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Another Airport Love Story

By: Kain Delo

Status: Completed


Of all the cliché things you could write about, you choose to write about a boyfriend driving his girlfriend to the airport while she reminisces her memories of how their relationship came to be.

Created: October 24, 2015 | Updated: February 13, 2017

Genre : Romance

Language : English

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1: The Only Chapter 2932
Total Wordcount: 2932

Reviews (1)

  • Robin Ward

    It's really great to see another airport related story (well, not quite like my one titled "Worlds Apart" but you get the idea.) concerning a love couple together. In my story, thier stuck apart in two different airports. xD Btw, nice story and please check out my story "Worlds Apart"! :D

    April 25, 2016 Flag

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