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By: Thomas Boyle

Status: In Progress


In a world that is divided into 10 areas known as Sanctum, there’s a man that was given the ability to control fire at will. The government calls him Blitzfire. But his real name is Zefiro De Salvo. Zefiro is a 16 year old kid that goes to Olympia Academy, in Little Garden. He gained the ability to control fire when he wished to be a Superhero one day. That was 5 years ago, but Zefiro’s wish came true as soon as he turned 15. No one knows about Blitzfire’s real identity except for, Blitzfire himself, Charles Carlton, his butler and his partner Scarlet Sentinel. Also known as Rose Jones, which is Scarlet Sentinel’s real name. They go to the same school together and Scarlet is the tech genius of the two. Her knowledge with technology outgoes any recent technology to date. How will the two of them do in a world full of chaos and murder?

Created: May 20, 2016 | Updated: May 20, 2016

Genre : Supernatural

Language : English

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