I nodded. Henriette broke into another smile. "Maximilien, mon chéri, viens parler à tes amis."
"Je ne veux pas."
"Oui, oui, trésor. Je veux que vous parlez avec vos amis. Ils vont vivre avec nous pendant deux semaines."
"Mais c'est une salope baise et ses frères sont des crétins putain. Je ne veux pas parler avec ils."
"OK, chéri. Allez et faites ce que vous voulez, trésor. Je t'aime!"
He smirked a little at this, whatever it meant, and turned to my parents. "Mrs Collins, hi, I'm so glad you can stay here. I'm sure you'll find it perfectly comfortable. And Mr Collins, we haven't ever had a chance to talk before, but I heard Casey say you're quite keen on fishing?"
This made my dad quite happy. He likes anyone he can talk to about fishing. "Oh, yes, I am quite a fan. In fact, Clarissa, that's Casey's mom, and I are going to a fishing convention. I'm so sorry we'll be missing dinner."
"Oh, that's such a shame. I'll take care of Casey."
Maximilian just proved that he always looks sexy, even when he's talking about something as dull as fishing. Plus, he just said he would take care of me! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!
"Maximilian, sweetie, why don't you take Casey, Kurt and Louis to their room? They can sleep on the third floor like you, honey."
"OK, sure, mom," he answered, still smiling. "It's just up here." He took my hand and led us down the corridor. Once we'd reached the stairs he let go. "Ok, like, freaks, there's, like, an elevator, like, up those stairs. So, like, your rooms are, like, on the, like, third floor and my room is, like, right at the fucking end of the, like, corridor. So, like, you can have, like, any of other, like, rooms but not, like, mine. And now, fuck off. I'm gonna go, like, swimming so if you wanna, like, come, fucking don't."
He scowled and walked away from us. I giggled.
"Casey, your one true love is a dick," Louis said.
I punched him. "Only to you because you don't give him a chance."
"If you could understand French you'd know he just called you a fucking bitch and Kurt and me fucking morons. And have you not heard how he speaks to his mother? If we spoke to mom like that we'd be grounded for a month."
I shook my head. "I know you're lying, Louis. You just don't want to admit I'm right."
Louis sighed as Maximilian stormed back downstairs in his swimming trunks and a thin tshirt. He grabbed my arm. "Bitch, like, I'm gonna, like, fucking need someone to, like, rub my shoulders in the, like, pool cos I wanna, like, watch TV."
I followed him willingly. Louis rolled his eyes and dragged Kurt off to find a room.
Maximilian dragged me off to his bedroom. He has such a cool bedroom. It's painted black with a marble floor and one wall has floor to ceiling windows opening out onto the really big balcony. And he has a swimming pool! It's in the left corner when you walk in and has a really big floating TV and then there's this sofa with another TV by it and every single video game console ever! Also his bed is a really big four poster waterbed with these big black curtains. And there are three other doors in his room but I don't know what was through them.
"Like, take my shirt, like, off, bitch," he ordered me. I did what he asked.
Maximilian is muscular but he doesn't have a ridiculous amount of muscle definition, just a little, which looks good on him. He pulled himself away from my grip and slid into the pool and onto a lilo. "Now, like, come here."
I came over and he snapped his fingers at me. "So, like, shoulders, bitch."
And then I had the best three hours of my entire life.

Dinner was at eight. They ring a gong for dinner at Maximilian's house, which is so cool!!! I followed Maximilian downstairs to the dining room for dinner, which was really tasty. There were people who came and brought us all our food and drinks. I think Kurt dropped his fork six times just to see if someone would pick it up for him.
Maximilian frowned. "Félix! I want salt! Obviously..."
"...yes, sir." He passed him the salt from across the table.
Oh, he was just so cute! I giggled softly. Richard noticed. "Casey, isn't it? How are you finding your stay?"
He's always very formal. I nodded. "It's very nice here, Mr Denvers."
"Just call me Richard," he told me. "Do you like your room?"
That helped me realise. "I didn't actually have time to choose a room. I was with Maximilian."
Richard looked over at his son. Maximilian shrugged. "Like, I made her, like, do my shoulders. I was, like, tired. Félix! Pick up my napkin, like, now!"
"Of course, sir."
"Perhaps you can choose a room after dinner. Maximilian, please pass me the pepper."
Maximilian rolled his eyes. "FÉLIX! Like, give the, like, pepper to, like, my dad."
"Yes, sir."
See? Maximilian is so nice to his dad. I mean, his dad is really nice to him so it would be logical for him. An he let metouch him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trisha wasn't really that excited when I told her this story, but since she doesn't like Maximilian it's fine for her to be so grumpy. I can't wait for the next two weeks living with Maximilian!

21: Chapter 21
Chapter 21 is in hospital. Not for anything bad, but the baby is coming. I still don't know if it's going to be a girl or not. Anyway, while she was gone my dad went with her and since Henriette went with her as well for a bit cos she's so nice and she also had to work, (She has a job! I never knew this! Apparently she edits some big interior design magazine or something. It makes sense with her love of it), and Richard went to Canada, it was just me, Louis, Kurt and Maximilian.
I hope her whole birth thing goes ok. Meanwhile the four of us just have to do stuff alone. It was a really exciting day.

