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By: Thomas Boyle

Status: In Progress


In a world where cars can talk, they go to Earth and choose a man or a female. The good cars are called Auto-cars. And the bad cars are called Demi-cars. A car called Phoenix, which is a Auto-car appears in front of Thomas Hodges’ driveway and waits for him to come outside. What will happen when Thomas gets home from school and sees a car speaking to him?

Created: August 8, 2015 | Updated: April 23, 2016

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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      Incredible. I haven't even began to read this and I'm already hooked. I myself have written something like this, so this is my kind of story.

      March 31, 2016 | Leaf Soto

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      I hope that you like the rest of the story as well man

      April 1, 2016 | Thomas Boyle