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NY NY (new york new york) SEVENTH SEASON

By: Cardiff 1984

Status: Completed


The Penultimate Season, see's Jeff in his final season and he doesn't leave quietly. Harry in his grief for Tina, is soon in the arms of Bethany, whom had a crush on him at High School. Is she the right one for him and what's her secret? Rebecca falls in love with the soon wife to be of Christopher.......Emma. New Cop, Abraham arrives in the Big Apple, with wife, Elaina and Son, Andy, and soon he soon becomes a national hero. Jeff however is seen as public enemy number one, when he gets involved with a terrorist. Could his actions be the reason of his exit or could there be another twist in his departure?

Created: June 10, 2015 | Updated: June 20, 2015

Genre : Thriller

Language : English

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