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The Wolfpack

By: Rory Howard

Status: In Progress


In rugby there are no lone wolves; you hunt together, win together and lose together. Strong as the weakest member and quick as the slowest, a band of brothers is formed in the muck of the pitch. Raised Catholic in the predominantly Presbyterian town of Ballymeadow, Raymond grew up against the tide. He’s enrolled in the famous local academy on a rugby scholarship and quickly made himself the star winger. When Tua Anderson, a Kiwi player looking to go pro joins his pack the bond they forge on the field is the strongest, and Raymond finds he’s not as alone as he once thought. Friendship and respect soon develop and blossom and the bond is carried off the pitch. Sectarianism still plagues Northern Ireland. Xenophobia, fear and ignorance are part of everyday speech. There are no lone wolves in rugby, but even brother can turn against brother.

Created: July 4, 2017 | Updated: July 4, 2017

Genre : Romance

Language : English

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