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White Grail

By: Thomas Boyle

Status: In Progress


In a world known as White Grail, pirates are all searching for the treasure known as White Grail. The White Grail is said to be located on 7 islands, each island is protected by a monster of the sea for over 20,000 years. A kid named Zero X. Cyrus is born in the North Wave and on the farthest island from the Great Grail, Atfin Town. Atfin Town is where people in North Wave train to become amazing swordsman. He’s training to become the strongest swordsman. But he also wants to become a pirate because of a former member of the Pirate King, Davy X. Roger’s crew, Yukari. She is now the Captain of the Pink Hair Pirates and is one of the 24 Emperors of the Sea, a.k.a. Yonko. Yukari appears in his hometown 1 time a year. But then stopped coming after he turned 8. What will he do as soon as he turns 19 years old?

Created: August 4, 2016 | Updated: October 3, 2016

Genre : Adventure

Language : English

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