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Her Pale Blue Eyes

By: Alyssa Bartoshevich

Status: In Progress


Named for the first story of this collection, Her Pale Blue Eyes is a set of short stories and introspective narratives I have written for both school as well as for my own benefit. (1) Her Pale Blue Eyes: "I, Daniel Kayes, am writing this as a distant confession, not as retribution for my sins... It was the things they failed to do that broke her. The things we failed to see, let alone understand. I always have made a point of never idealizing another being, but Sabine was as close to a perfect creature as nature could ever hope to create." A short story / fictional narrative. (2) Transcendence: "And in my nineteenth summer, I stared into Eternity..." A brief adventure between the blurred lines of death and life, reality and the spiritual world. A short story.

Created: August 29, 2013 | Updated: September 2, 2013

Genre : General

Language : English

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2: Transcendence 452
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