"Uh, guys, I guess I'm in charge here because I'm the oldest?" Louis told us that morning. "I don't know. Anyway, I think perhaps we should make sure we're all awake nice and early at about six tomorrow, get dressed and we will then go down for breakfast so we have time to walk to school."
"Like, first of all, this is, like, my house so, like, I'm in fucking charge, freak," Maximilian interjected. He had a point. It was his house after all. "I don't, like, give a fuck when, like, you all get up to, like, get ready. I always, like, get up at seven cos, like, I have to get my hair done so, like, deal with it."
Louis rolled his eyes and mouthed the word 'prick' at me. I retaliated by mouthing 'you mean you, right?' at him.
Maximilian started talking again. "OK, so, like, when you're, like, done doing whatever the fuck you, like, do in the, like, morning, you can, like, walk or whatever. My, like, chauffeur will, like, take me."
"And he can't take us as well why exactly?" Kurt asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Because, like, I had my, like, limo reupholstered, like, last week and, like, I don't want you, like, losers to, like, ruin it." He frowned and looked at his watch. Maximilian's watch is so pretty. Like him! It's all black and silver and shiny and I love it. "Like, I have a, like, hair appointment, like, now so, like, fuck off." He stormed away from us looking annoyed.
"Casey. Casey. Casey, do you see how you're staring at him? You're just like '" Kurt opened his mouth wide and stared in front of him, spit falling out. Louis gave him a light punch on the shoulder.
"Kurt, you heard what mom said. You have to behave yourself."
"You don't have to hit me, dude, come on!"
So I left my brothers behind fighting and went back to my room. I never actually told you guys what room I picked. Obviously I went for the one right next to Maximilian's, because that means I can spy on him through the window sometimes, because the window looks out onto his balcony. It's a really nice room.
My bed has pink canopies because one of the maids came upstairs and she asked me what color canopies I wanted on my bed. It was so cool! And it was so so so so so comfy and I was so happy! Also, there is a TV in my room and a big sofa, kind of like in Maximilian's room but not the same size because his is much bigger. And his room is much bigger than this one too.
Anyway, Kurt and Louis and I had to walk to school, cos Maximilian obviously can't ruin the nice new upholstery in his car. I tried to explain this to my brothers but they're just stupid and refuse to listen. Also, they don't like Maximilian for some obscure reason that they believe is really logical. Morons.
Nothing else really happened until this evening when my mom brought the baby home. Which was such a great moment! But it was another boy. Great (note the sarcasm). His name is Aiden.
Apart from that, Maximilian was really nice to the baby. He told me: "Urgh, like, are you fucking serious? There's, like, another one of, like, you?"
Also I overheard him talking to his mom this morning. Not that I'm creepy or anything, I just like watching him:
"Es-tu te fous de moi? Ce nouveau monstre va me tenir éveillé toute la nuit. J'ai une vie!"
"Mais, ma chérie-"

"Tais-toi! Je ne veux pas de baise avec cette merde. Putain grand .."
So I wasn't sure what he said but it was pretty loud and he sounded pretty excited when he shouted it so he must have been happy.

So yeah...the only other interesting thing that happened was that Maximilian took Ella back now that her leg has healed. So I hope they're happy about that. Ella seemed to be absolutely ecstatic.

22: Chapter 22
Chapter 22

So, I'm still living with Maximilian. It's still really great! Plus, there is loads of stuff to do at his house. There are three swimming pools: the outdoor one, the indoor one (which is heated) and the one in Maximilian's room; a bowling alley; a cinema and also a basketball court. Maximilian has private basketball lessons every Monday and Wednesday after school and also on Saturday mornings. I know this cos I've seen him taking his lessons each time and he takes his girlfriends and they sit on the sidelines and cheer for him and stuff like that. He never lets me watch though.
Louis decided to challenge him to basketball because he's quite good. He lost because Maximilian is actually taller and he's better at it and he has way better equipment. He has designer sports shoes with some sort of springy thing and his basketballs are from those new ones from Hermes. So he obviously won.

