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A Dangerous Game

By: Serina Harcourt

Status: In Progress


*Sequel to Snowfall* Sixteen-year-old Snow Austin used to have the perfect life. She's pretty, popular, and rich. She had great friends, a wonderful family, and a loving boyfriend. Then it all came falling down. After her best friend was believed to be murdered, Snow's life took a dark and twisted turn as a mysterious stalker known as JTG began hunting Snow and her friends. After months of blackmail and torture, they at long last discovered the identity of their tormentor and put an end to his twisted game... or at least they thought they did. Now, JTG is back with a vengeance and all bets are off. In a town filled to bursting with secrets, lies, and even a little magic, Snow and her friends can't know who to trust or who is looking to stab them in the back. There are mysteries around every corner, new threats are rising all around them, and worst of all; their own lies are starting to catch up with them. They're playing a very dangerous game, but if there’s one thing to remember in Mistbrook Falls it’s to never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.

Created: October 14, 2017 | Updated: January 2, 2018

Genre : Mystery

Language : English

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