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Thrill Rider: The Beginning of a New Hero

By: QuickShot 1445

Status: In Progress


Micheal Steven Peterson is simply your everyday, 18-year-old, medium-build, tall teenager with jet-black hair. He lived with his two loving parents and his younger "brothers" in Los Angeles, California and he is currently attending Los Angeles High School with his two amazing best friends. Basically, Micheal is your everyone teenager. Well, except for the one, slightly, minor difference. Micheal also happen to be the fearless and funny Los Angele's vigilante known only as Thrill Rider. A supposed "wanted MAN" in a black suit who enjoy busting bad guys' jaws while having fun and saving his city!!!

Created: January 7, 2015 | Updated: December 2, 2016

Genre : Action

Language : English

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