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Volt Weapons

By: Thomas Boyle

Status: In Progress


On a planet called Rabos, weapons known as Volt Weapons came to Earth. Volt Weapons come in various shapes. They could even be 2 different weapons combined into 1 weapon. But to use one, you need to be a female. For years, only females were capable of picking one up, till the year 2095 when a man named Thomas Vasco finds a Volt and opens it. He finds the Volt Weapon called Crimson Blood (Crimson Blood is a red sword that is thin in the beginning, but the stronger and better the master is with it, the bigger and better the sword gets). What will happen to him after a helicopter comes to pick him up and brings him to East Academy in Japan?

Created: April 5, 2016 | Updated: April 24, 2016

Genre : Supernatural

Language : English

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