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eTu'nes Part 3: Into the Database

By: Zach Wood

Status: In Progress


Several weeks had passed since Lyric was the victim of a terrible hit-and-run that sent her into a coma, and Fui’s heart and soul has been broken ever since. She struggles day by day to keep going with the eTu’nes thing but she wonders if this is just a lost cause with all this horribleness happening around her and no matter what she does to stop it, it just keeps on going. It's like nothing ever changes and it hurts. Things take a turn for the weird, however, when En, her A.I. partner, discovers that the files he had found and copied during his escape from the Hesk and his Creators were in fact files from the Murasakiiro no Shi and that they need a passkey in order to view what is inside. Needing a distraction from the heartbreak, Fui volunteers to enter the internet world with him, using her avatar from her favorite VRMMO, World of Sorcery. With help from Kristen, her friend from America who’s also using her avatar and who knows her secret identity as eTu’nes, they must traverse the unknown perils of the interwebs to find the passkey for the files. But poking in things they shouldn’t will result in the creation of a new foe, one that's as powerful as them.

Created: September 4, 2017 | Updated: October 12, 2017

Genre : Science Fiction

Language : English

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