"Hey, Pretty Boy, come here." This is what Louis calls Maximilian now. It's totally accurate but still makes fun of him. I like the accurate part 
Either way, Maximilian has decided to answer to this name because he thinks it does actually describe him perfectly. "Like, what, freak? I'm, like, busy. Ella! What the fuck are you, like, doing? Can't you see that's, like, uncomfortable? Fucking awful slut. What if I, like, dump you again, like, then what?" He shoved her away and came over to Louis. "What?"
"You think you're great at basketball, right? Should we test that?" He looked pretty smug.
Maximilian made a snorting noise. "I'm the fucking, like, best at, like, basketball. I've been, like, having private, like, lessons for, like, eleven years and, like, all my teachers are, like, professional."
Louis rolled his eyes at this. "I don't doubt it. You're such a spoilt shit I'm sure your mom hired Michael Jordan for you." He smirked at this and picked up one of Maximilian's basketballs, twirling it on his fingers.
"Like, fucking let go of, like, that!" Maximilian exclaimed, knocking it out of his hands. "That cost, like, $13,000!" He took it looking pissed off and started dribbling on the spot. "Like, only I am allowed to, like, touch my, like, basketballs."
"But like every girl in school is allowed to touch your balls," Kurt muttered. He seemed quite pleased with himself for coming up with that. I have to admit, it was pretty funny, and I had to stifle a laugh at it. Maximilian didn't seem to appreciate any of this and shoved Kurt over.
"You'd better not fucking say that ever, like, again, you fucking freak. Cos you know, you have, like, nowhere else to, like, stay, and if I tell my mom that I want you, like, out, then you'll be, like, out. And then you'll have, like, nowhere to, like, live." He smirked and walked away with his basketball. "And, like, get the fuck off my, like, basketball court." And then he walked away and he shot a goal on his way out. I don't even know if those are called goals or not because I really suck at basketball but he did one and it was really great.
Meanwhile my brothers were continuing their adventures in idiocy, I decided to go outside into the garden, were I ran into Henriette.
She smiled at me. "Hi, Casey. How are things going?"
"Not bad. Thanks for helping me with my French."
Trisha says that the main thing that confuses her about Henriette is that she is nothing like her son. She says they don't even look that alike. I have to agree that their hair is different because Maximilian has black hair and his mom has really blonde hair, but apart from that, they do resemble each other because they are both really attractive. But she is kind of right about their personality, because Henriette is so nice to everyone whereas Maximilian is only nice to people he really cares about.
"Yes, Casey, I have noticed your French skills have been really improving. And I know you sit next to Maximilian so if you get stuck you can just ask him for help!"
Oh, yeah, I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before but I sit next to Maximilian in French cos of our surnames, and then Howard sits two along from us . Actually, this reminds me of an interesting story. It happened last week. It's not a pretty short story but it happened and it was quite funny. 
Our math teacher is really tough about things. He especially is tough when it comes to having the right equipment. So some Thursdays he likes to give us spontaneous checks.
Maximilian NEVER has his stuff with him cos he never does any of the classwork. Actually,  cos I sit next to him he (very romantically) asks me to do it for him.
This particular Thursday was a check day, so Mr Wedgemore was going round in alphabetical order. And when he was almost at the end of the Cs Maximilian prodded the guy next to him who prodded the guy next to him and he prodded Howard. And then Maximilian said to Howard: "Like, give me your, like, fucking book, loser."
Howard is super nice, as we all know, and gave him the book. So then Maximilian got passed in the inspection but Howard got a detention for not having his stuff.
So that's some stuff that happened recently. I don't have much else to say but next week is the Halloween party and that will be pretty awesome.

23: Chapter 23
Chapter 23

Hey again! So, today we had the Halloween party at school, and it was, as every year, SO EPIC! Maximilian's mom helped them decorate, which was pretty cool. She always helps out whenever our school does big charity events like this, cos she's so incredibly nice. Plus, she does that interior decorating magazine, so she knows all about it anyway. Today she did a really great job, with the fake skeletons and bats and the streamers and all the stuff and it was really dark too.

I was dressed as a witch, which is what I normally am, because I love doing the whole Harry Potter thing with the fancy robes and the pretty hair, not like all those stupid stereotypical witches they have in movies. The stupid ones with long straggly grey hair and warts and huge noses. I hate those ones so much. I know I've said stupid here so many times, but I don't care.
Unlike me, though, Trisha is totally into those weirdo witches. She likes going overboard with the old woman make up and the fake hair and stuff, but she's not very good at costumes. She just thinks it's fun. But Ella, now she's absolutelyAMAZING at costumes, but hers are also kind of slutty most of the time. Maximilian makes her coordinate her costume with his all the time. Which reminds me.
This year, Maximilian was dressed as a vampire. This means he was wearing his red contact lenses and that's it really. He wore mostly his usual clothes, so a thin black leather jacket and his black jeans with silver chains on them and his skull earrings (I think I mentioned those a while back when he had pink hair...? I'm not altogether sure). He looked really sexy. But he did have a cape like vampires tend to do, except his was long and black with fur around the collar, so it was like that jacket he has with the fur around the collar. The reason he didn't change his hair or anything like that is cos Maximilian looks just like a vampire anyway, just much sexier. But he had fangs as well as part of his costume. He had silver fangs, but those were obviously real silver, cos he's Maximilian and he always has the best stuff in the whole world. I love him so much.
Ella came with him, so she had to be a girl vampire. Or vampiress, I don't know if there's a word for a girl vampire. Anyway, she was wearing a super short black dress and really, really, really, really high black stilettos. Maximilian got her fangs that matched his, which was super nice of him, and loads of matching jewellery too. I asked her about her dress cos I thought it was really pretty:
"Ella, hi! You look really great!"
"Oh, Casey, thanks, like, so much," she answered, smiling. She's totally gotten over her breakup with Maximilian. "I actually had a longer dress earlier but, like, Maximilian really didn't like it so he asked his, like, personal stylist lady to find me something, like, shorter and then they cut it for me."
"Well, she did an amazing job! Like I said, you look great!" I exclaimed once more. "And so does Maximilian, actually. You both do!"
She thanked me again and then said: "Speaking of Maximilian, he's winning, like, best costume today. I'm super, like, excited! And he, like, promised me that I'll win the girl version. I can't wait!" She squealed happily and pointed over at Maximilian who was coming over to us.
"Like, bitch, hurry up and, like, get the fuck over here. They're about to, like, announce me as, like, Prince of the, like, Halloween dance and I had  you, like, made the, like, Princess. I'm, like, dumping Rhonda today." Maximilian looked very pleased with himself and then scowled. "Like, your costume fucking, like, sucks."
"Thank you, Maximilian," I smiled at him. He rolled his eyes and walked away, holding on to Ella's upper arm and dragging her after him. I wish he'd do that to me.
Every Halloween we have this dance and then during the dance they announce the 'Prince of Halloween' and the 'Princess of Halloween'. Maximilian's won that every single year since he came, except the year he came (cos he came in February so he couldn't really) and so whoever he currently liked as his girlfriend always won as well. Trisha thinks this is so stupid, but I really like it. Also, it gives us a chance to see all the really great costumes and Maximilian does this thing where everyone who comes to the school dance can come to his after party.
Anyway, so this teacher lady went up to the stage with this big dramatic envelope and she was being all dramatic about opening it, which was totally pointless cos everyone knows Maximilian was gonna win but whatever. And then she was all: "And this years Prince of Halloween is........Maximilian Denvers!"
And everyone knew that. And then Ella won the Princess, which she totally deserves, cos she is so great. And then Maximilian did his speech:
"Yeah, like, whatever. We all, like, knew I would, like, win cos I would totally, like, make my dad, like, sue this place if, like, I didn't and I would totally, like, beat you all, like, up. Oh, and, like, you'd better all, like, vote for me for, like, Student Body, like, President or, like, you know what'll, like, happen. And, Rhonda, you're a fucking, like, freak and I'm, like, breaking up with you."
Rhonda started crying hysterically and she tore this necklace she wears that Maximilian gave her which is all gold and diamonds off and ran out which was just like all those high school movies. Anyway, so then everyone started fighting over that necklace but I so got to it first and now I have Maximilian's necklace.


