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The Story of Sunshine

By: Kalley Beth

Status: Completed


"My life isn't a fairytale.. there isn't some fairy godmother looking out of me. Since birth my life has been an uphill battle that i only seem to be losing with each step i take. It's all i can do to keep going.. My name is Sunshine and My life is a Nightmare compared to a Fairy tail."

Created: November 1, 2013 | Updated: January 4, 2016

Genre : Horror

Language : English

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1: Chapter One/ Proalog: In the Begining 506
2: Chapter Two: And the world keeps Spinning 973
3: Chapter Three: The day everything ended.. 653
4: Chapter Four: The day my life changed - For the Worst 1021
5: Chapter Five: A new life and a new Room 1264
6: Chapter Six: So life Begins... 1325
7: Chapter Seven: A new place of Residence 2042
8: Chapter Eight: The hope of a better Life 830
9: Chapter Nine: There goes my Freedom 1389
10: Chapter Ten: My dear sweet Madelyn Rose 996
11: Chapter Eleven: The Sweetest Freedom 720
12: Chapter Tweleve and Thirteen : Life begins anew 1393
13: Chapter Fourteen: The Maid 1557
14: Chapter Fifthteen: Nightmare 1302
15: Chapter Sixteen: Innocence - Non Existent 739
16: Chapter Seventeen: Racing Mind Hopelessness 971
17: Chapter Eighteen: And we all begin again... 696
18: Chapter Nineteen (Act One): Let the games Begin! 1395
19: Chapter Nineteen (Act Two): Let the games Begin! 388
20: Chapter Nineteen (Act Three): Let the games Begin! 1182
21: Chapter Twenty: Insert Tomato Face Here... 1081
22: Chapter Twenty One: I guess this could work... 569
23: Chapter Twenty Two: Midnight Madness Masquerade (Part One) 898
24: Chapter Twenty Two: Midnight Madness Masquerade (Part Two) 1464
25: Chapter Twenty Three: Holy Mother of.... -Blush- 1403
26: Chapter Twenty Four: The story of my Life (The Begining) and the Birth of Hannah 1133
27: Chapter Twenty Five: And Along Comes Trouble 522
28: Chapter Twenty Six: Broken End.. 1648
29: Chapter Twenty Seven: Sixteen Year Old Romance 680
30: Chapter Twenty Eight: The Promice of Freedom 1264
31: Chapter Twenty Nine: My Living Nightmare 1735
32: Chapter Thirty: Bloody Awakening 1604
33: Chapter Thirty One: Hello and Goodbye 1528
34: Chapter Thirty Two: Bury the Dead - Leroy Frank 1936
35: Chapter Thirty Three: My Vow of Silence 2408
36: Chapter Thirty Four: My Silent Life or My life Living in a Church 2838
37: Chapter Thiry Five: Excape to my past and My Goodbye 2184
38: Chaper Thirty Six: ALL ABOARD!!!! 778
39: Chapter Thirty Seven: My Fresh Start - My life Anew 879
40: Chapter Thirty Eight: Who am I? 1175
41: Chapter Thirty Nine: Sunshine? Sunny? Hilary? Hannah? 2087
42: Chapter Forty: Welcome to my Happy Ending 1568
43: Chapter Forty One: Will they still like me??? Part One 3018
44: Chapter Forty One: Will they Still Like me??? Part Two 1263
45: Chapter Forty Two: My own Personal Cloud Nine 643
46: Chapter Forty Three: And it all Came Tumbling Down 1253
47: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes out (Part One) 1562
48: Chapter Forty Four The Truth Comes Out (Part Two) 1029
49: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part three) 1085
50: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part four) 1147
51: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Five) 2018
52: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Six) 2103
53: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Seven) 3753
54: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Eight) 1456
55: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Nine) 1336
56: Chapter Fourty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Ten) 1600
57: Chapter Fourty Four: The Truth Comes out (Part Eleven) 1518
58: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Twelve) 2858
59: Chapter Forty Four: The Truth Comes Out (Part Thirteen) 2382
60: Chapter Forty Four: The truth comes Out (Part Fourteen) 1471
61: Chapter Forty Four: The truth comes Out (Part Fifthteen) 1006
62: Chapter Forty Four: The truth comes Out (Part Sixteen) 1174
63: Chapter Forty Five: Letters, Sanity and Approaching Death 322
64: Chapter Forty Six: I bid you Adieu 1702
65: Author's note 38
Total Wordcount: 88461

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      I would love to try and read this more, but the formatting kind of bugs me. I want to read it, it sounds like an interesting story but the formatting is all one long paragraph. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm sure more would be willing to read it if the formatting was a bit different. Just a little, hopefully, helpful advice. I do wish to read it though, it's just hard to.

      November 7, 2013 | Amber Kinirsky

    • Reply

      I agree. The formatting is a big rough. I wanted to read it but the giant blocks of text turned me away. If you were to split it up in more manageable paragraphs it would be better.

      July 6, 2014 | Stewart Moshier

    • Reply

      Okay. I'll will keep that in mind when i upload and edit my previous chapters. Thank you for the comment. :)



      July 6, 2014 | Kalley Beth

    • Reply

      I'm really sorry to say this, but I had to stop reading after the third chapter. It's not your fault, but I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to grammar, spelling and the correct use of commas and full-stops. There were many, many errors throughout, lots of misspelt words and putting full stops where there was no need to. This immediately turns people off of your work, the equivalent of placing a gun towards your right foot. That needs to be taken care of if you hope to improve in the long run. On a positive note, your ambition to write (clearly evident from the sheer number of chapters you wrote) is admirable, and that drive will only allow you to get better. For now, however, you need to 1. Find a beta to look over your work BEFORE you publish, in order to minimize errors and mistakes. 2. Use a platform that will highlight when you spelt a word wrong. (I write on Sparkatale myself, and it always highlights a word I've misspelt.) 3. Look at other works, both on here and even in a bookstore, and pay close attention to how authors write their sentences (particularly what I mentioned earlier such as commas and full stops). I know I sound horrible for writing this, but these were issues I had when I first started, and I was told on what to do to become better and improve. I hope I helped in some small way!

      September 8, 2014 | Danny Power

    • Reply


      Thanks for the comment. I've know for a while that I suck at spelling and grammar and I really have been trying to fix it. I will take your suggestions and see if i can find ways to help me catch the problems I'm having and fix them. Thank your for the compliment. And I am sorry that you were not able to make it past the third chapter.


      September 8, 2014 | Kalley Beth