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The Incandescents: Ciel and Krista

By: Hey There

Status: In Progress


In Incandescent Earth there are two opposing sides; the Light and the Dark. Darkness has come to invade their planet and drown their bright nature into endless void. Innocent citizens of this small alternate Earth were raised since children to worship Lumina, the goddess whom carries the burden of her brother Cimmerian. Legend has it Cimmerian summons monsters from his hatred and they go from universes to conquer planets, hence giving Him the strength to take over the multiverse. Set in 4008, Ciel and Krista are regular teenagers, but little do they know, they have the power to harvest light out of the dark. After a nearly fatal Dark Flood, they are brought to the Luminian Society of the Selected Able, a compound where they are trained bit by bit to strengthen their little-known powers. Cimmerian is inching nearer to multiverse domination, but with the LUSSA's new additions, will they somehow be able to stop his reign?

Created: November 17, 2014 | Updated: November 26, 2014

Genre : Dystopian

Language : English

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