24: Chapter 24
Chapter 24

Did you know that Fred has a twin brother??? I didn't know either, but it turns out he does, which surprised me loads. Fred's brother looks exactly like him, cos they're identical, whereas Kurt and I look nothing alike, we just happened to be born on the same day. And, if any of you were wondering, Kurt is older than me by about six minutes. But I'm still way cooler than him, of course. Fred is older than his brother though, but he never said how much.

Anyway, the main question here is really how I discovered this. Basically, his brother, whose name is Alec, by the way, just came into school. Alec doesn't go to our school cos he got this special scholarship to another school, an art specific one, but it ran out so he transferred here.

He was sitting behind me in Homeroom, so we had this conversation, cos he spoke to me first. I guess it's cos he's new so he was confused or something.

"Hi," he said, smiling. "Are you Casey? Howard talks about you a lot."

I feel like I should mention that Howard goes to Fred's house like all the time. Seriously. Even without Maximilian involved they're very good friends. So I smiled back at him and said: "Yeah, I'm Casey. And I guess you're Alec, cos Fred isn't in my homeroom...?"

He nodded. "Yep." Sort of like his brother, I've noticed that Alec doesn't really talk much. Fred doesn't talk because his voice is quite high pitched and Maximilian finds it really annoying, but Alec just doesn't talk unless he needs information from someone. He's actually very shy, although he doesn't seem it. I suppose everyone in their family is shy.

Speaking of Maximilian, he was absent today. I have no idea why, but he hasn't been in school all week. I would have asked Ella, but she isn't here either, which of course leads me to believe that they've gone somewhere together. Last year, Maximilian left halfway through a school day with Rhonda and Savannah Coulson, and he didn't come back for a whole two months. When he did it turned out he'd literally gone on holiday to Italy for the hell of it. Which is just so sexy of him. I like it when people are random like that.

In other news, we're going to have a French exchange next week, except it's not a proper one where they stay with us and we stay with them, but we'll just be going there and staying with random families for two weeks and go to 'interesting' places with our French classes during the day. And it's an obligatory one, which means I have no excuse but to go.

See, I have this fear of flying, which is partly because I really rarely do fly.That's because my mom doesn't want us to fly very often because she was pergnant and it worried her and she's still worried about the baby. But our teachers say that this trip will really help us both culturally and stop anyone who's scared of flying from being scared. And I know she looked at me when she said that.

On another note, we're not living in Maximilian's house anymore, which is totally a shame, because his house is the greatest place ever. There are two swimming pools (not counting the one in his room) and it's so huge and there is so much to do! I would have been happy just watching movies in their cinema all day, but Kurt wanted to do other things, so when Maximilian was having his private basketball sessions he kept sneaking into his walk-in closet and trying on all his clothes. Only then Maximilian caught him and he yelled at him, like:

"Oh my fucking God, you fucking freak! What do you, like, think you're, like, doing??? Don't you, like, know how much this fucking, like, cost?" And then they had this really big fight, and Maximilian beat up Kurt, which was totally justified by what Kurt did to him anyway, so it doesn't really matter. And then later he was talking to his mom and he said: "Je ne veux pas que cette putain et ces freres habitent ici plus rien! Ils peuvent aller a un autre maison! Ça c'est ma maison et je ne veux pas habiter ici avec ils! Ils peuvent sortent d'ici maintenant!" And I know he was angry when he said this cos he was screaming and throwing stuff around. Well, his clothes, cos it was in his closet.

And his mom was as sweet as ever, cos she replied: "Oui, cheri, tout ca que vous voulez" and then she went to talk to Richard.

It's funny cos she calls him "Dic", which Kurt is hilarious, but that's just Kurt for you. And it's short for Richard, anyway.Anyway, I didn't understand many words, cos it was all in French, but I caught some words like "cheri" and "Maximilien" and "maintenant" and "Clarissa" and then a couple of hours later Richard came and he asked my dad if we could find somewhere else to stay for the last two days because they were going to be really busy and had other guests (Henriette's parents) coming over from France. But, fortunately, my dad said that our roof was all fixed again so it was ok and we could go home!

