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Witchers Weed

By: Cho and Gall

Status: In Progress


Seren, a young black witch moth, stricken with blindness since the day she was born, has nothing. Her kindly adoptive father has passed this season, allowing the local officials to possess her home. The other insects in her village shun her for the history of her kind's heinous practice of dark sorcery in the past, making life that much more difficult. The only thing keeping Seren from giving up is the hope that lies in her soul, and the sheer will to keep going forward, no matter the situation. Her entire, bleak, sightless existence changes forever one day, as an enigmatic stranger comes to the village. The character, whom she soon finds out is another black witch going by the name of Striga Witchweed, is a rumored practitioner of black magic, netting him a sour reputation by the locals the moment he arrives. After Seren pulls him out of a dreadful predicament, Striga gratefully agrees to let her to leave the hamlet with him, and gives her a new purpose as well. To become his apprentice.

Created: January 17, 2016 | Updated: January 31, 2017

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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1: Prologue 1091
2: A Stranger Arrives 3198
3: The Proposition 3762
Total Wordcount: 8051

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    Comments / Critiques

      • Chapter: 1 Reply

        You're very good with descriptive writing, I had no problem envisioning the environment - I could remember the smell of mud once you mentioned what the hut was made of - and that's important, to grab other people's senses with your words, not just their sight.

        May 14, 2016 | Danny Power

      • Chapter: 2 Reply

        Ah, so this is the opening chapter. It is honestly well - written, and without giving anything away, the new developments help in drawing a writer more into your story. You really get a sense of the corruption and bigotry in the town, and how people can be shaped in that mould. I'm also wondering just how the black moths received their reputation...

        May 14, 2016 | Danny Power

      • Chapter: 3 Reply

        There's a great underlying theme of 'us vs. them' recurring through the story so far - it makes me wonder what it is the moths have done in the past to warrant such a negative reaction? But overall this chapter was almost as good as the others. Perhaps it felt a little TOO descriptive when you wrote about the inn, but that could just be me. It's hardly a complaint! This is some nice work!

        May 14, 2016 | Danny Power