I really miss staying with them, but I'm sure I'll have another chance to in the future. I'm definitely sure about that. Plus, maybe my host family on this trip to France will be really close to Maximilian's, or, even better, though way less likely, I'll get to share a host family with him! Now that would definitely be the greatest week of my entire life, like, ever!!!!!!

25: Chapter 25
Chapter 25

So, I've got a lot to talk about! We left this morning, and now I'm sitting in an airport waiting for our flight to get called, which is pretty exciting, because I don't really fly much. Trisha thinks I'm being odd cos she'd expect me to be shopping and mooching about the duty free like everyone else, but I'm too excited to do so!

I did stop by this little store a short while ago to buy myself some headphones and a few pills my mom told me about in case I get freaked out on the plane. Apparently I can't write my blog while I'm on the plane cos there's a no electronic things rule but I can write a draft of everything that's happening in my notebook, so don't worry!

Maximilian isn't flying with us. He said: "There's, like, no fucking way I'm, like, flying on the, like, economy class with, like, you poor freaks."

I don't know what the economy class is but Trisha says it's where we sit on the plane.


Now we're on the plane, so I'm writing this in my notebook. I'll copy it out onto the blog when we get to France. As we're staying with host families there's bound to be free wifi! Trisha says that Maximilian is being a “spoilt shit” again because he got his dad to let him fly in a private jet, but I think if he wants to fly like that then he can. After all, it’s his choice. Anyway, she can’t expect him to do something he’s not used to, especially not if he’s going to find it really uncomfortable or something like that.

I guess I agree with his logic. It isn’t very comfortable but get this: they give you a free bag of nuts! Then again...I’m allergic to peanuts, so it wasn’t really that exciting. I wish I wasn't, obviously, cos everyone else seems to like them but whatever. Maybe if I tried them I would hate them. I dunno.

There's this little like screen thing on the seat in front of me and it has loads of cool stuff on it. It says how long the flight time is (eleven hours and fifty six minutes!) and what the route we're taking is and a load of other stuff. There were also a load of movies, but most of them were action movies and I don't really like those.

The teachers say it's getting late and have started going around the cabin telling us to go to sleep, so I guess this is goodnight for now. I'll write again tomorrow when we arrive!


Hi again! So I'm with my host family right now. They're really nice and they have a daughter who's two years younger than I am. Her name is Antoinette, which is such a French name. Sometimes I don't think she understands English very much, but her mom does so that's fine. I haven't met her dad yet cos he's still at work. I actually asked Maximilian (when he finally arrived, cos his got there about half an hour after us) where he was staying and if I could stay with him:

" you know which family you're, like, staying with?"

"Urgh, like, no, bitch. I'm, like, staying with my, like, grandparents cos they, like, have a villa, like, here and it's, like, so fucking huge. Not with some, like, poor freaks like all of, like, you have to, like, fucking stay with," he replied, looking really proud of himself. I'm wasn't sure then whether or not I was supposed to ask him if I could stay because he looked pretty excited about having it all to himself with people he already knew, so I kept quiet then but he kept looking at me with this expression that suggested he knew I had something else to ask him.

"Like, what is it, bitch?" he asked me eventually. I couldn't help but let out a giggle at this.

"Um...I was wondering...if maybe....I could share your host house?"

Maximilian started laughing. He looked really cool today. He was wearing a tight white shirt today with short sleeves and a thin black leather jacket on top because it was so hot here he couldn't bother to wear anything thicker. He looked so handsome. As usual he was wearing his black jeans and they were all ripped and had silver chains criss-crossing them. And his hair was pitch black with very light silver on the tips. I could literally have died but I didn't, fortunately enough, cos now I get to see him even more often!

After he'd finished laughing he gave me a glare, which I didn't really like and said to me: "Like, no fucking way, you freak." And then his grandparents came to pick him up in a Rolls Royce and I'm not going to see him until tomorrow.

I think I'm really going to enjoy this trip, because I've never been to France before, so I certainly hope so. It would be such a shame if I didn't.

26: Chapter 26
Chapter 26

So, like, hi, freaks. I guess you all, like, know who I, like, am cos this whole fucking blog is, like, about me. Yeah, whatever. Anyway, so, like, I was bored so I, like, looked myself, like, up on the, like, internet again and, like, I found this, like, blog. And, like, there's loads, like, stuff about me on the, like, internet and, like, loads about my, like, dad too. And my, like, mom.
So I made this, like, deal with Casey that, like, if I write her a, like, guest post for this, like, fucking blog then, like, she'll stop, like, bugging me for, like, a long time. Urgh. So, like, I made Fred do the, like, typing for me cos, like, I can't be, like, fucking bothered. Fred, like, say hi. But, like, fucking use a different, like, font thing, freak.

Oh, hey! Is this OK, Maximilian?

Yeah, that's, like, fucking fine. Basically, he has to fucking, like, write down everything I, like, say. Urgh. I fucking, like, hate this. It makes my, like, throat so dry. And, like, what Fred and, like, everyone else says. Like, right?

Yes, Maximilian. I'll go and get you a drink right away, Maximilian.

Good freak. And, like, use different fucking fonts for, like, everyone, like, is that, like, understood, freak?

Of course, Maximilian.

Anyway, so, like, we're on this, like, fucking stupid, like, school trip. I mean, like, I'm fucking French so, like, why the fuck do I, like, have to, like, come? Whatever. It doesn't really, like, matter cos, like, I can stay with my, like, grandparents. They're, like, really fucking rich so, like, it's much, like, better than staying with some poor freaks. Because, like, my back up, like, limo is kept there, which is, like, really great.
My grandparents are, like, called Pierre and, like, Eliza. My grandmother is, like, really fucking, like, boring but, like, my granddad is, like, cooler. Cos, like, my grandmother wants me to, like, be happy or, like, whatever which is, like, really freaking, like, boring. I mean, she, like, buys me loads of, like, shit which is really, like, fucking great but, like, she asks me way too many, like, questions. But, like, I'm their favourite, like, grandchild, so, like, whatever.
Mom says I'm the, like, favourite cos, like, they have three, but the other two belong to my, like, Uncle Jean and, like, my grandparents don't, like, like him cos he's, like, really unsuccessful so they're, like, ashamed. So we never, like, see him.
I have, like, a spa appointment, like, now in the, like, spa place in my, like, grandparents', like, house so I have to go and, like, change now but, like, Howard said he'd, like, tell you about the school trip. They got it built, like, just for, like, me.

Hello. I'm Howard, in case you didn't know. Anyway, Maximilian wants me to tell you about what we have been doing on our school trip. I think that's because we have a report to do during this trip and we have to write all our activities and some other stuff down and rank them and he would like me to do it for him. Of course, I'm completely happy to oblige.
Today is Wednesday evening, and in France they have Wednesday evenings off school, so we get to do stuff at our homes today, which is really cool. But Fred, Leon and I decided to go over to Maximilian's grandparents' house instead, which is cool too. That's why we're here now, by the way. It's a really big house, and I believe it is modelled of the Palais de Versailles, which is where Louis XIV lived. But I was talking to Eliza, that's what Maximilian's grandmother wants us to call her, and she was telling me about their family genealogy, and we looked at some family trees and all that, and they are direct descendants from Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, which I think is very interesting indeed.
We arrived on Monday, after a really long flight, so I suppose most of us were really tired because we went to our host families as soon as we arrived and then most of us went to bed. I know because I did a quick survey of everyone. Yesterday, on Tuesday, we went to school for the whole day with our host family member, but, as Maximilian didn't have anyone to go with, he sort of just came with me and my host family member, whose name is Philippe. Maximilian didn't get on with him very well, but I don't understand enough French to understand their argument.
French school was really fun though. They had all the same lessons as we have, but, obviously, they're in French. We had a lot of normal classes, which were really fun for some reason. Maximilian is really, really good at French History because he just talks about his family for the whole hour. He did pretty well, actually.
This morning we went to-

Urgh, like, shut the fuck, like, up, freak. I don't have, like, time for your, like, bullshit. So, like, go and do my, like, trig homework. Anyway, like, this morning we went to, like, some fucking stupid, like, place where all we, like, did was take photos. My mom, like, bought me a, like, state of the art, like, camera. It cost, like, $15,000 cos it's, like, one of the ones that, like, the professional people, like, use. So I mean the, like, ones who, like, take my, like, modelling photos.
Actually, I have to, like, do a shoot for, like, French Vogue this, like, week so this trip is, like, really well timed. I have to, like, go on, like, Friday, and they, like, shoot in Paris, but, like, my class is, like, going to Paris then so, like, it's really, like, fucking useful.
Anyway, Casey asked if I could, like, write a little so, like, this is all I'm, like, writing. Plus, I have to, like, get a facial, like, now so I have to, like, go anyway. So, like, bye you, like, fucking freaks.

27: Chapter 27
Chapter 27

There are several things I want to talk about today, so I'm sorry but this post is going to have a weird set up and it's going to be kind of short too. I want to start with another piece of backstory, because I kind of like explaining those so that everyone understands what's going on at the same level as me. So here it is:

We had basketball today. It's our first module thing in P.E. Trisha is really, really, really good at basketball, so she was really excited.
"I love basketball! It's so easy!"
"Maybe cos you're actually good at sports," I answered. I can't stand basketball, because I'm generally not the best at sports, except for long distance sprinting. I know that sounds like it would be really useful in other sports, but I'm actually really bad at it.
Our school doesn't have a fixed school uniform, but we do have a specific outfit we have to wear for sports. Our sports uniform is a white shirt with our school's crest on it and the girls have to wear short white skirts. I think they're pleated skirts or something. The boys have to wear the same but with white shorts. Also, we have to wear long white socks and white trainers. Trisha's excused from wearing the exact uniform and only needs to wear a white shirt and skirt because her family can't afford it as it's not included in the scholarship.
"Casey, come here! This is so cool!"
"What?" I asked, coming over to Ella Peterson. She's so awesome.
"Like, this new kid is so fit! Come see!" She took me over even though I didn't wanted to go see him.
He was doing the warm up exercises in one of the corners with a bunch of girls. It turned out that I was wrong because he was really popular after a day. Girls really love him because he's apparently really attractive and they think he's super cool. Also, because his dad is a billionaire or something like that, so everyone is sucking up to him so much right now.
"Maximilian, why is everything so perfect about you?"
"Cos, like, I am. And I, like, had the maids at, like, my place press this shirt for me for, like, four fucking hours." This was true, his shirt was so perfectly ironed and white. It matched his teeth perfectly.
"You're so fit!" Ella exclaimed.
"Uh, yeah, I know. So, like, you can be my new girlfriend." He came over and kissed her. She giggled. "OK."
Trisha grabbed me and pulled me back to her. "Come on, basketball's starting."
Our teacher called us all to silence and split us into teams, as usual. I was on Trisha's team and Maximilian was in the team against us.
Making a long story short, their team won. Maximilian turned out to be absolutely amazing at basketball, but since he was so tall that seemed to make sense. But he was just good at basketball without the height thing included.
Trisha glared at him. "How did you lot win?"
"Urgh, obviously cos I'm, like, way better at basketball than, like, you. Like, I've had, like, private lessons for, like, seven years with, like, the best, like, tutors ever," he started bragging at her.
And that was another reason Maximilian and Trisha totally can't stand each other.
Something that always makes me feel sad for Maximilian because his dad is almost never home. He has to travel all around the world for his job and sometimes he doesn't come back for several weeks. But whenever he comes back from wherever he goes he always brings Maximilian a load of really expensive gifts from wherever it was.
One time Richard Denvers went to Venice and when he came back he'd bought Maximilian a real carnival mask from the 1700s. It was porcelain and had gold and other things like that on it. He broke it the same day and his dad actually flew all the way back to Venice just to get him a new one.
Trisha says Maximilian's dad is really nice too, just like his mom, and that it's super illogical because he's too nice to someone who doesn't deserve it. But how can he be so nice if he's never, ever home? It doesn't make any sense. I guess I'm really glad that my dad doesn't have to leave all the time but I sometimes wonder how Maximilian must feel about the whole situation.

Anyway, sorry this is so short. I had stuff to do today and I don't really have time to deal with this. Sorry again.

28: Chapter 28
Chapter 28

We have had the most hectic week ever. As soon as we got back from France we were plunged straight back into school work, and I had like so much jet lag I had to get over just like that. It was just horrid! Fortunately for me, though, Christmas holidays are literally just around the corner, and I'll finally be able to relax a bit. At last. But first I have a lot of stuff to get off my chest.
Firstly, the trip to France was just amazing! We went to see the Eiffel Tower and we went to the top and took silly pictures and then on one day we got to go to school with the families we were staying with and best of all, we got to go shopping with them! I seriously love shopping, but I think Trisha liked it the most cos they offered to pay for her for something, and so she bought herself some shoes. Obviously.
Anyway, when we got back Mr Laney, our economics teacher, decided to give us this really huge assignment thing.
"So, uh, what do you think our assignment is gonna be, Casey?" Trisha asked me the day we got back. We'd heard about the assignment before we left for our trip, but no one had told us what it was until we got back. Mr Laney was good at keeping those things secret like that.
"I dunno," I replied, shrugging. Trisha rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed that she didn't know yet. She has this thing about having to know exactly what each assignment is before we have it otherwise she freaks out.
So we walked into economics class and took our seats. I think this is my best class, cos I can see Maximilian so well in this one, apart from when we have to sit alphabetically and I'm beside him. That's way better. He was dressed impeccably today in a completely white and spotless shirt with a thin leather jacket on top and a pair of black jeans. He had taken special care to wear his typical diamond earring in the shape of a skull with the three smaller diamonds climbing up his ear and a silver and diamond necklace hanging around his neck. Oh, he did look so perfect. And his shoes were their typical custom made Converse that his mother had called the designers from Hermes to finish designing for him. I know that cos he told me once.
Mr Laney walked in a few minutes later, a huge box in his arms, and walked around the room handing us each little notebooks with grids in them. Then he moved back to the front of the room and started to explain to us all again.
"As you can see I've handed you all a notebook. What I want each of you to do up until class next week is write down everytime you buy something. It should be a simple enough exercise. And then, next week, there shall be a follow up exercise to this one. The target of this project, which will take more or less a month to complete, will be to see how well you work with money," he explained.
Most people in the room looked as though this was a particularly easy exercise, and nothing like the big project everyone had been wondering about. I had to agree.
For the next week I tracked how much stuff I bought, and really, it wasn't as little as I would have expected. I apparently spend loads of money on the photocopier at school, which is pretty bad, and I went shopping one day with Ella, and all sorts of things like that. Basically, I ended up buying more than I thought. In fact, my list of totals ended up somewhat like this:

After school snacks...........................$7.00
Shopping with Ella......................$21.50
Bus fare.........................$2.29

Seriously. I know that normally I end up spending quite a bit each week but I had no idea it was that much, and that's way more than my allowance covers. Although, come to think of it, I don't normally take the bus or buy snacks after school, so that might have affected my score a bit.
Anyway, on Tuesday we handed in our notebooks to Mr Laney and he went through them before giving us results.
"Right, well, there is quite a lot of variation here. Most people spend something in the region of the twenties, but there were some who spent more, maybe about thirty to forty dollars, and others who spent something in the teens. Then we have the extremes, which might throw off our data calculations by a bit. For example, if I calculate the class average without either extreme, I end up with $36.82."
At this point I felt more relieved that my number seemed much more normal. But I did have quite a strange week.
Mr Laney continued: "Now, if I factor in Trisha's spending, we get a result of $28.37. And if I also included our other extreme it would probably throw off our calculations a lot more than hers did. So if I add in Maximilian's weekly spending then we end up with a result of $4289.54, which I highly doubt is an average. So, throughout this project, we're going to aim to lower our scores by a lot. Is that understood?"
The whole class nodded. But I don't think anyone was ready for what he said next. Especially not Maximilian, I think.
"OK. So this next week I want you to try not to spend any money at all. I will be taking part as well."
"Like, what the fuck? I have to, like, fucking spend a whole fucking, like, week being a fucking poor, like, freak?" Maximilian shouted at him. "Urgh. I'm totally gonna, like, make my dad, like, fucking fire you!" And then he stormed out of the class angrily. Oh, he really is so gorgeous when he's mad.
So, yeah, I'm looking forwards to this next week, I guess. Trisha says she is too, but I think that's because she normally doesn't spend much anyway. 

29: Chapter 29
Chapter 29

So, our no shopping experiment-project thing has been going kind of OK, to be honest. All I have to do is to kept up at 6:30 rather that seven, which really isn’t that much of a difference for me. Trisha tends to get up at five every single morning cos she lives too far away to get to school any faster. She has to cycle to school apparently, which was kind of annoying when I slept over at her house a few weeks ago. But she’s now really good at cycling so I suppose that doesn’t really matter to her as much. Apart from getting to school, though, there really aren’t many changes to my daily routine hanks to the project, so I’m not finding anything too hard.
One person who really seems to be taking this hard is Maximilian. It’s kind of adorable how he doesn’t understand the concept of not spending any money. He usually spends most of his time shopping. I know because I always see him at the mall whenever I go there and I always see him, seriously always. I have never not seen him when I’m at the mall or not seen one of his posters or something like that.
Anyhow, today I went to the mall with Louis because he needed to buy some school supplies and I had to go with him for some reason. He was also supposed to keep an eye on me since no one would be at home and my dad doesn’t trust me not to try to go shopping or something like that. Whatever. He’s totally right because I would have tried to go shopping otherwise.
Whilst we were at the mall we bumped into, you guessed it, Mrs Denvers and Maximilian. Maximilian has basically discovered a new method of going shopping which basically involves him telling his mom what he wants from stores and her buying it for him, which he quite likes, or so it seems. I suppose if I were him I would like it if my mom would buy me everything and anything I wanted from the mall. I swear Maximilian must have the happiest home life in the entire universe. He was probably just acting like he was upset when we had to stay there about two or three weeks ago. I can’t actually remember how long ago that was, because it always seems like it was years ago, probably cos I’m so excited about it.
Of course, Henriette came up to us and smiled. “Bonjour, Casey! Bonjour, Louis! How are you?” I was actually surprised she remembered Louis’s name after so long. Well, a few weeks. But I wouldn’t have remembered anything about Louis, personally.
“I’m good, Henriette, thank you,” I smiled in reply. “What are you and Maximilian doing here?”
“Oh, mon petit ange wanted to go shopping but he can’t because of his homework and so I suggested that perhaps I could take him shopping and he did let me so here we are!” Henriette answered, looking very excited. “Isn’t that right, darling?”
Maximilian crossed his arms and glared at her, annoyed. “Like, whatever. I don’t fucking, like, remember.” He grabbed his mother’s wrist and pulled her towards another store, at which she waved me goodbye on the way. I watched, waving in turn as they left and disappeared into one of the more high end clothing stores, like Versace or Dolce and Gabbana or Armani or something. Unfortunately, I don’t know all those stores off by heart and I can’t actually afford to buy anything from them, not to mention this project is kind of restricting my ability to go shopping. Obviously.
Anyhow, this entire project is going quite well so far. Today we had to gather in class again to see how everything was going. I was actually seriously excited to hear how hard it was for people, because just before our class started in which we were meant to discuss what it had been like for us, everyone was freaking out and whining a little about how difficult it had been.
"Oh my gosh, that was, like, so hard."
"I know! I had my cousin's birthday thing but I couldn't even get him a gift cos of the damn homework. My mom had to buy it and obviously that sucked."
And so everyone was saying stuff like that, even though Trisha and I seemed totally calm with it. Of course it wasn't until Maximilian walked into the classroom that the real commotion began.
"Do you have, like, any fucking idea how fucking, like, awful that fucking, like, was!?" he basically screamed at everyone in the room. "I had to have, like, my mother fucking, like, buy everything for me and I totally, like, hated it! Urgh." He continued glaring at no one in particularly as he sat down, which of course caused me to start giggling massively because he basically sits next to me in this class which I ADORE. (OK, two along, but it's not that big a deal. That's obviously a lie. I'm literally dying of excitement whenever he walks past me to sit down).
"I'm sorry, Maximilian," I mumbled at him, even though he obviously didn't hear me.
It was a few moments later that Mr Laney walked in. He smiled at us all as he sat down his things. "Ok, let's go through the class. Alphabetically. You may start, Gideon."
"It was alright, I guess."
"I found it hard at first but then it got easier."
"My brother had to supervise my shopping." (That was me.)
"It was fine."
"I actually had a lot of fun, especially since I had to trade things with my friends."
"In, like, having you fucking, like, fired. I hate, like, making my mom shop." At this Mr Laney frowned. He would have hesitated but this threat was very common for people to receive from Maximilian so he made no comment and went through the rest of the bag slowly.
"Very well. Now let's all turn to page thirty."
And so that was how our day went. But, far more importantly, tomorrow we're finding out who won the student elections, even though it was clearly Maximilian who won. Whatever.